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  1. @Ackter Would you consider making this tactic available for download? Would this would be useful in a league where lots of teams play very offensive, like in The Netherlands? So if you ain't managing a top 5 team (Ajax, Feyenoord, PSV, AZ, or Vitesse), then you could win the league by exploiting all the space when opponents attack.
  2. 7-1 and 8-0 vs RB Salzburg. Wow... just wow.
  3. @Luiz Gonçalves Are you still playing?
  4. I used your training setup from this post: but now half of my players are unhappy/unsatisfied 'bout the quality of the training. They feel they have to do a lot of extra work.
  5. Started again with Golden Lion, as it is one of the nicest teams available at the start, because they are playing in a few different competitons and they have a cool name. Hopefully this save I won't be beaten by Club Franciscain all the time. I already lost my first semi-final vs Franciscain, but league predictions say I have the most chances to become champions with Golden Lion. Bought a bunch of players (9!!) and now we have to see if it makes any difference.
  6. I've decided to start over. Will post again, when I have found myself a nice team to start with.
  7. Yeah, that is not what you're looking for, I guess If only some of them have double nationality, it wouldn't be strange, but if almost all have foreign roots, that would be awkward in your db.
  8. @Fenech You are right to do it the way you prefer it yourself I would use an alltime ranking, but your vision can work too ofcourse. Keep up the good work!
  9. For placing the teams in a fitting division / ranking perhaps this would be a nice read. At UEFA, the RSSSF, FiveThirtyEight, ECI and at Club Elo they also explain why the lists are like this. UEFA Club Coëfficients: https://www.uefa.com/memberassociations/uefarankings/revenue/ Worldwide Historical / All-Time Ranking of Clubs, by the RSSSF: http://www.rsssf.com/miscellaneous/wtatr.html The Oosterpark Rankings,from: http://www.clubworldrankings.com/100.htm The World Football / Soccer Clubs Ranking, from: http://www.clubworldrankings.com/100.htm Club Elo Ratings: http://www.clubelo.com/TheCase Global Club Soccer Rankings: https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/global-club-soccer-rankings/ Euro Club Index: https://www.euroclubindex.com/
  10. Have you tried the file of the Susie forums? I think this works perfectly with all other databases with the exception of databases that edit England. https://sortitoutsi.net/downloads/view/37395/no-brexit-prevent-brexit-from-happening-in-fm18 If you want to edit England and use a No Brexit, you could try to use this file as your base.
  11. I to could be unwanted in your database, but in the Iron Curtain and Cold War time, a lot of Eastern-Europeans wanted to escape the regimes and poverty of their nations. So getting an Western passport was a manner of escape for them. Being from America, England, or even West-Germany would mean that you could leave East-Berlin, or Czecho-Slovakia.
  12. @Fenech Do you have a list of all teams that have full squads of legendary players and teams that have only some?
  13. Aha, yes than we are on the same page Still think Independiente belongs in the D1 with River and Boca Perhaps I should get this db too, to see it for myself. Now I have to guess which teams are fully packed, and which only have a few legends. Is there a way of seeing in game who is a star, and who is just part of the normal SI-database? I.e. legends having a (*) between their name. (which would kill scouting by the way, when I think of it)