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  1. Sorry for the late reply. I haven't been on these forums in between. As I am Dutch, I am almost always loading the Dutch leagues, or at least scout in them. Could I use your file but have the Dutch setup like standard? Or do some editing myself to get it right?
  2. Hi @Daveincid and @majesticeternity First of all, thank you both for this editor file. It looks great and could give a lot of extra depth to this game. I am still playing FM18 at the moment (long term save that is not quite finished yet) but I am already looking for a perfect setup for my FM20 savegame. When reading your last comment, would you say to not use this file anymore, or is it still good enough?
  3. Yes, me too. But as there is no news since the opening post, I guess there is nothing yet
  4. Prediction semifinals: England vs Germany -> England // France vs Netherlands -> Netherlands Prediciton finals: Germany 4th, France 3rd, England 2nd, Netherlands 1st (or so I hope)
  5. Sam, what about this ↑ And what kind of setup (editor files and in game leagues) do you advise to enjoy your DB at its fullest? (I am going to use SoritouiSI's live update and their fix and probably some of Timo's nations)
  6. @Carlito85 Thanks for being so kind! Of all your files, which ones reflect the real life competitons the most? I am chosing between 41/42 because they have the most cups, but for a long term save, I most often chose the most realistic setup 1. That makes sense. The Sortitoutsi Live Update does transfers and continental cup qualifications, I suspect by editing the league position the club had. That might cause conflicts too? It does not change those cups, I think. 2. OK, I will use file A then 3. So it will be a choice between new Fifa Club World Cup or CC merger.
  7. Is this compatible with Timo's nations and Sortitousi's live update or fix? Files 41 and 42 contain both the UEFA Europa League and the UEFA Cup. Do I then need the A-file (compatible with Europa League) or B-file (compatible with UEFA Cup) for the new Fifa World Club Cup format? (This question goes the same for the other new cups. Do I need the A-file or the B-file, if I chose an UEFA setup that contains both the Europa League and the UEFA Cup?) Why is the Americas merger not compatible with the new Fifa World Club Cup? Is the AFC file compatible with the new Fifa World Cl
  8. Though some things sound logical, I do find it very complicated. Sorry.
  9. @sporadicsmiles Your health is the most important thing you have (alongside your family). So stay save, stay strong, get well soon and surely don't worry about FM. Take care!
  10. What will happen with newgen managers or players that become managers after years of playing? Will they be better too, or will the game - after all those years - return to be at the same level that SI had set for the managers?
  11. Does that mean recreate / add rules to the 6 Gulf nations' leagues too? Or is setting it in the cuprules of the GCC CL enough? Would be easiest, I presume, if you could then set the following, for example for Saudi-Arabia: Nr 1-4 in AFC CL, nr 1-2 in Arab CL, nr 3-4 in GCC CL, or someting like that
  12. Just fairly simple. The 2 best teams from Saudi-Arabia, UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar and Kuwait qualifying for a groupstage of 3 clubs each. Playing eachother 2 times, means every club plays 4 matches in the groupstage. 1st and 2nd place teams advance to a normal knock-out tournament. Quarter finals = 1 leg; Semi Finals = 2 legs; Final is 1 leg. Groupmatches in February and March Knock-outmatches in April and May As it seams the teams are pretty randomly chosen from the participating nations, I am not sure on how to select them. The easiest way would be to select league winner and cup
  13. I've looked into activating / recreating the now defunct GCC (Gulf Club Counsil) Champions League. It is already in the SI db. I asked some questions about how to do that in de simple questions thread, but I cannot find out how to add clubs by league position (like league champions or cup winners). I got some very nice and helpful tips, but still felt very lost in the editor. Is there someone who can point me out to a step by step guide on how to do such a thing? Or, wants to make it for me? Ideally I want to be able to manage a Saudi team (already got Timo's pack) and par
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