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  1. Catch-22 indeed. Although it is FM20, it is likely to be in FM21 as well, so might be usefull to report this as a bug.
  2. The Dutch fans can only wish/pray/beg we get a male equivalent of what Miedema can do.
  3. You might be aware of the news released yesterday that women football in FM is in the work. It won't be in FM22 according to Miles Jacobson, but according to the released article it is being worked and the plan is to release a serious addition to the game (so not just FM with long hair).
  4. There will be more updates coming, mainly namechanges and maybe one or two other datachanges, but no update coming soon (I hope to get one out around the 30th).
  5. Did you change language for Cities and Nation as well? Part of the newgens will always be based on Spanish/Catalan, since the Nation determines most of the names.
  6. The 1,0 release does have graphics included, the 1.1 and 1.2 zips only have FM files.
  7. You can look at the files named foreign player rules in this thread They are for FM20 but can easily uploaded in the editor. Check out the fixture rules for each competition which can be found under the nation.
  8. You can add them. If you go to List, you will see that there is an Add button. However, realise that adding competition via the advanced rules is a lot harder (mainly due to soooooooo much more options).
  9. Warning: before you proceed using this download method, always consider before you download.. I can vouch for the files in this thread, but on other websites downloading a dangerous file may not be the best option. If you want to download on Chrome despite this warning after you got this message: you can go to your Chrome Download page. You will find the file there and can 'push it through' Press Keep Dangerous file and you will get the download.
  10. Chrome update pretty sure. Looking how to change it on my own PC atm. Have reported it as well as an issue.
  11. I noticed it on Monday when I couldn't download a file someone send me. Same for trying to download one of the graphics I didn't download. Thought it was just local., but it's probably tighter download AI from Chrome.
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