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  1. Merging National Teams

    The file in this thread: That way you can see how he made his edit.
  2. Merging National Teams

    Move all other data from Ukraine, Lithuania, etc to Russia. In the Download section there is an edit that recreates the Yugoslav team, you should check there for more info. Downloading the file there will help you get some insights as well. Does Scandinavia include Finland or not?
  3. In the editor there are three fields determining placement of a team, Nation, Based Nation and Qualifying nation. If we take Swansea as an example, it has Nation England (means plays in English league system), it has Based Nation Wales (afterall Swansea is still in Wales) and Qualifying Nation England (it will qualify for one of the English European places and not for a Welsh place). In your case the team's Nation is probably changed to Netherlands/Portugal, Based Nation probably not and is still England and Qualifying Nation probably also not changed. That means your team can't qualify for Europe via the Dutch/Portuguese championship (or Cup for that matter).
  4. Load order issue competitions (FM16)

    Oh boy, sometimes the solution can be as simple as that. Thank you!
  5. I have taken the Iron Curtain mod by MBarbaric (with his permission) and made the 3rd, 4th and 5th level in the Soviet Union playable. These changes have only been made to the SU-file and not to the others. When I want to test my changes with all the Iron Curtain competitions (International Competitions, International Club Competitions, East Germany, Czechoslovakia, Soviet Union and Yugoslavia) the Soviet competition gives the error Premier Liha requires at least 10 teams, has only 2. In the data, the Premier Liha has 16 teams, so that should not be an issue. When I don't use the Yugoslavia competitions to do my testrun, it works fine. What's the easiest way to fix this error? It looks like a load order issue to me. Is renaming the files to a specific numbering sequence a solution?
  6. And now Claassen, get some welldeserved rest. Great work.
  7. Did you make any changes to the European Cups, or do they work out of the box with clubs moved?
  8. It's Christmas and I am lucky to have found an alternative to facing my relatives Thank you! Also, I had a hard time starting up with FM18, contrary to FM17 and before, but these files help me a lot to have fun again.
  9. In that case, you have to remove World Cup and all World Cup Qualifiers and if I am correct you also have to remove the Confederations Cup as the World Cup supplies one team for the Confederations Cup.
  10. Windowed mode it is print screen for me (FM17 that is).
  11. BREAKTHROUGH With Creating Nations?

    That's where I have been sniffing around, but no luck yet.
  12. BREAKTHROUGH With Creating Nations?

    Blocked by editor? Does it mean you have to change both the line mentioned above and a line in one of the UI xmls? In a similar way I have been looking at adding ethnicity as as an editable field for nation. Adding the category as a nation tab was easy, but after that no luck yet.
  13. You want to keep the World Cup or remove that also?
  14. International Team stadium move?

    There is a tab in the pre-game editor that says alternative stadium I think, or maybe I am confusing team and nation team now.
  15. I read in another thread where someone else wanted to recreate Greenland that setting the Latitude/longitude for the Greenland helped in getting the correct ethnicity for the players.