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  1. Tags are very cool.
  2. I've tried to edit and fix the quotes in the last post, but the forum just isn't having it. Maybe it will sort itself out. I'm afraid it is with regret that my "Model Pro OCD", (yet it is a thing! ), has got the better of me and I have decided to bring in some non-Serb tutors. One of the tutors is actually a Serb anyway, but the others are a Belarusian, a Slovakian and a Romanian. Despite the fact that the Slovakian is a current International, the only defence I can offer against this flagrant disregard of my own rules is that they will never play a single competitive game for the club. Ever!
  3. I can now see that dafuge has posted 57 minutes ago, but when I try to click on the 57 mins ago, it instead takes me to a post made by Makoto Nakamura in this thread on Wednesday at 21:15 [Edit] Interesting. When I actually make the post then everything becomes visible and I can see dafuge's post and all 152 pages of the thread. Yes, bold seems to be working fine for me. I can see all of the above posts ok.
  4. Yes there is, but I can't work out what's what. There is a light grey circle, and I have posted in them. There is blank, and I haven't posted in them. There is a darker blue ring, (hollow circle). There is a dark blue circle, and I think I have posted in them too. [Edit] Linking to twitter is decent for signing in at least, but I'm not sure what other benefits it offers. [Edit1] I am encountering 2 issues. 1 is that the forum seems to be remembering old posts and wants ton start off new posts with the old post, (as above).n The 2nd issue is that it seems as if Kubi made a post in this thread approx. 1 hour ago, but when i click on the last post in this thread then it takes me to a post by withnail316 that was made in November 2015 and is on page 126 of 126. #confuddled [Edit2] But when I actually make the post, then all the posts miraculously appear and there are now 134 pages.
  5. Yes there is, but I can't work out what's what. There is a light grey circle, and I have posted in them. There is blank, and I haven't posted in them. There is a darker blue ring, (hollow circle). There is a dark blue circle, and I think I have posted in them too. [Edit] Linking to twitter is decent for signing in at least, but I'm not sure what other benefits it offers.
  6. I suppose the 1 thing that I'm missing is the icon that used to tell me which threads I had posted in. If it is there then I can't see it. It used to allow me to ignore lots of threads and just concentrate on the few that I was interested in. Frustratingly, the forum is still trying to re-post my last post and even when I delete it, (the dafuge quote bit is still there).
  7. Ahhh. That was this morning before work. Just catching up now. Interestingly, just found another nice new feature of the new forum, when dafuge quoted me, I got a pop up on my browser, (chrome), to say that he had done so, in exactly the same way that I get a twitter pop up. It's a nice touch.
  8. Interestingly, I appear to have the same problem with new posts, (as above). When you start a new line on the new forum, it auto moves you past the next line as if knowing that you must be starting a new paragraph so a full line's space is needed. On the old forum, you would drop down to the line immediately below the one you were on first. I wonder if that is here to stay, or if it's what has caused the spacing issued and will be altered.
  9. Must admit that is bothering me somewhat. I might just be sad enough to go through 3 whole pages of my thread to edit it.
  10. Mine has quite a few pics and yes it does load faster now, (which is good). The thread is no longer in quite such disarray as it was last night, (which is good again). The spacing is still off though so where there should be a single line gap between lines of text or a picture, there is often 0 or 2, which makes the page look untidy. In the main it seems much better though so can't complain too much. If it continues to get on my nerves then I will probably just go and edit the whole thread again, (or at least my posts within it).
