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  1. XaW - Kartal Spor Kulübü - 2025/26 Table | Past positions | Squad | Transfers | Finances The team have now entered a sort of transformation the last few season, and it have continued into this. A lot of the "older" and established players are now getting knocked out of the first team by the younger players, since the newest talent in many ways are much better than the ones who have brought us here. For me this challenges me somewhat in that I have certain feelings of loyalty to the ones who were paramount for our journey up to the top of Turkish football. Players like Mahmut Karaoğlan (YP18e) are getting pushed out of the team by Kaya Tevfik Kabaş (YP25a), Harun Saglam (YP20a) are getting seriously challenged by Atilla Şahan (YP23f), and Ramazan Duman (YP19e) are struggling to keep his spot when Özgür Yüksel (YP24c) are doing so well to name a few. The one who really have been a stalwart for us through the years, and keep on being a first choice is Halit Çiftçi (YP18b). With almost 250 league matches for us, he have been instrumental for us for many years, but even he have been challenged by the youth in Onur Pala (YP24b). In regards to the actual season we have now finished in the top for a few seasons, so other teams expect us to control the matches more. This have forced me to change up my tactic again, since many of the lower ranked teams now just stay back and try to counter us. When the season started it was pretty clear that it was a fight for 2nd place as Trabzonspor ran away early and finished 20 points ahead of the rest since they only lost their first match in March. We had a great season, but the last month was very poor and we almost got caught by Fenerbahçe. We managed to hold on though and finished second. The final part of the season, however, was very poor from us. In the last 13 matches we won 3, drew 6 and lost 4. Our main problem then was actually the scoring. In the start of the season we scored freely, but in those final 13 matches we only scored a measly 12 goals. To compare that with the previous 13 matches were we scored 25 goals. That is something we need to work on for the next season. In the cup we started in the group stage were we got Adana Demirspor, Pendikspor and Konyaspor. We won all 6 matches to finish on top. Then we beat Samsunspor in the 4th round and Kayserispor in the quarter final before losing to Trabzonspor in the semi final. We had another go in Europe this season and we started in the Champions League 3rd qualifying round were we got Club Brugge of Belgium. 1-0 win away and 2-1 win at home made us go through to the playoff. Here we got a really tough draw in Atlético Madrid of Spain. Unsurprisingly, we lost 1-3 at home and 0-2 away to get knocked out. This still gave us a pass into the group stage of the Europa League though. Here we drew Roma of Italy, APOEL of Cyprus and Vitesse of Holland. A group I hoped we would have a chance at progressing from. Of course Roma would be tough, but APOEL and Vitesse should be possible to beat. We finished in 2nd place after losing both matches to Roma, but winning all other matches. In the 1st knockout stage we drew Anderlecht of Belgium. In the first match, at home, we played very poor and lost 0-1. I got the lads fired up for the replay and we somehow knocked them out of their own stadium to win the match 3-0 and go through. The 2nd knockout round gave us a much tougher draw in Borussia Dortmund of Germany. We gave it our all, but lost 2-4 in Germany, but managed to win 1-0 at home. Of course, it wasn't enough to go past them, but we still beat them. A very good effort by the players. Financially, we have more money than we know what to do with. We have another upgrade to both youth and training facilities in progress, but the board won't allow me to ask for improved youth coaching now youth recruitment, but I'll keep on trying. I'm trying to get some non-domestic affiliates to negotiate that we'll get some of their youth intakes, but the board have been unwilling to do so as of yet. The youth: A pretty good youth intake this season, but not amazing. We got a couple of interesting players and the best seems to be Gökhan Yıldırım (YP26a).
