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  1. If you have build your own cup completely the places don't change with divisional reputation.
  2. Did you lose the Brazilian league when editing the Brazil league or the English league?
  3. Additionally, this can’t be done to regens, but because you will rebalance the game, the teams will be stronger and regens will pick their ‘’weaker’ nations more quickly.
  4. Well, it is not impossible, but it is quite a bit of work. The effect will be noticeable btw. I have tested this with just Suriname a few FMs back and Suriname started qualifying for the Gold Cup continuously and played a few world cups as well.
  5. Save games can't be used, so changes with the In game editor will have to be made again. Editor files can be uploaded in the editor. Depending on whether they can be verified (competition files) or have errors (data only files) you can then save them in the FM22 editor and use them in FM22. In case of errors in data only files you can fix those data errors yourself, so those are easier to fix.
  6. Can you define correct groups? I know how to set groups, but question if your correct has a specific meaning?
  7. The game runs with 2000 as basedate. If you insert 2020 somewhere, it will add 20 years. So you have to check your dates. Had that same error with my Czechoslovak Super Cup which was set 20 years in the future compared to the rest of the dates.
  8. Ah no, those are only there for the FIFA games. UEFA does have a somewhat similar schedule every year, but not set in the exact same way as FIFA does.
  9. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2021–22_UEFA_Champions_League#Schedule Here it is for the 21/22 CL season. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2021–22_UEFA_Europa_League#Schedule https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2021–22_UEFA_Europa_Conference_League#Schedule
  10. The game follows the standard FIFA calender and the UEFA calender in terms of European Cups. If you run the game in vanilla mode for a few season, note down the dates, you are good to go. Alternatively you can check the current planning for the Europa Cups on Wikipedia, same for European and World Cup Qualifications and other tournaments.
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