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  1. What position are people playing Dele Alli? 10 games in and not 1 assist or goal and really struggling
  2. How on earth did you manage to get a team like that?
  3. What I want to do is manage Spurs but use all Mourinho's team and add the DOF I hope we get.
  4. I'm really struggling to decide who plays where midfield wise. I guess as a 1st choice it would have to be the same as Poch chose against Chelsea. Meaning Moura and Lamela are on the bench. But then a formation chance if either come on.
  5. Anyone trying to replicate the formation and tactic that Poch used to perfection last night against Chelsea. WOW what a performance. As a team effort this was just 1st class and what we have been missing.
  6. Injuries hit me hard in 1st season with Eriksen out for 4 months, Rose injured twice by December and out for 2 months, Toby and Vertonghen, Walker and now Kane. Like Spurs i failed in Champs League. Couldnt win a bloody game and ended 3rd in the group. League after 17 games im sitting in 4th and 6pts behind the gooner scum in 1st. Kane was on fire for about 10 games but then before his injury he couldnt hit a barn door. Luckily i had bought Huntelaar who took his chances.
  7. Testing out my own version of a 4321 and a few mixed results. Usually if im losing i will make a change. At home to Chelsea and after 14mins we were 2-0 down and i thought DAMN. However i took a chance and left it. BOOM won 4-2 hahaha
  8. How are people getting on with Vert and Toby?? Im conceding alot with them switching off and letting forwards get in between them.
  9. Typical Spurs making me nervous. Played Everton at home 4th game of the season and went 2-0 up and we were flying. Through an own goal and another offside they brought it back to 2-2. Saviour Kane scores the winner in 91st minute. PHEW!!!! I had 23 shots at goal and 11 on target against there 4 shots at goal and 1 on target.
  10. Dier, Trippier and Walker all injured before 1st game of the season for me. Struggling to decide whether to actually sign anyone. Although like has been mentioned if Kane gets injured we are in trouble. Even considering Klose as a back up in case.
  11. Ive tried a 4231 formation with Spurs and the same back 4 positions as yourself and im getting murdered defensively. Even mickey mouse Malaysian teams scoring against me.
  12. Anyone else find that Spurs players seem to be a moaning bunch of parasites?? Ive had Vertonghen, Kaboul, Vorm, Capoue all moan within the 1st 5 games. Either im not playing them or they wanted to leave pre season
  13. Transfer listed Adebayor and pre season and 3 league games in and hes on fire. Demoted Kaboul to vice captain and hes sulked big time Vertonghen wanted to leave but no one came in for him and now hes happy. Is it possible to rise the morale of a player like Kaboul whos spat his dummy out?
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