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  1. TSV Havelse | Table | Squad| Transfers | Season 2034/35 (15th Season) Season Review: Top half finish at last! This season we played a lot better and the results were more stable than a few seasons before. For most of the season, we were even strong contenders for the promotion to Bundesliga, but in the last 6-7 games we had some bad luck with injuries and red cards and therefore we finished on the 6th place. This is a nice result and we are slowly but surely improving our team and stature in the game. The only issue I still have with my team is the lack of strikers capable to score goals and thus I'm strongly considering retraining one of the wingers to the striker position to get more options for the next season. Anyway, I'm happy with the season outcome as we were predicted to finish the season rock bottom but we defied the odds and prepare a nice surprise. We also finally paid our loan out so hopefully, we won't lose our money month after month anymore. Let's hope we will be able to further improve our facilities with more money on our account. In the DFB-Pokal we beat Eichstätt before we lost against Schalke 04 in the 2nd Round. The best player and top scorer of the season was our winger Kerem Çetin. He's a good player and decent finisher and I'm strongly considering playing him as a striker next season. His biggest issue is inconsistency but I hope that he can overcome this shortcoming with experiences he has. The second-best player was once again a central defender Jörg Ruhani. His development has stalled a little bit in this season but I hope that in the next season he will work his socks off to improve his skills. The best breakthrough player from the youth academy was Rudi Cossmann. He was originally a winger but since I already have a good winger on the right side, I decided to re-train him to wingback. He adapted very quickly and played most of the games in the second half of the season. The Board also decided to sell our best youth player Raphael Etzel to Bayer Leverkusen for 5.25M €. We received some nice money from his transfer but I have a feeling that we could get some more. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to stop or negotiate the transfer so I must accept the money we earned. Youth Academy: The best three players from this season's youth intake were: Calvin Algermissen, central defender with good tackling and potential to play also as a defensive midfielder Giannis Fligos, right full-back with nice mental skills Alexander Eggert, defensive midfielder which I saw more as a central defender Overview:
  2. TSV Havelse | Table | Squad| Transfers | Season 2033/34 (14th Season) Season Review: Season of ups and downs and season of truly golden youth intake! We played constantly inconsistent throughout the entire season. We were able to win against the top team in the league and then in the next week lose against the team that we should beat comfortably. Although we were never really in danger to get relegated, we were never even close to the promotion places either. Frankly speaking, we don't even have a team capable of playing in the Bundesliga. The biggest issue with my team is the lack of strikers capable to score goals. With Utku Kani leaving at the end of the previous season, we don't have any striker capable of playing on this level. Despite all drawbacks I have in my team, I'm not satisfied with the season outcome and I expect to finish the next season in the top half. The league is strong as a few teams have such good players that could easily play in the top tier but anyway, we should push ourselves to further develop the club and our reputation. In the DFB-Pokal we beat Gießen and Heidenheim before we lost against Bayer Leverkusen in the 3rd Round. The best player of the season was Jörg Kleinsorge. He's a good finisher but not top class and although he can play in the striker position I need his speed more on the wing. The second best was a central defender Jörg Ruhani. He played consistently good in the back four but he would need one decent partner for us to have the better and more compact defense. I was able to sell both players our new president brought to the team in the previous season. I'm happy that we earned some money with their's sale. Youth Academy: This season's intake was something to be happy about. A true golden generation a least! The best three players from this season's youth intake were: Joachim Hofer, for sure a future wonderkid and top prospect for the German national team. Our team is currently not strong enough to keep such players and therefore I wasn't able to stop the transfer to Bayern München accepted from the club's Board. Raphael Etzel, another goalkeeper with great potential and future No. 1 in my team. Let's hope we will be able to keep him around. Uros Stojanovic, a tall and technically gifted winger with nice physical skills. Overview:
  3. Obviously it was a mistake. We play with Regroup and Counter TI's.
  4. @Edinton, thank you also for your contribution, it helped me to realize I don't have a team to play the tactic I want because I simply don't have a team good enough fro this kind of tactic. I started to buld a tactic from scratch once again and I ended up with this one (again we are playing on Positive mentality): DLF (a) IW (a) W (s) CM (a) DLP (s) A (d) FB (s) CD (d) CD (d) FB (s) GK (d) In Possession: pass into space, run at defence, low crosses In Transition: regroup, counter, distribute to full back Out of Possesion: higher defensive line, use tighter marking, narrow defensive width The tactic is working fairly well and I have much more stable results but we usually struggle against teams that are playing defensive. Thus I need to find one additional tactic for matches against defensive minded teams. Can anyone recommend some changes in tactic and player roles for this kind of matches? Thanks a lot!
