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  1. This topic still says "need savegame" but I uploaded 3 already.
  2. So we do not need to report unkown bugs anymore? I have a long career game, so perhaps not all bugs show early in game. Hope this helps anyway
  3. Seems like most clubs from unplayable nations do not sign managers at all. I obviously haven't checked all of them, but it is happening in Spain, England, Italy, Switzerland, Turkey and Scotland. Only the absolute top teams from those nations sign new managers. Barça, Atletico, Real, Juve, Napoli, Milan, Inter, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Spurs, ManC and ManU all do, for example, but all other teams from those nations didn't. Celtic, Galatasaray and Basel did not, and all other teams from those leagues didn't sign managers. Moreover, some haven't had an IA manager from the start of the game and did not every since. When checking playable nations, like for example Holland, Germany and Romania, they all change their managers as should. Is this a problem people at SI are aware of? Files I am using as part of my savegame: Claassen's, Susie's
  4. I see that I have posted this topic in the FM touch part of this site. It's happening on FM18 full though.
  5. No, in case of Bayern, it are all official matches in the Champions League. 9 matches are being displayed under eachother, 9 matches are counted for both teams in the "between clubs standings", but 6 wins + 2 losses = 8 matches. The draw (4-4) is not being counted. I have checked other teams, both with flawed and correct standings. Draws are being counted there. I have no idea what is causing this. See this image:
  6. And it happened two more times, now with different teams than Celtic. Savegames are uploaded. "strange manager news" and "Rijn-Main-Donau - manager Roma"
  7. Thanks for replying. I would have guessed that it happens because of the season update day. Though, it isn't "fair" that a player is not credited for everything he has won. In my long savegame, I found some other issues, but have made specific bug topics about those.
  8. @Joshua-inn1992 This tactic will do just that. It has 3 central strikers all of which score lots of goals.
  9. Do teams fill their full squads, or do they remain empty? I recall from earlier database edits like this, that a lot of teams just kept their greyed out players, instead of signing full squads.
  10. Hi @knap In my 23 season right now, and just won the Champions League last season with SSC Farul from Romania. After winning the European Supercup too and winning my 17th consecutive championship in Romania, I quite my job, to continue this career in Bulgaria. This tactic is one of the best that I have ever used. Thank you!
  11. When watching some match statistics vs my opponents, I see that they don't add up correctly. I am playing with Farul in Romania. If I look at my matches vs FC Bayern, I see 9 matches, but only 8 of them are there in the overview. (9-8-0-2) Matches vs Craiova are having the same problem. 91 matches, but only 90 are displayed in the won-draw-lost overview. (91-50-14-26) Matches vs PSG however, are counted and displayed correctly. (11-9-1-1) And for instance the matches vs Viitorul are correct too (56-44-8-4) Why is that happening? I have uploaded my savegame. It is called "Rijn-Main-Donau - kopie,fm"
  12. It happened again. I have saved the game as soon as I noticed it. Does someone from SI staff need so see my savegame, or is this not a bug, but normal behaviour?
  13. Is FM19 so different from its predecessors?
  14. @Lucas I'll try it @keithfc Know why?
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