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  1. But you can't only load an unrealistic league (eg English Championship) and 'force' the game to give you a job. The only advantage of your suggestion is that you wouldn't be distracted by rubbish jobs that are beneath you. The more leagues and divisions you load, the more jobs you'll be able to get. AFAIK, it's now unlikely that one would get a first job in the S African premier league, though it used to be possible.
  2. vikeologist

    Lower league managers section

    Does anyone have a link to the LLM rules, or to an archived thread? It might be quite fun to try an LLM save, although I wouldn't really write about it on the forum for reasons that people have suggested above.
  3. @Ronaldo Beckham Congrats on your completion. Sorry it took me a while to congratulate you. I going to step away from this challenge for a bit, although I'll update the leader board and hall of fame as required.
  4. Vikeologist's 2052 Spain Euros Report 5 years since my last tournament. For the first time I won the Nations League in 2051, which is a good sign, but then again all my players were in their mid-30s. Really, all of them, and half my squad retired immediately before the Nations League semi-finals. There are only 5 of them in my squad for his tournament, or even the 30 man preliminary, so it’s a completely different team. However all the other teams are still full of old guys. Group Stage 2nd Round (if applicable) Quarter Final (if applicable) Semi Final (if applicable) 3rd Place Playoff / Final (if applicable) After The Tournament
  5. What's an ACON? Never heard of it, so I'm going to take it out of the challenge.
  6. Neither South Korea or China offered me the job next time it was vacant, so my only hope is Australia. If I don't win with them first time, I might not be able to complete the challenge, as there are no other playable nations. I've got the Spain job. Because of the regen bug, there are only 9 Spanish players under 20, (all of them dreadful). Every Spanish goalkeeper in the world is 37 years old. To be fair, 2013 was a good vintage, because of the now infamous summer craze in 2014 of throwing ping pong balls at babies, that was speedily condemned by the Vatican and banned.
  7. Vikeologist's 2047 China Asian Cup Report There were European jobs available after the 2046 World Cup, but there are only 3 playable nations in Asia; China, Korea and Australia, whereas there are probably 10 European national jobs that could give me a chance of the Euros. Scotland might even be one of them, so if the opportunity comes up it will be interesting to see if my heart overrules my head. Anyway, the only Asian manager sacked immediately after the World Cup was the Australian manager, but the Chinese job was on shaky ground, so I went aggressive, expressed an interest and they sacked him for me. Having only been in charge for 6 months, I’m still not sure what my strongest side is. A pre-tournament friendly with South Korea ended up a 7-5 victory for us, so this could be a crazy ride. Group Stage 2nd Round (if applicable) Quarter Final (if applicable) Semi Final (if applicable) 3rd Place Playoff / Final (if applicable) After The Tournament
  8. Yes, sorry. You can't use added leagues in this challenge.
  9. Vikeologist's 2044 Holland Euros Report In contrast to the ACON, this is my first try at the Euros in this save, and for quite a few attempts at the challenge. Another difference from recent tournaments is that we’re not the favourites. That would be Spain who won the World Cup 2 years ago, and beat us in the final of the Nations Cup. We scored an equaliser in the 93rd minute of normal time, but then unfortunately they scored a winner in the 94th. Group Stage 2nd Round (if applicable) Quarter Final (if applicable) Semi Final (if applicable) 3rd Place Playoff / Final (if applicable) After The Tournament  
  10. Vikeologist's 2041Nigeria ACON Report  Attempt number 12. I think this Nigeria team is probably the best I’ve taken to the ACON, at least in this save, but as I’ve demonstrated so many times, it’s a bit of a lottery. I have noticed that the youngest Ghanaian footballer is 22, so regens aren’t coming through. If I don’t win the ACON soon it’s going to turn into a veterans’ tournament. It’s not just Nigeria. No African U20 side has a single player in the squad. Group Stage 2nd Round (if applicable) Quarter Final (if applicable) Semi Final (if applicable) 3rd Place Playoff / Final (if applicable) After The Tournament
  11. @Ronaldo Beckham I'm becoming worried for you. Your remaining landmarks don't line up very well. You're going to end up with loads of leagues, and not enough cups. Of course, you'll end up with enough cups eventually. Logically you're now going to have to win the Club World Cup with a S American (or S African) side, because you probably won't win the European Champions League again. You might be in S Africa for a long time, although I guess the fact that you really won't need to win the S African league may be a blessing there. I'm envious of your Asian Cup though. @jaysdailydose Like you, I like improving the clubs I'm at, but do bear in mind that it's a waste of time in this challenge. You need to think of yourself as a strip miner, fracking away a club's natural trophy resources, and then leaving it a barely operational husk full of over-paid 1st team pensioners.
