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  1. Thanks, I always start ta SM save at some point though I haven't gone very far since FM12. Your progress has been amazing so far, shame about that wonderkid striker defecting for Italy but remember you have the power to ruin his career .
  2. @Uncle_Sam it's getting better every day thanks! You think the international comps files will be compatible with other custom files/leagues? Also the Copa Nuevo Mundo looks great but how does it co-exist with the 'standard' Copa America (CONMEBOL) that takes place in same years (2020, 2024 etc)? Does it replace that?
  3. Finally started my SM save! First season... almost perfect Signed some good players (mostly on non-contracts) for the division, dropped the useless serie D cup early and scored a ton of goals from attacking throw ins . Also won some games with the NT against Moldova and luxembourg in the Nations league. Youth intake was promising with three highly rated (for serie D standard) players all cap tied early for SM, plus the 'other' SM academy produced a 5 star striker (5 star for NT of course) who will also join the club when he'll turn 18. Finally, Udinese (who have a SM feeder club) produced a wonderkid caliber sammarinese defender, unfortunately equipped with the lethal dual italian nationality and obviously rejecting any call-up. Always nice to see other clubs producing quality SM regens though:
  4. Can anybody upload this excellent file here? For some reason it's not showing for me after subscribing from steam workshop, tried unsubscribing and subscribing again but with no success . EDIT: never mind I was able to to recover it from steam files.
  5. kandersson

    Editor requests - Custom league files - ask here

    Anybody made a working O-League for Oceania leagues? Unfortunately the default competition has the same issues as previous years i.e. wrong teams qualifying regardless of leagues results (tested in a New Zealand save), which is obviously a major issue for any Oceania save.
  6. This is an interesting bit to discuss rather than ME balance imo (for the record I dislike current ME ). I think the game of football irl is destined to go towards 'spectacle' i.e. attacking football i.e. goals. This is mostly because football is a product to sell to clients (TV viewers worldwide) and this is or should be the main goal of every league. EPL is the 'best' league in the world because they're the best at selling their product. Of course to do this they've brought in the best players and most of all the best managers (british managers are almost extinct in EPL, this is not a coincidence ) but a key aspect/consequence is also there are 5-6 teams with an average of 2 goals scored per game. Bundesliga is also on the rise as a league and as a 'product' (http://www.espn.com/soccer/german-bundesliga/story/2889774/bundesliga-clubs-say-new-tv-rights-deal-closes-gap-to-premier-league) despite Bayern monopoly, thanks to a new 'school' of german managers, a league spread tendency to develop attacking and technically gifted players (which also benefited the national team as seen with World Cup title in 2014), and also 5-6 teams regularly around 2 goals scored per game. The decline of Italian Serie A (once the best league in the world) might have a few reasons, but you can sum it up with less technically gifted players, less goals scored and the 'old school' of italian defensive managers still on the saddle. Respected NBA writer Kevin Pelton noted how video game players in the 90s would pretty much just shoot 3 pointers and dunk in basketball videogames (think NBA Jam). Why? Because it was more fun of course! Fast forward 20 years and NBA teams are now shooting 3s like crazy (legendary coach Gregg Popovich not loving it https://ftw.usatoday.com/2018/11/san-antonio-spurs-gregg-popovich-hates-three-pointers) and have pretty much erased the mid-range game, basically you want to shoot the three or go inside (dunk or lay-up). Pace has never been so high, scores have never been so high, league popularity worldwide has never been so high and most importantly money (for the owners and for the players) has never been so high. This is not a coincidence, it's a very precise strategy by the league to sell their product (a strategy started in the 90s when low scores and physical defense were harming the appeal of the league/product). What does this have to do with FM match engine? Not much really, but we video game players and/or football viewers will always want more goals and the game (football before FM) will have to adapt if it wants more of our money! We're pioneers of sexy football we cannot lose .
  7. FM 16 issues with crossing/defending flanks were also reported and acknowledged early but couldn't be fixed on final patch because of the risk of messing up the balance of match engine. I could see the same thing happening this year especially after recent pattern so personally I'd be surprised to see significant ME changes on next update, hopefully I'm wrong though!
  8. New Zealand (and likely all Oceania leagues) have the same issue as previous games i.e. wrong teams qualify for O-League regardless of league table or finals result (usually Auckland City plus a random club qualify). This is an issue of original DB so only way to fix this would be re-building a new O-League.
  9. Knap without PPMs would you suggest right foot on right side etc even as inverted wingers?
  10. Strikerless does look interesting and might be a potential workaround for lack of striker movement in current ME. Will definitely give it a go.
  11. Agree completely with @bar333, success not really an issue here. Just watched Man City's goals in their 9-0 win against Burton Albion, the type (rather than the number) of goals they scored is virtually impossible to replicate in FM19 against teams parking the bus, regardless of quality of opponents. Of course the fact that AI (even more reputable teams) seems to go very defensive very quick tends to be a big part of the issue, or at least this has been my experience in my Brazil save since third division.
  12. Yes, Perolas Negras play in third division of Rio de Janeiro state championship, all available in Mrt90 update.
  13. Great work here Timo! If you happen to do Haiti in the future just make sure it's compatible with MrT90 Brazilian leagues file, this would be vital for a potential save with Perolas Negras (haitian club in Brazil!)
  14. Media prediction was 11th at the start of the season but went up to 4th after a few weeks of success. Tbf we were always going to be a 'special' newly promoted side as holder of both brazilian cup (won as third and second division club) and copa libertadores (won as a second division club), anyway even the best clubs in the country were very passive both home or away. This had been a pretty common pattern in my brazilian saves even in previous editions of the game especially with the infamous 4222 (2DM + 2CM) adopted by most brazilian managers until FM18 (when luckily that formation became outdated) but I think things look a bit worse in FM19 due to the combination of very defensive AI and specific issues of match engine (most notably movement of strikers).