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  1. I disagree. The only FM I've played more than FM19 is FM18, and I played 18 religiously. And I usually rank 1000 hrs each version. Are there bugs? Yes. Balance issues? Yes. But so does all the other earlier versions as well. That doesn't mean everyone have to agree. Hell, if you love FM17, then by all means play it! I'll stick with FM19 and keep on enjoying it, and certainly don't think it's any worse than other versions.
  2. I've seen the videos of the presentations, and I'm hopefully pessimistic. Not to Google or anything, but having been disappointed by "new amazing features" time and time again, I'll reserve judgement until I see it in practice. And I'll echo @forameuss; just....why? Why must everything be browser based? Am I the only one who enjoy stand-alone clients more in general?
  3. Luckily height isn't much of a factor other than taken into account when displaying jumping reach. So since he has 10 he has a good leap for someone his size. You might try to improve his pace and acceleration though, to let him be the cover while Cahill is the big grumpy stopper that clatters forwards ahead of him?
  4. Some really nice potential there. At first glace Skelton looks like a very decent link-up striker, even with low-ish finishing skills. Though his 4 Off the ball is an issue, at least it would be for me, unless you are looking to use him in a VERY stationary role. Lewis Brown looks like the real deal. Needs a bit work on his marking (and strength, but that should come naturally with age), other than that he should be good for you. He is a bit on the short side for my likening, but at least his jumping reach is in the double digits. Otherwise he might be retrained to be a cracking DM with great work rate and bravery and reasonable passing.
  5. XaW - Dunaújváros PASE - 2023/24 Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances So finally a normal season, no Qatar-based World Cups to screw up the schedules or anything. During the summer my transfer plans were quite simple; try to sign the best players I had on loan last season. And I did. Aranyos, Shezi and Hurtado were all signed on permanent deals. I also managed to get rid of some deadweight from the previous seasons, and even got in a bit of cash for a couple. When the season started we started with a bang, 10 wins from the first 10 matches gave us a headstart on all opponents. Ferencváros had a shocker of a start and were close to relegation before they fired their manager and started to climb. We kept the lead into the winter break and were comfortable top. We did lose David Antwi to Everton as they met his clause of £2.5M, and I haven't really replaced him, but at least we had good backups. During the rest of the season we controlled the league and clinched the title with games to spare. So we are going into the Champions League next season! In the Magyar Kupa we beat Ceglédi VSE, Budafok, Kisújszállás, Nyíregyháza Spartacus, Győri ETO and Debreceni to reach the final. Of course, our opponent were Ferencváros. The final started great when striker József Aranyos ran past 3 defenders and slotted the ball into the bottom corner of the net. They pegged one back 10 minutes later, but then they gifted us a goal when they put it into their own net after a corner just a minute after. Winger Olivér Tányéros added our third not long after, but Ferencváros reduced the lead before the half time break. Not long after the restart we got a pen, but Sbonga Mabizela's attempt got saved. Then we gave away a pen and allowed them to equalise the score. The winner came in overtime when Tányéros added his second to win us the cup. So we got the domestic double this season! In other news we had a youth player come out as gay, and this gave us increased revenue! Other than that I'm still working on facilities and other improvements to the club. We also had another go in Europe this season. As last year, we started in the 1st qualifying round in the Europa League. We drew ND Gorica of Slovenia and dispatched them without ease. In the 2nd qualifying round we lost away to Icelandic FH Hafnarfjörður, but won at home to push on through. In the 3rd qualifying round we had a tough draw in Turkish side İstanbul Başakşehir. A very credible 1-1 draw was unfortunately followed by a 2-3 loss at home to eliminate us.
  6. Don't quite know why you need confirmation, but yes, commentary only is possible. It's even possible to either play FM Touch or download skins to allow you to "instant result" the game, so you don't have to play it yourself if that is something that you would enjoy.
  7. I did something similar in FM18, but I went for the more traditional 4-4-2 version. A flat back 4 with little permission to go forward, 2 central midfielder mostly about covering space and working hard. 2 winger who are allowed to go forward, but only a bit and two up top who fight for either lofty balls or run after balls over the top. Took me from non-league to the Premier League quite fast and a couple of seasons there before I had to change it up due to other teams playing deeper.
  8. Yeah, I tried to loan him, but he didn't want to rejoin us. So I'm on the lookout for a replacement. I found one that were willing to join me, but then PSG(!) gave him an offer...
  9. I've actually noticed that asking straight after getting a pile of gold, as you did, often will result in a resounding "NO". However, waiting a couple of weeks will give a more pleasing answer. I *think/suspect* that the board don't realize changes to the financial state before the monthly rollover comes along. I don't have any evidence to support this, other than my own anecdotal experience, but I'll offer it none the less. I've had success by waiting for the month to pass and by the Flying Spaghetti Monster I'll stick with that as His Noodly Appendage will. Great result against City though, and ties like that really give life to the club you are managing. Especially in a youth focused team! Upgrading facilities, youth coaching and youth recruitment is all you can do to improve the intakes and thus player quality (except training/mentoring).
  10. Never knew Harry Maguire were of Namibian decent. Guess you learn new things every day.
  11. How intensive are your tactic? That can affect things. Also, if you are playing with the players on too low condition then they are more susceptible for injuries.
  12. I think I might lose Antwi soon.... some might trigger his release clause. Yeah... So he went to Everton...
  13. Well, it might not always be possible, but it happens if a player plays well and a team have both the money (for both transfer and wage) and a need for a player in that position. The only thing you can influence is how well they are playing. If you are doing well and the players are playing well then there might be some interest. If not, then at least they are playing well for you.
  14. Well colour me embarrassed. African players are not counted into the "non EU" foreign cap, but they DO count to the "foreign" part. The squad registration can only have 10 FOREIGN players, BUT the match day squad can only have 5 NON-EU players. Well, that fooled me good. Now to look for more Hungarian players...
  15. I did something I haven't done before in these one-club challenges. I attended an interview for another position. Why? Because the board have refused to improve facilities for a while. I actually got offered the Videoton job, but the board offered me talks to stay and I told them I'd stay if they agreed on improving the facilities. They accepted and I stayed. Now, I would have stayed at any rate, but I haven't used my position as a bargaining chip before. It's nice to know that this works, and that we can use them to our advantage. A small tip for those of you that have to endure negative boards.
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