  5. @XuluBak, what would be you suggestion to use instead of AP and HB in my system? The idea on the left side was to have the BPD playing more wide when we have the ball, to cover the left side with FB on attack going forward. I wanted to use a BBM as support to my AP which is cutting inside but I assume they are getting to close together and they are in each other's way. In addition BBM doesn't give me enough cover at the back and/or laterally. BBM was chosen in order to have more penetration to the final third but it seems I'm vunreable at the back more than I can afford. @Experienced Defender, thank you for your tips. Which role would you suggest to use inted of the BBM? An additional info for you is maybe also that both of my wide players have PPM 'cut inside from both wings' but they both play on their strogest foot side (AP/LW is left footed, RW is right footed). Unfortunately they are not suited to play vice versa. What roles can I use for them to use this PPM with most effect? What is your opinion on HB, would you recomend to use something else?
  6. Curently I'm managing an underdog team in the 2. Bundesliga. As you can see in the below pictures we are by far the worst team of the league. I want to use tactic 4-1-4-1 because I have quite a few good wide players and it seems that this tactic suits my team best. I can also play flat 4-1-4-1 but I prefer the former. The thing is I'm struggling havily with creating chances in the final third. We are good with keeping possesion but we cannot create anything special in front of the goal. Especially against stronger opponents where we usually have only approx. 3-4 shots in the entire match. So here is my current tactic I use: In general I would like to play counter attacking as I think that my team is lacking quality for something else. The current tactic doesn't give me the play I would like to see. Please for suggestions what kind of changes I would need to make to my current tactic to work better with my underdog team. Thanks in advance for your help.
  7. TSV Havelse | Table | Squad| Transfers | Season 2032/33 (13th Season) Season Review: This was a difficult season and full of surprises one too. At the beginning were our results very much of a mixed bag. One game we played superbly but then the next one we completely failed. Then came the mid of the season which was even more awful. We couldn't win a single match anymore so we have quickly found ourselves in the relegation zone. One of the reasons for this is also the introduction of some new youngsters to the first team. But anyway, the results were unacceptable so I started to test the new tactic. Luckily this change gave us better results and we finished the season well safe in the 14th place. In the DFB-Pokal we beat Jeddeloh before we lost agains Kaiserslautern in the 2nd Round. In December we had elections for the new Board president. Christopher Geyer came out as a winner and he immediately impressed me with youth facilities and youth coaching upgrade. But unfortunately, he also arranged two transfers for which I didn't have the power to stop them. Although would David Northover and Ramon Graf help our team massively I put them in the reserve team and on the transfer list right after they joined us. The rules are the rules. I hope that I will sell them at the start of the next season to get some money we spend back. The best player of this season was defender Roman Birk. He didn't play as much as in the previous season due to the long term injury but anyway his stats were good and I'm happy to have him in my team. The additional two players that marked this season and I need to mention are Jörg Kleinsorge and Kerem Çetin. The former was a top scorer this season while the latter was the player with most assists under his belt. Youth Academy: The best three players from this season's youth intake were: Jacopo Gallo, a pacey winger with an option to be retrained also to LB Dominic Brackelmann, determined inside forward with good physical skills Osman Diken, yet another goalkeeper with big potential - the future on goal is bright for our club as we have three goalkeepers with big potential in the youth team Overview:
  8. @XaW sorry to hear that, it was a promising save indeed. I hope that you will come back with a new save soon.
  9. TSV Havelse | Table | Squad| Transfers | Season 2030/31 (12th Season) Season Review: We made some improvements in consideration to the previous season as we finished safely in the 13th place. The start of the season was promising and with a few wins and draws we had a decent amount of points in our account. After the winter break, we started playing badly and we had a streak of 10 games without winning a single match. None of these losses was big as we lost nearly every match with one goal difference but anyway it was frustrating. With seven matches to go, we were sitting on the brink of the relegation zone thus I decided to change the tactic. After the change we've managed to win four and draw two in the last seven which saw us finishing the season without any struggles. We competed also in the DFB-Pokal and we finished it already in the 1st Round against Borussia Dortmund. They beat us only after the extra time as the regular time ended with 0:0. I hope that the cup draw in the next season will go more in our favor so we will be able to go a bit further. The best player of this season was defender Jörg Ruhani. He led our defense well and he also scored 5 goals. I feel he didn't reach his full potential yet and I hope that he will continue to develop. The additional two players that marked this season and I need to mention are Jörg Kleinsorge and Christoph Barth. Both of them scored and assisted a few so I'm happy with their's outcome. The financial situation of the club is getting better as we nearly paid our loans. Although we are still losing approx. 650k€ per month the situation is not so bad anymore as it was in the previous season. The Board also accepted my request to improve the training facilities at the start of the next season so things are going forward slowly. Let's hope that the next upgrade will be the youth facilities. Youth Academy: The best three players from this season's youth intake were: Maximilian Borgmann, well rounded GK with the potential to become No. 1 between the stick in the future Garrit Michelbrink, defensive winger which I will try to retrain to be a box-to-box midfielder Rudi Cossmann, winger with nice pysical and technical skills Overview:
