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  1. XaW - Miðvágs Bóltfelag - 2032 League Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances We retained the title for the 6th time, and we almost went perfect, if not for a draw away to 07 Vestur in the final match of the season. We have become completely dominant domestically now, so most depends on how well we can do in Europe. The best players this season have been Petur Hansen 30i, Brian Petersen 28h and Bergur Joensen 27a. Rinaldo 31b has had a great development this season and became a first team member about half way into the season. The youth intake this season was good, but one player really stood out. Svein Rasmussen 32a looks like an excellent prospect in defence. In the Løgmanssteypið we beat Víkingur Gøta, NSÍ Runavík and B36 to reach the final. Here we beat ÍF Fuglafjørður to retain the title. In the Champions League we started in the 1st qualifying round where we beat Gandzasar of Armenia without issue. In the 2nd qualifying round we knocked out Partizan of Serbia before beating Young Boys of Switzerland in the 3rd qualifying round. In the playoff we faced Norwegians Rosenborg. We drew 1-1 away and 2-2 at home and got knocked out on away goals in the playoff. So we went into the group stage of the Europa League. The other teams in our group were Villarreal of Spain, Arsenal Tula of Russia and KAA Gent of Belgium. We beat Villarreal at home, and drew both matches with Arsenal Tula, and the away leg at Gent, while we lost the remaining two games. Still, that was not enough to keep us out of the bottom spot in the group to knock us out. This season we have added Armenia, Serbia, Russia and Belgium to our visited countries.
  2. There was a special Steam achievement for playing with that club in FM12 or something. If you played a game with them on Christmas eve, or something like that. I got it, and I think it's this one:
  3. XaW - Miðvágs Bóltfelag - 2031 League Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances Once again we retained the title, now for the 5th time in a row. And we returned to our unbeaten run. This season our best player were Kenneth Sørensen 24a who scored a lot from his wide position. Brian Petersen 28h also had a really good season, while Ragnar Nielsen 28a provided a lot on his wing as well. The youth intake this season was really good and especially with a good Brazilian. Dánjal Hansen 31a is a welcome addition to a lacking midfield, and Rinaldo 31b is the random Brazilian who somehow ended up on these islands. In the Løgmanssteypið we beat ÍF Fuglafjørður and Havnar Bóltfelag to reach the final. Here we beat NSÍ Runavík to clinch the title again. In the Champions League we started in the 1st qualifying round as usual. Here we beat Dinamo Tbilisi of Georgia to go through. In the 2nd qualifying round we faced Ferenváros of Hungary again. We lost away, but beat them at home with a bigger margin to go past them. In the 3rd qualifying round we didn't have much issue with Slovan Bratislava of Slovakia. Then in the playoffs we lost to Basel of Switzerland on aggregate after we won a game each. This meant we went into the group stage of the Europa League. There we drew Athletic Club of Spain, Malmö FF of Sweden and PAOK of Greece. We managed to beat PAOK in both legs (as did everyone else, including Athletic beating them 11-0!), but lost the rest and finished 3rd in our group. As it turns out that gave us another go, this time in the Europa Conference, in the 1st knockout round we faced Scottish side Aberdeen. We beat them at home and lost away, but it was enough to put us through on away goals. In the 2nd qualifying round we got Sparta Praha of Czechia. They got beat in both legs and we went into the next round. There we got a royal spanking by Sevilla of Spain. They beat us 4-0 and 3-0 to stop our run dead in it's tracks. This season we have added Georgia, Slovakia, Switzerland, Greece and Czechia.
  4. Try this: and this: If none of those help you should post in here: https://community.sigames.com/forum/738-crashes-technical-issues/
  5. Then it could be something with the skin. Try to change back into the standard one and see if it still happens. If that works, then you need to ask the ones who made the custom skin.
  6. Dunno if you have a custom skin, but perhaps change the zoom in preferences?
  7. Yeah, when I saw it I realised I had no chance at all, not that I would have had much chance anyway, but that was just plain impossible.
  8. XaW - Miðvágs Bóltfelag - 2030 League Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances We retained the title, but we actually lost a game this time around. Our first loss in seventy-three matches! Still, another great season and still only KÍ Klaksvík are anywhere close. Ragnar Nielsen 28a had a great season both scoring and assisting in double digits from the wing. Hugin Gregersen 28b also did great from full back and Kenneth Sørensen 24a was our top scorer. The youth intake this season was pretty good, and with a random great Gibraltarian player in Ryan Lovegrove 30a, I'm very happy. In the Løgmanssteypið we beat Havnar Bóltfelag and ÍF Fuglafjørður to reach the final. Here we beat KÍ Klaksvík again to claim another cup trophy. In Champions League we started in the 1st qualifying round as usual. Here we beat Partizani Tirana of Albania without much trouble. In the 2nd qualifying round we faced Dynamo Kyiv of Ukraine and destroyed them at home. A 0-1 loss away was enough to put us through. In the 3rd qualifying round we met Cracovia of Poland. We beat them on both legs to go past them. In the playoff we got Ferencváros of Hungary. We drew 2-2 home, but managed to sneak in a 2-1 win away to get into the group stage! We had our normal insanely hard group draw and got Milan of Italy, Chelsea of England and Barcelona of Spain. Typical... We did our best, but we became a real whipping boy and lost all matches, including a 8-0 loss away to Barcelona. Unsurprisingly, we finished bottom without scoring a goal. Some new countries added this season. Ukraine, Poland and Spain are the new ones.
