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  1. For this challenge you will need to download Claasens Mega Pack of extra playable leagues. You can not choose other add-ons, only these databases are allowed and they are all required. How many leagues you load at any time is still up to you but you will need at least 1 of the bottom 4 leagues loaded at the start of your game. Download link for claasens Mega Pack can be found here: Starting up: Make sure the database add-ons from claasen is activated with no other database add-ons. start a game with as few or many leagues as you want, and change around during game time as much as you want. Attribute masking is optional, but in-game editor is a no no. You must start your management career in one of the bottom 4 countries in terrms of reputation, Kiribati, Wallis & Futuna, Micronesia or Northern Mariana. (full list of countries & reputations below) Start a manager and with no coaching badges (at the start. You can and should obtain them along the way). Sunday League Footballer reputation. No additional languages beyond those generated by your nationality(ies). Any nationality (it doesn't have to be your genuine nationality). 2nd nationality only if you genuinely have a genuine second nationality and you have used your real primary nationality. No use of in-game editor for anything other than cosmetic changes (e.g. team strips). All other advanced options (e.g. adding players to playable teams) are allowed. You can start with any number of nations loaded but you will need at least 1 of the bottom 4 least reputable leagues loaded. Any database size, any start date. Requirements: Win all 225 Domestic Top Leagues. You must start your management career in one of the bottom 4 countries in terrms of reputation, Kiribati, Wallis & Futuna, Micronesia or Northern Mariana. You cannot move more than 10 places up the list without completing the lowest available playable country first, so for example if you start off in Northern mariana at the bottom of the list and win the league and then move to Saint Pierre & Miquelon and win the league you cannot move to South Sudan until you have completed Micronesia. Full List of Countries & Reputations: Spain Europe 180 Germany Europe 176 England Europe 175 Italy Europe 170 Portugal Europe 161 France Europe 160 Brazil South America 159 Russia Europe 155 Mexico North America 145 Argentina South America 144 Ukraine Europe 142 Belgium Europe 142 Holland Europe 141 Switzerland Europe 140 Turkey Europe 140 Czech Republic Europe 136 Greece Europe 135 Romania Europe 134 Austria Europe 132 Croatia Europe 130 Chilie South America 129 United States North America 129 Poland Europe 128 Cyprus Europe 127 Colombia South America 125 Belarus Europe 125 Paraguay South America 124 Sweden Europe 124 Norway Europe 123 Israel Europe 122 Ecuador South America 121 Denmark Europe 121 Uruguay South America 120 Scotland Europe 120 Azerbaijan Europe 119 Serbia Europe 118 Kazakhstan Europe 117 Slovenia Europe 116 Bulgaria Europe 116 South Korea Asia 115 Peru South America 113 Costa Rica North America 110 Japan Asia 110 Saudi Arabia Asia 110 Slovakia Europe 110 Egypt Africa 110 Tunisia Africa 110 South Africa Africa 110 Hungary Europe 109 Georgia Europe 108 China Asia 105 Quatar Asia 104 Moldova Europe 104 United Arab Emirates Asia 103 Iran Asia 102 Iceland Europe 102 Finland Europe 101 Honduras North America 100 Algeria Africa 100 Morocco Africa 100 Australia Asia 98 Venezuela South America 95 Bolivia South America 90 Guatemala North America 90 Uzbekistan Asia 90 Bosnia & Herzegovina Europe 90 DR Congo Africa 90 Albania Europe 88 Macedonia Europe 87 Republic Of Ireland Europe 86 Jamaica North America 82 New Zealand Oceania 80 Trinidad & Tobago North America 80 Kuwait Asia 80 Thailand Asia 79 Nigeria Africa 78 Iraq Asia 76 Haiti North America 75 El Salvador North America 72 Latvia Europe 72 Angola Africa 72 Panama North America 70 Jordan Asia 70 Ivory Coast Africa 70 Oman Asia 69 Syria Asia 69 Kosovo Europe 68 Luxembourg Europe 68 Sudan Africa 67 Martinique North America 66 Lebanon Asia 66 Ghana Africa 66 Guyana North America 65 Puerto Rico North America 65 Bahrain Asia 65 Congo Africa 65 Montenegro Europe 64 Libya Africa 64 Vietnam Asia 63 Hong Kong Asia 62 Lithuania Europe 62 Malaysia Asia 61 Cuba North America 60 French Guiana North America 60 Suriname North America 60 Cameroon Africa 60 Uganda Africa 60 Zimbabwe Africa 60 Guadeloupe North America 58 Northern Ireland Europe 58 Senegal Africa 57 Fiji Oceania 56 myanmar Asia 56 Estonia Europe 56 Vanuatu Oceania 55 Antigua & Barbuda North America 55 India Asia 55 Guinea Africa 55 Singapore Asia 54 Armenia Europe 