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  1. Vikeologist's 2046/7 América (and Switzerland and Ivory Coast) Report firing a $2 million Misael at a $10 empty tent We won everything. Both league regular seasons. The NACL. The Leagues Cup. All of it very easily. The only problem we had was in the second leg of the NACL final where we had 2 players sent off. It was a disaster. We didn’t even add to our 4 goal aggregate lead because of it. But the real disaster. We didn’t win the Mexican Cup, for the very simple reason that we weren’t in it. The clubs in continental competitions aren’t entered. This means that I
  2. I don't think there's anything that lessens my faith in humanity than this topic (and equivalents) during this yearly stage of the process. Some say that SI should release the game less often than once a year, but I think they should release it daily so that the psychologically incontinent can be freed from the trauma of each stage of game development and release taking more than a couple of hours. Conversely I rather enjoy the 3 or 4 days leading up to the unknowable drop time of the beta, although it is a bit depressing that I spend about 1% of my life in that fevered anticipation,
  3. Vikeologist's 2045/6 América Report Grucho Macias Miguel I took over America 14 matches into the opening stage in 17th place. We won our remaining 5 matches, but it wasn’t close to enough to get us into the playoffs. The good thing about Mexico though is that you get 2 bites at the league cherry a year. However to ensure we qualified for the Champions League, we needed to either finish top in the Closing Stage regular season or win the league itself through the playoff. We did both. Unfortunately we didn’t win the Mexican Cup. 2 goals down in the Q/F second leg,
  4. Vikeologist's 2044 Shanghai SIPG Report Omar God For the first time in years, (real years not save years) I had an unbeaten league campaign. My attacking tactics means that usually occasionally some team will get a win against us, but this year nobody came close. That just left the finals of the Champions League and Chinese Cup whose two legs took place concurrently. At no point up to this had our doing the treble looked anything other than a formality. The only match we’d lost all season was the second leg of a Champions League tie we’d won 5-1 in the fir
  5. My board are being very fussy as well. Like they didn't want me to sign a player from a (korean) rival. I'm like, you'd prefer for our rival to have the player? Then our domestic rival, Evergrande, wanted 80 mill for a player. It was too much, but I have about 300 mill to spend, so I bid 60. My board said, no, he's not worth that much. No ****! Anyway, we've come smack up against FFP regulations, so I can't spend but a fraction of that transfer pot anyway.
  6. Vikeologist's 2043 Shanghai SIPG Report The Life of Bian After nearly 2 years without a suitable club job to apply for, 3 came along at once, in South Korea, China and South Africa, all clubs in the Champions League. Then in the months after, even better jobs became available, though in the case of Evergrande, we sort of facilitated that vacancy by overturning a 2-1 Champions League deficit in my first competitive match. I took over SIPG after 13 matches in 7th place, 9 points off the lead and 2 points from Champions League qualification. We were the best team from tha
  7. Vikeologist's 2042 South Korea Asian Cup Report I'm not looking for a serious relationship or anything—just a bit of Wookie. Still no club job. Pressure on here. This is my best chance at the Asian Cup, and I probably only get one shot at it. Group Stage South Korea 6-0 Indonesia South Korea 1-0 Saudi Arabia South Korea 4-0 North Korea My first competitive matches. Even though we dominated the Saudis, the margin of victory was not reassuring. Iran, the second ranked Asian nation, crashed out finishi
  8. Vikeologist's 2042 Holland World Cup Report Despite having the Mexican, Dutch, Chinese and Korean top divisions added now, no tasty job has come up in the last year, so it’s Don’t Get Sacked At The World Cup So You Can Try To Win The Euros In Two Years Time Time. That entails making it to the semi-finals probably, although coming up slightly short of that should be forgivable given my Nations League success. Can’t bank on that though. Group Stage Holland 9-0 Panama Holland 3-1 Ghana In the Ghana match
  9. Vikeologist's 2040/41 Juventus Report Gold Dustin It was clear early on that we’d win the league, so the important thing was the cup. Having failed to win a cup in France last season, I was a cup behind. To echo Oscar Wilde, to be a cup behind in this challenge is unfortunate. To be two behind would look like carelessness. The Italian Cup final was a nightmare. Two of my best penalty takers picked up injuries, and I subbed on better players than penalty takers. We went ahead in extra time, but they equalised with the last kick of regular
  10. I was offered the France job for a third time after the Euros, but I have to look 4 years ahead to the next Euros, and their competition squad had 21 players 30 or over out of 23 players. I think 1 of the others was 28 or 29. I'm sure they have some good young players, but I waited a while and the Holland job became available. They'd just won the Euros, and their squad is much younger. Might still be a mistake taking the job, when I could probably have just waited until the World Cup in 2 years, but it's done now.
  11. Vikeologist's 2039/40 Olympique Marseille Report Hakuna Batata I expected this to take at least 2 seasons, and probably a lot more, to overhaul PSG. The squad I inherited wasn’t great, and very small once I sold the players I had no use for. We had little money not being in Europe, and PSG had won the league the last 22 seasons. However we got off to a good start, winning out first 10 league games, followed by a draw with PSG. We slowly built up a 9 point lead before a crunch match with PSG with 10 matches to go. We were 5-0 up by half time, and that was ef
  12. I think it might be time to start a new thread if and when the new version comes out. I keep waiting for something in the game to change that would change the challenge (the Club World Championship / Confed Cup) did that a bit. But I am impressed that you have been reading enough of the thread to find that post.
  13. If I trusted my scout's reports, one of my first signings with OM would be a Mexican striker, but he didn't score 1 goal in the Gold Cup, despite getting 3 starts, including 45 minutes against Martinique. I have to trust my eyes, and the spider webs in the oppositions' nets. To be fair he didn't play in the semi final, and my choice of strikers for the squad almost cost me dear.
  14. Vikeologist's 2039 Gold Cup Report Ok. Let’s not **** this up this time. I should note that not only did we lose to Costa Rica in the final 2 years ago, but last year I arranged a friendly with them, and we lost that as well. With the Mexican league loaded, my pool of players is slightly improved, and although we only beat inferior teams on the way to the World Cup Quarterfinal last year, that’s all we have to do here. Group Stage Quarter Final (if applicable) Semi Final (if applicable) Final (if applicable) After The Tournament
  15. Vikeologist's Atlético Mineiro 2038 Season Report We retained the league and won the Brazilian Cup, (the State Championship, the Supercup), but most importantly we won the Libertadores. It’s so stressful to have your entire season come down to one match, and had we lost it wouldn’t have been as simple as just going through one more season. I spent this season keeping the band together, including with big pay rises, but if we hadn’t won, I’d probably have had to let some of my top players go, and European clubs are real skinflints with their proposed transfer fees. An
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