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  1. Thats because thats how it was for the 2018-19 season, looks like the format has been changed for 2019-20 season.
  2. League 2 wont be affected in terms of relegation or else you will end up with 25 or 26 teams in League 2
  3. I have not added any logos, you will have to download logos if you want them.
  4. You have to unzip the downloaded file to your editor data folder within football manager 2019
  5. Double won in 1st full season in Georgia and qualified for the knockout stages of the Europa League.
  6. click on the leagues tab and select how far down you want to go down to.
  7. Another treble won in Armenia and also takes us over the 1000 points in total.
  8. I dont think it is possible unless you do what i did with the FA Cup and apply to old saves, even then i dont know if it will work or not.
  9. yes i think you might have to wait till next season as the competition has already started this season.
  10. Now open up the FA Cup and go under the teams tab open up the one at the top which get random teams from division Level 10 teams, change it from 75 teams to 72 teams. save the file and verify all the levels and your done.
  11. 1st thing you need to do is load the editor file and go to the FA CUP tab on the left hand side, click on apply rules to old saves like i have here.
  12. I dont think by just removing the levels it will fix it because the FA Cup will still start from the preliminary rounds and still get the extra teams. (You could try as i could be wrong) Yes i dont know if it will work if you have made your own changes or not, i can show you the changes i have made to the FA Cup so you can do it on your own editor file if you want.
  13. I would click add players to teams, also add key staff.
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