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  1. Really appreciate all the time and effort you put in to your update. Will you be adding Patrik Raitonen at Liverpool in your next update?
  2. As it stands, both IF are set to sit narrower which would bring them in towards the AMC role (I'm guessing) which would eliminate the need for a support role in the SC position
  3. Very fluid and standard. Playing a short passing game and, for the best part, we control the game. I get the desired overlapping from both wing backs but I'm just lacking in front of goal. I am aware that I only have 2 attacking roles which is why I'm toying with the idea of another attacking role in the SC position as the F9 is not really an out and out scorer.
  4. I am currently in the process of creating a tactic (as Liverpool if that makes any difference) but I am unsure as to what role to play in my SC role. I am currently playing a 4-1-2-2-1 formation and, at present, the only attacking roles are my 2 wing backs. I line up with the following: SK-d WB-a BPD-d BPD-d WB-a Regista CM-s CM-s IF-s IF-s F9 The cm roles will be modified after a few matches if needed but, right now, I am struggling with the SC role.
  5. Posted on your Facebook page, not sure if it has been seen. Liverpool sign 15yr old Finnish centre back Patrik Raitonen from FC Jazz and will join up with Steven Gerrard's u18's squad. Steven Gerrard will be in charge if the u18's from next season with Neil Critchley taking charge of the u23's
  6. I did manage to find a page which listed quite a few different roles, basically Italian terminology, which I am finding interesting. I am still trying to find one referencing South America at the moment.
  7. Obviously, everyone knows of the continental roles such as the Libero, Regista, Trequartista, Raumdeuter and the thread currently going regarding the Fantasista, but I'm curious as to whether there are any others. I want to do something different in FM and I fancy trying to implement player roles that are not already in the game such as the aforementioned Fantasista. I have tried a brief search on Google but I was unable to find anything which probably means that I was looking for the wrong thing.
  8. Is there any chance you could set up a future transfer for Emeka Obi? You have added him into the game at Bury but Liverpool signed him on October 28th?
  9. Is Federico Chiesa any relation to Enrico?
  10. Geographically (and because Asia is big enough already), I'm classifying Australia as Oceania. I haven't heard of any of your second list so this could prove to be educational for me.
  11. Nationality. I didn't think to put that in the op
  12. Ok, this thread may get closed but I'm curious as to who people believe to be the top 5 wonderkids from each continent in terms of nationality. Europe will probably have a number of different replies but I'm curious as to what people think for Asia and North America.
  13. On 16/12/16, Liverpool signed highly rated forward Jack Bearne for 150,000 from Notts County. Maybe created as a new player and a future transfer like you did with Edvard Tagseth.
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