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  1. Why are Belgium and The Netherlands only allowed 3 foreigners in top division and the other big nations 5? That will give the bigger nations an unjust advantage over Belgium and The Netherlands. Both Belgium and The Netherlands have some great players to choose from, ofcourse, but while the bigger leagues can still buy more foreingers, it doesn't seam to be quite that fair. Would you consider adjusting it to be the same for all leagues? Like 5 in top division, 4 in 2nd division, 3 in 3rd and so on?
  2. Perhaps one day there'll be a more European division structure with promotion and relegation. Then, when one team folds, it's just a simple matter of seeing which lower team did best and advance that to the higher division. All the other quirky rules are fine and could make the MLS a very interesting league, but the mess they created all those years with moves, folds and such is just a shame for such a sophisticated country. I'm very interested to play this, when it's finished. KUTGW
  3. @claassen Would you consider making defunct cups like the Royal League (or it's proposed expantion), the Setanta Cup; Balkan League / Former Yugoslavia Cup, CIS Cup, or Iberian Cup? Or the Mitropa cup for 2nd division winners. Friendly youth cups like the Gothia Cup or the Norway Cup Or cups that evolved into the present European cups like the Coupe de l'Amitie (Benelux Cup) / International Football Cup. Or even the UEFA Regions' Cup for amateur teams. National leagues like the Isle of Man, Guernsey, Alderney, Jersey and Sark and the Upton Park Trophy and Island Games. Proposed but never started cups like the Atlantic league? Or a cup between the champions of all UK nations + Ireland + Gibralter. All could be made as pre-season friendly cups, or winter cups. I think European teams could use a bit fun in the preseason
  4. Will the suggestions I made for the previouis (FM16 ?) version be in it? (Complete teams for Ajax, Feyenoord and PSV; and a lot of stars for most other Dutch teams) Do you still plan to release this for FM2018?
  5. @FrazT, @José Santos Sorry for replying so late. I had a lot happening in my private life and didn't play FM for a long while. Meanwhile I bought FM2018 and it seems the problem does not occur there. Strange, as both FM16 and 17 had that. I suspect that I won't be turning to previous FM's very soon, but I wanted to reply to the both of you to expres my thanks for trying to help me. (Y)
  6. Make South America Great Again!

    Dafuge, I see that you loaded all playable nations from South America. In all your saves; do you always load all nations that you find interesting, or do you add and remove nations too to play in too?
  7. Germany

    You probably cannot and may not ask that question here on these forums. Better ask your question on the website you found your edited files.
  8. Aha, so I always use the first one and never change to tactic 2 or 3 and evenmore, never change mentality in tactic one, as the players do it themselfs already? So this would me the easiest and most plug and play tactic ever. I hope it works just as good as your previous one. I had so much succes with that in FM16 and some in 17 too (but I did not play that much, due to other obligations) thanks for explaining @Fenech
  9. To get this more clear for me: You always start with the tactic in slot one. When in a match, and you are goals behind, change mentality in the first tactic? Or switch to second tactic? Or do nothing and hope the team understand this by themselfs? And when to use the 3rd? I have Doom now in all my slots. So Doom, copy of Doom and copy of copy of Doom. What do I do now exactly?
  10. Quickest sacking ever?

    My worst job, lasted only one press on the spacebar. I got a job offer, accepted it, continued my game and was sacked right after. I did not see that the club was already relegated and the league below was unplayable. As it was right before/after the season update I had a job one moment, and the next I had not
  11. I had great success with your ultimate doom tactics for FM2016 with Barcelona. Thanks for creating it again for FM18. I see there is only one tactic now. No defensive/hard opponent version, or 10 man version this year?
  12. Would this tactic be a good addition to the FM18 Blue Matter 4123 v4? Or still better use the Blue Matter 4123 v4 with altered mentalities when behind, or with players send off? I really would like to play in a 433 based formation (so 433, 4123, 4213, etc) with Ajax or another top team, as I've always liked players like Robben, Cristiano Ronaldo and Marc Overmars on the flanks. And upcoming backs like Reiziger and Bogarde, Numan and Van Bronkhorst, etc. I love the style of football like Barcelona under Cruyff and Pep, Netherlands under Michels and Ajax under Cruyff and Van Gaal. Lots of passing and triangles, player position changes etc.
  13. @Cleon As long as I've known you (since 2004) on the Susie and SI forums, you have always written with high quality. Great! And thank you for that.
  14. So you don't really switch between 2 or 3? Just alter mentallity?
  15. Knap, I do not really understand what tactics to use from the first post. There are a lot. I guess I start with Blue Matter v.4 tactic. But then which tactics do I use for the other 2 slots? Do I need one for very difficult opponents, or when losing? Do I need another one for when players get send off the pitch? I read this post by you but I am still not sure how to setup my 3 tactics for teams like Ajax, Chelsea or Barcelona. Any help is very much appreciated.