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  1. That will be 0 points for Basel then.
  2. Record bid received. Jan 2049. £22M rising to £31M from Bayern beats the previous high bid of £19.25M rising to £27M from Dortmund for the same player. With FM18 just round the corner, he's going nowhere.
  3. Facilities downgraded. Dec 2048. It's ok though, they immediately agreed to upgrade them again. I've still never had a stadium named after me in any FM, (complete and utter ********), and this is unlikely to change between now and Friday. I am the only other legend at the club though so surely it would have been only a matter of time, (Just need to play quicker or...... get a better laptop). We have a nice little kitty to spend on a new one too.
  4. International Update. Nov 2048. I rotated the squad for the Croatia friendly, but played our strongest team against Norway. A win would have seen us draw level with Norway and I would like to say that the rules mean that we would have finished above them or below them, but as we didn't win I haven't even bothered checking so who cares. The result of course means relegation. In hindsight I should have waited until the previous bloke got them relegated and then took over, but FM18 is out in less than a week so it's largely irrelevant. As I mentioned we fielded a weakened team against Croatia. Poland and Scotland seem to be doing particularly poorly. Sweden & Switzerland also somehow ranked behind Burkina Faso, (as are we).
  5. FM Careers Forum Discussion

    How quickly does the extended database come out? I've never used one before.
  6. FM Careers Forum Discussion

    I keep changing my mind. 1st save idea was to manage a lower league French side and in a Youth Only save. The main attractions here were that I had never managed in France and I was keen to have a look at the 2nd Nationalities coming through the intakes in team based on the South coast of France. 2nd save idea was to do a Youth Only save in England, (which I haven't managed in in a long long LONG time), but managing the club I support, (Barnet), whom I haven't managed for an even longer time. Barnet have excellent facilities, a really good crop of young players, (although the researcher for FM17 needs to be shot), and managing in England would be like managing in a new Country it's been so long since I've managed there. 3rd save idea was inspired a little by @noikeeeI think, without me even realising it. He is playing a youth based save at the moment where he signs 1 player per season, (he calls it cheating), but the way he plays, (best of both Worlds), together with the imminent arrival of a new laptop, has opened up the possibility to me of a save, the type of which I don't think I have ever seen anyone document. A journeyman almost Youth Only career. I haven't quite worked out the specifics of who I will let myself sign, but the idea of having a Manager who applies for jobs saying that he is going to promote the Youth and will refuse to sign high profile players and the like is really appealing. When I was sacked from Regensburg in FMwhateveritwas, (I have almost blocked it from my mind now), it killed the whole issue of FM for me. Getting sacked in a journeyman save where I play as I want to play from the outset with very clear parameters, might even benefit the save as a whole. My goal in Youth based saves is to produce a Ballon d'Or winner and so far I've never done it, nor got that close actually. A new improved laptop to help me through the seasons quicker, plus the ability to start at the bottom but be rewarded for success by moving to a bigger club/nation without completely selling my soul might just be the way forward. At the moment I am thinking of allowing myself to sign 1 player per season, (or possibly window), with maybe relaxing that as the save progresses to also include players who have come through the ranks at clubs I have previously managed. I suppose what I could do is start off at Barnet in a save of the 3rd type, but I think that's possibly starting too high. Decisions decisions. I know I can't wait though. I just hope that the Barnet researcher has done a better job this year, (I think it's a new researcher).
  7. International Update. Oct 2048. Well we at least stopped the run of losses with a draw against Norway, but we then went and lost a tight game against the Serbs. I would have been happy with 2 draws to start with, but a draw and a loss, not so much. We are now out of the Top 50 We had dropped down as low as 62nd in 2046 and spent 3 months ranked 68th in 2043, and although we are still ahead of where we start in the game, we shouldn't really be outside the Top 50. Yes, it would seem that both Switzerland and Poland are also under-achieving, (let's ignore Scotland shall we), but any way you look at it, being ranked behind Burkina Faso and Lebanon, and just ahead of El Salvador and Cape Verde, is not where we want to be.
  8. He retired after the England game and I didn't notice.
  9. The National Team job. Sep 2048. After 16 games undefeated, the old Manager retired and I didn't notice. He was replaced by a Manager called (23d) Aron Baldvin (M.Pro) who played 19 league games for me in 21 seasons after coming through 4th in the 2023 intake. He has since managed Fjolnir and IA, but after the start he had I added Mr Holiday Manager to the game, got him sacked and then resigned Mr Holiday Manager. We reached our peak about 4 years ago, but since then we have been under-achieving. I don't have much time to do anything here, but let's give it a bash and see what happens anyway. I think I know some of these guys. [Edit]
  10. 2048 Youth Intake. It doesn't look a good intake in terms of depth, but the "Kriss" of the intake at least looks decent. Kriss. (48a) Smári (Bal) (2048) *. The star system of rating players is really nothing more than an indication and it's dangerous to rely too much on it. This bloke has 4.5 PA so let's see what he actually looks like to start judging on whether he might be worth investing some time in.... Wow! Ok. He looks brilliant. I don't mean pretty good, or not bad. I mean ******* brilliant! Typical. I have just 1 month left before FM18 comes out and I get a player through like this.
  11. The 8th Annual FMCU Awards - Awards Night

