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  1. Agree. Also worth to note Milan have already paid a 10M euros loan fee IRL so it seems highly unlikely they'd waste that money for a simple loan. Pretty much like the case of Chiesa/Juventus, these options to buy are de facto an obligation and basically a way to defer the payment with an eye on FFP.
  2. Great to have another quality creator in the FM community, these packs look amazing!
  3. Hopefully the great Canadian megapatch will be updated for 21.3
  4. I imagine most updates for China will be done after transfer deadline, anyway in 21.3 patch Alex Teixeira is still playing for Jiangsu Suning while IRL has been unattached since start of 2021.
  5. Yeah could be just a small sample or perception, for some reasons goalkeeper have looked more comfortable dealing with long throws in my last matches after patch.
  6. It's more like an obligation than an option though, as the 40M option becomes mandatory if one of very likely conditions are met (e.g. Juventus qualify for CL). Also Juve is paying another 10M during the 2 year loan, which imo makes it clear that this whole deal structure is basically a way to defer the payment of the fee (which should eventually reach 60M including loan fee and future bonus). Anyway current condition in FM looks a bit weird and unfair as Juve will likely get chiesa for a mere 4M... Maybe it was supposed to be 40?
  7. Match engine looks pretty much the same after winter patch, except maybe for some small changes to set pieces. Was scoring at very good rate from corner and especially long throw in routine, now they seem less effective. Small sample, but maybe something to review.
  8. M'bala Nzola (Spezia) is still listed as right footed while he's clearly left footed IRL (he takes penalties for Spezia so can be easily checked).
  9. Hard to understand how the most hyped youngster and newest addition do DB has been given the wrong preferred foot...
  10. Yeah I hope a new edition of the 424 overload/very fluid will come back at some point . Found it particularly inspirational.
  11. This looks amazing @Daveincid. Do you think it could make a major difference for a nation/league like Canadian Premier League?
  12. Thanks, if you could re-make them for FM 21 that would be awesome. Pizza Hut Trophy looks great
  13. Love these files, thanks! if you're still taking (weird) requests, could you please do some pre-season friendlies/competitions for: 1) Canadian Premier League clubs 2) New Zealand Premier League clubs 3) Wellington Phoenix (I like to manage them and unfortunately they are ineligible for any continental competition)? Canada and NZ don't have lots of games and have very long breaks between seasons, prize money are also so low... My ideas: 1) a Wellington/Auckland Challenge with top clubs from these cities (Wellington Phoenix, Team Wellington, Auckland City, Waitakere United, Eastern Su
  14. Is there an issue with regens not being created in USA? I'm now in february 2022 playing in Canadian Premier League with MLS active and playable from the start (which was in july 2020 in CPL). I expected american regens not being created in january 2021, but they've not been created in 2022 as well. While I'm managing a CPL club I mostly rely on american regens (there were a lot at the start of the game) for my team which is why I noticed this issue. Not sure if it's a bug or maybe youth intake date for USA has changed?
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