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  1. @TheMadMonk Good luck in those countries. I might as well warn you that in FM16, getting a win on the board early didn't necessarily seem to help too much with getting a second job, if you left too early. I don't know whether things have changed in FM17. However, we do need 10 leagues and cups, and the big 5 in Europe and the other 4 continents totals 9 at most, so having that extra nation in your pocket is helpful. I certainly hope that I can get some Finnish silverware from my starting club. Hopefully things have been adjusted. Having won a league, even in a small nation, and the reputation it brings should help get a better job. The game will certainly be more 'fun' if we can get new jobs more easily. @Fadedaf Congratulations on promotion. I think that your progress in your first game, managing a Premier League club West Ham in about your 6th season was fantastic progress, and you're clearly killing it again. @Siepe1990 GL at Stevenage. Yet another manager who was making great progress in FM16. Hopefully that dry run will lead to completing in FM17. Be interesting to see who'll get on to the leader board on FM17 first. Pretty confident it won't be me, but I'm sort of enjoying Finland. Is anyone continuing their FM16 save? I hope @numero uno gunner is.
  2. @Kaiserwatman Oh, I'm so sorry I forgot you completed. That's why you weren't on the leaderboard. There's only been 7 people complete it, so I have no excuse for forgetting, but I was sure you'd got at least 10 trophies, and of course you had.
  3. Additionally there seems to be a thing where the game assumes that certain nationalities can speak extra languages. Not for English people. The game quite correctly seems to know that the chances of an English person speaking an extra language are next to zero, but other nationalities may need to pay attention. Mind you, if anyone does find that their manager can speak extra languages, it's not the end of the world. You don't need to restart the game. It may be that what the game gives you the game gives you.
  4. Vikeologist's 2016 Season Report Firstly, one thing I didn’t mention before is that I used the recently loosened guidelines to load up what few points I had at the start to give my manager as many points for adaptability as possible. I think that may be a useful attribute for this challenge, though there are a lot of different ways to go allocation-wise. I thought that I should point this out as some people might have missed that the guidelines have changed. Kaiserwatman has gone for the balanced and flat allocation, which may well be the best bet. I just wanted to reiterate that the guidelines are more flexible now. Anyway, as said before I took over with 10 games to go. I told the board that I could get the club into the top half of the table, but I didn’t realise that was pretty much mathematically impossible, even if I had won all 10 matches, which I certainly didn’t. I got off to a good start, but ended up with just 9 points from the 10 games, which basically is as bad as my predecessor had done. However it was more than enough to steer us away from relegation danger. Nonetheless we finished in 10th place (out of 12) which is where we started off. I’m a bit worried about how much better we’ll be next season. There’s lots of good players around, but I’m already way above my wage budget, so unless I can offload some of my dross, I can’t bring many people in, and I really need some new strikers. I have 2 good ones. One is 37 and the other wants to go to a bigger club, so I need a few new ones. Domestic Season Team Position Notes Challenge Landmarks 16/17 FC Lahti 10th Just 9 points from the remaining 10 matches International Year Team Achievements Challenge Progress Club 0/10 top domestic leagues 0/10 domestic cups 0/5 club continental championships 0/1 club world championship International 0/5 continental tournaments 0/2 world tournaments
  5. @Shankly84 So are you going to do this challenge or Gundo's? @Kaiserwatman For some reason I thought that you'd got on to the leaderboard in FM16. Anyway, I'm pretty certain that you did better than me. Over 2 saves I must have played nearly 20 seasons, and I didn't achieve a single challenge landmark. I almost did. In my final season with Southend we got to the League Cup Final. I think we lost to a goal in injury time, but I could be wrong. I'm quite keen to block out that final (now forever unfinished) season which I didn't enjoy, and which League Cup aside, was just awful. GL with the new save. @Siepe1990 - GL to you too. Looking forward to reading where you start up. If anybody spots any information important to the challenge, especially challenge-killing bugs, weird things in nations such as those discussed in post 3 or FM Touch things, please let me know.
