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  1. Wolf_pd

    Any news for In-Game editor 2019?

    They will come, but don't expect anything untill the final weeks before the release of FM19z
  2. That's the road I am going now. It won't keep the regens from turning up, but the database is more in line with the era at the start of the test.
  3. Possibly, as I don't know what nationalities you have, but even toning it down a bit would be nice. Right now my Russian teams have more regens with African/Russian roots than Russians. That's a bit weird.
  4. Working on a Iron Curtain style database, I notice a lot of Eastern European players with Western European, African, South American or even North American second nations. Since the fall of communism the football world is more globalized, so understandable it happens, but it doesn't fit in a pre-1990 style database. Is there any way I can limit certain second nationalities popping up in Eastern Europe? This might be hardcoded of course, so I could be out of luck.
  5. Wolf_pd

    Soviet league

    There was some news on it after the Ukraine-Russia fallout, mentioning although Ukraine was initially interested, but no longer so due to political tensions. Anyway, I should be more awake when posting
  6. Wolf_pd

    Soviet league

    Any link (in english preferably) about this?
  7. Yes! Managed to get it work via Advanced. Set the set up date as you specified. I was a little bit surprised that while the draw date is already after the Czech and Slovak cup finals, you still need the set up date. The issue with Slovakia not being included in the World Cup qualifying I fixed with setting Slovakia to active in my edit and creating an extra file with Slovakia. Sometimes it is soooooooooooooooo easy to fool the game Next one up: West Germany! (Czechoslovakia and Poland done)
  8. No problem. I will see if I can get it to work in Advanced. The Advanced rules whine a bit about Slovakia no longer being in World Club Qualifying, but I'll find a way around.
  9. Is that for Advanced Rules? Could not find it in Basic Rules (working with FM16 editor btw), but did find it in Advanced.
  10. I have recreated the Czechoslovak Cup which is essentially a Super Cup between the Czech Cup Winner and the Slovak Cup Winner, but it is the Czechoslovak Cup Winner that qualifies for Europe. The Czech and Slovak Cup finals are played two weeks before the Czechoslovak Cup. All three Cups are played at the moment as I want them. But when checking the finals, I noticed that the 2030/31 Czechoslovak Final used the 2029/30 Slovak and Czech final winners. It is probably caused because the game already sets the teams at the start of the season. How can I make sure the right finalists are used?
  11. Wolf_pd

    How to create a Regional Cup

    If you add the Aberdeen cup as a secondary competition, that might work. Another way is to create the cup, pick one (random) competition. The screen then allows you to edit that and there you can pick specific teams.
  12. Wolf_pd

    Custom Database Crashing at Inconsistent Points

    You could try and change a select group of nations, say, Brazil, Germany, England and see what happens. Obviously you are disturbing the balance in the game, but you will see that changing the big nations does a lot more damage than say Tuvalu and Wallis & Futuna.
  13. Wolf_pd

    Editing Club Six Letter Name and Nickname

    This might help
  14. Wolf_pd

    Delete nations

    Deleting a nation was an unintended feature working for versions up to FM16, but was removed in FM17. If you want certain nations not interacting in any way, there are some options though, like setting transfer preferences and editing the specific nation out of the international competitions (quite some work) If you want to move data there are some more actions.
  15. Wolf_pd

    Quarterfinals: Brazil vs Belgium

    Throw more money at it and he will get up again... Or injured by paper cut