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  1. Btw, I think final patches of last four editions of the game didn't feature relevant ME changes despite reported and acknowledged issues (e.g. lack of central play and strikers movement in FM 19), because of complexity and balance of ME itself and potential knock-on effects. Just saying.
  2. Hey thanks for the great work! Is it right that Guatemala league have no foreign players limits? I'm not 100% sure about real rules, though wiki says clubs in Guatemala can register a maximum of 5 foreign players https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2019–20_Liga_Nacional_de_Guatemala
  3. Brescia and Lecce are doing terrible! Lecce play some decent football despite quality of players though, I think their manager Fabio Liverani is pretty good and will have a chance with a better team sooner or later. Brescia are awful to watch . Cagliari have some very good players in midfield and Nainggolan has been a beast this year.
  4. A few clubs in Italy are playing the 4312/ 442 diamond this year. Juventus are the highest profile example, the others are Cagliari, Brescia and Lecce.
  5. I like to test Sicilian in the most unlikely leagues. Like Uzbekistan Undefeated plus cup winner (predicted 3rd). The great Uzbek hope: As I previously said, I feel pretty confident that with some decent squad building Sicilian (and the 442 variants) can massively overachieve at any level. Hopefully next patch will allow AMC to do AMC things in a 4231 or 4312. Until then Sicilian is easily my top choice.
  6. Sicilian still doing great in my Ajax (South Africa, newly promoted) save: Star striker on fire: I might switch to a 4132 to see if AMC types can thrive in the MC/AP role (usually retrain AMC's to become wingers in the 442).
  7. Staff changes at Fiorentina: Valentino Angeloni is the new Head of Youth Development after Vincenzo Vergine left for AC Milan. Renato Buso is the new U-18 manager replacing Alberto Aquilani who is now a first team coach for Fiorentina. http://it.violachannel.tv/vc13-dettaglio-breaking/items/id-01-01-2020_11-31-49_nuove-cariche-del-settore-giovanile-viola.html
  8. It appears to be fixed now, with TFC having both the B team and the academy as affiliated (you'll have to start a new save though). Seems that Inter Miami still has that issue though (no academy).
  9. Plugged it in for one game and I have to say set pieces look very powerful. Hat trick for the Libero from two corners and a throw in . Will give it a go for a full season, hopefully the AMC will score some!
  10. No problem mate. Thanks for all the updates, your work is appreciated.
  11. It's weird that @ratio1618 had a similar problem with OFC CL and Wellington Phoenix (at least in first season) in his update. Probably even weirder is that having the Phoenix in OFC CL has been a desire of mine for years . May I ask you if you could be able to make a OFC Champions league that automatically features the Nix every year? Would make for a great save with Wellington Phoenix (A-League, OFC CL plus their reserves in NZ premier league!)
  12. It should be somewhere in the rules of MLS regular season and/or playoffs. Anyway in this particular case TFC (as a canadian club) can only qualify for Champions League via Canadian Championship which btw should become more interesting with the new Canadian Premier League now available in FM.
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