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  1. Good news. I survived the change of forum. Bad news, the Hall of Fame didn't fare so well. Hope it's going to be fairly easy to reconstruct it.
  2. Might as well respond to the last few posts before the switch-over. After all, for all i know, the new forum may be banned in China, so this may be my goodbye. jt8604 - Welcome to the challenge. Hope your promotion aspirations transpire. n1g- You are in with a chance of the quickest finish to the challenge, although I'm not sure that will matter to you, and indeed I probably shouldn't even discuss it because I wouldn't want to attract the kind of person who reloads to ensure they are the quickest finisher. That's not what the challenge should be about. It's easy to say that because it's becoming clear that I'm not going to finish by 2037. I'm 8 seasons in and I haven't won anything (other than the CHAN). Anyway, has there been a turning point in this challenge for you? I can see your dliema with the Confed Cup. If you take over a Euro side you could win 2 trophies in 2 years, and maybe pick up one of the other 2 in 2031. That gives you a great chance of completing by 2035, and possibly even completing internationally by 2033. On the other hand, if you leave Colombia your first shot at the Confed Cup will be when you eventually win the Euro Championship and you could spend years trying to win trophies you already have just to get a ticket for the Confed Cup. I've always felt that this was the nightmare scenario for Ultimate Managers, although so far everybody has won the Confed Cup fairly early on. I actually don't remember winning it, although I sure as hell remember my best in the universe by a country light year Holland losing in the final. Awful. Still haunts me. Anyway, if you stay with Colombia, you remove any chance of completing by 2035. I think that would be (almost) impossible because you're not going to be able to win the ACON / Asian Cup in 2031 and then get a job for the Euros the following year. It will be difficult if you leave of course, but mathematically possible. siepe - Welcoe to the challenge. Yeah, on the latest update, i don't think it's possible to get a fist job (of any sort) in league 1, so congrats on the Olympics. I started in league 1 myself (and am still with the club) but that was on 16.1 or 16.2. Good luck avoiding relegation. It's never occurred to me that you need to have simpler instructions in the lower leagues. The players are rubbish, but not necessarily stupid, though to be fair, most top footballers are pretty stupid, and I'm basing my opinion on the fact that I was told that by the chief executive of a Premier League side. (They're in league 1 now, and nor is he still the managing director, so maybe it wsn't just the players who were stupid. Incidentally, I am a Bradford City fan, but this was a different side). Anyway, hopefully I'll still be here in a couple of days time. If not, i'm back in the UK next week, and I'll sort something out for this thread.
  3. Vikeologist's 2023/24 Southend and Saudi Arabia Report Another 15th place, and only 5 more points, although this time we survived far more comfortably. I am trying to leave Southend, honestly. It’s just that I’m not prepared to manage any club that will take me as a manager. At this point I am very tempted just to stay with Southend. In a year’s time we will have a new stadium; only 25k capacity, but that will still be about 66% more than now. So what went wrong this season? I brought in quite a few new players who upgraded things, without losing any of our starters to transfers or old age. One problem was our back-up strikers, both of whom I purchased at the start of the season. Andoni Santamaria was a bargain 425k for his 2.5 stars and potential. Alberto Tenconi had been on loan from Inter the previous season. He’d only played in 10 games because he hadn’t scored any goals so I decided to blood some of my youngsters. However, when he became available on a free, I jumped at the chance to add someone with that much pedigree. Although Faour and Hepburn-Murphy were our unquestioned starters, Santamaria and Tenconi still notched up 42 matches between them including 17 starts. And how many goals do they total in these 42 matches? None. Nada. Zilch. An egg. Needless to say, I’m open to offers for the 2 of them, and in the summer will be arriving another player, Alan Neill, who we had on loan from Liverpool for a couple of seasons. He was too young and raw to get many games, but he did at least score a couple of goals each season despite his limited opportunities. I am still applying for other jobs, but I think that next season could be a good one for Southend. Our mid-tably 2 seasons in the Premier League means that I’ve given a lot of opportunities to young players who are now pretty good. I nearly forgot the player mentions, but as it was exactly the same people as the previous season, it didn't take so long to add. Most goals – Rushian Hepburn- Murphy – 23 goals. In 23 games because he was injured a