  11. I can't see that they are going to leave it like that.
  12. Or that Brazilian Diablo bloke.
  13. Scouting for tutors. I suppose I should actually make a post about this as it seems quite an important aspect at this stage of the save. This is the template that I am using to search for players, and you will see that initially I have limited myself to player who are classed as HG at club. (Please be aware that this does NOT mean that they are products of our academy, although hopefully will be). If this template doesn't yield players who can play in the correct positions, then I will simply de-select the trained at club option at the top of the list. These are the 11 players that the search came back with. Mihaljo is the only Serbian Model Pro in the game according to my scouts, (and he popped to Model Pro shortly after I sold him to Atletico. He was NOT a product of our academy as I bought him as a youngster for £500,000 from OFK Beograd. I don't intend bringing him back in at this stage, but may do towards the end of his career, (if I get that far). Stevanovic is only a rotation player at Chelsea so he might be an option to bring in, and he is a product of our academy. Saponjic is the player whom I sold for a phenomenal deal in the early stages of the save. The reality is however that he wouldn't get into our team and I would worry about him stagnating this early in his career, (he is only 26 years old). Again, he is a product of our academy though, so I certainly wouldn't have an issue bringing him back in the twilight of his career. Zoran is a 21yo MC that I sold for £375,000 18 months or so ago. We had decent competition for places, (and depth coming through), at MC, and despite his personality, I decided that I didn't want him. Not sure that he will be good enough as a tutor once he reaches the age if we continue to advance as we have done in recent years. Nastasic is a 30yo DC who is a product of our academy and is just the sort of player I would look to bring back into the fold. The issue is that he is considered a key player at Schalke so he is a bit out of my reach at least for the moment. Stefan Ilic is a 28yo SC who had already left the club when I arrived. If he was a Model Pro then I would snap him up immediately, (and I probably still should), but (F.Pro) just seems like such a half measure that I can't bring myself to do it. (He would never get a game). Djorj Nikolic is a 26yo GK who left the club before I arrived but who is a product of our academy. As you can see from his nickname, when I first scouted him he had a (F.Loyal) personality, but for whatever reason has moved on to (F.Pro since). GK is actually one of the areas in which I don't need a tutor. 1st choice Boban is a (Pro) and starlet Dimic is a (Res). Krstic is a 26yo DRC who I have previously ear-marked as a tutor, (but not followed through with). While he is available and reasonably priced, he only has 1.5 CA & PA so I worry that we wouldn't actually get much tutoring out of him. Having said that, any tutoring at all is worth it I suppose in the short term and looking at my squad..... yes, he could have tutored (23b) Nicolás (ARG) (Bal) for example, (who is under the 1.5 CA but has significantly higher PA. I might actually buy him right now actually. He is a product of our academy and I actually let him leave on a free in 2020. Kukolj is a 25yo SC. It's too early in his career to bring him back asa non-playing tutor, and he is doing reasonably well at the moment, and (F.Pro) is just not worth the effort when I have some decent personalities coming through as SC's. Aleks is a 23yo utility defender who can play all across the back. I had initially ear-marked him as a tutor, but partly because he was bought rather than produced, (he was a £100,000 purchase from Rad), I decided to off-load him when offers came in and I flogged him to Saint-Etienne for £1.3M. Dragomir is a 20yo SC who obviously came through the academy here. Unfortunately though he only has a PA of 0.5 - 1.5 and is never going to be good enough. So it would seem that I might have to start looking at players who have not come through our academy and see if that offers better results. [Edit1] When I de-select players that are HG at Partizan, there are now 205 players returned but obviously only 1 of these is a Model Pro...... or not as the case may be! There is actually a 2nd Model Pro on the list now. He is a 23yo SC who is a free agent and was previously a non-league player. I'm not sure how my scouts missed him previously. Possibly because he wasn't playing in either the SuperLeague or the First League. He is only a 0.5 - 1.5 PA player, (and as he is 23 it might be a struggle to see much improvement out of him at all), but I don't care. At the very least he will increase the overall Professionalism of the squad and I can get him to tutor some of the poorer quality youngsters. I will sign him as a back-up and then will have to change his status to something else in order to get him tutoring I think, (possibly rotation). Who cares if he gets unhappy. I've finally got a Model Pro player at the club! [Edit2] When I go back and un-tick the HG at club option, the results rise from 11 to 200+. When I tick just those players who are aged over 24 years old, I am left with 21 players. 