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  1. In other words, in past FMs in order to understand tactics (sliders) you needed to understand specific FM language. Then we transitioned to the initial versions of TC which moved from FM language to football language. Recent changes, however, are going dangerously close towards full circle. It's becoming FM language all over again. I'd even argue it's already become that.
  2. FMT Skins?

    There are easy directions what to do to enable 3D in that very thread. I've done it and it works smoothly.
  3. You can always opt not to use these ridiculously exploitative tactics and you will have a semblance of realistic progress. The problem with LLM and climbing up the leagues has always been more than about tactics, namely the AIs inability to compete on the transfer market and make the most out of free transfers, loans etc. As long as AI bases its signings on PA and reputation, it will be too easy to climb the league system.
  4. Make South America Great Again!

    I don't think the loaded leagues make much of a difference here, but one other thing. There is such an abundance of top talent in Brazil it's really easy to assemble a world class team. There's a myth going around that playing in Brazil is difficult, while the truth is it's really easy to win trophies, but it can get tedious due to amount of games played. The AI can never exploit so many talented players like a human user can, but very few people actually try it.
  5. Case in point. The squad is literally League 2 level at best. While this is not a brag, I am having fun pushing this ME as far as possible in its ridiculousness.
  6. Favorite FM Series

    Funnily enough, the thread @Svenc linked showed you everything you need to know about what people (as in majority) really want in FM. In retrospective arguably the easiest FM ever was judged "just about right" difficulty-wise at the time, which speaks volumes. I noticed that trend on many non-English speaking FM fan forums. The drop-off of people actually playing the game is staggering, the vast majority claiming the game is broken, tactics impossible to get right etc. What in fact happened is that people playing FMs of the past just put together a tactic they fancied, frequently with no rhyme nor reason, often exploiting the many flaws of the MEs at the time without even realizing. They were winning stuff easily, convinced they understood tactics, which couldn't be further from the truth.
  7. [FM18] [Skin] - Titanium - Now Includes Full FM Version!

    Thank you, @michaeltmurrayuk. Sorted it. And, once again, thank you @KennedyBakircioglu, ANY FMT skin other than default ones is massively appreciated.
  8. If you want surrealist results, just load up FM 18, play with 3 advanced forwards and wait.
  9. [FM18] [Skin] - Titanium - Now Includes Full FM Version!

    When I do that, it switches fine, but the text colour in most places remains black, which doesn't fit the base dark skin.
  10. Make South America Great Again!

    Yeah, when you're successful in Brazil you literally have to have two full strength squads and then some if you want to keep winning.
  11. [FM18] [Skin] - Titanium - Now Includes Full FM Version!

    Finally! An FMT skin! How big of a job would be to do the exact same skin, but based on a dark base skin? This is still too bright in places for me. Edit: How to change colour of the numbers showing player condition? While one of them is barely visible, the other is not visible at all.
  12. [FM18][MOD] Match Day Backgrounds Mod

    The author of this skin said it doesn't support 2d/3d pitch and that I should look for help in her as to how to enable it. How would I go about that?
  13. Is there a way to hit continue less? :P

    That's really strange. The game stops for me every time there's a signing (or selling) to confirm. I've been using continue time-out for 30 odd seasons and I've never missed an important thing.
  14. Is there a way to hit continue less? :P

    Preferences-Interface-Continue Game Timeout is set to "disabled". You can set the option to "instantly", "2 seconds" etc. so that the game auto continues until you get to decision time, e.g. transfer offer, match day etc. In other words, the game hits spacebar for you and you can set the speed it does it.