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  1. I think it's an excellent (almost inevitable) decision for the game and the company, and I'd suggest the same if I was a decision maker at SI. Personally as a FM player I don't have much interest in this addition though others certainly will. I don't think it will change much for the development of the series (match engine, graphics, new features etc), honestly I see this mostly as a PR move - a very good one.
  2. 32 better than 24 as long as they remove qualifiers (just a play-in tournament for lower ranked teams). Nations league also need to go away (schedule for World Cup qualifiers would then be much lighter). I liked Confederations Cup though.
  3. Yeah I do this all the time for multiple players/positions. The problem is those players will be selected and play every single match (even when recovering from injury if available) which is not ideal for managing fitness, fatigue and injuries. OP makes a very good suggestion imo.
  4. Thanks! The only issue with Wellington Phoenix Reserves I've noticed is that all their players are listed as 'foreigners' (even if they have in fact New Zealand nationality) in NZ league, which is weird because they're not considered foreigners in A-League... I guess Oceania is pretty hard to edit probably due to SI Great to know that you'll be back for FM22!
  5. Thanks for the continued efforts, this pack is absolutely amazing! One country that has completely re-structured its system for 2021 is New Zealand with their new National League (including Regional Leagues as qualifying tournaments). You can take a look here maybe https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2021_New_Zealand_National_League Also OFC Champions League in FM traditionally has issues (wrong teams qualifying) so ideally it should be re-built from scratch (I think another creator on this forum had done this for previous updates but not for 21.4) Thanks for all the hard work!
  6. Wow that's amazing! Do you think this file will work with edited leagues of USA and Canada from other creators?
  7. New Zealand is looking even more interesting after recent league restructuring, with Regional leagues as qualifiers for the new National League. We need NZ now more than ever
  8. Also, you should try to get some reputable senior affiliate clubs and (when you have the option after a few weeks) 'negotiate existing affiliation' to send young players to train at those clubs so they can maybe produce a Liechtensteiner newgen in the future (make sure to make those clubs' leagues playable to maximize chances). Old SM tricks .
  9. If I remember correctly from past saves, Vaduz youth intake has mostly 100% Liechtenstein players anyway so I'd suggest upgrading recruitment as much as possible to improve quality of players. To maximize your chances of getting good regens outside of your club I'd suggest to load USA league (especially a DB with lower/youth leagues) as for some reason those clubs/academies are able to produce the occasional Liechtensteiner newgen now and then!
  10. Yeah your time at AC Oulu (and the quality of players produced in the country) also inspired me to choose Finland for my save. I considered Norway (Fredrikstad FK in third division looked very interesting) but the fact that B teams cannot go higher than third division made me choose Finland (I also like that it's a relatively weak national team compared to fellow Scandinavia teams Sweden, Denmark and Norway). Finland Cup starting in January also makes the winter break less painful, I imagine Royal League and european competitions will really fill that schedule in the future! SJK are prett
  11. Fantastic career and a great idea for a save! I also enjoy managing in nordic leagues, though I'm usually a bit discouraged by the long winter break at the end of the season. The revived Royal League does help a lot with this - at least the one made by Zangelmi which runs from November through April (like the original RL a few years ago). Your thread and experience with this competition actually helped me to choose this particular file . I started a save in Finland with SJK (mainly because they're the only club having their B team in a playable division), hopefully I can turn them into the mos
  12. Love these tournaments, great work! New Zealand super cup 21.4 link doesn't seem to work could you please re-upload it? Thanks!
  13. Thanks @Luke Hume. The MLS academies are actually producing newgens (though in relatively small number until they release current academy players after they turn 18), though I'm not seeing american clubs/academies outside MLS producing any newgens as of january 2024 (while these clubs/academies already have lots of newgens right at the start of the game). They used to be produced every year in previous editions of the game (and I signed lot of them for in my CPL saves), but this doesn't seem to happen in FM21. Is this supposed to happen? Thanks.
  14. Not sure I understand the decision to keep Jiangsu in the game even after latest update 21.4. The team has ceased operations at the end of february and is no longer part of CSL (or any other competition). In 21.4 they're still in CSL ready to start 2021 season, and retain all their players while they've actually been released (the likes of Miranda and Eder have both signed with Sao Paulo). Any plan to update their status?
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