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  1. The beauty was in the simplicity of what he said. One thing that I remember from his football philosophy is this: If you use a 4-3-3 with three midfielders in a triangle shape, you have the point of the triangle facing forward or backward. Most people see the point of the triangle as the direction. So a forward triangle is attacking and a backward facing triangle is defending. Not in the opinion of Cruijff. He stated: a backward facing triangle has two people in front, instead of one, so that one is the attacking shape! I could only find a couple of scans of those articles, so they are in Dutch. I was not able to select the text and translate it for you. See this google search result:
  2. @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! Did you ever read Johan Cruijff's "Zo zouden wij moeten voetballen" series of 6 articles? I t was featured on his own website and in De Telegraaf (Dutch Newspaper) and it was just a great read. He wrote in-depth about his vision on football. Really great stuff to read if you are into Cruijff's footballing philosophy.
  3. All winter transfers in the Dutch Eredivisie Translation: Nieuw = New (transfer / loan in) Weg = Away / Gone (transfer / loan out) Naam = Name Van = From Naar = To (Eng), (Dui), (Pol), etc = abbrevation of the nation name - only for foreign teams. Clubs without abbreviations between brackets are Dutch * = loan ** = returned from loan
  4. @Tobcoach: Thanks for explaining @Slabbekoorn and the others: thanks for all the hard work! I really look out for the day I can start with this database
  5. @MisterX They already have worked together on this very database, or at least shared some ideas on how to solve things. If you read through this topic and it's help thread in the Editors Hideaway, you'll see that. Was already amazing to see @Reddiablo, @CrowBar and @Slabbekoorn work on this together and was delighted to see that @Tobcoach visited / entered this project too.
  6. Ah, great! Looking forward to the Marveld cup too.
  7. Great to hear Slabbekoorn! Thanks for all the work you did with this file Perhaps I'm missing something, but what is the "official file" to use? I guess it is the 3.0 version you posted today. The topic in the download forum had no update since version 2.5 on novermber 19th, when I look in the opening post.
  8. I just looked at that Marveld tournament. That would be a great addition
  9. Why past 2024? Is that just a number you use for a save amount of years, or does something happen in 2024?
  10. And will it give the possibility to buy a foreign player, if needed? There are only a few teams that have no-foreigner-policiies and lot's of teams that prefer youth and domestic players, but do sign others, if the youth/domestic players ain't good enough.
  11. FuSS, after using Fenech's tactic for FM16 with Barcelona (and winning the league multiple times without losing) I tried your tactic for FM17 with Ajax. My very first game was the CL qualification vs Monaco. I won, away, with 0-6!! Hakim Ziyech and Kasper Dolberg both had their debuts and both scored for me. After only one match there isn't really much you can say about a tactic already, but the start is very, very promising. I hope this level of play can be sustained through the season.
  12. If I try this, will it work, or will it break the game / not load at all?
  13. Thanks for the heads up. I might use it for my first FM17 career then. Good luck editing!