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  1. Oh, man, this GIF-o-rama again...? Just hope it's out before Friday the 13th... I got that weekend all to FM including the day of Friday!
  2. When I had that takeover that bought a few players without my approval, I had a Steam achievement for "record purchase" kick in! I'm just about only playing this now. Some times, if there are big changes I play another "normal" game during the beta to get to know the changes, but other than that this challenge all the way!
  3. This challenge, man, it gets you hooked in and addicted...
  4. Yeah, most people start over in another country if they get sacked, so it's kind of a sleeping rule so to say. Edit: Looking at the rules again, it seems like it's changed to: So perhaps it was changed when I weren't looking...
  5. You can continue with another newly promoted team, BUT that team cannot have been up into the playable tiers before. So if Team X got relegated the first season and then gets promoted again the 3rd season you cannot take over them. So it has to be a team that were unplayable the first season and haven't been promoted before the season you take over. As for the Beta, I don't know. I might have another go in Norway, I think my local club Follo is still available to play, if they haven't added any leagues, that is!
  6. No, but if you find out when, tag darren so he can update. It's always a team promoted to the lowest tier possible to take over a team in.
  7. Ah, yes, that's the one. It was the only one I remembered, so I thought I'd mention it!
  8. Isn't there an Italian big club that's possible to use? I can't for the life of me remember who, but it's one of those who were dropped because of non-sporting issues I believe...
  9. Just try to get rid of them as soon as possible, and of course, they can never play a game. Also please don't let them tutor anyone or something like that. Just try to offer them out, even if you have to take a big loss. Just get rid of them asap and you're good.
  10. I've already pre-ordered. I have every version and play every version, but each to their own. I don't know if we will continue this thread or make a new one. What do you think, @darren1983?
  11. Go to preferences, search for screen flow and the untick the "visit news automatically" or something similar. You should experience less breaks that way.
  12. Promoted to the lower tier playable. So promoted the North or South. When the league rolls over (June 24th or there abouts), press the "world" symbol and select England, there go to Season summary, and in that list you should see all teams promoted from the divisions below. It's the easiest way of finding out who is promoted.
  13. Whatever age you want. I use my own age. Always no badges and sunday league.
  14. I think it's absolutely ridiculous that no one have given them any examples with timestamps since this is such a big issue. And I also find it strange to be a topic for discussion in this thread...?
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