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  1. No worries, it's a fact that is little known outside the region and even fewer who cares about it. That is how it's viewed up here at least. I am enjoying reading through the thread. Though I am nowhere through it. Looking forward to seeing you manage in Norway.
  2. I haven't read the whole thread (yet) so someone might have posted this already, but as the resident Norwegian for this forum, it is my sacred duty to inform you that nether Finland nor Iceland are part of Scandinavia. Scandinavia is only Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Iceland and Finland are only included if you talk about the Nordic countries. There, I said it. Now I can go back and enjoy the thread.
  3. My played FMs (from Steam) FM 2009 - 324 hours FM 2010 - 305 hours FM 2011 - 719 hours FM 2012 - 564 hours FM 2013 - 733 hours FM 2014 - 445 hours FM 2015 - 528 hours FM 2016 - 438 hours FM 2017 - 931 hours FM 2018 - 1,183 hours FM 2019 - 1,352 hours I don't know, it seems I played 11 and 13 more than 12 or 14, but from 17 and onwards I just play more and more... I've played FM for over 313 days, and that's only since 2009. I think I have just about every version from CM2 as well... I just found out I might be addicted... Shut up, you are addicted.
  4. Of course, but a few years later and he is no longer a key player, I can change that to rotation and I've rarely had players complain then. Of course, changing shortly after signing a contract will not help, but down the line that seems to be something else.
  5. I can't speak for your game, but I'm always tough on these things. I never relent or give assurances to my players. At first they usually kick up a fuss, but as the seasons pass fewer and fewer make a big deal of things. Of course, some players do and they get sold instantly. I don't care about losing my best player for pocket change, he's out as soon as the fuss starts. That said, I am tolerant of things like new contracts if the player are payed less than similarly important players in my squad. If a youngster have stepped up and taken the place of an older player I will give him a new contract. And at the same time reduce the squad status of the older player to rotation or backup (depending on the situation). For me, that's my way of telling him he has lost his spot. This leads to my players rarely asking for more playing time, since I change their squad status if their importance for the first team changes. If the player later on comes asking for more, I will tell him to step up in training to try to take his spot back, if he refuses I'll sell him too and bring in some other player as backup. I try to use common sense for these things. So I try to be a fair manager who are open with the players about their playing time, but hard on those who challenge me.
  6. If you go into your finances and take a look at the upper right, just below your transfer budget, it will say how many percent of sales you will get to buy new players for.
  7. XaW - Undrið FF - 2029 Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances We kept all the players I wanted this summer, so things were looking good for us. We ran away early on, along KÍ Klaksvík while the rest were a bit behind. Being semi-pro we had a disadvantage, but the players kept playing great match in and match out. Going into the final match we were 2 points ahead of KÍ Klaksvík, but were up against a tough opponent away to ÍF Fuglafjørður. We conceded within the first 15 minutes, but equalised shortly after. Unfortunately, we couldn't get the win, and then when KÍ Klaksvík won their match they took the league on goal difference as well. So close, but no cigar. In the Løgmanssteypið we beat Víkingur Gøta and NSÍ Runavík to reach the final. Here we lost 2-0 to KÍ Klaksvík. Our first try in the Champions League were up when we had another go in Europe. We started in the 1st qualification round against FK Aktobe of Kazakhstan. We beat them 3-0 away and followed it up with a 2-1 at home. In the 2nd qualification round we faced Olimpija Ljubljana of Slovenia. A 2-2 draw away lead up to an amazing 5-2 in the islands. In the 3rd qualification round we drew Young Boys of Switzerland. We lost heavily 1-4 at home, but held them to 1-0 away. Then we headed into the Europa League were we had a rematch against Olimpija Ljubljana of Slovenia. We drew 1-1 at home, but lost 3-1 away to go out. So close to the group stage, but no. At the end of the season I had a very welcome message: We are going pro, baby! The youth intake this season were very good. The coaches rate Rógvi Jacobsen 29b and Eirikur Joensen 29c the most. Would be fun, but not yet! Player statistics Most apps: Tóki Joensen 23d - 40 apps Pætur Hansen 20e - 34 apps Pætur Hansen 25i - 33(2) apps Most goals: Ólavur Mohr 26l - 19 goals Ari Johannesen 28b - 13 goals Pætur Hansen 25i - 11 goals Most assists: Bogi Olsen 26j - 12 assists Petur Mikkelsen 27g - 9 assists Rani Nolsøe 24g / Pætur Hansen 20e / Jan Joensen 19j - 8 assists Highest average rating: Bogi Olsen 26j - 7.61 Jan Joensen 19j - 7.51 Petur Mikkelsen 27g - 7.43 