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  1. @JoeLapiraCongratulations on making it to the leader board. Hopefully you can make quick progress to the hall now. Your reputation should have shot up. Hopefully you can win both the Euro Championship and Confed Cup with Italy.
  2. @numero uno gunnerInternational management is certainly a bit of a tightrope, but this was particularly harsh. Hope you can get a job with one of those teams. I'm continuing with my Ultimate save while waiting for the new version, and my Nigeria side stand a good chance in the ACON, but first I have to get through the CHAN and World Cup without getting sacked. The CHAN is particularly risky because I have no good domestic based players, and I was expected to get to the semi. I reached the quarter-finals and luckily that was enough.
  3. @dkouv Congratulations. Achieving this challenge is a great achievement. At least, I think so because it's completely beyond me. I hope that you will try the Ultimate Challenge. I think that the 2 challenges complement each other. One can achieve the Ultimate Challenge (eventually) through sheer perseverance, but to achieve this one you have to be able to actually get the best out of your team tactically. I've given up on this Youth Challenge as it was pretty clear that we were going to get relegated, and thus I wouldn't achieve the challenge before FM17 (or indeed 18 or 19). Copying you and downloading the instant results skin meant that I was sort of oblivious to things going south until it was too late. I'm sure that the instant results thing doesn't change the results as such, but if I manage the matches myself, at least I can make sensible substitutions and try to turn things round. It's a pity because my assistant was a model citizen, and I've never had one of those in FM. Ok, he was a manager and not a player, but I hoped from more from him; specifically that I could leave him to manage the team while I got on with my golf swing. Anyway, I look forward to seeing how a man (I presume) of your talents gets on with the Ultimate Challenge, presumably when the new version comes out.
  4. @numero uno gunner Don't want to worry you, but are you going to have a problem with the scheduling for the 2 tournaments and have to use your B team for the Gold Cup? Anyway, well done on your latest baubles and good luck for the summer. What does your short list for South African clubs comprise of? Big 2, big 4 (whoever they would be), big howevermany? Incidentally, if anybody can explain to me how to insert tables into post 2 for the Hall of Fame, please do so.
  5. Vikeologist's Piacenza 2030/31 Report Not a good season. We were in danger of relegation going into the last match of the season, 1 point and 1 place above the relegation zone. We were actually only in the relegation places for 1 week late in the season, but always in danger. Frankly, the less said about the campaign itself, the better. @dkouv I followed your lead and downloaded a skin that allows for instant results. In my case though it wasn’t that winning had become boring. It was that losing had become agonizing to watch, and also because I want to see how far I can get before FM17 comes out. Who knows? If I’m in the Champions League by that point I may continue. However, it seems more likely that I’ll be in Serie B instead. Off the pitch things are going well. With all the money coming in the board are happy to improve all the facilities and expand the stadium a little bit. We only lost 1 player to Man Utd because of a minimum release clause, a youngster who had replaced club (and my challenge) legend Flaccadori in the attacking midfielder role. The Flack had an even worse season than last year with a sub-7 average rating, so losing the youngster hurt. He’s 29 now, and it may be time to drop him and play 2 strikers instead of one. Flaccadori is one of only 2 even half decent attacking midfielders left, and I’m frantically trying to re-train the other to be a central midfielder. Because we have an abundance of promising young strikers. If you look at the top 2 players from the last 3 intakes, 4 of them have been strikers, and we were fairly well stocked before. The frustrating thing, and I mean hair pulling out, teeth grinding, screaming and being put into a mental hospital frustrating, is that I really need a central midfielder, and we haven’t had a decent one for a long, long time. An untagged player has turned out to be quite good, but our midfield is perilously thin on the ground, and a few injuries could mean that we have a stinking cesspit in the mid of our first team. It doesn’t smell too fragrant as it is. Maybe the lack of central midfielders was because of the preferred formation of my DoF, so I replaced him with a 442-loving model professional. Top Goalscorer – Gledi Hoti (YP10b) - 13. My lone striker in the first team (and one of about 20 in the squad) Hoti was regressing again until I bought in a couple of fist team coaches with good working