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  1. @FizzleThat might be the quickest ACON win ever. Jealous. I must have a lower than 10% success rate in the ACON.
  2. Normandy Wept and I took ages to complete. I took ages twice. I suppose I've fittingly tallied more Ultimate Challenge seasons than anyone else.
  3. Vikeologist's 2054/55 Folkestone Season Report After missing out on the playoffs on the last day of the season the last 2 seasons, we once again had to win our final match to be sure of a playoff spot. However we were in 5th place, one point ahead of the team in 7th, and it was possible that we could make it even if we drew or lost. For much of the match we were 2 goals up but we lost 4-3, and a really unlikely set of results meant that we would have failed to make the playoffs with anything less than a win. This is definitely the cruellest of our 3 successive final day
  4. Vikeologist's 34th Folkestone Intake Report and 30th Intake Review Honestly not the intake I was hoping for, or needed. I need a mountain of a good central defender, or a central defender or someone who can actually head the ball, and all I got was another central midfielder, but it’s not terrible. I mean, my top guy, Kôji Sano 34a – A central midfielder from Japan, might actually turn out to be a star, even though he’s unlikely to feature in the first team soon. There’s always next year, I guess. The annoying thing is that a poached player I hadn’t seen the notific
  5. It has to be cups from 10 different nations, so you can only count one of the Malaysian cups. You're right about the save scummers. It's not being successful that's suspicious. The nature of the challenge means that we have some of the more successful players do our challenge. The thing that's suspicious is, and here I'm using a completely fictitious example that never happened on this challenge to dent my enthusiasm for running it, when they win every cup they need first time, (and only that one time) and have 100% winning record when they need a trophy and win about 45% of the time in
  6. Afraid that I'm out of inspiration for memes. I mean, it's not like anybody actually requested that i star doing them anyway.
  7. @TerminalPortugalLooks like I might need my memes head on soon.
  8. When i did what was then the South American small to big club challenge, i toiled getting seemingly nowhere for ages, and then in the space of about 3 seasons was promoted to the top league and won the league and Libertadores straight away. I was a bit disappointed actually. That last season was a bit like the last season of Game of Thrones where everything finishes in a rather quick and unsatisfactory manner. Or is that my sex life?.
  9. I feel you. When you run a thread there's a definite set of mixed feelings when your challenge is getting lots of posts from people getting through the same challenge you're doing at ten times the speed. And this challenge for me is slow going, but at the same time it can all end very quickly. Hope the latter is about to happen to you. Regardless of when you and all the newcomers complete in England, it's a safe bet I'll be behind all of you.
  10. Interesting to see someone else doing Folkestone. I'm not sure you posted your 1st season report. Perhaps I just missed it. Some of your squad are still with me in 2055, (or rather left and came back). Newcombe is a coach. Finn O'Mara the U23 Assistant Manager. Interesting to see a few names from the past.
  11. In England the League Cup is fine. You need cups from 10 different nations, so if you win the FA Cup as well, all your English cups would only count as 1 towards the challenge. Incidentally, people don't necessarily have to have the editor disabled. You can do non-cosmetic things like change the colour of your strips etc. I must admit, I don't usually bother to buy the editor myself just to make my teams play in bright pink. Also, you can add and remove leagues as you go along. You don't need to have them all loaded throughout. You can of course, but I'm not aware of any bugs that
  12. I quite enjoy women's football,but I completely understand that some people won't want to watch it or play it in FM. That's fine. It's like Touch. I really don't like the Touch version of the game,but I got my £5,000 an hour lawyer to check it out, and it turns out I don't need to play Touch. In fact, don't tell SI, because they'll remove me from this forum, but Crazy or what! I'm such a bad boy.
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