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  1. So...one last hurrah from me to see if I can get what I want fm19 to do. If I implement this into file 24, will this give me the winners of the previous year defending their crown , and thus allowing 2 teams from one country in to the competition the next season?
  2. I want to enlarge the commentary text in the bottom of the match screen. I managed to do it in FM17. Here a screen example from FM17: Can anyone tell me how to do it on FM19?
  3. I play 8 to 12 nations plus the nation I'm playing in. Generally all leagues in each nation I've chosen. The nation's I choose I base on the countries that reach the quarter finals of the Champions League and the Europa League. I use the add/remove league feature to change the nation's each year. I find this occasionally throws up a country I've not played in before. It's only when the nation is activated by myself that I give myself the opportunity to manage there. If they drop out I lose that opportunity until they reappear another time. I start with about 12 nations (the UK and Ireland, and then France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Holland, And Russia).
  4. @Carlito85 would it be possible for you to amend file 24 to allow the winners of the previous years competitions to defend their crown like you have done in files 25 to 32? Also did SI address some finals being played in ridiculously small grounds? Thanks very much if you can make that adjustment for me 👍🙏
  5. Hi Carlito85, did you ever get the winners of the competitions to enter the next season to defend their trophy? I noticed this fella has managed to do it... Are you able to replicate it in your files?
  6. No matter what version is out at the time, we will always think moments of the past was a golden era for the game. My kids always tell me I'm living in the past 😊. We cling on to the bits of the past that made us happy, forgetting the things that annoyed the hell out of us, and probably posted as such on these forums!!
  7. OK, I take it back. This ad fly freezes my firefox browser but works on internet explorer. Apologies
  8. Whatever it is it froze my screen and a dopey alarm going off all the time saying do not close the browser as I could be open to attack! I had to open task manager to close the browser. Couldn't download it because of this.
  9. @majesticeternity in reference to what I was talking about above, does your mod improve the way players and balls act in varying conditions, or is it just a cosmetic difference ie. In some areas there may be more rain visible but the actual gameplay remains the same?
  10. Sorry, just to be clear with what you said... Are you finding they appear to have no effect in FM19 before you applied this mod or after? (I've not played enough of FM for years to really notice, but I'm keen to get into this version once the last update is done, and I want to try and get the best experience without starting over and over. )
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