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  1. Because not all level 10 teams are not in the fa cup. Its random which ones are chosen.
  2. I have not played this file for a while, i have been doing a European challenge and im curently managing in Malta, really built a team up and making quite a bit of money getting through a few rounds in european competitions.
  3. Another League & Cup double won in Malta, Lost the Super Cup though. I think im going to stay here for 1 more season then im going to move to a different country.
  4. It might have been my file from FM18. I also have done the same for FM19 but it is just for Europe.
  5. On the move from kosovo to take over a team in the Maltese Premier League. In a relegation battle though.
  6. Updated file in the 1st post. Transfer window for leagues below the vanarama leagues. Loan rules added. Maximum short term loans & long term loans added. Maximum of 5 Loan playes in match day squad England Level 11 Leagues & Data Updates.fmf
  7. I have set a transfer window as how it is in the Vanarama Leagues for the lower Leagues. June until end of March. Loan Rules set to how they are in the Vanarama Leagues. Does anyone know where the match rules are to set a maximum of 5 on loan players in the matchday squad? When i have done this i will release a updated file.
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