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  1. Horrible set pieces defend

    Unfortunately this is another issue still present for me as of patch 18.3.2.
  2. low crosses not working since hotfix

    Noticed the same and unfortunately this is still happening for me on 18.3.2. Mostly seeing high crosses to far post despite instructions.
  3. ME not counting goal scored.

    Still encountered this on 18.3.2 (again on commentary only).
  4. Wasn't aware of that, this might be just enough for me to switch to Touch.
  5. Unfortunately that's how it works in FM18.
  6. Thanks, but I always use default dark skin and I have this issue (also tried other skins both default and custom but still no luck). Pretty sure it's related to resolution but as already said we didn't have this problem before patch 18.3 which make things particularly frustrating.
  7. information bar missing

    Not fixed with 18.3.2 update so I'm not optimistic about that. Very frustrating and disappointing though as this was not an issue on previous patches. As for the above link, you shouldn't worry as you'd be modifying a new base skin, not the default one. The only problem I have is I find it very complicated to do with my very limited skills...
  8. [Italy] (Official) Data Issues

    Not sure why Davide Astori is still in the game even after hotfix 18.3.2
  9. Ok after 18.3.2 this is still an issue, this is incredibly annoying and disappointing as this was working before patch 18.3. This is pretty much game breaking for me and while I do appreciate the help and possible workaround given by a moderator in the skinning forum I'm not really thrilled to spend hours (it would be hours for someone with no editing skills or experience like me) to learn how to fix something that's supposed to be working and was actually working before 18.3. Please SI provide a fix or a solution, a minimum resolution for this game was never announced, I've had a number of unannounced issues and limitations (all reported since beta) with my 1360 x 768 resolution, which was already disappointing (as there were no hints or warnings) but this one is game breaking for me. FM 18 has been so frustrating for me it's actually become quite funny.
  10. @herne79 thanks for a great read! As for left WM (the 'inside forwardish' in this system) would you ideally go for a right footed player or a left footed one? I think at Dortmund you had great options for both with Reus/Pulisic and Yarmolenko but what's your ideal choice? I'm thinking left footed can maybe provide a bit more variety and behave both as winger and as IF?
  11. Working with youngsters

    What about young players (under 23 or even under 18) training and playing with senior squad? Does WWY of first team coaches matter at that point or it's only relevant for youth coaches training youth squads?
  12. [Italy] (Official) Data Issues

    Fiorentina has two Nino Kukovec as of 18.3.1, one is a young slovenian striker on loan from Maribor, the other one a young croatian striker owned by Fiorentina. I suspect the second one is a mistake/duplicate and should be removed. Also both Fiorentina and Cagliari have retired No.13 in honor of Davide Astori (I guess he should be also removed from the game in next update), with Fiorentina also retiring No.13 for of all their youth squads. http://it.violachannel.tv/vc13-dettaglio-breaking/items/id-12-03-2018_18-53-11_tutte-le-squadre-del-settore-giovanile-de.html
  13. This is also a video game and we have to use the tools at our disposal, in this case transfer listing and offering players out and I agree with OP these tools are not particularly effective. In real life things would be different, the manager and the board would probably speak with players agents and the agents would use their connections to get offers from clubs. I think the caliber of players in OP would likely get a few offers from top clubs in England or Europe or China. Then they might accept or reject those offers, but I agree more appealing offers should be there in first place.
  14. Il sogno italiano di un Riccio di Mare

    @Wavelberry ok I think i got it, an urchin in Italy is literally a 'sea hedgehog' hence the confusion I guess! As for the title I'd go with 'Il sogno italiano di un Riccio di Mare'.
  15. Il sogno italiano di un Riccio di Mare

    I might be able to help with the title though I'm not sure what you're going for!. Right now it's something like 'A hedgehog the dream of Italy'