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  1. After some time off from the FM21, I'm back with this challenge. Due to the lack of time, I will probably not finish it until the release of the FM22. But since I'm not planning to buy a new version this year, I guess I will have more than enough time to finish this challenge. KRC Genk | Competitions | Team | Transfers | Season 2024/25 (5th Season) Season Review: After the end of the previous season with Panathinaikos, I decided it was time to leave Greece and change the league to proceed to the 3rd Stage of this challenge. After the Euro 2024 was finished (btw, the winner was Spain), there was a chain of manager jobs change. Most of the interesting jobs were open in Portugal and Belgium. Soon after I have sent the applications to the clubs the KRC Genk came to me and offered me a 2-year contract. Without much hesitation, I took the job and I can say that it was a really good decision to come to Belgium. We have won the league 4 points above our fierce rival Club Brugge. To make it even better we have won the Belgian cup against them as well. Before my arrival, the club lifted also a trophy for the Belgian super cup, so this season was some of the best in the history of the KRC Genk. We competed fairly well also in the Champions League, where we finished 2nd in the group D with Real Madrid, Lazio, and Benfica. We got eliminated in the 1st knockout round against very strong FC Porto. Best performer and best scorer: The best player this season was the Norwegian midfielder Kristian Thorstvedt. With 8 goals and 10 assists, he was a very important part of the double-winning team. The best team goalscorer was Ivorian Konan N'Dri. He scored 19 goals in all competitions and I hope that he can get even better in the upcoming seasons. Overview: After winning the double I'm one league title away from Stage 4 of the challenge. I think at this point will be hard to win the Champions League with KRC Genk, but you never know what the new season will bring. For sure we will again go with a full attack for the league trophy...
  2. @JarheadFM you was right, after some time off from the FM21 I continued playing the game yesterday and I got a new job for the stage 3 challenge. I won't reveal the club yet, but I'm happy with the option I got as it suits my playing style perfectly. I will post the update for the season 5 at the end of the week.
  3. Panathinaikos FC | Competitions | Team | Transfers | Season 2023/24 (4th Season) Season Review: Olympiakos was too strong for us in the previous season, therefore, I wanted to bring in some youngsters with good potential to strengthen our team and give a good fight to our big rival. The season outcome was better than we expected and we have won the Greek Super League comfortably already four rounds before the final match of the season. This was the first league title for Panathinaikos FC after the year 2010! Our cup run this season wasn't good at all as we got eliminated already in the 6th round against Volos. In two matches we had 55 shots on goal but scoring only 2 of them was not enough to go to the next round. After winning two consecutive cups this elimination was quite frustrating for me. We played also in the Europa League after we got eliminated by Benfica in the 3rd qualifying round of the Champions League. We finished 1st in our group and with a win against Wolves we played in the quarter-final against Roma. They were a better team in both games so we didn't deserve to get anything more than to get eliminated. Best performer and best scorer: The best player this season was the young loanee from Manchester United, Jamie Walder. He was instrumental from the Mezzala position in the midfield and he deservedly won the Greek foreign player of the season award. The best goalscorer with 26 goals in all competitions was Kevin Cannavò. The Italian will join the team on a permanent basis so he will be a good addition to the team for the upcoming seasons. Overview: After winning the league I finished the 2nd Stage of this challenge as well. I will try to find a new club in one of the other 3/3.5 star leagues in case that some interesting position will be available. Otherwise, I will stick with Panathinaikos also for the next season.
  4. @JarheadFM congrats, impressive career and a nice journey Did you maybe think to have a hall of fame for this challenge as some other challenges do? Later today I will also post an update on my career.
  5. Panathinaikos FC | Competitions | Team | Transfers | Season 2022/23 (3rd Season) Season Review: Since I won the cup in the last season and thus completed the Stage 1 challenge, I searched for a new club with a higher reputation. Panathinaikos has conveniently sacked their manager at the end of the season, so I have applied for the open job. They offered me a contract and I have accepted it with open hands. I am managing the club I defeated with Panetolikos in the last cup final - what a coincidence. We finished the season in 2nd place as Olympiakos was too strong to be dethroned already in this campaign. We had a good season, but too many draws have cost us being more close to them. Nevertheless, we outplayed them in the cup final with the goal in the 96' minute by Federico Macheda which saw us winning the Greek Cup for two consecutive seasons. We were also playing in the Europa Conference League but got eliminated by Atalanta already in the 4th qualification round. Best performer and best young player: The best player this season was veteran and former Man Utd wonderkid Federico Macheda. He was the leading spearhead in our attack and with him netting the 22 goals throughout the entire season he was also the team's top goalscorer. The best young player was his fellow partner in the attack Jess Henriksen. The free transfer has netted impressive 13 goals in his first senior season. The future is bright for this young lad. Overview: For the next season, we will need to add some more squad quality in order to be able to compete with strong Olympiakos. I'm really enjoying it at Panathinaikos and I would like to stay here for at least a couple of seasons more.
