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  1. Please avoid derogatory statements like that. I'll repeat; Who used FIFA as a tactical tool? Just a few examples with sources, please. I thought it was quite public knowledge that SI use real coaches? I'm certain I've seen articles about it previously. Yes, I have over 1,000 hours of FM21 so far, so I'm more than familiar with the game, thanks.
  2. There is simply so much wrong with this post, that I don't know where to begin. First of all, you are very close to being disrespectful to the devs, and you make a lot of grand statements that you have no backup for without detailed knowledge of how things are run inside SI. So I think you should stop being so grand, and rather go into details about how you think the game should be changed. I've also played the game for too many years, but my opinion is no more important than anyone buying FM21 as their first game of the franchise. Neither are yours for that matter. SI do work with k
  3. Neil asked to give your reference number and he will look into it. Can you post it here to let him know, then he can find out what's happening.
  4. Please follow this: In the link I gave you it directs to this: https://support.sega.co.uk/hc/en-gb/requests/new Please do so.
  5. For players with low natural fitness, or stamina in roles that are very hard and intensive, that can be too much at times.
  6. I think the gestures are an improvement upon the old "tone" system, and I think it works fine for team talks as such. As for press conferences, I made a post about it a while ago with some suggestions, but the whole aspect of press conferences is a bit of an enigma, really. If you make it real it's boring, so how should it work? My suggestion is to make a "light" version with only a few questions except for finals, title deciders, relegation, and the like with quite specific questions as to how likely you are to win the match, and really contextual questions. Doing it so rarely will avoid
  7. If you have any suggestion as to how it could work, please post it in the suggestions forum. I agree it needs changing, but I'm also at a loss as to how it should be kept interesting. I mean, press conferences in real life is quite boring and repetitive in real life as well...
  8. Getting some BIG bids in now, but been able to keep everyone happy.... so far! And it gets worse!
  9. Jadedness is simply a way of telling you the player is playing too much. So perhaps you need to rotate the players more, but giving them a 2 week rest (without playing them either!) or a two week vacation should solve it, but if you keep overplaying them when they come back, they will most likely become jaded again after a while.
  10. Based on my notes from FM20, the teams who are promoted into the German 3rd tier is decided May 25th, but are not visible until June 19th. So if you are reloading a save from AFTER May 25th, you should see the same teams each try.
  11. I think the player are just about testing your leadership at that point. My players very rarely ask for new contracts, except when they play much more than their squad role says, or they have a short time left. I almost always say no, so it seems they respect you more if you are generally hard against them.
  12. That usually means they are not that willing to leave their current club, unless they get guarantees for playtime and a wage that follows.
  13. Just because they ask for a new contract does not mean that you should give it to them. I only give in to those demands, when I feel they are justified. If you think they earn enough (compared to the rest of the team, and the league they play in), then tell them "no". Sure, they might throw their toy out of the pram, but just tell them to stuff it and they should get over it soon enough. And if they don't, well, then I'd get rid and find some new ones.
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