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  1. How far do you get and for which leagues?
  2. You will have to create advanced rules. Not because it is an advanced rules option, but because you can't change anything from an existing competition at basic level.
  3. The SI guys are probably working on FM21. Doesn't mean that they don't check old bugs anymore, but does mean that answering slows down a bit. I will check.
  4. Moved to the main Editors Hideaway forum (no download file).
  5. You can. 15 year olds work in the game.
  6. Ah, I notice you already found the bug logged.
  7. It is not possible. 14 is the minimum.
  8. I'll check the bug forum if it is already known there.
  9. Move it to the main Editors Forum
  10. The only way (I think) would be when starting in December 2019 with January 2020 being the first transfer window.
  11. Which country do you use and is it possible that Iceland is still having Iceland set as continental cup nation?
  12. If you have already started the save, it is not possible to get this working in the save.
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