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  1. Just into January in my second season. We are placed in the playoff spots, and might have a shot at promotion. Fingers crossed!
  2. It doesn't seem to be added into the game. I loaded up a game as Celtic, just to check and I have league matches in January.
  3. @Mr_Demus: I haven't had any issues so far (unless you consider my inability to handle our finances and issue), and everything seems good to me.
  4. Ah, from inside the game? Well, kind of hard to know by the text. I can check when I get home later today and post a picture here, if no one have done so by then.
  5. Google gave me the answer on the first result. http://spfl.co.uk/news/article/start-date-for-201617-league-season/
  6. Season Summary - XaW - Folkestone Invicta - 2017/18 Table | Past Positions | Squad | Transfers | Finances A good season all in all. Even though we started poorly, we managed to pick some points here and there throughout the season and we were never really in danger of relegation. Our main problem this season was our defense, and our lack defensive control. We let in way to many easy goals, and that led to many lost points. The squad is way too big at the moment, but that's due to many of the players I inherited were to poor to play much, but most of them will be gone as soon as their contract expire. Financially we are losing money, and losing a lot. A couple of the players have already complained about the financial state of the club, at the same time the club have stopped paying out bonuses to players. We lost more than £400k this season, and I can't really see this changing a lot next season, so I'm not sure how this will progress, but we'll see... Both the cups was failures. In the FA Cup we lost in the 2nd qualifying round to Poole. The FA Trophy wasn't much better as we lost to Dartford in the 3rd qualifying round. The best players this season was striker, captain and top scorer Ben Pattie, left back and free kick specialist Sam Beale and attacking midfielder and creative force Wilfred Gnahore. Season | League | Position | Europe | Top scorer | Achievements ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2017/18 | Vanarama South | 11th | N/A | Ben Pattie (17) | Mid-table
  7. Halfway into the season I'm slightly above the relegation zone. I'm struggling to find a working tactic, so I guess I'm tinkering way to much. Got some good players, but can't get the defenders to play well, so we concede a lot of goals. I think I have a good chance to survive the drop.
  8. They bought him for £101M in my game!
  9. Great intro post there, @yerug. Nice to see another Norwegian trying their luck in the lower tier. I'm finding it curious that we speak fluently German as Norwegians. Fair enough that we might understand a bit, but I'm certainly not fluent. Anyway, Wiles looks like a diamond on this level. Good luck with the season.
  10. Just played my first competitive match and lost 6-2 away to Bath. This could be hard.
  11. Scrapped a 2-1 win over the U23 team. Hopefully we'll do better soon.
  12. Reloaded a bunch of times, but didn't get any one I wanted more. I'm the new manager of Folkestone Invicta. Here we go!
  13. Releading and trying to figure out who I want. Got Folkstone Invicta as one potential. Going for them unless I get any other fun teams.
  14. Ahh, lovely to see the thread. I'm in, once again. Maybe I'll finish it this year.