with youngsters stats. To be honest I hadn't worried about the attribute for first team coaches, though of course I realised that it was important for the youth team coaches. However, bringing in 2 new coaches with high WwY did the trick. lesson learned. Now he just needs to improve on the pitch, or I need to give up on him and throw in 1 or 2 of the hot prospects. As I say, I'm going to use 2 strikers next season, so he may hold on to 1 of those places for the time being. Top Average Rating – Giulio Fava (YP7d) 7.26. For all my complaints, Fava is actually one of my central midfielders, and the 2nd best one. Fave got a high rating I think because he takes the set pieces which probably artificially bumps up his rating. I mean, it's not actually a particularly good average rating. last year's player in this slot, the right back had an average of only 0.01 less. It's not that these players are doing better. It's that The Flack can't cut it in Serie A. Man of the Match - Samuele Tonon (YP5a)-3 Here's the thing. We play 38 league matches, plus a few more cup games, so the average MoM for the team should be just below 2. This is pretty pathetic. For what it's worth Tonon is a leftback who wants to leave, and if we get a decent offer I'll let him. We've had quite a few left backs come through the youth intake in recent years. Season Division Position Notes 16/17 C/A 13th Avoided relegation playout because of better head-to-head record with team in 14th. 17/18 C/A 11th 2 seasons without relegation. I'm getting into whole new territory here folks. 18/19 C/A 9th Qualified for the Copa Italia next season 19/20 C/A 4th Promoted via penalties in playoff final 20/21 B 22nd Rock bottom 21/22 C/A 3rd Lost in Playoff Q/F 22/23 C/A 1st 23/24 B 16th 24/25 B 9th 25/26 B 13th 26/27 B 16th Quit the challenge for a while after picking up 2 points in 9 matches at the end of the season 27/28 B 6th Lost in playoff final 28/29 B 2nd Won promotion on last day of the season by beating team above us in 2nd place. 29/30 A 14th A season of two halves, and the second ensured our safety. 30/31 A 16th Avoided relegation in last match of the season.
  6. My interpretation of what Neil Brock has said is that there won't be any leagues added. It's based on the popularity of leagues, average attendances etc, and though I've made a case for some African nations for exactly the reason you've said, I think that SI feel that the add-ons available have that side of things covered. On the other hand, if they were going to add leagues, they wouldn't announce it in the forum. It will be part of the marketing push for the new version of the game. Do we think there's a danger that there will actually be one less league? Might they have to exclude Brazil because of licensing problems? As someone who hates the 4,375 match seasons in Brazil, I personally wouldn't miss it that much in the challenge. Anyway, no-one else has raised the possibility. Just my imagination. @TheEarl What realistic language settings do you want? The nationality thing is tricky because I think people will often want their manager to reflect their reality; as do I with my 2 nationalities. @JoeLapira Glad you're going to carry on with the challenge. Fact is that it can take a while. Took me about 15 months, and I play a lot. I plan to start the challenge on FM17 as soon as the beta comes out in the hopes of doing it before FM18, but the danger is always that the beta will have challenge-killing bugs, It has to be said that there were absolutely no challenge-killing bugs in FM16, just the fact that the challenge was a lot more difficult to complete than on FM15.
  7. Given the teaser for FM17, it looks as though there won't be any changes which will hugely affect the challenge. It does look though as though there will be more options for designing your manager at the start of the game. With that in mind, there's a change to the rules I'd like to suggest. At the moment I'd like to suggest that we're allowed to allocate the stats wherever we like, and in FM17 have any kind of manager personality / approach, or whatever options there will be. When the challenge started, the rules stated that every manager had to be identical, but I think it will be more fun to allow challengers to 'design' their manager. At the moment we have a sort of Solomon cutting the baby in half compromise allowing limited distribution of points, but abandoning this restriction completely will make the challenge more interesting, though I confess I have no idea what distribution of attributes would make the challenge easier. It might prompt interesting debate and decisions. The argument against might be that if we make the wrong initial choice, it could hamper us throughout the challenge, but I don't think it would. Focussing on coaching stats might help us in the initial stages with smaller teams; the mental stats might help us get new jobs. I suspect that adaptability might be a useful thing. Any opinions? n1g - Last 16 again?
