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  1. Thanks to @claassen for making and maintaining this. Thanks to @igorferreira118 for updating this when claassen was away. Both your efforts are very much appreciated.
  2. @claassen Will there be an updated/patched version that is compatible with 18.3?
  3. I'm using this tactic for the 3rd season now with Lillestrøm in the Norwegian Eliteserien. Every season my team performs better than the last, so I am quite happy with that. One thing that is bothering me: I score lots of goals, but concede lots too. I cannot buy worldclass defenders, but for the Eliteserien, they are really quite ok. So what to do next, to improve this?
  4. Jorgen

    Favorite adult movie start - 2018

    Leah Gotti Also: Eufrat Mai, Sunny Lane and Lexi Belle
  5. OK. Perhaps my players are stupid or so, but almost every corner they take is an indirect one.
  6. Finished my 1st season in Norway's Eliteserien with Lillestrøm. Pre-season predictions where 11th - 16th in the league. I finished 6th! Board demanded me to get to the cups 4th round. In the end we were victorious in the final. Next year I will be allowed to start in the 1st qualification round of the Europa League! Hope that will be a nice adventure too.
  7. I am playing with Lillestrøm and signing quality players is quite hard. What should I look for in a player for my team?
  8. @lionel messi Great! I am now enjoying a safe in Norway where I loaded all the leagues from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. I might do this challenge after that, or perhaps besides it, to have some change.
  9. @lionel messi Aha, that explains a lot. And what about the cosmetic files I mentioned in my edited post?
  10. How do you guys advance through the leagues / season this fast? Only load the new nation, when finished with the last? Will it be allowed to use extra files that ONLY change names and thus are purely cosmetic and not influencial on the game or the challenge?
  11. @claassen If I load all necessary files for the NACL and CFU including the Central American en North American nations you mentioned in your text file, but do not use any of those competitions in my game, will I have issues in my game then?
  12. Why are Belgium and The Netherlands only allowed 3 foreigners in top division and the other big nations 5? That will give the bigger nations an unjust advantage over Belgium and The Netherlands. Both Belgium and The Netherlands have some great players to choose from, ofcourse, but while the bigger leagues can still buy more foreingers, it doesn't seam to be quite that fair. Would you consider adjusting it to be the same for all leagues? Like 5 in top division, 4 in 2nd division, 3 in 3rd and so on?
  13. Perhaps one day there'll be a more European division structure with promotion and relegation. Then, when one team folds, it's just a simple matter of seeing which lower team did best and advance that to the higher division. All the other quirky rules are fine and could make the MLS a very interesting league, but the mess they created all those years with moves, folds and such is just a shame for such a sophisticated country. I'm very interested to play this, when it's finished. KUTGW
  14. @claassen Would you consider making defunct cups like the Royal League (or it's proposed expantion), the Setanta Cup; Balkan League / Former Yugoslavia Cup, CIS Cup, or Iberian Cup? Or the Mitropa cup for 2nd division winners. Friendly youth cups like the Gothia Cup or the Norway Cup Or cups that evolved into the present European cups like the Coupe de l'Amitie (Benelux Cup) / International Football Cup. Or even the UEFA Regions' Cup for amateur teams. National leagues like the Isle of Man, Guernsey, Alderney, Jersey and Sark and the Upton Park Trophy and Island Games. Proposed but never started cups like the Atlantic league? Or a cup between the champions of all UK nations + Ireland + Gibralter. All could be made as pre-season friendly cups, or winter cups. I think European teams could use a bit fun in the preseason