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  1. Nope, I've got the same stats for Christensen but with a 1.5k value. Romano is the same but with a 700k pricetag.
  2. But I'm then stuck with the problem that, when I request improvement, I'm denied.
  3. Apparently, the links take time to develop and the length of time varies from player to player. I think there are a number of factors that are linked to the development, not just playing time.
  4. Always looking for new, interesting saves. I will be keeping an eye on this.
  5. I've seen this in a couple of saves and I was also curious. Surely this would be something that will take years to achieve? I can't remember what save u had but they wanted it at the end of the 1st or 2nd year. It seemed a bit of a task in itself, especially when the board wouldn't increase any of the youth facilities or junior coaching as 'I have only been with them a short time'.
  6. And I was just saying that I don't really notice any difference. Whether I load as many as I stated or less.
  7. The leagues I run give me half a star but I have no problems with speed. I fund it runs just fine and I have 34 leagues, large database and around 380k players loaded
  8. Quick question mate, would it work to swap the CMsu for a MEZs?
  9. What difference does it make to your save? Is there any particular reason its just those 2 options?
  10. But you will also have to take into account Lazio's style of play and the players/roles surrounding SMS. Just because he played well as a b2b at Lazio, it doesn't necessarily mean he will produce the exact same ratings elsewhere.
  11. Couldn't you copy the MLS transfer rules? That is probably the closest you will get to the NHL style I think. If I was more confident in using the editor, I would try and have that system across Europe. Alas, my skills are lacking.
  12. I can honestly say I've never been relegated. Or promoted. Or won a division for that matter. The reason? Usually a big real life transfer or some bizarre tactical idea that makes me start a new save. I struggle to get halfway through a season. The last time I finished a season was on the old CM series.
  13. I've had a look online and I know, roughly, what to do with regards to creating overloads. My question is, using a IW-MEZ-CAR-W setup, do the IW and W have to be in the MR/ML position or can they be in the AMR/AML position?
  14. I've noticed it's usually Grimaldo (Robertson ends up going out on loan in January) and Milik (plays 1 game and loses faith in manager) when I'm managing another team in England. I've also seen them buy Januzaj, Mertens and Eriksen in previous saves.
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