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  1. Vitesse wins the Dutch KNVB Beker (Dutch FA Cup) vs AZ; 2-0
  2. I understand that. My suggestions are only to help and certainly not to criticize Thanks for creating this for us
  3. Great! How many players are there in the squads? Is that a fixed number, or just as many legends as you could find? Last year I posted a lot of suggestions for the Dutch teams in Fenech's Legend topic. Perhaps that can help you.
  4. When I tried that before, it did occure on both settings. I'll try that again.
  5. So, I started a game with FM17 and had the exact same issue, but as far as I can see, only in windowed mode (when playing in 1920 x 1080, 60 Hz, there is no problem at all). This is only happening in Football Manger, not in any other software. Very strange.
  6. How did your save with this tactic go? I continued my save yesterday, after a few months of not playing. Won my matches again, with great football and lots of goals. After 5 seasons, I find the AI not adapting. Don't know what will happen this season of course.
  7. No, I haven't tried that yet, because I didn't want to break the game (or the tactic, but I could have copied and renamed it, come to think of that) I will look at your 4-3-3 though Which one of them (there are so many!) did you mean exactly? I have found that some of them qualify for a 4-3-3: Blue Matter (standard 4-3-3): Lookin In (standard 4-3-3): Raw Sienna 4-2-3-1 WB (forward facing midfield triangle, with AML and AMR): or Knaphammer 4-1-2-3 Wide DM (backward facing midfield triangle, with AML and AMR): Here are both of Fenech's tactics: UD_1234etc is Ultimate Doom - standard tactic, UC_1234etc is Ultimate Defense - control tactic UC_68F02FAF-AC0C-4DB3-B71D-AEDABCD40CEC.fmf UD_970376CC-BECB-4228-BBF8-C3FAD71FC31C.fmf
  8. I've had great succes with Fenech's Ultimate Doom tactic at FM16: I am looking for a similar tactic for FM17. My favorite formation is 4-3-3 and it's variations. Can someone point me out to a great 4-3-3 or tell me what I need to do to make Fenech's 2016 tactic work in 2017? If you would like to know why I like this tactic so much, look at my results: I've not chosen a club yet, but Ajax and Borussia Dortmund are options.
  9. Hi José, First of all, sorry for being so long away. My laptop was much longer away as aspected and I did not play FM due to all the things real life asked from me. Tonight I loaded my FM16 game again (which was a problem, due to some Steam problems, but killing all Steam processes in the Task Manager helped) I tried the game for about half an hour and the problem was still there. A diagonal line from top left to bottom right, visable when continuing. It can be seen when the calendar is visible and when matches are being displayed as "a drop down list in the calendar", if you understand what I mean. I will start a game with FM17 soon, to see if the problem is there too. What should I do now?
  10. OK. I understand. Thanks for explaining Carlito!
  11. So, if I understand you correctly, pr0's changes would have no effect in future seasons, and for the first season, it takes the normal CL en EL teams?
  12. @Carlito85 It does, however, change the team positions in the divisions, and with that, who qualified for which European Cup, so if you might have set fixed teams for the first season or something like that, could that be a problem?
  13. Does this work with Pr0's updates?
  14. Danny Blind no longer manger of Dutch national team. Fred Grim interim manager at Dutch national team, but only for one match.
  15. So which file do I use? Can I start with Reddiablo's fmf file, or do we need to wait for something else? No pressure, no worries, by the way. Just trying to find out, if I need to wait, or can start already.