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  1. I'll use this screenshot to report a bug - Slovenian First League should be well below Yugoslav Second division
  2. tried that but no soup for me so if anyone managed it and has some 1st hand experience, I'd be glad to hear. Even name fix doesn't work (still have Zebre in the game). importantly though, I've managed to get the database running after a few hours of struggles.
  3. I have a vague memory that those flags should, somehow, be replaced using the extractor tool. might be completely wrong, though.
  4. Striker Mario Kempes scores 2 goals as Argentina beats the Netherlands, 3-1 after extra time in 1978 World Cup great news I say. can't wait to download it.
  5. at the times i was doing iron curtain, i found this obscure website incredibly helpful as they have historical logos for clubs that participated in the european competitions. It isn't complete as obviously not all eastern european clubs played continental competitions, but there are tons of gems in there. https://kassiesa.net/uefa/clubs/index.html you can directly check the country (i.e. Czechoslovakia), see all the clubs (that participated...) and check if there is an old logo.
  6. great work Reiver! would really be nice to create a catalogue of all eastern european clubs name changes and logos.
  7. The party says your pc is fine till there is smoke! Keep on working!
  8. I hope at this moment you're spending some time to can't wait for this !!!
  9. i am currently beta testing my 2016 file for 1564th hour (still waiting for an error), I reckon it is safe to say it is working so I could make a switch to an updated version
  10. I propose this as the official soundtrack for the database... Proudly supported by Zimbabwean #1 soccer fan, his excellency Canaan Banana directly from Gwanzura Stadium: I'd also like to see Dynamos and Tornados in the game btw, the match really happend in the early 80s between Salisbury Tornados and Dynamos. All the players, result and score changes are/were real. Moses Chunga became a coach afterwards
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