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  1. I'm not sure which post established that either was fine. According to Wikipedia, the league cup was discontinued in 2017. Is it still in the game? Are you doing this on FM19? The Singapore Cup is obviously fine, but it would have to be won by a Singapore side. We have a similar thing where MLS sides can or could win the Canadian Cup. The Canadian Cup doesn't count towards the challenge. It would be the same with foreign sides winning the Singapore Cup. If the League Cup is as you describe, maybe it shouldn't count towards the challenge, because not all the top division sides enter. We do have the cups in Mexico which don't have all the top division sides, but we said that was eligible, because they're the only domestic cups, and as a rule I think each nation should have at least one eligible cup. On the other hand, it depends whether the Young Lions is actually a club, or just a national team squad. If the 'Young Lions' are not manageable in the game, then I'd say they're not a 'club', and therefore the League Cup is open to all top division clubs and therefore eligible.
  2. That's what makes this challenge such a bugger to complete. There's a really good chance that I'll get promoted this season without winning the league. But as I've mentioned before, it did make the playoffs in the Irish league a lot less stressful. Incidentally, I will try, sort of, to win all the trophies contained in the first post, including the World Cup, and have included the international side in my challenge progress log. It's just that in my mind the version of the challenge that I will fail to complete is a smaller version, if any challenge with 38 trophies can really be considered small.
  3. Vikeologist's 2020/21 Tranmere End of Season Report  I achieved back to back division wins with Tranmere. It did look a bit dicey for the first half of the season. Doncaster and ourselves leapt out ahead, but because we lost our first meeting, we were 6 points behind about half way through the season. In the second half of the season though we gradually overtook them securing promotion, all but mathematically, with 3 matches to go, eventually winning the division by 13 points. 3 years, 3 promotions. We went out of the 3 cups relatively early, but we wouldn’t have been expected to win even the Checkatrade Cup. So now the question was; should I stay or should I go? I wasn’t sure I could do the threepeat with Tranmere. The job at my favourite club, Bradford, became available; the 4th sacking in 3 years; 5 if you include the real life sacking of Michael Collins which isn’t included in the game. What’s the point of doing this challenge if you don’t manage your favourite British teams, although I’m not sure I’m going to be masochistic enough to try to complete any of the challenge with my boyhood club, Hibs. So, I’m still going to be in League 1 next season, but with a bigger club. Ideally I’ll take them back to The Premiership. Domestic Season Team Division Position Notes 18 Shelbourne Ire 1st 2nd Promoted through playoffs. 19 Shelbourne Ire Prem Left midway through season with club mid-table (5th). 19/20 Tranmere Van NL 1st Lost in FA Trophy S/F on penalties. 20/21 Tranmere L2 1st 21/22 Bradford L1 ? International Year Team Achievements Challenge Progress 2/38 Club England 2/12 (VNL, L2) Scotland 0/7 Ireland 0/7 N Ireland 0/9 Wales 0/3 Promotion Count: 3
  4. Has this no reputation thing changed for FM19Touch. I haven't bothered to download it, but on FM18 Touch, you can change the past playing experience of the coach to sunday league.
  5. Can I suggest something; don't worry about completing the challenge. In fact when it started this challenge had the tagline of being 'impossible', although of course that turned out to be wildly incorrect. I'm doing a challenge now (Steel) that's even more difficult than this one and just not worrying about the fact that I won't finish it. Last year I came very close to completing 2 challenges (this one and the Youth) that were really enjoyable until the end. I think a lot of people who've completed this challenge (including me the one time I managed it) did not enjoy the latter part of the challenge, but most of us enjoy the beginning. For me this thread was most fun in the early years when nobody, and then only a few, had completed it. There was actually a point where this challenge changed for the worst; when somebody achieved the challenge in about 4 weeks (in real life) winning every single competition (apart from 1) he needed to win first time despite an overall winning percentage of about 45%. (The preceding sentence has not been verified for accuracy). Focus on the journey, not the destination, or failing that just concentrate on getting on to the leader board, an achievement that posters have described as and
  6. 13th. We were predicted to finish 7th in the VNL a year ago. Our first match was against top predicted Salford who we beat 5-0 and who finished in the bottom half of the table. The media predictions are useless. No idea about how we'll do in the Checkatrade Trophy, (I suspect I'll stand more chance in L1), but I'm sure our exit, whenever it arrives, will be suitably infuriating.
