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  1. I have too few injuries! I even posted a bug report about it. It is way too easy to keep everyone healthy. With the correct mix of tactical instructions, rotation of the squad, training levels, and rest when needed, I rarely get injuries. I just about never get injuries due to overload of matches and training. I read somewhere it might be possible to tweak up the injuries to the actual real life level (since FM is about 20% less than the real world, if I remember correctly), and I might look to try it out to see how it is.
  2. Well, you can holiday if you want. That said, I don't see any reason not to include it, unless the full version have some issues with how it uses the instant result function...
  3. Let's do this again, but a bit more on point: 1. Double the time to develop due to releases every other year (in theory) 2. Half the revenue due to less versions released 3. Half the developers due to decreased revenue What does this equate to? The same amount of hours spent on development and double the waiting time for a new version. Of course, this is simplifying it a lot. I really struggle to understand how anyone would think that with half the revenue the number of development hours will stay the same? Feel free to enlighten me on this part.
  4. Any chance for a sticky with that?
  5. The don't buy it more than every other year. Or every third year. That is the consumer power and how you can influence it. Since you don't feel it justifies the price, then you are more than welcome to do so. If enough people do, then maybe SI will change. Others might like a yearly version and will buy it every year. For me, I think there have been enough progress to buy FM18. If I didn't then I would stay with FM17. Sometimes, I go back to an earlier version and enjoy it. Like CM01/02, or CM 96/97, or FM11. Those are some of my most played versions and I still sometimes play them. But if you really don't see any progress, or feel the stagnation, go back a version or two and try it out. If you like that version better then why not continue playing it?
  6. Well, when looking at reviews the way to get the most "correct" score is to remove all who have rated it 0 and 10, and look at the rest. The ones who give that rating will be wrong anyway. 0 should be unplayable horrid mess while 10 should be revered as the second coming, and quite frankly should only be awarded once or twice a decade.
  7. No worries, I also got annoyed my "way to good for this level"-defender had 70% condition before every match. It took me a while to spot the clause.
  8. For the most part I would say that the ME currently are good enough to replicate football, but it lacks a bit in some areas. I posted a wish some time ago to one of the aspects I feel are lacking at the moment; transitional instructions. As I have stated, I think it's a very hard thing to implement, but for me that is the area of the ME that I feel are missing at the moment. For most other parts I think the ME is a good simulation of how football work. Though I doubt it will come to a point of "perfection". Because if it did we as players would not stand a chance against a competent AI. I want to believe the illusion of me besting Mourinho, Klopp, and Conte, while I realize that I don't have the knowledge or comprehend the task of implementing it into something that works on the pitch.
  9. Actually, that's not a bug, but a clause in the loan agreement. Try to loan another player and you will see it in the bottom left (with the default skin at least) along with "can be recalled" and such. I've started to remove the clause when loaning players... Ouch! Unlucky there!
  10. Holy hell! How many fines have you gotten from that?
  11. If you haven't been in charge for very long, the board doesn't always allow you to adjust it.
  12. How to lose all scouting knowledge

    A bit more testing reveals that this only happens to players I have had on trial earlier. So add that to the requirements to replicate it
  13. I just came across this and I'll try to illustrate it with screenshots. 1. Take a player you have full knowledge over and go to Report - > Overview 2. Then go to Report -> Scout Report 3. Then go back to the Report -> Overview and notice that the scouting information is gone and you need to scout him again in order to get the info back This happens on every player I do it on and can be replicated 100% of the time. Leaving the player and returning does not give the info back, so it seems that this somehow removes the scouting knowledge of the player.
  14. Just to add to this, I just sold my 32 year old backup center back to another club for £240k, a bit over his actual value. I really don't have any issues with transfers, unless they are too helpful for me...
  15. XaW - Marine - 2025/26 Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances The Championship, the penultimate tier of English football. And here we are, tiny Marine in the Championship, who would ever think it possible. We still have the same stadium with about 5k capacity, though we are filling it up now. When the season started we got a bit of a shock as we failed to win any of our first 7 matches. We did get it in the 8th though, but at that point I felt it would be a hard and long season with little hope of success. However, we did improve our game as the season went along and even had a little run before Christmas. Between Christmas and the new year we had 3 matches in 3 days, so that was quite hard, but it happened for every team, so it evened out so to speak. We continued to be quite inconsistent, going from big wins to big losses, but inching further and further from the relegation zone. With a few matches left I even had an outside chance of the playoffs, but as I assumed we were way off. Still, a finish in 10th place is very good for our first season here. With the right additions we could have an outside chance of playoffs next season. In the FA Cup we drew Everton in the 3rd round and held them to a draw at home and managed to beat them 3-1 at Goodison. In the next round we drew Man Utd away and got thumped 4-0. Still good for the finances though. In the Carabao cup we beat Tranmere before losing away to Stoke on pens in the 2nd round. My best players this season have been Manesseh Koenraat, at least before he got injured after tearing his hamstring twice, loanee defender Nathan Dawson and the Norwegian Pirlo, Edvard Tagseth. @High Flying Dwarf: Tagging you for update, if you are still here? Edit: Also, KA-CHING!