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  1. Depends on how good my team plays. If I win most matches with ease, then I often go to Key. If I start to struggle I often review a match completely and try to see where it went wrong, and then try to fix my issues. If I manage to turn it around and start winning regularly again, then I go back to less highlights.
  2. While I agree this module doesn't work as I would like, I do think that sometimes things happen that disappoint fans are natural, but not logical. Like a cult hero leaving the club. He is far from good enough for the team, but fans love him for whatever reason. Fans will be disappointed, but it's still the right call from the management. I tend to take the "disappointing feedback" as the thing that we like the least from the past weeks. Even if it's not really disappointing in itself, you are always a bit disappointed when your team loses, at least I am. Of course, less so if it's a much better team.
  3. It depends on the rules of the country you are managing in. In England it's a couple of months I think or a month or something like that, while other countries have 6 months.
  4. And I responded to this with saying I didn't like the idea and, for me, it would not be a good addition to FM. There is also a whole sub forum dedicated to ideas and suggestions that SI monitor and sometimes they implement ideas or part of ideas from this. This might be something that could be implemented, but it would be unrealistic to be decided or handled by the manager. You can almost do this in FM however, by having a partner club in another country and add the "youth setup" deal. This causes youngster from the nation in question to randomly pop up in your youth intakes. That makes two of us. I'm playing in Hungary at the moment and started as a newly promoted team in the lower tier. The goal is to win the Champions League without bringing in any players at all except youth intakes. It's part of a youth only challenge here on the forum. And the cost and time is part of the realism, isn't it? The cost of improving youth setups are something the club needs to balance. And often you need to sell to improve. Develop players and selling them, using the profits to improve youth setups. I would very much like to have more influence over the training of younger players. At least to avoid getting wingers if I've played a narrow 4-3-2-1 for the last 10 years. Not getting defensive midfielders if I don't use the position, or at least influence more how youth players are coming along. If you have good ideas for this, please share them in the suggestions sub forum. I'm all for better youth development, but all within the realistic role of a manager and not as a director or chairman.
  5. I've pointed out my views of non-management things before so I wont add to it here, but you bring up a couple of valid points at least to bring the game forward. 1. For graphics and animation I don't think the core fans of the series would matter much. A lot of us have played this game since long before 2D was a thing. I usually don't play 3D at all, and it has nothing to do with the quality. That said, many do enjoy this and with the new graphics engine we got for FM18 will hopefully let SI improve this quite a bit for future games. 2. Tactical improvements. This is something would love to see improved. In my last post I linked to a suggestion I had a while back for transitional instructions. Not an easy feature to implement, but still one of the most important feature lacking in my opinion. I used Liverpool under Klopp as an example. If they lose the ball they pressure immensely for a few seconds, but the opponent is able to play of the pressure, then they drop back and invite the ball into their half. This is not possible to replicate at the moment. This will also let teams play a counterattacking option, but only when the played deem it possible (based on player skils, vision, decisions etc) or else do back to a slower paced football. 3. Not something you wrote about, but I would like the AI to be improved a lot. Both for players in the ME and for managers and their reactions both in matches and outside. When you play FM for a bunch of seasons and almost all players are newgens, it gets all too easy to steamroll over AI teams. Seemingly because of poor squad balancing from the AI, and/or the quality of training from the AI. So, respectfully, while I agree that change is most welcome in FM, a fantasy chairman or life sim on the side are not at all things I would like see added.
  6. You said it was nice ideas, and I disagree. I think those ideas are more in a life sim than a football sim like FM. By all means, many people might like a game like that, but it's not for me. I had no intentions of offending you, rather that I disagree any of those ideas are something I would want in FM. If a user asks what nice features the game had that FM does not, I would assume these are features you would like added. If not, then why mention them at all? If you didn't like the features, why would you even think to mention them as nice, missing features? For the match engine I read here that whatever you did had no impact on what actually happened in the match. Like tactics were always 4-4-2 even if you had chosen something else. And quite frankly, that's not even close to acceptable in my mind. I've been tinkering with tactics since I first played CM in the early 90s, so a football management game without a real tactical impact is not something I would even consider paying for. Even a game such as FM have certain tactical aspects that are sorely lacking, however hard to implement, but it's the closest thing out there. Regarding youth camps and such you wrote; My comment to that was: So, yes, I think my comment was on point. SI have stated several times that there are legal reasons why they don't include any younger than U18. In FM18 you are able to build youth facilities, hire youth coaches and set training focus and ask the board to set a higher budget for youth recruitment and youth coaching, and once a year we have a youth intake based on those, so exactly what are we missing with youth, within legal boundaries? So yes, I am quite confused as to how I misread or misinterpreted your comments? Please enlighten me, if you would.
  7. No U23

    When I played with Marine, I got one when I entered Premier League. No idea if it's possible to get before that.
  8. Just lost my best left back to PSG He was on a youth contract, and wouldn't sign a real one, so only a compensation fee for me...
  9. It could be a heat issue. Computers will shut down to prevent damage if it's get too hot. I would advise cleaning the computer and possibly clean the heatsink by the processor and adding new thermal paste.
  10. Not the job of a manager. Not even close. That is sim chairman and don't have anything in FM, in my opinion. You can do most of this in another game, it's called The Sims. Once again, nothing to do with FM. It seems you really like to play simulations, and while FM is a simulation, it's not a life sim. Hopefully, it will stay this way. Never played it, so I can't comment on the ME, but looking at others here it seems rather bad. I would change the line to "They did the life sim good, but the football part less well" since that is more what you are mentioning. Real life or business are not part of FM. The same way you don't manage the cleaning staff, security or other part of a football club not directly linked to the sport. Training camps and wanting to upgrade youth facilities are already part of the game, the same goes for coaches and training. FM also supports real life teams down to U18 (if I recall correctly). While there are many parts of FM I would like improved, your examples are mostly on my personal "I will quit FM if this is implemented"-list.
  11. I really think we should enter the cup at a later point than the 1st round...
  12. I haven't really tried it out, but I assume a 4-4-2 with two deep central midfielders might work? One a Segundo Volante and one Anchorman perhaps. Might have a bit of a play around with the role and see how it works.
  13. Yeah, it was just the closest thing I could think of if the guy wanted to give it a try.
  14. What about a natural DM with "Gets further forward" or "Gets into opponent box" traits? Might that do anything like it?
  15. If could be a number of reasons really. But the main one is time they are unattached for me. Players will often want to play at as high a level as possible. However, if no clubs from their desired level are trying to get them, then they will often, after a while, accept a bid from a lower rated club. So the following might have happened in some cases. You have made a bid, but the player want to play at a higher level than your club. Time goes by and the player lower his demands and a lower rated club gives him an offer. For you that might seem like he is accepting a lower club, but he might have accepted your bid at the time he signed. Other reasons; he doesn't want to relocate. Then new club is close by his last and therefore is a better option. The new club offered him a lot more wages than you. The other club is a higher reputation club than yours, even if they are lower in the tiers than you. If you think something is wrong in your game and that this might be a bug, then post it in the bugs section and maybe SI can give you a clear answer for your specific issue.