  7. add and remove leagues as you go along. I'd suggest starting with 2 nations loaded, but 1 is enough , as long as it's not somewhere like argentina where you cant get a 1st job
  8. Vikeologist's 2019/20 Tranmere Report Managed Shelbourne for half the season, and left them in mid-table. My plan is to apply for jobs at relegated clubs in the hope that they have the resources to go straight back up as Champions. I didn’t get offered interviews in time at clubs going from League 1 to League 2 in England, but I was quite content to move to Tranmere newly relegated to non-league. Obviously half the first team wanted to leave. I’ve learned how to manage that, and did sell a couple of players to alleviate the financial problems. We won the league by a country mile with 8 matches to spare. I was not as successful in the cups. Went out at the first hurdle in the Irn-Bru Cup to an Irish side. I don’t even know what this competition is, but I’ll have to add it to the list of trophies for the challenge. Maybe it’s replaced one of the Scottish trophies in the list. Also went out in the FA Cup 1st Round to a league side, which sounds understandable until you realise that we were at home and running away with the league, and our opponents we rock bottom of League 2. By far the biggest disappointment however was going out of the FA Trophy on penalties in the semi-final second leg. I forgot to restore my left back to the team for the first leg after a suspension and we lost at home, but I have a solid no reloading matches policy. Our first league match after this failure was against Billericay, the club who’d just knocked us out, and we won 5-0, because, of course. It does make me realise that I’m not going to complete this challenge. In the Ultimate Challenge there’ve been a few people who completed the challenge without ever losing a cup match they needed to win. I’m not going to be that lucky. I’m just going to have to accept that my list of landmarks for this challenge is going to have lots of cup sized holes that I probably won’t ever fill. Anyway, I do at least have my first challenge landmark, and 2 promotions in 2 seasons; or rather 2 half-seasons and a season. My rep has gone from 45% to 50%. Every little bit helps. Also, if I win both the North and South National Leagues, I’ll have the opportunity for at least a couple more bites at the FA Trophy cherry. I do plan to stay at Tranmere for a few seasons, or at least until they fail to win a successive league title. It won’t help my reputation to move club every season. However, with so much stuff to win, there are so many shiny toys out there in the form of clubs that I’d like to manage, and I have been looking at the job vacancies as the seasons closed. Quite apart from the challenge, Tranmere could really have done with the money from an FA Trophy final. Their financial state after a season without cup success is not optimal. It’s going to be hard work to win the league again next season. Domestic Season Team Division Position Notes 18 Shelbourne Ire 1st 2nd Promoted through playoffs. 19 Shelbourne Ire Prem Left midway through season with club mid-table (5th). 19/20 Tranmere Van NL 1st Lost in FA Trophy S/F on penalties. International Year Team Achievements Challenge Progress 1/38 Club England 1/12 (VNL) Scotland 0/7 Ireland 0/7 N Ireland 0/9 Wales 0/3
  9. No. I'm giving the Steel Challenge a go.
  10. don't know anything about FMT, but you're allowed to do challenge, if you want . just explain what differences are clearly if you want me to clarify instructions at start of thread .
  11. it's fine with me for you to continue .
