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  1. TSV Havelse | Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances | Season 2025/26 (6th Season) Season Review: Before the start of the season, we were predicted to finish the league at the rock bottom of the table and it turned out that the bookies were right with this prediction. We did start the season fairly good as we collected 12 points from the first 8 games and if we would continue to play in this rhythm we would easily secure survival. After this promising start of the season, we were starting to really struggle in matches as some of our top players got injured. From this point on all went south and issues were getting bigger and bigger. To get even worse then came a winter transfer window where this happened… Despite our stable finances, the board decided to sell two of the biggest (and best) players we had in the team. The price we received for them was ridiculously low and we could easily get a far bigger amount of money to our account. Besides the loss of these two players board accepted also offer from Dynamo Dresden for our best youth prospect Matthias Altmeier. With the sale of the two best defenders in the team, our options for survival got even worse and we finished a season in the last place of the table with only 19 points from 34 games. Finances: The most positive thing about playing in the 2. Bundesliga are finances as we got 7,8 Mio € at the end of the season. Our board immediately decided to build a new stadium closer to our home ground and they accepted my proposal to improve the youth academy facilities. With the money we have in our bank account I see a bright future and I believe we will be able to further improve our facilities. Youth Academy: The youth intake was good as we got some youths that will be able to play a big part in the future of the club: Jörg Ruhani, CD which is an addition that is more than welcome because we are lacking players on this position Boris Bönisch, WB that will be retrained to play on a W position Fabian Henze, ST with some good technical skills Aim for next Season: It turned out that the promotion to 2. Bundesliga in the previous season was a step too far for this young team and in the next season, we will play the 3. Liga again. I think that's the good thing as we simply don't have enough quality to play in the 2nd tier of German football at this point in our journey. I must admit that this is the first relegation in my 12 years of playing Football Manager and that's why I love this challenge even more. Despite all bad decisions from the board and struggles in this season I'm really enjoying this save and I think that in the next season we will get back on track.
  2. TSV Havelse | Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances | Season 2024/25 (5th Season) Promotion to 2. Bundesliga! Season Review: Board expectations didn't differ from the previous season as our main goal this season was again to avoid the relegation battle. My personal goal was a bit higher as I wanted to finish the season in the top half of the table. To the great surprise of both myself and the board, with the excellent conclusion of the season, we finally landed in 2nd place leading to the 2. Bundesliga. This achievement is really huge because we were predicted to finish the season on the last place according to the bookies. For tactic, we continued to use flat 4-4-2 and it worked far better than in the previous season. We introduced many young players to the first team and gave them plenty of playing time. Some of them had a good season, other ones will need to step up in the upcoming seasons but in general, I'm thrilled with the season outcome. The best player of this season was our tip of the spear Utku Kani. After he struggled in the previous season with only 9 goals, he added 21 to his tally in this campaign. During his career, he netted 111 goals in total for our club and he will be definitely one of the players already capable of playing in 2. Bundesliga. Our second-best player was our captain Deniz Çiçek, which led the team from the midfield position and he assisted for many of our goals. Although he didn't play as many matches as in the previous season he managed to give 11 assists to his teammates which is club's record. The player which has developed the most this season is our GK Sascha Mayer. He's one of the players with the biggest potential in this team and we hope that his development will continue for the seasons to come. Finances: Our finances are getting from bad to worse and if such fall will continue we won't be able to operate anymore. Monthly expenditures are simply bigger than income so every single month we collect an additional 100k€ of minus. At the end of the summer transfer window, my Board decided to sell the young striker Danny Brunner to Karlsruher for 120k€ plus additional bonuses. This didn't help us much but anyway I hope that they will develop and sell him for the good money as we will get 50% from the next sale. 2. Bundesliga is definitely more interesting than 3. Liga so we will get more money from the TV revenues in the next season. Thankfully we will also play the German Cup in the next season and I hope to get a big opponent and thus add some additional money to our account. Youth Academy: This season's YA intake wasn't bad but neither did we receive anything special. I can point out two youngsters with whom we have signed contracts and who we hope will be able to develop successfully in the club. Danny Schulz, a winger with some good technical and mental skills Matthias Altmeier, a winger who's able to play also as an inside forward Aim for next Season: In this season we surprised everyone including ourselves with the promotion to the 2nd tier of German football. The main goal in the next season will be to stay there and further develop our young prospects. I hope that our finances will get some injection from our board in order to be able to improve our facilities. I was really pleased that our Board decided to increase the academy coaching budget and I hope that we will get some good prospects from our youth recruitment in the seasons to come. At the end of this post, I must admit that I'm really enjoying this save and I cannot imagine playing the game the other way than this. It's addictive as hell and I can hardly wait for the start of the next season 💪😀
