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  1. @darren1983 Tough luck on the WC. Hope you'll get the Cop[a L:ib with Santos soon. Always glad to see your updates. Be interesting to see how many people start this challenge straight away on FM18, and to what extent the new features change things. I mean, they won't change the challenge itself, but it's possible that they'll make it harder, and it will be interesting how much insight we'll be able to get into a team's cohesiveness and social relationships before deciding whether or not to take over.
  2. @Watson156There used to be challenges like that. I remember an African Warriors one from South Africa about 8 years ago. That was for a full season, I think, but there've been even shorter term ones. It's a good idea, but these challenges have never really stuck in the past. Maybe that's because the people running them lost interest, as you need to come up with new challenges regularly, but I think that when the beta comes out, that might be an ideal time for short challenges as people are wary of bugs and trying to learn how to use the new features (and maybe find killer tactics). I might try one of the old challenges I like for the beta. If not the Steel challenge, then maybe the Keep it at close to home challenge I won;t be starting a new thread though, (just posting to the old thread), because I'm already running one challenge, so if anyone wants to be a challenge god they could start a new thread. If anybody does restart an old challenge, I think it's customary to acknowledge the initial creator. @GreyedOutMan I've been looking through old threads, and it's hilarious just how many threads just like this one there are, from almost 10 years afo wailing that the CSUE section is dying, but here we still are. On the other hand, have you seen how big some of the threads were 79 pages for a sort of sign up challenge Gundo's (original?) thread 157 pages. To put that in context the most popular threads now are Dafuge's at 30 pages and the Ultimate (which has been going for 2 years) at 57 pages, so there is some truth to the notion that this section has declined.
  3. dafuge's FM17 challenge

    Vikeologist's Folkestone Invicta 2021/22 End of Season / Playoffs Report Newly promoted to the Football League, I’d have been delighted if you’d told me at the start of the season that we’d be in the playoffs, but….. With 5 matches to go we were top of the table, albeit with lots of clubs close behind us. We then lost the last 5 matches of the season and plummeted to 7th and the final playoff spot. We’re a club in total freefall. Semi Final Leg 1 Semi Final Leg 2 Final (If applicable) Top Goalscorer – Sam Smith – 42. It was Sam’s 2nd season with the club, but he’d kind of underwhelmed in the conference, so I was reluctant to give him the money he was asking for to ‘stay with me’ full-time, but in the end he turned out to be very much worth it. Top Average Rating – Sam Smith 7.30 Maybe he’s ‘not the only one’ in the team, but it can seem like it sometimes. Man of the Match – Sam Smith – 10. Sam’s the first Folkestone player to ever win a man of the match. MVP – Let’s be honest ‘the writing’s on the wall’ for this one - Sam Smith Season Division Position Notes 18/19 VNL South 1st Promoted on last day of the season after opposition missed a 90th minute penalty 19/20 VNL National 3rd Lost in playoff final. 20/21 VNL National 1st League / FA Trophy double 21/22 League 2 7th Promoted via playoffs after losing last 5 matches of season and falling from 1st to 7th.
  4. @Cheekybananafm Actually @Earl and I have discussed integrating social media such as Facebook and YouTube with the challenges. The Giant Challenge is on Facebook. The Ultimate Challenge on Facebook is not THE ultimate challenge, nor even vaguely ultimaty. The thing is that all this social media is banned in China, and I've only recently starting circumventing it, (because this forum is also now unavailable in China), so I have no clue about western social media. I have 2 followers on twitter. I don't know them. I think they're aspiring Indian pop stars, so having problems shaping my message for my followers. There's definitely room for social media integration, and by room, I mean the opportunity to make money. I just need to think about how to do it.
