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  1. Vikeologist's 2020/21 Chita Season Report A relatively stress-free season. With only 16 teams in the top division, and 4 of them falling into automatic or playoff relegation spots, one should never feel too safe. With 10 games to go we were pushing for an European slot, but so were all the 12 top ‘safe’ clubs. I think there was just 6 points between the teams in 2nd and 12th, and Spartak on top were still within catching distance for the clubs immediately behind them. The 4 clubs at the bottom looked doomed, (although the 3rd and 4th bottom teams do usually beat the 3rd and 4th placed teams from the division below in the playoff). However, as I say, you can never take anything for granted. One of the bottom teams, Samara, went on a terrific run of success and actually finished above us. We weren’t actually safe until the penultimate match, picking up just one victory in our last 10 matches, but we never really looked in trouble, although we did end up in 12th immediately above the relegation places. So, we threw away a good opportunity in the league, and also in the cup. We wreaked revenge on cup holders and this year’s league champs Spartak, which left us an easy potential route to the final, till we inexplicably lost heavily to poor lower division side Torpedo Moscow in the quarterfinal. Very frustrating. It was eventually won by the Samara team who had the amazing end of season great escape, so maybe now they’ll have the money to stop being perennial relegation fodder. Transfers – Only 1 loss, but it hurt. Bondarev was my best central midfielder, and the only tagged one. I wasn’t even given the chance to protest the transfer, but it did pay for further improvements to our training and youth facilities which are in the works. Our basic Youth Recruitment is really not good enough for a club of our stature, but as I’ve discussed, I’m not being given the option to improve it. (I do have the option of decreasing it even further which is crazy). Bug? Our Junior Coaching is now Excellent, but without better recruitment, there may be a limit to the potential abilities of our intakes. Finances – I thought they were ok, but the new facilities have reduced our balance to almost zero. I don’t think there’s any real problems though. Squad – Top Goalscorer – Razborov / Fomin – 14. Given that my 2 starting strikers played almost every match, this is not great. Fomin is supposed to be by far our best striker, and I’ve agreed to find a new club for him, though I’m probably lying. However, given that he’s showing no sign of being a prolific goalscorer, maybe losing him wouldn’t be the end of the world. 37 career goals in 116 appearances so far. Still, he’s only 18, so hopefully he and his strike rate can improve, if he stays. None of the up and coming strikers have exactly set the world on fire in their few limited chances yet. Best Average Rating Mikhail Prikhodko (YP3b) 7.14 My right back. A very good player. Man of Match – Fomin – 4 MVP – Prikhodko. He picked up a bad injury this season, and we missed him, although I do have a lot of other very promising players in that position, and it was good for them to get some playing time. Youth Intake – Only 4 players with the initial 5 star potential that determines tagging. 'Mickey' Borisov (YP5a) 3rd in the depth chart behind 2 other youth intakees, and hasn’t seen a single minute of first team action yet. Hopefully somebody will offer me a lot of money for one of these 3, because otherwise Mickey will probably just stagnate. Had to give him a nickname as I have 2 Borisov's. Dmitry Lazarev (YP5b). I was excited to welcome him to the squad. Fomin and Razborov are very similar types of players, short-arsed poachers, whereas Lazarev is a tall targetman, which I can see working very well with our wingback play. Instantly our number 3 striker, Dmitry saw 457 minutes of action without producing a single goal, and only 1 tackle. Early days though. Alexandr Mironov (YP5c) Praise the Lord, a central midfielder, though, frankly I need more than 1. He mostly saw time as a sub, but he will be featuring heavily next season. Vladimir Dmitriev (YP5d) Goalkeeper, and I suppose his development depends on whether our first choice keeper goes, and who wins the subsequent battle of the youths. First Team Intake Players Alexey Bedretdinov (YP3c) looks to have emerged from the pack to be our best central defender alongside our 28 year-old veteran Yarmolitskiy. Komissarov, Artem Nefedov and Ruslan Kirillov all weren’t tagged, but have potentially benefitted from getting extensive first team action in central midfield, because there was (almost) nobody else, but they’re still not actually all that good yet. Season Division Position Notes 16/7 National League 7th Missed out on playoffs with 2 points from our last 5 matches. 17/8 National League 14th Flirted with relegation all season, but it never got to see us naked. 18/9 National League 2nd Automatic promotion. 19/20 Championship 14th Avoided relegation in playoff. 20/21 Championship 12th Pushed for Europe until the final strait where we became a pushover.
