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  1. Just to be sure. you use this one? KASHMIR 4141 KINGSTONIAN P98
  2. @knap Please explain/do a video about which changes to when in need of goals. thanks
  3. Hey, I play in the Israeli league and I need to assign squad numbers each match no matter which competition/cup. auto number doesnt work it really sucks
  4. Hello, I'm playing with a club in serie B in Italy and out our budget is very small. how do you guys decide which one to sign without scouts or scouts with low judging attributes? on 1st of july there are a lot of releases. how do you filter out the bad ones and sign the youngsters with good future prospect thanks in advance
  5. Hi Andy, thank you for these tactics. i'm having good results with Arsenal. i'll try with a weaker club next.
  6. latest 442 tactic is very good. i can holiday my way to the premier league with Hendon Thanks Knap!
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