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  1. The laptop is relatively new and still under warranty so I expect.to get it back. Assuming that I do and assuming that there is at least 1 save available then I will continue. Must remember to save to cloud more often just in case though. So easy and I would be gutted to lose a 2030 save when it's so easy to avoid.
  2. New Laptop blown up. Not sure what that means for save. How many tunes can you link me to between now and my return, on the subjects of blowing up, death, anger, emotional loss, boredom, heartbreak and of course technology! 😂
  3. Available jobs. Stade Rennais. Feb 2030. Swansea are a team I would like to manage, (by virtue of them being a Welsh club playing in England), and interestingly, Cardiff might also become available soon and are just out of the picture. Bot really interested in another French job if I leave Stade Rennais. Arsenal are an obvious choice, but I don't like them, (but maybe Youth Onlt at Arsenal would be fun!). Barnet are my club so obviously they would interest me, and have been relegated twice, (at least), in the game.
  4. You're a joke! Stade Rennais. Jan 2030. What do you mean he has signed for Juve? I've got a 3 year option on him. They can't sign him! So despite the fact that I have an option for 3 more years in his contract, Juve have somehow still managed to sign him on a free?
  5. Into The World Team of the Year (substitutes). Stade Rennais. Dec 2029. Mbappe was obviously produced by Monaco, but we have produced both the Runner up and 3rd place in French Player of the Year.
  6. You're bot good enough. Stade Rennais. Dec 2029. We started poorly, but the reality is that the 2 away losses were reasonable performances and it was the home game to Roma where we did not score that cost us. We missed out on the Europa league Knocout stages by virtue of a poorer head to head record against Roma which all comes back to the Round 2 game. We've got to do better than this next season.
  7. Board Meeting. Stade Rennais. Dec 2029. Junior Coaching is being improved to excellent which I think is level 18-19, (or at least used to be). Youth Recruitment is being improved to well established which I think is level 17-18, (or at used to be). Youth Facilities are being improved. I'm not sure what level they are being improved to, although the facilities screen says they are currently excellent which is level 18-19 I think. Maybe that means they are being improved to Top which is obviously level 20. I notice that we don't own our own stadium. Maybe that's something that will change in the near future. Our bank balance is currently +£43M even after the above upgrades.
  8. Apologies @Makoto Nakamura I thought I had responded to this but obviously didn't press submit or something. Bankrupt. Stade Rennais. Jul 2029. Monaco might not actually be bankrupt, but they have absolutely failed FFP regulations in spectacular fashion. It's no secret why they have failed the FFP regs. Here are their net transfer figures since the game started. 2017/18. -£11.25M. 2018/19. +£83.00M. 2019/20. -£122.75M. 2020/21. -£37.50M. 2021/22. -£105.50M. 2022/23. -£67.00M. 2023/24. -£132.00M. 2024/25. -£124.00M. 2025/26. -£77.00M. 2026/27. +£22.00M. 2027/28. +£42.50M. 2028/29. -£3.30M. The only real question is why they didn't fail FFP before 2029?
  9. No no no. Stade Rennais. Jul 2029. I would have sold him last year for £50M before he signed a new contract, but no way now. I'm not sure I would accept £100M for him now.