  2. XaW - Kartal Spor Kulübü - 2024/25 Table | Past positions | Squad | Transfers | Finances For the first time I loaned out a lot of players this season. It's mostly down to the fact that we have a lot of talents, and I can't give everyone the play time they need to develop. I only kept the players I feel have the highest chance of playing, unless they came to me and wanted more. A couple of the ones who left would get some games, but probably not enough. I've also been a bit picky as to whom I load them out to. I've checked their facilities and other players in similar positions. For the most part I had success, but a few players got too few matches and had to be recalled. All in all though most of the players I wanted to play got their fair share while most of the loanees got a lot of matches. Back to the league; we won a couple of the first matches to give us a good start. We had no problems scoring as evident by us ending as the most scoring team in the league. Our issue was once again that we concede too much, and we struggle to keep our lead. We have had a lot of matches where we were up 1-0 or 2-0, only to give away a goal or two so we had to fight for the win. With a more experienced squad we would probably not have this happen as often, but seeing as we have mostly academy players in our squad now, I don't have much experience left. Our players are getting older though, so a couple of them are soon to be ranked as experienced. As the season went we hovered around the European spots, though Trabzonspor ran away early and clinched the title with a fair amount of matches left. We were fighting with Beşiktaş, Fenerbahçe and Galatasaray for the rest of the top spots, and in the end we managed to finish in 2nd place. Once again overachieving compared to what I thought was possible. A great season all in all and we are qualified for the Champions League next season. In the cup we beat Kocaeli to get to the group stage. Here we met Gençlerbirliği, Erzurum Bld and Akhisar Belediyespor. 5 wins and 1 draw put us through without much problem. In the 4th round we beat Sivasspor to go to the quarter final where we beat Galatasaray. In the semi final we got knocked out by Trabzonspor. The youth: The youth intake this season was pretty good. We also got a very talented goalkeeper in Kaya Tevfik Kabaş (YP25a).
  3. The team I thought I'd present the team and give anyone who wants the possibility to see the players I have at hand. I'll post a screenshot of them and my impression. Feel free to add your opinion, especially if it differs from mine. Goalkeepers: Osman Şimşek - Veteran goalkeeper who have been our first choice for many years. Lost his place this season and are looking to leave for a new challenge. Mahmut Karaoğlan (YP18e) - Our current first choice goalkeeper. Not a world beater, but a decent fellow. Tarık Demir (YP22c) - Young goalkeeper, but he haven't really improved as I hoped. Still young though. Emre Yılmaz (YP24e) - Came through the academy this year, and might be the one who can become our next first choice. Summary: I don't have the superstar goalkeeper I want, but I have decent one and some talents, so not bad. Defenders: Harun Saglam (YP20a) - Our best right back. Have been our first choice for 4 years already. 10 caps for Turkey U21. Kadir Efe (YP21b) - Second choice right back, but probably won't be more than a backup. Atilla Şahan (YP23f) - Up-and-coming fullback I have hopes for. Need to work on his technical skills. Zafer Çuvalcı - Utility veteran. A sort of jack-of-all-trades for us for many seasons now, but it's going towards the end of his playtime soon. Yasir Baş (YP22e) - Promising, centreback that needs to jump better. Been out on loan this season since he wanted more playtime than I could give him. Capped for Turkey U19s. Cevdet Bayrak (YP24a) - Came through the season this season and is one of our better left backs already. Tugay Kaya - Been here since the start, but have only been a backup this season. Will probably leave this summer. Cengizhan Çalış (YP19f) - A very good central defender, but I don't rate his jumping. Played a lot this season, and is capped by Turkey U20s. Tuna Güney (YP20d) - Another good central defender out on loan this season. Uğur Çalışkan (YP20c) - Our best central defender and the one who leads our defense. Capped twice for Turkey U21s. Furkan Aydın (YP22h) - A decent central defender, but will most likely not be playing much for us due to other better players. Mustafa Bulut (YP23d) - Third choice central defender. Gets some matches, but haven't played very good so far. Tevfik Kozkale (YP18f) - Our best left back, but have been out most of the season win injuries. My coaches don't rate him anymore, but he'll have his change to bounce back. Summary: A lot of good central defenders, but not as good coverage out wide. Midfielders: Cumhur Yay (YP19c) - The anchor of the midfield. Mostly does the "invisible" work while other can shine. 