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  1. CL Group Draw: This is what you get for being a fourth seed. gonna go all guns against Napoli and hope for third place. Using a 442. Tactical analysis, Transfers in and progress to follow.
  2. He was consistent without being sensational. When I deployed him there (AM Support) I was hoping he would offer some secondary aerial dominance due to the direct nature of my tactic. What transpired is that the ball was almost entirely bypassing him and he was more responsible for occupying an opponents DM without necessarily directly affecting the play. I am going to give him one more season as for a 'Golden Oldie' he has relatively blistering pace. Both of these players are going to be vital components in the upcoming season. I am in the midst of retraining Marega
  3. Thanks for the upvotes and support. It keeps me motivated. None at all. I lead individual training and delegate all team training to a capable assistant, making adjustments on a game-to-game basis (eg, adding team bonding to at least one slot per week). From what I have been observing there are three key ingredients to ensure physical attributes remain as high as possible for as long as possible: Natural fitness above 15 (this is now a minimum requirement for me when recruiting). Game time! This is without doubt the most important factor. If the player sits on the bench, the d
  4. As above with the following thoughts in mind. You mention you are an 'underdog' yet have deployed a very aggressive set of team instructions (counter-press, high block, more urgent pressing and offside trap). Are your players well suited to this approach? Also, the tactic employs aggressive roles all over the pitch, with the CM Defend the only player willing to hold position whilst the rest of the players race by him. In addition, your player roles and duties are identical on both wings; whilst this can be effective against far inferior opposition, the lack of variety will struggle when
  5. If you post a screenshot I could try and give you some help. I've been having 'relative' success with a range of tactics when playing as an 'underdog' but they are by no means 'plug n play' and are specifically tailored to the teams I manage.
  6. Season 3. 2022 - 2023: End of Season Summary I am going to keep this fairly brief as I am still cursing my bad luck. Following on from a solid start to the season we continued our good form, based on an exceptional run of form from Davie Selke. With four games to go we were joint top with FC Bayern (who were winning every game) only for this to happen: And this is the result; he got injured innocuously whilst one goal up in the Wolfsburg game: Yes, 3rd place is a great achievement. We finished with 10 more points than last season and wer
  7. When looking to nullify the opposition cutting inside from wide areas, due to having no natural wide midfielders in the formation, it is imperative for me that the player is defensively competent first and foremost. His role will be to break up play and move the ball onto a more creative player.
  8. Hi, I made an identical observation in my current ongoing save. I noted that over 50% of the goals we were conceding were occurring in the exact manner in which you described. I list the difficulties in my thread: I know it is a long read but I was getting extremely frustrated with what I perceived initially to be a bug. After dissecting highlights and checking set piece routines, some very minor instructions were causing significant flaws. After adjustments were made, these types of goal conceded were almost eradicated. I hope this helps.
  9. Season 3: Winter Break. Tactics, Results and Transfers. Season Introduction Full disclosure: I am really enjoying this playthrough. My decrease in posting is a result of more time being taken between matches to analyse my opposition, my performance and tweak my tactical shape and player roles accordingly (more on this further on). With this in mind, my tactical analysis will be brief as I really want to crack – on with progressing the save and take the ‘Golden Oldies’ to the next level (winning a competition). I am on the cusp of greatness and I just need to ensure my gam
  10. Hello all, Forgive the lack of updates. In order to progress with the ‘Golden Oldies’ I felt I needed to deepen my understanding of the in – game mechanics, Team Instructions and Player Roles. This was done in light of my recent struggles to create chances against weaker opposition. At the same time, I did not want to lose the defensive solidity that I had built the foundations of my recent successes (2 x 4th placed finishes) upon. I have always been confident in creating defensively solid tactical approaches and before this ‘Golden Oldie’ experiment have not really had any
  11. Season Summary: Exceeding Expectations, the Raumdeuter and Emerging Problems. Great season again. Fourth place in the bag despite media claims I would finish 13th. Here is the final league table: And the end - of - season results: Quite the opposite to last season, with a strong start, placing second at the mid-way stage (see previous posts), being followed with an erratic finish; fortunately, I only had to win one of my final two league games - although I would like to think the experience of my senior statesmen within the squad helped u
  12. Hello all. I have just finished the second half of the Season 2, 2021 – 2022. Fourth again! Season 2021 – 22. League Table and Over – Achievement. I can only be pleased with another successful season. Further Campions League football guaranteed, enhancing my recruitment prospects (or so I hope....) and allowing another opportunity to test my ‘Golden Oldies’ at Elite level. There are however, some serious problems emerging within the experiment; There is going to be a major tactical overhaul, with only minor adjustments to the personnel. 🤞
  13. Thank, In the correct set - up he can be an elite player into his forties. Let me know how you get on.
  14. This, well observed. I have got a keen eye on Aaron Ramsey for this role. He is transfer listed at the moment but will not enter transfer talks!!! I am scouting, declaring top target and having top players encourage move. Want the role to require minimum effort, maximum output. At the moment in-game, a lot of my play has been breaking down in this position due to a lack of what I perceive to be quality. I will always be happy to elaborate.
  15. Season 2: 2021 – 2022. Winter Review The Results What a group of death in the Champions League. Finished bottom, but at least did not get blitzed. Consistent in the League. Struggling to punish teams that play with less risks. Sucker punched in the domestic cup – my own fault for under-estimating the opposition. Lots of draws with the highlight being holding Dortmund at home, who as we are about to see, are run-away leaders. The League Table
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