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  1. Hi Andy, thank you for these tactics. i'm having good results with Arsenal. i'll try with a weaker club next.
  2. latest 442 tactic is very good. i can holiday my way to the premier league with Hendon Thanks Knap!
  3. Okay, i have a save point the day i won the south league. I'll revert to it and start offering trials to releases players. I'll report back Thanks
  4. no, i don't use trials, i use scout reports and the "playing time" they want when offering them a contract. first team/key players are the ones i sign but unfortunately i cant seem to find them so i sign young players that were released from clubs in higher division who are "hot prospects" . those hot prospects earned me a promotion to Vanarama premier but now it doesn't work. i tried reloading and signing new hot prospects but it didn't work.
  5. yes, not the youth one package. any tips on signing quality players after promotion with the scouts i have? thanks
  6. thanks for the quick reply. i let a staff member who has the highest motivating attribute. now it's the AM who has 14 motivating attribute DOF = Director of football? https://mega.nz/#!wpwV2KrA!bdunhiGzmMsdWhlP4A0wHqMqMEhPkg1TsUYKUeWHVA8 here you can download the save i don't think it's the tactic because in a different save with a different tactic i managed to get promoted in the first season i had the same second season syndrome. thanks
  7. Hey, i started a lower league save with Hendon. first season promoted to Vanarama premier. i've been using !!!!!!!!!!!19.3.5PILGRIMAGEKnap4141P109FA for promotion i signed a lot of released players that are "hot prospects" with good pace and acceleration. unfortunately after promotion i barely win or draw. can you give me a tip on how to start winning i can drop the game save i you require further details and information thanks
  8. Hello i'm looking for a 523 tactic for underdogs, which one of knap's tactics do you recommend? thanks
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