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  1. Pr0, which of these files have you used for finance editing? Like club finances after transfers? I would like to give Barcelona € 222 million after Neymar's deal with PSG and edit the balance of the Dutch teams to reflect real life a bit more.
  2. (Suggest) Womens Leagues

    Was just a suggestion
  3. [FM17] Africa Extended (release)

    Are you planning to add the African continental cups (for clubs and nations)? As far as I can see on Wikipedia there are lots of cups, some being continental , others being regional or even pan-Arabic. Examples: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Confederation_of_African_Football#CAF_Competitions It would be great to be able to win the national league, cup and super cup, followed by the African CL, The Arabic Champions League, the regional FA cup and the World Club Cup.
  4. (Suggest) Womens Leagues

    OK, well, I have no idea how SI should / could implement it, but I really would like it
  5. Nobody mentioned Neymar Jr from Barcelona to PSG? Welsey Sneijder from Galatasaray to Nice Davy Pröpper from PSV to Brighton Timothy Fosu-Mensah on loan from MU to Crystal Palace The Dutch Super Cup (named Johan Cruijff Schaal) will no longer have a standard stadium (was at Amsterdam Arena), but will be played in the stadium of the reigning Eredivisie champions from now on As of the 25th of october Ajax' stadium will change it's name from Amsterdam Arena to Johan Cruijff Arena
  6. (Suggest) Womens Leagues

    I would really, really like the addition of women's football to FM. Not only is the quality of football getting better every year, it also shows that SI is taking this seriously. For me it would be just great to be able to have a fresh and new game, with new, but real, clubs and players, competitions and tournaments. And is it so very different or so much more work compared to scouting new youngsters every year, editing existings players' stats and adding new leagues or competitons to the men's world? Another great benefit, would be the enormous potential of girls and women that would like to play a computer game, but do not have women's sport to choose from. Except for the occasional tennis game perhaps. If it is too much work to create a 2nd footballing world, perhaps the two could be integrated, like youth / reserve leagues don't interfere with the rest of the game eighter. Another idea would be to make it possible for us to edit the footballing world ourselves, like we are able to do with almost every aspect of the game. In the editor, add a switch for men's / women's competitions. If set on women's, the game replaces "he" for "she" on all players and replaces regen-pictures for women's variants, etc.
  7. Hirving Lozano from Pachuca to PSV (6 year contract; € 8 million)
  8. That's great to hear, as you might remember that I had tons of success using your tactic at Barcelona. Of course, it is Barça, but your tactic did just great.
  9. Ridgeciano Haps from AZ to Feyenoord (€ 6 million) Jeremiah St. Juste from Heerenveen to Feyenoord (€ 4,5 million) Derrick Luckassen from AZ to PSV Marko Vejinovic on loan from Feyenoord to AZ Daniel Crowley from Arsenal to Willem II Wojciech Szczesny from Arsenal to Juventus Christophe Jallet from Olympique Lyon to Olympique Nice Joe Hart on loan from Manchester City to West Ham United
  10. Were all the suggestions I did for you for the Dutch teams of any help, Fenech?
  11. Hi Fenech, good to see you back on these forums. What about using this tactic for FM2017? Is that possible or does a lot have to be changed?
  12. Vitesse wins the Dutch KNVB Beker (Dutch FA Cup) vs AZ; 2-0
  13. I understand that. My suggestions are only to help and certainly not to criticize Thanks for creating this for us
  14. Great! How many players are there in the squads? Is that a fixed number, or just as many legends as you could find? Last year I posted a lot of suggestions for the Dutch teams in Fenech's Legend topic. Perhaps that can help you.