  8. Vikeologist's Piacenza 2029/30 Report I thought we were cast-iron certainties for relegation, and indeed that seemed to be the way it was going for the first half of the season. We won our second league game; the second victory didn’t arrive until mid-December. However we gradually improved and secured safety with 2 matches to go. Roma and Udinese were mired in the relegation area all season, and I thought that we were going to have the chance and privilege of relegating Roma in our penultimate match, but Udinese beat us to the punch by winning their match the day before. I made a few changes to staff, and along with improving our youth facilities, received our first good youth intake for many seasons. I tagged (and signed) 9 players instead of the 3 or 4 that have been worthy for the last few seasons. My a youth was yet another striker. The better youth facilities mean better current ability for the intake so the striker in question immediately leapfrogged the last few intakes’ hot things and became our backup striker. Yet again, no good central midfielder, though I did keep one to make up the numbers. Still, you never know. A youngster did break into the first team in central midfield this season who wasn’t tagged 4 intakes ago. I’d given out new and modest contracts a year ago in Serie B as soon as we’d got promoted, so financially it was a very good season, but achieving safety did mean that I had to reward my guys with another set of new, and vastly more expensive, contracts. Whereas the top teams had a wage bill 40 times mine, maybe now it’s only 20. My best central defender only has a year left and his contract and won’t sign without his meagre minimum fee release clause becoming ridiculously low, but hopefully he’ll drop it sometime in the next 12 months. From a personality manager aspect, my squad’s personality went from professional to highly professional which will help. I’ve secured one of the elusive ‘model citizens’ to be our Assistant Manager. If only one of our intake would have that personality. Top Goalscorer – Gledi Hoti (YP10b) - 14. Hoti actually regressed as a player this season, but hopefully he can start making progress again next season. It probably didn’t do his development much good being in a struggling first team. As you might expect he scored most of these goals in our more successful second half of the season. Top Average Rating – Michael Molossi (YP2e) 7.23. Obviously he’s not a new player. But this was his first season as an ever-present in the first team (right back). He didn’t disappoint. Man of the Match - Molossi – 7 Season Division Position Notes 16/17 C/A 13th Avoided relegation playout because of better head-to-head record with team in 14th. 17/18 C/A 11th 2 seasons without relegation. I'm getting into whole new territory here folks. 18/19 C/A 9th Qualified for the Copa Italia next season 19/20 C/A 4th Promoted via penalties in playoff final 20/21 B 22nd Rock bottom 21/22 C/A 3rd Lost in Playoff Q/F 22/23 C/A 1st 23/24 B 16th 24/25 B 9th 25/26 B 13th 26/27 B 16th Quit the challenge for a while after picking up 2 points in 9 matches at the end of the season 27/28 B 6th Lost in playoff final 28/29 B 2nd Won promotion on last day of the season by beating team above us in 2nd place. 29/30 A 14th A season of two halves, and the second ensured our safety. The question is will I be able to finish this challenge before FM17 comes out, and the answer is no, but I'll see how close I get.
  9. There was a challenge like this about a year ago It has information for some of the other big Euro nations, so worth a read.
  10. If you mean, would it be against the rules to go on holiday, then no, it wouldn't be. I'd say that it would be in the spirit of the challenge to accept whatever results holidaying brought you, and not reload. I suspect that most if not all of us (currently doing the challenge) play every game, though at the end of the challenge when I was waiting for certain international jobs to crop up because I'd completed the club side of things, I think we had one manager who got through several seasons a day who claimed that he holidayed between matches and used a 'skin' that allowed instant results.
