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  1. when they turn professional, which will probably be League 2
  2. yes they are hardcoded, I think there is still a little prize money though although its not shown on rules.
  3. Now sorted it. England Level 10 League & Data Updates.fmf
  4. Just noticed Plymouth argyle 1st team are in the FA Vase, and probably the 1st teams of the reserve teams at Level 10
  5. Sorry about that but there was a few issues that needed addressing, the big one was Southern League south Division 1 playoffs not taking place due to a error in the rules.
  6. The database is 19.1, its the game version that has changed to 19.2, you will see this on the game status on a save game.
  7. I don't think the database has changed.
  8. They withdrew from the league at the start of the season.
  9. The one I have made, English Level 10 database.
  10. Should be a lot better now, im about to start again too. Let me know if you notice anything not right. 1 thing I cant seem to change is the reputation of the reserve teams in the Level 10 leagues, they just revert back when I save the changes. They cant be promoted though or enter the FA Competitions.
  11. file updated with reserve teams denied entering FA Competitions.
  12. lionel messi

    FA Cup Help Needed FM19

    Its a pre set date that all competitions use in the advanced editor
  13. I need to stop reserve teams from entering the FA Competitions, does anyone know how to exclude them as I have tried a few things but they are still entering the competions.
  14. 1st post now updated with latest fixes. Also posted here.