    Apologies, I hadn't noticed that dafuge wasn't a Mod now. I saw the "stars" but wasn't sure how it was worked out. I think it's a great idea. Ideally it would be a different thread each month and it doesn't really matter what the criteria is, just so long as it's a different thread each month. I think it's a great idea.
  12. The 8th Annual FMCU Awards - Awards Night

    Just in case some of you wanted to read some of the award winning threads, I have edited the post by @deltablueto include links to the relevant threads. Where the winner isn't a specific thread, (Best Poster or Best Manager for example), I will link to their most popular threads if I can find them.
  13. The 8th Annual FMCU Awards - Awards Night

    I would just like to say a huge congratulations to not just the winners last night, but also those who were nominated but didn't win. Compared to other parts of this forum, it's honestly a joy to be a part of, (and I'm a grumpy old man!) As well as being ridiculously easy to moderate, (that's not an easy thing to achieve on any internet forum), it's also really easy to dip in and out of, (like a lot of people do as interest in different styles of the game boom and then fall back). The standard of the updates has really blossomed in the last few years to such an extent that I can think of some good threads that didn't even receive a single nomination. The likes of @ManUtd1 @Jupjamie @BoxToBox and @Makoto Nakamura , (and many others actually), are really positive influences on the forum and really put a lot of effort into other people's threads. There is nothing wrong with just coming i and reading without posting, or just posting in your own thread, but there are quite a few people who really go the extra mile and it's they who really make this forum what it is. Lastly I think we should thank @deltablue and @dafuge for moderating the forum. I know it doesn't tame much moderating, but without them willing to do so the forum wouldn't exist, so thank you both. The standard in here has really exploded in the last few years to such an extent that where as @dafugewould usually collect as many trophies as he wanted, this year I think he wasn't actually that close to winning anything, (which is quite remarkable considering how good his Journeyman thread is). Occasionally I go through stages of not playing the game as much as I usually do, (or occasionally not playing at all), but even when I am not playing, I still log in here and have a little look at who is doing what. I wish I had more time to read more threads, (how the hell am I going to catch up with the 97 page @ManUtd1thread for example?), but I really want to. If you don't ream many threads, or only read threads by certain posters or with certain tags, then I urge you to try and broaden your horizons and occasionally try something new. Sometimes a thread with a game style or posting style that isn't quite what you are looking for, can give you fresh new ideas both in the game and on the forum. Anyway, well done again to all and let's hope we enjoy FM18 as much as we seem to have enjoyed FM17.
  14. Marking and positioning could do with a boost. Hopefully that will happen over the next couple of years with the aid of some individual training.
  15. The 8th Annual FMCU Awards - Awards Night

    How do you feel about the shocking topless pictures that are due to be run in tomorrows tabloids?