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  1. I rotate all through the squad but mainly because of fitness. They just can't play every game.
  2. It's a little strange actually in that I think I have mentioned that I rotate my 2 best GKs in so mucb as they are dropped if they concede a goal, any goal. Because Vaz had performed such heroics in the 1st Bayern game, I opted to stick with him for the 2nd game despite the fact that he had conceded not once but twice. Not only did it backfire in spectacular fashion as he conceded 6 in the 2nd leg, but he also missed a penalty. The next game was a Champions League game against a rampant Chelsea, (not at home so can't tell if it was home or away), but we performed brilliantly and the swapped in GK (Rafn), played a blinder to give us a clean sbeet, 3 points and give himself à starting spot against...... someone Russian I think who are bottom of the group with 0 points.
  3. Yep. This tactic malarkey is well and truly sorted...... Nov 2044. I blame the snow, and the GK, and the GK again.
  4. Tactical comments. Before anyone goes too deep into that tactical side of things in this thread, I am certainly no expert when it comes to tactics, but neither am I rubbish. It's quite hard to tinker with tactics when you don't watch games, so obviously any change at all has to be a real gradual process. That being said, things seem to be developing quite nicely. We are currently playing a defensive mentality, (have been for a couple of years), and it has been tweaked in the main, more with the latter stages of Europe in mind rather than domestic games, where my thinking is that if I can beat the big boys in Europe then whatever is going on domestically then we should be able to cope. The only real issue that this throws up is where we have loads and loads and loads of players absent for whatever reason and we have to play a competitive domestic game we seem to now come unstuck. I've got to admit that I'm not entirely sure whether this is down to the ridiculously weak team we are having to field, or the tactic, or a bit if both. Anyway, I'm waffling. The reason for this tactical bit is that I have just had this result, and I'm obviously quite pleased for a few different reasons. The biggest thing was obviously the result. Don't get me wrong, it's great playing nice football and having great stats and the like, but all that really matters is the result. The next thing that I like is that we had more possession than Bayern. Of course we were often not doing much at all with it, but that's exactly the plan. I've looked at the stats and they tell me that they had 5 ccc's to our 0, but to be honest I hate looking at the ccc stat in isolation so I don't really care. I have looked at some of their missed opportunities however and yes, of course they should have won and probably won with a little bit to spare, but they didn't. The fact is that we scored twice and were it not for a really unlucky OG after the GK had made a great save, then we would have won rather than drawn and can you imagine the nonsense I would be spouting then!!! There was an issue with our right sided winger that I can't quite work out. Both the starter and the replacement had poor games and I think it was because they had 3 players in the DM screening a back 4 and so it was easy to double-up on our winger. The opposite side, (the wide left AP), was far more effective and I'm not really sure why at this stage. It's not something I have encountered before. I might go back and have another look at this game so that I have a little more information when it happens again. I've just had a look and it seems that the DL and the MCL, (it was 3 in the MC line rather than 3 in the DM line by the way), just seemed to double-team our 2 players who played wide right and they just couldn't cope with the attention.
