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  1. did they ever play like their real counterparts in any previous iteration of the game? No? So, why would you expect that now and not the last year?
  2. waiting for an inevitable "opposition had one shot and higher xG than my Barcelona with 30 shots on goal, THIS GAME SUCCS"
  3. i don't understand what is such a big deal there? so what if some people will draw their conclusions that aren't in line with what PaulC himself says? As you said, you will indeed always get a few of those and there are moderators to deal with that. but why deprive the whole forum (the most persistent SI community) of information because there are a few of these people that always exist??? It is like not recommending wearing masks during pandemics because there are always a few of those that will pull out some looney conspiracy theory if you say "wear masks they reduce the possibility of conta
  4. while gunman makes sense with his arguments you completely miss the point and take it too literal. - very few people actually think the game should look like FIFA - the MSFS 2020 example is just an example of scaling from very low to very high. In FM that is non existant. The game looks attrocious on integrated graphics as well as on new rtx 3090. That shouldn't be the case in 2020. all games are made for variety of specs. there is no game studio in the industry that makes games only for high-end graphics. They face the same problem as SI as if they did only top graphics, they
  5. you have valid points there. but if everyone thought like that the whole time we would still be hanging off the trees. there will have to be a cut-off point which is on SI to determine when and how. we can only sit, wait and (optionally) complain.
  6. there has to be some below the hub reasons going on we aren't aware of and SI isn't willing to talk about.
  7. i thought general section was viewed as a bit over the top, since when did tactics become like that?
  8. you can literally buy newgen xbox for 25$ and pay monthly till it is paid out. you get new gen console, ssd, controler, OS AND gamepass with tons of free games. why would anyone in his right mind use a 10 yrs old laptop that needs 10 mins to boot up in 2020??? what SI is doing, they are literally holding back the game in the last century. or they simply don't want to deal with moving the game in time which we live in. either because they don't have time/resources or the current 3d engine was a step in wrong direction that, with time, it proved to be too dificult to mantain. in that case,
  9. anyone owning a 10 years old pc (not a frying pan but PC - a piece of technology that evolves from year to year) should be happy he can run a game published in 2020. Anyone with new pc should expect games published in 2020 look like that. So, literally in my opinion, there are not many people who own old pc's that are so oblivious they would think/expect their computers would run new games as well as new PCs do.
  10. however you put it, these screenshots look poor even in 2020 when we are used to bad news.
  11. indeed, but imagine the outrage if they used definitions used in real and those went wildly off target. not to mention that there is no consensus (in real) about a lot of definitions so different sources use different metrics.
  12. fm calculates chance creation (and various other stats) differently.
  13. it also depends on position. CM can learn "gets into opposition box" but a striker can't.
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