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  1. Beowulf 424 press working great in Brazil lower leagues. Every brazilian team has at least two DM's so a formation with two strikers and no AMC works best here. Serie C clubs play very defensively against us so 20+ shots and 20+ corners per game are quite common. Both strikers scoring a lot which is nice, goals are coming mostly from high press, fast break and long balls, or corners of course! Also managed to beat some Serie B and Serie A clubs in the cup using the more conservative 442 after taking the lead. Thanks knap for the best set of tactics under current ME.
  2. @Russell Hammant I had already uploaded that save game (name of the file BRG.fm) when I posted this thread, unfortunately I don't have a save before the works were completed. I have since started another save with a different brazilian team (Atletico Acreano) and after my request the data analysis facilities were built correctly at expected date.
  3. kandersson

    Possible mistake in private chat

    @Rob Heckman I encountered the same small issue in private chat again: I have now uploaded the save game. You should be able to reproduce this asking assistant manager Vicente Rocha to train AMC Caique Valdivia to try killer balls more often. His reaction should be the same as the screenshot: 'Its' a trait that suits poor decision makers, and he doesn't fit that description'. Name of the file is chat.fm
  4. Not sure if ME or UI related but after first half of the season of my Brazil save my team is said to have scored 23 goals from overhead kicks: I watch most of the easy games of the weak state championship on commentary only so not sure I've missed seeing those goals. 23 seem really high anyway. Uploaded my save game, name of the file 23KB.fm
  5. kandersson

    Players unhappy for lack of alternatives

    @Neil Brock I've downloaded the file so you can now remove it. Thanks a lot guys
  6. kandersson

    Possible mistake in private chat

    Hi @Rob Heckman unfortunately I haven't as I deleted that save (I was testing a custom Brazil DB), I'll make sure to upload a save when or if I encounter this again. Btw not sure if you saw this or if it's even possible to do but is there a chance you can somehow send me back the BRA.fm save I had uploaded a few days ago, as I accidentally deleted that (it was a legit save, not a test ) ? I mentioned this in other thread here:
  7. kandersson

    Players unhappy for lack of alternatives

    @Rob Heckman probably a long shot but is there a chance you could somehow send me back the save file BRA.fm that I had uploaded here, as I have accidentally deleted it . Thanks anyway!
  8. Oceania . But probably better to finish Europe first.
  9. I see. The way it is now would be perfect if it wasn't for the bug, hopefully it will be fixed soon or in the worst case we'll settle for the workaround!
  10. No problem, I understand it's a very complex DB to build and you guys always do a great job. What workaround would you suggest? I like playing in Campeonato Rondoniense because it's full of weak teams and my strikers can boost their tally
  11. I asked to improve data analysis facilities (starting with 'none'), the board accepted and at the expected completion date I didn't receive any news. Money has been apparently used (100k as announced at the start of the works) but facilities are still listed as 'none' and works are still appearing as 'planning' despite having passed completion date (16/11/18), No news as of january 2019. I'm using a custom DB with Brazil lower leagues so not sure if this can maybe have an impact. I've uploaded my save game, name of the file BRG.fm
  12. I think I found a little mistake in a specific interaction with staff. When trying to train a passing trait (killer balls) my staff came up with this answer: 'Its' a trait that suits poor decision makers, and he doesn't fit that description'. I think it should be 'good' decision makers? Very minor thing but still.
  13. Thanks. I might have an issue with my Genus club in Rondoniense state though. Starting as a 'non-league' club I won the state championship (1st place in both stages plus winning the final) and I was expected to play Serie D next season (I also had a news during the year). In 2019 though we're still 'non-league' and Serie D schedule and groups do not feature any club from Rondoniense.
  14. It depends on state championships. Smaller ones like for example Rondoniense (that I'm playing) gives two spots for winner and runner-up. In bigger championships like Rio with several clubs already competing in higher national divisions 5th and 6th place can still earn a spot for Serie D. It's a very complicated structure but everything seems to work very well. @Mrt90 the only minor issue seems to be with U20 teams. I see you have re-worked all the groups and format, the problem I see is that U20 of Série A teams don't have a schedule (Reserves have a specific league though) and they don't seem to enter U20 cup. Is that supposed to happen? Fantastic work anyway.