  6. Vikeologist's Start of Challenge Report I had a couple of trial runs in South America and The UK to see what jobs I could get, but I decided ages ago to start in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland or Denmark. In almost 20 years playing FM, I have never managed in any of these countries. I believe I’m correct in calling these the Nordic countries. I’m not sure how good a first job one can get in these nations, but I was quite pleased to get a job in the Finnish top tier with FC Lahti. I guess this means there’s a fair chance that I will once again do the whole challenge in the top divisions without promotion. I do like me some promotions, but we’ll see how things pan out. I’m not sure that starting in a nation as low rep as Finland is the best move, but we will see. I’ve taken over with 10 games to go; 1 point and 1 place above the relegation playoff spot, so my first priority will be to avoid relegation. Domestic Season Team Position Notes Challenge Landmarks 16/17 FC Lahti Took over with 10 games left. International Year Team Achievements Challenge Progress Club 0/10 top domestic leagues 0/10 domestic cups 0/5 club continental championships 0/1 club world championship International 0/5 continental tournaments 0/2 world tournaments
  7. @Shankly84 Good luck. You should have no problems getting a newly promoted side in England to give you a job, if as you say it's available. No problems combining with one of those challenges, although I'd have thought that the objectives would diverge at some point. Mind you, if you achieve Gundo / Dafuge, then this will give you a nice extension save. I don't think that we need a new thread, so I suggest we keep posting here. It doesn't look as though there's anything at all different which would affect the challenge. We restarted it last year because we wanted to clarify some of the rules, and I wanted to have the first few posts available for hall of fame etc. The only concern is that 'old' threads encounter problems because of deleted posts, but I'm not aware of any problems at all with the new forum. Maybe a shiny new thread would encourage more people to start the challenge, but I don't think that's reason enough. I'm having a trial start in South America, and it still seems almost impossible to get any job at all there. Going to play until the new Peruvian league date to see if I can get a newly promoted side. Looking forward to seeing what kinds of jobs new starters can get, and whether there's any difference. I'm all in on this challenge now. Have a whole year to achieve it, (but will probably take longer).
  8. The experiences of people doing the Ultimate Football Manager challenge suggest that starting in Malaysia (and winning the league quickly as most who started there have done) hasn't helped get a better (second) job. In fact it seems as though the calibre of jobs they could get were actually lower than when they started. That might not be the case, but it certainly seems that the slight increase in reputation gained in Malaysia doesn't help the job hunt. In fact the fact that you would have stayed such a short time at your first club seems to more than offset the minimal reputation bump.
  9. You see, I don't think being frustrating is such a bad marketing strategy. I think the people in charge of marketing for this version may be doing a really smart job. I kind of hate them at the moment, but the success will come with sales; not satisfaction questionnaires filled out by the likes of us. Anyway 16 pages on this thread. Not bad from a marketing point of view.
  10. @numero uno gunner Glad to see you again. There's 2 eligible South African cups; the 2 where all the top division teams can enter. Names change occasionally, but usually called the FA Cup and the Knockout Cup. There's one, sometimes called the Super8 Cup, which is only for the top 8 teams and thus doesn't count. @jaysdailydose Happy that you're doing the challenge again. I bigged up your site a few posts above. @dkouv I'm not sure anyone is really certain how the job acquisition / reputation things correlate, but this is what I believe. Your success in India won't have an immediate effect on your ability to get a new job. Some people think that reputations need to 'catch up'. This is why starting in a nation such as India where you can win everything quickly could be counter-productive. I might be wrong of course. Anyway, I do think quitting a job quickly can also be counter-productive. The experiences of quite a few people who've done this challenge, including me, suggest that you might struggle to get a better job at this point. In fact you may even have to 'go backwards'. Obviously I hope I'm wrong, but if you stay unemployed for a long time waiting for the right job, you may never land it. That's not to say that the time in India was useless. You've got some trophies and it will help your reputation. Just be prepared to have to take another 'ground level' job; this time maybe in a bigger nation. As I say though, the correlation between reputation and attractiveness to employers is not completely predictable, or at least not to me, so good luck landing a big fish.
