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  1. after all these years, i don't know who is to blame here. people who ask these questions or those who come to answer
  2. wow, great news. i watch a lot (well, compared to an average football consumer, I guess) of women football for job. in the beginning, the idea was quite awkward but it grew on me very quickly. there are some quirks like hockey substitutes in the US college leagues (doubt they will go to that level). however, the biggest difference - physical part of the game a lot of people seem to be concerned here... well, let me tell you a secret. To me, the ME already looks far more like women football than men football. the ME is far less aggressive than (men) football in real so it already represents the women game well in that regard. if anything ME should change more significantly in mens game than in women. not sure about the pace and tempo or technique. What I found out about women game (at least at the top level), it is way more structured, the tactics are far more visible (as if women are following way more the instructions and drills than men) and in general it is (oh) way less chaotic than men game. at least from what I have seen so far. So, great news, I hope SI improves men ME
  3. glad you are on track and finding a way to curtail dirty money in football. FIFA should pay attention. It really is refreshing to play with such rich database. stepping into club football atm
  4. seems like you are trying to create socialist utopia in football world... at least it is in line with the database joking aside, i have no idea how the economy in the game works, but I feel top transfer fees for nations can be used to keep the transfer prices at desired level. What is the desired level, though is completely different question. I assume only testing the hypothesis you proposed will shed some light.
  5. Some great classics. Zaire v Mozambique, Zimbabwe v Uganda. Love the feel of this db.
  6. Yes and it lives in the best recreation of Iron Curtain ever recreated!
  7. I'll use this screenshot to report a bug - Slovenian First League should be well below Yugoslav Second division
  8. tried that but no soup for me so if anyone managed it and has some 1st hand experience, I'd be glad to hear. Even name fix doesn't work (still have Zebre in the game). importantly though, I've managed to get the database running after a few hours of struggles.
  9. I have a vague memory that those flags should, somehow, be replaced using the extractor tool. might be completely wrong, though.
  10. Striker Mario Kempes scores 2 goals as Argentina beats the Netherlands, 3-1 after extra time in 1978 World Cup great news I say. can't wait to download it.
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