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  1. You didn't miss much! But seriously I think it's mostly related to google stadia. Originally all versions were supposed to have same release date (as announced on this site) but stadia release is still unknown.
  2. Pure speculation but I expect same release date for both stadia and steam versions of FM, don't know why I just feel it
  3. Do you know if release date is the same for google stadia version and standard steam version?
  4. @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! just take a look at this profile and search his topics
  5. Well quality of faces looks MUCH better though variety of faces and hairstyles will be equally important. Also being able to use external hair packs again would be huge.
  6. Been requesting this for a few years now, so here I go again. Bring back the target man supply option (to head, to feet, run onto ball), right now the only striker role with 'ball magnet' effect is indeed target man, but is only hardcoded to receive long balls to his head. I really miss the old target man supply tactical option, as I would like to have 'ball magnet' effect for different striker roles and types. This could be also achieved with new TM roles like a 'poacher target man' on attack duty (run onto ball supply), and a 'playmaking forward target man' on support duty (ball to feet supply).
  7. Personally I wouldn't be so interested in this feature, and I'm not sure about other countries but in Italy first team manager doesn't decide formation, tactics or line-ups of youth team (exceptionally he could make one single over-age player available to give him playing time after an injury but that's it). Youth teams (both players and managers) are actually getting more and more media attention, clubs often invest and buy players specifically for youth teams, and managers who did well at youth level are often considered for jobs at senior level. So I think this feature would make a lot of sense, at least in leagues like Italy.
  8. I do and I vote for reserve/B teams in every poll . It's actually a nice feature and something a lot of customers had requested for years so the interest is there.
  9. I'm sure they will try to respect real rules and real life format of every league as they always do. Italy is (a lot) tricky because atm Serie C is the lowest entry level for a B team. New B teams should be accepted depending on free spots in Serie C (several Serie C clubs tend to go bankrupt every year, not sure about FM though) and results/history of senior team (i.e. most reputable teams take precedence). Despite a lot of talk from many clubs for years, Juventus was the only club that even requested a B team and they're now playing in Serie C for the second consecutive season. Another fun fact: B teams can be promoted to Serie B, but if they get relegated from Serie C they do not enter Serie D (fourth tier), and become inactive for one year. So yes, a lot of weird rules .
  10. Absolutely. I'm especially interested in italian B teams, which should be able to enter Serie C (third tier), like Juventus under 23 did last year (Juventus was the only club that requested a B team).
  11. The latest B teams feature was enough to make me pre-order. Addiction sucks.
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