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  1. I agree on at least some of the issues. Have you suggested it in the correct subforum?
  2. Big Euro Challenge (FM17)

    Wow, congrats @fabreth! Really impressive!
  3. Big Euro Challenge (FM17)

    Season Summary - XaW - Villa Santa Brígida - 2019/20 Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances Since we got promoted last season I was pretty unsure of what to expect from a higher tier of football in Spain, but all we could do was to try to pick up as many points as possible. Before the season started I got rid of another batch of dead weights, and got in a couple of good players. Not least some of the same loanees from Las Palmas, as well as some new ones. They once again gave us some much needed quality without costing anything in wages or bonuses. As the season started we actually won the first match, but then lost 3 in a row to give us a tough welcome. Then we picked up a win here and there before everything turned sour as we went 9 matches without a single win. Some tactical tweaks later we went into 5 wins in a row, so this was a season of both highs and lows. We did finish the season great though as we didn't lose any of the last 8 matches to end in a very solid and confortable 10th place. In the Copa del Rey we lost in the first round to Elche. The best 11 we currently have are: GK: Kjetil Haug - I picked up my fellow Norwegian in January on a free transfer. A former Man City junior who are leagues better than my other goalkeepers. DR: Sergio Menéndez - Bought for £50k from La Hoya Lorca in January since we needed a good full back. DC: Pedro Ceballos - On loan for a second season running and bossing the defense. DC: Rubén Morales - Our youth project are still holding on to his spot in the defense along with Ceballos. DL: Jorge Mendoza - Another loanee, but also my personal player of the season. Amazing with 6 goals from left back. MC: Pedro Alonso - Not as good as his namesake Xabi, but still a good passer and a solid midfielder. MC: César De la Hoz - We got him in January to give us a better defensive midfielder to help out the defense. AMR: Ángel Portillo - Las Palmas let him to us again and I very happy with his efforts. AMC: Kaan Baysal - Got him in from a lower tier club in Spain who have had him since he got released by Beşiktaş. AML: Iván Calero - The left winger had a very good season and both scored and assisted quite a lot. ST: Loren - The striker lead the line well and scored a fair bit. Season | League | Position | Europe | Top scorer | Achievements ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2017/18 | Segunda División B1 | 9th | N/A | Pedro (17) | Mid table 2018/19 | Segunda División B1 | 3rd | N/A | Ángel Portillo (14) | Promoted through playoff 2019/20 | La Liga 123 | 10th | N/A | Loren (17) | Mid table
  4. Players being unsettled

    Ah, yes, that would be the one. I don't have the game open at the moment.
  5. Players being unsettled

    Yep, "The bid is too low for our valuation", or something along those lines.
  6. Players being unsettled

    While I agree this is an annoying situation, it's still a very valid way modern football actually is. As has been noted above, Coutinho, Costa, Van Dijk and others have gone to a more or less strike to get their move. This is a situation just about every club in the world might face, just look at Neymar this summer who would (probably) have done the same to Barcelona if PSG hadn't payed his ridiculous clause. I do think we as managers should have more options available to us when interacting with players who are being unsettled though. We have gotten the discussion about a "fair price" where you can promise the player you will sell him for a set amount should the bid come, though in my opinion the players are a bit too steadfast in regards to their own price. I would like a couple more possibilities to be presented for us in this regard, though the most annoying thing is when actual bidding starts. The following is how one of these went for me: Day 1 morning: AI club bid £10M, I reject it Day 2 morning: AI club bid £10M, I reject it. Day 2 evening: AI club bid £10M, I negotiate it to £50M because I really don't want to sell unless it's silly money Day 4 morning: AI club withdraw their bid. Day 6 evening: AI club bid £10M again, I negotiate it to £50M because I really don't want to sell unless it's silly money. Day 7 morning: AI club withdraw their bid. Repeat the same for the rest of the transfer window, including 5 times on deadline day. I was going to report this in the bug forum, but there were several bug reports regarding the same already so I just let it go. Now, I don't mind the club having another go after I reject or negotate, but I think that realistically if I have rejected/negotiated a bid of £10M several times the AI should either increase their bid OR leave the player be. Or try to entice the player even more so the player press the club to accept it. At least not give the same bid tens of times in a short timeframe when the rejection is as clear as it is.
  7. Been reading through the thread from the start lately and I'm really impressed! Congrats on winning the FA Cup! How are you faring compared to the Hall of Fame now?
  8. Big Euro Challenge (FM17)

