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  1. thanks mate, but at least the new update will make me make it even more stabler and realistic. I am getting better with each update.
  2. 21.4 will be a while as i am doing everything from scratch and will be at least 1-2 months until i even know what teams are in each league since the season has not started yet ffor div 5-10 clubs. if you need to, you can always reload an earlier save and not get promoted and that will fix the bug that you have there. btw did this link work? paypal.me/AzamiNene its my first time so i am not sure
  3. okay, let's see. the champions league has 3 groups of 12 teams where the top 3 and the second best place go into a final group of 12 where the top 2 get promoted. if you started in Kanto division 2 you can't get promoted unless you get withing 3rd place of the shakaijin cup. (sometimes the game will not let you promote 2 divisions at once) if that is the case then reload a save that happens before the season update and see if it will work. most saves have 3 backup files. Also playing about 30 games is normal if you were winning most games. most div 1/2 leagues go from april-october or ear
  4. Since i have a database that has well over a million edits, and i have to manually update everything for it to work for the 21.4 update, it would be much simpler if i can easily see where i did my changes instead up load and reloading the previous file to manually copy changes. would save me so much time. is it possible? thanks guys
  5. SI lol..... atm the best bet is to stick with 21.1 cause i am having to do everything all over from scratch. that includes creating t he teams etc. its gonna take a while. the new teams SI added in the winter update coinsides with the new ID's i created making it crash in the editor, so i can;t even change or delete these iD'S. THIS NEW UPDATE will hopefully cover every single team in japan which is lower than level 10, and will have team histories, league histories, stadiums, league logos, team logo's if allowed. since i am a referee i might be able to get permission from the JFA. and this sh
  6. you cant since SI added something to the editor which crashes my file on load. i am having to redo everything all over again just for 21.3
  7. i can do the top 4, emperor's cup and YBC league cup, super cup and the Suruga Bank pretty easily then. Emperor's cup will be toned down a little since it takes weeks to get all 47 qualifying areas working but i can make it very similar
  8. what competitions do you want added. that way i can make it suitable for your playthrough. ive had to start yet again because there is no way of getting my file to 19.3 without starting over, but since the teams are present its just a case of copy and paste to the most part
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