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  1. So they used to play back in the days when the game was much more rudimentary and stupendously easy to conquer? And now it's much more complex and a little less easy, they feel it offers nothing? Interesting.
  2. But it ties directly into general difficulty problem which you mentioned. Most people play FM to win stuff, and if you make transfer system realistic, i.e. much harder, the game as a whole becomes too hard because the only other major aspect (tactics) is deemed too difficult already. Such a move would sweep out all FM youtbers in one instant, for starters, but that's another discussion as well.
  3. Take a peek at tactics forums. That's what keeps this game challenging enough for majority of players. People are still far, FAR away from fully grasping the way TC and ME work. Game's inadequacies in transfers and AI squad building make up for it and make the success in the game accessible. Even with its current flaws, FM is way, way more difficult compared to older iterations where your save with Sociedad would finish in the very first season.
  4. If that ever happens, FM is a dead game. I think SI are fully aware of that. While some like El Payaso would love it, a vast, VAST majority of gamers wouldn't touch FM again within 1 or 2 iterations. At the end of the day, it's just business.
  5. @dkouv Massive congratulations! That Liverpool thing you did is actually a great idea, obviously not applicable everywhere since you can't assemble all the best Brazilians in a Brazilian team, but it could work in Spain, Italy, France, Germany... @Fadedaf Whenever I see your name as "the latest post" here, I get an anxiety attack. Can't imagine how you feel approaching yet another ACON.
  6. Hard

    This is such a simple truth and yet so many people struggle to grasp it. To the OP, try FM Touch and one of the downloadable tactics from fm-base. With that in hand, FM can again be an experience akin to the good old times. Since you have a family and a job, I presume you're past the juvenile attitude of "playing FM Touch is beneath me, let alone using someone else's tactics, I'm a proper FM player".
  7. @Fadedaf When I'm reading your ACON adventures, I feel a mix of well known frustration and sadness. This challenge can be such a bitc* sometimes and yet it's so difficult to leave it. I haven't had a proper go at this on FM 17 because I had other good saves, but I read this thread regularly and prepare myself for FM 18 when I intend to fully immerse myself into this salt mine from the get go.
  8. Morale in FM touch

    I noticed that morale doesn't really influence player's performance on the pitch as much as it does in full FM. I regularly field players moaning about wanting to leave, unhappy that transfer was blocked etc. and they play just as well. In other words, you can ignore morale for the most part. If you know what you're doing tactically, that is. Team talks, player and media interaction are horribly implemented in full FM and possibly the major reason I enjoy FMT so much.
  9. No discount for those who got only FMT 17 in their library, wanting to preorder FMT 18?
  10. FMC / FMT Wishlist Thread

    I have a wish which is really easy to implement. I'd like us to be able to do this in FMT. In other words, let us sort the schedule by competition.
  11. Should I just...quit FM?

    I have the same experience as grade. None of me friends, acquaintances or coworkers play the game anymore and they all single out the same reason; it requires too much effort to win. It's not about time, they can find the time to play other games even though we all have jobs and families. It's about the lack of feeling of reward. It doesn't have to be instant, either (we're not teenagers, after all) but it sure doesn't come soon enough right now in the game.
  12. Should I just...quit FM?

    Yes, creating a balanced tactic takes literally 3 minutes within the TC. However, any sort of deeper understanding of what exactly you're doing, how to adapt and respond to what the AI and ME throw at you, that's an entirely different matter. The lack of in game documentation is also one of those "done to death" topics. Performing on par relative to the strength of your team and media expectations is more or less easy, but I'm also "kind of amazed" when people take a mid table team, finish 6th-12th place 8 seasons in a row and say they're having fun. It's mind boggling to me, this is a video game after all.
  13. Should I just...quit FM?

    FIFA Manager is always brought up but it has never been a real competitor because it was objectively a bad game, while CM/FM, for all their flaws, have been good and kept getting better. That whole "lack of competition" thing has been done to death so I don't want to go there again. I know a lot of older (30+) people, veterans of the series who have abandoned the game entirely because what it's become or they buy it every year out of habit, clock in 30 hours over the year instead of the usual 300 or even 3000. Again, nothing to do with less time on their hands but with their disillusionment with the game. They are, as consumers, replaced by younger people who don't know how the game used to be, so instead of moaning like this old git, they swarm the forums like fm-base searching for downloadable tactics so they can do what we used to do on CM 2 or whatever.
  14. Should I just...quit FM?

    People who say things like "this has never been a game where you just pick a tactic and win nor it ever should be" are either too young, haven't played old CM/FM iterations or have memory problems. This entire franchise has become this popular because, not in spite of the fact it was plug and play, easy to pick up, choose a tactic, hit continue and fulfill your wildest football fantasies. The direction SI have, in the mean time, decided to take is their business decision which you can agree with or not, but I guarantee this game wouldn't be iconic as it is if the first iterations were this tactically convoluted, requiring a high degree of knowledge, patience and input.
  15. FMC / FMT Wishlist Thread

    Don't add any more player/team/media interaction. In fact, what little there is in the game you can freely remove.