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  1. (36a) Dulce (Bal) (2036) * is on the lash again. 1st time. I let him off with a warning because it was the 1st time. 2nd time. I let him off with a warning because he had just scored 2 goals against PSG and deserved to celebrate. 3rd time. I fined him a weeks wages. 4th time. He missed a league game against Caen and I fined him 2 weeks wages. 5th time. I fined him 2 weeks wages. 6th time. I fined him 2 weeks wages. You couldn't make this up.
  2. Search for a striker continued. Jun 2042. I have 1 striker already signed, sealed and about to join, but I am looking for another who can play now and ideally a 3rd who is an option for the future. I can't remember if I have told you who is joining so I will keep that under my hat for the time being. The shortlist for the player to play now is as follows. Gorka González (BAS) (Bal) 20 year old AF currently at Levante. Quick, decent finisher, decent PPM, 4.5 PA, 83 rated, cheap wage, but might cost £4.4M. Leoz (BAS) (Bal) 21 year old P currently at Bilbao. Quick, decent finisher, 4.0 PA, 72 rated, cheap wage, but might cost £3.4M. Josu (BAS) (Bal) 28 year old AF currently at Eibar. Quick, average finisher, 68 rated, reasonable wage but they are asking £3.7M for him. He's actually on the transfer market though and Eibar were relegated last season so I have offered a cheeky £1M to see if that gets a bite. They only bought him 1 year ago for £850k so they are still making a profit. I'm not as keen on this bloke, but I would like the price at £1M. Iosu Iriondo (BAS) (F.Det) 24 year old also currently at Eibar. Seems popular in this thread but I think it's the price putting me off. Quickish, average finisher, 72 rated, average wage but they want up to £5M for him. I'm not sure I want to pay that without selling someone else first. I don't like his acceleration being only 13. That's very average, (or am I just looking for issues). Peru (BAS) (Bal) * 22 year old CF currently at Man City. This kid is never going to sign for us, but he just might come on loan. He's quick, average finisher, decent header of the ball, 65 rated. Getting him, or someone else), in on loan might be a cheaper option than buying another striker. Eduardo (BAS) (Spirit) 19 year old AF currently at San Sebastian B. Quick, average finisher, 4.0 PA, 65 rated, cheap wage but might cost £2.6M I'm also looking at taking a punt on a 6'6" 16 year old who is currently at Bilbao. I think I might be able to get him quite cheaply but just waiting for full scout reports. He would certainly offer another dimension from the bench. As for those players above, none of them really jump out at me and I'm considering not signing any of them. Who do you like and why?
  3. Search for a striker. Jun 2032. I'm out. He's decent, but he's too old and I want to make a profit out of anyone I buy. I can't make a profit out of this bloke.
  4. Friendly income. Jun 2042. I was able to arrange 3 friendlies during pre season as a result of clauses I had inserted into player sales. £610,000 for absolutely nothing. I'm going to track this each season and see what's the most I can get it up to.
  5. Not happy. REALLY not happy. They paid £425,000 for him and he's immediately worth £6.5M Damn. Damn damn damn damn damn.
  6. Nooooooooooooo. Jun 2042. I am in for a few transfers at the moment but this one is a young striker I particularly like. We have already had a deal accepted and offered a contract to the player. Now Spurs are in to try and gazump us. They have just spent £98M on a 21 year old striker. Why do they need this bloke?
  7. Europa League. Jun 2042. I don't really know how to do a European update. Do I do it as the games happen, or do I wait until the end of the month and update you then? Or do I just wait and show you the whole thing, (hopefully more than 1 round), at the end of the season? I think what I will do in future is just add it in to the monthly updates, but at the moment I'm so excited you are getting extra updates as and when. So it's Liechtenstein/Switzerland or Sweden.
  8. (36a) Dulce (Bal) (2036) * Transfer Saga. Jun 2042. Lens have decided to see if we can be bought with a load of cash up front and have come back with an offer of £29M cash up front with no add-ons and nothing else. On yer bike Lens. he's got 3 years left on his contract. We don't have a lot of money, but we've got enough for the time being. I know I want to sell someone for decent money in the close-season. I just didn't plan on it being him. If we can get proper decent money for him though I would gladly sell. (36a) Dulce (Bal) (2036) * has gone AWOL 5 times already and that was when he was happy. Wait until he hears that I have turned down a bid of £29M for him. We might never see him again.
  9. BIG Transfer announcement. Jun 2042. Spurs have just come in for what I think is the best young striker in the league. In a very un-Spurs-like move, they have splashed out £98M on a 21 year old French striker, (who incidentally has been keeping 18 year old (39b) Xabier (Res) * out of the French U21 side, (and I'm not surprised). There is no doubting that he is very good, but in terms of actually putting the ball in the back of the net...... well to be honest he's a little lacking in that area. That's a pretty poor scoring record for someone that good playing in that good a team. He should be filling his actual boots! Now the problem is that Lens will now have £98M burning a hole in their pocket and will be on the lookout for a striker. I wonder who they might be after? A whole 2 minutes after Spurs sign *** Wolff (FRA) (Res), Lens come in and try and nab (36a) Dulce (Bal) (2036) *. They can have him, (honestly they can), but not for that. No way for that. Let's see how much of that £98M we can get them to part with. That's the thing when you flog a big player. Everyone knows you have money to burn and the price just goes up if they are involved. I'm not going to be too greedy so how about this....... £20M cash. £10M in 3 instalments over 12 months. £5M after 50 league games. £100,000 per league game for 50 games, (£5M) £5M after 1 International appearance. £5M after 50 league goals. That little lot comes to £50M I think and let's see what else we can eke out of them. 50% of re-sale value of course, (goes without saying). Well it would be rude not to include a friendly. And I managed to get (39b) Xabier (Res) * back in on loan for not 1 but 2 seasons so let's give that a crack too. I think that seems perfectly reasonable. I hope you noticed that the board didn't get involved in the deal there. That was a lot of money for us and they still let me negotiate it. So what do you think? Should I sell and if so how much for?
