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  1. It's been exactly the same every year. FMT feels like an unwanted child.
  2. This is really crucial in my opinion and, unfortunately, often neglected. Even when you read tactical guides from local gurus, you see things like "if you pick instruction X, it will do what it says on the tin ONLY if condition A,B,Y and/or Z are satisfied". That's mighty confusing and there's no way to get that information unless you're ready to power through countless pages and videos. Even then, not everything will be covered because there are so many knock-on effects it's impossible to list them. When you set your player to "shoot less often" and 5 mins later he takes a ridiculous long shot with loads of passing options around him, the game collapses for an average player. There are so many reasons within the ME as to why that could happen, but you're told none of them and you're only left with the fact that your tactical input didn't get the expected output.
  3. Feasible, yes, but very, very difficult. The two extremes we're talking about are so far apart that a "happy" medium would be like a compromise in marriage; no one is really happy. Think about it. On one hand, we have hard core fans who play literally hundreds, if not thousands of hours of FM every iteration, trying out all sorts of tactics, leagues, clubs, challenges...On the other hand, we have an average gamer who buys FM, spends 30 hours playing it with a downloaded tactic, wins everything with Man Utd and leaves the game until next year, perfectly pleased with the whole experience, value for money and all.
  4. These kind of discussions always come down to the business aspect of things. Gaming is industry, business lead for profit, which I think we often forget. If early CMs were realistic affairs where you needed 30 years to get from Conference to PL or if you took a mid-table club and had to spend 10 years in mid-table before maybe getting a UEFA Cup spot, this franchise would be, quite bluntly, dead. Games need to be accessible and at least somewhat easy to be fun, and fun for a lot of people simply means winning. Fixing intricate things in the game OP mentioned also pose an unnecessary risk for SI as a company. We know the old "SI don't have competition, they're lazy and don't care about improving the game". No, I honestly think they care a great deal, it's just that trying to fix some core issues would likely lead to the need of a big overhaul and a few shaky releases before things settle properly. Why would they risk it? Sales number are great every year, people who are interested in the game generally like it, so why plunge yourself in such a risk? That's not prudent in any aspect of life, let alone in business.
  5. I'd been in this exact situation a few years ago until I realized I'm just losing time and money for nothing. No fun, no relaxation, just frustration. I was literally wasting away my free time. The are only two reasonable moves forward from there: a) you stop playing FM completely and find some other video game or a different hobby all together b) Suck up your pride, download tactics and enjoy yourself, have fun. I've gone for option b) because I realized that I like the concept of FM too much, the way the game doesn't progress without my input, the fact I don't have to be 100% focused on it while playing etc. I've also moved to FMT because I think player interaction has been one of the worst implemented features in FM franchise history. However, if you like all those side features, you don't have to switch to FMT, but you have to get what I wrote above to your head to be able to enjoy the game again.
  6. Scouting, planning transfers ahead, watching your players develop... When all that is done, there's always browsing the Internet, Youtube, and as I already mentioned, podcasts in the background. I guess it's a different way of playing this particular video game for me. I like not having to be focused 100% of the time on it because otherwise it would tire me. It's one of the reasons I stopped playing FPS games years ago.
  7. When you know you can use P&P to (reliably and consistently) get a relegation battler to a comfortable Europa League spot with matches on key highlights, it's rather difficult to go back to your own tactics where you have to think, watch games closely, tweak and tinker only to get your club to a boring mid-table finish (at best). It really depends on what you want from the game. I can see why people enjoy the tactical journey, but when most of my playing time revolves around weekend nights with an alcoholic beverage on the side and some podcast in the background, the plug and play way is much more desirable and, ultimately, fun.
  8. One of the biggest flaws of FM, for me, has been the fact everything revolves around CA/PA and reputation. AI teams will completely ignore your CA 120 striker with perfect attribute distribution who scores 40 per season at the top level just because his PA is 130 and he isn't deemed good enough for top clubs. At first, for me as a player, it feels good to be able to keep this trophy winning player easily for years, but the longer it goes on, the more it ruins the immersion and realism of the save.
  9. Your logic is sound, but you're mixing real life and FM too much. Yes, we have many wonderkids lists available, but a VAST majority of those players will never amount to anything other than a rotation player at a mid-table club. Buying wonderkids in real life is a huge gamble, and it does require extensive research and scouting and it's still a major risk. In FM, however, you KNOW that this or that wonderkid will succeed or not. It's a video game, and you can be 99% sure how a player will turn out if you have any sort of experience with the game. There are many ways to spot bad apples among wonderkids, but a quick glance at determination, work rate, bravery, natural fitness etc. give a clear picture, all depending on his position, what's to be expected of him in the future and so on.
  10. Things like FM Live can never work long term because someone has to lose and keep playing and still losing. In single player saves you quit when everything falls apart, but in an online environment with league structures someone has to suffer and no one likes that, especially if you're paying for the privilege.
  11. I'm afraid you're lucky if you get proper answers to your questions. Just look at the state of this subforum and it paints a clear picture. FMT right now is like a neglected child of the family, told to sit in the corner and shut up. Anyway, I'd help if I'd bought FMT 19 but a long term '18 save and, frankly, a poor user feedback for FMT 19 prevented me from buying the newest iteration. What I do know from FMT 18 is that the ME is horribly optimized, graphically speaking. I had a PC capable of running new AAA games with insanely good graphics on ultra settings, and yet I had to run FMT 18 ME on medium settings just to get a framerate which didn't make me physically sick after a while from all the stutter.
  12. This quote is actually the best in this entire feedback thread because it perfectly illustrates the entire FM cycle we've been witnessing for years.
  13. I doubt they'll just cancel FMT, but I do think it will continue to be neglected. On the face of it, it's bad, but when I think about it more, maybe it's a good thing since FMT as is counts as a really good game for me. Apart from some UI issues and aesthetical things like horrible skins, I wouldn't change much about it. Adding more features could detract from what actually makes FMT tick.
  14. @RBKalle Back in 2015 when I first started playing FMT(C) I had the same fears; less tools at disposal to solve crisis. Fast forward to today, when I've been playing exclusively FMT in the mean time, I routinely ignore player unhappiness, moral crises etc. because I know my tactics will be spot on and I'll field correct players in correct roles/duties in relation to their attributes. That's all I need. I don't how it works in full FM anymore nor how big of an impact "fluff" features have, but I do know you can safely ignore them on FMT, which is one of the big reasons I like it so much.
  15. It is quite sad we have to "hunt down" information on a new game we'd like to buy.
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