  5. Just going to comment on the challenges, as the sign ups have different issues. These things are cyclical. The Dafuge thread will be red hot in a few weeks just before the beta comes out. The Ultimate challenge is usually fairly steady, but we've had lots of people complete it recently, which has meant that it's slowed down. Even this thread subject is cyclical I do agree that some of the other challenges (the small clubs to big clubs) could be merged, but I think that some of them are moderated. It would be good for the other continent ones to be merged, but actually they've been merged in the past, and the Africa / Americas / Asia merged thread didn't do so great, possibly because threads need to have some commonality. The Ultimate challenge can be a bit frustrating to do after a while, because it makes you have to manage the same clubs and in the same nations to a very great extent, but that 'been there, done that' aspect is actually what makes the thread itself work, because we can share the frustration of failing to win ACON after ACON, or Bayern or PSG winning the league season after season, but the manager won't leave; why won't he retire??? I think the new features could have a big effect on how easy it is to complete the youth challenge(s); either positive or negative, and should make those challenges interesting to read. There are some really good challenges that have died, which is a pity, such as the steel challenge The thing with challenges is that people complete them, and once they do, they sort of disappear. I think the Ultimate thread is great, and people like @Earl and @NormandyWept played a big part in the development of the challenge, including helping to shape the rules, but then they completed, though I appreciate Earl's ongoing contribution across all the threads. It's just the nature of challenge threads that they change and ebb and flow. Basically, it's always like this in early October. I presume this is what Trump was referring to with his calm before the storm comments, though I know he likes to keep his presence on this forum on the down low. I do think that it would be good at this time of year to try to invigorate the CSUE by having end of year awards. I can't kick that off though, because I have skin in the game by being the, let's say Supreme Deity, of one of the challenges. I also think it would be good for the new version if we restarted the records thread.
  6. Unless something big changes in the game, (namely competitions), we'll just continue this thread. I'm not sure there's any reason to start a new one. None of the new features so far change the challenge rules at all. It's not like the Dafuge thread where the eligible teams are different each year. We did two years ago, because the first year of the challenge we were establishing the rules, and the original thread was started by somebody who then basically disappeared, so a new thread allowed us to tidy things up. I'm not sure whether I'll be starting a new attempt on the beta. I was stung fairly badly this year doing that with all the bugs. Anyway I'm in the middle of another challenge which I may continue. @darren1983 Congrats on your success with Bayern. All that time with the red bull teams may have given you wings, but we don't count wings, just the naked torso of success.
  7. @Neil Brock Are the mental effects of cohesion temporary (as I imagine the match preparation to currently be) or does it result in actual attribute change?
  8. It looks as though this site is now banned in China, and can't be reached because of the Great Firewall. Thus in one fowl stroke you've lost 20% of your possible readership, and about 0.001% of your actual readership. A real pain in the arse, as though there are workarounds, I doubt I'll be able to view this site the same time as I'm playing the game (because of Steam), which will be a pain.
  9. The video was annoying; pathetic in fact, but really all it proves is that as amusing video creators, they make good game creators. If they paid someone external to come in and create it for them, that would be worrying from a judgement point of view, but as it appeared to be the work of an intern who'd be given 2 minutes and £2 to produce the video, let's assume that's what it was. This is the way they go about marketing; keep people in suspense, release very little in the way of hard info, and do things that create maximum attention while giving minimum hard facts. Yes, it's annoying, but it's the way they roll, and it doesn't actually affect the game. Bear in mind, it's not bad for them to annoy us all with their marketing, as long as we're paying attention. Treat us mean, keep us keen.
  10. I agree with you. I think they're the big 2. Obviously there are variations of the youth challenge, and the San Marino has that extra difficulty, and this challenge is itself just one version of the hexagon challenge or whatever it's called, with the giant challenge obviously being extra ultimaty, but each of the two (types of) challenge requires different skills. Unfortunately I just don't think I can complete the youth challenge. I would guess at the moment that FM18 (with the dynamic side of things) is going to affect the youth challenges more than this one, but then again it could really make it more important to choose your jobs carefully in FM18. It's horrible, but I think of the dafuge challenge as being easy, which is fine, except that I've associated easy with being able to do it quickly, which really isn't the same thing. It's a pity that you're still comparatively early on in this challenge, with the new game coming out, but of course once you start winning one of the big 5 leagues, things can progress very quickly. If you do continue, you will be assured of an audience here, whereas in 3 weeks time the people reading my dafuge 17 thread will just be me. I might claim on this thread that I've found important bugs and put in links to my dafuge progress. My voice will be heard.
  11. @darren1983 Been looking through an old dafuge thread, and it's funny to see so few familiar names, but you were there. Out of curiosity, did you ever complete the dafuge challenge? I realise that I may be putting my foot in it here. A bit depressing to see that I've basically been making the same supposedly funny posts for 7 years now. I think I'm just going to start recycling them. I know this is all off topic, but I quite like the idea of keeping the dafuge thread as the second most popular one because I'm discussing it in ours. I hope I come across the post by the bloke that claimed he'd completed a challenge shortly after posting on social media a quickly deleted post that he'd lost the champions league final.
