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  1. @hyrule_king: I can't get your screenshot links to work (other than the ones who are embedded).
  2. And I can also point back to your 3rd thread regarding this, with just about the same answers then: For the future, please keep this to this topic and don't start new ones about the same thing.
  3. I merged your two almost identical threads together. And since you didn't care to respond to any of the responses you got last time, I have severe doubts you will this time. The same answers stand though.
  4. I reloaded for a while, and Truro was one of the clubs I was thinking about using, but since I have a soft spot for Folkestone I chose them instead. I also have a soft spot for Cambridge City, but since they fell down even another tier, I don't think they can come up in the first season any more...
  5. Folkestone Invicta - Season 2021/22 (Season 1) Review - Vanarama National League South (6th tier) Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances So I'm back in the UK, and back to Folkestone. For those who don't know, Folkestone is a small town just west of Dover, on the south-eastern corner of England. So while it's not a big city, it's quite in the middle of things, and only a 2 hour drive from central London. The club has never been higher than the 7th tier before the promotion last season just before i took over. So it's quite a small club in that regard, and while it doesn't have a grand
  6. Same as normally for me. Try to find out a formation and roles that fit best and see if I can make a reasonable tactic out of it. If I can't then I start the retraining of the players to fit the closest sound tactic I can make. Then I chop and change whenever a youth player starts to enter the team. So I usually have two versions of the same thing, to switch around at times and based on who is fit. Then I have the experimental tactic that I use every once in a while, especially for matches that doesn't matter towards the end of the season. That changes a lot over time, while the two main ones
  7. First league match of the season and we score after 19 seconds. Nice start!
  8. So, after the sacking in Chile, I'm having another go in England. Back to Folkestone I go!
  9. The board does and we have no impact on it. They usually do whenever they think they can sell more tickets.
  10. Not really other than winning. Improving your reputation will increase it. You can also increase it if your board decides to have a "fan day" and you do well then. You could also ask for affiliates in other countries, but I'm not sure if that impacts just marketing, or also attendances. I'm actually not sure. You can see the prices in the "General" tab of the club info, so monitoring that could give you an indicator.
  11. Yeah, a bit too much ambition from them compared to what we got in from the youth intakes. The promotion happened too soon, and they got greedy I think.
  12. I've been thinking about it.... but no one grinds like Padders!
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