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  1. Off the ball runs

    isn't it possible to select an individual player to check his specific runs?
  2. With / Without Ball

    well, that is unusual and against the basic football logic but could have a number of valid explanations. however, if you notice it happens regularly and also with AI teams, it is worth posting in the bugs section.
  3. Off the ball runs

    don't know how it is named in fm, but there should be "the spaghetti graph" that tracks player movement which might help you out,
  4. With / Without Ball

    without the ball should be the defensive phase and the with the ball should be attacking phase. if it isn't, it is named wrongly.
  5. i might be missing the point, but at age of 15 the development might have only started and by the age of around 20 that player might be 20cm taller and 20 kilos heavier. There's no way of telling if he will stay short or grow (well, unless you check his family tree at least). Also, kids of that age can already be strong and developed and you could clearly tell if that is the case. Coaches are thought to recognize these signs (not that it is difficult beard, body hair, the diameter of a thigh...). That being said, it is maybe one player in a group of 20 so overall numbers in FM do look off. However, it is difficult to judge without any significant data pulled out from the game itself.
  6. i wonder why you (I mean all the mods, not you personally), don't do it already? Just block anyone that is stepping over the line with a message to reword their post. Enforce some decent behavior and create conditions so the SI can come back on the boards and be protected from foul speech. I feel a lot of things in the OP merit an answer (not that it deserves an answer, mind) but till we get conditions the SI staff is back and ready to speak, we won't get those answers.
  7. Tactic creator should be a tool that lets the human player express himself in football terms. It should be clear and straight forward. A set of questions should be posed to a manager. DEFENSIVE PHASE: What defensive shape do you want to use? 4-4-2, 4-1-4-1, 4-5-1, 5-3-2, 5-4-1, 6-3-1,---? Do you want to set pressing traps? If yes, where? Center? Flanks? What will be the pressing triggers? a back pass? poor control? opposition entering specific zone? Where do you want to engage the opposition? Attacking third (high press)? Half way line? Middle third? Defensive third? Do you want to use man oriented or space oriented marking? How do you want to defend the flanks? Bring men behind and force the play back? Close down aggressively? How do you want to defend the center of the pitch? Cover the passing lanes? Close down aggressively? How do you want to defend the weak flank? Leave the wide man to cover? Let the wide man cover the center? OFFENSIVE PHASE Do you want to play from the back? If yes, who should support the transition into the middle third? A central midfielder dropping deep? Two central midfielders dropping deep? Wingers coming into halfspaces? Do you want your full backs to support the attack? If yes, cutting inside, overlapping or both? Who should cover them? One central midfielder, two? How do you plan to penetrate the attacking third? Overloads, Direct passes, crosses...? If overloads: Where? left, right, center? Who? striker dropping deep, winger from weak flank coming towards the center of play? full back moves inside?... If Direct passes: From where? Deep, middle third? From who? To whome? to winger towards flank, to winger towards the channel, for winger on the weak side to wards the channel, wide... To striker, wide, channel, behind the back line... This is just an example and what came off the top of my head. There might be various things that can't be done in the ME but it is just an example. These questions are the questions that every decent manager asks himself once he knows what kind of squad he has. plus a ton more. However, the point is, it should be clear and answer direct questions regarding how a player wants to see his team play. Then, the TC should move all the sliders, tick all the boxes and come up with a system that will or won't be good for the team. I understand it might be completely off the mark regarding what actually could be done. However, in broad sense, it is how the game philosophy of a team is created. With tons of other factors missing, but it should be an aim ideally, i think.
  8. This is the only thing i'd disagree on. There's a lot more than bad information confusing the masses. First of all, the bad information starts with SI and terminology chosen where counter strategy isn't really counter and defensive isn't really defensive. amount of FM meta language seriously damages the game as it is 1. not connected to real football, and 2. very frequently different to what it says on the tin. when you couple that with the nature of football where you can do everything right and still lose a game, that is sure recipe for frustrated players. fm made steps towards making game closer to football terminology and it needs to go further that road. it has to ditch with fm concepts that have nothing to do with football and, above all, it needs better feedback on what went wrong. even here the game is making steps forward so, in due time, it should only get better.