couple of times, so not so shabby. Average-Rating – Nicola Weiss 7.40. He has never asked to leave, but if he did, I'd want something in the region of £60 mill. Man of the Match – RH-M - 5. Actually, this one was different. This season Weiss for some reason wasn't MoM even once. On the international side of things, I took over Saudi Arabia in December 2023 when their previous manager retired. We picked up 4 points from out last 2 games of the WC Qualifiers 2nd round and had to settle for qualifying for the Final Group stage as one of the better 2nd place teams, but it does mean that we have now qualified for the Asian Cup. It’s not a great squad, but some of the players are very good, and there’s lots of promising youngsters who may blossom in time for the Asian Cup in 3 years. Season Team Position Notes Challenge Landmarks 15/16 Unemployed n/a I have my standards and I'm sticking to them 16/17 Southend (England League 1) 13th Yawn 17/18 Southend 13th Wake me up when tomorrow comes 18/19 Southend 8th Missed out on playoffs in final game of the season 19/20 Southend 1st English league 1 Champions. League cup semi-finalists 20/21 Southend 4th Lost Playoff final in extra time. League cup semi-finalists again 21/22 Southend 1st Won league by a country mile. FA Cup semi-finalists. 22/23 Southend 15th Lost final 6 matches and achieved safety in final game of the season (if being thrashed by one of the other relegation contenders counts as an achievement). 23/24 Southend 15th Year Team Achievements 2019-22 South Africa 2020 CHAN Champions. Eliminated in group stage of 2021 African CoN Qualified for 2022 World Cup Eliminated in group stage of 2022 World Cup. Quit to manage a better team in Ghana. 2022-23 Ghana Lost in World Cup 2nd round in my first match in charge Sacked after losing in Q/F of ACON - to South Africa! 2023- Saudi Arabia Qualified for Final group Stage of WC Qualifiers
  4. jcricky - congrats on the domestic cup. Pity about the U23. Winning even minor competitions can give your rep a real boost. Incidentally, not only is it ok to manage a side in the final, youi don't even need to manage a side in both legs of a 2-legged final. My memory is a bit hazy, but I think (in my completed challenge) that I won the Copa Libertadores in only my second match. The first was a league match. The second match was the second leg of the final. Bear in mind that I had applied for the job quite a while before. I once took over a Mexican side on the actual day of the second leg of the Mexican league final (The league champs are decided on a knock out basis). I refer you to the fact that I recently managed 2 different nations in the same World Cup. Of course this is massively unrealistic, and you may take pleasure in the fact that the second team was elimiated from the next ACON by the first team. 3L1G - Commiserations on the sacking. When selecting an international job, one can take the world ranking as a possible indicator of quality in the team, but it's also an indicator of what the baord may expect of you. It's so frustrating when you know you stand a chance of winning a competition, but there's so many things that can go wrong. I spend the months before an international competition warily viewing my inbox for major injuries. Anyway, even if you'd kept your job, you'd have had to wait 4 years for the next Asian Cup. you can't have been the only manager to lose their job. Haven't there been other jobs to apply for? Of course, you've already got the ACON, so any jobs there won't be any use. I have re-enetered the international arena in Asia myself, but with less than 4 years to wait. Hope you can achieve success with Lazio next season. d1983 - That's the thing about Africa. Once you only need the Champions League, the climax of your season is in the middle. ap - Good luck finding a more suitable job. Anyway, congratulations on avoiding relegation. I'm not sure if anybody in this challenge has ever actually been relegated. I'm mean, I'm sure a few have, because first jobs often involve digging a side out of relegation problems, but I don't think anyone has reported it.
  5. jcricky - Sorry to hear that. Glad you're starting again though, because I don't think attribute masking is a grey area. I think it's essential to a level playing field in the challenge. I don't want to have lots of rules in the challenge. Frankly, unneccessary restrictions used to annoy me in other challenges, but I guess we've ended up with a lot. Good luck getting at least some League 2 club (or attractive equivalent) in your restart. d1983 - Congrats on your first trophy. Hopefully the cup will enable you to get a better job in S Africa. The issue is knowing whether to quit Black Leopards to better your chances of getting that better job. I honestly don't know the answer, or whether taking the international job improves ort hinders your chances in that regard. The job acquisition side of the game is a total mystery to me. fadedaf - Fantastic progress. Clyde success clearly wasn't a fluke. we'll have to keep an eye on you, young paduan.