Season Division Position Løgmanssteypið Europe Notes and Achievements ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2019 1. delid 1st N/A N/A Promoted as champions 2020 Effodeildin 6th Quarter final N/A Avoided relegation 2021 Effodeildin 10th Quarter final N/A Relegated 2022 1. delid 1st Semi final N/A Promoted as champions 2023 Effodeildin 5th Quarter final N/A Mid-table 2024 Effodeildin 4th Quarter final N/A Qualified for Europe 2025 Effodeildin 4th Quarter final EL 2nd qual Just off the European spots 2026 Effodeildin 4th Runner-up N/A Qualified for Europe 2027 Effodeildin 3rd Semi final EL 2nd qual Qualified for Europe 2028 Effodeildin 1st 1st round EL 2nd qual Champions and qualified for CL 2029 Effodeildin 2nd Runner-up CL 3rd q/EL 4th q Good European run, close to a new title
  8. I think I'll the Neil's advise and just stop this now. I wish you the best and hope you one day will be able to have a civil discussion with others.
  9. If I understand? Yes, I work in software development implementing AI through recurrent neural networks, so I have somewhat knowledge on the area. Of course the developer should improve and change their software, but one method of improving it is through user feedback. And to be fair, there isn't like squad management AI is a bug per se, it's more of a feature in need of improvement. There is not a pure logical error, this is more in the context of improving the AI to make better decisions based on a number of parameters. We all want the game to improve and be better, but I don't see your method of reporting it as anywhere near constructive, it seems more like a rant or venting. As far as I can see there have been no attacks on you as a person, only your arguments because others disagree with you. Have I been anything other than civil and forthcoming here? I've repeatedly said, I might misunderstand and asked you to clarify, but I can't say I've gotten any reasonable answers at all. I've been in here a number of years and the developers have always listened to criticism and suggestions to improvement, but need to be based on something other than "I want better X", or "Y don't work like I want". No one is alienating you for having different views, at least I'm not, I'm only asking you to word out WHAT you want and give examples to the devs where you highlight and provide evidence of your views.
  10. If you haven't noticed any difference in the last five years, then you must experience something I have not. I don't think AI squad management are great, and it certainly can be improved upon, but no changes for five years? I cannot prove this, of course, but it seems to me the management of squads are improving, albeit not to the extent I had hopes as of FM19. This was said a bit tongue in cheek, but also with a serious undertone. You claim you are looking for challenge, but won't challenge yourself within the natural way with other teams than the one you are playing with. And to be quite frank, I don't understand what you are getting at with this whole thread? I took a look at your posting history, and I can't find any bug reports. If you experience issues with the game why not report it to the developer? I mean, as you can clearly see from the other posters in here, there are differences in how different people experience the game and the AI squad management. And since you clearly care about this topic, then why not post examples so SI can try to improve it? Otherwise, this seems more like a case of venting some frustration without any constructive criticism. And I apologize if this is indeed not your intent, it's just hard to grasp your real intention behind posts like these. I do hope you understand that is is not a dig at you, just an explanation of how you appear, at least to me, in these posts. If I'm miles of the target, then please enlighten me as to your intent and method here, because I clearly don't understand it. You and I clearly have different views on how the AI works, although not clear opposites since both want the AI improved and the game to be more realistic and thus a bit "harder" long term.
  11. I won't take credit for that, since several others have also requested similar things! But feel free to join us youth only masochists here.
  12. There are new features. Focus on youth development, club vision and much more interaction with the players with the playing time pathway. I've requested several of these things for a long time, and I'm elated to see that they are focusing on that this year. Previous years it were the tactics creator, dynamics, new training module, etc. They keep improving the game without wrecking the things that make the game. I think they are on a smart path, but once again, you are entitled to your opinion and disagree with me.
  13. You are entitled to your opinion, of course, but I disagree. Stadium editor would be a fine feature, but for me, the ones they have revealed so far is MUCH more appealing and exciting.
  14. Oh, and I LOVE some of these new features! Club vision, youth development, playing time! All things I've been asking for! So
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