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    Coaching women is just as easy as teaching penguins to play poker...

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    Fredericksburg, TX. The proud home of Panzerschwein and Hoover Hog

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  1. Wolf_pd

    The BBC asks "why is rock music less popular now?"

    Babymetal is hilarious. Saw them at a festival a few years back. The shocked metalheads
  2. Wolf_pd

    The Best Beer

  3. Just watched Deadpool 2. Was OK, but felt as an introduction movie (which it is obviously). Probably had more fun watching the trailers before the movie, because I am in one of them. (My apologies for this shameless 'selfpromotion' )
  4. Wolf_pd

    The Best Beer

    World of beer app? Is it a store app?
  5. Wolf_pd

    The Best Beer

    This hot weather asks for a Schneider Weisse Tap 7.
  6. Wolf_pd

    The Best Beer

    As long as Heineken stays in the boardroom and doesn't interfere with brewing, it is just a matter of money.
  7. Wolf_pd

    The GDPR & DPA thread.

    Or the ones who think you forgot you are in their database. Will make conversations more interesting when they do contact.
  8. Wolf_pd

    The GDPR & DPA thread.

    You didn't click the first time, did you? I like the desperate sound of some of the emails. Also interesting, the amount of companies not sending anything where I was expecting something actually.
  9. Wolf_pd

    The Best Beer

    Beer pudding, doesn't sound too attractive, but guess I will have to try to have a good opinion (drinking doesn't need an excuse )
  10. Wolf_pd

    The Best Beer

    Ice Cream beer. Like a sorbet with beer flavour?
  11. Wolf_pd

    The Best Beer

    I guess a matter of what you grow up for a part. I live 10 minutes from the Belgian border and 45 from the German border, so they are my go-to nations in terms of beer and beertastes.
  12. Wolf_pd

    The Best Beer

    I have to say though, the collection they have at Kulminator, it is very very impressive. A lot of aged and special beers (mainly Belgian) that you will find nowhere else. If you would ever go there, don't take anything you know (someone requested a Heineken.... Heathen...!).
  13. Wolf_pd

    The Best Beer

    Belgium was a nice place to sample some local beer. Seems almost every Belgian restaurant also have their own beer on tap. Kulminator gave me more options to try special, REALLY special Belgian stuff, but my liver and wallet disagreed. 250 euros for a liter of beer
  14. When I was tinkering with a USSR competition, the Kazach teams managed to dominate the competition to the point that 5 of 16 teams in the Soviet Top League were Kazakh. Turned out that they received massive amounts of money allowing them to quickly ascend and dominate the landscape. To check that, check balance under Finances and especially the Tab Other Income.
  15. Wolf_pd

    The Best Beer

    Just finished a Belgian double called Geile Bever no 5. Not bad at all, but the extra Northern Brewer hop adds a bit of a soapy bitter aftertaste. It contains stuff called Castoreum. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Castoreum Might explain the taste