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  1. This is the same problem I had when building East Germany. The issue is that you need both the country AND a few clubs to add to your cup. So you need to build up at least some base data. Depending how you build you can create the nation and a few clubs and continue from there for your cups.
  2. From a technical point of view world is considered a continent in the game, so, no joke.
  3. Yes, absolutely true what you say there. China in 1988 would be quite different to what it is today. I would expect it to be a rather closed society football wise, comparable to Albania, Romania or Bulgaria. And there are other countries that could be quite similar that I have overlooked, because they are at first not in the Europe Iron Curtain scope. At the same time, they do influence the game a lot. Arabian football money wasn't a thing in the late 80s.
  4. Q1: No idea Q2: not possible Q3: in the competition there should be a setting that tells you B teams are not allowed to promote. That should cover the problem I think.
  5. I would say, mainly international competition, both club and country. Doing those in Advanced Rules has been a challenge to get them right. Also, right now, the new countries like Yugoslavia, Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia and East Germany are only going down to level 2. For immersion I would like to go deeper. Added to that you can think of all the ideas and suggestions that popped up in the Iron Curtain thread. For instance, I realised that I will need to tune down the Chinese competition, because it is way too rich compared to the European competitions when the foreign plaer rules c
  6. I am currently working on the FM20 version of the Iron Curtain. It is taking way too much time for my feeling, while fixing a lot of the little things I didn't know the Advanced Rules could do. While being able to copy from FM20 to FM21 will increase the speed of building the FM21 version, I am very much open to people joining up for the FM21 version. The simple reason: I am still of the opinion my worldwide approach is the right one, but at the same time the project is too big for one editor. So I am inviting editors to work with me on the FM21 version. The only request I hav
  7. The problem with the coefficients is that editing any of the European cups or adding new ones makes the coefficients unusable (fingers crossed for 21, but don't sweat on it). Qualifying losing teams into a lower cup is possible. I know how to do it in advanced rules, but you are best advised to take a look into the file for the UEFA Revival. Those are standard study material for anyone wanting to do something with European cups.
  8. You need at least either a continent or nation to link it too. In this case, World is considered a continent as well.
  9. Is your lower level an active level or an inactive level?
  10. Considering some (Asian I know for sure) continental qualifications are used for the World Cup Qualy as well, you are looking at an edit which needs some experience or learning time
  11. Not saying anything That's about the conversion to FM21 of course.
  12. Sounds like a bit of rework, qualifying could be done, but you would have to redo the Concacaf stuff as well. As long as you keep the places for both confederations the same, it could work. Not guaranteed though.
  13. You mean in the game? That when you load the game the game will load each and every player for the teams that are in that division.
  14. Ah ok, in that case, check how many promotion places you have, without promotion playoff. Because that's a seperate stage. Also, while you are at it, make sure you have enough time to finish the playoff after the competition, just a tip
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