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  1. Well, there seems to be something in the Spanish teams, because after testing local region and city, I found that duplicating Sevilla and putting that one in instead of the original Sevilla, I suddenly only have 1 missing team in the Premier League.\ Nice, now I need to duplicate those 264 teams.... If anyone has a different solution, with less work, feel free to reply.
  2. I moved the teams from Galicia and Western Andalusia to Portugal and created a new competition.. I have already the Spanish competition and that one works without problems I thought I had all necessary changes made for the move to Portugal, but when I went to test the Portuguese competition in FM I get errors: Require minimum of 16 teams for Premier League, found only 14 Require minimum of 24 teams for Second League, found only 14 Require minimum of 10 teams for National Championship - C, found only 0 Require minimum of 10 teams for National Championship - H, found only 0 Series C and H are the ones for Galicia and W.Andalusia, so I know for sure the error there is that the game can't find the formerly Spanish teams. The 2 missing from Premier League and 10 missing from Second League are (coincidental?) exactly the amount of former Spanish teams in those leagues. I (think I) have changed all necessary information, but might have missed something. The current setup is a base setup, so no advanced rules or anything. First get it running and then finetune it.
  3. OK, I have managed to fix your issues with the nations screen not showing the right information. That is an easy fix. You need to remove the Continent for Croatia first. And then in the editor you need to add the letter Z for each of the short (or long, I usually do both) names of Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro. So you will have the Nations ZCroatia, ZSlovenia, ZBosnia, etc. If you do that, your Nation selection screen will be normal and you will see Yugoslavia as well. Then you should see the same error as I have, Yugoslavia with a red triangle in front. And if you hover over the triangle you will see the error 'Require maximum of 24 teams for Third League, found 25'
  4. I will take a look. Think I know the solution for your problem. Btw, I think you don't want to have Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia visible in your list right?
  5. Based on residental rule for his four seasons playing in Spain?
  6. Your cup is assigned to a continent it seems. Using European Cup as a base by any chance?
  7. That's why I would put in the settings like this, all continents -1 except Europe. For Europe I would put each nation at -1, except Italy. Italy isn't in the list.
  8. Effective 'junior player' transfer ban I want to get a more even playing by disallowing young players being poached by the big clubs at early and thus keeping the quality players 'at home a few years longer'. This will probably mean they develop a little bit slower, but the home nation ends up with a bit more quality for a longer time. What is the best way? My idea was for any specific nation to do it like this (example is Italy): - Set transfer preferences for North America, South America, Oceania, Asia, Africa at -1 for the age range 14-21 - Set transfer preferences for each European country, except Italy at -1 for the age range 14-21 I have seen it work for the Iron Curtain mod in FM16 with good effect with Yugoslavian players not allowed to be transferred untill 27 (I think it was), with the exception that a human player doesn't have to stick with those rules, but that shouldn't be an issue. Is there any other version that could work, possibly one with less work? Anything that I need to think of? Any drawbacks?
  9. I voted 'no' based on my experiences in my daily work working as a softwaretester and developer. Based on the size of the 'project FM17' they have done a good job. There might be options to improve the quality assurance and I have some ideas about that, but will not spit out my thoughts about that.
  10. When editing competitions the option should be there to exclude certain dates and have all competitions take these into account. For instance, officially Ajax vs Lyon would have played on May 4th, but because of Rememberance Day this will never happen in the Netherlands. It should be able to assign certain days where no competition takes place in a nation because of certain events.
  11. I think the 1 UEFA Cup, 1 Cup Winners Cup, 3 Eredivisie wins, 6 KNVB bekers wins and both a championship win and cup win in Belgium will have had to do with that.
  12. Good advice, thanks.
  13. I am making some changes in the Spanish competitions. This involves moving several teams to new regional competition levels. However, to keep the teams relegating into the right regional divisions, for each team their assigned regional divisions need to be changed as well (regional divisions can be found for each team when opening their competition part) for that, but I have no idea how to filter them. The alternative would be to check them one by one, which quite a bit of clicking. If it can be done faster and easier, I am very interested in how
  14. PSV have FC Eindhoven as affiliate in the game. Although relations are good between the team, there is no real affiliation these days, since Jong PSV plays eerste divisie.
  15. What does it do for the Premier League at this moment? If this completely changes the strength among nations it's very interesting.