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  1. Football can change day by day. After the relegation, I managed back to back promotions, meanwhile beating 3 club records. Most wins, most goals and most points in one season. Now comes the hard part. Competiting in the Serbian Super Liga against Partizan and Red Star. I had 6 loan players that performed very well and have to try to get those players again, or sign new ones.
  2. Possible yes, but most of them don't want to come. It is a bit easier in 3rd division, so I decided to continue there. Hope winter transfer window, or next summer window will give me some more options at the WB position. At the moment I am 1000 hours in: And these are my statistics: Playing with IMT lowered the avarage amount of wins and goals a fair bit, but playing at this level makes me winning and scoring a lot more, so in the end, it isn't that bad. I have to thank you again for your amazing tactic and all your help. Thanks my friend.
  3. Is that when looking at the 3rd level, or my previous 2nd level league? So what am I doing wrong with this team? I'm scouting the same way, talking the same way, doing everything the same way. Only thing that is really different is the nation (Serbia vs Romania / Bulgaria) and the level of the club (semi pro). I cannot figure out how to keep my players happy instead of complaining and how to let them play alright. I will look for some better WB's, but that will be very difficult at this level. Not only that, but the team may only field one foreigner (EU players are foreign too) so, I am restricted to only buy Serbian players. Most decent ones are playing for the top teams (Red Star, Partizan and Vojvodina).
  4. I just relegated to the Serbian 3rd level (Srpska Liga Beograd), but was in the 2nd level (Prva Liga) for the past 3 seasons. I've send you a PM with my savegame. My club is IMT Novi Beograd
  5. Played a handful of matches with a new manager. They were about just as bad. Gonna try to find out what is wrong with my team. I can send you the save if you like.
  6. What do you mean by changing manager? Should I load up a backup game, and remove myself as manager and add myself again, to see if that changes anything?
  7. Hi @knap, After 30+ seasons with great succes in Romania (SSC Farul) and Bulgaria (Dunav Ruse) I am really strugling now in my 2049-2050 season. I am IMT Novi Beograd in the Serbian 2nd division at the moment. My players fail all the time, though my strikers are scoring some goals (like about 20) the rest of my team is sucking at it. I've loaded your tactic in all 3 slots, to speed up familiarity and only changed the mentality to control in slot 2 and counter in slot 3. Every match I start with the unedited Argus tactic. As I am using instant result, I do not change the tactic during the match. Only sometimes when I am playing the match myself, but in that case I am starting with unedited Argus too. For testing purposes I loaded Neville wears Prada tactic, but with the same lack of positive results too. Strange thing is that with Farul and Dunav I started with very bad teams too, but those performed better and better over time. I'm in my 3rd season with IMT now (started with 2nd half of the season in 2047) but do not see even some progress. Any ideas?
  8. Any news on this? Can we view this info, or export it somehow to make it visible?
  9. What happens to all the clubs that are not selected for your leagues?
  10. In my FM18 game I made my club very rich with profits from titles and transfers in 20 seasons. We had 500M on the bank. Some players earned a million a month, I still was on 4 figures, albeit winning 17 titles in a row and a Champions League, all with a Romanian team.
  11. @HagueyHarry Kane, Ken Biggins, Benedict Cumberbath; what's the difference??
  12. It's october 29th 2044 in my save. (Still playing FM18 by the way) There are 61862 clubs in my game and 67565 players. There are 1769 players with a PA of 150 or higher, of whom 417 have a current ability of 150 or higher. So only about 0,6% of my database is 150 plus and potentially it could be about 2,6%. Do you think that is too much? In 25 seasons in my career game, I had only 1 youth player with 160 pa. First team I managed (SSC Farul) I had great trainers and a good youth academy and in 20 seasons no youth player was above 130 pa Second team I am managing now (Dunav) I have only decent youth academy and a few good trainers and I got the 160 pa player. In real life, the long list for last season's golden boy award had 100 players on it, not including Moise Kean, Frenkie de Jong, Ryan Sessegnon or Vinicius Junior. A lot of other potentially world class players where not there. For example, Ajax had only 1 player on the long list; Barcelona only 2. So, if you ask me, our own youth academies don't produce too many world class players. And the game as a total does neighter. I don't think SI has it all wrong in this game. I'd say it's about right. But that is just my 2 cents.
  13. @santy001 and @Crispypaul Yes I understand that. Where there are leagues like the NWSL, Nadeshiko League, FA Women's Super League, Frauen-Bundesliga, Eredivisie Vrouwen and Damallsvenskan for example, and dozens more and even a Copa Libertadores and Champions League, not all of them are interesting enough for SI in terms of marketing and profit. I really hoped that it could be done by just doing some scouting and editing the existing leagues in FM. Perhaps that was my mistake and it is much harder than I anticipated Then, hopefully, it would be a possibility in the editor to recreate this ourselfs. I've been a primary school teacher for ten years and I've seen girls play football at a higher level than boys whom where scouted by Eredivisie teams. Do we really need another attribute structure?
  14. Wouldn't this mess up complete tactics when one player is send off with a red card? As a 3 man midfield could become a 2 man midfield; or a 2 man midfield could become a 1 man midfield; etc. That would mean that roles and duties would be erroneous after a injury or a booking. And although I do understand your wish to more realism, in real life it is possible too that a player has a specific role, but ends up doing that at an unusual position; or where 2 players do fairly the same, where we are used that only one player is doing this. If we really restrict this like this, it wouldn't be possible anymore to be creative. Total football would never have seen the light, if attackers cannot defend, or defenders wouldn't be allowed to attack; etc.
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