  11. Darren1983 - Making awesome progress. Do you intend to carry on this save when FM17 comes out. You should start winning eligible trophies any time soon. JoeL - Just 2 more trophies and you're on the leader board, which they can never take away from you. Looking forward to your next update. nikolast86 - Congrats on your success, especially the ACL. Do you have enough decent players for the CHAN. I'm usually tempted to use grey players rather than terrible real ones. That competition can be a real slap in the face. fadefaf - Hope that we will see you back for FM17. sidenote - We're all assuming of course that there won't be any challenge altering or destroying changes to FM17. Actually I'd like to see some major changes to the game, but I don't they'll change the way that the manager is 'created' or include any new leagues, which are the 2 obvious things that would reconfigure the challenge. n1g - Haven't heard from you for a while. Hope things are going ok, both in and out of game. You're so close now, but those final couple of laps can be agonising.
  12. Vikeologist's Piacenza 2026-9 Report 26/27 I quit the challenge for ages with 1 match to go after losing 5 games in a row. It felt as though I was banging my head against a wall. However I would really like to achieve this so I decided to give it one more go, dropping the tactics and formation that weren’t working. Top Goalscorer – Flavio Rinaldi YP9a – 13 goals. This probably accounts for our bad season. Not enough goals, and not being able to decide who to play up front; the tried, trusted and mediocre Fausto Di Gesù (YP0b) or the raw and promising Rinaldi. Frankly neither of them were the answer. Top Average Rating - Giordano Flaccadori (YP1b) 7.35. He’s my attacking midfielder and pretty much gets this every season, but again, if my best player gets a 7.35 average, that’s not good. I’d ideally like to play a 442 formation that has 2 strikers, but I have to use The Flack, so I’ve spent the challenge trying to decide whether I have just 1 player up front or in central midfield. Man of the Match - Pierluigi Amalfi (YP3b) / The Flack – 4 each. 27/28 – A good but inconsistent season (almost) ended on a high note as I squeezed into the playoffs and then went all the way to the final which Genoa won fairly comfortably. Top Goalscorer – Fausto Di Gesù (YP0b) – 14. Once again, the problems start up front. Top Average Rating - Giordano Flaccadori (YP1b) 7.51. I can just cut and paste this for ever, and just change the number. Man of the Match - The Flack – 5 28/29 – We were 1 of 4 dominant teams, but with only 2 automatic promotion places it went to the wire. With 4 matches to go, we were in 4th place, and 3 points behind Palermo in 2nd, but as we had to play Palermo and 3rd place Pescara, we had a chance as long as we won all 4 matches. That’s how it panned out, as luckily Palermo dropped 2 points before we played them in the final match of the season. A win and we were up, a draw or loss the playoffs. We scored an early goal and Palermo threw their entire team and the kitchen sink at us, but we held on for a 1-0 victory and booked our ticker for Serie A footie. Top Goalscorer – Gledi Hoti (YP10b) - 27. 19 years old, but I decided at the start of the season to go all in on Hoti. He set goalscoring records for the franchise which just goes to show how useless Di Gesu has been for us. Top Average Rating - Giordano Flaccadori (YP1b) 7.66. Return of The Flack. Man of the Match - The Flack – 7 So a few comments and observations about the challenge. · I’ve invested a lot of effort into being a Personality Manager, trying to mentor professionalism into the squad, and to an extent it’s worked. The squad personality is professional, but nearly all my players are just Fairly Professional, because their determination is below 15 and there’s almost nobody that can mentor it up. The youth intakes are frankly fairly undetermined and I’ve made a few adjustments to staff to try to rectify this. · My youth intakes are fairly bad, and even more frustratingly have contained no promising central midfielders for ages. My central midfield is the weak point of my team, and as much as I’m trying to retrain some of the attacking midfielders that come up, we basically have absolutely no one on the horizon. This season our top prospect, yet again, was a striker. We have lots of promising strikers, but I only use one in the first team, and as that’s the 19year old Hoti, they’re going to go to waste. Of my top 6 prospects (which includes Hoti) 