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  1. I have tracked down save from first season: Serbia - Final Phase mistake 1.season.fm It's before last game of the season, and just after previous one.
  2. Kindly disregard my last post, this is still an issue. Second placed club had an early fixture and thats why the championship was decided.
  3. Okay, this received an unexpected twist. Last day before final match of competition i've received news of becoming the champion. It still needs some tuning, but luckily it was only delayed for couple of days. Maybe FA sent it via post mail?
  4. Hello, I've come across couple of issues concerning Superleague. First issue: 5 games before Preliminary phase ends I received news for title chasers, with their schedules etc. Title is decided after Final phase (points and league splitting) so no such news should exist in this stage. Second issue: Final phase group table is sorted according to final position in Preliminary phase. After achieving 1. place in Preliminary phase and with 3 points ahead of second placed club in Final phase group, game still doesn't recognize league champions. I've even received a message for team meeting concerning title deciding match before last round of competition.
  5. Hi Guys, I'm having trouble changing the default GK kit on tactics overview. Just can't find where is effect for that kit stored. I've extracted graphics.fmf, found the effect picture, removed it and recreated the whole thing but still no success. If anyone has any clue about it, please let me know. Most appreciated
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