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  1. XaW - Caersws - 2027/28 Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances The new season started with a bang! We won the first 4 matches, and ran away with an early lead. There were a few points losses, of course, but we really set the pace. Going into the split, we were comfortably part of the top half, but Bangor City and Aberystwyth were not far behind. TNS had a horrible season and barely scrapped into the top half. Just after the championship stage started we had a horrible message. Our chairman had sold our best player, and one of the reasons we conceded noticeably less goals than earlier seasons. And to add insult to injury he sold him to TNS for pennies. I didn't even had a chance of protesting it, so I were rather annoyed at that. And we really noticed it in the next league games when we started to struggle a bit and Bangor City overtook us and clinched the title. We did manage to keep the 2nd place, but I'm just about fuming now. We had a real chance of the title, and the board sold us out of it. In the Welsh League Cup we beat Cardiff Met Uni, Penybont, Llandudno and Afan Lido to reach the final. There we beat TNS to claim the trophy. In the Welsh Cup we beat Airbus UK Broughton and Barry Town before losing to Colwyn Bay in the quarter final. Finishing 2nd last season also qualified us for the Irn-Bru cup this season. Here we beat Scottish League Two outfit East Fife before losing to another Scottish side, this time Championship contender Motherwell in the 4th round. As becoming usual for us now, we had another go in the Europa Conference this season. We once again started in the 1st qualifying round were we drew Široki Brijeg of Bosnia & Herzegovina. In both matches we beat them with two goals to go through to the 2nd qualifying round. Here we faced Levski Sofia of Bulgaria. We lost with two goals at home, and drew away to be knocked out. Here is our updated European tour map. We had another fantastic intake, and we can really see how our increased spending are helping. The two most promising ones are Charlie Williamson 28h and Lewis Williams 28g. The leading players this season have been Neil Jones 24g, David Murray 26a and Josh Griffiths 23g.
  2. XaW - Caersws - 2026/27 Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances This season marked a small improvement for us compared to the other teams. We are beginning to control matches more, and not fall together if we concede once, and it shows quite well in our goal difference compared to earlier years. Here's to hoping it's not a one off, but rather a sign of us finally being able to fight for the top spot soon. For the most part we have stopped losing big, and actually started to win big a few times. So in the end we had a decent finish, while Bangor City fell through and won once after the split to lose out to us for the 2nd place behind TNS. So we are qualified for Europe through league play without having to go through playoff for the first time! We are going places. In the Welsh League Cup we beat Ammanford and Swansea Uni before losing to Barry Town in the quarter final. In the Welsh Cup we beat Corwen before losing to Bangor City in the 4th round. We had another go in Europe this season and once again in the Europa Conference. In the 1st qualification round we drew FCI Levadia of Estonia. We won 2-1 at away and held them to 1-1 at home to go through. In the 2nd qualification round we faced Antalyaspor of Turkey. We managed to get a very good 0-0 away before we practically stole a 2-1 win at home to go through. I had no hope we could do that, but I was delighted. In the 3rd qualification round we drew Malmö FF of Sweden. Here we lost both games 1-2 to get knocked out. Still, a fantastic run for us. I've also made a map to see where we have traveled in our European matches, and I'll update it for each season we are in Europe. Here is how it looks at the moment. Hopefully, it will be expanded quite a bit in the future. We had an amazing intake, and I think it's based on the improvements we have gotten approved the last few years. Marc James 27j is an amazing defender that is one of the best players in the squad already. The second most notable player is Cameron Jenkinson 27b. The leading players this season have been Josh Griffiths 23g, David Murray 26a and David Cross 25f.
  3. Signed up for the public beta, and I'm suddenly a much better manager!
  4. XaW - Caersws - 2025/26 Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances So, another season, another struggle behind the best teams. TNS and Bangor City are quite a lot better than the rest, but Cardiff Met Uni are starting to catch up with them. I mean, we are improving every year, but being so far behind it's kind of hard to make much progress, at least when we don't have the finances of the bigger clubs. At least the European run last season helped. The season itself were quite uneventful. We finished in the top half by the split and struggled to make much progress after that and finished in a decent 5th. Still, I feel we are playing better, even if we don't get that much improved results. In the European playoff we faced Barry Town in the semi final, and we lost away. In the Welsh League Cup we beat Barry Town and Cardiff Met Uni before losing to Carmarthen Town in the quarter final. In the Welsh Cup we beat Bala Town, Cardiff Met Uni, Aberystwyth Town and Barry Town to reach the final. Here we beat Cefn Druids to clinch the title and qualified for Europe. We had another go in Europe this season and it was the Europa Conference again. We started in the 1st qualifying round against Skënderbeu Korçë of Albania and we crushed them 6-1 at home, and controlled a 1-1 away to go past them. In the 2nd qualification round we face AaB of Denmark. We lost 0-1 away and 0-2 at home. They were clearly better than us, but we gave it our all. We had a very good intake this year and one exceptional player in David Murray 26a. I signed him up for as long as I could as fast as I could. The 2nd best player seems to be James Williams 26d. The leading players this season have been Neil Jones 24g, David Cross 25f and Steven Foulkes 21e.
  5. Uploaded a save called Wales_league_split_xaw.fm to the cloud service, it's a week or so before the news item generates. Should be usable, I assume. Let me know if you need anything else.
  6. @Lucas: The same goes for the relegation battle as well. The teams in the top part should not be part of this inbox message: As you can see, it seems to only look at the points total. Nether Bala Town nor my team can be relegated, but we are still part of it here.
  7. My club have been in a process of a takeover for 4 years now, but still nothing happens. It has collapsed 4 times after putting in transfer embargoes. Not that I mind the embargoes since it means I won't lose players anyway. But it would be nice if the chairman decided soon.
  8. Just reject the possible loanees. There are no rules against having a parent club as long as you don't loan anyone. If the board forces in loanees, then just try to cancel it and if that's not possible just don't play them.
  9. Lost my best player and first choice right back the last 4 years due to his contract running out. And then, the Quisling went and signed for Bangor City! Damn it, traitor!
  10. Great! Thanks for this! It will make the Norwegian leagues much more enjoyable.
  11. I can, but I've played on for a few seasons, so I don't know if that would help you any? If so, let me know, and I'll upload it.
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