54 Ethopia Africa 54 Tahiti Oceania 53 Dominican Republic North America 53 Faroe Islands Europe 52 Burkina Faso Africa 52 Curacao North America 51 Grenada North America 51 Saint Kitts & Nevis North America 51 Saint Lucia North America 51 Saint Vincent & Grenadines North America 51 Philippines Asia 51 Malta Europe 51 Papua New Guinea Oceania 50 Aruba North America 50 Barbados North America 50 Indonesia Asia 50 Wales Europe 50 Zambia Africa 50 Kenya Africa 49 Botswana Africa 48 Solomon Islands Oceania 47 Togo Africa 47 Tajikistan Asia 46 New Calodonia Oceania 45 Bermuda North America 45 Palestine Asia 45 Turkmenistan Asia 45 Mozambique Africa 45 Maldives Asia 44 Tanzania Africa 43 Burundi Africa 42 Nicaragua North America 41 Gabon Africa 41 Bahamas North America 40 Bonaire North America 40 Niger Africa 40 Kyrgyzstan Asia 39 Cape Verde Africa 39 Malawi Africa 39 Canada North America 38 Rwanda Africa 38 North Korea Asia 37 British Virgin Islands North America 36 Cayman Islands North America 36 Dominica North America 36 Namibia Africa 36 Lesotho Africa 34 US Virgin Islands North America 33 Swaziland Africa 33 Turks & Caicos Islands North America 32 Cambodia Asia 32 Gambia Africa 31 Belize North America 30 Saint Martin North America 30 Sint Marten North America 30 Laos Asia 30 Yemen Asia 30 Bangladesh Asia 29 Macau Asia 29 Mauritania Africa 29 Mongolia Asia 28 Pakistan Asia 28 Mauritius Africa 28 Benin Africa 27 Cook Islands Oceania 26 Anguilla North America 26 Sri Lanka Asia 26 Chinese Taipei Asia 26 Madagascar Africa 26 Montserrat North America 25 Andorra Europe 25 San Marino Europe 25 Gibraltar Europe 25 Brunei Asia 24 Seychelles Africa 24 Chad Africa 23 Samoa Oceania 22 Guinea Bissau Africa 22 Reunion Africa 22 Sierra Leone Africa 22 Nepal Asia 21 Sao Tome & Principe Africa 21 Tonga Oceania 20 Central African Republic Africa 20 Equatorial Guinea Africa 20 Eritrea Africa 20 Mali Africa 20 Zanzibar Africa 20 Somalia Africa 19 Comoros Africa 18 Afghanistan Asia 17 Djibouti Africa 17 East Timor Asia 16 South Sudan Africa 16 Saint Pierre & Miquelon North America 15 Liberia Africa 15 Mayotte Africa 15 American Samoa Oceania 13 Tuvalu Oceania 12 Bhutan Asia 7 Guam Asia 7 Kiribati Oceania 2 Wallis & Futuna Oceania 2 Micronesia Oceania 2 Northern Mariana Asia 2 CLUB TROPHIES 225 Domestic Top Leagues: Africa (57) Asia (47) Europe (54) North America (42) Oceania (15) South America (10) 20 points awrded for each Domestic Top League won Domestic Cups (Optional) 10 points awarded for each Domestic Cup won Optional Continental Competions UEFA Champions League 100 points awarded for each Champions League won UEFA Europa League 80 points awarded for each Europa League won Copa Libertadores 100 points awarded for each Copa Libertadores won Copa Sudamericana 80 points awarded for each Copa Sudamericana won CONCACAF Champions League 100 points awarded for each Champions League won African Champions League 100 points awarded for each Champions League won African Confederations Cup 80 points awarded for each Confederations Cup won Asian Champions League 100 points awarded for each Champions League won Oceania Champions League 100 Points awarded for each Champions League won Club World Cup 50 points awarded for each Club World Cup won Extra Points Each country you manage in 5 Points Each Language learned 3 Points (Fluent), 1 Point (basic
  2. [FM15] England Level 24 [WIP]

    promoted to the championship now, 1 more promotion and im in the premier league
  3. Promoted to the championship now, 1 more promotion and im in the premier league
  4. you will probably get a new stadium built when you reach conference south as minimum requirements are a 4,000 capacity stadium with 1,000 seats. the board took out a 1.7 million loan to pay for mine and put a real dent in my finances.
  5. I think it was around level 8, the isthmian leagues, yes it is a problem with other teams poaching your players, alot of the time you can keep your players by offering them new contracts when other teams try to poach them. Im in League 1 now but i am losing alot of money because the board took out a loan to build a new stadium and im 770,000 in the red.
  6. my league history with crawley united [/img]
  7. i have had to reject alot of job offers too lol
  8. [FM15] England Level 24 [WIP]

    4-1-2-3 I got a few good strikers who could play a little bit higher.
  9. [FM15] England Level 24 [WIP]

    nice start to new season [/img]
  10. nice steady start to season. [/img]
  11. [FM15] England Level 24 [WIP]

    Do you have badges for all 24 levels?
  12. [FM15] England Level 24 [WIP]

    no you will need to start a new game
  13. keep it going, im in level 6 now.