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  1. You can add players to playable teams when you start the game.
  2. New file here & also in 1st post. League & Data Updates.fmf
  3. Its about ready, i cant get Level 11 leagues to create league history though and teams that are involved in the Level 7 relegation stage.
  4. Im about half way through level 11 now so not too much more to do before testing.
  5. I think i have managed to fix the issue but i have noticed also that teams are not creating history on their league position. Im currently fixing it, done down to Level 9 so far. Sorry its taking a bit longer to sort things out but i thought you guys would like everything fixed before releasing.
  6. Its working fine, the only problem is its creating the southern league premier central winners twice on history in the 1st season.
  7. Sorry its taking me a little longer than expected to fix the issue, i have got them all working now except the southern league premier central which is creating the league winners twice in the 1st season. Hoping to have it fixed soon.
  8. 1 less team relegated from league 1 and 1 less team relegated from each level to make the numbers work for the 2nd season.
  9. Just adding add history under other stage rules for the leagues. Should be released in a couple of days.
  10. Alot of leagues at level 11 where not creating history for the winners and a couple at level 7 too
  11. I now know how to fix it and will set about doing it.
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