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  1. there is an option under stage rules where you can "other stage rules" and "stage actions" and choose add history where you can designate a stage to assign champions. also make sure under group/league settings that the "top team are champions" is unchecked or checked for the stage you want them showing up for
  2. In my experience you do not need to create a new competition for this. 1. In advanced rules, create your competition and set the start and end year for lets say the current format. 2. copy the competition in the advanced rules, set the new start date 1 year after the previous end year and configure the competition. a couple of points. if the league is expanding teams you need to set for specific years (under promotion/relegation "number of extra teams to be promoted", this can be a negative number if the league is getting smaller). if you need more help i am happy to help, i have also done what is similar to this in my japanese pyramid file on the downloads section if you want to have a peek at how i have done it
  3. they have already done that for the National team, in that the AI will pick fake players. in the meantime I am doing the whole pyramid as i do have permission from the fa as long as i only use information that is online etc
  4. As of the current moment, Japan is nearly impossible to add "officially" due to ongoing licenses with both Konami and EA. Also as I work with the FA there, it is very hard to gather information outside of the top 3 Professional leagues as most of the league regulations/statistics and most importantly commercial/sponsorships are normally kept very private. some leagues don't even publish their information online, and then there's the added difficulty that everything is in Japanese. On a positive note though, as compared to even 5 years ago much more info has been made public (even in English) and that support has been growing in Japan as users add Japanese as a language to the UI. Unless a certain quality is preserved the FA will definitely not allow it to happen. It will come someday, but I doubt anytime before 2025 (which is when the next stage of japanese football begins)
  5. what i presume the issue is, is that Karin the one who makes the players database in Japanese has either changed Iniesta's etc ID or removed him as retired etc. I can always re add them again
  6. Here are the Summer transfers update for Japan! the players will join the club in the summer transfer window and some players will leave. also included karins fixes to certain duplicates and other data error's!. Also included are proper awards and award histories! Vissel Kobe are rich AF. also working on rebuilding the league structure so that it is faster and competitions that don't need to be present will be simmed (i.e if you play in the J league, the shakaijin cup etc won't be detailed and will be simmed to make the game a lot faster). This will also mean that you can start a save with the amount of detail you want to start with and not have to do it once you enter the game. this will take a little while so for now, enjoy the new players. 01. J League Players (14th September update).fmf
  7. hopefully these are downloadable 01.JLeagueMedia2021.fmf 01.JLeaguePlayers(4thJuneupdate).fmf 01.JLeagueReferees2021(4thJuneUpdate).fmf 01.JLeagueSeasonData2021.fmf 01.JLeagueSeasonNationRules.fmf 01.NewStadiums.fmf 01.JLeague2021(9thJuneUpdate)FMF.fmf
  8. It shoud not be easier, however I did add realistic sponsorships that scale to the success of the club, so im guessing it gets easier or you earn more if you win consistantly. going to be doing a full makeover for fm22 start lower down if you want a challenge
  9. " Also with Dosukoi's skin so that club info can be viewed." its a separate file. he has his own thread
  10. We have a We have a facepack!! by belajariman! but hey adding content is always a great thing :P
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