  9. it is really sad to see some problematic things from 2012 are still present in the game. Even worst is how little the ME has advanced in terms of representing a game of football in five years. I've stopped buying the game as of fm16 and, looking back, it appears that it was only downhill from there. However, as there is only a dozen of people on the forum that really took notice, I imagine it was actually a good move from a business perspective. However sad for the game itself. Particularly sad is to see that in these few years nothing (that shows) was really done to prevent ridiculous positioning in defence and the lack of plausible offensive movement. To make it clear, there are all sorts of stupid things players on the highest level do, but a frequency with which it happens in the ME is killing the game for me.
  10. @tkg I think it might be useful if you tried to run numerous tests for a full season and compare it to real life numbers. Not concentrating on individual teams as they change managers/styles but on overall numbers. especially if you could separate pass numbers in each third. I can provide these numbers from real leagues if you need it, but can't do it for the game as I don't have fm18.
  11. I don't think they are unwilling. Without a doubt, they know how poor the defensive phase in the game is. They know off the ball movement in the offensive phase is horrible, they know players act as individuals (or pairs at best) on the pitch instead of as a coherent team. There are plenty of people in SI that had or still coach and understand the game of football. As there is no significant change in the ME in last 3 years, I think they really have hit the wall with how much they can do with current ME. They try each year to improve one thing just to break the other and I believe they already have new ME being developed. If not, they can run this game as is for next 5 years and then they will have to find something else to do. Maybe long awaited "Chairman manager"
  12. indeed, however, this is by no means a bug, glitch or however you want to call it. It works like that by design. It has been like that from the beginning and there is no realistic hope it will change. At least within the lifecycle of current ME. It could all go forward but only if/when the game moves on to another ME which will be the time when I buy new FM. In meanwhile, it will always lack something somewhere and SI will patch one thing opening up another gap always lagging behind how football actually works. The trouble is, a lot of people live off the game (SI, youtubers ...). They depend on the game to keep their income. Any significant shift from current ME is a great risk for everybody as long as the game is profitable. That's why you won't see any FM youtuber criticising the game in any substantial way. They largely provide help on how to play the game, but not really how to advance the game forward. What is encouraging are the rumours that new ME is under development and this could finally bring in more football into football manager.
  13. I don't think there's a specific problem with that space left by Real in the middle. Teams do this kind of things all the time in an attempt to overload certain zones, so Modric moving out of his position is fine (Guardiola would probably push his FB into that space to provide more passing options, but he is obsessed with possession...). The real problem is with, i assume, Kroos (8). It is his inability to recognize he should move away that breaks the move. And that is the source of all problems in ME. Players aren't working together. The roles decide what players do, but they don't "communicate" between themselves. While in football you have an aim, i.e. overload one side and switch the point of attack towards the other flank to isolate your winger/FB in 1v1, in FM you chose the roles and hope role combination will produce what you want to see. that is why so many people feel so lost as football produced isn't really what the user intended, but since it works anyway it is fine. FM is more like cooking than football simulator. You have these ingredients (roles) and you mix them together in order to get a dish (certain behaviour from the players). IN football it works the other way around. You know what you want to produce, how you want to attack/defend and then you try to create situations that work towards that goal. oh, and those two strikers from Atletico, that really isn't how football is played
  14. Well, people have complained for years about too many crosses. If you really want to add to a conversation you don't just feed the debate/troll with "it's your tactics". Unless somebody gets into numbers behind AI the question will always come back and the myth will preserve. If, on the other hand, somebody does the math and shows that numbers fall reasonably inside real stats, then it is indeed, human tactics. Sadly, I don't have new FM but it shouldn't be difficult to load a league, run it for 10 years, repeat it 10 times and get averages to compare with real stats.
  15. Well not really, While we have the best and the worst team we can get sort of average for the league: av Crosses p/m attempts/completed (%) La Liga FM 18/6,8 (27%) La Liga 13/3,5 (27%) If I've calculated well (quite possible I didn't so correct me if I am wrong), there's around 50% increase in average number of cross attempts per match in your save. This might suggest the ME produces more crosses than it really should and by a big amount. However, as Herne says, someone should really look at numbers over multiple saves to get any reliable conclusion over this debate. There's also a question of what game stats consider as a cross and what does any outside source consider as a cross. So, basically, only SI can test this in any conclusive manner.