  2. @Virtual Male I'm surprised you're losing money (even with the upgrades) given that you're appearing in the EL group stages. I guess one can end up massively over-paying players to make them stay. Do you feel that your team is getting better, or are you just hoping that the facilities improvements will eventually improve your squad? @XaW If only one could share the stories of your and my players to the players themselves to show them what a stupid idea leaving is going to be. I notice that your youth recruitment hasn't improved. Neither has mine, but I'm stuck at 'Basic'. Do we ever get the opportunity to improve it Also I don't seem to have the option of improving my Junior Coaching anymore, (though I was able to get it from Adequate to Average to Good early on). I guess it's tied to my club's reputation, but having got to the final of the cup last season, i'd have thought it would be better. Zenit (who are the top reputation club in Russia) only have average youth recruitment, which seems strange. I'm worried that without (much) better youth recruitment, I'm not going to get the top level players I need to progress. I do have 20 players with 5 star potential, but that's probably down to how poor my players are generally. @The Art of Drowning Hope the finances look up. Are you not losing many players, or having your board sell them over your head?
  3. @XaW Staff also have an impact on your squad personality. This isn't a ready solution for me though as there's maybe a total of about 4 Resolute staff willing to join me, and the only one that's viable is a player who has a year left on his contract (with another team) so hopefully at some point soon he won't want to play anymore and I'll get him as my DofFootball. No Model Pros, and basically it's slim pickings staff wise for me. I have too many Fairly Pros which has led to a dip in determination, but also a good coach of any personality is hard to find. If you get a good coach with a good personality, it's worth keeping them tied to long-term contracts. I lost a couple of good ones early on leaving it too late to start renewal talks. Scouts are a good way to impact your side, because they have no real purpose in this challenge other than to scout players with staff attributes (to find out their personality) and try to expand your scouting range to find more staff (which doesn't work for me as it's basically only Russian staff that want to join). You can employ staff entirely on their personality (and in particular determination) as their judging stats really don't matter. However, like you I haven't been able to arrest the slide in determination.
  4. Vikeologist's 2019/20 Chita 'The Great Escape' Season Report League - No even trying to bury the lead. We survived, but I don’t ever want to go through a season like this one again. The start of the season was actually quite relaxing. We went 13 league games (out of 30) without a single win, and in the 14th match at half time we were 2-0 down to the team above us. So I knew we were going to be relegated, and I figured maybe it wouldn’t be the end of the world. Then we came back to win that 14th match 3-2, and the great escape was on. Even though we hadn’t won a league game, we had won in the cup, and indeed we made it all the way to the final. I had dreams of playing in Europe next season, quite possibly from the second division down, but Spartak thrashed us in the final. Anyway, my young team were improving all the time. 7 of my first team were youth prospects (on merit) by the second half of the season. We started picking up good results, and I had dreams of not only making it out of the 2 automatic relegation spots, but even out of the 2 relegation playoff places. It wasn’t to be, as teams above us also improved, and we were in danger of automatic relegation on the last day of the season. The other team in the playoffs beat us, but luckily the team below us also lost. So a playoff against the National League team, Tosno, who’d finished 3rd. We’d already beaten Tosno in the cup. The first (away) leg though was very nervy, and finished 2-2. Our away goals were valuable, but I still felt sick to my stomach at the prospect of the second leg. However that was a walk in the park. We were 3-0 up by half time, and our 5500 formation made sure it stayed that way. With our team improving all the time, we shouldn’t have too many problems next season, so hopefully it will be less stressful. However we were very lucky with the lack of injuries this season, and it won’t take many to expose our profound lack of depth in midfield and attack. I’m going to be releasing a lot of backup veterans over the summer, which is a risk, but I can’t really justify their high salaries given that they are past it, and only slightly better than some of the poor youth players who’ll be taking their places. Squad Top Goalscorer – Andrey Razborov– 18 Seven of his goals were in the cup (a new Russian Cup record), but still not a terrible tally given our struggles. 