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  1. It seems like it's only the top tier as far as I know.
  2. The youth intake preview also has scrolling when the box could have been extended further down.
  3. All have London (England) in my save.
  4. I've had a few cases of being stuck at the end of a match, and I've found a way to reproduce it.
  5. @Neil Brock - Just had the same issue as described here. It happened when I tried to rewatch a goal before having the end of match team talk. At that point I was stuck and couldn't get on to the team talk or continue in any way. Pressing the space bar only changed the button in the top right from Paused to Play, and it never went over to "continue". After a while of trial and error, I found going into the tactic screen and pressing the space bar a lot of times sudden took me to the team talk screen with the popup asking if I wanted to not have a team talk. I'll see if I can replicate it in my next match. Edit: I'll make a new issue.
  6. Could you please report this in the tactics section of the bug tracker? This is a case of an extreme example SI could use to help improve the match engine. Preferably with a save and a .pkm if possible.
  7. I play the game on quite a high resolution and in quite a few screens there are scrollbars when there's loads of space available. Here is one example: The talking points have a scrollbar rather than extending the black box further down the page. I've seen a few more, but not yet got screenshots of them. Would you like separate reports for each, or just add various examples here on this issue? Thanks, XaW
  8. This is how it looks on default for me. I run my screen on 2560x1440 and I have 100% zoom in game. So that's just how it looks for me. No custom panels or anything else. Just a high resolution screen. Well, how do any bugs appear? For me this happens just every now and then, and on a few screens. I only get it on league stats, but I've seen others have it on other screens. So it might be linked to database setup vs computer setups, etc. Who knows really?
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