  3. TSV Havelse | Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances | Season 2023/24 (4th Season) Season Review: As Noah Plume left our club we don't have a player good enough to play on a DM position. Thus we were obliged to change our formation from 4-1-4-1 to 4-4-2 which suits most of my youth players. With the new tactic, we started a season tremendously with two unexpected wins but the results that followed weren't so good as we couldn't find consistency we needed to be closer to the top half of the table. We finished a season 6 point above the relegation zone which is an okay result for our fairly young team. Some matches were very close and with better players, I think we could achieve a substantially better result. Anyway, the positive thing about this season is that we introduced several youth players and they played a fair amount of games. The biggest disappointment this season in our team was Utku Kani. The player which scored 61 goals in the previous three seasons this year added only 9 goals to his tally. It seems that the tactic with 2 strikers doesn't suit him very well. His partner for the most of fixtures was Herbert Rösch. Our youth striker netted 9 goals as well and he was the biggest surprise this season. Beside him, the player that excelled this season was Deniz Çiçek. Even though he didn't score many goals he represented added value to the team with his experiences and creativity. Unfortunately, he's in his 30's and he won't be able to play many seasons more at this level. Finances: Finances did decline again and our board gave us two times 600k € of financial injection in order to be able to operate day-to-day. Because of the financial status, we were not able to improve training nor youth facilities so they remain the same from the beginning of the challenge. This is frustrating as we don't get many good players from our youth academy. We will need to develop some players and sell them for a good price to improve our financial state and thus also our facilities. Youth Academy: Due to our adequate level of youth facilities we didn't get the high amount of players with good enough potential for our team. Therefore we offered a contract to only a two youths: Matthias Feldmeier, right FB with good potential for the first team Danny Brunner, pacey striker with potential for back-up striker in few years Aim for next Season: Our biggest challenge for the next season will be again escape from the relegation. My biggest concern are still the finances and the lack of players able to play on a CB position. Although we have a good CB prospect in Ingo Rau we don't have any other youth player for this position so I hope to get at least one in the new season's candidates.
  4. TSV Havelse | Table | Squad | Transfers | Season 2022/23 (3rd Season) Board Expectations & Season Review: In the previous two seasons, we have played our home matches on the Willhelm-Langrehr-Stadion which has a capacity of 3.500. This is to low for the current level of playing and not according to the rules of 3. Liga. So our board decided to rent EINTRACHT-Stadion and share it with the Eintracht Braunschweig, the club which owns this stadium. Luckily the stadium is only 1 hour away from our home ground so our supporters won't have big issues with the logistics. I wanted to use something new this season in order to give playing time to some of our best youngsters. We switched to 4-2-2-2 and we started the season really good with two unexpected wins against much better teams as we are. Shortly after that come the period of the mixed bag of results without any consistency. We were able to smash the teams which were predicted to finish at the top places and then straight after that collect a 0 point against a team predicted to get relegated. During this period we were also allowing our opponents to score a lot of goals, therefore we decided to change the tactic back to our well recognized 4-1-4-1. Neither this did bring us the consistency we needed so we were shivering until the end of the season to stay in the league. Although we finished on respectful 13th place it wasn't easy and in the next season will be even harder. Our best player was again Utku Kani. We convinced him to stay at the club for a couple of seasons more and he proved his quality with the stunning 26 goals, which saw him at the top of the goalscorers table. The second-best player was Noah Plume, the DM which can play also in the defense. His contract is, unfortunately, expiring and we simply don't have enough money to give him pay rise he's asking for. Therefore, he will probably leave at the end of the season. Finances: Finances are a big issue as we were collecting the debt month after month and neither move to the bigger stadium didn't work for us to decrease this fall. Because of this, we were not able to upgrade facilities so they remained the same as they are since the beginning of this challenge. I fear that this debt can be a real threat to the club and there is a possibility that I will need to end this challenge because of it. Youth Intake: Because we were not able to upgrade our facilities the youth intake was again really bad with only one player potentially able to fill the gap if needed: Dominic Brackelmann, FB with good mental attributes Aim for next Season: The biggest challenge for the next season will be to stay in the league and to prevent the finances to freefall. As some of the players will leave the club we will give more opportunity to our youth players in this season and they will need to step up really quickly as the other teams are very active on the market and able to bring the quality players.