3 of them are strikers. · I’m probably going to get absolutely stomped on in Serie A. Had I known we were going to get promoted I would have tried to get rid of the relegation release clauses and promotion wage bumps, but that may be harder to pull off now. However, our finances seem to be ok. We’ve even been able to improve our training and youth facilities the last couple of seasons, so hopefully I can afford the new contracts I will have to dish out now. · Our ground capacity is 21k+, but it says it’s only 11k+ for ‘normal’ matches. I guess I’ll find out what this means next season. None of our league matches were classified as sellouts. Season Division Position Notes 16/17 C/A 13th Avoided relegation playout because of better head-to-head record with team in 14th. 17/18 C/A 11th 2 seasons without relegation. I'm getting into whole new territory here folks. 18/19 C/A 9th Qualified for the Copa Italia next season 19/20 C/A 4th Promoted via penalties in playoff final 20/21 B 22nd Rock bottom 21/22 C/A 3rd Lost in Playoff Q/F 22/23 C/A 1st 23/24 B 16th 24/25 B 9th 25/26 B 13th 26/27 B 16th Quit the challenge for a while after picking up 2 points in 9 matches at the end of the season 27/28 B 6th Lost in playoff final 28/29 B 2nd Won promotion on last day of the season by beating team above us in 2nd place.
  13. Maybe you could tell her that you thought 'put the shed up' was an idiom, like 'park the bus'. Anyway it is an idiom now. It means to risk divorce by playing too much FM.
  14. Ooo, confident he will finish he is, although actually he said when he finishes his save, so that would encompass rage quit. I'm definitely interested in a summary. Honestly when most people finish the challenge they're so relieved / so mentally exhausted / so promising their wife that they're going to stop playing FM, that they don't do a very good final report. Check out the links on the page 1 hall of fame for evidence. (I think at least one of the links to the old thread doesn't work so well anymore). When you finish, even if you just post a short message saying that you've completed, your line in the hall of fame can link to a later post with a fuller overview of your journey. When / If I complete again which will be on FM17) I intend to have a challenge XI, but I'd love to see the things you've mentioned. I always think it's interesting to know the turning points in the challenge for better or worse. My FM16 challenge that started in China (Dalian) was completely derailed by quitting Dalian once I got them promoted. It's such a long challenge, but I feel as though success can be down to individual matches, especially in the early seasons. With the new forum format, I hope that if people offer helpful advice we will upvote it, though I'm really unsure what difference that makes.
  15. d1983 - Congrats on your start. May not seem a great start, but establishing yourself in the division is a good first step. I think you're right that quitting a second club would be a bad idea. It seems like some of us are getting a reputation as quitters, even when we're quitting because we've accomplished everything that we need to at our present club. When I say we of course, I mean all of you. I've won nothing that counts. Actually taking a break from this save. I'm so ready for FM17. collzy / nik86 - You think having only 1or 2 goalies is a problem. By the end of my save last year, I only had one Asian nation South Korea), and had to load the Australian and Chinese leagues and wait for the extra players to kick in. Making sure that you add enough players at the start of the save, especially in Asia, seems to be quite important. However I don't know when it would be too many extra players. Making sure that you will have access to managing the likes of Japan is pretty important though I think. n1g - I think the France / PSG problem is quite a fun part of the challenge. Do you wait for decades of the PSG manager to leave, or try to depose them with another club? Not fun for you though if you're holding out hope of the fastest finish. Yours will still be one of the great completions. As pretty much the slowest, I'd like to suggest that all completions are great, but you get my meaning. I think it unlikely that pug's completion will be beaten anytime soon, other than by obvious cheats. Of course, maybe in FM17, reputation and job acquisition will be easier, but I think it's more likely to be harder. On the other hand, FM17 might have new features or leagues will will dramatically alter the challenge.