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  1. If you're using the winter update then the new one, if you're using the vanilla db use the old one. It will not conflict with anything outside of CONCACAF
  2. The rule is that no club can have multiple teams in the same division, so if the first team was in L1O Championship, and their reserve team wins L2O, the reserve team will remain in L2O.
  3. weird, should be. Clicking that blue download button should work ->
  4. You could just delete all the other changes through the editor, especially the rules, and use the file. Also don't activate the continental file.
  5. Too swamped to test, but I've fixed all the issues with the winter update and uploaded a new file compatible with that.
  6. As others said, Saskatoon bid has completely collapsed with the investor pulling out. Windsor, while still pretty unrealistic in my view and more than likely a face saving move for the departing Ex commissioner, is still a public bid with named investors. As for Kelowna, many reliable sources have indicated that they are ready to join in 2025 and the commissioner has confirmed we will have 10 teams that season
  7. Seems like it is indeed the CanChamp runner-up that gets in if the winner already has a spot. So, I reverted back to the old format. https://www.mediafire.com/file/n6tfrb20mrmk1u2/CanadianMegapatch24.0.3.zip/file
  8. I was certain that in the event that a CPL club occupies a CCC qualification slot from both the league and the Canadian Championship, it goes to the next runner-up in the Can Champ... but looking at the CONCACAF regulations it seems pretty ambiguous which rule takes precedence: https://stconcacafwp001.blob.core.windows.net/media/atwi3fxa/2024-concacaf-champions-cup-regulations-eng.pdf
  9. Wait, how do you set a neutral venue for only specific fixtures within a cup round but not others?
  10. https://www.mediafire.com/file/1l2qxot8z7j33ws/CanadianMegapatch24.0.2.zip/file Ok, hopefully this one is close to final release. Got rid of CCL and other CONCACAF tournaments in the continental file since it looks like vanilla finally got it right. Did the geographic draw @themodelcitizen suggested. Fixed the 2024 issue.
  11. So for 2024, I was able to replicate the 2023 draw based on these pots, and 2025 it goes to regional (your method sounds more elegant though instead of using seeds to do it, so I'll try that out) Pot A1 Pot A2 Pot B1 Pot B2 Pot C Pot D Pacific FC TSS FC Rovers Cavalry FC Valour FC Vancouver FC Forge FC York United FC CF Montréal Atlético Ottawa HFX Wanderers FC FC Laval Vaughan Azzurri Toronto FC Vancouver Whitecaps FC
  12. ahhh,,, hold on... CPL 2025 season not generating ... weird this didn't come up when I used the editor test feature... and only seemed to happen when I start the game from 2024 season Update: Ok, yea when I tried a sim that started in 2023, the 2025 season popped up fine. I guess I could just get rid of the 2024 start option, but any clue why it's doing that? My guess: starting in 2024 messes up L1O prem and champ since it doesn't allow for the team redistributions to fill out those leagues, because I noticed if that if I set start date to 2024 in the editor testing module it also breaks, with a lot of errors regarding L1O teams. Update: Forgot to copy over Mastermind's inactive L1O C competition. Doing that fixed it
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