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  1. I'm playing on this edition of FM 2020 since 20.2.3 version, from the beginning I had installed FM on SSD M2, I paly on FM 2.2.4 yesterday morning and save game loading time was ok for me but after the patch 2.3.0 loading time is incressed.
  2. For me actually Stalker V1 works best which disappeared from the first page.
  3. I have a problem because in my club I have 6 players, 3 of those play 2 matches and for next 2 matches I set other 3 and I am doing it over and over again all of these 6 player have a status "rotation" and in player info windows I have information that's all of this six player wants play often in the first squad and this is annoying me so what I can do with this? In FM 13, 14 and 15 I used this same method but with 4-5 sometimes 6 players, and all of them It had always the status "first team" and everything it was fine and I've never had such a problem. P.S Sorry for my english.
  4. I also always have steam in online mode but my score is still that same even as I win match :/
  5. Online mode? You mean that you have always steam in online mode or I must on this in game preferance?
  6. In previous season I won championship in Poland Ekstraklasa and now I start third season and I stil have that same score as before. So my question is how often leadersboards is updated? Sorry for my bad english.
  7. 1.Player Statistic window Left foot Golas/Shot attempts Right foot Golas/Shot attempts Head shot's Goals/Shot attempts Free Kick's Goals/Shot attempts Corner's Crosses succeeded Attempted 2. Club Information Window Dynamic fierce rivals and other rivals. For Example Real Madrid often paly in Champions league with Olimpique Lyon in Group or first konockout round and his fixtures is loses or draw or winns 1:0/2:1 so when this two teams often meet together then Real Madrid have new Rival.
  8. Super Database But i have a question Do you release Legends Database for FM 2011?
  9. A wonderful addition but I would like also to a facepack
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