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  1. Major improvements made this season. Once the intake from last year started gelling, results really picked up. Before February we were in a relegation dogfight but wow, what a turnaround. Based on my own vision of how to develop the squad, I chose to utilise an Advanced Playmaker off centre; a youth player in the LCM spot who can clearly hack it at this level: With the WTM playing on the Right Wing, these two support roles ended up creating acres of space for an onrushing Mezzala and an attacking Winger. The Pressing Forward thrives, harassing defenders and feeding off
  2. Hi there, I've had three GG's on the bounce but am not holding up too much hope long term. I too am in the Greek Superleague 2 and have a very poor squad; I feel the GG's are more indicative of the the wekaness of my current players than any 'superstar' candidates in the youth intake. I HOPE I am wrong.
  3. Going into the fourth season in Greek Superleague 2. Have finally found a half decent head of youth development: I take back an earlier statement where I stated the HOYD is only a small part of a larger youth set - up. That may have been the case at elite levels, but in my last three youth intakes, I found that the personality of my HOYD was transmitted to approximately 75 per cent of my intake!!! I hope this switch from my previous HOYD will aid development. I have no more patience for Unambitious players with low Determination.
  4. Fair enough. He looks like a fine super sub; high agility and comparatively high dribbling with imperious teamwork. I think in any role across the front, you can chuck him on and tell him to dribble as much as possible, He should be keen to follow your directive (Teamwork) and with the low Balance he is quite likely to pick up a few soft, late penalties and/or Free Kicks.
  5. Hi Flair, low decisions and High Vision with v.low technical stats. I'd be loathe to consider him for further development. Labrin will remain the superior player IMHO due to his attribute distribution.
  6. Time to promote another youth player! My bloody captain to boot! Time for the youngster to step up.
  7. After relegation I have taken a long, hard look at my current players and my youth players coming through. The future is the Wide Target Man. Granted, it may not prove successful at elite level, but that is a long way from my current level. In Mickael Laurent YP1, I have a player with the potential to carry the team into promotion and then Top tier stability. 16 years old, already a consistent performer and bossing nearly all the key attributes required for the role (In my system, he receives the ball into feet far more than in the air (averages 35 passes per game and 5 Aerial Duals, thus Fir
  8. Late season form could not save me from the drop, I had a ten point deficit going into the relegation mini - league. So close though, missed out on survival with one game remaining. It is definitely for the best. I have a squad full of young promise that will thrive in the lower tier and be far stronger when we return. Loving the youth challenge. Never experienced a relegation in my 20 odd years playing football manager, but it felt correct for where we are as a club. To next season!
  9. First win of the season! 5 of my youth intake are due to turn 16 in two week; I hope they can turn our season's fortunes!
  10. Sorry start to the season, almost entirely my fault. I DID NOT READ the Superleague rules correctly and my youngsters cannot play until they are 16 years old. In pre - season i shipped out 7 older player (reduce club debt was obligatory) to be replaced by 6 players from my youth intake who performed well in friendlies and had established some good chemistry. However, none of them can play until they hit 16 years old! Taking the good from the bad, all 6 players turn 16 before the half way stage, but I have been completely undermined by my own folly as I stand: I've only got 12 eligible players
  11. Promotion in the bag. Lost the title by one point but turned over Ionikos over two legs. opposition scouting did the trick as they showed the Ionikos team to have a very low work rate. I just dropped the tempo, increased my own pressing and let the victory unfold. Really psyched up to see if my new batch of youngsters can help me survive my first season. Still got no monies though.
  12. Wow could not be happier. First intake and pretty much all players will go straight into the first team squad. YP1 could be sensational at this level.
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