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  1. Football Manager TV: Matchday

    indeed, the things outside the stadium look much better while on pitch detail looks prettty much the same. i believe @XaW has got to the bottom of it regarding the reasons behind. It is just a foundation to move the grphics (an ME?) forward over next mid/long term period. In fact, all features announced, are somewhat on that trail as dynamics and injuries info were already present in the game. For me it really looks like a transitional year and real quality improvements are to be expected further down the road. The fact that we had nothing about ME is also not encouraging but let's see how that pans out over the next week.
  2. Football Manager TV: Matchday

    agree with this part. bordering on insult. however, graphics engine is a significant improvement, no doubt about it. Maybe it is less evident on the pitch and players, but anything in distance looks way better.
  3. Football Manager TV: Matchday

    that is not really fair. stadiums and distant objects look much better than what we have. The action on the pitch really isn't that much different but I think new engin will move the things forward. I agree on team talks and pre match team talks though. From what we have seen in videos, team talk doesn't look that different at all. Pre match talk is far worst in my opinion as chosing formation and team instructions is presented as another feature. Thankfully, we already had an option to chose formation and TI's so really can't understand how that counts as any feature. Unless I missed something in those videos
  4. even if you put him in DM, with S duty he will still go forward congesting space. If you need space in the central zone between opposition lines, it is best to keep the dlp on d (doesn't really matter if he is in DM or CM slot, but could be important if you need extra space...).
  5. Football Manager TV: Matchday

    you've obviously missed the new feature. as of FM18 the commentators actually have anticipation attribute. but that is not all! Commentators have been updated with words per minute stat and tactical awareness! And for the first time we have a plethora of commentators. Different stations will have different pundits and, depending on their attributes, you'll have more or less commentary and perhaps an advice on tactics as well!
  6. replayed matches will have different conditions. changing your instructions in second match, based on experience from previous match (played under different conditions), might not even be relevant for the match you play. you'll repeat these matches constantly without really knowing what you do. As herne says, first you need a plan. you know your team, you see the opposition shape/best players. based on this, you decide where to attack them. Then you decide how to attack them where you want to attack them. This might be just one role change in your team, one TI, one player change... Then you watch the game unfold. If there aren't significant changes to conditions (red card, opposition changing formation, your team not doing what you expect them in first half...) then you stick to your chosen approach if you are satisfied with what you see. i.e. if the team creates chances expected by the plan. if not, you might to think why your plan isn't working. is it one of the key players having a bad day? is it, you aren't able to get out of your half and organize an attack? is it... Once you think you might have an idea why the plan isn't working try to get rid of the cause of it and accept that even when you do everything fine, the stars might just be against you on the day.
  7. exactly. however, feel free to experiment. i'd love to hear what was the conclusion.
  8. You might make different choices but replaying games will create different conditions as well. so the choice you made first time they proved wrong, this time might actually prove right. You just won't consider them as you deem them wrong since they didn't work the first time. if you conceded goals from set pieces and felt you otherwise played well, then the only thing to take from the game is that you were unlucky from the defensive perspective. that is the only way to get experience to tell why you lost some game or why you didn't perform as you planned. repeating matches keeps you in constant loop of guessing and second guessing. essentially preventing you from learning from experience.
  9. Football Manager TV: Matchday

    Apart the bolded part, I really agree. Cut scenes really offer bags of possibilities regarding emphasising stories that develop inside the gameworld. The Dynamics between players could be shown via cutscenes... A player cursing you as he comes off the field in 60th minute. Players fighting to take penalties A player pointing at you after you've criticised him... lots of options. Regarding the bolded part... I think there's very little new in this FM. It seems as a transition, a stremlining of the game. Dynamics were already in the game, they have been better presented. Injuries were also there, they have only been redone to be better presented. They did a lot of little steps that move the game forward. This includes an introduction of new engine that makes fundation for future. What I am not happy about, is that we still haven't seen the core of the game - the ME.
  10. indeed, so how is that different from what we had in opposition instructions to mark position and how does it merit a new feature status?
  11. too bad you can't play chelsea 38 times per season
  12. you will probably need some different shape against teams that play with a DM or two in front of the back line. Or teams that like to clogg the center of the pitch. Did West Ham or Arsenal use someone as a DM? But in large part you should do well with 6 players in the middle of the pitch.
  13. well, he is called roaming playmaker. However, if you want to exploit wide areas you need a player that drifts horizontally not one that will move vertically. ideally, a wide playmaker. anyway, there is no point in telling you what to do in this particular situation as already the next match you won't be able to exploit the flanks because opposition will have them covered so you'll need to alter your roles. each match has differnet traps. You should be able to understand yourself where is the space likely to appear and what roles to use in order to target that space. that is valid if you want to be proactive. if you don't, then think about how you want your team to play and stick to that. whatever you chose you need to stick to your decisions/ideas long enough to understand if the tactic is/isn't working because of players, instructions, luck, opposition...
  14. well you can't play the same way against all oppositions. if you play against three at the back the obvious should be to overload the flanks as they have less men in that zone. So change that WM to W and use a FB on overlap and you should have 2v1. Add to that a playmaker that drifts wide or a CF that does the same and you should have up to 4 players in wide positions. This should be enough to, at least, get parity if not an overload most of the time.
  15. what kind of formation do you play if you use a lone striker and only wingbacks on flanks or did I misunderstand that? anyway, anything can work (and doesn't have to). If you have only one striker you'd need to make sure you have someone running into his position once he moves wide.