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  1. The editor needs a proper, fully explained, instruction manual.
  2. Not a problem @Carlito85, I followed your instructions to fix the file. Thanks 👍
  3. Hi @Carlito85, I've had a few months away from FM, and have just taken a few minutes to check out some threads. I know you put instructions up of how to fix file 30, but to save me doing that 😉, did you amend the file yourself so as it's ready for download?
  4. Yes @Rob Heckman, I have. I've uploaded 3 saves for you. 1. newry city before match board reserving judgement 04 sep 21.fm Here, the club vision is reserving judgement on my league performance. This is directly before the match against Institute. 2. newry city after match board pleased on course for top half finish 04 sep 21.fm This is directly after the match, where the board are now pleased I'm on course for a top half finish. 3. newry city after unhappy board 06 sep 21.fm After continuing the game for a couple more days this message appears, where the board
  5. I came across this news item today... And yet I have never been in the Danske Bank Premier League. That is the division above. Last year's target was to make the playoffs. I missed out by 2 places but was offered a new contract for this year. 2 days before this was in my inbox... And this is the current club vision... All very odd. Must be a bug, surely?
  6. I have noticed today that I can no longer view another club's history (any of the options in that tab). Here is an example: That is using the Fusion DB skin but the problem happens with any skin including the original SI ones. Strangely I can view the history of the teams in my division but not anywhere else in the world. This was never the case before. Is it a bug?
  7. The doc is right @Wolf_pd . Take your time and take it easy, and you'll recover well I'm sure. Good Luck matey
  8. I am also getting this, but only when using TCS skin 1.5. It's strange, and I'm not sure why it's doing it. It definitely slows the game down when I click tabs to go to different screens.
  9. Sorry @wkdsoul, I'm not understanding what to do here. Forgive me for being dumb :-) This is the xml from tactics set piece takers picking panel.xml <panel> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="all" apply_to_children="true" inset="0" /> <container class="vertical_split_container" starting_layout="-5, -3" save_default_state="true" min_width_left="525" min_width_right="425"> <widget class="team_squad_panel" id="tesq" file="tactics/team squad set piece views" /> <container id="titl">
  10. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction @wkdsoul I managed to sort this screen out with tactics set pieces panel match.xml and tactics set pieces panel.xml However I am struggling to find the right xml file to change the sceen below: I've used the resource archiver tool and these are in panels tactics. Am i looking at the right ones?
  11. Thanks for the new way of playing. Adds another challenge and dimension. Where can I find the files to remove these attributes on these screens? :
  12. How can I remove the attributes in the player screen so i see coloured boxes instead of attribute numbers? I can't manage it so far, not sure what files to amend / add ( I was looking at this thread):
  13. Also... how can i reduce the size of these boxes in both the nations and the clubs? (this is in the club overview screen)
  14. Hi, Enjoying the skin. I use 110% zoom, and have been adjusting a few things. How do I change the height of the info in the blue bars here. I want to drop the top one and the bottom one down a little. I managed to do this on the clubs but cannot find how to do it on the nations.
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