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  1. I only have 5% world knowledge. I'm not convinced that increasing this will necessarily help, but I have 2 empty scout slots, plus a chief scout that has no upside at all, and no scouts with good personalities wanting to join, so I may as well fill them up with some foreigners. I'd have to say though that my intakes are extremely international, even though most foreigners are born in Folkestone with a second nationality.
  2. Can't see any fallen giants in Argentina. Does reputation even play a part. Honestly don't know. What's his media handling?
  3. The ratings are based on the initial reports, with 'a' being, usually, the one who's singled out, and then in order of potential and then current ability, but I don't spend too much time worrying about it. Well, here's the report from when he arrived. He's Tre Mills. As you can see he had good CA. It's just that my HoYD only gave him 3.5 star potential. My HoYD is a Model Professional, but has no coaching , working with youngsters or Judging ability or potential ability, so I take his reports with a pinch of salt anyway. My best judging coach rates him now as
  4. I think you can just never tell with intakes. They can surprise you, although my current team is reasonably according to initial promise As - 4 B - 2 C- 1 D -1 E - 1 F - 1 J - 1 (I didn't even tag him when he first arrived, so honestly he could be anywhere from J to P or something). What are the breakdowns of others' all-regen teams?
  5. So, as regards this challenge, it's interesting that maybe the increases you get in work rate (from fining for poor performances) are more important than determination. I must admit, I tend to stop fining so much once I get to 15 for determination, so maybe it's work rate I should be paying for attention to. My squad personality is very determined. I've mentored a high level of professionalism in the squad. At least i think so. I wonder if the squad personality increases the attribute for just one thing (in my case determination) or all the dominant attributes. I hope I'm not blocking my
  6. Vikeologist's 2039/40 Folkestone Season Report So, you're not going to believe this ****. After 2 straight promotions and becoming a professional club, I was obviously a bit worried about relegation this season. I didn’t have to worry. We were near the top all season and with 4 matches to go we were placed immediately outside the playoff places, but with 4 really tough final matches. It did mean of course that our fate was very much in our hands, and after winning the first 3, we had not only secured a playoff spot, but were actually sitting in an automat
  7. Well, I am going to bring in a new Chief Scout, so any advice from y'all as to what might be useful would be appreciated. Same with Directors of Football. I do all the contracts to keep cpntrol of the purse-strings, so I'm not sure what use they are either (apart from personalities).
  8. But apart from variety, do they actually improve the youth recruitment. Are the intakes actually better? My intakes are very diverse, but my Chief Scout is Ivorian, and I'm not sure I've ever had an Ivorian come through, but obviously scouting range is a bonus, albeit a fairly small one I'd think. But once you have money, there's no harm hiring scouts.
  9. I mean, I have a chief scout, but he's not bringing anything to the table now that I have enough U18 coaches. I sometimes have them, along with DoFootball for the personalities, which I accept might not make any difference, which is why I don't hire any unless something wonderful is staring me in the face.
  10. Your performance analyst, if you have one, can do that. I think there are other potential reasons for scouts. Personality. Scouting range. If you're really short of coaches you can have your scout doing a secondary job, and it doesn't count against your totals, although don't expect much with them doing 2 jobs.
  11. Vikeologist's 19th Folkestone Intake Report (and 15th Intake Review) A good intake, I guess, but nobody that immediately excites me. Also, now we’re professional, signing these players is a lot more expensive. Shaun Clarke 19a – A right winger, and I could promote him straight to the sub’s bench as my backup in that position, so he could be useful. Andy Blackwell 19b – Another central defender who I feel is too short. YP15 Review Kwesi Nuhu-Accam 15a – Our starting left back, and has been pretty much since he appeared. One of our best pl
  12. I thought there were other shows regarded as worse, but the only one I could immediately think of was Dexter. They're thinking of doing a new series, maybe because people are still so angry about how it ended, but few people want a new series, because they'e still so .... The other one is How I met Your Mother. And Game of Thrones. It must be very stressful for showrunners feeling that reputation for their entire show, which may have run for 5 or 6 seasons, can be ruined if they get the landing wrong. I wonder which current shows, which are critically acclaimed , mig
  13. Asking for tips is fine, although you may get a difference of opinion on this question. I think generally you should only take international jobs where you have a chance of winning something. Managing small nations doesn't achieve anything, apart from making it more difficult to get a new club job. The exception is taking a short term junior international job early in the challenge, i.e. an U23 job for the Asian Games. However, do not do this unless you already have a club job. Generally the cons of international management heavily outweigh the pros, unless you're actually going
  14. I've never received a penny for a goalkeeper, even though many of them are now starters at the level I played in for 17 seasons. Hold on, that's not true. I've just checked and I received a £240 loan fee for one of my goalies. And £140 transfer fee for another. Still, I doubt that was the level of extra money you were envisaging.
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