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  1. I really don't know what is causing this issue, Are you actually in the Hampshire cup? or is it just saying you are.
  2. you need to go into the advanced rules, open the stages tab, then open the stages league tab, then the real life teams tab will be visible.
  3. Under the Level 10 I have it set so at Level 10 every contract can be set at Non-Contract apart from youngster contract which is still amateur. At Level 9 some of the contracts can be set at part-time, All the staff can be set to part-time. But I guess a lot of this depends whether the club goes semi-pro or not and whether they can afford to in the 1st place. There is also minimum stadium requirements at Level 9 and above to be taken care of.
  4. I think you will have to go into the real life teams tab and add them into that list. That was the only way I could get correct teams to go into the correct leagues at Level 11.
  5. Fixed the Dorset League Cup not finishing. Cant fix Scole United showing as being in the Lincolnshire League on their main page, they are not actually in this league, they are in the Anglian combination. I did a test run and it shows correctly after the 1st season. England Level 11 Leagues & Data Updates.fmf
  6. Yes I see what you mean now, yes it does actually happen at the start of the game, I have demo run for more than 1 season and it fixes. I have even deleted them and then recreated them but it still happens, no idea why?
  7. That does not happen on my game they are only in the Anglian combination. Do you have any extra add ons that are maybe conflicting with this file.
  8. Has anyone noticed any issues with the file yet? I have noticed that the dorset league cup fails to complete so I will try and sort that out.
  9. Yes all clubs at Level 11 are amateur. I have not gone past 1st season to see if they turn semi-pro when they reach level 10.
  10. Full Level 11 Database now released. Updated 1st page with the latest file, it is also available here. Any issues or feedback welcome. It has only been tested so far for about 3/4 of a season so you may want to test it first and let me know if you find any issues. England Level 11 Leagues & Data Updates.fmf
  11. No it wont let me, you can only have a maximum of 20 promotion places. So I have reverted it back to what it was before, 45 relegation places from Level 10 and 45 promotion places from Level 11 (1 from each division), the only thing with this method is it means 7 teams get relegated from the northern counties east league division 1. I have extended the FA Vase to include 1000 teams from Levels 9-11. I will release the file in a couple of hours so you can test it to see if there are any major problems.
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