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  1. You like to develop the youngsters, what's your opinion on Millar, Stewart, Brookwell and Norris?
  2. See, that's what I was thinking. But, to me anyway, it sounded too obvious.
  3. This is probably a stupid question with a simple answer, but..... If a player has x% of next sale clause, what happens if the club owed the % is the buying club? Example: 10% of Rafael Camacho's next transfer fee is owed to Liverpool. What happens if Liverpool buy him?
  4. Same way you set scouting assignments (scouting, assignments, create new assignment). Although, I believe you are limited to what you can ask them to do.
  5. In your opinion, what is the most underrated position and role when it comes to creating tactics and why?
  6. So, in theory, if you were a lower team and were able to pick up someone who was rated 5* in relation to your team at that point, would it make sense to try and build the team round that player?
  7. I was told, in a previous thread, that the affiliate where the feeder can send youth players and the feeder will get a % of any future sale was to do with youth intakes
  8. I appreciate it. I've got to register my team at the end of the month and, ideally, I would like to get one or two of the 'high earners' on a DP contract.
  9. Yeah, unfortunately, I don't think that option is there in the MLS. I found out in a different thread that it is around January 6th. And, surprise surprise, my 'golden generation' was a crock of *****. Still, the superdraft gave me some decent players.
  10. The only dp I have at Miami is Pellegrini. He is classed as a young dp I think.
  11. I've been trying to get Jordan Morris on a DP contract as he is a high earner but the only options I have contract-wise are Senior or Senior Minimum Salary. Is there minimum requirements? I apologise as this isn't directly related to your files but you seem to know a lot about the MLS in general.
  12. This may be another stupid question, but this seems to be the best place to ask about MLS stuff. Is it possible to make a player currently at the club, a designated player? And, yeah, it happened around the 6th. My 'golden generation' was utter crap.
  13. With the MLS teams having an academy setup, wli am assuming that the annual intake will end up in the respective academy team. When, roughly, do the American teams have their intake? And is it in any way affected by the superdraft or does the superdraft only use players currently in game?
  14. This may be a stupid question but I will ask anyway. Do the academy teams still get a youth intake? If so, roughly when does it happen? The main reason I don't understand this is because of the superdraft.
  15. I don't entirely understand the scores either. I've had players rated 60+ but 'not a worthwhile signing' and players rated lower but 'could be a useful signing'. I tend to ignore the overall score and look at the other parts of the report.
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