    Season Summary - XaW - Villa Santa Brígida - 2018/19 Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances After the good season last year I were hoping we would stay well clear of relegation this season. During the summer we got rid of a lot of the dead weights and got in some much needed quality. Though I had some problems attracting good enough players, I took advantage of our agreement with Las Palmas and loaned in most of the good players in their youth teams to help us out. A total of 7 players took the short trip to Santa Brígida to help us out this season. As the season got underway we did fair enough and settled for mid table in the first months. Going into the winter, we were just of the playoff spots. Then, we had the same post-Christmas run as we had last season. In the league matches after Christmas we lost 2, drew 4 and won an amazing 12 matches to finish in 3rd place and we qualified for the playoffs. The playoff in the Segunda is as following, if I have understood it correctly. The winner of each of the four Segunda divisions go into a First Phase playoff where the winners are promoted and face off in a final match to crown the champion of the tier. The rest of the teams placed 2-4 are drawn in a two legged match in the Second Phase playoff 1st round. The 6 winners here go into a pot where the two losing Segunda winners are added for the Second Phase playoff Second round. The 4 winners here are then draw in 2 playoff finals where the winning teams are promoted. Complicated? At first, but it's not that hard when you play it. We got drawn into the Second Phase First round against Real Murcia who finished 3rd in Segunda División B4. The first match, at home, we got of to an early lead when midfielder Miguel Gopar hit the back of the net from just outside the box. Loanee striker Ángel Portillo then gave us 2-0 with a hammering shot in the top corner from inside the box. The next goal came for Real Murcia as they crossed into their big striker who headed it home after 75 minutes. We did get a final goal just before full time when another midfielder wanted a goal. Raúl Aléman got the ball at the edge of the box and struck it into the bottom corner to finish the match 3-1. In the return match we got an early lead when winger Iván Calero shot from far outside the box and the ball rolled into the corner. Questionable goalkeeping, but we'll take it. The rest of the match we tried to hold them off to secure the win. They did hit back after 80 minutes, but couldn't get any more goals. In the Second Phase Second round we drew FC Cartagena. They finished just behind Real Murcia in Segunda División B4, so I had hopes of beating them. In the away leg FC Cartagena started with a blast and scored two times before 10 minutes had gone. Miguel Gopar hit one back after 35 minutes, but we went into the break trailing a goal. I tore the players a new one, and they really responded in the second half. Central defender Rúben Morales rose in the box after a free kick and powered a header into the net to equalize the game. We continued to go for another away goal and in the 73rd minute we got the winning goal when our other central defender Pedro Ceballos picked up a lose ball after a corner and hit it with power past the goalkeeper. In the home tie we got of to another good start when Raúl Aléman scored with a controlled shot after 14 minutes, then Pedro Ceballos lunged into a tackle with booth feet and got sent off after just 23 minutes. We went defensively from then on, but didn't keep the clean sheet when FC Cartagena scored just before the break. As the second half started we continued to defend and we managed to really contain the lead and held our lead from the first match. We were qualified for the final! Our final hurdle for promotion was Real Madrid Castilla. A very hard opponent who finished as the winners of Segunda División B2. In the home leg our midfielder Miguel Gopar had a stormer and scored 3 goals and run the Real Madrid kids of the pitch. They did get a late goal to finish the match 3-1 though, so we still had some work to do for the away leg. Just before the final match of the season something horrible happened! The game was on june 30th, the same day as most of our loan deals ended and quite some other contracts expired! We had lost a lot of our best players just before the final match to decided our season (This is also why quite a lot of players are missing from the squad photo above)! I had to bring up a youth player to even have enough players to fill up the bench! When the match started though we got of to another great start when our top scorer Ángel Portillo scored after a through ball after just 9 minutes. After that we played more cautiously seeing as we had a 3 goal cushion. Real Madrid Castilla didn't get many chances up until we gave them a slight chance with an own goal just before the match was over. We did hold on the final minutes to secure a very good promotion. An amazing season for us, but I think we might have problems surviving in La Liga 123 next season. We will give it our all though! We didn't play in Copa Del Rey this season, and I don't know why. In the Copa Federación we beat Teruel before losing to Atlético Baleares in the 2nd round. The best players this season have been Iván Calero, Jorge Mendoza and Raúl Aléman. Season | League | Position | Europe | Top scorer | Achievements ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2017/18 | Segunda División B1 | 9th | N/A | Pedro (17) | Mid table 2018/19 | Segunda División B1 | 3rd | N/A | Ángel Portillo (14) | Promoted through playoff
  9. Uhh.... What? You asked a question and I found the Wikipedia entry and this is your reply? What gives?
  10. The DoF is located under the "Scouting" category though? If you are looking for it under coaching?
  11. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Championship_Manager:_Season_97/98 October 31, 1997
  12. Do you have English (UK) as the selected language? I'm guessing the DoF-role might be called something else in English (US) or other languages?
  13. Big Euro Challenge (FM17)

    Season Summary - XaW - Villa Santa Brigída - 2017/28 Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances Spain, a country I haven't managed in for a great many years. When I took over we had a very poor squad, and not many players were willing to join us. I still managed to get rid of quite a lot of dead weights while bringing in some slightly better players. The season started quite bad as the team was far from settled into the tactic, so I reverted to a very basic 4-4-2 in order to keep it simple for my simple players. It took a while to get going, but after a while we found some form and climbed up the table. After the Christmas break we only lost one of the 15 games! In the end we finished in a very respectable 9th position. We didn't do much in the cups as we went out at our first match in the Copa del Rey, while in the Copa Federación we went out in the second round. The best players this season have been Rubén Morales, Aday and Ale Congiu. Season | League | Position | Europe | Top scorer | Achievements ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2017/18 | Segunda División B1 | 9th | N/A | Pedro (17) | Mid table
  14. I haven't checked the job security, but under the confidence page where you can see how the supporters rate transfers and matches and such it states that even though they don't like the sale they understand the the decision was taken above the managers head, or something along those lines. I would assume it would be similar for job security, and if it's not, then I would classify it as a bug and would report it as such.
  15. That sounds like a bug, but since it's on a downloaded league, I'm guessing you should ask the creator. Maybe they have put in the wrong dates for the league. As far as I know there is no way of recalling the squad after they have gone on vacation.