  10. @XaW, good to see someone else also having a financial troubles in Germany not just me at my Havelse save 😝 Germany is really fun but it's challenging to keep the finances in green. I'm dealing with the 600k€ loss each month in 2. Bundesliga and thus my Board doesn't want to upgrade facilities. Subsequently this means, that I must be satisfied with youth players that aren't anything near the ones from other teams in the league. I guess that's one of the reasons for what is making this save so addicting. All the best and keep up the good work 👍
  11. After a while, I'm finally back with my YA Challenge in Germany. The reason for such a long absence was computer change. I sold my old laptop and change it to the regular PC. It took me two months to finish it, but now I'm again back in the game. TSV Havelse | Table | Squad| Transfers | Season 2030/31 (11th Season) Season Review: Our second consecutive season in 2. Bundesliga was full of ups and downs. In the second half of the season mostly downs. We started the season well as we got 10 points from the first 5 games. If we would continue like this we would easily secure staying in the league. After the first half of the season, we were sitting safely in the 8th place and we were nowhere near the relegation places. Unfortunately, the second half of the season didn't go according to our plans as we collected only 2 wins and 1 draw in 17 matches. In the end, we were lucky enough to stay safe from the relegation with the final 15th place. Although we are by far the worst team in the league I'm not happy with the season outcome but at least we stayed in the league. We competed also in the German Cup and we finished it in the 2nd Round against strong Stuttgart team which beat us 4:0. The key player of this season was once again Utku Kani. He led the attacking line and although he's already 32, he's the only striker capable of scoring goals. The other two I have in the current team didn't score a single goal! I will need to introduce some youngsters soon as Kani won't be here forever. The other two key players of the season were Jannes Granatowski and Kerem Çetin. Both of them had scored a decent amount of goals and they added also some assists. Finances are not looking good as we are losing approximately 800k€ month after month. Due to this money loss, the Board didn't want to grant my request for the facility or recruitment upgrade. After the season finish we again received a quite big amount of money and I hope that the Board will be more willing to make some upgrades with this money income. Youth Academy: The best three players from this season's youth intake are: Overview:
  12. Thank mate, appreciate it. As you noticed already yourself, I also think that there is a bug in German leagues as I'm currently in my 2nd season in a row in the 2. Bundesliga but I'm losing cca. 500k€ per month which is huge. If you will promote to the 2. Bundesliga you will receive a nice amount of cash at the end of the season. It depends on the final position of how many you will receive. I finished last year in the 12th place so I received nearly 10 million € which is nice. But since I'm now losing cca. 500k€ each month I will lose more than half of this money. Not to mention that because of this monthly money loss my board doesn't want to upgrade the facilities. It's really frustrating and I'm gambling already to try somewhere else...
  13. TSV Havelse | Table | Squad| Transfers | Finances | Season 2029/30 (10th Season) Season Review: After 3 years we are back in 2. Bundesliga and we can be fairly happy with the season outcome. The start of the season wasn't good for us as we collected several heavy defeats in league and additionally we were also defeated in the 1st round of the German cup against Bochum. We were sitting rock bottom after our first 10 matches, so I realized that something needs to change. I decided to slightly modify my 4-1-2-2-1 from the last season to 4-1-4-1. Instantly we started to play better and grabbing points from our matches. Between October and the end of December, we managed to win 7 games out of 10. As turned out this was the crucial part of the season as we were never in danger of getting relegated after this superb run of form. The last third of the season wasn't so good anymore but we added some additional points to our tally which saw us finish on the 12th position. Not bad for such a minnow. Unfortunately, the Board again decided to sell one of our biggest prospects in the youth academy to Paderborn. Dominik Krämer started to develop nicely and in one or two seasons he could be an important part of our first team. Paderborn saw his talent and grabbed him for 275k €. It's not bad but not brilliant either. The player that really stood out this season was Jörg Ruhani. In one of the matches, he even scored a hattrick and that isn't bad for the defender. He is developing nicely and I hope that we will be able to keep him also for the next season. The best scorer was again Utku Kani and although he is not the youngest one, constantly good performances kept him in the team for a whole decade. I hope that he still has the season or two in his legs. Youth Academy: The best three players from this season's youth intake are: Lukasz Wawszczyk, a pacey striker with good potential to be a replacement for aging Utku Kani Markus Ratajczak, an advanced playmaker with solid mental attributes Jonas Schmidt, tall full-back that will be retrained to CB Aim for next Season: We managed to survive in the 2nd tier of German football. Let's hope we will be able to maintain or even upgrade our position also in the next season. The battle will be hard again and for sure we will have some struggles but with the team developing nicely I think we will be able to pull a good season. After this season we got 9,6 Mill. € and whit this money I hope the Board will be willing to upgrade the training and youth facilities. The pulls from youth academy in recent years were not the best so we will need to make some changes to further develop and upgrade our club. Overview:
  14. I'm also doing all my contract renewals before the transfer windows start. This has served me well and now I have also some additional tricks to use. Thanks for the explanations and tips @thomas_e, I appriciate it.
  15. Great overview, really interesting read. I see you are building a really strong team - well done I wonder, what's your recipe for keeping the best players in your team without getting purchased from bigger clubs? In my current save with Havelse (Germany) I have big troubles with keeping my best players in the team as they are frequently poached from bigger clubs in country already when they are under youth contract.
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