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  1. I have about the 5th lowest budget of £180,000 pw. I have cleared the debt i had due to about £26 million in player sales but the players i have brought in as replacements i not quite as good i think. I due have a few promising young players who could be good in a few years time though.
  2. You are very welcome. I think i could be in the championship for quite a few years yet, over 3 million in debt but finding it hard to sell any players to clear the debt. At least my reputation could be going up close to the other teams in the league.
  3. A good 7th place finish. training and youth facilities are being upgraded again. I have got a couple of young players coming through who look quite promising.
  4. I have had barely anything in transfer budget for 2 seasons in the championship now, i think i would try and get a few better players in in different areas, try and get good free transfers and loans in. I would really try and make your defence as good as you can, i have conceded 195 goals in the last 2 seasons in the league, my strikers have really made us finish quite a bit higher than i should have finished really. I have sold quite a few players in this transfer window, about £14 million in total so far and tried to bring some better players in although they are not much better than what i already have but they are young and could have a good sell on value later. My reputation is gradually growing compared to the rest of the teams but i am still quite a bit behind the lowest ranked championship teams, in fact most league 1teams and some league 2 teams are higher rep than me but i am closing the gap after the end of each season. i think getting all them back to back promotions as really left us behind. My board are upgrading the training and youth facilities again so thats really good news, also our youth recruitment network has been upgraded too.
  5. No i just try and get the best players i can to join, alot of them wont be that good anyway.
  6. When you start the game make sure you tick add players to playable teams it will give you more players in the database. How come there is only 3,500 players that seems a bit low.
  7. A nice 10th place finish in our 2nd season in the championship, could have been a bit higher but had a bad run during the 2nd half of the season. I might have a little bit of transfer budget this coming season so maybe can improve the squad a little bit. £500k I am improving my traing facilities as well.
  8. I always have a shocking run near the end of the season, i was up fighting for the playoffs this season but will finish around mid table i think. I cant complain though as i was predicted to finish 23rd.
  9. A good player progressing very well. Could become a really good player in a few years.
  10. Wage budget still very low compared to the rest of the teams in the league, hopefully we can overachieve again and stay in the league.
  11. 1st season in the championship & a 12th place finish, not bad considering we was favorites to finish bottom. I have cleared the debts and got 1 million in the bank now after getting £4.8 million for solidarity payments after the end of the season, although we lose money very quickly so that might soon disappear. The board have agreed to upgrade both the training & youth facilties so that should help us train better.
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