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  1. Yeah, that's what I meant Wished it worked like that in my Iron Curtain edit, but FM16 doesn't allow it.
  2. If you use continent World instead of Europe, the Asian can be added.
  3. A sort of Communist Champions League, right? You make a new International Club Competition, call it whatever you want and select Continent World. Next you make the International Club Competition, pick your Nations that deliver your teams and you're done. Picking your nations might be interesting, the 15 Soviet teams, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia are a certainty. East Germany doesn't exist anymore, so how do you pick a team from the East German area is an interesting question. Albania and the Former Yugoslav countries are also communist, but at various moments turned their back to the Soviets. Of course, that's all up to you.
  4. With regards to point 3, since you don't have to rebuild the European Cups, does that mean the coefficients stay in place as well?
  5. With regards to point 2, there is an easy fix. The screen where you pick your Nations is ordered alphabetically. Despite not showing, your deleted countries are still there. If you change, say, Croatia to ZzzCroatia and do the same to all other countries you deleted the screen will work properly again.
  6. You will need to keep all nations in the game for FM19. The Iron Curtain mod was build in FM16, which doesn't mind removing nations. It is possible that the Nations League or something is set up around that date. It very much sounds like the date the ties are decided for an international competition that starts somewhere the summer afterwards.
  7. That would work similar to the Nations League, so that's a yes. If you build a international competition you have the option in a round to pick the form of League format. The Concacaf uses it for instance.
  8. Simple, remove the continent and then move all data (Cities, Clubs, Players and Local Regions) to the nation of your choice and integrate the extra teams into the competition. Ok, slightly more work, but if you're not planning to do very precisely you can rebuild Czechoslovakia in about half an hour or less.
  9. It is, although in this case you would have to go three games up, so breaking the editor is a bit easier while fixing the problem isn't.
  10. In the pre-game editor the secondary divisions slots can be used to aid building things like regional Cups and dynamic relegation. Because there is only one slot you can only use it for one particular reason. With more slots you could build extra Cups and use dynamic relegation through a whole football pyramid instead of just at one level.
  11. You need about 150 in previous FM versions
  12. @krlenjushka did you by any chance request for more slots for secondary divisions, to use for regional cups, dynamic relegation and such? Would be quite the addition if we have (say) 8 total secondary divisions. Otherwise I will post it in the SI Suggestions Forum @nabildx how does your system work precisely, do you select on distance to the respective region? So the team outside the North region, but closest to it is the one relegating to North for instance?
  13. Two things to do: You have to set the language to Japanese (as Kanwulf says) as this is the basis for which names to pick. Second, since you are having players of Japanese nationality, you have to ensure the game picks ALL Japanese players. This can be done when starting a new database. Instead of a small/medium/big database, you select Advanced. There you select Nation Japan and take Players of Nationality. That should do the trick.
  14. Can't you replace it with continent World?
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