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  1. wow, great result! What tactic are you using?
  2. i'm also trying to implement some of Giampaolo ideas. But i'm really struggling with narrow formations, would it be 4-3-1-2 or 5-2-1-2. I'm extremly vulnearable at flanks even with defending wider instruction. Also dissapointed with lack in central play. In early versions i was very successful with 4-3-1-2 or 4-1-3-2 but with this ME i don't feel i could achieve style of play that i want. So would love to know if somebody have a success in fm20 with narrow formations.
  3. 2020 - 2021 May Fixtures Andrea Pirlo: "2 points against top sides and lose against SPAL - again we should speak about consistency. I`m glad that despite our awful perfomance in second part of the season we finished clearly out of relegation zone. Second season in a raw we are on 14 place. Stability is good but i expected some progress." Atalanta are sensational this season! Juventus after 9 titles in a raw droped to 3d place.
  4. 2020 - 2021 March - April Fixtures Andrea Pirlo: "1 win in two months and only 3 goals. Injury of Esposito had an impact on our atacking play but if we want to remain on top level we should have different variants of how we can score goals. Our luck that those point we have are enough to be out of relegation zone."
  5. 2020 - 2021 February Fixtures Andrea Pirlo: "Very solid perfomance in first three matches in february. Especially delighted with 3-0 against Napoli."
  6. 2020 - 2021 January January transfer window In Pedro - signed to stengthen our bench. Could be effecitive as creator and as finisher. Diogo Queiros - replacement for Mangraviti who has gone on loan to Cittadella. Out Fixtures Andrea Pirlo: "Tendency on poor start of the year continues. "
  7. 2020 - 2021 December Fixtures Andrea Pirlo: "Pretty good month for us. Won matches that we should win and lost matches we should lose. Also we qualified for Coppa Italia 1st round after tough win against Perugia."
  8. I'm in a second season currently. First season we ended on 14 place. Not overachieved but were clear out of relegation zone. Trying to bring in young Italian players. Best signinig so far is Dimarco from Inter. You can follow my updates in profilic subforum.
  9. How about Viviani?. I think he is good enough, especially in dlp supporting role. And he is home-grown. In my save with Brescia Tonali signed new 5 year contract after euro 2020. Until this moment he rejected any offers.
  10. 2020 - 2021 November Fixtures Andrea Pirlo: "Every point is very important for us of course but i would be much glader if we didn't concede 90+3 minutes goal im match against Verona."
  11. 2020 - 2021 October Fixtures Andrea Pirlo: "Well, run of fixtures was very tough but i have a lot of questions for our defence"
  12. 2020 - 2021 August - September Fixtures Andrea Pirlo: "A good start of the season for us despite we lost for the whole September Balotelli. 3 wins and away draw built some platform for our season goals. But it's only a start. Also i'm pleased with a win in cup 3rd qual. rnd, where we played without some leaders like Ballotelli and Tonali". Last year, just to remember, we lost at this stage.
  13. Thanks! Glad to hear about format, will continue in this way.
  14. Exactly! Yes, this ME has some bugs, i can't refuse it. But are these bug really gamebreaking? For me answer is not! I'm still able to implement my tactical ideas, i'm still able to make changes that will affect what i see on the pitch. What i don't like in this ME is animations in comparison with some previuous versions. But i have excelent tool for improving that - imagination
  15. 2020 - 2021 Preseason Biggest transfer news this summer is the fact that our leaders Tonali and Balotelli remain at the club for next season. We refused an offer for Mario from Milan, no one else was interested in him luckily for us. His contract is until 2022 and i hope we will find agreement about new contract next year. Tonali declined twice contract negotations and i was close to putting him on transfer list. But after Euro 2020 where Sandro reached quater final with national team we started negotations and agreed new 5-year contract. Big money for us but he is worse it for sure. Transfers out We realesed a lot of deadwood. Joronen is the only one unexpected sale. Jesse is good goalkeper but not indispensable and offer from Norwich was good enough to refuse. Transfers in Lorenzo Montipo - replace for Joronen. Lorenzo in his 24 years has 100+ games in Serie B. He has quality and still could develop. Vincenzo Fiorillo - very good and experienced back-up for Montipo. Federico Dimarco - top bargain deal! Federico is only 22 but he is good enough to be regular starter. He is spirited individual and has all chances to reach his potentional. Giangiacomo Magnani - irl he played for Brescia in the first half of 19/20 season but then returned to Sassuolo. Jorge Cuenca - Jorge was growned at La Massia. Very talented young player who is ready for top level football. Paolo Ghiglione - good well rounded full back. Will fight with Sabelli for first choice status. Giulio Maggiore - young midfielder with decent potentional. Andrea Bertolacci - signed for back up role only. Sebastiano Esposito - our main transfer (loan) deal in this summer. Esposito has enormous potentional and should be great partner for Ballotelli in attack. Our squad for 20/21 season Goalkeepers Defenders Midfielders Strikers Preseason fixtures During these fixtures i saw what i really wnated to see on this stage. I`m very happy with our perfomance in Spain, 5-0 in two matches with very strong teams. Serie A season preview
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