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  1. Question for the FM vets

    I would also say the opposite tbh... I remember CM 03-04 had a much more sophisticated system with specific sessions (pig in the middle, offensive or defensive set pieces, 5-a-side etc) that trained specific sets of attributes; until FM12 I think you could create custom individual schedules balancing sets of attributes and work load. So yes in last editions of the game I feel training is almost non-existent... Maybe you're referring to coaches/training stars system, in that case I agree as in FM it takes quite a high number of staff members (I'd say 9-10) to achieve great combinations of training stars and light workload (including multiple GK coaches!) while most top clubs have relatively small groups of coaches irl for example https://www.realmadrid.com/en/football/squad
  2. Yeah, what I was trying to say in my less than ideal english is that 'realism' can be a paradox sometimes! Total vs average is an example of this. The game seems to (understandably) focus on totals in most areas. Digression: the Golden State Warriors in NBA have an elite defense and have been top 3 for defensive efficiency rating (points allowed per 100 possessions) for years, yet if you look at more simple stats like points allowed they're like 16th in the league (obviously because they play at above average Pace and generate more possessions). As always, stats without interpretation mean nothing. The thing is even in FM if we wanted 'realism' according to averages or metric key stats of what's happening in games or leagues, then a 'realistic' score would often be 8-3 or 9-2 based on projections of real numbers. Of course nobody would like that. So it's a trade-off. We (they ) 'sacrifice' some key stats (offsides per game, distance covered by certain roles, set pieces conversion, touches of certain roles etc) to have somewhat 'realistic' total numbers. It is very understandable. Though I usually have sympathy towards these types of OP, because 'realistically' they do have a point, and as you have noted many times the game still doesn't make a great job telling users what/why is happening, especially via stats.
  3. Hi Sven! It is a way to look at it, but let's say we establish that the guy is not having very good chances and rely on a massive amount of set pieces (which might also happen because AI plays an unrealistically deep defensive line/mentality, but that's for another story!): with a very high number of free kicks and corner kicks he should score an (at least) above average number of goals on those situations based on projections and metric stats. Yet the game is probably designed to have a number of goals from set pieces that look ok/average on total. I'd say an optimal combination of very good set pieces takers, very good aerial threats and unrealistically high number of those set pieces 'should' result in many more goals (even if they're not 'clean' chances). And this doesn't seem to happen. In some ways this is good because it will be boring and ugly to watch to have so many goals from set pieces (despite being 'realistic' on average), but again if we're all for 'realism' then I suspect that total vs average numbers don't look very right in this case. So yes, OP probably doesn't create those clean chances everybody likes, but the volume of set pieces (free kicks + corner kicks) created should result in more goals on average (of course this is a single match where anything could happen, long term stats and averages would be more revealing.)
  4. It does look weird tbh. Best part is when you're on commentary only and get the random rotating camera so you see this empty, rotating pitch with just this guy (or guys) in the center circle entertaining the crowd. Wicked!
  5. Still there for me. Though most of the time it looks like one but they're actually two, one on each other.
  6. [FM18] Road to 1,000 Goals: Life of a Striker

    Very unlikely to go on with this save (or FM18) anytime soon as frustration easily exceeds fun for me at the moment. While I was fighting my way through a mad NBA-like schedule (dozens of games with only one day of rest plus the occasional back to back!) I suffered a crash that wasted hours of playing - and lots of goals by Paulista . The crash per se wouldn't be enough to break my will to play, unfortunately I just can't enjoy playing this game atm despite a ME that maybe for the first time in 5 years I don't actually hate! Too many issues in this save (aforementioned schedule; registration bugs; U20 team not playing in a division) and generally in this game (regen faces, hairstyles and relative bugs kill the immersion for me; a number of other unsolved issues still persist). The crash (the first one I had in FM18, obviously immediately after 18.2 update) was just the final straw. Rodrigo 'retires' with over 300 goals at the age of 18... Thanks for following!
  7. Crash during match

