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  1. but tractorbeam theory explains that problem!
  2. really? be serious. he is running straight to the goal. the closest opposition player marks his team mate and doesn't move to close him down... the only decision he had to make was to pass for that marked striker a moment ago, or to go himself straight at goal. he chose to go himself and he was caught by strootman's tracktorbeam. seriously, silly things happen on the pitch all the time and one can make whatever excuse. it would be interesting if SI could actually look at the numbers behind it and see why that sequence of events actually happened.
  3. that DM has to be the slowest man on planet. He was so far ahead of strootman and still allowed him to catch up. also, look at white CB #20. Instead of closing down the man running straight on to the goal, he decides to mark #9.
  4. of course with ball shape isn't static, but neither is without the ball shape what I meant was more in terms of movement and overall gameplan. ie you have a dominantly quick player on the left wing and (part) of the game plan is to play through that winger. So how do you do that? in real, you'd practice different types of moves where players do coordinated runs in order to create space and get the desired man on the ball. You'd need more than one variation (and from different zones on the pitch) so just one wibble/wobble screen wouldn't be enough I bet that would be a nightmare to program but I don't understand the obsession with exploits. This ME is as exploitable as any but who cares? it is single player game if someone wants to exploit the game, so what?
  5. i wonder what is the reasoning behind it as that is mostly how tactics in real work. Is it exploitability?
  6. in fact, I only use balanced and then adjust TI/PI. The problem is, if you do use them, you have no clue what it is adjusted automatically (or at least I don't know it after 20 years of playing the game which speaks a lot of the usefulness of the tool) and how that affects interaction between all instructions. The point is, it is needlesly introducing one more level of complexity/uncertainty into overall already complex instruction interaction.
  7. absolutely this. mentality stems from all instructions given by the coach: - high line, high press, quick off transition = aggressive mentality - low line, low press, retain possession instead of immediate counter = passive mentality mentality shouldn't even be an instruction. it should be a description of team's general behaviour that is deducted from overall instruction effect, not an instruction in itself. at least not in a way it is done atm where you actually have no idea of the consequences of any mentalities in conjuction with individual player instructions.
  8. only the best take on the most difficult task right from the start. That is a tradition among us who do the Iron Curtain seriously though, I doubt there are many databases more complex than this.
  9. your service to the community is exemplary. You are an official candidate for The Silver Spade of the People awarded by the commitee of the Peopele's physical culture, sport and recreation Ministry. Congratulatons and respect comrade! Seriously though, thanks for your work and your hobby
  10. I think Yugoslavia flag in that file was narrower than others. might be worth checking it.
  11. I have graphics file with all the flags, some competition adboards (mostly international and yugoslavian, poorly done I admit) and most of the logos I did for the initial db, not sure if I had that posted back at the time, but you think it would still work? I imagine club ID's are the same only international teams would need checking. I'd imagine East Germany would be wrong out of the box as I doubt you used Gibraltar to create them, but most of the others should be the same.
  12. this. Tudjman was instituted as the secretary of Partizan Sport Society (?) in '54 as an ambitious colonel. in '58 he became the president of the society and a year later he bacame the youngest general. a moot figure at best
  13. here's an interesting article about history of yugo players and international transfers. you'll have to google translate that. sadly, there aren't any references. http://www.strategija.org/odlasci-fudbalera-u-inostranstvo-kako-je-sve-pocelo/ from what I get from common knowledge, yugo players were commonly transferred to Germany, France, Austria, Italy, England, Switzerland and later to Belgium, Turkey, Cyprus and Greece. After some (very short) research, it appears that the third foreigner in English First Division (after Villa and Ardilles who went to Tottenham) was actually a Yugoslav Ivan Golac (from Partizan to Southampton in '78). I've attached a research about post war development of football in Socialist Yugoslavia that basically confirms the first link. Plus it is an interesting read about transformation of football as part of transformation of the country. you'll need google translate though. HZ_1_2016_DKovacic.pdf
  14. there weren't a lot. Vilson Djoni (born in Split but his family was from Kosovo) and Fadil Vokri are only two I can remember.
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