4 caps for Turkey U21s. Volkan Coşkun (YP22b) - Backup in the defensive midfielder role. Still very young. Mert Barut (YP19d) - Backup in several roles. Not as good as others, but get's a lot of gametime due to his versatility. Batuhan Güney (YP20b) - Wanted to play more, so he went out on loan. Not sure if he is cut out for the level we are at. Faruk Özçelik (YP23c) - Very young, but very talented as well. Fighting for a starting spot for us already. Kadir Eser - Club icon who have been with us since the start. Still a good player and scores a lot from his midfield position. Burak Ünsal (YP22g) - Promising midfielder, but he have a lot of other good players he need to fight for his position. Vedat Canlı (YP23a) - A very promising winger. Still young, but have improved a lot. Capped at U20 level. Recep Saglam (YP18c) - Was a very good left winger, but then had an "off field event" that set his ambition to rock bottom it seems, since he haven't done much since. Uğur Aydin (YP22a) - Attacking midfielder I have hopes for. Not a first choice yet, but gets his matches. Fuat Karauzam (YP24d) - Just came through the academy, but seems very talented. Tuna Bayülken (YP22d) - Another good attacking midfielder. Both scored and assisted a bit this season. Capped for Turkey U20s. Halit Çiftçi (YP18b) - Been with us quite a while. Leads the attack from his attacking midfield role. Scores a lot as well. Summary: A lot of good players. Don't think I could have asked for more. Attackers: Ramazan Akgün (YP19b) - Can also play on the right wing. Working on his finishing, but his teamwork creates a lot of good plays with the other attacking players. Emirhan Geçer (YP23b) - Came into the team this season with a bang. Scored quite a bit for a 16 year old. Capped for Turkey U20s already. Ramazan Duman (YP19e) - Been our top scorer the last 5 seasons. Usually just below 20 goals. 68 leage goals in total by 21 is quite the feat. Capped once for Turkey U21s. Tayfun Köse (YP22f) - He wants to play, but isn't good enough at the moment so he went out on loan. Had a horrible time in the 3rd tier scoring only 1 goal in 25 matches. Don't think he have what it takes. Hasan Ülkü (YP23f) - Wanted to go on a loan, so he got his wish. Had a good spell in the 3rd tier, so he is progressing. Süleyman Yıldırım (YP23e) - Very talented poacher. Went out on loan, but didn't do much. Özgür Yüksel (YP24c) - Just came through the academy, but my coaches rate him as great. Might be part of the main team next season if he delivers in pre season. Summary: A lot of great strikers, maybe even an abundance. I might need to sell some!
  4. XaW - Kartal Spor Kulübü - 2023/24 Table | Past positions | Squad | Transfers | Finances After we had the great youth intake last season, and with the very successful season we had, I had hopes we could stay away from relegation this season. The start however, was far from promising. We lost two and drew 1 in the first 3 games to get of to a very slow start. Then we got a couple of wins to take us into a better position. Then we hovered around midtable for a while before going into a big losing streak. In 9 matches we only won a single game and only two draws. This made us slide down the table for a while. When we bounced back we bounced back for real. 6 wins in a row and then only 3 losses until the end of the season made sure we ended in a very good 6th place. One spot behind last year, but still a great season and far above what I had expected. In the cup we started in the group stage, probably since we are in Europe this season. We drew Gençlerbirliği, Sivas Bld and Tuzlaspor to give us a rather easy group. We won 5 and drew one match to progress at the top of the group. In the 4th round we got beat on pens by Akhisar Belediyespor. We also had our first go in Europe this season. We started in the Europa League 3rd qualifying round were we faced Dnipro of Ukraine. We won 3-2 at home, and then won 3-1 away to progress to the playoff. Here we faced Rapid Wien of Austria. A 2-2 draw away was followed by an amazing 3-1 win at home to go to the group stage. Here we drew Austria Wien of Austria, Liverpool of England and Marseille of France. We beat the Austrians both home and away, but lost the rest of the games to end in 3rd place. A very good effort for our first try. The youth: We had another great youth intake this season. A lot of talented players and the best one might be Cevdet Bayrak (YP24a).
