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  1. I already posted official link of croatian football federation which said that 16years old is allowed to play if they have special medical permission
  2. New patch-> in old saves old regens are still not HGN, but new regens are HGN finally. So regens from seasons before patch aren't AND can't get HGN , and regens after patch are ok, it is not perfect but it is slightly better.
  3. @Dan Ormsby any news? When we can expect to finally start playing game , some of us only play in Croatia, i started on day one and i am in 2027 year and i need to wait for HGN fix now. I payed for game which i cant play now.
  4. we are Football Manager community from Croatia called Cro-manager , and some of us are played in Editor and put this , and 16 years old newgen is HGN. i know it is not correct rule, but this is only way to play
  5. Yes, that is correct rule according to CFF document. yes, newly generated 17years old is automatic HGN in Champions League no matter that is his first year/season but in league he is not.
  6. it is already mentioned, Boro Primorac is just Interim Manager , and once Hajduk find Manager, Boro will stay as HoYD because Manager has no impact about HoYD appointment in real life at Hajduk. Boro is old and he has no intention about doing two jobs in future, this is just at this point because President take a time for find new Manager.
  7. There is on otjer site said in first row some changes including croatia, but in your post on this forum there is no Croatia changed listed.
  8. when you register team for champions league then there is HGN sign. but when you play in league then players dont get HGN sign here is example of one regen 17 years old player who is AUTOMATIC HGN IN CHAMPIONS LEAGUE but not in League
  9. this is only solution. There is 12 subs , so you can play without HGN but only put 6 subs on bench
  10. Can you tell me if you know at this phase of fixing, when you fix HGN problem it will be save game compatible or i will need start new gama?
  11. oh, sorry, i understand now that about rules and your logging system. In second division match squad requires even 10 players trained by club, for about ten years in game all Croatian leagues will not exist anymore haha Ok, thanks, i will not disturb you more about this. What about second division 16 clubs next season instead of 18, it is also official. So next season is 16 teams and from that last team is relegated and one team from Third division(five of them) playoff cup is promoted. SO now this season 16th, 17th and 18th team is relegated and one from Third divi
  12. Yes, i know it was hard to spot, but that can affect for everyone who loaded up croatian league and not playing with it because croatian clubs will not be competetive in european competetions like UCL because they wont have enough players, i hope this will be fixed soon if this is just problem in Croatia and not in all leagues in game. Second, who is head researcher for Croatia league rules? Because there is official croatian federation site and all rules are on that site on croatian language, i linked few times that official document about foreign players and 16 years old, so maybe i can
  13. 5subs is just first season. @Dan Ormsby so if this is true what franjo17 said about HGN players, that mean that we can not play Croatian League on long-term saves because we cant have enough HGN players for match squad. I just finished 4rd season and what now? i need to wait new update and start new save, so this save i can delete already? I always and only play croatian league, i buy game and cant play it??
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