  12. Yes, you could be the first to take longer to complete it the second time. Ok, so you'd only be the second person to do the double at the moment and I only have 35 seasons to finally win the ACON (plus the other 2 trophies) to beat my first attempt, so you may not be the only one. I hadn't realised that of the 4 people likely to complete in the nearish future, 3 of us have completed it before. We need an intervention.
  13. @Ronaldo Beckham It's not unusual to want to get this challenge out of the way. That's definitely the way I feel now, and it's the way I felt two and a half years ago. I think most people find that it starts out enjoyable, but by the end it's just an ordeal. Have you so quickly forgotten your last challenge completion? It's bad that you feel that way with 13 trophies left. Have you thought of taking a break. I've broken up the challenge with a Youth Challenge; (I have a son; he's useless), and in FM15 I broke it up spending (about) 7 seasons at Newcastle developing the club. @yugular Always nice to hear from you. Look forward to your next update. @blackdevil As per my challenge, Portugal and Scotland are good places for making up cups, because there's no of them, and the first comes relatively early in the season. Actually I think Mexico might be quite a bad place. As you identify, there's 2 cups a year, but if you're successful, you're not going to be in the second cup, or ever again.
  14. Vikeologist's TL;DR Porto and Ghana Report  (or A Tale of 2 Cities Part 2 - It was the best of times; it was the worst of times or Mighty Oafs from little ACONs rise) An advantage of Portugal is that they have 2 domestic cups, and the first finished fairly early, meaning that ideally I could take less than a full season. That’s exactly how it turned out. I won the Portuguese League Cup with Porto, and I have completed the club side of the challenge. I’m not sure I ever did ‘do a vike’ in this challenge, and it’s very unlikely the chance will arise with a nation. Almost 5 seasons ago I finished 3d in the league with Chelsea and then shortly afterwards lost in the World Cup semi-final. Since then I have won every single competition I needed to win for the challenge, (and most of the ones I didn’t). I mean it’s only the last 6, (instead of the, I believe, 32 out of 33 competitions that someone else won first time of asking), but I realise that it must look a bit suspicious. I can assure you that there were various times when failure really stared me in the face. Ok, not in the leagues which I’d usually won before people took their Christmas trees down, but I’ve had some really hairy moments in the cups. And no victory was more razor thin than this last one. My Porto record going into the final was 30 wins, 4 draws and absolutely no defeats, so we were definitely the favourites, but after 90 minutes the score was 2-2, and with no extra time, it was straight on to penalties, which we did win. In fact, it might be more stressful knowing that you should win a cup, and then watching unbelieving as the opposition scores a wonder goal, or you finish the first half with over 30 shots on goal against their none, but with the score still 0-0. But actually the most stressful part was the bug in the game where clubs don’t appoint managers. Carmarthen never did get back to me on my application, and no Welsh or Korean (the other 2 leagues I have loaded) clubs have appointed or sacked managers. Still, it doesn’t matter now. I’m just glad this didn’t happen earlier. Anyway, now I can get out my golf clubs, and holiday between international selections. The 2039 ACON with Ghana.. As I’ve mentioned, this is my 4th time managing them in this save, and I have quit all 3 previous times, twice for a ‘better’ job where I failed to win anything. In between my abortive reigns, Ghana have actually won the ACON twice. I of course have failed to win the ACON the last 10, count them, 10 times I have tried in this challenge, admittedly not all in this save. There’s several FM versions of failure there. So you have a situation where I succeed without fail versus my stunning record of ACON failure. A manager who can’t lose and a tournament he can’t win. I was last here 8 years ago, and I was managing Ghana then as well, but this time we’re the highest ranked side in Africa. Only just though. There’s a lot of teams that could win this. 15 of our 23 man squad are 31 or over, and there’s absolutely no good young players coming through, so win or lose, I will be quitting Ghana for the 4th time after the tournament. Group Stage 2nd Round (if applicable) Quarter Final (if applicable) Semi Final (if applicable) 3rd Place Playoff / Final (if applicable) After The Tournament
  15. yes. thought there was only one, but there are 2 a year . dont get them mixed up with the leagues which have playoffs though