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  1. Goodbye to (19b) Dagur Ingi (Bal) *. HK. Aug 2022. Goteborg came in with a bid of £190,000 and he had a min fee release clause of £200,000. We got a decent DR through the intake this season so I opted to negotiate for £150,000 up front, a friendly and 50% of his re-sale value.
  2. Welcome to the club. There is a very small select group who have seen their GK score 100+ goals.
  3. So it re-sets at 255? Wow. I never knew that. What's the thinking behind that?
  4. Worth it. HK. Aug 2022. We know that trying to identify a players potential on Day 1 of a new Youth Intake is just about impossible, but while it's impossible to be 100% accurate, it is possibly to narrow the margins a little and make the most of all the information that is available to us. Player valuation is one of these areas and especially at this stage of a players career where lots of the driving factors involved in determining player valuation, haven't yet been introduced. At this stage, the wages demanded by players should be pretty similar across the board while they are still on Youth contracts. Similarly, the length of contracts is likely to be very similar. (There is a max of 1 year between the length of the youth contract offered to my Youth Intake because they will all sign Pro contracts on their 17th birthday. This is my normal Youth Intake screen, but I have also added in the column marked in red which is the player valuation, (after they have signed their youth contract). Now let's compare the above graphic to the original Youth Intake screen that has been posted a few posts previously. All things being equal, the players at the top should have a higher valuation than players at the bottom, but another contributing factor is CA. Although players are ranked by PA, (and that's what is most important to me in this save), if Player A starts off with the same PA as Player B, but Player B has much higher CA, then you would expect Player A to be valued higher. Something else to consider is that where as players in the original Youth Intake screen were all given gold CA stars, (compared to senior players), the new batch will sometimes have their CA rated as silver stars, (compared to Youth players). Let's try and look at some of the anomalies, (in terms of player valuation), and this might suggest that something is wrong somewhere. The 1st thing that jumps out at me is that (22b) has a higher valuation than (22a), but (22b) has 3.0 CA stars in comparison to just 1.5 CA stars for (22a). This seems right to me. While the PA of (22a) might still be deemed to be a little higher, the higher CA of (22b) increases his value. The next thing that jumps out at me is the low relative value of (22c). He is valued at only £425, but his relative CA and PA have remained the same. Below him is (22d) who has had a "boost in PA". (He hasn't had a boost at all. The opinion of My Ass Man on his PA has just changed since yesterday, (because just 1 game day has passed). (22d) has gone from a 4.0 PA player to a 4.5PA player, (which seems a rather small increase), but his valuation of £3.1k is actually higher than the (22a) player. Now before you get too excited, (you are excited right!!!) it's quite possible that (22d) isn't better than anticipated. It's just as possible that (22a) is just not as good as 1st anticipated. Something that I have noticed over the years, is that players with certain personalities, (Professionalism to the fore again), get a boost in terms of valuation. Look at (22o) who is Resolute and (22n) who is Pro. Why are these players valued at slightly higher than similar players around them? To summarise, the player valuations alone suggest that (22a), (22b) and (22d) are the players to watch, however (22c) might be a bit of a let-down).
  5. How Deep is your Love. (squad depth). HK. Jul 2022. Things are good in the striker area and were even before this intake. (18c) Harald Skúlason (Amb) * was my 1st choice, but whether it's his attribute balance or simply the fact that he's more suited to a role that I am not using I'm not sure, but either way he has recently been usurped by (20a) Óttarr (F.Pro) (2020) * who has been out-performing him. (21a) Breiðdal (Hon) (2021) * has been out for a long while with a broken leg, and I am delighted that he is still deemed a 5.0 PA player. We are strong in the GK area too, and (22b) Guð Magnús (F.Sport) * looks as if he has raised the bar again. (The previously mentioned upgrades happened the day after the Youth Intake by the way so we won't have seen their benefit yet).
  6. Young Guns arrive via Youth Intake. HK. Jul 2022. There are 2x 5.0 players, so I can't complain about that at all, but no 2nd Nationalities is a bit of a downer, and the best players are a SC, a GK, a DR and an AMC. That's not what I was after at all. "Kriss" (22a) Jóhannes (Unamb) (2022)*. We really don't need another striker right now, but it is a key position and even if I don't play 2 up top at the moment, it's good to have another one developing in the wings. I would have preferred an AF to a P, (the big thing lacking that I can see from the Octagon is vision), but he's ok. (22b) Guð Magnús (F.Sport) *. He's a decent GK straight away and obviously a decent starting point makes it easier to reach his PA.
  7. An Upgrade in not 1 but 2 facilities. HK. Jul 2022. Extensive Youth recruitment is brilliant and Exceptional Junior Coaching should be really handy moving forwards.
  8. I'm not sure if this is techno or something else, but while it's not horrific, it's certainly not my cup of tea. Welcome to European Union to Serbia, Montenegro & Albania. HK. Jun 2022.
  9. I've never heard of Fair before but this is decent, (if a little "poppy"). They are like a soft Green Day from the sounds of this. I was dismayed that I couldn't find a sing called "no **** Sherlock"). (21a) Breiðdal (Hon) (2021) * doubtful for Breidablik game, (and all imminent games). HK. Jun 2022.
  10. In depth tactical discussion is all the rage recently so I thought it was time for me to delve deep into the nuts and bolts of my tactic/tactics and explain in great detail why we are playing the way we are and show you examples of that. Oh sorry. Wrong thread. This will have to do. Great video though.
  11. In the true spirit of this thread, (oh come on, it's a bit different isn't it?), I've just progressed for 1 week in the game for the 1st time in 1 week in real life. Deserving of a song? Yes, I thought so too!