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  1. it has been 64bit for a few years now.
  2. it doesn't look much better but it does look better, doesn't it? If all opinions are equal, I urge you to go to the nearest hospital and provide your opinion on treatment. Top games by current player count CURRENT PLAYERS PEAK TODAY GAME 543,361 754,909 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 507,428 644,373 Dota 2 444,228 571,380 PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS 168,273 233,397 Destiny 2 82,154 102,700 Grand Theft Auto V 71,523 110,416 Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege 53,598 67,330 Team Fortress 2 52,866 74,611 MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD 51,897 69,553 Rust 41,547 53,448 Warframe Have no idea what I did here, sorry about that. Anyway, which game on this list looks as crappy as FM in 2019?
  3. have you seen modern mobile games recently? there are PC ports on mobile phone...- have to admit, the stadiums look suspiciously similar and now look at this (i've just picked a random FM video and took a random gameplay without sound. Funny enough, now I've checked the video with the sound, and the guy literally says "graphically it remained the same" ) also, take into account that one is a FREE mobile game made and published by less than two dozen men. the other is one of the best selling, longest franchises in history of pc gaming so you can appreciate why people are hung up on this. I also don't care about graphics in FM and always play in top down view. couldn't care less for graphics. but it frustrates me none the less as there is a huge discrepancy with what is delivered in FM and outside of it.
  4. I really don't understand why people have the need to defend the graphics in the FM. Considering the year we live in, it is plainly outdated. Mobile games have better graphics on average. That being said, FM doesn't really need spectacular graphics comparable to any AAA game. it just isn't that kind of the game. I think people are more bothered with sheer discrepancy between current state of graphical representation in the game, and graphics standards for the year we live in. It is simply out of place in 2020.
  5. I believe there is a problem with this statement so let me try to explain my reasoning behind it. In modern football (last ten years?), there really is no such thing as a "winger role" or a "winger". It is just a common place holder to identify a general area where a certain player spends most of the time. However, no player on the field is an isolated entity (there are cases, such as 1v1 against a gk, but that is not a common occurance). Most of the 90 minutes (99,9% of the time) all 22 players interact in response to position of each one of them, and to the ball. So, what the game referes to as a "winger", who most of the time "run down the touchline and cross", doesn't really correspond to what actually happens on the field in real football. That "winger" doesn't just run and cross. 99% of the time, he will not even have the ball and what does he do then? He, and all 10 players who don't have the ball constantly move looking to switch positions with other players (i.e. a winger with the central midfielder who runs diagonally towards the flank allowing the winger to move inside into general area where the CM came from). This dynamic movement constantly happens on the pitch, and it is provided by the players far away from the ball as much as those closer to the ball. This movement is fundamental for creating space as the opposition has constantly to reposition itself in order to protect the space. Imagine how difficult it is to dance (well for some of us it is ) with one partner. Now imagine you are dancing with 11 partners and you dont' want to really be very close but 10 meters apart. Now imagine how dificult it is to move in coordinated manner in order to keep roughly same vertical and horizontal distance between all 11 players. Now imagine opposition players moving the ball quickly on a 90m wide and 120m long pitch. Against a static team, defensive unit may even have a chance to keep concentration. But against a mobile opposition that constantly switches positions and has ability to control the ball, the defensive unit will most likely make a wrong step. It is movement that create space. So, to get back to our winger example, as he switches positions, he might be anywhere on the pitch. Of course, he will be instructed to be in spaces where he is most effective depending on his abilities, however, in such dynamic play, what the game calls a CM could well end up in places where you'd expect a W. In real match, this happens organically as players adjust their positions in regard to their team mates and opposition, in the game though, this is dealt with roles. So what happens in the game is that a winger really is "one dimensional -run down the touchline and cross". In top level football, this doesn't work anymore because defences (in most cases) are organized so well they work as a unit so the winger can't just go on a series of 1v1's. He has to deal with an organized defence and he has to cooperate with his team mates in order to create space. So, if the movement of offensive team has created space on the flank in the moment when the CM got himself on the flank, the CM becomes the winger or whatever he is instructed to be in that case. Teams have prepared ideas how to create space, for whom and where. I am not sure if I am explaining this well, what I really want to say is that football is more dynamic and what happens on the pitch depends on action of the team on the ball and the reaction of the team without the ball. In the game, though, the action of the team on the ball is way too strict, linear and predictable compared to real football. It simply doesn't create same problems for the defending team as it does in football. It simply lacks movement. I think that is a part of the reason why we see the ME constantly swinging from one weakness to the other. Before it can move forward, it absolutely needs better movement from the team that has the ball. The ME on offensive phase desperately lacks fake runs, speculative runs, quick changes of direction... These things constantly happen off the ball but you will extremely rarely see most of them in the game. Before that is sorted out, there is no meaningful way forward. The most evident example of this is probably the DLF and F9 (who can honestly say to know what is the difference between the two?). They both should drop deep and they even do so within the ME. However, that movement doesn't mean anything if players around the F9 don't make runs into space he has left. This dynamic movement completely lacks in the FM and you can probably remember delight each time you see something like that happen in the game. That is a sure sign it doesn't really happen as much as it should since players don't really cooperate but perform individual trademark moves that work or don't, based not on a coherent game plan or idea, but on a chance. All this said, Svenc has a point. Current roles/duties don't really represent what happens in real and the football doesn't convey believable representation of football. For whatever reason. So, maybe a switch to a more "railroaded" approach argued by Svenc would make the game more simple, accessible, and more football like. Even if all this could be done in the game, it would completely destroy defensive phase in the ME. So, I kind of understand why we still didn't see this, so did I mention that Svenc might have a point? Sorry for a long post.
  6. i think there is kind of cosmic justice in the air. all the people on the forums hysterical about no release date for FM and, at the same time, all the SI employees on some private forum bitching about no release date for stadia
  7. indeed, i think we are all way too excited and obviously don't have anything better to do with our lives than to wait for a game
  8. beside the point but, it is very unlikely Rockstar would miscalculate a release date considering that it is an old game and the release date isn't set a year in advance but only a month. however, stranger things had happened. my point was only to stress that stadia isn't (necessary) the reason for not having a release date since there are other games that already have an official release date despite being announced on stadia.
  9. that is strange as RDR2 for PC is also stadia release title, but the game itself already has a set release date on 5th of November. This might (or not) coincide with the stadia release but, all things equal (unlikely), stadia and game release date don't seem related.
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