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  1. Season done and this time we did it! Promoted as champions after 2 playoff finals lost! League One here I come! Nwankwo (YP18a) managed to stay mostly injury free this season and delivered with 27 goals in total. He also got a couple of U20 matches for Nigeria. I finally got the board to approve of an improved youth level, so we are now level 3. Looking forward to see if the level is much higher in League One next season, or if we can do quite well.
  2. Just had my youth intake. Got a couple of very talented players. Adam Walker (YP22a) - Very technically talented Aussie. Will be part of the main squad quite soon. Serxhio Bozhanaj (YP22b) - Promising goalkeeper I hope will be our first choice in a couple of years.
  3. We aren't Wolves, but we are imitating real life here.
  4. I think I've cleaned up our defensive issues now. Only conceded 2 goals in the last 12 league matches.
  5. Thanks guys. I know it might be too soon for a promotion, but two playoff finals in a row lost was tough. Good job @IainWhite getting a draw at City! A solid season in League Two @Mr U Rosler!
  6. Another season done, our second in League Two. Through the most of the season we were in the top 3 fighting for promotion and looking very good. However, towards the end, we suddenly got into a major slump and struggled quite a bit. In the last two matches we fell down into the playoff spots. We managed to beat Shrewsbury Town in the playoff semis and enter our second playoff final in a row. The final against Cambridge United was were close fought, but in the first half of extra time they scored what would be the winning goal. Our second playoff final loss in two seasons. Kind of gutted now, as we were looking great throughout most of the season only to throw it away in the final months. At least I've gotten the board to approve of an improved youth level, so hopefully we will keep producing talented youngster who will help us get further up the pyramid.
  7. Two new youth prospects just came through. Sem Lücke (YP21a) - Promising central midfielder. Great passing, but needs some work in other stats. Very good determination and personality. David Magill (YP21b) - Striker with some skill. Great teamwork and work rate.
  8. I thought I'd give a quick resume of the youngsters I have and how they have progressed so far. Abdullahi Nwankwo (YP18a) - Possibly our most talented player so far, but seems to be very injury prone. I hope he can overcome it and show his true potential. Andy Bettis (YP18b) - A very good defender. Have gotten capped by England U19 and are getting attraction from the higher leagues. Will so far not sign a new contract. Andrew Agboyi (YP18c) - He was a great talent, but have stalled the last year. I hope he still can get back to it. George Harris (YP18d) - Our second choice goalkeeper. Have played a lot since Dale Eve have been injured a bit this season. Could be better than him in a few years. Elliott Stewart (YP19a) - Fullback with lots of potential. Backup on both sides at the moment, but inching his way into the first team. Brett Overton (YP19b) - Now our first choice defensive midfielder. Does great. Barry Bruce (YP20a) - Still very young, but have scored quite a bit for us already. Craig McDonnell (YP20b) - Backup central defender. I hope he can improve and fight for a spot in a few years.
  9. Nwankwo (YP18a) is injured again. This time he broke his leg. I think he might be very injury prone.
  10. One of my youngsters just got capped by England U19. He is a first choice defender, but I'm struggling to get him to sign a new contract.
  11. It's only 5k, but we averaged 2,4k last season so it should be enough for now. Though we maxed at 10k last season, so we might lose some attendance in some of the biggest matches. No idea why I got it and you didn't. The board did that on their own.
  12. I made it into the playoffs. Our opponent was Accrington Stanley in the semi final. We drew 0-0 away and beat them 2-0 at home to progress to the final. The final match of the season was the playoff final against Leyton Orient. We went up 2-0 early in the 2nd half, but they came back to make it 2-2 after 90 minutes. In extra time Leyton Orient found the net to make it 3-2, and we didn't have it in us to equalize and lost the final. Very close to promotion, but still a very good season and much better than I expected. This summer we will move into our new stadium and in the winter our facilities will be improved, so I have high hopes for next season.