  5. We had a very poor run, but followed it up with a great run. I don't quite know what turned it around, but I'm not complaining.
  6. Ah, great to see this isn't dead! Will keep on watching!
  7. XaW - Kartal Spor Kulübü - 2022/23 Table | Past positions | Squad | Transfers | Finances Another season where we didn't lose any players I wanted to keep. Since we managed to survive last season, I had hopes to keep going and do the same this season. Little did I know that the players had other plans. They started amazing and in the first 5 matches we won 4 and drew 1. Granted it was against the poorest teams in the division, but still a very good start for us. I think it gave us a great moral since we kept on picking up points, and only a small dip where we lost a couple in a row happened. I don't know if this was our breakthrough season, or if it's only a glimpse, but I'll take it. As the season went we continued to win some and lose some, but our great start enabled us to stay just around the final European spot. After the final match we finished in 5th place, just below the European spot. A very good season. But wait! There's more! The cup final was played and it was won by Konyaspor, so the final European spot went to us! We are heading into Europe next season! Just amazing. I have no illusions that we can do this again next season, but it's still a morale boost for us. In the cup we beat Tarsus İdman Yurdu and Hacettepe to go to the group stage. Here we got Fenerbahçe, Giresunspor and Adanaspor. We managed to finish 2nd behind Fenerbahçe to progress further. In the 4th round we managed to beat Trabzonspor to go to the quarter final. We played a two legged tie against Fenerbahçe again, but they edged us out. This season we have played Fenerbahçe 6 times! It ended with 3 losses, 2 draws and a single win. The youth: The youth team this season was probably the best I've ever had. Amazing youngsters and the best is probably Vedat Canlı (YP23a).
  8. Yeah, I really hope to finish the challenge for once. The big three isn't quite the same now. Last season Galatasaray ended on 10th place and the league was won by Kayserispor. So things have changed quite a bit here. This season though the big three are in the top four spots at the moment (around Christmas), so they might just had a small glimpse last season. I'm doing much better though, and it seems unlikely that I'm relegated this season. We are actually over performing quite a bit, and are in contention for a top half finish. Hopefully, I'm not jinxing myself now...
  9. I wish I still had him! He is a wonderkid at the moment and a fantastic player!
  10. XaW - Kartal Spor Kulübü - 2021/22 Table | Past positions | Squad | Transfers | Finances So, our first season in the top flight of Turkish football and I expected a very tough battle to avoid relegation. It got even harder when we lost two of our best players in the summer due to their reluctance to sign new contracts. They stayed until it ended and then left. Very tough for us as a newly promoted team. When the season started we won our first game, but we soon found out just how tough it would be. Losing 1-6 in the two next matches showed us we had our work cut out. We continued to lose a lot, but picked up a point here and there, and even a couple of wins along the way, but we were firmly in the relegation battle. It was clear from early on that the fight to avoid relegation was between Kardemir Karabükspor, Sivasspor, Alanyaspor, Samsunspor and of course ourselves. The five teams followed each other and everyone could survive and everyone could go down. With 3 games left we were below the line, but had games against Kardemir Karabükspor and Sivasspor left. We managed to win against Sivasspor, then lost at away to Fenerbahçe before winning away at Kardemir Karabükspor. We would even had survived without the last win due to Sivasspor's loss on the final day. A very good effort from the lads, and hopefully we can do it again next season. Financially, we are coasting. We are making a lot of money due to the TV deal, and prize money. Facilities are improving and will be finished after the summer. Hopefully this will help our youths even further. In the cup we beat Altay and Gaziantep BB to get to the group stage. Here we drew Karşıyaka, Manisaspor and Trabzonspor. We managed to finish 2nd to progress through, for the first time. In the 4th round we lost to Kayserispor. The youth: I lost the screenshot from the youth intake, but here is one of the youth team at the moment. The best talent is probably Uğur Aydin (YP22a).
