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  1. I've been struggling to get into a new FM save, so I'm giving this another go, wont update until I know I'm really into it though...
  2. There is a lot of those have the "TRN" tag? Are they somehow able to be transfered? Or is it to non-playable leagues?
  3. I really like this. Should be interesting to see what happens after 15 years, when most real players are retired. Then the academies will really show their worth!
  4. Norway takes Kiko of Andorra. This is yet another, no clue pick...
  5. Andorra, huh? No clue, so I'll go for value. Norway will take Albert Alavedra.
  6. Could £135m have been his release clause? The AI teams often negotiate to that when they don't want to sell.
  7. Huh, not bad. While I hate losing Berge, I think Ramos will make up for it!
  8. Finally a win! Not that much to chose from in Iceland, but I think we need a striker after all the Harry Kane stuff. So Norway will take Jón Daði Böðvarsson from Iceland.
  9. FFS! Norway keeps losing and drawing to everyone! We need a new manager!
  10. Great to progress in the Euro's, but we lost a player... And I think that is the final international callup for poor Birger Meling...
  11. Haha, yeah, if they were a bit closer I might could have done something like that... But between Ivan and Harry, the gap is huge! I've lost a lot of (comparatively) good attacking players in Ødegaard, King and Håland, so I think I deserve Harry. Now get in the van, lad!
  12. Norway will take the famous Romanian player Harry Kane, sorry @Muttley84, I just need to replace Josh King who went to Holland.
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