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  1. Surely Red Star Manager 7 gets the sack now!. Shush. Don't mention the pens.
  2. Youth Intake Feb 2026. It's really not a good intake, but it is certainly an interesting one. First of all we have a Uruguayan, (who is actually decent), but who has a shocking personality that I will have to address immediately. He does fit in the AMC playmaker slot that we are looking for more depth in though. Then we have not 1, not 2, but 3 players from mighty San Marino. Because I don't really trust the reports that my Ass Man is giving me on Youth Intake day, (and by "don't really" I of course mean not even in the lightest, I have decided to look at things from a slightly different view-point. I think that the CA and PA ratings, (especially the PA ratings), are wrong, so what am I going to do to judge players on at this stage, (if I was managing a team where I was not signing each and every Youth Player, then what would I look at to try and get some more info so as to base my decision on? Well money is a decent start, so let's have a look at that. As soon as these players sign a youth contract, (which is a very minimal investment), the players gain a "valuation". Let's look at the valuations of the above players when they sign their yth contracts. Now assuming that the CA is correct, the value should run from the highest to the lowest in descending order, and any anomaly that stands out within this is likely to highlight an error in the PA. 1. (26a) £145,000 2. (26b) £39,000 3. (26c) £110,000 4. (26d) £13,250 5. (26e) £18,250 6. (26f) £13,250 7. (26g) £30,500 8. (26h) £12,750 9. (26i) £13,750 10. (26j) £14,000 11. (26k) £14,750 12. (26l) £30,500 13. (26m) £115,000 14. (26n) £13,500 15. (26o) £42,000 16. (26p) £52,000 If we were to rearrange this in order of value, then this is what we are left with. 1. (26a) £145,000 13. (26m) £115,000 3, (26c) £110,000 16. (26p) £52,000 15. (26o) £42,000 2, (26b) £39,000 7. (26g) £30,500 12. (26l) £30,500 I wonder how many of you are surprised by that?
  3. I don't think that's true. I think that Determination obviously has an impact, (we know it does), and I also have seen evidence of Professionalism having an impact, (body language widget), but I have never seen a single indicator ever, (or seen anyone else say that they have seen evidence of such), that Ambition has even the slightest impact on the pitch. Nothing linked to important matches for example, (which is something I have thought might be realistic and looked for in the past).
  4. I'm not sure how or why, but our U19's have just played a game in a tournament called Torneo di Viareggio. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Torneo_di_Viareggio I have never seen a team entered into this before. Even my San Marino team which received a special invitation to the U20 Copa America, was never invited to play in this. Looking at the Wiki page, Partizan have won it before, so I will be doing my best to win it again. The other teams in the Quarter Final are as follows. There has already been a Group stage, (which me missed), and this consisted of teams from Argentina, Mali, UAE, Ukraine, Germany (2 teams), Mexico (2 teams), Switzerland, Ghana, France, Serbia, (Red Star didn't make it out of the group stage!), Guatemala, Korea, Chile, Brazil, and just about every Italian club I have ever heard of, (apart from San Marino). I'm starting to think this is a big deal.
  5. As I understand it they are by "B" Team and the link is hard-coded into the game. I have the following squads. Partizan Partizan Reserves Partizan U19's Teleoptik Teleoptik Reserves Teleoptik U19's From 2009 -2014 the Senior Team was in the Serban First League which is playable, but since then they have languished in the Serbian Second Division Belgrade. I have tried to send them players to get them promoted, but it just hasn't happened. I'm thinking of sending them some proper good 19 year olds to see if I can get them up once and for all. It would be good to have a whole squad of 19 year olds playing in the First League every season.
  6. New Affiliate. I've been trying to get a new affiliate for quite some time and it has finally worked. We did have the same type of link with someone before, (was it Boca Juniors in Argentina or River Plate in Uruguay?), (I've just checked and we had River Plate relationship in July 2018 before the new board dispensed with it. We only managed to produce 1 South American youngster during our time with River Plate, (and we was (ARG) rather than (URU), but the scouting knowledge certainly came from them and without them we certainly would not have generated that player. Ideally I want to keep generating these types of links to increase the potential intakes each season, and hopefully the fact that the board have relented on this one means that we will have another in the pipeline before too long. We now have 9 feeders of varying types and the most frustrating one for me, (now that we have got a South American Youth Feeder again), is that Teleoptik can't get out of the non-playable 2nd Division and into the playable First Division where they will actually be of some benefit. I'm tempted to keep sending them players who should be good enough to get them promoted until they do so.