2x Pro, 4x Resolute and 15x F.Pro. In previous saves, I wouldn't actually even consider F.Pro's as good personalities, (because of an abundance of Model Pro's), but in this instance where there are just so few Model Pro's available due to my Serbian on signing policy, I have to lower my sights and expectations somewhat. The reality though is that I have just become a "Model Pro" snob, and that at least in terms of professionalism, (which is the name of the game after all), there is absolutely no difference in professionalism between a (F.Pro) and a (Res). Both have professionalism 15-20, so why am I turning my nose up at them? Ridiculous I know, and I have to get out of that mind-set. I'm trying to think outside the box a little in terms of increasing Professionalism and have come up with a couple of ideas. I used to have an idea that I would try and create, (I mean naturally via tutoring), the first Model Citizen, but I didn't stick with it long enough. Now though, well surely I can generate a Model Pro in the same way? If I look at other personalities that I class as negative, then is there any way that I can use them? That would be great, but they are about as rare as a 3 legged unicorn with polka dots on. So that's something to look out for, but while perfectionist isn't a really good personality, (because of the low temperament), in this instance I would probably be willing to overlook that purely on the basis of the Pro benefits, (so I'm going to add perfectionist to my list). Yep. I like Resolute. A nice balance of Pro and Det. Now here is one that I had never noticed or considered before. It has previously been ruled out as a "positive" attribute because it's possible that the Pro attribute will be as low as 5, (which is bad), but potentially the Pro attribute could be as high as 20, (which is obviously excellent). The thing is that I need to work out, (without cheating), at what end of the scale each player is at, and from there I can act appropriately. Rather than looking at the player and then the media handling style this time I will have to reverse the process... The problem is that in this instance, it doesn't seem possible to do that, at least not with the media handling guide that I'm looking at. All is not lost though. Let's stop thinking about this guide and that guide and use the tools within the game that SI have given us. First of all, what sort of squad do I have in terms of personality?...... Buggar. I was hoping that it would be "Fairly Pro" or something like that, but it's still at "Highly Ambitious". That doesn't mean we are not also professional however because I know that I have seen scout reports show me an indication of whether a player will fit in with the "professional nature of the squad". Ok. Next attempt.... let's look at all Serbs who are honest who we have already scouted and let's see what the different scout reports say about their professionalism relative to our squad. Well I would, but we haven't scouted any Honest Serbs, And in fact we don't even have any knowledge of any Honest Serbs that we could go and scout. Ok. Just for the purposes of this, let's open it to all Honest players from all Nations. Ok. That's given me a South African and a Romanian, (both structures active because of affiliates), so I will scout them and see what the reports say at 100%. The only thing is, as there aren't any honest Serbs, it's largely irrelevant. (Actually, I only checked Serbs aged 24+ so..... nope. There are no honest Serbs at all it seems. Well at least you can hopefully see where I was going with this. Here is another that's very similar to Honest. It's deemed negative because of the possibility for a low Pro attribute, but also because of the low Det attribute. If the Pro attribute was 15-20, might that give me something to work with? I think so. The problem is that all I can get from the MH guide is that of media handling isn't Temperamental, then Pro will be 11-20, (rather than 5-20), so that takes away from the lower end of the Pro scale at least, I just need to stay away from the temperamental media handling style. That only sounds like a little thing, bit what I have done just there is eliminate the lower 33% of Pro player that I might be looking at. I just have to decide it 11-20 is enough, (and it probably isn't). Ideally I would already have a Pro squad to some degree, (rather than an ambitious one), and the scout reports would be comparisons to the professionalism of my squad rather than it's ambition.
