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  1. Who is your main scorers, assists in the team? And what about europe cups? Currently playing with similar set up. Also Fluid/Counter(sometimes Control). But with GK, FBs instead of WBs, Anchormen, one WM(A) and one W (A) and TM(S) ahead. With almost default squad of Middlesbrough won Championship in first season (100 pts). Second season in EPL doing ok(11th in February) but having problems with scoring goals.
  2. Middlesborough F.C. [2013 -2014] Fantastic result. Before the start of the season my main target was play-off but the team has been played much better than anyone expected. Fixtures 1 leg Fixtures 2 leg Talking about the squad first of all i disabled transfers in the summer before the start of save so i made only two loan signings in the summer: Shane Duffy and Apostolos Vellios (both from Everton) Duffy has played only 3-4 matches and i decided to terminate loan in october. But Vellios became the key figure of the team (42 games: 29 goals + 11 assists). Steel and Gibson (12 goals for CD(!!!)) also had impressive season. In january Jordi Gomez arrived on loan from Wigan and replaced in the squad Ledesma who joined Crystal Palace. Also in March on free was signed experienced Molinaro from Stuttgart. Team stats BPL is waiting for us now. Our finances are not so fine so aim is to keep core of the team first of all and than brought in some players who can really strenghen the squad. And sorry for my English.
  3. So it would be logical if you drop "push hire up" instruction or even tick "drop deeper" Also "play narrower" could help reduce number of through balls. And as I've already mentioned be careful with "hassle opponents"
  4. It`s hardly to say what`s wrong because you didnt say what type of goals do you concede? But from what i`ve seen: 1.DM or even anchor should better protect defence then BWM i think. 2. hassle opponents is a quite extreme instruction. It`s better to use when you need goal or you can use it if you have great players in defensive positions so you are sure that they can handle with counter attacks of opposite team.
  5. not very soon i think. May be in next two-three weeks.
  6. In my save takeover went through January 2014. Portugalian bussinesman Pimenta Machado bought club and pumped 44 m in balance. I have mixed feelings. On the one side it`s very good and provide stability to financial health but on the other side i think it`s a bit unrealistic because irl as i know Macado is a former Guimaraes chairman and he is not so rich to buy those clubs like Inter. May be i`m mistaken. What do you think guys?
  7. I don`t know where to ask...may be here. I have this configuration: AMD Athlon II X2 245(2.9 Ghz) 4 gb RAM(3.25 in use) So how many players loaded will be normal if i want to play for at least 10 seasons? P.S. Sorry for my english.
  8. May be someone knows. What is the real age of chief scout Ellias? Founded his pictures in internet then i very doubt that he`s 47 y.o.
  9. FM14: Aston Villa - Prepared

    Thanks for reply. In fm i want to make Villa one of the tops english clubs but at the same time i always stick to realism, so it`s important to me that chairman want to develop club. Strange approach but...it`s me) Sorry fo my english
  10. FM14: Aston Villa - Prepared

    I have few questions: 1.Does Randy Lerner IRL have ambitious to develop club? 2. Is there any chance that club can be sold to the new chairman?(In FM)
  11. FM13 What team should I be!

    Want to manage Sporting CP but i have some doubt about competitiveness of portuguese Liga ZON SAGRES in long-term period. Will it be so easy to win league after 2-3 seasons?
  12. Question for those who have played more than 5 seasons in Italy: How about finances of SerieA clubs, power of top italian teams squads, reputation of league in Europe, competitiveness?
  13. New Save???

    i think we should wait for new patch in march