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  1. Hey messi, SI has just released 21.3 database, will your fmf file be conflicted with the SI database? Seems that you make a lot of changes in database. Anyway, thank you, the rule is perfect.
  2. I think I can make a program to process with historical reanalyze data from ECMWF or NASA / NOAA, to calculate every weather component base on game region. It may be more accurate. Just thinking
  3. Appreciate your work messi! I wonder if you add lower leagues to the original advanced rules or just add them to basic rules? Because adding lower leagues to basic rules may cause advanced features missing, for example, National League South will keep 21 teams all the time, besides, promotion / relegation teams below lev.7 get into wrong regions. Sorry I just read the whole post, now I have a new question: How did you solve with the error when it comes to verifying the advanced rules? Even the vanilla rules show error like: Sorry for my poor English, hope you can understand
  4. Hey, thanks for your working, do you have any plan for future upgrade? I should start a new game with your patch few weeks later.
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