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  1. Or why not York I have a soft spot for Pacific just because I visited there once and loved it. Issey is also one of my favourite players.
  2. U Sports, and all of the major provincial leagues (PLSQ, MMSL, L1O Reserves, NSSL) have been added in the game, but activating them seems to affect the long-term playthroughs - not enough regen, really slow processing, so I left them out. I guess I could make another version that makes them playable. I've been generally avoiding making leagues that I am unable to flesh out (with full rosters etc.) playable though. I might flesh out USports in the future though, since roster information is available.
  3. The CSL is an unsanctioned league due to match fixing. Any player that plays there aren't eligible to play in a sanctioned league, So, it's not really in my plans at all.
  4. The biggest update yet! 11 May 2019 Changes (3.0) -Head-to-head match-ups between FCE, Valour, and Forge now determine CL qualifications (credit to modelcitizen) -Faces for each CanPL player and staff added (credit to workthespace, stevieg42) -Stadium photos (credit to workthespace) -AMSL with Cavalry and Edmonton U21 now playable -Added PCSL, MMSL, L1O Reserves, NSSL -Roster updates -Staff updates (including L1O/PLSQ) -Hundreds of minor tweaks to improve long-term play-throughs
  5. You didn't activate his Canadian one or my CCL ones did you? It's really weird. I can't recreate that problem. I am going to have a massive update probably out tomorrow though. Hopefully that fixes things.
  6. I've never seen or heard of that issue before. Do you have any other db files selected?
  7. It's all the hidden stages under CanPL. But I am not sure why you need that with what you're proposing?
  8. Can't seem to get it to work - even when I copied your settings from your FM18 db Going to take a break from this and work on other aspects of the patch. I wonder if it's because it's drawing from a hidden stage? I tried both the processing the results into stage technique, and drawing the best teams of that stage into a 'qualfiication competition' technique but neither work. In the latter case, it just ends up drawing the wrong teams.
  9. I can't seem to find the rivalary cup in your Canada file. Did you add it to that? I am still playing around with it, got the league to set up properly, but it isn't processing results into the rivalary cup.
  10. If you have gotten this to work, any chance you could send me your file? I'll give you full credit!
  11. Ahh.. what a riddle? So while FCE, Valour, Forge are all in Group A (3 teams) for stage 1. In Stage 2, one (say FCE) has to be in Group A, and the other two have to be in the same group (say Group B - 2 teams). In stage 3, the same rules apply, but to ensure that you don't play a team more than twice, you can switch say FCE w/ Valour, but that still leaves Forge with playing an extra game against the two other teams in Group C. What's your solution?
  12. I am sure there are those that are better at this than I am - so feel free to chime in. But, assuming group 1 has 3 teams, group 2 has 4 teams, there's no way to have 10 games per team, while having group 1 (assuming you place edm, forge,valour there) play each other twice. The only way to do it is to have 2 of the teams in group 1, and 1 team in group 2 that plays an extra game against group 1, but there's no way to manually select the team that does that. If only I can figure out how to do custom fixture list in advanced rules, that would fix everything.
  13. The problem is that I can't find a way to ensure that the three teams play each other the same number of times, given that it's an uneven schedule.
  14. Ya, I've known of this issue. It's random. But if you click on say the USA start date, and go back to Canada it works again.
  15. I can't seem to find where to activate the fixtures tab in advanced rules. Can anyone point me to the right place?
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