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  1. I used to love the joint saves we did, but they were in the Challenges Forum rather than in here. They used to be quite a big thing back in the day. I would be interested in giving it a go once the save is up and running, but not overly keen on doing an early season. Perhaps an option might be to limit the number of structures at the start and then have the option of adding 1 new structure and deleting another structure at various points in the save? Also, in terms of big decisions, (like moving clubs), maybe the Manager that season should have to run a poll for a general view from the masses.
  2. I don't take pictures using the game itself. I just use gyazo. It just seems really easy so I haven't used any other method in ages.
  3. Highest profile win of the save so far. Dec 2033. Champions League Group Stage. I'm delighted with this performance despite not qualifying for the Knockout stages. I think I'm right in saying that 3rd in the Group Stage of the Champions League means that we should drop into the Knockout Stages of the EURO League, but the rules don't say that and to be honest this save is so bugged that anything could happen. There has been no media comment or message, but it is definitely happening.
  4. Swedish Premier Division. Season 2033. Bloody VAR! What an absolute shambles this season was, (at least in terms of the league). We were top of the table for most of the season and although we dropped points against BK Häcken, Kalmar FF and Helsingborgs IF, it was ultimately a last day defeat by Djurgårdens IF that saw us drop to 2nd and meekly cough up the title. What's interesting looking at the above picture is that it says we have qualified for the Champions League, (by finishing 2nd), but we know it won't be auto-qualification for the Group Stage. There is also no mention of EC qualification. It could be that this goes to the Cup winner The Top "European Qualification" section is about the current season, (which is about to end). The Bottom "Continental Achievements" section must be about the previous season, but why are we not included? I wonder if it's because we were still in European competition by the time the season ticked over so no achievement was triggered. That always used to be a problem and I guess still is. I think the graph says it all really. Credit where it's due though, Malmö FF took 37 from a possible 39 points over their last 13 games of the season, (12 wins and a draw), including a 1-0 win against us that it could be said was also pivotal. I still can't believe we haven't won it. A pittance in the grand scheme of things. Luckily we don't rely on domestic money to keep us going. I've spent quite a lot on a number of bright prospects that my staff have found. I don't know how many of them will make the grade, but certainly some of them are already attracting the attention of the big boys abroad. (I'm obviously sticking to my Scandinavians only signing policy).
  5. Youth Intake. Sep 2033. The mention of a Golden Generation in the Preview had me excited about this intake, but again it was much ado about nothing. (33a) Hallgren (2033) *.
  6. Facilities. Jul 2033. I haven't played for a little while until today, so it's possible that there has been an update that I missed. So with that in mind, let's check the situation with the Facilities again. # It's hard to tell, but this just might be fixed now. Alternatively, it could still be broken and we might have just got the real facilities up to what the pretend facilities were being shown as.
  7. Leading Development clubs for Swedish Premier Division. Jun 2033. Obviously Hammarby IF and BK Häcken are quite dominant in this area, but we are slowly making progress. The fact that I am not overly keen to sell to our rivals actually hinders us in this area, added to the fact that I get better money by selling abroad.
  8. EURO Cup II Campaign. Jun 2033. I was hoping to get to the Final, but we fell slightly short and we probably aren't good enough yet for me to have these sorts of ambitions. A year is a long time in football though and I expect to have be a lot better 12 months on. That might not show in terms of results though as we will be moving from EURO Cup II to Champions League. As of next season we will no longer qualify for the group stages of the Champions League, (if we are league Champions).
  9. Youth Intake Preview. I think this is the 1st time that I have seen "Golden Generation" mentioned in the preview. Let's hope that it indicates that we are finally starting to make progress in this area. While the overall quality might be better, 2+ decent GK's and multiple full-backs is not really what I want to see. (I want a striker or a centre-half).
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