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  1. yes, I have the pervious version, I have downloaded the lastest one. I do apologise.
  2. with the latest update by FM, the a problem with the number of teams in the Professional development leagues since they are not matching
  3. to be honest, with their civil war going on, I do not blame them.
  4. Hello, I hope someone can help me out. I am trying to make as accurate as possible Indian football pyramid. Currently there are Indian Super League (a closed off league, which I have expanded for fun, as well as made it a long in it time frame aug to apr) and the Hero I-League (11-12 teams) on the first level of the pyramid. The second level is made up of the Hero 2nd Division where only one can be promoted into the I-League. This is where it gets remarkably interesting. The clubs that form the Hero 2nd Division are the champions or runners up of their various State Leagues.
  5. Currently the system for the caribbean countries to quality is to win last year carribean club championship. But of 2023 that will change. 2022 will be the last time that it will be held. There will be a new caribbean cup to also help with qaulifying into the NACL. https://www.concacaf.com/champions-league/news/caribbean-takes-aim-at-liga-mx-in-2021-sccl/ https://www.concacaf.com/en/caribbean-club-championship-men/news/dominican-republic-to-host-finals-of-2020-flow-concacaf-caribbean-club-championship/ https://www.concacaf.com/en/caribbean-club-championship-men/news/
  6. Good luck, when researching and talking to the NZFA the new system is very complex but should make for a very interesting league.
  7. Most of the details are in the link provide. But North America - Four groups of five teams each, comprised of teams from USA, Canada and Mexico. The Leagues Cup winner will be guaranteed entry. Each team will play four group-stage games, two home and two away, and the top two finishers in each group will automatically advance to the round of 16. Wild cards then will contest a playoff to furnish three more teams for the knockout stage Central America - Four groups of five teams each will be arranged for clubs from the seven Central American countries. Domestic results and the new reg
  8. Hello, Will there be a new implement of the CONCACAF Champions League? Since in 2023 it will change completely, incorpating the whole CONCACAF. https://www.si.com/soccer/2021/02/04/ccl-concacaf-champions-league-format-expansion-details-2023. I also wanted to ask for some help on my current soon to be old CONCACAF club comps. I cant get mine to test. I was updating and old 2018 file. CCL Fixed 2.14.fmf CCL.fmf
  9. The NZL set up has now changed. The whole country has changed it set-up. I have already done the research, I just not very good with the editor to implment it. Ratio, is it possible for you to implment it? Most of the rules are the same as before regarding transfers etc NZL leagues data.xlsx
  10. Hello all, I have a complete research data on the NZL system, that is being currently implement. It is attached in this file. Please could someone make it, since I am not skilled enough to make it. Thank you NZL leagues data.xlsx
  11. that would be awesome. Could you also make a tutorial on how to do it ? like a step by step guide on word?
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