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  1. I know, but as everything is possible, it could've survived 😉 I am looking forward to your new stories
  2. I have used your files in a test combined with England level 10 and Scotland level 13. I holiday'ed without any problems. It's 01 may 2026 in my game. Not sure if it'll be different from normal playing
  3. thanks for all the hard work you're putting into this!
  4. Strange thing is, when I used such things in NIgeria and The Philippines (both highest level) it worked. And when I used it at the 3rd level of Serbia and 2nd of Romania, it worked too. A lot of those players were afwful. But perhaps those players in the English lower leagues are so terrible that they don't know the difference between their left and right foot.
  5. I got that 😉 I've loaded only the English level 10 database at the moment, but with 150k players. I could however load those leagues too, and even the Caribbean ones that are eligible for England
  6. @dieu @HanziZoloman Though I didn't do loans in these saves, I did buy everyone on a free transfer. The best ones that wanted to come were taken away on the same free transfers at the end of each season. At the 10th level of the English pyramid, no players from the PL, or Championship wanted to play for me. In my previous saves in Serbia and the Philippines I could buy young players (18 and below) that made my team better in a few seasons. The other teams weren't buying them, as I could give them real contracts. So after a few years my first eleven became better and better. But on the 10th level in England I have no way to keep those players as they move on a free.
  7. @V50 Thanks! I'll look into loans and trials. Normally I use a Knap tactic and it works on most levels, even if they are made for PSG and City. These last twoo saves were just crazy hard. I was very patient. After 6 or 7 seasons it was just not signifcantly better. I did it as a holiday save (so buying the players and setting the tactic) but that works on other levels too. (won the CONCACAF Champions Cup and CAF Champions League with that) I will probably start a new save again and try to implement your tips! and tricks.
  8. I have been playing this fantastic game for over 25 years now. I used to make my own tactics, but the last time I did that was sometime in 2006-2008. Back then you could still place the players on the pitch in relation to where the ball was. With the tactics I had at that time I was able to win the Copa Libertadores with Once Caldas, Millonarios and America de Cali from Colombia. After this I actually couldn't do that anymore and I thought that was a shame, but fortunately there were Fuss's and Knap's (and others) tactics on these forums, so I could continue having fun with FM. In FM18 I had a long term save of 90+ seasons traveling along the Danube and Rhine from Eastern to Western Europe through Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Germany and the Netherlands. Several times I started here with clubs from the 2nd or 3rd level and after a few years we fought for Champions League glory. It was here that I became hooked on managing in obscure countries and since then I have enjoyed coaching clubs in Afghanistan, Costa Rica, The Solomon Islands, Nigeria, the Philippines and New Zealand. It also became increasingly difficult to find good players or good scouts to find these players. That's why I've been using a scouting tool for years. While everyone can play the game their own way (and I love all the options available, for example the instant result button), I would like to get back to achieving more on my own without the help of downloaded tactics and tools. This week I started lower league management in the England Level 10 database. I also started a savegame with this Caribbean database I found that managing clubs in the English lower levels (Ringwood FC in the Wessex League Divison 1) and in the Caribbean (Sandy Point FC in Saint Kitts and Nevis) is very, very hard. Most players have a CA and PA far below 20. It's almost impossible to find someone who makes your team better. If they want to come at all. Even with the downloaded tactics and the scouting tool, after 7 seasons I was actually no better than at the beginning. In fact, I was relegated again, got fired from another club and had no idea how I could go about becoming successful. Of course I understand that it is not easy in real life to win the continental champions league from the English 10th level, or from Saint Kitts and Nevis. But this remains a game in which this is possible, as evidenced by all the successes here on the forum. Ofcouse I can start in the English Championship of Italian Serie B to have a bit of a challenge to win the title, but I want to start with a very small club. Long story short; How do I approach team management / tactics / scouting / finances to turn a very small team into a very successful club?
  9. I have no useful experience in the editor concerning creating cups and competitons. Three of the most heared solutions on these forums are (1) hidden stages; (2) competitions starting/ending dates; or (3) Some settings in the editor have check boxes or other items in multiple different places. Maybe there is a setting in your competition that is triggered on another page in the editor. Some in-game things I recall reading about are fixture conjunction, especially regarding the world cup. All these might have absolutely nothing to do with your cups, but I thought I should suggest it anyway. Edit: Perhals @themodelcitizen or @Wolf_pd know how to help you fix this
  10. @V50 Have you got some clues on what in-game event is causing it?
  11. There is a Google Chrome safety filter that prevents the downloading of some files on these forums. If you disable that filter before downloading (re-apply that filter afterwards again) and let your virusscanner scan the files, it shows there are no problems with those files. I don't know why that happens
  12. Then I'll wait starting a career. I really like the logo of Sandy Point Football Club (Saint Kitts and Nevis) so I want to manage them.
  13. Did you test it with only your files, or with the America and Canada files of TMC and SaintsCanada too?
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