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  1. I would like to suggest that more teams sign new managers and not only the few top teams. I found out in my long term save that only clubs with a very high reputation sign new managers, if those nations are not loaded. I described this problem in detail here: In my save I loaded Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania. Only teams from these 9 nations signed new managers. For all the other unselected nations, only 16 teams signed managers: Arsenal, Chelsea, City, United, Liverpool, Spurs, Inter, Juventus, Mila
  2. Thank you If that is true, this is very unrealistic And in long term saves it might not be game breaking, but it isn't adding to the experience
  3. I will use this post for a summary of the reactions I might get. FM21: On another forum, someone that plays FM21 with every big league loaded, checked the smaller leagues for me. Racing Genk (Belgium) and Red Bull Salzburg (Austria) do not attract managers. This might be normal behaviour, according to
  4. This is about FM2018, but I hope to find out if this is happening to other people with newer games too. And if this happens only with games that loaded extra editor files, or with vanilla games too. I might have posted this long ago already in a bug topic, but now I have a lot more data and an indepth look at this. In my FM2018 savegame, I play a longterm save, close to 2100 right now. I have selected 9 playable leagues: The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania. I have loaded all possible playable leagues from these nations. I use Claas
  5. Anyone who knows a bit more about this?
  6. I hope the Japan issue wil be sorted out in the next few years. Next, I also would like to see Paraquay, Costa Rica, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Nigeria, Saudi-Arabia, Qatar, Vietnam. They have great teams that are continental beaters, and/or lots of potential.
  7. Why/how are players selected for the best teams ever (nations and clubs)? We know how great Maradona, Pele and Cruijff were back in their days. And we can see every week how great Messi, Neymar and Cristiano Ronaldo are. My save is in 2095 right now (FM2018) and after Messi and Ronaldo retired, Mbappe was one of the best players in history. It shouldn't be easy to be selected for a Best XI and if you make it, it shouldn't be easy to lose your place. How in heaven's sake are worldclass players like Neymar, Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi and Mbappé not in their nations Best XI anymore, or no
  8. Two years ago, I posted this idea What I would like to have is the following: A way to export a lot more of the statistics that are already in the game OR a way to show them in-game, like at your manager profile If you, like me, are playing a long term save, you have created a unique footballing world for yourself. I am in 2095 right now and my game is full of statistics, rivalries, new big teams, interesting league wins, etc. It is really fun to see how FM organicly transformed the footballing world you know, to something entirely new. I like my savegame a lot (otherwise I wou
  9. Is this possible? I'm in 2095 right now and it would be great to be able to browse your game like this. As the game keeps track of about everything, wouldn't it be just a case of exporting the already available data? And if not possible to extract this right now, it would be a nice addition to next FM games. It could also be just another tab on your manager profile, containing "clubs most bought from or sold to"; "best winning streaks" (not only the highest); "most feared opponents", "player that scored most goals for me in 1 season"; "player that scored most for me in his career";
  10. Sorry for the late reply. I haven't been on these forums in between. As I am Dutch, I am almost always loading the Dutch leagues, or at least scout in them. Could I use your file but have the Dutch setup like standard? Or do some editing myself to get it right?
  11. Hi @Daveincid and @majesticeternity First of all, thank you both for this editor file. It looks great and could give a lot of extra depth to this game. I am still playing FM18 at the moment (long term save that is not quite finished yet) but I am already looking for a perfect setup for my FM20 savegame. When reading your last comment, would you say to not use this file anymore, or is it still good enough?
  12. Prediction semifinals: England vs Germany -> England // France vs Netherlands -> Netherlands Prediciton finals: Germany 4th, France 3rd, England 2nd, Netherlands 1st (or so I hope)
  13. Sam, what about this ↑ And what kind of setup (editor files and in game leagues) do you advise to enjoy your DB at its fullest? (I am going to use SoritouiSI's live update and their fix and probably some of Timo's nations)
  14. @Carlito85 Thanks for being so kind! Of all your files, which ones reflect the real life competitons the most? I am chosing between 41/42 because they have the most cups, but for a long term save, I most often chose the most realistic setup 1. That makes sense. The Sortitoutsi Live Update does transfers and continental cup qualifications, I suspect by editing the league position the club had. That might cause conflicts too? It does not change those cups, I think. 2. OK, I will use file A then 3. So it will be a choice between new Fifa Club World Cup or CC merger.
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