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  1. I really like fm,Please official fix this serious bug

    Yes, the third bug is already in the correct place. I've clarified your message about the other 2 in the appropriate thread. So everything is reported. Now you just have to wait. They will investigate. @FrazT Maybe you could close this thread, and maybe all the other threads he's started apart from the 2 it needs to be in (the match engine and the asia competition).
  2. [Asia] (Official) Specific Issues

    So putting this into slightly better English (as he has explained what he means and I think I understand.) 1. The computer controlled teams are allowed to play an unlimited number of foreign players, whereas Chinese teams are not. 2. The Asian Champions League final is clashing with international fixtures.
  3. I really like fm,Please official fix this serious bug

    Ok, so this is the number of foreign players. So the 2 problems are 1. Champions league matches clash with (are at the same time as) international fixtures. 2. There should not be a limit on foreign players in Champions league matches, but there is. You could cut and paste this into the Asia league specific thread.
  4. I really like fm,Please official fix this serious bug

    You have put that problem in the correct place (Match engine). They will see it.
  5. I really like fm,Please official fix this serious bug

    I don't understand what you mean by foreign aid. Tell me in Chinese.
  6. Recently we've had a couple of users join with Chinese usernames, but it doesn't seem to be possible to address them using the @ function. Since most people on the forum can't use Chinese characters, would it be more helpful to insist that people use pinyin or roman alphabet usernames, (and the software to enforce that)? If people have to use English on the forum, perhaps this should expend to their usernames. As neither the game nor (afaik) the forum are (legally) available in China, this shouldn't be a common occurrence, but it would be helpful to be able to send them messages and address them directly.
  7. I really like fm,Please official fix this serious bug

    Yes. That comment was easy to understand and in the correct place. You have to be patient. I know it's frustrating, but I am a laowai, and you have to be patient with us. There are both cultural and language differences. If you tell them a problem once they will deal with it (eventually), and you can't make them do it faster with extra messages. If you treat SI and the moderators with a lot of respect, you will achieve better results.
  8. I really like fm,Please official fix this serious bug

    @超级足球狂热迷 Any bugs with the AFC should be posted to the thread above. Be patient. Sending lots of comments to the wrong places is not helpful. Sometimes problems are difficult to fix, but they do their best. (耐心点把大量的帖子送到错误的地方是适得其反的。有时候问题很难解决, 但他们会尽力而为。) Are these the 2 problems? 1. Champions league matches clash with (are at the same time as) international fixtures. 2. There should not be a limit on foreign players in Champions league matches, but there is. If I have described the problems correctly, you can cut and paste my descriptions. If you subscribe to the thread, you can see all the replies. It is interesting.
  9. @shirajzl Congrats on being the first FM18er to make it to the leader board. In fact, since it looks like the FM17 saves that were there are dormant, you have the board all to yourself. I guess that makes the challenge look a bit pathetic. (But there's no way I'm going to spend my entire life updating everybody's landmarks from the start). I hope @numero uno gunner is ok. It's always a little worrying when challenge stalwarts completely disappear. @Ronaldo Beckham Strange as it may sound, congrats on avoiding relegation. If your team was newly promoted, they'd have been rock bottom of the relegation table (average points from recent seasons). I wonder how close you came to relegation. I guess with nearly 2 points per match, not that close, but because teams may do badly the season after a successful campaign (and thus still have a decent average point ratio), being anywhere near the bottom would have been very dangerous. Anyway, you clearly rock, so no problem. You're all sickeningly good at FM. Don't get we wrong. #metoo, (at least FM17) but I do hope that any new people aren't put off by everybody's success. In fact we should celebrate sucking at the game, because it means that you stick around longer. I miss the early days when @NormandyWept and I battled away to see who could get sacked the most while doing the challenge. We were both well into double figures for the sacking challenge, and not far off triple figures for age by the time we finished. @crapplayers Don't be discouraged. your pain is our gain.
  10. Or get sacked. My experience with Jeonbuk suggests that it's all or nothing. I've only managed them once though, mind you. i once decided not to take a job with them because they sacked their manager for finishing 2nd (to me I think). I should have taken the job because the next year I finished 3rd (behind winners Jeonbuk, and if memory serves me correctly by the narrowest of margins), and I was sacked, without having won the Asian Champions League which severely elongated my challenge. It's all or nothing in S Korea, though of course FM18 may be different.
  11. @BigpoleWhat's the problem? Does the mod not work? Is there a problem with the instructions? Obviously his English isn't great. he knows that, but we can understand what he means. The kid's obviously put a lot of effort into this mod, and translating the post into English. Honestly, given how helpful you are to everyone else, this just strikes me as sinophobic and unnecessarily nasty.
  12. @pug 407I'd say that I've come down relatively heavily on the side of not liking FM18. @yugular Tough losing the league by a point, hopefully you can clean up next season. @blackdevil Good luck in the ACON @Cheekybananafm I was surprised by how many titles Union have won, having lived in Chile, but I guess maybe I lived there when they were in a slump. Got to say i found it really tough winning (or rather never winning) the Lib with a Chilean club, even though I was enormously dominant domestically, but hopefully you can do it. @burtur How's it going in Spain. With so many divisions, i was offered a few jobs, but they all really sucked. (You see Olot mired at the bottom of your league when you took over. That was one of the offered jobs.) That's where I've done my 1 season of FM18 Ultimate Manager, so maybe I'll go back there at some point. (Probably take me about 2 months to complete dafuge, and that's roughly how long it will probably take me to forget how much i hate FM18 or give it another try). I'm just hoping that once my promise to the board not to leave expires, i can find a job at a better club in Spain, because the end of the season was going to see the exodus of practically the entire Vikophobic squad).
  13. @blackdevil Congrats on your first season with Sao Paolo. One suspects next season may be easier. Have you played in Brazil before? You have a long season ahead. @pug 407 Welcome back. If you beat your record you'll have just about done this challenge 3 times quicker than I managed to do it once. When it comes to the big tournaments, half of me will be cheering you on, and half of you will be wishing you to experience the pain of us mere mortals. @shirajzl You'll be on the leader board in no time. Very impressive Asian Cup victory. @bigjack.se18 If you haven't played in S Africa before, hold on to your players as much as you can, because the Champions League registration deadlines are brutal. @Ronaldo Beckham I've travelled a few times on the long-distance coaches. Not sure it ever occurred to me that the club was named after the buses. I've never even heard of Garupá. It must be tiny. I expect I travelled through it at some point and didn't even notice. It drives me kind of nuts that a place that small can have a top division Argentine side, and my city of 6 million not even one semi-professional team.
  14. dafuge's FM17 challenge

    You have to holiday for a year and manage a newly promoted club, (not Poole). Have a look at the start of the thread.
  15. FM18 - Tour de Challenges

    Has anybody reached far in the Chinese stage? Starting with such a low reputation, I'd be quite surprised if anybody would survive every long without being sacked (regardless of results). I suppose it depends how the club is coded, but in real life they tend to have only world class managers, or as in the case of Cannavaro, world class footballers.