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  1. I doubt they'll just cancel FMT, but I do think it will continue to be neglected. On the face of it, it's bad, but when I think about it more, maybe it's a good thing since FMT as is counts as a really good game for me. Apart from some UI issues and aesthetical things like horrible skins, I wouldn't change much about it. Adding more features could detract from what actually makes FMT tick.
  2. @RBKalle Back in 2015 when I first started playing FMT(C) I had the same fears; less tools at disposal to solve crisis. Fast forward to today, when I've been playing exclusively FMT in the mean time, I routinely ignore player unhappiness, moral crises etc. because I know my tactics will be spot on and I'll field correct players in correct roles/duties in relation to their attributes. That's all I need. I don't how it works in full FM anymore nor how big of an impact "fluff" features have, but I do know you can safely ignore them on FMT, which is one of the big reasons I like it so much.
  3. It is quite sad we have to "hunt down" information on a new game we'd like to buy.
  4. Which is exactly how 90% of Youtbers, Twitch streamers and bloggers get their success, who, I dare say, represent how a vast majority of FM players experience the game. Mind you, many of them delude themselves they're tactical masters, while in fact their ultimate success comes from "brute force" of loads of CA points on the pitch.
  5. The problem is that 90 % of supposedly super tactics are not really super without world class players, as you pointed out. However, every year we have 3 or 4 really superb exploit monsters circulating around the Internet. Those are truly super tactics, but sometimes they're difficult to find in a sea of false prophets. Also, some ME versions are more, and some less exploitable. FM 18 was ripe for exploit tactics, for example. Some of those could literally take the club from Conference to PL using L2 lever players at best..
  6. Yup. Many times on FM 18 I used the old trick of replacing players in key positions with overall weaker, but much faster equivalents. What once was an average season instantly turned into serial winning.
  7. I play FMT not because of time constraints, but because of other reasons (game mechanics like media and player interaction). FM, full or Touch, has always been a game which you can play while being fully aware of your surroundings, which means I can play for 30 minutes, go out to do an errand, come back, play for 20 minutes, then feed my kid, then play for 40 mins...etc. You get my point. That's mainly workdays. Friday and Saturday nights are usually when I play good 4-5 hour sessions with a bottle of Jagermeister on the side.
  8. Yes, balance is one of the most difficult things to achieve in life, whether we talk FM tactics or how much junk food and alcohol you can stuff down your throat without damaging yourself long term.
  9. I partially agree. In theory you're right, but sometimes you pick instructions according to their in-game descriptions hoping to play one way, only to see something entirely different on the pitch. Then you go to forums for help only to find out that your instructions are fine, but only if you couple them with A, which ties into B, with a knock-on effect on C. It can be very baffling, especially for an average player.
  10. Right there is the biggest FM problem when it comes to tactics and has been for years. When you watch/read guys like Rashidi, the first thing that comes to mind is "wow, how the f*ck was I supposed to figure that out".
  11. Yup, I fully expect LOADS of rants "I want to play like Klopp, I picked the right tactical options and still can't win, the ME is broken".
  12. On the face of it, leaderboards are a nice way to compete with others, but soon after release people who obviously get some sort of life validating satisfaction from it cheat to get to the top and to stay there.
  13. On a relatively side note, I've moved to FMT three years ago precisely because I think player and media interaction are horribly implemented, but I'm still stunned at how many people seem to absolutely require editor in order to play the game. The amount of times I've seen "can't move to FMT because of no editor" is frankly shocking to me.
  14. Woa, woa, woa...I never mentioned "Sims" features and similar boll*cks people ask all the time. Football is football and it hardly changes, but certain existing modules (like reputation system causing all kinds of mess) can do with fixing and overhauling, which is extremely complicated and thus risky.
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