  7. Squad Management. I've got a bit of a decision to make with regards to selling a player to make way for Stevanovic (Res) Tutor, (who has immediately been tasked with tutoring 19yo Argentinian DR (23b) Nicolás (ARG) (F.Amb).Stevanovic may have the best CA, but Nicolás has significant room for growth. I know I have mentioned that I am looking to sell striker Djuradj, but he needs to be replaced in the squad by another striker and 1 of the 3 right backs in the squad has to make way for Stevanovic. It obviously can't be Nicolás, so that means that it is a straight choice between (20g) Samardzic (F.Det) and (20b) Jelic (SRB/BIH) (Det). Something that I find quite interesting, (and this may be of interest to @CechingYouOut), is that (20b) Jelic, (who was obviously ranked 2nd in the 2020 intake), is rated at 2.0 for both CA & Pa, however (20g) Samardzic, who was ranked 7th in the same intake, is rated at 2.5 for both CA and PA. I know for a fact that (20b) Jelic will have played significantly more games than (20g) Samardzic, and I have just checked that (20b) Jelic hasn't had any seriously debilitating injuries, (and he hasn't), so the only conclusion I can draw is that the original PA evaluation was incorrect, (but not sure which one), and it was only found out quite recently after (20g) Samardzic returned from 2 season-long loans, where especially in the 2nd season, he played a lot of football. I've found this pic which shows squad depth at right back from Jan 2021 and it's interesting to look at the comparison between the 2 players mentioned above. (20b) Jelic had 5.0 PA at this stage, (although it's worth pointing out that it might have been as low as 4.0 PA). (20g) Samardzic had 3.5 PA at this stage, (although it's worth pointing out that it might have been as low as 2.5 PA). Just to add an extra comparison (18b) João (POR/SRB) Det was sold because both his CA and PA were both 2.0 and obviously we had better options. This suggests that the (20b) Jelic was relatively accurate and it was the report on (20g) Samardzic that was significantly under-cooked. Either way, one of these players needs to be dropped from the SuperLeague squad and sold as a result. It's actually a relatively simple decision, (but one I still don't like making because of my fondness for the player). Both players are similar but (20b) Jelic is worth more and is not performing as well. Additionally, he has a pretty rubbish pink hair-cut. That's it, he's outa here!
  8. Sorrentino (32C) is interesting, I'm glad that something I said made you look at him again. His physicals loook desperate, but I suppose everything is relative so it might not be as bad as it initially seems. Keep an eye on his PA and see if it stats as is. With regards to loaning out the (M.Pro) GK, you might be better served keeping him so that you can control the additional focus training. It could be that he develops quicker staying with you and playing very few games, (but benefiting from the additional focus), than he would by playing senior football elsewhere, but where you don;t have control over the training. My personal preference is to not loan players out until they are toll old to play age group football. [Edit] Just to expand on this point and to reassure you that you made the correct decision, I had 2 DR's come through my 2020 intake. (20b) Jelic was given the indicator (20b) because he was the 2nd best player to come through the 2020 intake, rated by PA. (20g) Samardzic was given the indicator (20g) because he was the 7th best player to come through the 2020 intake, rated by PA. (20b) Jelic had 1.5 CA and 5.0 PA in Jan 2021. (20g) Samardzic had 1.0 CA and 3.5 PA in Jan 2021. (20b) Jelic is about to be sold because in Jan 2026 he has a CA of 2.0 and a PA of 2.0. (20g) Samardzic is being kept because in Jan 2026 he has a CA of 2.5 & a PA of 2.5. In the 7 seasons since he came through the intake, (20b) Jelic has only suffered 4 different injuries, (none debilitatiing), and they have kept him out for a total of 14 weeks and 4 days. M staff just got the PA of (20g) Samardzic signficantly wrong, (to the tune of approx 3,0 PA stars, and I'm using other players to calculate this, not just these 2.
  9. Database size is probably the issue then. I worry about a big database with long-term saves a little on my little old laptop.
