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  1. I cannot understand how can an update be released without noticing such a common issue. I understand, that some issues cannot be noticed at first glance, but this issue has really a lot of users and 11 days from the update release you don't have any solution for this. That's really sad and a lot of us cannot play the game - the game for which we btw paid 50 or 60 €. And that's not all…you updated the Touch version and also there we have the same issue.
  2. I have tryed everything possible and the game still crashes. Any news from SI, when this will be solved?
  3. I did try to reinstall the game but it didn't work. Patiently waiting for your update and hopefully, you will find a solution for the issue.
  4. Attached also .dmp file. I hope that you will soon find the fix for this. FM 2019 Touch v19.3.1.1201208 (2019.03.06 19.11.09).dmp
  5. Attached also .dmp file. I hope that you will soon find the fix for this. FM 2019 Touch v19.3.1.1201208 (2019.03.06 19.11.09).dmp
  6. Attached is my DxDiag file. DxDiag.txt
  7. Same as on regular FM game also here appear crash right after you start the game. Any solution for this issue?
  8. Zacarías Ureña / Mérida / Spain - Opening Post (2019) I decided to start with this challenge in the country, which I will visit in the year 2019 - Spain. Mérida AD is a Spanish football club based in Mérida, in the autonomous community of Extremadura and is a successor of CP Mérida. CP Mérida was founded in 1912 and has played twice in La Liga (1995–96 and 1997–98) before the club disappeared in 2000, due to serious economic debts. Mérida AD has already played in Segunda B but the club has been relegated in 2017/18. Thus I decided to pick this team and restore the glory days from the past and bring them back to La Liga. My alter ego in this save will be Mexican manager Zacarías Ureña. He will have a difficult task because the majority of the team is older than 30, therefore the complete revamp of the team will be necessary. As you can see, I'm playing on Football Manager Touch so the interface has a little different layout than the full version of the game. Nevertheless, I hope, that this isn't an obstacle to participate in this challenge. Let the first season begins...
  9. Is issue on Mi Pad 3 solved already or does it still has black screen issues?
  10. ME has improved, that's a fact. There are some things that still need to be improved but generally game is progressing. Btw, any news when 19.2 will be officially released?
  11. Hi @Luke Rumble, any news when this will be solved? It's really frustrating that I cannot start the save as I want to...
  12. I'm also very disappointed with this year's FMT and sorry to say this, but I also regret that I bought it. So many bugs already known in the beta phase but none of them solved 2 weeks after the full release. And if I look at the updates on previous years, we will need to wait at least 2 weeks more for a major update. So frustrating...
  13. I agree with you guys. I know that developers made a revamp of the FMT19, but I didn't expect that the finished product will have some many bugs at the release. What frustrates me the most is that QA didn't see such obvious glitches as manager experience, training, youth intake etc. A lot of users warned about these bugs already in the beta phase but nothing has been changed since then. I'm also switching back to FMT18 at least until they give back the option to chose manager experience at the beginning of the save. Sorry to say this, but in my opinion game with these bugs isn't playable.
  14. At the beginning of the game is not available to chose manager past experience level. Game decides which level manager will have. I believe this is a bug and a lot of people complain about this as they cannot start with the sunday league/journeyman etc. challenges. When this will be solved?
  15. Any news from QA or SI Staff when this will be solved?
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