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  1. As a fan of club and country challenges I think international management needs some improvement as I feel this part of the game has been a bit neglected in the years. My suggestion is to include some of the features already present in club management, and add some new ones. A few ideas: - Dynamics: pretty much the same as club, players would form social groups and good/bad relationships even at international level, based on personality and experiences at their clubs (e.g. good relationships if they play for the same club; bad relationships/different social groups if they play for rival clubs). - Players partnerships: same as the club, players could develop good/bad partnership on the pitch after they have played together for a while with the NT (or if they play together at their club). - Player tutoring: same as the club, younger players could me mentored by veterans during international tournaments and NT stages (would also impact NT dynamics and social groups). - Media coverage: international management is the only area I feel would benefit for more media interaction. Of course it needs to be more contextual, with particular focus on call-ups, specific formation choices and possible dualism/rivalry between high profile players for the starting spot. - More and better Interaction between manager and players, resulting in good/bad relationships depending on call-ups, choices and conversations. Relationships with the FA and their role in the game in particular could also use new features and ideas: - Ask the FA to build a new specific stadium for the NT. - Ask the FA to build a specific training center for senior NT and youth teams (similar to 'training facilities' and 'youth facilities' for club). - Set stages and practice matches for young players. - Ability to create a FA Academy (following the successful model of Germany) as already suggested in a previous thread.
  2. As a national team manager you could ask the FA to develop a national academy of their own (basically following the successful model of Germany) to help producing and developing young players. This would be a new 'National Team Facility' (FA Academy?) that could be improved in time under multiple aspects (training facilities, scouting/recruitment, presence on national territory), and specific staff to hire (Head of FA Academy, various coaches, physios, scouts). This would result in a new youth team (possibly competing in youth club competitions) made of players between 15-17 years (clubs would poach the best ones in time), with graduates and new intakes every year (quality of youth intakes influenced by level of facilities and NT/country). This feature could add some fun and personality to the international management experience and also follow a real life tendency of youth development in football.
  3. Completely agree on everything, Italy has called no less than 31 players for this week national league matches! As for numeration, we can't even assign numbers for U20 major tournaments like U20 world cup. Might be small things but they do take away a lot from the international management experience in FM.
  4. It's quite common in Italy as well, more often as part exchange in deals involving multiple players and additional cash (e.g. Nainggolan from Roma to Inter for 24M + Santon and Zaniolo) but you can see the occasional straight swap (Milan and Juventus swapping Bonucci/Caldara).
  5. kandersson

    Board Request: Create B Team

    This would be particularly useful and realistic for Italian Serie A clubs as with the new B teams system only Juventus decided to create their reserve team (Juve U23) this year (they will start in Serie C) but most likely other Serie A clubs (Inter, Napoli, Milan, Roma, Fiorentina, Lazio) will create their B teams next year.
  6. Definitely New Zealand (at least we can have a league from Oceania), Brazilian Série D (would make any team from any state championship playable from the start), American USL (would add depth to MLS and make B teams play in a real league), Egypt and Qatar (no market for the game in middle-east?). Oh and the Canadian Premier league when it kicks off!
  7. kandersson

    Player A or player B

    I'd go with player B, he looks like a complete player with virtually no weaknesses and good/very good key attributes for the position (tackling, marking, positioning, crossing, acceleration, work rate), He'd also make for a great tutor with his resolute personality, determination and good player traits. Player A also looks good but has a clear weakness in his vision (8) which could be a concern for an attacking fullback/wingback. At 23 he's quite young but probably won't improve that much (depends on his CA/PA I guess) so I'd buy player B, he's also cheaper
  8. I think it will be virtually impossibile to loan out (or sell) this player as long as your club has an amateur status (i.e. no fees are required to poach your players). Gaining professional status will change this though I'm afraid it might take a few years and your player will have already wasted his potential playing against the likes of La Fiorita or Murata . Don't give up though!
  9. thanks claassen, I was not aware of that! Great work as usual.
  10. OFC champions league doesn't seem to work, every year it says 'games will be scheduled' the following year and no games are actually scheduled or played.
  11. Link for graphics doesn't seem to work at the moment.
  12. Top work, starting a new save right now!
  13. I have no idea. I'm absolutely useless with the editor and it's likely an absurd suggestion, but for someone who had the skills to build such a complex league structure plus all teams and logos maybe it can be possible!
  14. Ace stuff @samba23, fans of college sports will find this DB absolutely stunning though I'd recommend anyone to give this a go especially fans of youth only saves. A possible feature/request for future updates (maybe FM19!): while I don't follow much college soccer, checking real teams rosters I've noticed they tend to have a few foreign players from Africa, Europe or South America. I was wondering maybe there could be a way to simulate these scholarships for foreign players? Like allowing 1-2 transfers from abroad per season only for under-19 players, not sure if it would be possible with the editor or if you feel it would go against the spirit of this DB! Amazing work anyway, can't wait to play next update - leaning towards UCLA this time!