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  1. October 2024 Perfect month and we are the champions!...again. If we win last match against Cork City we will break our record for the points set two years ago. Also we look great in Europe and have all chances to qualify from the group. --- And our u19 team won their league for the second time in a row. Keogh and O'Donovan are very close to the senior team. Probably they should expect chances in the next season.
  2. September 2024 We are very close to the tittle. What we need is just to keep our excellent form. Good start of ECL group stage. We looked better than Slovan but draw is god result too. --- I'm really excited with Macedonian defender / Boby Terziev. I see him as perfect fullback in my system so already started to retrain him for this position. Anthony Conway and Peter Brown are another decent youngsters from this intake.
  3. August 2024 And we did it again !!! So proud of my boys...what a Team! Total destroy of AEK with 8-0 in two matches and incredible performance of O'Sullivan in second leg. After that win I was confident that we can go through last two QF rounds and it happened. Second Euro autumn in a row. Group stage draw is not so bad, I think we have chances if we will play like in QF matches. In the league our position looks solid. if we could grab points in games with Shamrock and Dundalk our chances to finish at the top greatly rise. --- And you know what I did
  4. July 2024 Matches against Petrocub were not so easy as I expected but we were more clinical in attack which allowed us to go through 1 QF round. But our next round first leg is a real sensation. Strong AEK side was beaten with crazy 4-0 score and our task for 2nd leg is more easier now. In the league we had 3 draws in a row and two of them against Shamrock and Dundalk which is good but we were very lucky in these games. --- Very strange deal. Owen is average youngster with a doubtful potential. I don't know what was there motive for doing that but 325k is too m
  5. June 2024 --- Mid-season break For the first time I have full month of break. And it's good because in last two month we played 16 matches and players need a rest. --- We made a really good exchange in central defense position. Jake Cooper moved to Sunderland for decent fee (125k) and at the same time we have signed for free Leigh Kavanagh from Walsall, who is younger and has more potential. Another deal is loan signing - Daryl Thorne from Chesterfield, 18 y.o. striker who can also play as winger. --- Not so promising like last intakes. We hav
  6. May 2024 The first defeat in this season came from where I didn't expect. After losing to Shamrock in Cup game I decided to make some adjustment to the tactic as I noticed some problems: 1. We allow too much space for oppositions to control the ball. 2. We often lose ball in unnecessary situations. So I enabled counter-pressing still playing with a low block. It kept compactness but at the same time we started to apply more pressure on oppositions when losing the ball. And I slightly changed in possession instructions reducing passing length but at the same time increasing tem
  7. April 2024 Another unbeatable month. Though in last matches despite pleasant scores I had some concerns about our game but anyway we got the points, that's more important. Looks like we are in the same company again with Dundalk and Shamrock fighting for the tittle. --- My second offered job interview. And I refused it again.
  8. March 2024 Perfect month with 7 straight wins. Very important 6 points against our main rivals Shamrock and Dundalk. The only thing I'm concerned with is the fact that we conceded in all matches during this period. Our defensive play should be slightly better.
  9. February 2024 Matches against Waterford are usually very tough for us and it's good to start with the win against this team. We totally dominated in the next fixture with St. Pat's but unbelievable luck saved them from losing.
  10. Season 2024 Preview Transfers In | Out I believe we have potential to grow with those players we have, so our transfer campaign was not really active. I had some thoughts about Jordan Williams as he was great in our first season in IPL and has a lot of experience, but he was out for overall 14 weeks with injures last season and we needed more pace on this wing. Will Fitzgerald - we had to spend some money on this pacey winger but I believe he is worthy of it. Was one of the key players in Waterford. Aidan Keena - our home-grown player who spent majority of his caree
  11. Decided to keep the records in this spreadsheet. Also attached it to the first post.
  12. November - December 2023 We should take a lot of positives from these EL matches. It was fantastic opportunity for our players to test themselves against superior teams and we even scored 3 goals. --- Season review Mixed emotions about this season. Fantastic European campaign and not the best performance in the league and local cups, though i don't treat these cups as really important. We were solid defensively but lacked in chances created and goals as result. I plan to go with standard 4-4-1-1 in league matches next season rather then with 2DMs variant, t
  13. I'm so far from Ireland and may be this video has some background i don't know but... it's fantastic I need those sandwich right now! Thanks for kind words. Luck is definitely important in fm
  14. October 2023 Month with two EL matches and very important comeback in game against Dundalk. We have secured 3d spot and knowing how this season going it's a good news. --- Not every day managers of Pellegrini caliber praise you
  15. September 2023 We started EL group stage with the match against Athletic and we worked as hard as we can to keep those level of football. Muniain and Co with not surprise were better on the pitch but we didn't look like whipping boys. I'm really concerned with our performance in the league as we continue to lose points not only with top local teams but with more weaker sides too. European football next year is not guaranteed yet. --- I don't know is this bug or no. But Stadium capacity is 10000 with only 6000 seated. --- I'm really excited wi
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