  10. That's all well and good, but you will notice that I am not managing in one of the Big 4 European structures so what happens is that all these World Class coaches who have just the required personalities are none to keen to play in what is effective a European back-water. I could of course opt to lower the standard of my staff and prioritise personalities over their abilities, but when they are instrumental in training the players in the first place, then it seems couter-productive to work so hard on the personalities only to neglect the actual player development itself. Each has to work in tandem with the other and prioritising one completely over the other causes issues. The game gets around this, (at least for me), by only making staff of a certain reputaton available to me on the shortlist, and that;s who I am prepared to sign, I don;t trawl the database looking for the best in the game and chuck money at them. IN fact I don't do much of anything except ask the DoF to sort it out at the moment, (because it was too much like hard work). If I were to only appoint (M.Pro), (Pro), (F.Pro) & (Res) staff, then I would have hardly any staff at all and the quality would be significantly weakened to such an extent that our players would never reach their PA, (even those with goof personalities).
  11. Absolutely agree about (Amb) being very much relative to not only the save, but also the way that the manager plays it. Even though I am not doing a rigid Youth Challange as some of you are, I wouldstill prefer to keep the likes of Kriss Kruc (2020) here because the whole point of the save is about players such as him. If he has to go then fairynuf, but if I can keep him then I want to. (Amb) in this instance makes that harder. In my opinion, what gain is worth more than the potential loss that I might have without the (Amb) value, (little though I believe it to be).
  12. Transfers Jan 2026. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Transfers, but not sold my soul to the devil transfers. Stevanovic (SRB/BIH) (Resolute) HG, is a right back who can cover centre0half at a push. You can see from his history that he is actually a product of our academy but I sold him for £2.4M in my 1st season in charge because I had an older player who was better but who had poorer re-sale value. It was a shame that I had to do it given the nature of the save, but it was a decision that had to be made. He is immediately our best DR, (rated by PA), although the young (ARG) player has significant room for growth and should soon out-strip him. I paid £7.5M for him , but it's actually his wages that are the big deal. He's on £85,000 per week which equated to just under £4.5M per year, and he's signed to a 3 year deal so that's a smidgen under £14M that we will have to shell out in wages. I don't have an issue with that because although I have started splashing out on the wagesrecently, we have enormous sell0on potential available and if we have to sell at some point then we will. The added benefit to signing Stvanovic is that with the scarcity of quality Model Pro's in the database , (of any Nationality), I have widened the search to (Res) Tutors, and in this respect, he fits the bill perfectly. Zoran (SRB) (Resolute). is a player who I had signed to the club previously, (and then solf on), but he is not a product of our academy. He will hopefully never have to play foe us, but should still be influential as a tutor. The fact that we can pay £2.5M and offer wages £3m over 6 years is proof enough that we have a cash surplus at the moment.
  13. Well that's what a lot of people have thought for ages and even when you tell people, "No, I don't think that's how it works", it doesn't seem to matter, so it's a bit of a self-perpetuating myth. Have a look at the links above and make your own mind up. I had made mine up long before Strikerless tore it apart so well.
  14. There has been some research done by....Merry Guido on the Strikerless.com website that is really interesting. Rather than shoe-horn the results to fit is expectations, he just lays it out for you and let's you draw your own conclusions. What drives player development. A few factors you never considered. What drives Youth Development? A follow-up. What drives Youth Development? Another attributes experiment. Really worth a read. if the stuff in my thread interests you. I'm not saying that everything he says is right, (I certainly agree with most of it), but the way he sets out his explanations is absolutely excellent.
  15. No, it's that they constantly seem to strive for the next level of success. As soon as they are in the squad then they have the desire to win things, (which is great), but it's not the Ambition that helps them win it on the pitch, (but determination). So it basically sets these goals, but benefits them in no way at all in actually achieving them. That's ok here because we have won the league every year, but of course in now gives them designs on European success. Initially this just manifests itself in the form of wanting European football, (not a problem either), and then the next step is qualification for the Champions League, (again not a problem as we go straight into the Group stages now). The problem is the next step when one of these players decides that winning the league isn't enough and playing in Europe isn;t enough and playing in the Champions League isn't enough, but that they want to play in a team that is competing in the latter stages of the Champions League, (or the one after that is winning it I think). Obviously we are quite a long way off that and as a result less (Amb) and more (Loyal) would be better for me. I think that (Amb) offers such a small benefit to player development as to make it irrelevant.