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  1. This is happening all the time with me at the moment. I've recently bought the game and it is ruining things for me
  2. Thanks @Wolf_pdfor looking at this. I tried your suggestion but every time I test the competition the 'is extinct' button unticked itself! So I tried doing it by not testing in the editor after saving, but it is still present in a holiday game. I seem stuck with this tournament in this ugly format. Thankfully it's only every 4 years after 2021.
  3. I've tried both! I naively thought I could rebuild the tournament by simply going into advanced rules and deactivate the new 4 year tournament, and keep the old 1 year one going. But then I read one of your posts in another thread that the editor 'cleans' the competition. So my easy fix wasn't so easy. So the I tried just to make them both inactive to get rid of them but that's where I also cannot verify the file, which has stumped me. I have found a file on steam earlier that I am dissecting in the editor to see what this person did to see if that can help me do what I originally wanted to do. (Sorry I've gone on a bit!)...To answer your question above if I set the Club World Cup is inactive how do I verifiy the file?
  4. Nope, I've been fiddling about, adding teams, and hosts, and 'getting qualified teams', but whatever I do I can never test the rules as per the screenshot above.
  5. Since originally posting this thread I found this thread: This maybe where my problem lies for creating the competition, but puzzled as to why I cannot verify the file after just making the competition inactive
  6. I'm trying to deactivate the fifa club world club. I have ticked the inactive field. However I cannot verify my file. How can I do this, or is it not even possible? I have posted a couple of other times so please forgive the repetition. I was planning on keeping the old tournament but couldn't verify my file so thought deactivating it would do but still got verifying problem. Would love some help on this if possible.
  7. I've read some comments and then jumped to the end. To many of the ones against the whole concept of women's football, I say this. Just wait until some of you are old enough and lucky enough to have a daughter. To watch them grow up playing and enjoying football. To be lucky enough to see them play in their country's top league and go on to train with the national team at under 19 level. Then you may appreciate that football truly is for all. Embrace it. My daughter gives as good as she gets, and has had many battles in her younger years just to play with the boys due to lack of girls teams. Don't play it if you don't want to, but don't dismiss it either. I'm sure SI will show the same tenacity as my daughter has, and ignore the haters, and give this emerging market a chance.
  8. Right I am clearly Thicky McThickerson... I am grappling with the FIFA Club World Cup and I cannot verify my file. After watching a youtube video on how to edit the champions league, here is what I have done: I assigned the club world cup to Chile, and followed the youtube instructions to get to the advanced rules. Once there, I see the game has a 2018 version and a 2021 version. The 2021 version is utter crud so I have made that inactive. I then removed the flag in the 2018 version that would have stopped the competition in 2020, so it should continue. I removed the nation from the competition and saved my file. Now I cannot test the file to verify it. When I try I get this message. Can anyone help me out?
  9. Hi The new fifa club world cup is ruining my enjoyment of my edited European competitions file. If I follow the instructions above (at the beginning of this thread), can I change the fifa club world cup format back to how it was originally (before 2021)? I don't like the new format where it plays every 4 years using 24 teams. I want to go back to the 7 team format. And if I can do that can I incorporate them into my current edited file of European competitions, or does that have to be treated separately (ie load 2 edt files at the start of a new career save setup)? Thanks in advance for any help and direction.
  10. I've been working on a file for Fm20 that was originally written by @Carlito85, that was then amended by @palmamiguel92. So this is in effect a 3rd generation file! The competition format is how the European competitions were in the 1980s. I've amended the UEFA Super Cup finalists to be what it used to be: the winners of the European Cup v the winners of the European Cup Winners' Cup, and made the UEFA Cup final to be 2 legs as it used to be. I renamed all first round ties as qualifying rounds and then the big prize money kicks in in the first round. I also staggered the rounds out so that the legs are 2 weeks apart to replicate how things used to be. One thing I have done which doesn't replicate real life is brought in away goals for 90 mins only. If still level after that then there is extra time and penalties. This can easily be amended back using the editor. I have played about with the finances. I've made sure the ECWC is seen as the 2nd competition to the EC by ensuring prize money is more than the UEFA Cup but less than the EC. The only thing I can't do is guarantee the correct stadia for finals. Some finals are using low capacity grounds. I originally followed @Wolf_pd's iron curtain file to try fix the countries being used over a 20 year period. That works, but the stadium choices still aren't right. I'm still fiddling about with that and currently removed it so fm picking the host nations. Still not satisfied with that but not convinced the editor works properly with this. Another thing I am trying to get my head around is the new format of the fifa club world Cup. It changes in 2021 to a 24 team tournament, but I can't find concrete qualification rules yet. Plus it will run every 4 years. I only noticed this recently. I've had this particular file run for 60 years holiday mode with no crashes, so I'm happy with it. So it is possible what you are trying to achieve. Bugs in the editor could be the cause of some of my problems. As things just aren't as straight forward as I would have thought they would be. Feel free to ask for a copy of the file but as stated the original work was not mine. I've merely spent alot of time amending things to suit me.
  11. Really? Amazing. What a shame. So the only way to test it is set up a holiday save then I guess. Alot longer to do but the only way by the looks of it.
  12. @Wolf_pddid you ever discover why the add/remove league option does not work with your files?
  13. I too am struggling to see my test results for continental cup competition levels. After I run the test the test results do not appear on the left hand side. Please can someone tell me where I am going wrong?
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