  5. So what are you doing? Just looking at Scout reports?
  6. Not too shabby a start here. 2x (M.Pro), 3x (Pro), 1x(F,Pro) and also a (Leader) who I would also hope is (Pro) too.
  7. National Team shambles. Oct 2044. I'm getting really fed up of the (ISL) NT Manager being rubbish. First of all we crashed out of the Euro Championship Finals after just 2 games, failing to get out of a group containing Serbia, Austria & Ukraine. We should really be romping that group with the players we have available. In terms of the European International League, (I don't know what the real name is because it hasn't started yet but I think it's an excellent idea), we were relegated from the top tier last season after finding ourselves in a group with Italy & France. I don't really have an issue with being relegated and I think we are probably between Division A and Division B at the moment. Not good enough for Division A, but hopefully too good for Division B, (or at least we should be). That's where we come to next with my unhappiness with a 1-0 loss at home to Serbia. It's not a disaster, but it's not good either. The reason that we are using is because the Manager, (they are managed by the AI remember), is persisting with a...... ok, I take it back. He has finally given up with his ridiculous diamond and has reverted to a 4231 wide which is the same sort of set-up I play, even if I have modified things significantly from the starting tactic. I haven't been watching these games so I can't guess too much on roles, but there are a few things that jump out at me. (35a) Valdi (M.Pro) (2035) * played full back, (and this is confirmed on his reports - form page), but it's clear that he has been given a defensive duty. Why has he been given a defensive duty? In front of him on the left we have (34b) Marinó (M.Pro) * who was actually an AP(a) in the AMC slot but I retrained him to be an AP(s) in the AML slot because we were so weak there. It would seem that the (ISL) Manager has followed my lead with this and I can tell from the reports - form page that he played an AP role in the AML line, and I can also tell that he is being asked to perform a (s) duty. I can tell this because he is slightly behind the winger on the opposite flank. (That's how I could tell that the left back was on (d) duty too. Now having the FB on (d) duty might be ok in itself, but we also have the player in front of him not really being that attacking either and acting as an AP rather than a W. What that means is that there is a lack of options on the left hand side, (in my opinion), and we are neither getting at our opponents, nor working effectively as a team on that side when they have the ball. Compare that to the other side where (37d) Þór Rúnar (Pro), (now at Bordeaux), is a FM on either (a) or (s) duty, not sure which but I think (a). In front of him we have wonderkid (40a) Knútur (Pro) (2040) * who is being played as a W and I think he is being asked to perform an (a) duty. I look for balance in a formation and I'm no expert but I don't like either flank here. The left flank is too far apart and the left back is going to get isolated with the ball. On the right flank on the other hand, we are pushing forward too much and our right flank is going to be wide open with both players on that side bombing on. This next pic is the moment when our lone striker (36a) Úlfar (M.Pro) (2036) * has just been dispossessed and a long ball is going to be hoofed clear for their strikers to chase. You will notice that our right back (37d) Þór Rúnar (Pro) is highlighted in the bottom right hand corner, (and no I didn't check this before writing the above passage), is completely stranded by a single hopeful punt upfield. Look, our centre-backs shouldn't get beat from here, even if the right hand striker goes meep meep. But Alf miss-times the header while the left back has made little attempt to track back and cover around and the other centre-half is also just ball-watching and is now stranded. The right back it should be noted is still further forward than the 2 central midfielders and about level with the left winger, (or advanced playmaker if you are being pedantic). So now the Serbian striker on the right hand side is 1v1 with the GK, the DL and the DCL are desperately trying to get back but both have been caught out. The DCR is manfully trying to close down the ball-carrier, while also having to cover the left sided striker who finds himself in acres of space because...... yes. just have a look at where the right back still is now. He's not even back over half-way yet. In the next pic you can see that our DCL has done well in getting to the ball-carrier, the GK has come out to narrow the angle and the DCL is also still trying to block a pass to the spare striker who would obviously have an almost open goal at his mercy of the ball is played through to him. I just need to hope that Milanovic shoots from here or the pass across goal is blocked. If you look at where the right back is then he is still floundering just our side of the centre-circle. If you look at where he should be, (and we will use the positioning of the DL as a comparison, then he should be right bang in line with the attacker and ideally right beside him. Milanovic of course doesn't shoot and instead checks and then plays a lovely simple ball for Cavic who has the goal at his mercy and is easily able to slot home to give Serbia a nice little 1-0 away win against the naive (ISL) Team. The right back is still nowhere near even close to putting pressure on never mind about making a tackle. It annoys me that I can see the errors just by looking at the formation screen and then lo and behold when I look at how we conceded the goal, whammo, there it is as if I had been directing proceedings. I might try and show an interest in the NT job even though I don't want it just so that they get rid of this eegit. #NotHappy
  8. Thanks. I really like that logo, but the truth is that I don't know how to install it and we are long way though the save anyway so I'm not going to learn how to now. Thanks for posting it but please don't be offended if I don't start using it. Thanks anyway.
  9. Yeah, I suppose you are correct and that as usual it's the game mirroring real life. It's just..... rubbish.
  10. Manager of the Year is...... not me. Sep 2044. I have a 72% win ratio and Upper League Cup, The Icelandic Cup, the Icelandic Premier League, (with a 13 point winning margin), and the only domestic trophy we didn't win was the Champions Cup, (which we lost on penalties), yet someone else romps to 506 Manager points with a win ratio of just 50% when I end up on just 399 points.. How does that work?
