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  1. That has literally been a problem since the CM days.
  2. I was enjoying reading this and I had high hopes for this topic, hoping it would resurrect this subforum. Alas...
  3. I've seen that as a problem for years tbh. The fact it doesn't seem to be much discussed points to the fact that people like it.
  4. I'd be willing to bet good money none of the things you listed will be included in FMT 21.
  5. On top of all that you said, what has been worrying me for 2-3 years now is that FMT gets updates and bug fixes much later than full FM. So, when something major doesn't work, you can't really expect a hotfix. I remember a few years ago "continue time-out" feature wasn't working properly, which is a major thing (for me, at least), and it wasn't fixed for 2 months. There are other examples like that, which is why I dread buying it again. The FMT crowd is not big enough and when we shout our woes, it fizzles out quickly and quietly. Not to mention that actual PC/MAC players of FMT see
  6. Processing aside, the big thing you can't adapt in full FM is morale effect by press conferences, team talks, player and team interaction. In FMT morale is akin to CM 01/02 and such older games. Yes, players get unhappy due to not playing enough or wanting a transfer, but it doesn't impact their performances all that much.
  7. I doubt they regret it as such, but their focus for FMT is quite clearly on tablets, XBOX etc. Everything apart from PC/MAC crowd. Which could be quite small in fact, and maybe a reason for all of this. I've noticed so many times people refuse to play FMT because it's beneath them, and yet delegate everything you can to the assistant in full FM, while the stuff you can't delegate they learn to live with, but they never stop despising it. They'd do anything but stoop to playing FMT.
  8. I've been playing exclusively FMT since 2015 (when it was still called FMC), and I've noticed SI seem to care less and less about it as years go by. There is fewer and fewer information in pre-release period. bug fixes and updates come slower and slower...the whole thing just seems like an after thought for SI. This subforum reflects it as well, with fewer and fewer topics, posts, etc. More and more of our questions are met with standardized replies by SI staff and mods. I could be wrong, of course, but I remember the time when we had actual FMT screenshots and features to be include
  9. That's always been a huge problem from general gaming point of view. You see clearly labeled options on the screen, you click them and the output you get is something entirely different. You're immediately baffled and don't know where to even begin to figure out how and why. Frankly, if something like that is present in other complicated games like PDX grand strategies, it would be considered bugs and broken features. The label says A, you click it expecting A to happen, but B happens instead. Now, experienced FM players know that there are C,D,E and F aspects to consider, but the game n
  10. I think this poll reveals the OP's age somewhat. FM is not a typical video game where such age brackets make perfect sense. For FM, the lowest option could easily be "under 20" and others have to go all the way to 50s.
  11. Exactly that. I wouldn't mind player/squad interaction if it was done properly, but in my opinion it's horribly flawed, so limiting, so many times you don't have a logical response available, so many times players react like 12 year old girls, it's infuriatingly bad. Media interaction is pointless busy work akin to collectibles you have in modern RPG games and such which only serve to pad out game time. 90% of people eventually delegate them to the assistant, at which point it's even more pointless. I don't even want to comment on sorting out "500 staff" in pre-season, it's mind numb
  12. You explained it right there. This site frowns upon downloads (despite that section being very lively), so when someone says he has problems after a new patch with this tactic he downloaded, everyone jumps at him to point out those tactic are based on exploits which are probably patched, everyone is pointed to the tactical forum for help, there are a few smug replies etc. If you posed the same question on FM Base et al, you'd get suggested other downloadable tactics, the author of that particular tactics might say he's tweaking it for the new patch etc. In other words, it's an entirely differe
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