  12. Vikeologist's 2018 Shelbourne Report Always quite liked the idea of this challenge, although its never taken off in recent years. Probably won’t be doing the European, World or International side of things, but that still leaves a whopping 38 landmarks to achieve. There was only one immediately available job that interested me at the start of the challenge, and that was Shelbourne. I really feel that it is the only viable option if you’re going to jump straight in. Because of that I’m not going to give player names. Of course, maybe on the latest build the Shelbourne job isn’t vacant at the start of the game. (There’s no reason to take one of the available jobs at the start of this challenge. If Shelbourne hadn’t been available, I’d have waited). The job had an advantage. The season is midway through, (if you choose the English league start date when creating the save), and Shelbourne were in 2nd place in the Irish 1stDivision, just 2 points behind Galway Utd with 10 matches to go. And then there’s a disadvantage. Shelbourne’s first match was against Galway. My side struggling with the new tactics / formation were 4-0 down by half time. In a ding-dong second half we ended up losing 6-4. We then won 8 of our remaining 9 matches. Unfortunately the one we lost was the other match against Galway in the penultimate match where a win (or as it turned out a draw) would have secured the title. This is the thing about taking over a club half way through the season for this challenge. Your success depends on a smaller sample size of results. We were still in the playoffs, and we did indeed get promoted relatively easily, but that was sort of a bad thing. If we’d lost in the playoffs the overwhelming likelihood is that I’d have won the league next season. However, I did try to get promoted, and as discussed below, always trying to win is an absolute rule I’m going to adhere to in this challenge. So what to do now. The Irish league ends in November, so there’s no point taking another job midway through the season unless the team is at or very near the top of their division. Anyway, I am enjoying managing Shelbourne. Because of the misery I went through on the Ultimate Challenge, enjoying playing the game is more important to me than progress in challenges. So, I'll stay with them for the moment. Some thoughts from my first half season. · Because this challenge is, or was, dormant, I’m just going to do my own thing in terms of screenshots, and my thing is always laziness. · I’m sticking to the rules in the initial thread, albeit a smaller version of the challenge. · This challenge is a lot bigger than it seems. 17 divisions to win, and 38 trophies in total. The Ultimate Challenge is only 33 landmarks. And I’m doing the smallest version of it. No wonder only one person has completed it. · The tough thing is having to win each division. Promotion, whether as runner-up or through playoffs, is usually going to be a bad thing. · On the other hand, when clubs sack their managers at the end of the season because they’ve been relegated, it’s a good opportunity to take over with a good chance of getting promoted straight back up. · I maxxed out my qualifications and experience. No point making this challenge any harder than it needs to be. Although I started with quite a small team, there’s no reason to start at the bottom. One could probably get quite a good first job. It also gives you an advantage with squad respect and training. · Thought that my first signing wasn’t British, because I’d forgotten about that requirement, but luckily his second nationality is Irish. · By not winning the league, the season was a write-off, even though, or even because, we gained promotion through the playoffs. · I did sort of want to lose the playoff final, but I still tried to win. My personal rules for this challenge are that I won’t put out weakened sides or manage the team badly in attempt to lose matches and stay in the same division for another season. It does make playoffs a lot less stressful though. I watched the matches with a very que sera sera attitude. · I’m not sure how Irish people feel about Republic of Ireland being counted as part of the challenge. Still, I’m enjoying playing in that league as I never have before. · I might manage the Scottish national side at some point, but there’s no way I’m going to manage England in an attempt to do the International extension of this challenge. · I probably won’t complete this challenge anyway. I didn’t complete any challenges in FM18. I nearly completed the Ultimate Challenge (2 international trophies away, and I lost in the final of those competitions the last 3 times) and the Youth Challenge, (because I got a son in the game and played him instead of a potentially world class striker that came through in the same intake.). My philosophy for challenges now is when the fun stops, STOP! Domestic Season Team Division Position Notes 18 Shelbourne Ire 1st 2nd Promoted through playoffs. International Year Team Achievements Challenge Progress 0/38 Club England 0/12 Scotland 0/7 Ireland 0/7 Northern Ireland 0/9 Wales 0/3
  13. I think getting as good a first job as possible is important, even if you need to wait. Was the club in the S African top division?
  14. Each year the quality of first jobs one can get goes down ever so slightly. Wonder if that trend will continue this year.