  9. Oh, by all means, I don't mean to say that people who use exploit tactics should feel less enjoyment, I simply meant that more realistic tactics seems to produce more realistic results. How anyone wants to play a (mostly) single player game should be left to the one playing. So I don't mean to say that you are doing it wrong, this game allows you to do whatever you want, and it should! I'm simply think that if you use unrealistic input you should expect some unrealistic output from it. With varying degree, of course. I'd love to see very unrealistic tactics or formations be exploited due to their lack of actual realism, but I don't want the me to "know" it's unrealistic, just be able to use the space available due to the lack of players better. This would be more "real" for me, but it's not an easy way, and I think SI could have made it, but then the game would be much, much harder for everyone, and not everyone likes that much of a challenge. Some just want to win some games with their favourite team and that's it. I really enjoy the details of the game and would like to see it much harder than it is, but it's a balancing game for SI. The thing about the match engine is that it does make sense, but it's not very good at explaining why without a fair degree of understanding of real life football, AND how the game differs from it! Missing 1v1s is a game thing, and that is an FM thing (even though 1v1s are far less likely to become a goal than you'd think! Pens are about 75% so 1v1s will most likely be far less, especially with a defender on your heels). But understanding the role of a pivot player and options to recycle is often understated in FM and will often lead to long shots that rarely becomes a goal, or a rushed pass that goes nowhere. The same is movement between the lines, and opposite movements. Those are very important in real life, and equally so in FM, but it's not always easy to know how to set it up, or to see that it's missing. A player like Roberto Firmino is an excellent example of a player who is exceptionally good at creating space for others (mostly Salah and Mane). He moves between the lines a lot and the defender is very often faced with a dilemma of following or stay in his line. If he stays Firmino is open to receive a pass, turn and create something, if he follows he will open up space in the defensive line that others can use. So when Firmino pulls deeper other players can run into the space created. Players like Kevin De Bruyne is excellent at using that space from a deeper position and often finds it a bit wider and is allowed time and space to cross those wonderful balls into the box that he so often gets assists on. These things are hard to replicate in FM, but it is possible, at least to an extent. Creating a pivot is simply pulling a player deeper like Fabinho at Liverpool, or simply having a ball playing defender available (depending on how much the other team press). Creating movement between the lines will allow more offensive play, and if you look at the whole match when you dominate you can see players move about and sometimes pull a defender out of position, and that is what I'm talking about. If you can do that often, the opposite team will have players out of position and your players will have an advantage. If you don't see it, then your players will have a tougher time getting through. It's there to see, but not very easily unless you know what to look for. Now, can you do these things without micromanaging it? Sure, as I said, more realistic tactics will do that "naturally" if you have suitable players. Exploit tactics use some of this, but to the extreme where the game will have a tough time giving realistic output, and sometimes you can stumble on it by accident. And I know there are issues with the match engine, and there are things that will hopefully improve in future versions, but a lot of this can also be handled with tactical instructions. Is that an apology for the game not being ideal, no, but it is a way of working around it to enjoy this game to the fullest. And that's something we all, at least most, would like to do. Claiming the AI is cheating is a somewhat lazy way of saying "my tactical instructions are perfect and I'm not to blame". While that might be possible, I'd doubt it. And if you have a perfect tactic, why are you not a real life manager?
  10. I don't know if you can change the colour of the key attributes for roles, but the attributes themselves you can by searching for "custom skin colour" in preferences.
  11. I won't argue with your feelings because, well, that's just not possible... And there are issues with the ME, no doubt, and there are issues with the game that can feel frustrating for a lot of players. On the other hand, I have seen a lot of users claim things are bugged when they are using one of the exploit tactics I've seen around that are pushing the ME to the extremes and therefor is not in a position to complain the loudest when their exploit failed to win every blue moon. And the fact is that a lot of the issues are possible to work around tactically. And the most enjoyable football in the match engine comes when playing some form of "normal" tactic that is based on real life. I'm still playing my FM17 tactic (with a few tweaks) and it works like a charm. Am I winning every match with 10 goals? No, but I am achieving more than the board expects just about every season, so it's working. And on top of that I'm seeing some wonderful football being played. I can control games, counterattack, contain, and all things between by doing simple tweaks to mentality and a few roles if I'm hanging on by a thread. One key thing though, that I feel not everyone talks about, and that is why I quoted you on this part. A player having 1 in an attribute does not mean the player is useless. A 1 in finishing doesn't mean that he will have a hard time hitting the ground if not for gravity, and having 20 in finishing does not mean he will hit the hair on a fly from 30 meters every time either. I think I read SI wrote somewhere that 1 means the minimum you would expect from a professional footballer, and 20 as the best possible in the world. Now, there is a gap there, but it's not as big as you would think if you though your Nan had a 1 in finishing. Chances are that a 1 in finishing is much more than most amateur players could wish for! So a player with 1 in long shots will also occasionally hit one in from 30 meters out, but a player with 20 in long shots will most likely do it much more often.
  12. Did you read the linked message? The one from Neil Brock who is actually working for SI and who clearly have more knowledge about this than anyone else in here? That is far from "just a claim". Unless you are part of that "the devs are lying to us" group, and in that case discussions are moot.
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