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  1. I'm actually liking these threads. @Experienced Defender, will you be doing any other formations, or is it solely for "Total Football"?
  2. I haven't started a thread on this because, at present, the tactic is just a theory. I want a CM pairing of a BBM and a BWM. What would be the best role to have in the DMC position? I understand that both the BBM and BWM are very 'mobile' players, so the DM will need to be 'static'.
  3. It always puzzled me why they did that. Sure, the player may be injured at the point the game is released, but he wasn't at the start of the season.
  4. With Wilson, he seems to get injured almost straight after he comes back. My biggest problem now, is my head physio saying players could do with a rest. Trent, Robertson, VVD, Gomez, Fabinho, Thiago, Mane AND Salah. That leaves me with 3 first team regulars. Bobby now has 10 goals to his name. Top of the league by 4 points without a draw or defeat in all competitions (only draw was a friendly). Next match? Away to second place City (who I have already dumped out the league Cup). Planning a few changes in January with Karius, Origi and hopefully Shaq and Adrian on the way out.
  5. Little update with regards to Firmino. Since switching from a False 9 to a Dlf on support, he now has 6 goals in 4 games. Mane is scoring more now too. I can't give Harry Wilson any game time though. That guy is always injured.
  6. Like I said, it didn't really bother me as I won anyway. I kinda hoped he would score it though, as he had just gone 8 games without a goal.
  7. So I have selected my set piece takers for my first team and during my last match, despite my first, second and third choice penalty takers all being on the pitch, when I won a penalty it was taken by my striker who already had 2 goals, despite not being a designated taker. Now, was this just a nod to the fact that he was a goal short of his hat trick? I'm not complaining because, if that is the case, it's pretty cool. Although, he did miss it. But, I still won the match so....
  8. This is probably the first Liverpool save I have stuck with. I did encounter a few hurdles though. The first being Champions League squad registration. I didn't have enough players to fulfil the "homegrown at club" quota without registering an u21 so I ended up leaving out Tsimikas which upset him. The second is Firmino. He doesn't score or assist, but still has a good game. The press are starting to get on at me now about how long it has been since he scored.
  9. I think, the beauty of a radar plot is that you can compare your own player to another player in the same position when you are looking to upgrade. Could be handy after achieving promotion or something.
  10. Speaking of Firmino, what role do you guys give him? He is playing as a F9 in my current tactic and, if I'm being totally honest, the tactic is working well. Salah has 8 and Trent has 6 assists so far. But Bobby has been largely, well, meh. No goals, probably no assists. But, if I change the role, will it effect the team performance?
  11. There are plenty of players who can play up top. Salah, Jota, Minamino. Don't you still have Brewster? Don't spend the cash because you have it. Give it until January and then look at your squad again.
  12. Yeah, that's what I thought. I am not trying to play Rashidi's way exactly, more trying to adapt what I have been doing based on the advice he gives in his videos. It was just starting to bug me when I have a player coming mplaining because I have asked him to train as a complete forward (for the greater attribute spread) and he doesn't like the extra work. I have been watching a lot of his videos recently and, I must admit, I am looking at the game in a totally different way now.
  13. I had been hoping to find the answer to this in the videos by @Rashidi, but I have yet to come across it. When handling the training for players, specifically the younger players, when the training report says something like 'X', 'Y' and 'Z' are unhappy with the amount of extra training they have been asked to do, do you remove the extra training or leave the training as it is and see if they just "get on with it"?
  14. I only did a MLS save because, on the original DB, Inter Miami had no players except the 4 out on loan and a 5th joining in January. Needless to say, I went way over the salary cap the first time. I had to restart the save because, even after buying down what I could, if I waived any players, I wouldn't have had enough for the season. Saying that though, I am actually hoping that Austin FC don't have a squad on FM21. I do agree with what you said though about the MLS being faulty and bugged. I guess, in real life, it is kinda complex to replicate in-game. Credit to @Uncl
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