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  1. Hey, guys! I haven't played FM in quite a while and haven't checked this thread, either. I'm a bit shocked I'm still the only one who's completed this challenge for FM 18. In previous years there were more completions by this point, and many more near- completions. Maybe I'm wrong, can't be bothered to check the dates, but it certainly seems that way. Maybe it's due to the fact that, for some reason I still don't understand, the interest (any by that I mean proper, active attempts at this) was really low when I was playing it. The usual guys who are going at it now weren't there early on. That late start could be the reason no one else has completed it yet. I know it's exhausting, but keep at it! Also, and maybe I shouldn't say this, completing this challenge really ruins FM for you for some time. No matter what other save you try, there's no holy grail to search for like in this challenge.
  2. shirajzl

    3 up front

    I always wondered, do you have the links for this ancient threads at the ready or you always search for them manually?
  3. I have to say I don't really see the point of scouting as such because, as you said, scouts provide very little actual reports on unknown players. What they do, and that is just what I think happens, is they reveal more players when you go into player search screen (and filter potential targets). The more they scout a region/nation, the more players from there you'll see visible in player search screen. If I'm wrong in this, then scouts are really useless in FMT. I hope I'm right. :/ While I've noticed it's easy to unsettle players, I haven't really seen the benefits because even for an unhappy player, the AI quotes ridiculous sums most of the time.
  4. shirajzl

    ME loophole

    Your post was right in entirety, but I quoted the last part because it loops us back to the old, deeply rooted issue; many people don't want to understand tactics because they're not interested, they just want something that works and works at least most of the time if not all the time. They want to play FM like they played old CM/FM games; set a tactic and forget about it, buy/sell players, win and win a lot. It's one of the main unspoken reasons why many people are unhappy with modern iterations of the game and why many have indeed stopped playing the game altogether. I've said it before, if old CM/FM games looked and played like FM18, FM would never have become a cult franchise like it is today.
  5. shirajzl

    ME loophole

    That's one of the most level-headed and thus impressive introductions to a downloadable tactic I've ever seen.
  6. shirajzl

    ME loophole

    There's nothing wrong with that approach or way of playing the game per se. The problem arises when those users come here crying. I've often used downloadable tactics but I'm aware of the waters I'm treading in, so when I get thumped in CL final after stomping everyone beforehand, I don't rage on the forums.
  7. I have noticed the difference between FMT and full FM when it comes to unhappy players' performance. While in full FM they can go on extremely poor runs of form, in FMT bad morale doesn't seem to affect their performance all that much. I've played "very poor" morale players who have been "transfer listed by request" normally as they play as if nothing bothers them at all.
  8. I think "overachieving" is defined on media prediction. The more you do it, the more AI becomes cautious against you, which usually just means playing on a lower mentality (from what I've noticed). Once you start dominating, the league consists of you playing against Defensive/Very Structured 90% of the time.
  9. 22 players. Literally a backup for every position and no more. My ultimate goal in every save is to have 22 equally good players (relative to their position) and then I heavily rotate and constantly keep my squad fresh. When I haven't reached that stage yet I still rotate entire squads, but in cup games and against weaker opposition in the league.
  10. It ties into old issue of AI teams buying and playing high rep players with several horrible weaknesses relative to their position/role and sell players with slightly lower rep and CA/PA who have perfect attribute distribution. Human players get a huge advantage on the spot.
  11. shirajzl

    ME loophole

    Judging by past experience, they would counter it by accidentally opening up other exploits. Like when they fixed crossing issue from FM 16 by keeping wide players too wide and enabling exploity narrow formations.
  12. shirajzl

    ME loophole

    I was thinking about this yesterday. The line between "good tactician" and "ME exploiter" on FM could be finer than we think. When people who have deep understanding of the ME spot a tactical issue, they don't always necessarily think "I'll do this to fix it because it makes real football sense", but more something along the lines of "I'll plug this problem that way because that's the way this problem should be plugged on this ME". There's no deliberate exploiting there, but it's inadvertently threading on the edge. Can't show you the SS since I've long moved on in the save. Regarding players getting offers and awards, the answer is a long standing FM problem; reputation and CA/PA rule the world. My players broke all kinds of records, goals, assists, average ratings through the roof but I never once got any offer for them. Equally disappointing, they didn't feature in any awards. My strikers, for example, weren't even considered in ten top goalscorer prediction charts, even though they had scored 30 odd goals the season before. Their reputation was simply too low, as well as CA/PA and the game didn't recognize them as relevant.
  13. shirajzl

    ME loophole

    People are often hung up on the umber of goals the three strikers scored here, but the number of assists they got is as alarming to me. It's because I know a vast majority of those came from crosses. Even when those three don't outnumber the defence (like on counter attacks), they freely cross to each other with centrebacks reacting neither to the ball nor the forwards.
  14. shirajzl

    Meta gaming?

    More importantly, in my opinion, what kind of supposedly world class defenders simply ignore the only opposition player during an incoming cross? The ME is littered with that issue as well, elite defenders simply not reacting to crosses/oncoming opposition striker or winger, and it all goes hand in hand with the 3 strikers issue. As for what the OP was saying, the meta thing, while prevalent in multiplayer games, is pretty much unavoidable in any single player game requiring a degree of strategic thinking. CIV games spring to mind, massively popular franchise with equally massive AI problems, resulting in every CIV version having a meta, i.e. the most optimal, exploit-filled route to win.
  15. shirajzl

    ME loophole

    People seem to question the validity of "3 up front OP" claims. I don't need more proof than my own save, where I just plugged in one of the downloadable tactics (343 formation) and signed pacey players (which is OP in itself, but that's a story for another day). In my first PL season when I finished 12th, I literally had League 1 players, because my reputation hadn't caught up. The first title win came with a mixture of top Championship/lower PL players. Edit: This just in. CL final.