  6. Yes, the cup they are all in counts, but you can only count 1 cup from each nation towards your total. Hope you're asking the questions because you've won it. Which side has the tycoon? jcricky - Welcome to the challenge. Since 16.3 update I don't think that it's possible to start off with a league 1 side. I did it in my save, but I started on 16.1 or 16.2. Accrington Stanley should be a challenge, but how is Josh Windass doing for you? if John Coleman didn't sell him. IRL they got to the playoffs, but I'm not sure the game reflects that potential.
  7. It would be an ACON and Confederations Cup by 2025 if I was never to be knocked out of a cup that I hadn't won yet, but I'm not as lucky as that.
  8. Lobster- It's difficult to say exactly what level you can get a first job at. When the challenge started with FM15, it was possible to get a job in the top flight of S Africa or China for instance, but I believe if you're using 16.3 that's nop longer possible. To save you time, I don't believe it's possible to get a first job in S America anywhere. Possibly in Peru or the bottom Brazilian division, but I'm not convinced. I'd load quite a few nations up with all available divisions, and don't be in a hurry to get that first job. I waited a year for my job with Southend, and even that (getting a first job with a L1 side) seems to be impossible with 16.3. Being patient can save you a lot of time instead of taking a job at too low a level and having to grind your way up. The frustrating thing is that my ability to get jobs has taken a big hit in the last year. Tottenham laughed off my application, whereas a year ago I'd have got an interview. My reputation is quite high, and hasn't gone down since leaving Ghana, but I'm going to have problems getting a job i want. The thing is that I'm fairly sure I could help Southend win the Premier League eventually, but I want to get to 'the top' as quickly as possible and it's a calculation whether moving club will get me there quicker. Not winning the ACON was a big blow to my hopes of completing the challenge the quickest. First time i just wanted to complete it, but unless I make progress real soon I'll probably start again with FM17, assuming I'm able to buy the game in China.
  9. Vikeologist's 2022/23 Southend Report It was a record breaking season for Southend in our first premier league season. Worst discipline, goals conceded. I had hoped that we would qualify for Europe, but losing our first 5 matches was a wakeup call. We soon made our way out of the relegation places, but were never close to the top 6 places. It was a really boring season, with no possibility of either qualifying for Europe or relegation, so once we had been knocked out of both cups (by Championship sides frustratingly) I took the opportunity to blood some of my youngsters. Then at the end of the season we lost 5 matches back to back, and suddenly by the final match our 10-point margin of safety had come down to just 3, and we went into the final match of the season needing a point to be safe. Admittedly for us to be relegated the 4 sides below us would have all had to win, one of which was our opponents. We lost once again, badly, but luckily enough of the teams below us sucked one last time and we were safe. It’s hard to stress enough how much smaller Southend is than all the other clubs in the premier league. Our capacity is less than 13k, and even though the board are now building a 25k capacity stadium, that’s going to take 2 years. Really though, the season went badly because of my poor signings, particularly in defence. Most goals – Rushian Hepburn- Murphy – 21 goals. Not a bad first season in the top flight for RHM, and after just 3 and a bit seasons with the club he became the all-time leading league scorer. Average-Rating – Nicola Weiss 7.43. Probably the only player who had a good season. He’d been on loan from Liverpool the previous 2 seasons, but I was planning on not having him anymore. The he became available for 3.5million, and even though I was stacked in central midfield, I couldn’t not buy him at that price. Man of the Match – Nicola Weiss – 6. I didn’t take a new international job, because I thought it would improve my chances of getting a better club job, but maybe, as usual, I’ve been aiming too high. I now have a lot of top leagues loaded, including 3 Scandinavian nations and Greece. I’m not sure if even a top job in one of these leagues would be a step backwards, but I didn’t even get an interview when the Everton job was available. Season Team Position Notes Challenge Landmarks 15/16 Unemployed n/a I have my standards and I'm sticking to them 16/17 Southend (England League 1) 13th Yawn 17/18 Southend 13th Wake me up when tomorrow comes 18/19 Southend 8th Missed out on playoffs in final game of the season 19/20 Southend 1st English league 1 Champions. League cup semi-finalists 20/21 Southend 4th Lost Playoff final in extra time. League cup semi-finalists again 21/22 Southend 1st Won league by a country mile. FA Cup semi-finalists. 22/23 Southend 15th Lost final 6 matches and achieved safety in final game of the season (if being thrashed by on of the other relegation contenders counts as an achievement). Year Team Achievements 2019-22 South Africa 2020 CHAN Champions. Eliminated in group stage of 2021 African CoN Qualified for 2022 World Cup Eliminated in group stage of 2022 World Cup. Quit to manage a better team in Ghana. 2022-23 Ghana Lost in World Cup 2nd round Sacked after losing in Q/F of ACON - to South Africa. Challenge Progress Club 0/10 top domestic leagues 0/10 domestic cups 0/5 club continental championships 0/1 club world championship International 0/5 continental tournaments 0/2 world tournaments
