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  1. It should all work, just don't activate my Continental file. Keep in mind though that the 2019 CONCACAF League qualification will be incorrect without my continental file, but everything will be back to normal in 2020.
  2. I actually did add this to the file that Work The Space used for his youtube series. But in the meantime I don't think I will be as I don't tend to add a league unless I can provide it with depth (ie. players). And admitedly i haven't tested L1O much. I'll have to look into it
  3. You should be able to change the start date to 2020 and select Ottawa from the menu. If it's greyed out, it's likely the error caused when you also try to load MLS. I suggested switching off MLS and adding it after you're already in the game
  4. a) Unfortunately, as per real life, there are no academy teams (with the exception of Edmonton and Calgary). Youth intake will have to be loaned out. b) I can't remember tbh. I believe it's after the season ends? c) I had not realized uncle sam's file was out. I will work at making the next version compatible! Hypothetically though, it should work with the exception of the 2019 season as it took special coding due to the unique qualification rules for Concacaf League year 1 (only forge, fce, valour matchups counted)
  5. hmm.. I can't seem to replicate this problem. Are you sure you loaded up my continental file? A good way to check is to see whether a competition titled 'mexican qualifiers' shows up. That's the placeholder comp I use to load the Mexican teams. Other possibility is that another file you loaded is overwriting those competitions?
  6. strange, I thought I fixed that issue. Is it just for first season or has that continued every year? One stop gap - though you lose the season 1 qualification rule is to just not activate my continental file. Since SI has now added the CONCACAF League, it may no longer be necessary to use my file.
  7. That was my original plan, but after examining the DLC, I realized it was better to just use my version of the premier league until SI works out the kinks. For example, the official DLC is missing the Concacaf League season 1 qualification rule where only Valour, Forge, FCE can qualify, and AI doesn't know how to operate under a salary cap, consistently offering huge contracts to average players, thus necessitating a tiny squad (this is oddly fixed by removing the cap). The only advantage is the working Canadian starter rule for the Canadian Championship - in my version, the Canadian MLS teams are able to circumvent this with Americans as they count as domestic for some reason (but conversely, the officially DLC only has the 2019 rules, so Ottawa Fury never goes defunct and you can't play 2020 rules when it comes to that year). Hoping SI addresses these problems - then, I can just plop in the lower divisions.
  8. Ideally though, if you start the game in 2019 though, for the 2019 CL, it shouldn't be Forge being auto-selected. It should be the team (between just Forge, Valour, and FCE) with the best head-to-head results during the first part of the Spring Season.
  9. I probably won't include it until L1BC comes to fruition. I used to have it in, but the reason is that I want some depth to the divisions I add, and until the BC league gets to a div 3 level and has information on players, I don't think I'll commit to it. The only reason I added Alberta MSL is because the cav/edm reserves play there.
  10. And even if it worked properly - the DLC doesn't seem to reflect the proper season 1 rule of selecting the top performer in the matchups between Forge, Edmonton, and Valour as the representation for CONCACAF League. It can certainly be done in the editor, see my megapatch file ->
  11. An issue consistent with applying a wage cap through the editor, in the Canadian Premier League DLC, AI managers offer absurdly high wages of $200-400k CAD per annum to players usually worth around $40-50k (based on the weekly wage values set for Canada). And as with MLS, this means AI teams end up having tiny squads. If you remove the salary cap through the editor, the problem goes away.
  12. ah, at least I figured out the cause, it works when I remove the rules for the Canadian Championship (the winner qualifies for the Champions League) again, never caused problems before, weird
  13. Sigh, seems the latest update might've bricked my Canadian Megapatch... I keep getting this as a verification error - even though in this particular file I don't even have rules for that competition (It's the domestic file)....
  14. Feb 3 Update: Added Atletico Ottawa, L1O/PLSQ Expansions, and other format changes. Please note: must sim or start in 2020 to play as Ottawa Another year, another megapatch. The Canadian Megapatch adds the Canadian football pyramid to Football Manager 20, with the Canadian Premier League, the Voyageurs Cup, League 1 Ontario, Première Ligue de soccer du Québec, and the Alberta Major Soccer League. Over 1000 players, coaches, referees, and journalists have been added! This is in addition to 3d kits, faces, and logos! Special thanks to scouting data from Aaron Nielsen, and assistance from themodelcitizen, workthespace, stevieg42, and many more. Download file here -> http://yellowsweatygorilla.com/2019/11/23/canadian-megapatch-2020/ Features: -2019 CanPL (including CONCACAF league qualification for Forge, Valour, FCE), L1O, PLSQ, AMLS (which contains FCE + Cavalry U21 teams) formats -2020 formats (CanPL becomes a 14/14 game split) -CONCACAF Champions League and CONCACAF League -Expansion teams for L1O join in 2020 (including: Hamilton Utd. and North Toronto Nitros) -Full rosters for CanPL reflecting 2019 Fall season (rosters will be updated when 2020 rosters are finalized) -Ottawa Fury player contracts all expire at the end of 2019 to reflect the club folding -Full rosters for L1O, PLSQ, Canadian USL2 teams (over 1000 players added) -Canadian referees, journalists (100+) -Usport coaches, physios, fitness coaches, etc. (100+) -Faces for each CanPL player and staff added (credit to workthespace, stevieg42) -Stadium photos (credit to workthespace) -Teams from Manitoba, Nova Scotia, and Usports added Screenshots:
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