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  1. Worryingly still doing it after I cleared the cache. Update: Ah, have to delete the preference folder too!
  2. Has this happened to anyone before? My editor stopped showing people records. They are unclickable and invisible. This occurs both with existing database files and vanilla. I assumed it was some filter thing, but I have no filters on. Is th
  3. Good catch re: Baquero. I let that slip. He has refugee status here and so qualifies. You are correct re: u21 minutes. I've reported it. Those youth clubs aren't in the game because they are at too low a level in the pyramid. Also some issues with how the game implements loans that short-term.
  4. Hello, Monge: Future transfer should've already been cancelled. If he's still in the beta, it should resolve itself in future release. Tomy, Tsai, Frias: These players are on developmental contracts - technically a 2-4 week loan from their youth teams. Since those youth teams are not in the game and they are on such short-term contracts, we felt it best to leave them as free players. Tsai should be in the game (make sure you set a custom db loading all Canadians). Christopher Lee: Returned to UBC back in late-August Nolan Wirth: Early retirement last month due to injury. Has returned to school.
  5. One correction to the original correction is that the draw changes from seeded to random in determining home or away after the preliminary round (ie. starting with quarter finals).
  6. Is there a way to set individual group names? Always bugs me that the group indices are switched for East/West. When you set regionalized groups, the game puts West as 1 and East as 0, but it's opposite when you select East/West naming.
  7. I believe so. Easiest way would be to just load up the vanilla MLS in the editor and copy how SI did it.
  8. Less elegant way would involved "ignore team" function in stages -> team. More elegant, and how MLS default does it is to use registered teams and set by year for expansions.
  9. Yep. But to be clear: Continental file is perfectly verifiable, but nation rules (Canada) is not verifiable.
  10. So, I've always just had to export to XML to bypass verification in these cases, but wondering if there's an actual solution. To elaborate, I am referring to when you have a nation rules, say with additional fate actions in order to add more spots in the continental competition. Now obviously based on the rules contained in this one fmf file it's not going to verify since it would mean 'too many qualified teams'. It actually requires a second continental rule file with expanded qualification slots. Is there a way to verify that first nation file, without using the bypass?
  11. Hello, while I do not mind people using my file - please send me a message out of courtesy before doing so in the future. Thanks!
  12. Yep, made this from scratch - well carrying over the work from previous years. AMSL is level 4. I previously only include leagues that I can provide depth in (ie. fill out rosters), but included AMSL because Cavalry/FCE academy teams play in this division. Will be unlikely to include PCSL, and really really unlikely to include the unsanctioned CSL.
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