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  1. that sounds like a major bug or a misunderstanding of sorts.
  2. i think it doesn't work if the game isn't part of some nvidia programme. although, i don't remember FM ever being associated with nvidia in anyway so i might be wrong... i'll take that useless citizen badge and be gone now...
  3. i'd pretty much sign for that. in the other news, I still didn't get any reply. I've contacted these guys who have whole history mapped https://www.exyufudbal.in.rs/ unfortunately, they still didn't respond (you might send another mail to this address: admin@exyufudbal.in.rs ) they are only covering the top division. however, they are from serbia and probably do have someone who still remembers lower leagues.
  4. as per Wiki: the city was called Pucarevo between 1980 and 1992 when it changed back to Novi Travnik. the club was Bratstvo till 1994 when they changed the name to Novi Travnik. @Reiver the first logo, I assume, is from '92-'94 period while the second one would probably be more in line with 1988 timeline. When formed in 1949, it was named Metalac (metalworker) and that second logo seems to retain some kind of metalworker symbolism. at least to me. i found this flag (I assume one of those teams exchange before a match) from 1980 and it is the same as one you have. https://olx.ba/artikal/50915655/sd-bratstvo-pucarevo-zastavica/
  5. I just learned that the Bosniak city Novi Travnik used to be called Pucarevo in 1988. The Football Club Novi Travnik was called NK Bratstvo. a very minor and unimportant thing but still.
  6. is the new update helpful? I see only these Misc*. [Pre-Game Editor] - Fixed an issue with nation short name resets when trying to change it [Pre-Game Editor] - Fixed an issue with extinct clubs cannot be added as playable
  7. just to reiterate on this... all the instructions have positives and negatives and there are no right or wrong answers here. it comes down to how you want to play, what players you have, what they are good/bad at and who is on the opposite end. that being said, I didn't mean wide midfielders as a role but as a position. currently, i use Ws and WPs. it just ensures they are more inclined to track deep when on support. Step-out is fine if you want to reduce time and space for the opposition, it usually works well with a higher d line and generally more aggressive defensive approach. on the downside, they need to be fast with a gk with good 1v1 as this strategy is prone to balls into space. regarding trap inside - it is better when you have more central midfielders than the opposition and the backline/gk that isn't good with dealing with crosses into the box. otherwise, it is usually better to protect the centre and allow the opponent to dominate the flanks.
  8. i play 442 and don't see the problem with leaking goals while still being the top of the league scoring. that being said, there could be an infinite number of reasons. however, i'd suggest you try (if you didn't already) the following: - balanced mentality - very narrow shape (the narrower the better) - no high press, normal line of engagement, normal depth - force play wide/allow crosses, protect the middle - don't step out (defensive line) - one D duty in CM, the other can be either attack or support - both wide midfielders on support, full backs can both use attack duty
  9. I have a few questions: is there a way to change the colour of the attributes? also, previously, if you went to AssMan profile, reports, you could choose to see his assessment of the squad morale. you could also see this information during the pre-match? is there a way to get more stats on the left side of the match screen? Thanks!
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