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  1. thanks claassen, I was not aware of that! Great work as usual.
  2. OFC champions league doesn't seem to work, every year it says 'games will be scheduled' the following year and no games are actually scheduled or played.
  3. Link for graphics doesn't seem to work at the moment.
  4. Top work, starting a new save right now!
  5. I have no idea. I'm absolutely useless with the editor and it's likely an absurd suggestion, but for someone who had the skills to build such a complex league structure plus all teams and logos maybe it can be possible!
  6. Ace stuff @samba23, fans of college sports will find this DB absolutely stunning though I'd recommend anyone to give this a go especially fans of youth only saves. A possible feature/request for future updates (maybe FM19!): while I don't follow much college soccer, checking real teams rosters I've noticed they tend to have a few foreign players from Africa, Europe or South America. I was wondering maybe there could be a way to simulate these scholarships for foreign players? Like allowing 1-2 transfers from abroad per season only for under-19 players, not sure if it would be possible with the editor or if you feel it would go against the spirit of this DB! Amazing work anyway, can't wait to play next update - leaning towards UCLA this time!
  7. Yeah I think having reserve squads (even with no reserve league) could be useful as first team screen tends to become a bit problematic with more than 30-35 players, so maybe this could be something for future releases. Also I noticed that every year we get an automatic full youth intake (15-16 players) i.e. no option to sign or release the youth candidates, while apparently other teams sign only 5-6 every year (probably the best prospects of their intake). Not a big deal really as terminating contracts of youth players isn't expensive at all especially for these super rich schools! A couple of minor issues I have noticed: apparently teams below division I-A (including my BYU team) don't assign shirt numbers for the season; also several teams have not chosen their seasonal best eleven at the end of first season (not sure if this happens in future seasons too). Very minor stuff really, all the teams with their data, logos, plus league structure and the various tournaments are a thing of beauty.
  8. Took over BYU after just one year of holiday, having a blast trying to win promotion from MWC. First choice eleven is actually pretty decent though back-up players are garbage at this point (as expected as of 2018). I have a very good group of strikers for this level, this guy has been on fire in non-conference games hopefully he can lead us to Pac 12! Aaron 'Jimmer' Figueroa!
  9. Everything seems to work fine and those logos are fantastic! Thanks for this, as a college basketball fan I absolutely love this DB
  10. I think USL would be important for MLS saves as with the roster/cap rules teams often loan out several young players to their B teams every year (AI does this a lot too as players would be automatically waived otherwise). USL teams can still win the national cup and qualify for NACL and even CWC so that can also be a challenge. Having the B teams in a playable league would certainly help the development of players for MLS clubs. Having new leagues would always be nice, in my opinion these three in particular would add a lot to the already existing ones (because of particular format, B teams and connections to other countries) especially as I have a personal preference to manage in those countries!
  11. I would like to request the following divisions for future FM games as I feel they would add a lot to the already existing leagues in FM. Because of their nature they seem to be particularly hard to create or edit for users so it would be much better if they were officially available form the start. - USA United Soccer League (USL): after the collapse of NASL this is de facto the second tier of football in USA. While there's no promotion/relegation in the american system, USL is a big part of football development for american clubs and most importantly MLS 'B' teams play in this division. The addition of USL would also make MLS saves more interesting and complete. - Brazilian Fourth National Division (Série D): would be particularly fun because having the fourth division playable (with real life qualification from state championship) would basically mean every single club from any small state championship would also be playable from the start. Right now we can only holiday first season and save/reload until the desired club gets the promotion to third division at the start of next season. Would be awesome to start as a small club in a small state championship like Amazonas or Roraima, then qualify for fourth division from there and go all the way to first division. Would definitely make my brazilian saves more fun! - New Zealand league: Oceania is the only continent with no playable leagues in FM and I feel this needs to change (Pentagon Challenge anyone?). New Zealand club and country saves are a personal favorite of mine, plus the 'B' team of Wellington Phoenix (A-League) also play in this league so having it playable makes even more sense. Hopefully this will be considered, these leagues would add a lot to the game in my opinion.
  12. It's looking more amazing every day, can't wait to start a game with BYU (Jimmer fan!) What's the maximum number of games for a team in a season if you win every competition? Hopefully you can find a way to make teams keep their best players as that would be a key in a youth only save. Tremendous job so far!
  13. A few years ago (until FM12 I think) before the introduction of tactical roles we had the option to select playmakers and target man, and most importantly we could choose the 'target man supply' (ball to feet, head, or run onto ball). This was very useful in my opinion as it was a very simple and specific tool that helped creating a particular style of football. I understand with the introduction of playmakers and target man as a role part of this has become redundant (I also suspect the option was removed to avoid potential exploits), but the 'target man supply' option should really come back in some form imo. Right now the TM role is the only striker role that has the 'ball magnet' effect and attracts the ball more often (together with Trequartista, which is also a very particular role and a playmaker hybrid even at ST position though), but it mostly attracts long, high balls (from keeper and defenders) so it leaves us with somewhat limited options. For example if I wanted to instruct my team to look for the killer ball for a P or AF at any occasion, I can't really do this anymore. Sure I can use TI's and PI's like 'pass into space' and 'more risky passes' but i can't really recreate the 'ball magnet' effect of the TM or the old TM supply and I feel this simple tool was and would still be of great help. This is my suggestion to recreate the old target man supply effect: re-introduce it as part of TM role specific player instructions, so there would be essentially three type of TM. 'Ball to head' (both for Attack and Support duties) would be the classic big striker good in the air, flick ons etc. 'Ball to feet'(only for Support duty) would be the creative, strong DLF type that comes deep to get ball and makes things happen; 'Run onto ball' (only for attack duty) would be the Poacher type always trying to beat offside trap. Another possibility would be to give the 'ball magnet' option available for Poacher and DLF roles, so P could basically be set as TM/A 'run onto ball' and DLF as TM/S 'ball to feet'. Hopefully this will be considered, personally I feel the absence of that simple supply option has made the game more limited and boring in the years.
  14. Thanks for the reply. I'm not really sure about real life elections for Fast Clube (it's a very small club playing in a very small state championship that I know nothing about), it just seemed weird that they have elections every year when other clubs in Brazil usually have that every two or three. As for pitch size, I'm sure i've managed other clubs in Brazil that allowed me to change that (for example a newly promoted Genus club) at the start of every year so yes competition rules should allow this. I've encountered this issue in both my Fast Clube and River (Pi) saves.