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  1. Really? Amazing. What a shame. So the only way to test it is set up a holiday save then I guess. Alot longer to do but the only way by the looks of it.
  2. @Wolf_pddid you ever discover why the add/remove league option does not work with your files?
  3. I too am struggling to see my test results for continental cup competition levels. After I run the test the test results do not appear on the left hand side. Please can someone tell me where I am going wrong?
  4. I'll have a good look about the editor this evening. I've had 2 nights of euros watching so back to fm this evening. Thanks for the detailed suggestions @L55DS I'll let you know what happens.
  5. Yes, I was thinking the same thing. I think the editor could do with a bit of an overhaul in terms of being user friendly. It has done my head in today!
  6. Just took some headache tablets! I had seen your file before and looked at it again. This time I pretty much copied what you had done, and made Ireland as the next year for the European Cup. Unfortunately it is using Thomond Park in Limerick (ID 15016744), for the next venue. I have set the seating capacity and minimum capacity to 50,000. This stadium holds 28,500. I just don't get it. Thomond Park is not associated to any team, but can play continental matches including the club world cup! Out of interest I looked up Limerick FC, and they play at Markets Field (ID 52077077). Under
  7. Hi folks, I have a headache! @Wolf_pdhas reignited a flame inside me to get the old school European competitions into my game. I have downloaded the Fm20 uefa revival by @Carlito85 and am amending his file 49. So far, I have successfully removed replays and changed who qualifies for the uefa super cup to replicate the 80s. What I'm not happy with is the allocation of the stadiums for the European Cup final, European Super Cup, and the European Cup Winners' Cup final. I have sorted out the uefa Cup final to be 2 legs and at each home ground of the teams involved. In testing I a
  8. Hi @Wolf_pd, have you discovered if it is possible to reactivate the 'Add / Remove Leagues' function with your files? I have done some digging in the editor and have no clue why it is greyed out in the game.
  9. Thanks @Wolf_pd, unfortunately I don't have a super computer to run the game how I'd like to
  10. I didn't know this to be the case, and it may well be with edited databases, but the add/remove feature is not accessible. You can remove leagues that you have started with, but you cannot add any leagues or divisions. This is a real shame and maybe it is something that is hardcoded within the confines of the game? I usually play with 10 leagues or so and change them every now and then. In doing this I accepted I was losing the foreign rules that @Wolf_pdhad created but I am keen to use the old style European club tournament formats. But this has screwed that idea up. The only way to pla
  11. Just looking at those badges I had an immediate flashback to the 1980s when I must have had the Bulgarian national team badge for my sticker album. Google produced this image. Memories...
  12. Yeah I see what's happened now. In La Liga Barcelona did the double and Alaves lost to them in the Cup. They finished low down in the league and consequently got no European football the next season. Real Madrid (2nd) were put into the Cup Winners' Cup, and Seville (6th) got into the UEFA Cup. Another reason to hate UEFA
  13. I know you advised not to, but I am running this holiday save test with 2 additional files by @majesticeternity . They are the Realistic Weather, and the Smarter AI files. I was guessing they wouldn't conflict with your files. I avoided the Local Derbies file, and the languages file, as I guess with the new countries in your file it would cause a conflict. Out of interest did you integrate either of those last two files in your work? Also 2 seasons of holidays has not thrown up any crashes with the 2 files I used in addition to yours.
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