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  1. I will freely admit that like many others I've jumped on the Lorenzo Lucca bandwagon, anyway I think an attribute of only 4 for Free Kicks seems a bit low for someone who has scored a goal like the one below last season... Might even suggest adding 'Tries long range Free Kicks' and 'Hit Free Kicks with Power' player traits
  2. I had noticed this too and believe it or not the first thing I thought was O-zil over at SI forums would absolutely hate this Most likely a bug imo, anyway great to see you're on FM 22!
  3. All brazilian leagues (state or national) in FM22 allow three substitions though Iooking at match reports IRL the correct number of subs seems to be 5 for all national divisions (Série A, Série B and Série C). Not sure about every single state championship but the likes of Carioca and Paulista leagues also used 5 subs IRL. Here's a link to a random Série A match report with 5 substitutions used by Internacional: https://fbref.com/en/matches/8f2f5205/Internacional-Bragantino-October-21-2021-Serie-A
  4. More dynamic interactions with agents and generally a more prominent role in the game for them would be a key addition. As much as we dislike agents they're a big part of football IRL so the game should reflect that in some way. Hopefully agents will be able to help (or not, depending on relationships with manager) both buying and selling players - maybe help offloading some deadwood on deadline day thanks to their connections with specific teams. Btw I've been forcing my players to fire their agents for the past 10 editions of the game, I don't think this should be happening so easily. Also the option of hiring an agent for a manager should be considered as this is often the case IRL and has a huge impact on transfers. Staff meetings look like the kind of feature that I'd set on 'never' very quickly, which is actually an upgrade from 'every 6 months' which I think was the minimum for backroom advice of past editions. Let's just say I'm not a fan. Anyway the real highlight of this blog are obviously new regen faces and hairstyles. The dreadlocks/Predator hairstyle has the potential to become a real FM icon.
  5. This thread has been amazing for YEARS now, thank you! The high-intensity 3-4-3 and 4-2-4 are still my main source of inspirarion! Honestly the best part of the new Wide Centre-Back role for FM22 is a potential new thread of yours of the 3-4-3 diamond
  6. I'm very confused because from shirt colour and numbers ( midfielders 78 Pulgar 34 Amrabat 10 Castrovilli; wingbacks 3 Biraghi 21 Lirola; defenders 4 Milenkovic 20 Pezzella) the team used to show new roles and tactics seems to be Fiorentina 2020/21 but I have no idea about defender with No.16. Also Milenkovic as a Wide Centre-Back (Attack) is a terrible idea especially on the left. Disappointing. (Joking aside the WCB is a very welcome addition but seriously who is No.16? )
  7. I'd be very interested in a MLS save if the new announced developmental leagues (MLS Next for academies and the new minor league controlled by MLS) are added in FM 22, hopefully with new CONCACAF Champions League format as well. New Zealand also looks fun to play with new league structure (regional leagues as qualifiers for national league), would be great if SI could add NZ as an official league.
  8. Seems that this new league will be mostly made of MLS B teams currently playing in USL. Let's wait and see what happens with FM 22! Hopefully this new league and MLS Next (another new youth competition for academies) will be in FM 22 as they're both controlled by MLS and might be included under MLS license.
  9. This should be interesting to add for FM 22 https://www.espn.com/soccer/major-league-soccer/story/4415507/major-league-soccer-to-launch-development-league-in-2022
  10. I think it's an excellent (almost inevitable) decision for the game and the company, and I'd suggest the same if I was a decision maker at SI. Personally as a FM player I don't have much interest in this addition though others certainly will. I don't think it will change much for the development of the series (match engine, graphics, new features etc), honestly I see this mostly as a PR move - a very good one.
  11. 32 better than 24 as long as they remove qualifiers (just a play-in tournament for lower ranked teams). Nations league also need to go away (schedule for World Cup qualifiers would then be much lighter). I liked Confederations Cup though.
  12. Yeah I do this all the time for multiple players/positions. The problem is those players will be selected and play every single match (even when recovering from injury if available) which is not ideal for managing fitness, fatigue and injuries. OP makes a very good suggestion imo.
  13. Thanks! The only issue with Wellington Phoenix Reserves I've noticed is that all their players are listed as 'foreigners' (even if they have in fact New Zealand nationality) in NZ league, which is weird because they're not considered foreigners in A-League... I guess Oceania is pretty hard to edit probably due to SI Great to know that you'll be back for FM22!
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