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  1. As I read in the first post that training is completely overhauled for FM19, what topic should I then read for FM18? I coundn't find a recent one with the search function or the pinned topics in this forum.
  2. Great idea! I've thought about creating extra cups to make leagues more interesting and clubs get more experience with high profile matches. Like a Belgium - Netherlands (and perhaps Luxemburg) Cup; Balkan Cup, Greece vs Cyprus vs Turkey Cup, UK & Ireland + Gibraltar Cup, etc.
  3. Thanks for this. I've downloaded your FM18 version. Just one question though: does FM have enough rain for Holland and England?? 😂
  4. Well, you do have to press it to continue after an event that needs your attention. After accepting a job, etc. Have fun in this one!
  5. @Makoto Nakamura Will you do more yourself this time around, or still only press continue?
  6. Thanks @Makoto Nakamura ! For myself, I am thinking about a journey from the east to the west, with clubs and cities that I have chosen before game start along a specific route through the world. Don't know if I will write about it here in the Careers forum, but it appeals to me to do such a thing. Oops, I forgot, you are playing in FM19, I still have 18. That'd probably not work for me. Will download it anyway.
  7. It was fun to read and to follow. Perhaps changing the amount of things you do or don't do yourself will help. Would you consider sharing your save with us? With starting afresh, do you mean continuing this in Bulgaria in a newly started save, or do a complete new thing?
  8. Wow.... knowing that pressing continue can be automated too and you only have to select a tactic, this is a very laid back way to play FM. @Makoto Nakamura Do you always play like this, or just for this careergame?
  9. Did you delegate all tasks to your Assistent Manager and Director of Football? What things do you still do your self, when advancing so fast through all seasons?
  10. That was to be expected. So, except for Lusitanos, everything is a blur
  11. @Makoto Nakamura Which clubs, leagues and/or nations did you like the most so far?
  12. @Makoto Nakamura Do you receive inbox messages or media messages saying that no one understands why the great Makoto chooses for small clubs in far away nations?
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