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  1. I'm 4 seasons in on my save and my gk has always finished the matches he's started.
  2. I can't comment on FM21 as I've stuck with Fm20, but in all the versions I've played I cannot recall a goalkeeper getting sent off or injured during a match. Consequently I never name a gk on the bench. Does it ever happen?
  3. I know @Carlitos86had trouble with low capacity stadia being chosen on his euro files. I recall seeing finals being played with capacity under 10k! Looking forward to this. I'm glad you're still working on it and not given up 👍
  4. How are you finding the allocation of the stadiums to the finals? Are there any ridulously low capacity grounds hosting these? Have you set the Uefa Cup to be a 2 legged affair like it used to be?
  5. Having looked through your list I dug out an old subbuteo team from around 1980. On the back of the box is the World Cup qualifying groups for the World Cup in Spain in 1982. There's some nations on there that have changed names or don't exist anymore. Pretty confident I won't be seeing Macao in your file @Wolf_pd 🤓. So looking forward to the final product. 👍👍
  6. And also , just had a flashback, can any old school llamas explain the term "Brody is a poof"?
  7. Right, I'm getting the taste back for FM20 now Christmas is out of the way. Reading this thread has reignited the desire to play with the attributes hidden. I've gone back to using the Shrewnaldo skin. I would prefer to use the TCS v1.5 skin but I simply cannot for the life of me replicate what the shrewnaldo skin has done. For the record, in my Newry save, I am currently 5th in the NI Premiership after 5 games. (W2 D1 L2 GD-1 Pts 7), and in all cups (none played yet). All that with Attributes visible. So, I shall now see how I fair without visible attributes. My only guide will be scout
  8. Thanks @Junkhead. I am currently playing as Newry City and am a few games in to my first season in the Premiership and fully expecting a relegation battle. I play as and when time permits so my progress can be a bit of a plod. This is the reason I am sticking with fm20 because I find I never really get a long long career going due to new versions coming out. Anyway, I have stuck with this save and I did actually begin to document it in the FMS forum, ( https://community.sigames.com/forums/topic/516837-from-mid-ulster-obscurity-to-mid-table-mediocrityprobably/ if you're interested! ). I did mos
  9. I've been away from these forums for a few months, maybe longer, and have just skimmed through the first and last pages of this thread. Can I add my thoughts? I have always played the Llama way ever since discovering the forum after playing 01/02. I did stick strictly with no editors, however I have dabbled with the lower league additions but did give up after a while due to instability issues. 1980s style European competitions are a great use of the editor, but I do miss the dynamic league reputation changes as that doesn't work with these files. So I am not using it in my current s
  10. Not a problem @Carlito85, I followed your instructions to fix the file. Thanks 👍
  11. Hi @Carlito85, I've had a few months away from FM, and have just taken a few minutes to check out some threads. I know you put instructions up of how to fix file 30, but to save me doing that 😉, did you amend the file yourself so as it's ready for download?
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