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  1. Yeah that's the reason I tend to lose interest in my MLS saves. I remember offering 4M (allocation money) + 2 first round picks for a very good player that was transfer listed. The offer got rejected. A week later I got that player for free via waivers draft.
  2. Great thread! Love No.10's and hate wingers so waiting for your 4th post
  3. There's one particular cup Chad Brown won't be able to win: it's the famous NPSL members cup that becomes inactive after first season. Won it with New York Cosmos before they joined NISA in 2020
  4. Chad Brown was definitely the quarterback and captain of the football team in high school Yeah I think Bascome start play in 2020 in League 2, though maybe their academy is already active from the beginning. The level of detail of this database is nuts and gets better every year. Good luck in the NCAA!
  5. Chad Brown: the name is made of winning The USA expansion file made by Uncle Sam is a thing of beauty. USLC (second tier) is my favorite as unlike MLS you can recruit a team of 15 years old wonderkids from the myriads of U.S. minor academies - for free! - and it's still a decent league without the (default) bugs of MLS. Starting from NCAA and making your way through the USA pyramid should be a great challenge. I was always tempted to try a career with FC Bascome (USL league 2) whose academy produces Bermudian regens - good potential for a club and country challenge - though the club doesn't have much room for further growth.
  6. No worries, it's a VERY minor thing. The depth, accuracy and attention to detail of your expansion are unbelievable. This file is actually the main reason I'm still playing FM 20 atm .
  7. MLS announced new Elite Youth Development platform, big news for FM 21 USA expansion https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2020/05/13/mls-elite-youth-development-platform
  8. No problem. It really is a very minor issue, and virtually any other detail of this file is close to perfection .
  9. Miami FC appear as a NISA club (in team info and clubs list screens) even after they join USL, and their reputation also seem to suffer slightly because of this (in my test they stayed at 1.5 stars of reputation after a few years, compared to 2 stars of other USL clubs). A very minor and likely just cosmetic issue, but still
  10. You might have better players now (Vencl looks like a generational talent), but Mukashev is still the star of this career .
  11. Legend . Post a screenshot of the guy!
  12. It's weird because there's this sort of summer break of nearly two months in the middle of the season, while in march we had to play four games in a week . Nothing major (still won all games) and a good chance for some rotation, spreading those matches in that empty summer would be perfect though!
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