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  1. I read in another thread where someone else wanted to recreate Greenland that setting the Latitude/longitude for the Greenland helped in getting the correct ethnicity for the players.
  2. It is possible to remove them, but.... before I can give you a proper answer, what is the goal of your edit?
  3. [Holland] (Official) Data Issues

    On the subject of Per Schuurs, adding Sunday Oliseh as favorite people can't hurt. They clearly have a good relationship if a coach makes a 17-year old captain.
  4. Deleting nations?

    What have you done exactly to make the countries 'extinct'? I have worked on something like that in FM2015 and looking at FM2018 to replicate, because a lot of data is more complete in 18, but I am not sure how to handle those X-amount of nations that don't have data anymore. Normally my way of working would be: Move cities to new nation, Move Local Regions to new nation. Move Clubs to new nation When that's done, it is time to move the players. That also means, NO data is left for say Ukraine. Everything is moved to the USSR.
  5. Possible to delete a country?

    Removing the continent is just a start. You will have crashes if you start a game after just that. You also need to remove the nation from the various international (club)competitions as well. Also, SI saw the option to remove a nation as a bug last season and fixed it, so whenever you would remove a nation the game would crash. Don't know if that has been changed in FM18, but doubt it.
  6. Haven't checked yet, but it looks a bit like (a replacement of?) the regional divisions you can add for each team, but now a whole lot more accesible
  7. Since I am away from home for a while, a short question about the teams for region. Is this a change so you can easier assign teams to specific regional divisions? Have to say that the initial postings about the editor were underwhelming for me, but the screenshots show some very usefull additions to the editor. I might even try out my current FM15 edits in FM18. I am moving borders and having a lot of fun with new/moved nations. Too bad that FM17 didn't allow for removing nations anymore...
  8. [Holland] (Official) Data Issues

    Are you sure about Van Aanholt? He wasn't picked for Curacao as far as I can find? Hake is so recent it couldn't be included of course.
  9. FM18 - Who will you manage?

    If Columbus Crew moves to Austin, TX, I will probably add a MLS run as well. Even if I have to move them myself
  10. FM18 - Who will you manage?

    And after the Runcorn story from the Chinese guy who played with Runcorn in FM and then visited in reallife, reminded me of my Greenock Morton game and Wigan, so might take those two up as well.
  11. And now I have the job to tell the lady here plans for next weekend have been changed
  12. Extinct competition appears anyway

    Did that for a big edit. The only thing that can bite you is if you delete too much. Other than that, it is a matter of removing the right stuff and making sure you know all the connections between tournaments.
  13. FM18 - Who will you manage?

    FC Eindhoven as usual. Might pick Dynamo Dresden as a German challenge. After that, probably doing some editing and play with a replaced English team in the lower lower levels.
  14. Arsenal got suspicious about the low amount. You found another loophole?