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  1. Can you define correct groups? I know how to set groups, but question if your correct has a specific meaning?
  2. The game runs with 2000 as basedate. If you insert 2020 somewhere, it will add 20 years. So you have to check your dates. Had that same error with my Czechoslovak Super Cup which was set 20 years in the future compared to the rest of the dates.
  3. Ah no, those are only there for the FIFA games. UEFA does have a somewhat similar schedule every year, but not set in the exact same way as FIFA does.
  4. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2021–22_UEFA_Champions_League#Schedule Here it is for the 21/22 CL season. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2021–22_UEFA_Europa_League#Schedule https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2021–22_UEFA_Europa_Conference_League#Schedule
  5. The game follows the standard FIFA calender and the UEFA calender in terms of European Cups. If you run the game in vanilla mode for a few season, note down the dates, you are good to go. Alternatively you can check the current planning for the Europa Cups on Wikipedia, same for European and World Cup Qualifications and other tournaments.
  6. Say you want to add a super cup to England. Go to Menu > Add Nation Rules. In the wizard pick England (via Current nations) and Add Lower Divisions and Cups to Existing Structure. Next, click open Cups and Click Add. Pick Other Cup and create a cup from there. In Advanced you can easily create a super cup for 4 teams, in basic rules you will have to pick other cup and then can change that at advanced rules or just set the cup you have created under competitions as super cup.
  7. Is this a competition with two follow up competitions? You could look at splitting the competition up.
  8. Yes, there is. Create two rounds instead of one and set the correct qualifiers. This can be done in both basic and advaned rules actually.
  9. Agreed, do the World Cup first in basic rules, and then convert to advanced. It will take away a lot of headaches as the game sets up the basics in advanced already and you can focus on the advanced things. I do the same, first basics and then advanced.
  10. Looking at the rules, there is a regulation that says only 4 non-EU players allowed, which Tahiti, etc are not. So instead of non-foreign, the change could be made at Nations treated as EU. Because then it should handle the EU check properly. Hope this helps.
  11. Groups at the start are easiest to build. The problems i encountered were because of knockout rounds as first qualifier round, but obviously that’s up to you to decide.
  12. Have done a complete rebuild to 24 in advanced rules. It's tough but doable. Main advise would be to use groups for the start of each qualification. I couldn't get qualifiers properly done that were only in knockout format. You could take a look at the FM20 Iron Curtain World Cup file.
  13. Moved to Main Forum (no download).
  14. Set the amount of visitors much higher than the current max of the stadium. Perform well enough to have constant sellouts and you will be able to get a new stadium
  15. Interesting, I haven't seen that happen in my saves, but I will take a look at it. The Conmebol and OFC qualifiers is intended as such.
  16. Crashing your game isn't the issue. Crashing your editor would be easy. Maybe if you export to XML and then replace any reference to FM21 to 20?
  17. Yep, I got that. It's just that the North American continental rules seem to be a sort of Bermuda triangle (sorry about the pun), so I am expecting some hardcoded stuff here and there.
  18. You could set it in such a way (just an example) where you go from national level cup to regional level cup to continental level cup, all the while jumping from competition to competiton. The only think to keep in mind when making it bigger is the planning and dates really. If you remove the competition (extreme example) you could potentially put every team from the database in a cup.
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