  10. DoF needs to get with the programme. Jun 2042. My DoF has been tasked with finding new players, (just for the lols really), but of course I hold the power to veto any that I don't like or any that are non Basque. He has just been in for a really good centre-half, who turned out to be Argentinian with unsurprisingly no links to the Basque Country. Now he seems to have identified that we need a striker and has put a cash offer of £5.5M down for this bloke. I quite like him actually. This could be a go-er. But of course he's not Basque and instead is another bloomin Argie!
  11. Philosophy. Jun 2042. So since about FM14 I haven't really been buying players, (with the odd exception). I like developing youth but I will be completely honest with you and admit that I just don't enjoy trawling through scout report after bloomin scout report and I find it boring. That being said, the way the game deals with scouting and in particular how it gives you the information has improved immeasurably since FM14 and I'm not finding it too much of a chore, (at the moment). With that in mind, I thought it was time for me to add another philosophy because it really fits in well with how I play naturally. We were already developing our own youth and now we are signing young players for the first team too.
  12. Yep, he;s probably the front-runner at the moment.
  13. I think "improving" is the best way to describe it. This is a list of all the players at the club, (by CA), who can play centre-half. Not all of them are centre-backs, but they can all play there. (35b) Renault (Temp) * is the natural left back who is very defensive and who I prefer to play as a centre-half. Oier Villanueva (BAS) (F.Det) was a bargain buy at £250,000 and although he is a right back, he's 6'2" and I would be prepared to play him at centre-half against a rubbish team in Europe. Arteaga (BAS) (Driven) is a 22 year old centre-half who I bought for £1.1M from Bilbao. He's an important player for us. Bengoetxea (BAS) (F.Amb) is a 17 year old centre-half that I nicked off Pamplona for just £1.8M. I really like him and think he will develop nicely. Every game now is an investment in his and our future. (41e) Tanguy (Pro) * is a home-grown centre-half who is still a bit raw but who I really like. He and Bengoetxea (BAS) (F.Amb) are going to be big players for us. Jon Santamaría (BAS) * was a bit of a punt for £1M. He's more of a DR than a DC, but I think he will develop given game-time. Xabier Martín (BAS) was bought for £750,000 and the plan is to play him and turn a profit on him. Below that there is not an awful lot worth talking about, but you might just see a player squeezing on the bottom of the list. (42b) Alberto Ros (Res) is a 14 year old centre-half who looks REALLY raw. He's nowhere near 1st team level yet, but he's also only 14. He turns 15 in about 5 weeks so we have more than a year before he is able to even make his senior debut. Centre-half is still a little weak, but it;s only weak now because my 3rd and 4th choice players are really good young players and I want to give them a chance to improve rather than signing the finished article. Add the youngster (42b) Alberto Ros (Res) into the mix and I'm happy with the future in this area.
  14. European Golden Boot. Jun 2042. So it would seem that (36a) Dulce (Bal) (2036) * was not only the top goal-scorer at the club, and in Ligue 1, but also in the whole of Europe, (which I find surprising as he only scored 24 goals I think).
  15. The problem with Iosu Iriondo (BAS) (F.Det) is that there is no max asking price which suggests that Eibar don't want to sell. Oh.... hang on. There is a max asking price now and it's £5M I've just scouted him yesterday in game and it's updated. Inconsistent is a bit of a worry, £5M is ok I suppose, (depending on what the agent wants), but what I don't like is that I'm not going to improve him. We know he's only actually valued at £1.1M so am I going to be able to turn a profit on him? His PA is at 3.5 and quite possibly could be maxed out already. Is he good enough right now if I can't improve him? I suppose the answer is that we need depth and he provides that, but there is no future for him with us. I want someone to come in and compete for a starting position right now, or I want them to come in now as a back-up with the idea that they will develop into a future starter. I don't ever see Iosu Iriondo (BAS) (F.Det) being a starter for us. I also don't think that £5M is a good price for a player currently valued at £1.1M and who is about to get relegated from La Liga. I think I want to buy 2 strikers, but I only have £11.8M to spend and I think I would like to sell another player after that not so that I can buy someone else, but just to keep the money ticking over and so that I can swap transfer fee to wages if needed. I think I'm sold on JMM (BAS) (Bal) as the 1st of these. His max asking price has dropped from £2.7M to £2.0M over the last few days so they are obviously keen to sell despite being in the Playoffs to get promoted to La Liga. He would immediately challenge for a starting position and I think he's better value for money. He probably isn't going to improve, (he's 27), but if I get him for £2M then there is much more scope for making profit on him compared to spending £5M on a poorer player. So now I need to find a 2nd player.......
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