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  1. It's fine. Just post a screenshot of the "arranged transfers" you get when you take over and everything should be ok.
  2. @Weiry: This still running? Or are we on a break?
  3. Another young player got his debut, in the European Championship even! Andri Þór Pálsson 26c have emerged as an excellent striker. Getting capped at only 17 years old. I really hope I can keep him.
  4. Well, I have managed to get feeder teams in most of the countries we got youth from. Though I have a lot of them for a couple of years, so I don't expect that many foreigners in all intakes. I always try to get foreign feeder teams and negotiate them to add youth aspects. It's always fun to get foreign players, so it's something I try to do in all clubs.
  5. Wow, straight to Serie A! Nice going @vikeologist! With this rate you will have the challenge completed in a couple of seasons!
  6. Just had another national debut: Sigurður Þorsteinsson 25c is actually a rotation option for us, so I were quite surprised when he got the game for Iceland. Not that he is not a good player, but Iceland have better. Edit: Ouch
  7. XaW - Knattspyrnufélag Fjarðabyggðar - 2027 Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances We have started to become a domestic powerhouse now, as I expected. Though we had to take a couple of more years than I had hoped, we are finally here. Not much to say about the league as we won it comfortably, as I expected. We did lose two and drew a game. Hopefully, we can go unbeaten soon. In the domestic cups we won it all. 3 out of 3 possible to have another domestic sweep. Europe is the thing that matters. We once again had a go in the Champions League and we started in the 1st qualifying round were we knocked out FK Zeta of Macedonia. Then in the 2nd qualifying round we beat BATE Barysaw of Belarus. In the 3rd qualifying round we got past Malmö FF of Sweden before passing the final hurdle in Basel of Switzerland to reach the group stage. Here we had a very tough draw when we got Napoli of Italy, Dortmund of Germany and Paris Saint-Germain of France. We lost the first 4 matches, but managed to beat Napoli at home and drew away to Dortmund. This allowed us to finish 3rd and head into the knockout stage of the Europa League. Here we drew Hoffenheim of Germany. We beat them 4-3 at home, and then countered in a massive 6-1 win away. In the 2nd knockout round we got Valencia of Spain. A fantastic 3-1 away were followed up by a 1-2 loss at home, but still enough to put us through. In the quarter final we got another Spanish side in Athletic Bilbao. We narrowly lost 0-1 at home, but they showed their quality by beating us 4-2 in Spain and knocked us out. Money money money! Getting to the group stage of the Champions League really bring in serious cash. We are improving our facilities and I think I'm close to maxing out youth recruitment and coaching, at least I don't have any possibility of asking to improve it further, but I'll check in every once in a while to see. I'm still working on my Continental A licence, and the Pro one is up after that. We are also getting our new stadium after the next season, a bit over 9k capacity. Should come in handy! The youth intake this season weren't as good as before, but it was filled with non-Icelandic players. Good to get a variation of nationalities. The best talent seems to be the German striker Claus Strangl 27a.
  8. Wow, we beat that Russia? Norway will take Mbappe, please.
  9. I have two new youngsters who just got their debuts: Andri Baldursson 25b is a very solid defender, though he lacks something in the air. Rúrik Vilbergsson 26a is only 17! But still a massive defender with few glaring errors. His heading is subpar, but with that good jumping, it's not that big of an issue. In other news, I made a huge sell. One of by best strikers have been targeted for a while, and I got a bid that was good enough for me to sell. Mostly because I have a lot of good strikers who can take his spot.
  10. I sure am enjoying it! The thing about Iceland is that the seasons are so short, so it's not a drag to complete them. And I knew what I were getting myself into, so I expected a long road that I might never finish!
  11. Didn't we discuss this to its end before the game was even released?
  12. Yeah, but that feels more like extortion with extra steps...
  13. XaW

    How did I lose this game

    How did I win this game? Edit: In all seriousness, it's mostly down to the other team restricting your chances to poor chances. I think you will find that it's a lot of long shots, or rushed shots from poor positions. This is often a result of one team with low blocks defending and taking a counter or two. Your job as a manager then it to make changes that allow your players the space. It could be slowing down the game to make sure the chances aren't rushed, or widening out the play to stretch the defense and create space that way. Or, sometime, you are doing everything right, are just plain unlucky. Since you only had a single CCC (not that those can be trusted without looking at the actual chances), I don't think luck is the issue here. If you had 5 CCC's, then I would accept it as "one of those days", but I think you are lacking something against teams defending deeply. However, I would also guess that you often really beat teams with lots of goals if you take an early lead. This causes the other team to attack to regain something from the match and then your players are allowed the space they need to play great. If you analyze this game and take a look at where and when the shots came, then see if they had any good options, or if you are missing a way to recycle possession should the attack break down. If you are standing back with two defenders and the opponent have two players close to them then your player have no way to pass back. Sometimes pulling a player deeper will improve your attack, since it allows your players options and at the same times players aren't too close to each other and are less likely to get in the way. You could probably get a lot better feedback from the gurus of the tactical forum should you post your tactics so they can evaluate it, but this is a little pointer based on no real knowledge of your tactic.
  14. Yeah, I understand the reasoning behind it, but consider this. A player with Turkish and Georgian parents, born in Turkey, living in Turkey, playing for a Turkish side, but are deemed not good enough to play for the Turkish national side and thus are offered a chance to play for Georgia which he does, are suddenly declared a foreign player. For me, that's just plain strange.
  15. I wholeheartedly agree the transfer mechanics need a good look, but not for the same reason as several other in here. I think it's way too easy to exploit, and I struggle to avoid it in saves, since I know I can get the perfect player for a lower price, why shouldn't I? These are my hints for buying players cheaper: Make use of the media and scout the player without end! Talk to the media and express your admiration for the player, but ONLY as the role you are realistically thinking of. Use top target only for players you intend to play a lot. Take note of how the player responds, this will give you an indication of how much he will hassle his own club to leave. Then bid for him. If the selling club is negotiating for obscene amounts, then make sure THEY stop negotiations. Then, wait a little while and keep scouting him to see if he is angry for not being allowed to leave. If he has any relations with your players (same national team, friends, etc) ask them to talk to him. Keep bidding and making sure they reject bids. If the player really want to leave, then you should get him for a much more reasonable price in a while. Players happy at their current club will be harder to get, but not. As the buying team, taking a long time to finish the deal usually means lower price. To sell players is much easier, granted it does depend on a few things. If your player have a wage far beyond what they should, then it will be harder due to AI teams not wanting to give similar wages. So lower waged players are often easier to offload. If they player is good, but you have better, play them anyway to attract interest. Offer then out, BUT don't transfer list them, if you do, then you will usually get less money. I only do that if I really want to get rid of the player ASAP and don't care about the amount I get. Also, negotiate, remove clauses that are unlikely and exclude them, this will give you a better deal that actually will go through. When player with Liverpool I sold Lovren to Leicester for almost £40M, as an example.