  11. You certainly did. While he is far from speedy, he is also no longer slothlike.
  12. I've been working hard at this bloke but was waiting until he was either the finished article or something significant happened to warrant further comment/discussion. Well he has just been Capped by (ISL) aged 19, (managed by the AI remember), so that's the trigger for a mini-update. I've already tutored him enough that I think he will auto-pop to (M.Pro) when he hits 23. I've added a "shoots with power" PPM. He is currently attempting to learn the "dribbles more often, (or whatever it is called). PPM. 2041. He didn't get any games in the first part-season simply because he physically wasn't up to it. There is just no point when the player lacks physicality. They can do ok if they lack technique or mental strength, but they just can't cope without the physical ability. 2042. 2043. Je really wasn't great this season and I was starting to have doubts that he would ever really make it to the required level, (which might have been a contributing factor in the loan that didn't happen next season which you are about to see). 2043/44. I can't remember if this was a change of heart in terms of him being loaned out, or I had just set accept all loan offers in error. Either eway, it was cancelled as soon as it went through and he was never really there. 2044. This season has been great and we still have 6 Champions League Group stages to play, along with 3 more league games. He will probably start some of the league games so that (36a) Úlfar (M.Pro) (2036) * is fresh for Europe. I've been pleased. Not just with his goal-scoring, (which has been ok), but also with his all-round game which has been excellent, topped off nicely by his 1st cap, (hence this post). [Edit] I think I've done significantly better with him than I was expecting. He's not yet finished his 3rd full season, is still a teenager and looks pretty decent, (even if I do say so myself). Of course he could be quicker, and his octagon says he is weaker mentally than I would like, (although I don't see it when looking at his attributes), but then again that's what the octagon is for isn't it? Much as I certainly screwed some good players up in the past, (I think it was my Partizan save where I had a bit of a mare on occasion), I'm happy with how this is going at this stage.
  13. 4 players made their debuts in that last game while everyone was away. Needless to say, we lost, (1-0).
  14. I know a lot of you look at the way I play and think, (even if you are often too polite to write it), "why the bloomin hell has he got so many players?" Well this next graphic sort of proves my thinking, even if it always isn't quite this severe in all positions. I have 8 GK's contracted to the club and 2 of them are out on loan, (leaving 6 to select from). (39b) Vaz (POR) (F.Pro) * 13 may only be 21 years old, but he is now a regular in the (POR) Senior squad and although he hasn't made his debit, has been sat on the bench for the last 8 games. The 1st choice (POR) GK is 27 years old and the other GK in the squad is also 21 years old, so I would expect him to be in the (POR) Senior squad basically for the rest of his career. He's going to miss a LOT of games as a result. (35b) Rafn Andri (Pro) 27 is now 25 but has already amassed 43 Senior (ISL) Caps and again is unlikely to be usurped in the (ISL) Squad unless we can produce 3 GK's better than him, (which seems unlikely as we are probably not due another good GK for a few years now). (41j) Þór Þorbjarnar (F.Pro) is 19 years old and has come in and done a job for us in the past, but I don't see him quite up to the job if we want to set records for going undefeated and not conceding goals. He scored a free-kick this season in the Premier League, (but it was frustratingly lost after a crash), although he made that up with a goal in the U19's Cup Final, (again a free-kick). I may need to keep him as (24b) Ben Óli (Amb) 60 * is 36 now and I'm not sure how long he will continue playing for as he is just a stand-in during Internationals now. (42f) Jónas Sigurð (F.Pro) is only 18 years old and has only made 1 appearance for us, (conceding 2 goals). He's in the U19 (ISL) squad at the moment, but I expect him to progress to the U21 (ISL) squad, so expect him to be on regular International duty for 4 more years. I will probably look to sell/release him after he is no longer of benefit to (ISL) U21's, (if not before), because I'm not sure I like him too much. (43i) Davíðsson (L.Det) is only 17 and by far the poorest of the bunch. While I would play the other 2 youngsters without too much worry in the absence of a senior player, I would be having kittens if I had to play this bloke. He's really not up to scratch and I don't think he ever will be. That being said, it's likely that this bloke will still be called up to U19/U21 squads before too long so even he won't be available and I will have to rely on whoever the next GK is who comes through. (24b) Ben Óli (Amb) 60 * is 36 years old, and although he hasn't retired from International football, is unlikely to get called up because we have a few good GK's knocking about now, (that we have produced of course). It's perfect to have him at the club and come in for these games. I'm obviously keen on re-signing players towards the end of their careers, (especially those who have moved on to big clubs abroad), with a view to encouraging them to take up a non-playing role after their retirement. Filling this "International" gap has also started to become more prominent in my thinking. To that end I'm already aware that (24b) Ben Óli (Amb) 60 * is 36 and I have to find the next one for when he retires. (31e) Orri Hansson (F.Pro) only ever played 1 game for us and is certainly not a player I would consider a favourite, but he is