  11. Holy cow, how much money one get in the Turkish top tier!?! I get about £1,5M per month as a TV deal, and £700k for every win, and £350k for every draw! Thanks to this I've gotten youth recruitment improved as well as accepted improved training and youth facilities.
  12. XaW - Kartal Spor Kulübü - 2020/21 Table | Past positions | Squad | Transfers | Finances So, the Turkish second tier. I honestly had no idea what to expect. I've played a couple of the teams in the cups and did quite well, but also lost horribly, so anything could happen. This summer I didn't lose any players due to missing contracts. If that is down to us improving or the lack of quality of the youngster will be unsaid, but at least I didn't lose anyone I wanted to keep. We lost the first match, but then won a couple, so things were still uncertain after a few games. Then we lost to Adanaspor, horribly. I guessed then I would have a tough season, and shifted my tactic to a bit more defensively, but still counterattacking. It seemed to work as we started to pick up some more points. We still had some very big losses, and only snatches 1-0 and 2-1 victories. The league was pretty even and a win could boost us up 7-8 places while a loss could send us down the same number of spots. We continued to pick up points and we suddenly found ourselves fighting for the top spots. While we fought up there we still had a negative goal difference! Winning some and losing some with a few games left we could finish anything from 1st to 6th. Adanaspor was our closest opponent, but they had a horrible finish to the season and finished outside the automatic promotion spots. It went down to the final match, and with a 2-1 win at home against Pendikspor we were crowned champions. I don't think we are ready for the top tier, and this might be too soon for us. I hope I can avoid relegation next season, but I'm not sure. Anyway, we'll give it our best. In the cup we beat Sancaktepe and Boluspor to progress to the group stage. Here we got Bursaspor, Trabzonspor and Yeni Malatyaspor. We won our two matches against Yeni Malatyaspor, but lost the rest and finished 3rd to get knocked out. The youth: This season we had our worst youth intake so far. One a single player worth noting in goalkeeper İlhan Köse (YP21a).
  13. I just got offered the Trabzonspor job. They finished 7th in the top tier this season. Declined of course, but it's nice to get noticed. A blast from the past. Staff wise at least.
  14. XaW - Kartal Spor Kulübü - 2019/20 Table | Past positions | Squad | Transfers | Finances A new season, and a new youth prospect ripped away from my hands by a big club. Just like last year without even playing a game, and that's the part I'm really annoyed by. Anyway, I'm trying not to cry about spoiled youths, so on to the season itself. This season we started with 2 wins, and I hoped we could do well from the get go this season, but then we only won one of the next 7 matches. Luckily, we found the form again and climbed up the table and settled around the playoff spots. As the season went into the latter part we soon found ourselves at the top spot, but the rest of the teams were close at our heels. With only a few matches left we did our best to throw the league title, but I'm thankful Denizlispor and Altay did the same. When we won the final game of the season the title was ours. Promotion was quite a surprise this season, and I think it will be very hard to survive in the second tier next season. We'll still try as best we can though. In the cup we beat Adliyespor and Adana Demirspor to go to the group stage. Here we drew Şanlıurfaspor, Kasımpaşa and Akhisar Belediyespor. We won twice, drew one game and lost 3. That wasn't enough to progress through, but close. The youth: The youth intake this season was good, but not any amazing players like the last few. The best one is probably Harun Saglam (YP20a).
  15. He left for compensation. He was way too good for us anyway... I just hoped I could get him to play a single game for us... I just got an amazing assistant manager though. Some of you might remember him from the real world of football as well. I really rate his personality. Hopefully he can transfer some of that to some youth players.