  10. Vikeologist's 2023 Ghana ACON Report I was very optimistic going into this competition. We were the top ranked African team, and we had comfortably beaten all the teams ranked close to us in friendlies. The group stage was somewhat ominous. We qualified in 2nd place with a win and 2 draws. We came unstuck because we didn’thave enough central defenders. For the quarter-final against South Africa (who you must remember I left to manage Ghana because I didn’t think S Africa could win the tournament) out of the 4 central defenders I had selected, 2 were injured and 1 was suspended. One of my injured defenders was close enough to fitness to be selected, but he managed to get himself sent off, which meant thatI was playing a left back in his position. Predictably enough the match turnedinto a free for all. At one point we were 4-2 down, but manage to level the scores with only 10 men. I thought it was going to go to penalties, but S Africa scored the winner near the end of extra time. S Africa lost in the final, to Mali.It was a real lost opportunity. Winning the ACON would have transformed my challenge, and given me a real chance of completing quicker. I’m not suggesting I was unlucky. I caused my misfortune by not selecting enough players who could play in avariety of positions, and by telling the team to get stuck in. Had we qualified for the semi-final, the only central defender i'd have had available to me would have been the guy who was suspended for the quarter-final. The board sacked me, as they expected me to at least reach the final. Fair enough. I have applied to a couple of other top African nations that now find themselves managerless, but actually I think I may take a couple of years away from international management, as just having a club job will make it easier to get a toppish club job.
  11. Yes, all top divisions and cups where all the top league teams enter count. Well done.
  12. d1983 - Welcome to the challenge. Is it your first attempt? Anyway, great first season. DB08 - Congrats on promotion. Nice short seasons in Finland then.Keep meaning to manage in the Scandanavian leagues, and never get around to it, probably because I can't get jobs at the level I want at the start of this challenge. Fadefaf - No idea how to make your username sound like a droid from Star Wars. 2 seasons, 2 promotions probably merits the respect of being unabbreviated anyway. Are you tempted to quit Clyde, or committed to staying until you get a better job in situ? 3L1G - the thing about jamiaca is that they stand a (very good) chance of winning the caribbean Championship, which could have enhanced your reputation. On the other hand, not having an international job will definitely make it easier for you to get a new club job.
  13. Congratulations on promotion. Looked at your updates all at once, and the first few said you wre in the 1st division. I was confused as hell. I thought that maybe you hated Viktoria and wanted to make them an amateur non-league side. I get it now though. Did you have to tweek your tactics, or was it just the players who were different / better? Interesting that you won the league without Tobias Muller, or indeed anyone else, scoring a lot of goals. Muller is hardly a prolific scorer. I'm surprised you've kept faith with him. Is he the chairman's son or something?
  14. One thing I miss is that a few years ago there were threads that tied all the threads together, such as a records thread and an end of year awards. It would be nice to have a link between the different thread so that we are all part of one community, rather than just a lot of separate threads. I find it hard to keep up with all the threads though. It would be nice to be pointed towards particularly interesting careers. Of course, if I was that fussed, I could resurrect one or both of those threads. The records thread would be ok, because it maintains itself. It might be an idea to start that again. The CSE awards would be a lot of work though. Also, I think that you'd want someone to oversee it who didn't have skin in the game the way that I sort of do with the Ultimate Challenge. In a way, i don't know that the reduced number of people doing the marquee challenges is a problem, but it is a pity that some of the good recent challenges have died out. I guess you need at least 4 or 5 people actively doing a challenge and posting updates once a week to keep things going. Maybe the total number of people doing challenges just isn't enough.
  15. It's taken me a couple of days to update the first page due to travelling, but congrats to NuG on the world cup, and good to see a thread stallwart, 3L1G, make it onto the leaderboard.