certainly a player who I would ask to return to provide this sort of cover. He will probably be willing to too as he only actually spent a total of 3 and a but seasons at the club as a youngster before I loaned him out regularly and then flogged him to Spain for £40,000 in 2039. (32c) Joe (USA) (F.Pro) * 27 certainly is a favourite and I would much prefer to have him back. Even (36b) Pétur (F.Pro) 1 might be worth bringing back if the 1st 2 aren't interested. Not sure I would bother with any of the others though. This isn't just an issue with GK's though. Left-back is even more problematic at the moment where I have 6 players in International squads, (basically 2 each in the Senior, U21 and U19 squads), and then 3 more out on loan. It means that for this next game, we are down to our 10th choice left back, and he has a club with a loan bid in for him right now too. I might be down to the 11th best by the time we get to the game in 4 days. Right-back isn't a problem because we have 3 players who rotate and only 2 of them ever get called up to the senior (ISL) squad at the same time, so I just play the one who is left and he's plenty good enough whoever it is. Centre-Half is quite simply an absolute disaster. We have 13 DC's on International duty right now. 3 in the Senior (ISL) squad, 4 in the U21 (ISL) squad, 2 more in the (SWE) U21 squad and then we have players in both the (ISL) U19's and (ISL) U20's squad. (What exactly is the U20 squad? Is it just for the U20 World Cup?) Add to that that we have 5 more out on loan and I think I will be starting our 10th and 16th best centre-backs in the next league game, and I think I have mentioned before that they both have the same name, obviously play in the same position and I think that the only reason that the rubbish one is still here is because for a long time I thought they were both the same player and the rubbish one was better than he actually is. (30c) Kristóf Skúl (M.Pro) and (35i) Kristófer Skúli (M.Pro) take a bow. Centre-mid makes none too pleasant viewing either. We have 9 away on International duty, 5 of them in a senior squad. (28a) Magnús (Pro) (2028) * is only 32 but has retired from International duty after collecting 56 Caps. (31a) Berg (M.Pro) (2031) has somehow never been capped, (which is astounding! ), as he is still better even now than some of the younger players the (ISL) Manager has called up. Anyway, I'm not complaining because these 2 are plenty good enough. Without them I would have to go down to.... 13th and 16th best centre-mids. Attacking mid-centre is a key position for us as I think I have mentioned before but again we are struggling in this area with our best 6 players available. The best available player is actually 26 year old (34f) Theódór (M.Pro) who is the 16th best centre-mid mentioned above. Unfortunately that does NOT mean that he is a lot better AMC than he is a MC. Left wing, (which has recently converted to a wide advanced playmaker in recent seasons), is not great, but for different reasons. We just haven't produced many decent wide players at all in the save and that was the reason why until recently there was a product of another Academy in the senior (ISL) squad. We have since usurped him, but it was largely due to his physical failings, (old age), rather than any great ability from our players. Strangely, we also have loads of foreigners who can play AML. A Belgian, 4 Danes and 2 Chinese to be precise. Obviously this increases the chances of all these players being called up for International duty. The (ISL) has sought to get around this by playing a diamond formation, (which was obviously why he left out our AMR wonderkid from the recent European Championships, and also probably why he didn't get out of the group stage. He would be better of playing a "righty" there, or a striker or an AMC or even a 2nd left back. He's an idiot! Right wing is a huge area of strength compared to the left, but obviously this means that they are more likely to be on International duty. As "luck" would have it, I have re-signed 34 year old (26b) Páll Stefán (F.Pro) *, (who already has a staff profile), and although he has not retired from International football, is unlikely to add to his 75 (ISL) Caps. (That reminds me. I must set him as a playmaker rather than a winger when he plays). Up front we have 9 of our 10 best strikers unavailable through either International call-ups or loans. Part of me thinks that "it's fine, I'll just play the best kid who can't get into the whatever age group", but it's really not that easy. We only play 1 up front so that makes things easier, and I have 26 year old (34d) Eiður (M.Pro) who earned the most recent of his 3 Senior (ISL) Caps in 2042/43 while on loan at Coruna in Spain, but I have just agreed to flog him to Belgium and I think he will likely be gone before the next game. With him also likely absent that brings us down to the 12th best striker, (a 17 year old who can't even get into the (ISL) U19 squad), and has never even managed a game for our club U19 side!) and our 13th best striker, (a 20 year old who has only ever made 1 sub appearance for us, obviously not scoring in the process). I've got a couple of really useless Model Pro tutors after that, but basically we are really struggling up front. If I didn't consider it a form of cheating, (yes it's cheating about as much as having my GK's score), then I would play strikerless, but I do so I'm not! Not quite up to our usual standards I think you would agree.
  15. International call-ups discussion. Aug 2044. It's all a bit strange really. We had call-ups, (as mentioned above), for 42 players and that's fine, but then we also had call-ups for 7 more, (making 49 in total), and that is a record I think. I don't really understand why they are not all called up together.