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  1. The funny part is that the Italian FA and the city of Milan would never allow two games at the same for Inter and AC Milan. I think the two names is more because both team name the stadium different. I have managed to get more than one game a day in a stadium working in international cups, so that workstyle should be doable in competition as well. Since all your teams play in the same stadium it should work as the game can be set to home for all games anyway. Can you post/send the file?
  2. Can you post the file? Hard to judge without the file.
  3. Moved this thread from the download section to the main Editors Forum. Please do not post the same message in more than one forum. I removed the other message as a double post btw. As for your problem, are you planning vanilla or with editor files?
  4. There are some tough issues to solve, but I think I have found out most of the usable fixes in the meantime. Let's put it like this, after this project I can teach the subject Advanced Rules
  5. I wonder whether any skinner could help with that?
  6. The Africa file is done, which leaves me with the World Cup, U20 World Cup and Olympic Games. Since I am close to working out the last bump in the World Cup qualifiers (again in Africa strangely enough), I will first pick up the U20 World Cup since i have done nothing with that file yet. Olympic Games file is a whole other beast, but probably will only need me to correct the various dates for scheduling and competition starts. Anyway, studying on the whole U20 WC setup and surrounding comps starts tonight!
  7. In my case the Concacaf Champions was supposed to have two teams from the USA, two from Mexico, the Canadian championship winner, the winner from the Caribbean club championship and the two finalists for the Central American Club Championship. My solution was to set fates for the Central American Club Championship semifinal winners and have the other 6 teams qualify in a regular way. In your case I am not sure it would solve the issue as the competition is clearly ignoring the higher reputations of Europe and South America, so it is complety ignoring the continents.
  8. Check under Relationships. It was moved compared to the previous editor. If that doesn't work, make sure you check the filter left below. The active fields only should NOT be checked (caps for emphasis).
  9. Here is the place to do it (screenshot from a testfile I am currently working on so don't get too excited )
  10. Is this the same issue as you posted in this thread?
  11. Are you buiilding in basic or advanced? With regard to the second question, isn't the roster update part of an updated version of the whole file?
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