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  1. I agree it's too easy to get rid of unwanted players for big money, but as I've seen a lot around this board other people struggle quite a bit. I've tried to offer input on how I do it, but I don't usually get much reply... Transfer AI needs to be improved. Longevity of games are an issue, because it gets too easy after a while. Big clubs with barely a defender in sight spending big on a 7th striker. I also have this experience, but like the first point I see a lot of user struggling with this and having dressing room issues around it and such. So I guess it's easy if one does the right thing, but hard if not? The new scouting system is a big of a mixed bag for me. On one hand I kind of like it, because it makes it harder to discover huge talents, and stops a lot of transfer exploits and it's a bit more realistic. On the other hand, I don't like waiting a week (minimum) for a basic report on a player and I liked getting the individual reports in my inbox, rather than the "scouting meeting". So I'm kind of torn about this issue. The other points, I don't have any particular thoughts about.
  2. For what it's worth, I NEVER give my players a high wage raise just because they want it. I have no qualms with telling the players they have long left on their contract and almost always my players accept it. Though this becomes easier when you have been boss for a while and all the players adore you. Once I'm past the first few years I don't think I've ever had to have a team meeting for a player issue. All media items states "the player does not have the backing of the rest of the dressing room" whenever a player is unhappy. So if a players comes to me and asks for a raise, I take a look at his wage and see if it's notably lower than comparable team mates. Sometimes it's a reasonable thing to ask for, but if I think he deserve it I set an amount I think is suitable BEFORE I enter negotiations. If the agent is asking for crazy money I ask the player to fire his agent and then see what the new ones thinks. Anyway, I will rarely go over the amount I had set, and I don't allow any yearly wage rises either. I will allow wage rises after promotions because I think that is a reasonable thing. I do set higher bonuses for goals or clean sheets, because performance requirements like that will help the club make more money in the long run. A while back I played with Liverpool and after 2 years I had cleaned out all the dead weights, had a much better squad and a lower wage budget than at the start. The 2nd season I won all competitions I entered (PL, CL, Carabao Cup, FA Cup, Community Shield) and sold for more than I bough for. It's too easy to get rid of poor players for high values, in my opinion.
  3. I have this weird thing with older players. As soon as a a player hit 30, I start to think about getting rid of him. The two small exceptions are players who have been at the club for their entire career, and great tutors. Those are allowed to stay, the rest are out the door if I get a bid, no matter. Though, I often play youth-centric saves, so my average squad age is usually around 20 or so...
  4. XaW

    Football manager 2008

    Really? You go to the official site for the game and ask for a crack?
  5. Agreed. The lack of animations are one of the things I hope they have improved upon in FM19. And I think this will help out with some of the annoyances when playing and seeing your player do something stupid. Like goalkeeper seemingly having seizures instead of diving for the ball, or defenders standing motionless while attackers run past. A couple of the really weird ones I have reported (like this) have been explained as missing animations. So the ME have done the job is should but have created an even the graphics engine are unable to create visually. Because if you were to look at it in 2D you wouldn't notice it, but in 3D it just looks wrong. I saw Miles talk about animations in the video, so this might have been improved for the release. At least I hope so!
  6. Yeah, but Miles doesn't say the ME are the same? How can it be, when they have added VAR? Or if there are any tactical changes (I have seen something about throw-inns btw!)? Or anything else really. The only thing that this video tells us, as far as I could see is: 1. New tutorials (nice for new players, maybe some things that have escaped for veterans...?) 2. VAR is included in certain countries/leagues (A nice touch, but not critical for me) 3. No lower leagues to Greece and no Cyprus leagues (Meh...) 4. New animations, improved animations (Nice! Something that actually show what the players are doing instead of spasming is great!) 5. The reasons for the "older" look of the matches is at least partly down to SI wanting to allow players with low specs to play the game. (Sure enough, I guess that a lot of FM'ers aren't the average "gamer"-type). 6. Miles thinks gameplay is more important than graphics (I couldn't agree more! I still play a lot of older games with shoddy graphics!) 7. Miles are against "exclusive"-licences. (I kind of agree, at least to photos and logos and stuff). So I still wonder where you get your "The same ME as last year ?, that is, the same tactical options, nothing new, this is pathetic " from. Please let me know.
  7. How do you know? Have anything been revealed and I haven't seen it?
  8. I've seen "the player is not a big character in the dressing room so the rest of the squad will not rifled up by him" or something along those lines. But I don't know for sure if this was in this exact situation.
  9. When did this get added??? Am I blind? Specsavers.....?
  10. Watch out! Yaya is paying attention to this!
  11. It could at least be worded a bit differently. Like "We are delighted with your management and have no qualms to your leadership. Should anything be mentioned it would be that the fans would like to see a more direct approach". Or something along those lines. It would state that everyone are as happy as can be, but this philosophy are not met, though the board will allow it since the club are successful.
  12. Sure, all us who frequent this board won't have much need for tutorials, but try to give this game to a random football fan who haven't played any FM/CM games before and see how the get on. I have a few mates who tried to pick it up, but where just blown away at all the things they could do and had no were to turn to get a handle for it. Even if I guided them through the basics it were still hard for them to grasp. If you want an example for yourselves try to play Aurora 4x or Dwarf Fortress without looking at any guides and let me know how you get on...
  13. A tough start to life in the top tier, but we finally got our first win. Hopefully, we can stay up...
  14. Someone from SI said a while back that the coin "Major Criticism" might be a bit off. Even if you have done pretty much bang on, the game will still find the thing it's the most "wrong" and put in there, even if it's not a major thing. In this case the board obviously wanted you to play direct, but you don't. So that becomes the "biggest issue" with you management, even if it's a rather small one.
  15. XaW

    Help me

    Yeah, you haven't given much information, but it seems like your tactic don't work very well...