80 goals in my 4 seasons, so I don’t think he’s going to make it to 1,000 goals. Our other striker Fomin is better than him, but Fomin still isn’t actually a prolific goal scorer. Best Average Rating Ruslan Navletov 6.96 You know, I’ve been doing this sort of format for season reviews for a while, and I have never had a team where nobody broke the 7 mark for average ratings. That’s his overall rating as well which is inflated by his cup performances. Ruslan is a very good defensive midfielder that I utilise as a mamahuhu central defender. Man of Match – Fomin / Razborov – 4 MVP – Nobody. (Or if you want the BS I gave the players, the whole team). Transfers – The only player we lost was Sergey Rylov (YP2c) for a potential £3 million. Rylov is like Navletov, a defensive midfielder, who was never going to be as good in central midfield. It hurt to lose someone in that position, but I wasn’t too distraught at losing him. I just hoped that I’d get a couple of good central midfielders in the ….. Youth Intake No 5-starred central midfielders. There were a couple I hoped would surprise me with their development, and they have, only by turning out to be useless so far. Still there were some useful players from a depth point of view. (I tag the good wingers, but no point mentioning them. Hopefully someone will give me some money for them eventually). Sergey Prokopenko (YP4a) Went straight into the squad as my backup attacking midfielder, and I did need a backup. He didn’t get many games at first though. Even though I’m going to keep on training him as an attacking midfielder, he probably will mostly see playing time as a central midfielder, as apart from our starters, we have nobody. Vladimir Bondarev (YP4b) Will be our backup left back from next season, but his only first team action was as a sub in the playoff second leg as part of our shield wall. Alexey Gladyshev (YP4d) A right back, who’s currently behind at least 2 other youths. You never know though. Sergey Masaev (YP4e) He was instantly our third best striker, then equally instantly injured for three months. Once recovered, played a couple of minutes at the end of the playoff first leg, and then got himself injured for another couple of months. The end result of all this is that he’s going backwards. Hopefully he’s not as injury prone as his first few months with us suggest. Arsen Borisov (YP4f) A central defender, and currently 11th in the depth chart. What I wouldn’t give to be able to swap a couple of defenders for central midfielders. First Team Intake Players Mikhail Prikhodko (YP3b) and Nikita Ivanov (YP2d) are now our starting wingbacks. Igor Bondarev (YP3a) and Alexey Komissarov start alongside Navletov in midfield. Koissarov was part of the YP2 intake and has come along very nicely. There’s 4 youths all competing for the central defender slot alongside Yarmolitskiy, but no clear winner yet. Season Division Position Notes 16/7 National League 7th Missed out on playoffs with 2 points from our last 5 matches. 17/8 National League 14th Flirted with relegation all season, but it never got to see us naked. 18/9 National League 2nd Automatic promotion. 19/20 Championship 14th Avoided relegation in playoff.
  5. @fabreth Good luck in the next division up. Are you in the top division now? I'm glad that my club was pro from the start. Hope you can stay up, and hope that it will be less stressful than my first as a promoted club. @XaW Must admit, I haven't had any discipline problems with my intake. Maybe because they're Russians I'll only get a notification if one of them isn't getting through a bottle of vodka for breakfast. Hope you have a professional tutor. Tutoring is proving to be a real problem for me. I have only 2 potential tutors, who are balanced with determinations of 10 (but have reasonably high pro stats). When I took over the team, I was enticed by the fairly pro squad description, but the only effect that the squad personality has is a negative one on determination. This means that even the youths that come in with a decent determination will have lost it by the time they reach 24. I'm desperately trying to bring in more determined staff, but finding any good staff is still almost impossible, even in the top division. Building a squad personality through tutoring is one of the things I enjoy, so this is a major bummer for me. Anyway, I suppose it's good that your bad boy doesn't mind being fined 2 weeks wages, or perhaps he's too drunk to understand. @Virtual Male Are your club really rich now? 8 million or so looks ok for a few more upgrades. Are you full to capacity at your ground and going to need a new one soon? Anyway, hope you get a friendly draw next season in Europe. @The Art of Drowning Hope the finances sort themselves out. Up to now I've needed to let players go (not that my Chairman has always given me a choice) to balance the books, but I've been able to get offers of a million and up for some of them. The values on your best players look shockingly low, so I hope that you can play clubs off against each other and create a bidding war. I think finances can really sink this challenge. Russia's not exactly a piece of cake and even the Russian Cup offers very little in the way of money, as I discovered this season.
  6. I've discovered what might be a bug, or I suppose one could regard it as a feature. The board were about to sell a player under me, but I triggered his contract extension, and the transfer was cancelled.
  7. The fact that the first youth prospect I sold went for £2.5 million means that the fact that every subsequent youth I've lost has been for less money. I do enjoy playing clubs off against each other and creating a frenzied bidding war, but obviously I'd prefer the players not to leave at all, and I'd definitely prefer for my Chairman to go back and reject offers once I've enticed higher ones form other clubs.
