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  1. \'Appy \'Ammer

    [FM19][SKIN] Football Manager 2019 Base Skins

    I've lifted the highlighted text from my base skins folder from fm17 and dropped it into the base skin folder in fm19. It's making no difference. Is it possible to add the small stadium image to the club overview screen using a base skin, or is it only possible using custom skins? Am I looking at the wrong bit of xml, or maybe the wrong panels folder totally?
  2. With new update patches, there are often things that fixes certain issues in leagues that we are told requires a new game. I have one country loaded at present, but if I continue with the save, I will add other nations as I progress. Will the new fixes take place in the newly generated league, or do i really have to start a whole new game to see the changes?
  3. Ok, I've dabbled over the years with the editor. I know a little but don't know a lot. This is what I plan to do and I'd appreciate advice wether it is possible or if I'm dreaming. If I'm in the wrong part forum then feel free to move it. Looking only at Europe, I want to scrap the current way the European competitions work and how teams qualify for them. I want the league champions to qualify for a knockout European Cup. I then want the second placed team to qualify for a knockout UEFA Cup. And then I want to have a playoff for another UEFA Cup spot. The amount of teams in the European playoffs will depend on the size of the league. So an 18 or 20 team league will involve 4 teams in a semi final and final playoff. And a smaller league like say 12 teams would just involve a 2 team playoff final. I will also create a European Cup winners Cup. So that's the dream. I want to know the best way to go about this. Can I just rewrite the league format without scrapping the existing ones? Or if I have to create a brand new top league in a country can I keep elements of the old league (e.g. Disciplinary rules, squad rules). Also if it's the case that I have to create a new league is it possible to have the lower divisions that are already in the game to feed into the newly created leagues? (Eg promotion from the championship into the newly created English premier league). I have probably got a million more questions but I'm typing this quickly on my break at work, so it'll do for now 🙂 Any help or comments, as always, appreciated.
  4. \'Appy \'Ammer

    [FM19][SKIN] Football Manager 2019 Base Skins

    Thanks, but would you be able to tell me what xml to alter within the correct panel? The image from above is from fm15 I think.
  5. \'Appy \'Ammer

    [FM19][SKIN] Football Manager 2019 Base Skins

    I skipped FM18 and I understand things have changed slightly. Does the Base skin allow for the mini stadium image to appear in the stadium info panel? Or is there something I need to change to make it work? Here is an example of a mini stadium image from a previous version. Will all my images be useable in the correct location for FM19? Thanks for any help.
  6. I can hardly read the commentary as it's so damn small!!!!
  7. If I come across it again I will let you know. Just out of curiosity I holidayed to the end of the season to see what happened. Annagh stayed up by a point, and offered me a new contract, and not the sack as I thought would happen!
  8. Hi, I've fired up FM now I'm home from work just to see if I can replicate the answers I gave to the job interview from the first time. I remembered my responses and I've replicated the above problem. If you load the file titled " beta Unemployed pre annagh interview.fm ", and start the interview. I have numbered the response answer to give in each question (1 being the first option, 2 the next and so on). First the welcome question has only one option for a response so that is 1, then it goes 4,2,1,1,1,8,8. It's at this point where I get asked if I can achieve the playoffs or better as per the screen shots at the start of this topic. Over to you guys...
  9. That's strange and a shame you couldn't reproduce it. Really the answer options of keeping the club up, or steering well clear of relegation should have been there.
  10. I've loaded 2 files up, one before and one after. 1) beta Unemployed pre annagh interview.fm 2) beta Unemployed post annagh interview.fm Thanks
  11. I've come across my first job interview at lowly Annagh United in the 3rd tier of Northern Irish football. This question towards the end of the interview flummoxed me somewhat. However the playoffs consist of 2nd place only, and here is where Annagh are in the league... The league splits in two after 22 games, followed by a further 5 games. Total games played will be 27. Not even Pep Guardiola would expect to achieve a top 2 finish from this position! Alas, whatever option I choose I may well be judged as not achieving it and given the sack. There should be a more realistic response to give. I think the Chairman's view here is one he would have had at the start of the season, and there has been no amendment of this opinion half way through the season.
  12. I was leading on to say.. Do all your files of the Champions League include a group stage? I was really hoping to find an old fashioned 1980s version where the country's league winners go into a knockout European Cup, the next 2 or 3 teams in the league go into a knockout UEFA Cup competition, and the winners of the country's main cup competition go into the European Cup Winners' Cup competition. Does anything like this exist anywhere ? (FM17)
  13. After much fiddling and testing it was pleasing to see that the file I downloaded for N Ireland does work with your work @Carlito85