    No I had watched other replays before that so never had a clue of what was about to happen.
  8. Thanks for the reply @Daniel Barrett. I very much doubt that I'll enjoy playing FM18 in the near future as frustration easily beats fun for me at this point. I was playing and trying to enjoy my save in Brazil but too many things make me want to stop playing. Like many others never liked the new UI and the number of extra clicks required to progress but tried to deal with it. I thought new scouting system was counterintuitive and time-wasting but tried to deal with it. I also had to deal with a number of unannounced issues and limitations for my 1360x768 resolution. This last one in particular really annoyed me but thought I'd still invest my time (after I invested money) in this game. My Brazil save is typically marred by a few very annoying issues: fixtures will regularly go out of control if you go far in all competitions (like I usually do), with NBA-like schedules especially from september to november - I'm talking about series of 4-5 games played with only one day of rest, and the occasional back-to-back (consecutive games!). Other teams in all divisions suffer from some kind of registration bug (some teams would fail to register ANY player until september) which caused teams like Sao Paulo to be relegated twice from first to third division in consecutive years - this also harms my loan/development system as I'd often loan out youngsters to teams that won't register them and spend months without actually playing (according to patch notes this might have been fixed with 18.2 but not save compatible, so not something I can 'enjoy'). My U20 team also doesn't play in a national division like they should do, only play in their U20 state championship. The regens faces: I reckon this might be very minor for other users, it is something major for me though because in the type of long term saves I like to play they're a key factor for immersion, character and durability of the save. So let's make a recap here: absolutely no diversity in faces/races and hairstyles; quality and variety of hairstyles is abysmal; no facial hair ever; regens (or even my manager) change face and/or race during the save then revert to 'normal'; skin color of regens is sometimes different during the match from the picture in profile screen. To be told that 'improving everything is totally unrealistic' is borderline offensive. This is not 'everything', this is something that a lot of users have been reporting and asking at the very least from early days of FM17. This was also a point of discussion during beta (when regen faces were wisely not available) and I think it was Neil Brock that said that many specific issues were fixed. To make it even sweeter, after 18.2 my widgets in game are messed up and I have to put them in correct place every game (I tried removing them, I tried to clear cache but they still appear all over the place; surely there might be a way to solve this but why do I have to deal with this), and I had my first crash of FM18 that wasted hours of playing. Long story short, not feeling like I'll enjoy FM18 anytime soon. Please note that me or other people have reported all of these issues, including providing saves (which takes quite a lot for my machine and internet connection). Thanks for the attention.
  9. Game crashed during a match when I clicked for a replay of a goal (I had missed it as I was on fast commentary btw are there issues with goals notifications?). Never had a single crash before 18.2 so even more disappointing. This should be my last bug report for a while as I really lost my desire to play this game due to a number of unsolved (and now new) issues. Thanks for the attention. FM 2018 v18.2.0.1050224 (2017.12.15 03.37.16).dmp
  10. 18.2, the self-advertised 'first major update', and not a single tiny improvement on this. It is unfortunate that I have this habit/addiction of buying this game and also have money to spend, because if I looked at this rationally there's no reason I should reward this behavior year after year. I can only blame myself though, and hopefully do the right thing next year. Kandersson out.
  11. This has been one of the most impressive and entertaining careers I've seen in FM! Fantastic season and an amazing journey!
  12. [FM18] Road to 1,000 Goals: Life of a Striker

    TFC/Canada and New Zealand also a classic for me As for San Marino, well it was the best save I've ever had (and probably will ever have) back in FM12 http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/football-manager-2012-stories/87029-not-another-san-marino-story.html
  13. [FM18] Road to 1,000 Goals: Life of a Striker

    @LUFCspeni he's amazing! A well-rounded striker a la Paulista, looks great except for the mohawk, that is very bad! Next Ronaldo or next Jairzinho?
  14. [FM18] Road to 1,000 Goals: Life of a Striker

    More glory for Rodrigo Paulista: Best player and top scorer of the Recopa (continental super cup for South America) as River easily got rid of Copa Sudamericana champions Sport Recife. It's been another great year for Paulista so far as the legendary striker just passed the 300 career goals mark this september thanks to a hot streak of consecutive braces and hat-tricks (it does help that we played about 100 games in september between league and cups; I swear it took me less to play a full season in Italy than the single month of september in Brazil!). Still over two months - which means 20+ more matches - till the end of the season...