  12. dafuge's FM17 challenge

    Vikeologist's Folkestone Invicta 2020/21 End of SeasonReport We won the league. Much of the time it seemed as though we were trying not to, piling up draw after draw and allowing the team behind us to catch up. With 5 matches to go we were 7 points clear, but picking up only 3 more points we limped over the line most unconvincingly. 87 points from 46 matches probably wouldn’t win the league most seasons, but obviously I don’t care too much how we did it. We also won the FA trophy to complete the non-league double. Big changes are ahead. We’ll need to put extra seats in and go professional. Our facilities are terrible and the staff team tiny. This is now 4 promotions in 6 seasons, and we’re completely out of our depth. I just hope it’s not possible in the game for us to be refused entry to the football league like Dover were years ago. I think we’re going to need to take out quite a meaty loan. Up to now money has been a constant issue, and we’ve only survived because of our cup runs and back to back Wembley appearances. Top Goalscorer – Jack Dyche – 25. Jack’s a shadow striker so his goals were pretty vital. 8 of them were penalties, but I’m sure I’m not the only one who appreciates someone who can convert 100% of penalties. Our top scorer / MVP from the first 2 seasons, Sho-Silva, was a bit player this time around, and only got games when our strike force was wiped out with injuries mid-way through the season and our lead in the league evaporated. Top Average Rating – Jordan Thorniley 7.12. There’s not many time when 7.12 is the best rating for the league champions. We were very lucky dogs that everybody else was even more mediocre than us this season. Man of the Match – 4 players – 4 MVP – Jack Dyche Season Division Position Notes 18/19 VNL South 1st Promoted on last day of the season after opposition missed a 90th minute penalty 19/20 VNL National 3rd Lost in playoff final. 20/21 VNL National 1st League / FA Trophy double
  13. @pug 407 Congratulations on setting a record that won't be beaten for a while. I have some questions which really have nothing to do with your completion. 1. What is that Chinese archway on your sort of Newcastle background? Is that a real photo. I was in Newcastle recently and we passed the ground in a taxi, but I didn't see that. The Chinese text is a bit weird. Do you know what it says? I'm sort of presuming that someone has photoshopped the arch in. In fact it can't be real because the arch must be a mirror image. I've just wasted far too much time trying to make sense of it, and trying to figure out why the picture looked so wrong. The fact that there's a whopping big Chinese monument outside the ground didn't itself look strange. One day there'll be a Chinese arch outside every club owned by China; which will be all of them. they're probably not called arches, but I don't know the English word. 2. How did you get your attributes that high? I don't think my working with youngsters ever goes up, even if I'm doing a youth challenge. Attributes are a complete mystery to me. @Agent Welcome to the challenge. Good to see someone doing the challenge on Touch, or whatever it's called at the moment. If your 'Touch' experience means that anything has to be changed in the initial rules, please let me know as I haven't even got Touch installed, so know nothing about it. @darren1983 Glad you seem to be enjoying your time at RBL more. Like I always say, football clubs are like girlfriends. Nobody good wants me so I might as well just implement an under 23 policy and make the most of it.
  14. @darren1983 Sometimes clubs are like bad girlfriends. There's plenty more fish in the sea, but if you so stay, I hope you get your whale.
  15. dafuge's FM17 challenge

    Vikeologist's Folkestone Invicta 2019/20 Playoffs Report Reached the playoffs in my first season in the National league, which I’m pleased with, not least because it might bring in some extra money. When I started this challenge I thought I might have a shot at getting promoted every season, but it's a lot more difficult when you're actually trying to do it, especially with a fairly small team like Folkestone who are now going for their 4th promotion in 5 years; (1 real life, 1 game generated, 1 me generated and now this playoff). Let’s see what happens as I write it up as we go. Just getting to the final would probably be a big boost financially, and we need the money. Semi Final Leg 1 Semi Final Leg 2 Final (If applicable) Squad League Table Transfers Top Goalscorer – Tobi Sho-Silva – 31. Sounds pretty good, but this was from 56 matches. My AssMan sees him as my 4th best striker at the moment, but he stayed in the team because he kept scoring at least fairly regularly, whereas the guys I brought in, not so much. Still one goal every 145 minutes is meeting rather than exceeding expectations. Top Average Rating – Sho-Silva 7.23 (Players have to start 10 games for these end of season awards, but an on-loan striker, Okeke, notched 7.34 from 10 appearances, including 4 as a sub, and I'm going to try to sign him permanently. Not at all sure he'll be interested.) Man of the Match – Sho-Silva - 9 MVP - Sho-Silva Progress