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  1. Exactly what it says in the title: my manager still has a 1 for working with youth players, though I'm signing almost exclusively (like more than 90% of the time) players that are 19 and younger, training them for years and selling them with profit. They play a very important role in my entire career, often starting matches. OK, after a while, they are not under 20 anymore, but as I again sell them to other clubs, there is always space for new young players on the pitch. Moreover, when I win a match in the Champions League, the press often is noticing that my team is so young. So, why the 1 in my abilities? This is on FM18 by the way.
  2. It happened again. I have saved the game as soon as I noticed it. Does someone from SI staff need so see my savegame, or is this not a bug, but normal behaviour?
  3. Is FM19 so different from its predecessors?
  4. @Lucas I'll try it @keithfc Know why?
  5. That would be nice, as I suspect most people are on FM19 now, but I have lots of fun with my FM18 save.
  6. Is it possible to use this between FM versions? Let's say FM18 and FM19?
  7. Meanwhile, I have another player where, after resigning from football, not all prizes won are mentioned. What is causing this?
  8. @Glenn Wakeford It is 2036 in-game and it happened again. Now, not as newsitem in my inbox, but as social feed item. I've uploaded a savegame just before and just after the Celtic-Rodgers-message. Files are named "just before Celtic - Rodgers" and "just after Celtic - Rodgers". Hope this helps.
  9. Could someone of SI tell me if such a tool exists, or is possible to make? At the start of my 20th season, it would be really interesting to see, who scored the most goals; in which match I had the most yellow cards; what were the most loyal players in the game, or who had the biggest impact on my team. I can think of lots and lots of statistics that would be fun to know, or even really helpful. Not only for my own players, but also in my league, or even worldwide. Which players became a manager? What manager managed the most teams? What was the longest ever career at one team? What nations did most of my players come from? From what team did I buy the most? And where did I sell them to? Etcetera. I cannot code/create computer programs, but I think this would be a very nice addition, to an alreay outstanding game.
  10. My favorite regen, Alan Mason, ended his career just recently, after 400+ competiton matches and 600+ competitive matches for my team in total including Champions League, cups etc. In his last season (2035/2036) we won the treble. As he retired after winning his 15th Liga I title in Romania at my club but also a few days before the season update, his profile now says he has won 14 league titles at my club, where it really should have been 15. My savegame has continued for 19 seasons now, and I just advanced to the beginning of the 20th season. I noticed that cup wins (national FA cup, national super cup) are updated right away, whereas league titles are only updated at the day of the season update. Though Alan Mason only played a handful of matches in his 15th season, he was part of the team, and as such, his history should have said he won 15 Liga I titles. (The other league title he won, was in the Liga II). Is this a bug, or just normal behaviour? I am playing with SSC Farul in Romania, using Football Manager 2018.
  11. @Glenn Wakeford I am afraid, I don't have one. I've already advanced a few seasons since then. If I see another of those messages, I will make sure to save the game and post it here. I'm playing with FM18 by the way.
  12. You mean this? https://sortitoutsi.net/football-manager-data-update
  13. In my 18th season right now and performing pretty well:
  14. Just won an away match in the CL groupstage vs Celtic, while managing SSC Farul (Romania). It is 2034 and the news about that match says that Celtic is still not over Brendan Rodgers' recent leaving. Curious about how he was doing all those years, I checked both Rodgers' profile, and the list of Celtic managers. It turns out that Rodgers left in 2029 already and has since been managing a few other teams. Celtic however, has not appointed another manager since that day. The Scottish league is not active, but clubs from other inactive leagues (like France, Spain, England and Italy) do appoint new managers. So I find it strange that a topteam like Celtic has not or cannot appoint a new manager. More strange is that the newsitem says they are still not over Rodgers' departure. Even if he was the clubs all-time-hero-of-football, they should have been fine with his departure by now. Is this a normal news item that is just triggered because they haven't signed a new manager yet, or is this a bug?
  15. I'm in my 18th season with SSC Farul (Romania) and I've noticed that every once in a while, "my face" (FM generated, while scanning my own) changes to something else entirely. When clicking it, the face/profile editor opens and when I confirm what is already there, the face of my manager turns back to normal. Cannot really say how often this happens, but I think, in those 17+ seasons, I must have changed it back to normal at least 5 times. Is this normal behaviour? I do use extra files for my game, but non of them change regen player faces, so why is mine being changed once every while?
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