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  1. From what i can see you dont have any rules for the county Leagues at level 9, the extra promotion places are needed from these leagues to make the numbers add up for the extra league that will be in the regional 1st divisions. There will also be needed 2 sets of rules for the county leagues at level 9 because there will also be 2 extra leagues at this level from the season after. I will be trying to do this with my Level 11 English file when i have done all the data for it, but we are having a issue with the number of teams relegated from the Vanarama national North/South divisions due to the effect that bury were kicked out the efl.
  2. Maybe you could help me when im ready to start putting the rules in.
  3. What if i want to make the next level active and even add a few more levels on to that, do i have to delete some of the rules for that. i will be trying to make next seasons league structure when i have done all the editing of the data.
  4. Because you cant edit it in basic rules. its locked out.
  5. Yes my hope is to do a close to proper structure as possible, but if not get a good working one for this season.
  6. I will have a proper go at the rules once i have finished with the data.
  7. have you tried the graphics sections, thats where things like that are usually.
  8. I have tried something similiar, i got rid of some of the rules and redid it, after many hours of messing about with it i eventually got it to work down to vanarama north and south. I did another version where i kept league 1 at 23 teams but made next years promotion and relegation numbers, i got it to work but then when i verrified it there was something wrong with the dates.
  9. Im unsure yet, my 1st priority is to get this seasons system working 1st. After that i will try to do it and see how i get on.
  10. The 2nd part might not be able to be done im just going to have a really good go at it. it is very difficult to get the promotion & relegation correct, even more harder due to the fact their is a inbalance due to bury being ejected from League 1.
  11. Its supposed to make it a better system with less traveling to games in the local leagues.
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