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  1. Yes there is alot more teams in the default database this year.
  2. I dont know much about logos but im sure they have worked in the past.
  3. I added lower division competitions and cups to existing structure.
  4. All Level 11 clubs now set to amateur & club reputations set. All city & stadium co ordinates checked down to Level 6
  5. All Level 11 leagues now have all the teams created and put into the correct divisions. Now is the long process of creating the cities, stadiums, stadium co ordinates, kits, etc etc for the Level 11 Leagues
  6. I have noticed Kidderminster Harriers U23's are in the Midland League Premier Division at the start of the game, I think that was a problem in FM20 also where the U23 team had to be removed. I have not checked all the leagues but i noticed Histon & marlow was in the Northern league 1 midlands after the 1st season, i think they should be in one of the southern leagues.
  7. yeah that what i thought last year, for 1 season it was not worth going through all the trouble.
  8. Yes i had that same issue last year, it just could not be done no matter what i tried doing.
  9. no worries i like to keep up to date how the progress is going.
  10. 22 of the 48 Level 11 leagues now have the clubs created for them.
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