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  1. Wolf_pd

    Additional editor options [DOWNLOAD]

    It was possible to extinct a nation untill FM2016, but was then 'fixed' in FM2017 in the second patch.
  2. Wolf_pd

    Changing a nations ethnicity ratio

    Currently ethnicity is set on a national scale. So you idea would probably work better based on language than enthnicity in the current setup. I have been trying to add it to the editor via the nation.xml, but so far no luck.
  3. Wolf_pd

    Dynamic relegation thread

    Ah, that's an interesting one! That might be exactly what I am looking for. I will test and let you know.
  4. Wolf_pd

    Dynamic relegation thread

    Managed to get the Czech- Slovak split working at the second Czechoslovak level. Too bad I can't replicate this to the levels below, with the secondary divisions slot now being filled. The balanced divisions look a lot better. Another, somewhat simplified, solution I am looking at, is to keep the regional divisions empty for a few teams. Say the teams from central Slovakia and central Czech Republic can be spread over the lower level divisions. It is a bit crude, but it should work. In the Czech Republic it seems to be the rule for teams from Prague to be spread around anyway.
  5. Wolf_pd

    Setting Max Foreign Player Limit

    Which nations are not considered foreign can be found in the data for Nations. Look up Nation England, there you have a tab Nations treated as EU and Nations treated as non-foreign. Also, check if the Brazilians don't have a second Nationality England, which happens if they have applied for it.
  6. Wolf_pd

    Dynamic relegation thread

    Interesting, this should help with the German regioncups.
  7. Are the old Yugoslav rules included with just 1 foreign player allowed and no transfers out the County untill 28?
  8. Wolf_pd

    Setting Max Foreign Player Limit

    That's probably the problem. I always change the fixtures under England. You need to check which rules the Premier League uses. Go to the competition tab and scroll down untill you see Fixture rules and check the number. Then go the England rules, fixture rules, pick the number that you found under the Premier League rules and scroll way down. There you should see the PL fixture rules.
  9. Wolf_pd

    Setting Max Foreign Player Limit

    Yes, i build this in a previous game for a 1988 based change where max 3 foreigners were allowed. Did you make the changes in fixture rules under the England one or under the Premier League one?
  10. Wolf_pd

    Dynamic relegation thread

    Good, that means I have to rebuild the cup and put each team in one by one in the cup they belong, but that's doable and it frees up the secondary division slot. Since there is only one secondary division slot to fill, i will use it in the position it makes most sense, where the Slovak and Czech competition is split at level 2. Slowly but surely I am starting to understand advanced rules even if i am still in FM16
  11. Let's hope so. I have to say though when seeing the many changes SI made on FM19 I was not surprised the editor got less attention.
  12. Wolf_pd

    Dynamic relegation thread

    Hi krlenjushka, with regards to dynamic relegation, I have two questions. 1. I want to try to this out in FM16. Did you have the dynamic relegation working in FM16 or was this a thing you worked in FM17? 2. Is it necessary to use the secondary divisions? I am trying to work out the Czechoslovak football system to level 4 with the correct Czechoslovak cup and would like to keep the secondary divisions for the Czech Cup and Slovak Cup instead. Also, when working out the Czech side of the competition, I go from Level 1: Czechoslovak League Level 2: Czech league and Slovak League Level 3: Bohemian League and Moravian League under the Czech league so I have multiple situations with dynamic relegation. PS Not even to mention the Soviet system which is also in the works
  13. I am Dutch and yes, the Dutch system has several quirks hard to emulate. The periods are a strange feature, but the saturday/sunday is even harder to work into the game. Letting religion decide your playday is madness. I think Reddiablo was working on getting SI to implement more divisions. I guess with the changes for FM19 it went down the backlog.
  14. Does this contain a split between Saturday and Sunday teams?
  15. Wolf_pd

    remove a nation

    No, it isn't since FM2017, and before that it turned out to be a bug that it was even possible.