  6. Panetolikos FC | Competitions | Team | Transfers | Season 2021/22 (2nd Season) Season Review: Again we had a very good season as we even surpassed the achievement from the last season with 3rd place in the league competition. We played in the Europa Conference League as well finishing 2nd in our Group with Leverkusen, Astana, and Lokomotivi Tbilisi. We beat Servette in the 1st knockout round before we were eliminated from the competition in the 2nd knockout round against Aberdeen. The cream of the crop was the Greek Cup final against Panathinaikos. We beat them comfortably with the result of 3:0. This is the first major trophy for the Panetolikos club. With winning the cup I accomplished the Stage 1 challenge. Best performer and best young player: The best player in this season was our mid-season signing Diego Raposo. Stunning player and with Model Citizen personality good role model for the young players. The best young player was also our top goalscorer - Vincenzo Della Pietra. The free signing netted 23 goals in all competitions this season which is also a club record. Overview: The first part of the journey is completed. We will have to see if any of the big boys will want to change the manager. Otherwise, we will stick at the Panetolikos for the next season waiting for the job opportunities to appear.
  7. Panetolikos FC | Table | Championship Group | Transfers | Season 2020/21 (1st Season) Season Review: We performed above all expectations and finished our first season in 4th place that is a record high for the club. The Greek Super League splits into two groups after the first 26 games. We were sitting safely in 4th place after these 26 games and we continued to play well also in the Championship Group. To finish the league on 4th is a real overachievement for the club such as Panetolikos. I won the manager of the year award as well. We finished our Cup run in the 3rd Round against AEK. The game was lost in extra time with a goal from AEK in 116. minute. Best performer and best young player: Our best player was 34 years old Portuguese veteran Hélder Barbosa. Although he's not getting any younger, he's still on a high level for the Greek league and he definitely has one more season in his legs. The best young player was Apostolos Konstantopoulos, a towering CB with great potential for the future improvements. We will need to rebuild our squad for the next season and bring some refreshments into the team. Most of the first team players in in the latest 20' or even older than 30 years so we are already planning to bring in some young fresh legs to give us some extra push for the seasons to come. Overview:
  8. My main save every year was almost always the classic Journeyman - no reputation unemployed manager to CL winner. On FM20 I wanted to do something different, so I have put my toes into the YA Challenge. But since I'm playing on the Touch version of the game this Challenge wasn't feasible to be finished on FMT because the number of the youth player income is simply too low to be competitive on the higher levels. I wanted to do Journeyman save again on FMT21 with start after the winter transfer update. When I saw this challenge I knew this is it. So friends, please welcome a new Weird Man on his journey to become the new Ernst Happel. The journey begins in Greece at the Panetolikos, a football club predicted to finish the season in 11th place.
  9. I'm starting from scratch, because my previous Sedan Ardennes save got corrupted and thus I couldn't play anymore. I see that @Armeniar is doing fine with them so I decided to start my save somewhere else. This time around I'm starting in Greece with one of the most important and well-supported clubs in northern Greece - Panserraikos FC. I'm again playing on the Touch version of the game. Manager profile: BTW: Congrats @Cheez3y! Simply amazing
  10. Dear friends, I couldn't hold myself back anymore. Last year I got so addicted to this challenge that I need to start with it also on FM21. Same as last year, I will play on the Touch version of the game as I think you get a higher number of the youth players on FMT21 than on FMT20. I hope that it will be a bit easier to get better players in this version, and consequently, I will have a better chance to come at least close to completing the challenge. After checking all of your updates, I didn't see too many France saves so I decided to start my journey in France. I picked the football club that has played already in the Ligue 1 not so many years ago - CS Sedan Ardennes.
  11. @Marc Vaughan, any news when the update 12.0.4 will be released for Android?
  12. I can speak for myself that I like the more streamlined gameplay since I simply don't have the time for all the details the full-fat version is offering. You must take into consideration, that not all of us have hundreds of free hours to play the FM, so the FMT is allowing us to play the game with all the important aspects of football management (tactic, transfers, team building) without putting hundreds of hours into the gameplay. And that's more than enough for me personally.
  13. I wonder how are you guys setting up the staff responsibilities to get optimal set-up and not too many tasks by yourself? Are you attending all press conferences or you just send the AM to take them? I'm coming from FM Touch world so there is a lot of novelty for me so I would appreciate some nice tips from professionals over here.
  14. I wonder guys, how are you handling the training for your first and youth team? Are the schedules handled by your assistants or are you planning them by yourself? I'm comming from the 'Touch' world so this is completely new for me, therefore, it would be nice to get some tips and tricks from you.
  15. Last year I was also attempting my first YA Challange save but I think I was the only one to give it a go on the Touch version of the game. As it appeared the 'Touch' isn't very suited to this Challenge as you only get a few players from the youth income each season. I become so addicted to this challenge that I will probably buy a full-fat version this year and thus break the only FMT buying streak from 2017 onward. Damn you!
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