  8. When I try to loan out some youth players to a feeder club, it says that 'the squad cannot have any foreign players', but my club, their club and all the players are all Russian. I've put a save on FTP called Chita 4. The save is between the time I've applied for the loan and the above notification, so as soon as you press continue you should see it.
  9. Vikeologist's 2018/9 Chita Season Report League - We were top of the table for the first two thirds of the season. Then our form fell off badly, but we still managed to crawl over the automatic promotion line in 2nd with 2 matches to go. We picked up 41 points in the first half, and just 27 in the second. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to get promoted this season; relegation next year is a probability. Often it didn’t look near the end of the season as though the players wanted promotion either. However, it will hopefully bring in better coaches and help us hold on to more players. Transfers – We lost 5 of our youth intakes this season. 4 of them didn’t hurt too much. 3 were wingers who would probably have never retrained to much. We lost our promising goalie, Chernov (YP2e), but he might never have overtaken our comparatively young starter. The one that hurt was our third string striker Morozov (YP2e) who was blooming and probably on the point on being a starter. Chernov and Chernov, plus Kuprin (YP2a) were sold by my chairman, not me. It’s frustrating, not just to lose the players, but to know that I could have sold them for much higher prices. However the money we do get is going to good use improving the facilities. Junior Coaching has been upgraded twice, Youth Training once, and our second training facilities upgrade is under way. Squad – The reason I’m so pessimistic about our chances next season is because the squad has massive gaps, because we haven’t had enough central or attacking midfielders come through. We started the season with 6 of our starting eleven having less than 3 stars current ability according to our coach who’s the best judge of these things. I’ve pretty much given up trying to retrain wingers who come through now. I’ll just try to improve them as wingers and sell them off after a couple of seasons. We still don’t have a midfielder with 3 stars, although hopefully a few of the youngsters will get there next season. We have a huge age gap. There are no players between 19 and 24 inclusive in the entire squad. The standout player(s) is in fact just one familiar name. Top Goalscorer – Andrey Razborov– 26 Sounds a reasonable amount, but the goals largely dried up the second half of the season. His goals are kind of seasonal. Best Average Rating Andrey Razborov 7.20 Man of Match – Andrey Razborov – 7 MVP – Artem Yarmolitskiy. Our central defender, and maybe best player. We just seem to concede a lot more without him. Youth Intake Thankfully we got a couple of promising midfielders. Igor Bondarev (YP3a) – Central midfielder. Played a few games this season, but isn’t quite good enough to start yet. Mikhail Prikhodko (YP3b) Straight in as our back up right wingback, and given that our starter is 32, a welcome arrival. Alexey Bedretdinov (YP3c) We have a lot of good central defender prospects now, so hopefully he can either improve quickly, or I’ll be able to loan him out to a club in the National league, from whence we have just been promoted. Maxim Zaitsev (YP3d) We’ve lost so many good strikers that Maxim is not that far off a place on the subs bench. Danil Mironov (YP3e) Straight in as out starting attacking midfielder, because frankly he’s just about the only natural in the club, and I’ve already ruined too many good strikers trying to fit them into this hole. The weak link in our team, but hopefully not for long. First Team Intake Players Igor Popov (YP2g) Now a starting central defender. Maxim Fomin (YP1d) I could have sold my starting striker at the start of the season, and after his single goal last year, I did wonder whether I should, but he flourished this year with 18. Ironically he was on the point of being dropped for Morozov who my chairman sold. Sergey Rylov (YP2c) Segey is seriously unhappy at my refusal to sell him, and as he’s a defensive midfielder, I’m playing him out of position in central midfield, but my promising midfielders are guests at Hotel Chitafornia who can never leave, though I couldn’t stop him checking out any time he wants, and believe me, he did for the last part of the season. Maybe he’ll be happy now we’re in the top division. Our relationship is probably unfixable though. Season Division Position Notes 16/7 National League 7th Missed out on playoffs with 2 points from our last 5 matches. 17/8 National League 14th Flirted with relegation all season, but it never got to see us naked. 18/9 National league 2nd Automatic promotion.
