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  1. Great read and if it's not Milan then maybe Porto (2004 CL winner)?
  2. Personally I'd sell. I would not expect a 28 years old player to recover 3-4 points of pace at that age, plus he's now at increased risk of suffering another knee injury - and lose even more pace/acceleration.
  3. Decided to get back to my SM save and completed the third consecutive promotion - Serie D to Serie A in three years Comfortably won Serie B with striker partneship Bonfiglio-Finotto (both freebies) dominating scoring charts. I have a feeling first year in Serie A will be much harder as I'm struggling to attract my top transfer targets due to low budget and reputation... NT has been awful though slightly improving, unfortunately not a single standout prospect has been produced at our club as of July 2021. Silly moments, very close to a massive upset vs Swiss though - red card and then a penalty at 90+4
  4. Wait, retraining a new position consumes CA? I knew developing weaker foot would 'cost' some CA, but often read this wasn't the case for training a new position?
  5. Kicks ball out of bounds right after kick-off. Likes to fail to beat offside trap. Sprints forward after taking a direct free kick.
  6. Not trying to be anal, but 3P shooting in modern NBA doesn't depend on 'technical skills of players going up so much', at all. Larry Bird for example was one of the greatest shooters in history yet only averaged a couple of attempts per game in his career; today below average shooters like Blake Griffin (a Power Forward) take over 6 3P shots per game. This is because of new philosophies like so called 'Moreyball', and especially use of advanced stats and metrics (similar to what happened in Baseball). Basically players (even non-shooters) are encouraged to take threes because it's statistically more convenient than taking mid-range shots or long 2's, though they're also encouraged to finish at the rim and/or gain free throws. This is also because of modern use and interpretation of Pick and Roll, which is also greatly encouraged thanks to new rules and modern ways of officiating the game (e.g. no more hand-check, zone defence now allowed, loose interpretation of travelling, modern on-ball screens that give huge advantage to ball handlers, and were clearly illegal 20 years ago). Players like Larry Bird or Mark Price would take 10 three pointers per game if they played today; a non-natural shooter like Michael Jordan would probably shoot even more taking advantage of modern rules and modern style of playing (PnR, pace and space, loose defence). Out of curiosity, do you regularly chat with NBA coaches??? Which ones?
  7. Thanks for the reply @Ben Allingham. Really hope that this can be fixed soon.
  8. This is happening quite often now and my team keeps conceding chances this way. It seems to happen only on long indirect free kicks (GK now not selected as direct FK taker so nothing to do with that). It's a pretty big issue especially considering it's last ME update for FM 19.
  9. This was reported on previous patches but I'm regularly seeing this in my 19.3 Brazil save. An outfield player (appears to be a centre-back) is now wearing GK kit as he goes in the box for an indirect free kick; the ball is cleared and the GK (wearing an outfield kit and probably positioned as a centre-back) struggles to go back in goal. Eventually he morphes back into GK kit but he can't avoid an open goal. Might be worth noting that the GK is the taker for direct free kicks (didn't take this indirect FK). PKM here Real Desportivo (RO) v Barcelona (RO).pkm you can check Barcelona's only goal.
  10. Still present on 19.3.3 update. Very minor stuff but this bug has been reported in november (including providing a save game) and no SI staff has even replied or acknowledged the issue. As of march 2019 things remain exactly the same. Not very encouraging tbh.
  11. As per thread title, players with 2 goals scored in a match will regularly take the penalty to complete their hat-trick, despite having unticked the specific box in tactics/penalties screen. This is particularly annoying as I'm currently trying to do a scoring goalkeeper challenge. Uploaded save name 'BR.fm'. This happened even in very last game (you can see the right back taking the penalty and finishing the match with 4 goals).
  12. Usual suspect André Zuba entering the challenge! With his 15 and 16 for Free Kicks and Penalties he's a bona fide specialist for this challenge, and weak Rondoniense state championship in Brazil is a great place to boost a goalkeeper's tally . Already scored 4/5 penalties plus a couple of direct free kicks, unfortunately players on a hat-trick keep stealing penalties despite very clear instructions (which I'm reporting as a bug) . I dislike current ME but it's probably the most free-kick friendly in recent years so i thought I'd give this challenge a go! As always Brazil is the perfect league for this .
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