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  1. currently trying out a new update which allows High School and university teams to be managed. currently bug testing as anything could happen.
  2. i dont seem to get any duplicates, there could be many reasons why this happens. i will have a look
  3. if you read the install instructions you have to install the skin.fmf in the main FM folder and not the addons folder
  4. no, but i have added exceptions if teams are jumping regions or if there are not enough teams from a region. 2022 the level 7 becomes wack, and 2023 onwards goes back to normal.
  5. Yep all fixed. I.E the tokyo EC qualification is 9 Rounds long and one region is 10 as in real life. some even only have 2-3 but the average is 4-5
  6. New update fixing spelling mistakes, Real EC qualifcations, stadiums and fixture times, and other odd stuff 01. J League 2021 (9th June Update) FMF.fmf
  7. true. it only happens when there are too many teams in a region compared to the other regions (tokyo,saitama,chiba,kyoto and osaka) and not actually due to the competitions themselves which is just annoying but at least even if you change leagues you'll always be on the same playing field so when you join level 6/5 you'll be back again in the right region. and all the cups run perfectly so not bothered very much. the leagues fix themselves slowly each season too to all good
  8. That;s is what i am simming 10 years into the future for, to make sure everything is alright. (so far the cups work 100% but the prefectural leagues even though they work are not going into the right regions (not a big deal if everything else works since you still play the cup competitions in the right regions). (can probably be fixed in the way i assigned regions to cups, but could also just cause a lot more problems so ill leave it for now)
  9. new update coming out soon with lots of updated info etc (hopefully will be the last update aside from fixes that need to be made)
  10. every update means youll have to start over, but the file is good as it is now so start again once you have finnshed ;P
  11. Currently Making a updated emperor's cup so that we can have a 100% emperor's cup with every team instead of 4-10 teams. this new update also means the EC will have the proper dates and stadiums assigned to them. i will also be adding in the prefectural shakaijin cup qualifications with real dates and also the other cup competitions. also thinking about some friendlies and other competitions to create. anyone have anything you want added? any derbies (ill fix the naming too) or rules that i have missed. will fix the substitution rules for the lower leagues (should be 5-7 from 3 stoppages)
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