  10. @dkouv Unlucky. I was preparing my message in my mind saying that you're in the finishing straight / (strait?) now, expecting you to win. Hopefully there's some good jobs come up after the WC. @stevelcfc2011 Welcome to the challenge. What version is it? What season are you in? It doesn't matter, you can do this challenge on any version (FM15-17 to be eligible for leader boards etc). I'm just confused about the league table, because if its the 2016 season, there's teams missing. It doesn't matter anyway. Good luck. At least you should be safe for this season, unless something goes badly wrong. I' have thought that people would be able to get jobs in the CSL, but maybe it's getting harder with each update / version.
  11. When the board does this, it would be good if I had the option of offering the player out to try to get higher bids, and the board would then decline the lower bids that they've accepted. The difference can be huge. My board accepted a bid of £400k for a player that I actually managed to sell for £2.5 million by playing buyers off against each other. On a similar note, I'd also like to see boards not accept low-ball bids. Ideally when they accept a bid for a player, they would stall and get higher bids in. (I mean, ideally they wouldn't sell my hot prospects at all buggering up my youth challenge, but you know what I mean). This whole part of the game sort of sucks at the moment, and although I wouldn't necessarily describe it as a bug, I'd definitely like to see some refinement in future releases.
  12. @streety Hope you can win the Libertadores with River. Seriously, don't leave S America without it. Be interesting to see / know how dominant the Brazilian teams are in your save, but some people, myself included, hate the number of games in Brazil, so I hope that your first time in Argentina goes well. I didn't think the Villa job offer was a bug. If anything, the problems with the game have usually been the opposite; not getting jobs that you should be a show in for. I haven't seen any bugs suggesting that jobs are too easy to get. River is a difficult job to get, so you obviously deserve the offers you're getting. @dkouv World Cup with Brazil coming up? Hope you enjoy your time with Liverpool. @hessemte One promotion spot, or 1 automatic promotion spot. The nature of this challenge means I understand nothing about the Colombian league, and your screenshots just confused me more. Either way looking forward to your update.
  13. @fabreth Envy your squad's professional personality. Johansen will be a good tutor once he turns 24, and you have your resolute guy. @Virtual Male Do you think your squad's ready for promotion next season, or do you need some consolidation? Wonder if you'll need to sell players, or if your board will make you.
  14. @KUBI I actually agree with you. Maybe I will feel that there are people who agree with me, but I don't agree with their reasoning. Of course a poll is in some ways silly, and I absolutely want people to do what Dafuge and Cougar2010 have done and indicate their reasons. Maybe there are people who are really unhappy every year. Personally I'd love to know how many people have basically been satisfied every other year, until this one, like me. But I thought a simple poll, for all its inherent drawbacks might be interesting. I will certainly lay out my reasons (at length), but to have done so in the first post would have been prejudicial. Yes, there is a bugs forum, and a lot of problems are addressed and fixed, but I think there's also a place for this kind of discussion about the degree of problems, and the extent to which it is colouring people's overall impression. Anyway, I've added a bit to the first post inviting people to be constructive and avoid personal attacks. Should have done that automatically.
  15. Haven't done a poll before (I think), so apologies if I've not done this properly. First of all, please be constructive, rather than just venting. Also, obviously, house rules and common courtesy demand that we shouldn't use this as a chance to attack other people such as SI. As much as I now hold very strong opinions on the game, I still believe that SI staff are professional and do everything they can to make the game the best it can be. Whether you agree with that statement or not, I'd rather this poll and comments to stick to the issues, rather than SI. I hope that as many people as possible will cast a vote, especially if they disagree with me, and obviously the fact that I'm asking the question implies an opinion. For sure, unhappy people make more noise than satisfied customers. Obviously every game has bugs, and FM is like every other in that regard. The number of bug reports and threads this year is a lot higher than FM16. That doesn't necessarily prove anything, and even if it did, maybe it would prove that FM16 was laudably free of bugs. However, in theory at least, there has to be a point where the number and severity of bugs in a game becomes problematic. My question is, has that happened this year? I'm only giving two options, because if you think there's a lot of bugs, but within acceptable parameters, you could vote no. Voting no doesn't mean that you think the game is bug free. It just means that you find the level acceptable or tolerable. Only vote yes if you're seriously unhappy. I hope far from being an attack on SI or FM17, this might be seen as an opportunity to assess customer satisfaction. Obviously people express an opinion on Steam, but maybe we're a better (and more accurate) representation of SI's core customer base. I'm honestly not trying to prove a point, and I would be amazed if the yesses 'won'. I'm honestly just curious as to the overall feeling.