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  1. Board Elections. The all female board is gone, and with it my philosophy of promoting Youth through the ranks. The new board have given me a lower league (ISL) club as a feeder, and proposed a new contract, but as yet that's it. (Oh, they have also consolidated the debt into a loan). That we are building debt at this stage is worrying because I am well under wage budget and not spending cash anywhere else.
  2. I've just finished my first full season and don't think there is an issue with injuries.
  3. Some decent time? Yes. From the bench? No. I'm not actually playing games. I'm using the IR button on a skin. Where as the usual style would be to put the players on the bench and put them on in the 2nd half, I can't do that because if I do, they will never come on. Instead, what I have to do is play them from the start and then trust that the Ass Man will withdraw them at half-time if they are causing us to struggle. 6 of them have made their debuts in the last month of the season and they have shared a total of 16 appearances in that time.
  4. We have just had our first players called up for INT duty, (albeit only (ISL) U19's).
  5. He is. It really was a decent intake. There is also a decent striker, (15 finishing), that is not even shown above, and the Serbian left back is decent too.
  6. I've thought of a negative. GK's don't seem great if I'm honest, Not rubbish, but not great. There could be a reason for that in that I'm currently managing at a rubbish Icelandic club and I was used to managing Partizan on FM16 who were good.
  7. Youth Day. August 2016. If you had asked me before this intake, what I would want from my perfect intake, I think the only thing that the FM Gods did not grant me was 16 Model Pro personalities. It's really that good. (Oh, and I would have wished for a son, but let;s not be too greedy). 1. We got a Serbian to pay homage to my Partizan save with FM16. 2. We got a Sammarinese player to pay homage to my San Marino roots, (ish). 3. We got one, two, three, four, 5.0 PA players. 4! (FOUR). I have never had 4x 5.0 PA players in any save at any level ever. 4. We got an Engishman, and a decent one at that. (He's immediately the best GK at the club). As there are 4x 5.0 PA players in this intake, I will gloat and show them all.
  8. Well in that case is it bottom 2 relegated and then a 3rd which has the lowest over 2 seasons? We will just keep going until we find a formulae that fits.
  9. Oh I get it. So the bottom 2 on that list can't be relegated because they have only participated in 1 season, and Fenix are bottom of the 3 above them, (so not only were they relegated, but they were relegated bottom!)
  10. I'm really enjoying it, but then it's FM. What's not to enjoy? I have scored 1 goal where the opposition GK smashed the ball at one of his defenders and it went it, but although I haven't conceded any myself, I have seen plenty of comical goals conceded on twitter. Tackling seems better, It feels like an upgrade, (which always isn't the case).
  11. That is an amazing stadium. Fenix must have been some sort of skulduggery I would have though. (Very weird)
  12. There is no info on how many people use it, because there is no way to track that sort of info. I'm using this skin. The thing you have to take into account however is that the feature doesn't actually work as intended, (and probably never will). The idea is that you can create a "match plan" when playing FM Touch and your Ass Man will carry out certain things depending what the scoreline is at a certain point in the game. This might by tactical or might be a substitution. In full-fat FM however this is not possible. (Actually, it is, but the downside is that if you have a player who is injured and can't continue, then he will not be replaced). People get around this by not making a match plan. The down side of this is that it's hugely hard to adapt your own tactic, (and even harder to adapt someone else's), because you have no idea what is going wrong, or why, because you are not playing the game. You are enormously reliant on your tactic and having to set your team up in advance to overcome different types of team. It's certainly not for everyone but I enjoy it.
  13. dafuge in South America? That takes me back to the Pernambuco State Championship n Brazil. (The Cup that starts off as a league, changes into a cup, reverts to 2 more league rounds and then finishes off with 2 Cup rounds, or something ridiculous like that). Pavoni looks good, but I notice that young centre-half Rodriguez is the only 5.0 PA player and he already has 2 goals from not many appearances, I take it you are running riot at corners?
  14. Things are going well up front. But not so well at the back. (Just call me Ossie).
  15. What SI said would be included is that both (GIB) & (KOS) would be entered into FIFA & UEFA competitions as in real life. I would expect SI to release a (GIB) structure update as they have done in the last few years, but I'm not sure how long this usually takes. (Last year it was posted on Steam on 13th November).