  5. TSV Havelse | Table | Squad| Transfers | Season 2021/22 (2nd Season) Board Expectations & Season Review: The board expectation was similar as in the previous week – to fight bravely against relegation. We started the season really strong with the tactic 4-1-4-1 which was successfully implemented in the previous season. But after the first month we started struggling with the goal scoring. I wanted to continue to use this same tactic but the results were bad and in the mid of season, we couldn't win the game anymore. At this time we were collecting only some points from the draws and although we were in the middle of the table I was getting worried about our future. That's why I decided to change the tactic a little bit and thus we switched to 5-1-2-2. With new tactic, we scraped some additional wins and at the end of the season, we finished in a respectful 9th position. The cup run was really short as we already finished in the first round. We played at home with Bayern Munich and we didn't have any chance against them. The only positive thing from this match was the additional money received from TV rights. The team we used was the same as the previous season, additionally, we introduced also three youth players and gave them a little playing time in order to give them some development push. Our top scorer was again Utku Kani, but this year he wasn't in such good form as the previous season. In this campaign, he scored 14 goals. Besides his inconsistency, we have issues also with his contract as he doesn't want to extend it. Hopefully, we can convince him until the beginning of the next season to put his signature on a paper for the following seasons. Our second best striker Chris Hellmann also doesn't want to extend his contract and due to the fact, that he's nearly 30 and he's not getting any younger probably we won't push him to do it. With the rest of the team, I didn't have any issues as they are all willing to stay at the club. Finances: The finances are again the burning topic in the club's offices as we are accumulating debt. Currently, we have already a debt of nearly -750k € in our books and in next season we will need to find a way to stop this and decrease the debt. Youth Intake: The youth intake this season wasn't anything special and we offered a contract to only three youngsters: Jakob Bauer, RW with some crossing and okay physical stats Christoph Barth, ST with good heading and with some marking he has the potential to be retrained to MF position Sascha Mayer, GK with some potential Aim for next Season: Because of our finances, we didn't have the required financial power to improve our youth and training facilities in this season, therefore, our main goal for the next one will be to get some financial stability. For sure we don't have a team good enough to step one level higher so we will again aim to avoid a relegation battle. I also want to give playing time to some additional youngsters and try to develop them as much as we can.
  6. TSV Havelse | Table | Transfers | Season 2020/21 (1st Season) Board Expectations: The board expectations were not really high as our main goal was to fight bravely against relegation. Based on the fact that our team was predicted to finish the bottom of the league I think that this was fair enough from them. At first, when I looked on the squad I was really gutted as we had the far worst team in the league with only few players capable of playing at this level. Luckily at least I got fairly young team and hopefully I will be able to stick to them for the years to come. Season Review: We started the season very slowly and we were bouncing up and down between the relegation places. At that time I was playing 4-4-2 as I supposed that it will fit the best to the squad. I was wrong as we were not creating enough chances for goals and, therefore, we didn't place a serious threat to our opponents. After the first third of the season I have changed the tactic to 4-1-4-1 to get more midfield stability and with DM to add some extra protection to our defense. It appeared that this was the best possible decision as we instantly started to play completely differently and soon we were out of the relegation places. During the rest of the season we never looked back anymore and we finished season really strong and at the end of the season, we were even in the battle for the play-off places for the 2. Bundesliga. In the end, we finished the season as the biggest overachiever in the league on the 4th place. Unfortunately, everything isn't so bright as we are really struggling in the finance aspect. We finished every month with the loss of money and in the end, we have made it get from + 1 million € to - 100k € which is making me worry. And it will probably get even worse because I must extend contract to our best players otherwise I will have really small team to play with. Let's hope that we will get some money based on our good table position at the end of the season. Our best player this season was striker Utku Kani. He netted 21 goals through the season and he played fairly constantly for the whole season. I see him as an integral part of my team for the future. Let's hope we can keep him. Youth Intake: The youth intake wasn't so bad if I look at our facilities and I got 3 good players (Ingo Rau, Jannes Granatowski, Max Franz) that have the potential to become the first team players in the future. Max Franz started to play in the first team after joining our team and until the mid of the season he had 7 games and already 2 goals at his feet. Because of this, he started to receive some offers from bigger clubs in Germany and one of them was unfortunately accepted by the Board. So he moved to St. Pauli for the funny price as I think that we could be able to receive more for him. Nevertheless, it is what it is and we must go on without him. Aim for next Season: The aim is to stay in the league and improve our youth facilities if the finances will allow us to do so. I also want to give more playing time to some of our youngsters so they will be able to further develop and potentially attract clubs to sale them for some necessary money.
  7. I'm also getting this. All staff positions filled, but the game still forces me to play the reserve team matches.
  8. I'm playing FM20 Touch in Germany 3. Liga and game forces me to manage and play reserve team matches although I have all staff available and set that they manage the friendlies. I think this same issue we had also in FMT19.
  9. So, I also decided to participate in YA Challenge with FM20 but not with the full-fat version of the game because this year I won't purchase it. Therefore I will give it a go on the Touch version of the game. I hope that this is not an issue for you guys... I decided to start in Germany so finally, I ended at the football club TSV Havelse. My starting profile:
  10. I cannot understand how can an update be released without noticing such a common issue. I understand, that some issues cannot be noticed at first glance, but this issue has really a lot of users and 11 days from the update release you don't have any solution for this. That's really sad and a lot of us cannot play the game - the game for which we btw paid 50 or 60 €. And that's not all…you updated the Touch version and also there we have the same issue.
  11. I have tryed everything possible and the game still crashes. Any news from SI, when this will be solved?
  12. I did try to reinstall the game but it didn't work. Patiently waiting for your update and hopefully, you will find a solution for the issue.
  13. Attached also .dmp file. I hope that you will soon find the fix for this. FM 2019 Touch v19.3.1.1201208 (2019.03.06 19.11.09).dmp
  14. Attached also .dmp file. I hope that you will soon find the fix for this. FM 2019 Touch v19.3.1.1201208 (2019.03.06 19.11.09).dmp
  15. Attached is my DxDiag file. DxDiag.txt
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