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  1. Take a club with no history as such. A club with no real identity and make them a force.
  2. I'm assuming you are referring to this tab? And, if I wanted a team to enter in, let's say, 2022, I need to have that year under "Year to Set for Registered Team" for the relevant team? And, if I tick the box at the top that says "Keep Existing Registered Teams Intact", that will ensure that the current teams are there from the first playable season?
  3. I know it is possible as it was done in a MLS file on a number of occasions, but how do I set a league up so a new team joins in a specific season? For example, Austin joining the MLS in an FM20 file.
  4. Weren't Barrie interested in a CPL slot at one point? I'm sure Jonathan de Guzman was involved.
  5. Just been looking at the graphics you have provided and noticed that, whilst you have a logo for Barrie, there isn't one for Saskatoon. Was that intentional?
  6. Canada. Canadian Premier League. Only 2 teams have more than just a first team, Cavalry and FC Edmonton both have an u21 side that is known as 'x' Academy. My question is, if I was to create a reserve and/or youth league, is is possible to select those teams to play in the created league or will it automatically create an u23/u19 side depending on the sort of reserve/youth team that I pick? It is, somewhat, frustrating when I create a reserve and youth league and the game creates an u23 and an u19 side for all 8 teams in the CPL leading to Cavalry and Edmonton having 4 sides.
  7. This is frustrating. Can someone tell me how to create a playoff so the top 4 teams enter a playoff to determine the league champion? I have done this in previous league edits, but I've had a total brain fart and I can't for love nor money work out how to do it now.
  8. So, at the moment, I can get the game to read the draft allocations. Lets just see if the actual draft happens now.....
  9. Ok, stupid question time. Does this screen in the editor mean that I can set up a draft system similar to that in the MLS?
  10. How would I set up the rules so that a player would get a 1 match ban after 4 yellow cards, 2 matches after 8 and 3 matches after 12? Is it also possible to add a fine to that, should a player get more than 12? Finally, in some leagues, a player can, effectively, lose a yellow card if they play a certain number of games consecutively without getting booked. Is this possible?
  11. Is there an idiots guide for how to set this up in a custom/edited league? I think I know the basics of it, but I get seriously lost when it comes to following seasons. Basically, what I would like to know is: Will the prize money AND/OR TV revenue increase each season or will it remain the same each season? When allocating the prize money, is it best to have a total amount and then divide it amongst the teams, with a decreasing amount for each position? How would prize money be allocated if the league has a playoff for the title? For example, if the overall winner actually finished 2nd and not top, would they get less or the most?
  12. I always seem to have this problem. I've had saves where I've got more from my CM as opposed to my SC.
  13. What a summer it's been for football. Messi left Barca, Ronaldo returned to United and Cleon is back in the Tactics Forum. Great to see you back.
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