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  1. So Far so good! getting a majority of level 7 leagues verified (which is the hardest part!!) new stadiums and league histories in nearly half of the leagues so far so gonna keep going
  2. true, i do know in fact that the chairman did not make that rule though. i would say the clubs might of proposed it. Gamba and Cerezo U23 was the chairman's decision though. as it was a test to see how well those clubs would fair and provide a competitive scene for the top youth players. so by getting rid of them more teams could go into J3 which might be why its 20 instead of 22 now. it still leaves a gap of about 22 teams to be filled somewhere though within the next 60 or so years
  3. yeah that was the original plan, but then they also realized they can't get 100 professional teams if they have too many pro leagues which is why they are considering a 22 J3. the J4 i think was just a restructured JFL into 2 divisions. as for sources I am not sure whether it has been posted anywhere but I am part of the governing board of the JFA as a coach/referee and instructor so my info comes from those above me, but i have no way to say that the info is not 100% accurate but i also cant say its completely inaccurate as well. with 40 and the 47 prefectures having a professional team
  4. @markcressi323232 it certainly is possible. it would require the teams to be added to a "senior competition" with certain fixture rules i.e no over 18 players etc. i have been playing around with it a little and have found out what works. BUT i am not yet certain as to whether they might be moved ingame to the senior pyramid which would be a problem. what i am working on right now is to bring the U18 competitions and adding loads of new stadiums since for 7000 teams or so, the stadiums in this database are way to few and leads to the issue where matches are being scheduled into the new year. i
  5. @PaoloMaldiniACMalready done. i am just getting this to work through normal validation so that there will be no crashes etc. because of the way teams promote, it is nearly impossible to validate as the number of teams in a league are ever changing. this requires me to put a mininum and maxinum team limit for every league so that i can bypass the editor restrictions. this also means that there will be some shuffling of teams which is unavoidable.
  6. I have a prelim file here if someone can check for bugs. managed to get it working and verified in the editor so there are much less bugs involved. every competition is included to Level 6 except the U18 leagues. Expansion and Un-Expansion works fine on 2021 and 2022 and 2023 starts as it should J League Expansion 2021 LEVEL 6.fmf
  7. @Dax_ true, i mixed up 2020 with 2021 and 2022 with 2021. what was not known was whether the U23 teams were going to come back or not. FC Tokyo pulled out due to COVID and there were still talks until the 1/10/2021 as to let them back in with Gamba and Cerezo U23. the current J League plan was to have 20 J1 22 J2 and 22 J3 Teams to have a 64 team system that would work much better with the emperor's cup. then the JFL would split off again to create a east and west J4 division around 2030 was the plan to increase the number of J league teams to the 80-90 mark with the other 10 coming
  8. i am working on it. Karin will release a 2021 update later on in the month and then i will make the same updates i did to this point and then continue with retiring duplicates so that the ID's will remain the same.
  9. Emperor's Cup will feature 52 teams for the first year (first round proper) due to the extra 4 teams in J1+2. be ready for numerous other changes
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