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  1. Cant wait for your content, used your megapack as part of my world club challenge.
  2. 2nd season in tonga after finishing 4th in the 1st season. Tongan Major League Winners - 20 points.
  3. I have about the 5th lowest budget of £180,000 pw. I have cleared the debt i had due to about £26 million in player sales but the players i have brought in as replacements i not quite as good i think. I due have a few promising young players who could be good in a few years time though.
  4. You are very welcome. I think i could be in the championship for quite a few years yet, over 3 million in debt but finding it hard to sell any players to clear the debt. At least my reputation could be going up close to the other teams in the league.
  5. A good 7th place finish. training and youth facilities are being upgraded again. I have got a couple of young players coming through who look quite promising.
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