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  1. What about partnership Mezzala and IF? Didn't you find they operate the same space in attack?
  2. Thanks! No shame, really. Juve is strong enough even with 10 men especially in attacking line: Dybala, Sane, Suso, Isco and as good as old wine CR)
  3. 2023 - 2024 season review Transfers It was hard to refuse such a big offer for Pedro in january, given that we bought him from Brescia last season for only 12,5M. Lacazette as replacement for Pedro seemed like good option for us with his experience and quality. Serie A Our second scudetto in three years! And again the winner was named only on the last day of the season. Coppa Italia Second time in a row we won Coppa Italia. The final again Juventus was really nice to watch. Juve fought bravely despite red card in the first
  4. My record - is something about 110M for Kessie in FM19, so not even close to you) Huge money for central def, but who knows how will transfer market look irl in 30`s))
  5. 2022 - 2023 season review Transfers It was hard decision to sell Cristante but i couldn't guarantee him as much playing time as he wanted because of Pellegrini and returning from two years loan in Juve Stabia Alessio Riccardi (he is developing rapidly and could become worldclass playmaker in next few years). Alderweireld was good enough but he wanted new contract and star status that's unacceptable according his age and lack in quickness which is crucial for the football we play. We have returned Luca Pellegrini to the club. He is good for rotation but could develop mo
  6. Thanks! I think Ratti is not good enough to have Totti on his t-shirt)) ______________________________________________________________________ 2021 - 2022 season review Transfers Out In Signed Orsolini as replacement for Schick. Very good deal for us. Zirkzee is real bargain. For only 5M we got top goalscorer with plenty of potential. Also we added some experience and class to our attack by signing on free Higuain. Another notable buy is young talent Maggio from Torino. Serie A Absolutely fantastic season for us. Rome is on fir
  7. 2020 - 2021 season review Serie A Mixed emotions after the end of the season. After good start with wins against Juve, Milan, we have faced long period of struggling and most time of the season were under top 4. Only in February we have found stability especially in attacking play and climbed on the 3rd space. Cagliari is the main sensation. 2/3 of the season they fought for medals and only in last months dropped to 6th place. Cagliari is a winner. Our chances of reaching knockout rounds were great even before the last tour where we
  8. Great start of the new season Memphis was fantastic at his debut match: goal + beautiful assist to Schick
  9. Ciao ragazzi! Historically, one of the most enjoyable and memorable saves in fm for me were in Italy. Hellas Verona in fm10 (or fm11), Inter in fm14, Milan in fm19. In fm20 i had very promising save with Brescia but after two and half seasons of struggling (didn't cope with 3-def systems) decided two resign. And after a little break with fm at the same time with searching for new inspiration in virtual management i returned to the club which i'm really interested in last years. But i wanted some fresh idea for the save and decided that i could add a little more fantasy in the game
  10. I think i don't 100 % understand how it works. Could you give some concrete example of how can i use this graphic on practice?
  11. Thanks mate. I don't have any restricitions with Welsh players. And honestly i don't know how it works irl.
  12. Thank you, @Jogo Bonito. One of the most enjoyable saves for me.
  13. My six season with Swansea has come to an end. It was the most successful campaign in our history but first things first. Season 2024 - 2025 Premier League - Third place It was an outstanding season. Since november we lost only two games and also in fixtures with top 6 defeated only once against Man U at the Old Trafford. We were pretty solid defensively with only 27 goals conceded and 19 clean sheets (2nd result after Liverpool) League Table Notable matches (superb comeback against Tottenham is on my top): Brewster updated his goalscoring record with
  14. Thanks! I hope for the best too, EPL is very competitive league. And another small update: our club is purchased by French consrotium. Takeover saga is finally ended. No extra money or something else though. But may be we should look more closely to french market now
  15. Quick update. We didn't qualified for continental football cause Tottenham won Europe League and gained extra CL spot
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