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  1. It looks really weird doesn't it. It looks like it is really close to the pitch though which I would love in real life. I know the capacity is only going to be something like 30,000 after this expansion is finished, and that we will only have limited expansion after that, but I think it would be an amazing stadium to play in or watch football in. Really not like other stadiums I have seen in the game.
  2. I know. Serves me right. I should have known better shouldn't I. The 2-0 win was big with our Youth products getting both goals. It will be interesting to see how things develop. (39b) Xabier (Res) * has a poor return in terms of goals per International appearance, but I expect that to change over the next few years as he really starts to transfer his club form onto the International stage and really starts to fill his boots.
  3. I warn you. My therapist has got me to the stage now where I can actually say the word "Regensburg" without freaking out, but it's taken a LONG time. Good luck. I will deffo be following.
  4. Nov 2044. It was a good month with (36a) Dulce (Bal) (2036) * especially finding form and hitting 8 goals this month. We are still conceding too many goals though, and after giving Monaco a 3 goal start, we needed this GK Goal to share the spoils. (36c) Schmidt (Bal) * is up to 3 for the season and it was his 46th career goal, He's still only 24 years old and I can't see anyone taking his place in the team anytime soon. We also scored late winners against Guingamp, (92nd minute), and Caen, (89th min), so I'm not sure if we are lucky or very fit. We're 4th in the league but a resurgent PSG and Marseille have each only lost once and Lyon have only lost twice. We have qualified with a game to spare thanks to (36a) Dulce (Bal) (2036) * spanking 4 goals past Fenerbahce. Our last game is at home to Basel, (I expect 3 points), and Man Utd are at home to Fenerbahce where I expect them to also collect 3 points. It would be good if they only drew and we somehow sneaked through as top of the group, but getting through is the main thing.
  5. Well done. A lot of people in your position wouldn't even have signed him.
  6. What are your finances looking like now? I found that when I got to a certain level of cash in the bank, the board were less likely to sell my best young players. What are your Philosophies? I also found that if I could keep "Develop Players using the club's Youth system" as an agreed philosophy, then again, the board were less likely to flog the starkets from under me, (but older players were fair game).
  7. He thanks whom!!! Nov 2044. Kylian Mbappe, (who is now 45 years old), has given (39a) Jesús (F.Pro) (2039) * his 1st Senior French Cap and he is gushing in his response after the game. It would seem that he was pretty decent during the game too. The game was no friendly goal-fest, but a Euro League game against Spain. Needless to say that (39b) Xabier (Res) * has been stung by my recent criticism of his scoring record at this level and scored the opener. France have been performing really poorly at this level but Mbappe seems to have started to turn things around for them. He is now unbeaten in 5 games, having won 3 and drawn 2. Before Mnappe. Since Mbappe.
  8. 19 players called up for International duty. Nov 2044. I think this is a record for us. 15 players called up for the French system and 4 for Spain. This is the 3rd time that (39a) Jesús (F.Pro) (2039) * has been called up to the senior French squad, but he is yet to make his debut. (39b) Xabier (Res) * is still in the French squad but he only has 2 goals from 13 senior appearances. Unsurprisingly there are no other Basque player in the French Senior squad, the U23's, U21's or U20's, but (43c) Fayolle (Unamb) is in the U19's after being sold to Strasbourg. There are 3 Basque players in the Spanish National squad, but none of them are products of our players or even products of our Academy. There is 1 Basque player in the Spanish U23 squad. There are 5 Basque players in the Spanish U21 squad. Although none of them are products of our Academy, 2 of them are our players. There is 1 Basque player in the Spanish U20 side. Although he isn't a product of our Academy, he is our player, (on loan at A.Bilbao). There are 4 Basque players in the Spanish U19 side. Although none of them are products of our Academy, 1 of them is a Bayonne player.
  9. Oct 2044. Our form isn't awful, but we are just not taking our chances despite playing reasonably well. 3 games without scoring is troubling. We played well against Man Utd and probably deserved an away draw, but they snuck a late winner and we left with nothing.
  10. Sep 2044. For whatever reason, the worm seems to have turned and we are back to winning ways again. The loss against Fenerbahce was because I completely rotated the whole squad in an attempt to just what we have done. I was hoping that we might sneak a win as we were at home, but we had a player sent off and with so many players rested, weren't strong enough to overcome it. There is work to be done in the Champions League, but we are still in contention and should be able to qualify comfortably from here.
  11. Stadium expansion update. Sep 2044. That's a bigger job than I was expecting. It's basically half the stadium being re-built. Maybe this is impacting performances? ps. On the plus side, car-parking looks like it won't be a problem.
  12. The player that keeps on giving. Sep 2044.
  13. I know it's childish, but I find it hilarious that you got overlooked for a job in in favour of someone called Norbert.
  14. MMmmmm. I'm not sure actually. Let me look.
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