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  1. This is interesting and possibly a bit risky because you've already established a good squad here so taking the CL wouldn't be that difficult. On the other hand, I know how grindy it feels to play the entire seasons just for one trophy. Interesting to see different takes on the challenge and its classic obstacles.
  2. No such thing in FMT. There are only some loose foreigners restrictions, but no salary cap, draft, designated players etc. That's a good thing, if I may say so. Complicated stuff belongs to full FM.
  3. Why do you have AM in the middle instead of SS?
  4. The way mentalities work is just fine, but their naming in the game is awful. Any average football fan will approach a match against a weaker opposition with the following logic: "we have to control the match, so I pick Control. If result is not going my way, it means we have to attack more, thus Attacking mentality." The same applies vice versa when playing a stronger opposition. It ties directly into a well known problem of bad in-game documentation.
  5. You can on PC.
  6. One of the reasons FMT exists is that it removes such features deemed by many to be superfluous. Since you're wondering about team talks as well in the other thread, I think you'd be better off playing full FM rather than FMT.
  7. Team talks don't exist in FMT.
  8. In other words, you can play in a realistic way if you choose to. The fact other people might want the easy route shouldn't bother anyone. Making things more difficult (realistic) for everyone would be a bad move for SI, at least until they fix the criminally poor in-game documentation and user feedback in tactical department of the game. People struggle with tactics massively, and adding difficulty in other areas would be disastrous.
  9. This is a classic clash of two types of players. The one type who watches closely what's happening on the pitch, makes small tactical changes on the fly hoping to swing things in his favour, and the other type who leans towards plug and play, not having time/will/patience for slow and methodical approach of tactical nuances. The game is not rigged or hard-coded in any way, which has clearly been shown by Rashidi, Cleon and the likes. At the same time, though, people who are not as interested in tactics suffer because it's getting increasingly difficult to properly plug and play in FM. Many people have grown up with plug and play CM/FM and they loved it precisely because you could play like that so now it's hard to accept SI are making strides towards negating that style of gameplay each year. It's two sides of the same coin, and underlying problem of many, many discussions here which is often not acknowledged, while being the crux of the matter.
  10. This is another fantastic thread that seems to have died. Are there still plans for continuation, @Rashidi ?
  11. Is this still a thing?
  12. He says he doesn't want that and yet he behaves exactly like someone who wants that. Looping is looping indeed.
  13. On of looping's problems (and lots of other people's) is that he sees Rashidi pis*ing all over the game with the very same Torino and he thinks "this is what's reading the ME, this is what I want to do". And then when you don't win the title with Torino in 4 seasons you feel you're not good enough. If Rashidi (like Cleon when used to post) is a benchmark, you're really not good enough. People want to dominate the game like Cleon or Rashidi do, not hear about unpredictability, dynamism of influencing factors and other stuff we read in Svenc's essays.
  14. To be fair, I think fewer people play this because many have started and realized this challenge drains you mentally and emotionally, as ridiculous as it sounds saying for a video game. It surpasses everything dafuge challenge and the likes can throw at you because here you experience all sorts of weird competition rules across the globe whilst having to build and rebuild your squad(s) over and over and over again. And then you get to international management which I've spoken enough of before. That said, I've had a few failed starts of this challenge and Copa Lib bug (among others) did put me off. I'm planning to hop back on the train for FM 18, hoping there wouldn't be any game breaking bugs apart from dreadful implementation of international management which I've made my peace with.
  15. @Fadedaf Winning the CL in this FM is the hardest it's ever been to me so I feel your pain, especially when you're trying to do this challenge. The CL knockout rounds are almost a coin toss, even when you have a superstar team. Either it's not been like that before or I'm imagining things. It almost reminds me of international management.