  11. Vikeologist's 2025-7 Southend Reports 25/26 Season I never wrote this season up, but I did write it off. I stopped this save a few months ago after a poor start to the season. When I restarted it didn’t get any better, probably thanks to my 41311 winger-less formation. It didn’t work in the youth challenge. It didn’t work in this challenge. It did work in my EEE Updates add-on with Folkestone, but that update itself didn’t work. Essentially I’ve wasted about half of FM16 on a tactic that I read about on a thread. For FM17 I won’t be deviating from 442. Unfortunately, due to having sold all my wingers, I had to wait until the end of ’25 (when we were hovering around the relegation places I think) to buy a couple. They were pretty good especially Bilal Ould-Chikh on the right wing, and we made steady progress up the table but only made it to 12th. 26/27 Season I splashed the cash, including bringing in another right winger on a free transfer making him our highest paid player, and probably the highest paid reserve in the league. I also spent £30 million on a central defender. I was worried all season that the attendant significant bumps in our wages was going to make us fail the FFP salary cap and cause us a 5 point penalty. I wish that SI could make the FFP predictions more intuitive, comprehensible, or indeed correct. In the end it looks as though we weren’t even close. Anyway, at the start of January we were in second, 1 place and 1 point behind leaders Chelsea, (and had spent most of the first half of the season actually in first place). I didn’t think we would hold on and actually win the league, but I was getting my hopes up of qualifying for the Champions League. However, our second half of the season was pretty terrible. Flukily, we went into the last game of the season with a mathematical chance of moving from 5th to 4th and nabbing a CL playoff spot, but I was pretty certain that Tottenham wouldn’t lose their match at home to allow that to happen. However near the end of the first half Tottenham did indeed go a goal down and were losing. The problem was - so were we. We overturned the deficit with 2 goals and immediately went into a 55000 formation to try to hold on. We did, and Tottenham lost 1-0, so we have finished 4th and squeaked into the CL playoffs with a points total and goal difference that would not have been enough in any previous Premier League season during my save. Another huge salary bump coming up over the summer. (Because I was trying to reduce our wages, we made a lot of money over the course of the season, so I have over 100 million to play with. Top Goalscorer - Zak Faour - 25. That figure may sound good, but given that 8 of the goals were in the FA Cup it's actually a little mamahuhu. Our best striker Kevein Lloyd was injured for the first part of the season, so Zak (who's been with us from the start) is a top candidate to be replaced this summer. Average Rating - Bilal Ould-Chikh 7.67. A good part of the success that's come in the last season and a half isn't the 442 tactic so much as the guy I brought in to play it. Man of the Match - Zak Faour - 7 Season Team Position Notes Challenge Landmarks 15/16 Unemployed n/a I have my standards and I'm sticking to them 16/17 Southend (England League 1) 13th Yawn 17/18 Southend 13th Wake me up when tomorrow comes 18/19 Southend 8th Missed out on playoffs in final game of the season 19/20 Southend 1st English league 1 Champions. League cup semi-finalists 20/21 Southend 4th Lost Playoff final in extra time. League cup semi-finalists again 21/22 Southend 1st Won league by a country mile. FA Cup semi-finalists. 22/23 Southend 15th Lost final 6 matches and achieved safety in final game of the season (if being thrashed by one of the other relegation contenders counts as an achievement). 23/24 Southend 15th Consistently inconsistent 24/25 Southend 8th The best team of the bad teams 25/26 Southend 12th Picked up save after bad start to season but had to wait until Winter Break to buy players and revert to trusted 442 tactics 26/27 Southend 4th Great first half of season. Terrible second half, but squeeked into Champions League with a come from behind win in final match of season. Year Team Achievements 2019-22 South Africa 2020 CHAN Champions. Eliminated in group stage of 2021 African CoN Qualified for 2022 World Cup Eliminated in group stage of 2022 World Cup. Quit to manage a better team in Ghana. 2022-23 Ghana Lost in World Cup 2nd round in my first match in charge Sacked after losing in Q/F of ACON - to South Africa! 2023-25 Saudi Arabia Qualified for Final group Stage of WC Qualifiers and won West Asia Football Federation Championship 2025-27 Nigeria Reached 2nd round of World Cup. Resigned after losing Q/F of ACON Challenge Progress Club 0/10 top domestic leagues 0/10 domestic cups 0/5 club continental championships 0/1 club world championship International 0/5 continental tournaments 0/2 world tournaments
  12. @dkouv Welcome to the challenge.
  13. That's a relief, Neil. Thanks.
  14. Yes, not able to edit it, but more importantly, not going to be able to edit the hall of fame, leader board or instructions for the challenge. I thought maybe it was just me, so I posted about it in the appropriate place. Sorted now, and I don't think it was my editing behaviour that made Neil Brock block it for a while, so those of me keen to find out how the ACON will go can follow along.
  15. Someone has said that we can only edit posts for a certain amount of time after the initial post. This will be a problem as I kind of oversee a challenge that has a leader board / hall of fame and thus needs regular updating. Plus I'm a perfectionist and tend to edit any post I ever make about 20 times until I'm more than 50% happy with it. (Never really gets much higher than 50%). In any case, in any forum where it's possible to initially lose one's temper and become uncivil to trolls and the like, I think an amount of do-over is only fair. I hope this is a bug, and not a newly introduced feature of the forum. If it is deliberate, please reconsider. Would have loved to edit / update my initial post to reduce the amount of your life you have to waste reading my post(s), but of course I can't.