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  1. Looking forward to this. Also playing on 1920 x 1080 and 100% zoom
  2. I'm also seeing this. I'll add that while I also select the 'distribute quickly' instruction, the GK tends to hold the ball (in open play) and eventually kicks long. So this actually goes against two specific TI's (distribute quickly and play out of defence/roll it out).
  3. One league I'd like to play is Guatemala (mostly because of the great Guatemala players on CM 03-04 ). 2020 format was shortened due to covid though I believe the traditional clausura/apertura format will be back in place next year. Thanks for all the hard work!
  4. When managers (or fans) say 'fit' IRL they usually mean the final 'result' of a few different factors which are present in FM under the name of 'condition', 'sharpness', 'training load', 'match load', 'overall risk', 'injury susceptibility', 'jadedness' (hidden). So yes having a single final number for 'fitness' would be impossible IRL, but I'm sure all the specific 'factors' are tracked and analyzed with more depth and accuracy than current FM icons or descriptions. Numbers for 'condition' and 'sharpness' were just tools to make more informed decisions about 'fitness'. Player and staff attrib
  5. Great thread! 85 is a bit low for a full green heart imo. 90 would probably be a more reasonable choice. Having numbers back would be even more reasonable. Real life managers rely on highly specialized staff, analysts and advanced tools like GPS performance trackers (during training sessions and matches) to assess players condition. I suspect numbers are much closer to reality than full hearts or thumbs up for condition/fitness levels.
  6. The problem of such low salary cap is that while it might be annoying for human player, it's absolutely lethal for AI. Personally I like the idea of progressive cap increase, and even a future DP rule (if possible). A cap of around $2M after 5 years sounds reasonable to me.
  7. Great to see this back for FM 21! Looks amazing as usual. Also good to see that @yellowsweatygorillais now part of Canada research for SI, excellent addition to the team
  8. On FM 21 I'm trying a more flexible 442 heavily inspired by the famous 424 by @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! . Still very much work in progress but I like (some of) what I'm seeing from my team. - Double pivot in DM strata with HB recreating the 3-1-6 build-up. No playmaker due to presence of a WP at ML. - Focus play down the left instruction aims to make WP even more involved and create overloads on left flank. - Left-footed player as a right Winger operates wide and leaves room for F9 to drop, but still uses strong left foot to create/finish chances. - WP, W and F9 all ro
  9. Thanks. Yeah pacey strikers seem to be more important than ever, 4231 should be better for a slower, creative attacker. Any plans for a deep 4231 (two DM's, maybe with a HB)?
  10. Great to see this thread for FM 21 Do you think I can use a creative but not quick AMC/ST as AF in Beowulf 442 or it's better to use this type of players as AMC in the 4231?
  11. @Ceyvol thanks for this, looks amazing. The only minor issue I have is that in player attributes screen the 'Player Traits' (PPM) panel is a bit small so I have to scroll down to see all the traits if a player has a few of them. This might be also related to my screen resolution (1920x1080) though I don't have this problem with base FM skin. Otherwise this is an ideal skin for me!
  12. I don't mind purple. My main issues are with white backgrounds in some news. Ok maybe I could also do without the purple. Can you suggest me a simple, stable dark skin? I'm a complete noob when it comes to skins and graphics.
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