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  1. This link will help you not have all games played on a single day https://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/452088-Play-cup-matches-in-different-days
  2. From the looks of it, that seems to be advanced rules only.
  3. Ok, just take the FMF file you created with the new FM19 xml in it and copy paste it to the folder you took it from. Check the size and date of it when you overwrite it. If there are no differences you still have the old file.
  4. Did you take Monsi's file and replace your own and after that pack it into the FMF file with the resource editor again? Otherwise it won't be used by the editor.
  5. This is purely based on what I found on Wikipedia regarding Italian football leagues for the season 2018/19, but I am pretty sure your problem is in Serie C. Check the amount of teams you have there in Serie C group A, B and C. If there are 57, add two teams to your liking to serie C and it should work.
  6. If you build the Cups in Advanced Rules you can select the competions you want teams from. When adding an competition you have the option to ignore teams. So in your case you would select the German Bundesliga and click Ignore teams. No Bundesliga teams will then enter your Cup Competition. The same applies then to 2. Bundesliga, select the Competition and click Ignore teams. I don't know if you want to include teams from the Third Bundesliga as they are allowed to play in their regional Pokal. If you don't want to include them, see Bundesliga and 2. Bundesliga. If you want to include them, select 3. Bundesliga as Competition to pick teams from and select (for instance) Bavaria as Local Region. This way you should only get teams from Bavaria in your cup. There are some other options as well, but that depends a bit what you exactly want to do with your cup. A hint, make sure to check all teams have a city or local region set, otherwise some small teams might miss out.
  7. Your save will not be affected. A new file will not be used in a running saved game.
  8. Can you put your editor on English and make a screenshot of the error? Is this for FM18 or FM19?
  9. I think the best thing is to check with the people releasing the logo pack. The real time editor does not work on logos as far as I am aware.
  10. For FM19, check the files Claassen made file here: https://community.sigames.com/topic/455771-fm19-leagues-world-pack-by-claassen-55-updates-europe-completed-5555/
  11. Can you make a screenshot of your competition setup? So we can see where the teams enter exactly for which games?
  12. As I don't have FM19, I can only speak for loading files from FM16 and FM17 to FM18 and that works. You probably will get a message that the file is loaded from an older version of the game. You can clicl that one away. You might get some errors as data has changed, but in your case that will probably mainly turn up if any teams have been removed from the lower levels. Also, remember that new teams might have been added and you will probably want to add those to your set as well.
  13. You can start without International Club rules, but you need work out some rules regarding which teams take part. I like the idea, it's something different for a change
  14. Is it a nation or club competition you have in mind?
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