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  1. 1)You can indeed add a salary floor, but testing in the past showed that AI would often just ignore it. AI with salary caps are just completely broken. 3)Well, the way it'd be proposed is that teams can still directly sign players from these leagues ... the draft serves as a way to encourage AI to make the signings and to showcase the players.
  2. Feel free, as long as I get credit and linked back to. In fact, these accommodations do count towards the cap in real life. It's one of the criticisms of how the cap is implemented given how it disadvantages York. I literally stuck the logo as a 'face' for non-broadcast journalists (mostly fan journalists) to respect their privacy. If you wanted to put in the athletic logo, you'd just replace Paul's face with that.
  3. I hear you regarding the cap. And with some inside sources, I am also certain that the cap won't be increasing much, if at all, the next couple years. I added that more for gameplay reasons, but happy to revisit it. Interestingly, even with the cap increase, I rarely see AI spending more than 1.1-1.3m even after a decade. 1. It's technically an option in the editor, but with the amount of hard coding the DP rule has in the game, I am skeptical I'd get it to work in a way we'd expect it to. But now I want to try it. 2. Yes there is in the form of prize money. But the board will determ
  4. No plans for that, but I wanted to take away the ceiling in how much the league can improve. So if a player does well enough to grow their team, it'd be possible to catch up to the MLS in a decade or so. Do you think I should push the cap elimination much further down the road? Maybe 10 years instead of 6?
  5. When adding nation rules, Canada is not listed as current nation, which means there's no way to select the option of adding divisions below it. Only way would be to start from scratch.
  6. The Canadian Megapatch revamps the Canadian football pyramid in Football Manager 21, with a plethora of changes that improves the accuracy of the Canadian Premier League and the Voyageurs Cup. League 1 Ontario, Première Ligue de soccer du Québec, and the Alberta Major Soccer League are also added as playable leagues, alongside journalists, coaches, USports/provincial league teams. Faces have also been added for every single CanPL/L1O/PLSQ player. Scroll down for an extended list of changes. Download file here -> http://yellowsweatygorilla.com/2020/11/26/canadian-megapatch-2021/ Fo
  7. If you won the 2020 Canadian Championship, you qualify for the 2021 NA Champ League.
  8. The fall season fixtures do not appear until the completion of the spring season. Winning the Canadian Premier League does not qualify you for the NA Champion's League, it only qualifies you for the NA League. Being a top 6 team in NA League will then qualify you for the following year's NA CL. That said, since you won the Canadian Championship you will be playing in the next year's NACL via the Canadian Championship.
  9. Incorrect North American League Qualified Teams for NA Champion's League I don't know why I didn't notice it until now but the 5th and 6th North American League spots that qualify for NACL aren't being correctly chosen. FM20 used a table to calculate the 5th and 6th team (as per real life) and it worked fine, but the table seems to be missing in FM21. For example, in the save I uploaded, while Motagua and Olimpia should qualify as 5th and 6th, by virtue of both having 7 points from the first round and quarter finals. But instead, Olimpia and Municipal qualify. Municipal only had six poin
  10. <integer id="database_table_type" value="25"/> Edit: Nvm, I found it the 55! Will give it a try
  11. hmm don't have any table 55. Might be the nature of my db since most of my changes were the creation of journalists, media sources, and non-players.
  12. Yea, because of COVID the Championship is the best performing Canadian MLS team vs the winner of the CPL Island Games. The problem with how SI implemented it is it's meant to be one leg, and it should not default to Forge.
  13. Thanks for this! But I am still a little confused. Right now none of my records have a "-1" value, Instead, they're all like for e.g. "<large id="db_unique_id" value="1563368096108"/>". Or do you mean I should subtract 1 for each of those values? Is there an easy way to do that? Thanks
  14. FCE has been replaced with Cavalry unfortunately ... hopefully they patch this soon? The issue with my own database fix is that I am reluctant to touch the continental leagues (and Canadian Championship for that matter) as it ends up disabling dynamic reputation (ie. the league growing in reputation based on your performance). For now, I will focus on other elements with the domestic league and hope that SI fixes the other areas soon. But my megapatch will likely be delayed because of a major editor bug preventing me from importing my previous changes.
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