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  1. Why don't you simulate a season by going on holiday for a year. Time each simulation. I bet you there's not a great deal of difference.
  2. I had this problem with the beta, and am now getting it with the full game. Here is the link to my bug submission for the beta if you want to treat them as the same issue.
  3. See you SI! You've done it again. I wasn't gonna buy this year but I've waivered and changed my mind. Just bought it . It better be good 😉
  4. Whilst not exactly what the op is looking for, you could labourisly change things in the editor to represent the teams in the league's from your save. You could also add any staff /managers / players and create their attributes to what they were in your old game. I know it's not exactly the same but you would be able to see remnants of your old game world in a shiny new updated FM. Alot of work though !
  5. I find it somewhat disconcerting that 3d is not playing well on pc's that previously played well on fm19 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
  6. Not at all. That all depends on your PC's specs. If I loaded everything on my pc it would crash eventually. I also don't want to hang around for ages waiting for the game to process matches. Full Match just gives me more control and more enjoyment.
  7. I tried 'full match' playing fm17 and now I can't play any other way. I'm sticking with fm19 as progress is slow due to life in general getting in the way. I have recently tried 2d and key/comprehensive/extended highlights as many YouTubers do, but I just don't feel in control of things or I feel I'm missing out on something. A match takes me at least an hour. I play slightly faster than normal, and I have doubled the commentary bar size so my old eyes aren't squinting to read any important info the commentary can give that the 3d won't show. Playing full match really does give me great enjoyment. I tend to just play the one match in a single sitting at the pc, so progress is slow especially as I don't bother playing FM if I know I can't dedicate an hour or more to it on a match day. One more thing that's changing the way I approach the game is I now try and only use the polygon attribute graph to view and judge players. I find I'm playing players I may never have considered before as the numerical attributes would have put me off. My son plays FIFA and absolutely flies through the seasons. I am the complete opposite, and plod my way through like a tortoise through treacle!!!! But that's the way I like it now 😊
  8. Allow yourself to scout the ROI. It's only down the road. Closer for your scout to travel to Dundalk to watch a match than travel to Belfast!
  9. So...one last hurrah from me to see if I can get what I want fm19 to do. If I implement this into file 24, will this give me the winners of the previous year defending their crown , and thus allowing 2 teams from one country in to the competition the next season?
  10. I want to enlarge the commentary text in the bottom of the match screen. I managed to do it in FM17. Here a screen example from FM17: Can anyone tell me how to do it on FM19?
  11. I play 8 to 12 nations plus the nation I'm playing in. Generally all leagues in each nation I've chosen. The nation's I choose I base on the countries that reach the quarter finals of the Champions League and the Europa League. I use the add/remove league feature to change the nation's each year. I find this occasionally throws up a country I've not played in before. It's only when the nation is activated by myself that I give myself the opportunity to manage there. If they drop out I lose that opportunity until they reappear another time. I start with about 12 nations (the UK and Ireland, and then France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Holland, And Russia).
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