  14. We have our 2nd Home-grown Wonderkid. We may not have any Model Pro's, (yes it is still driving me nuts), but things are progressing well in that area. I hope to pop a Model Pro when tutoring with a Resolute at some point. The following graphic shows our squad depth based on PA. Apologies for the colours, but it might make it easier when discussing what's what. (20a) Kriss Kruc (F.Pro) (2020) was the 1st wonderkid to pop and (19d) Serafimovic (F.Pro) is the 2nd one that I have just noticed. (19a), (19b), (19c) and (19e) all have decent PA, but especially (19a) has failed to develop, (and is now out on loan). It's a little interesting that or whatever reason, (19d) managed to progress to wonderkid status but (19a) (19b & (19c), who were all ahead of him in the initial PA order, have all failed to make the grade. Djuradj, Nenad, Tufegdzic, Boris & Dobrivoje all make an appearance at the top of our PA list but are not products of our academy. I'm hopeful that (19c) Mujkic (SRB/BIH) (Pro) might shortly pop to wonderkid status, and after that I'm looking at (21a) Krissandro (SMR/ITA) (2021), (21b) Ljubicic (F.Pro) & (20c) Tahiri (F.Loyal). [Edit] The 2023 shortlist for the World Golden Ball has been announced and there is not a single Serbian on the list. [Edit2] The other quite obvious thing that I forgot to mention is that if (19d) Serefimovic (F.Pro) is a wonderkid at 20yo, (and he is), then we have 8 teenagers with a higher PA than his, (9 if I include (29a) Kriss Kruc who is already a wonderkid), and 4 more players in their very early 20's who could also still reach wonderkid status. That gives us the potential of 12 more wonderkids, (not counting those with a lower PA than (19d) Serafimovic), and 8 of the 12 are products of our academy. I know that it's unlikely that all 12 will become wonderkids, or even that becoming wonderkids actually means anything, but it's a nice little achievement all the same. I must admit that I am surprised that (19d) Serafimovic (F.Pro) has been classed as a wonderkid. My thinking behind this is simply that no matter how good he is right now, (and he is excellent for his age), my staff are generally in agreement that he is a 4.0 PA player and he has already reached 4.0 CA, so there is little room left for improvement. Some of the staff suggest that there is a possibility of a 0.5 PA surplus, and I have even seen 1 suggest that he is a 5.0 PA player, but in the main the general consensus is that he is a 4.0 PA player. It will be interesting to see if he ever gets to 4.5 CA, (I think not). [Edit3] If I had to pick the player who I am most excited by in terms of development, it would probably be this bloke. He's started to break into the senior team by rights this season, (other than when I have played a weakened team in Europe), and seems to be developing nicely. My only concern with him is that I am lacking a tutor in the MC area at his level, (I have an ageing Resolute tutor but who's CA has fallen to such an extent that a really good prospect such as Bojovic could never be tutored by him because he was already better than him when he arrived via the intake. I'm plan was for (20a) Kriss Kruc to tutor him to (F.Pro), but that's 4-5 years away, (as he is only 19 now), and by then Bojovic will be firmly installed as a senior player in the 1st team, (I hope), so will be unable to be tutored despite his age I think. I have £116M in the bank, so if I can find a Pro or a Resolute Serbian MC, then I might just splash the cash and use him as a tutor and play him in the Reserves/Rotation team that I often play in Europe and in some of the easier league games, (or before/after the Red Star game). I didn't really want to actually buy any more players now, but buying players with a view to them being tutors rather than just players is a different matter and is something that I think still very much needed. (Let's be honest, we could probably do with strengthening if we are to ever get anywhere in Europe, because all I seem to be doing recently is using Champions League games and xp for kids).
  15. That's a really interesting, (and accurate), post. I don't think it matters if you follow my style and have an outrageously large squad, or follow your style and go to the opposite extreme and really limit your player numbers the the absolute minimum. What is important is that you give it some thought and work out what works for you, (and importantly why). A very large squad seemed to be the way to go for me in my San Marino save, but that was because I was trying to generate enough (SMR) Nationality players to allow San Marino to improve as a Nation, and that was successful in the long term. The added benefit of that particular save, (un-like the popular San Marino one's or even your own Luxembourg one, is that I was producing (SMR) players but benefiting from playing in the large National Structure of Italy. The mainfail to mention the (ITA) players of course. This is not possible when you are playing in a tiny structure such as San Marino or Luxembourg. Serbia is certainly no Italian structure, but neither is it a San Marino nor Luxembourg either. Had I been managing in tiny structure like that, then I think my strategy might well have been similar to yours in that I would have opted to really focus on a smaller number of players. I don't think that particularly fits well with the.... big overall plan of Youth Development however, when in effect what you are actually doing is stopping yourself from developing player x to his potential, (when this has been a long term goal), just because you have a 15 and a 16 year old who have the PA to possibly be better than the original player, x number years down the line. It's probably the smart move in a small structure save, (in fact I know it's the smart move), but it's not very satisfying either I don't think. The way my mind works is that I want to see an end product and I want to follow something through from start to finish, even if that doesn't necessarily mean from the start of a players career to the end of the players career. It's as if the journey of developing an individual player is more important that actually getting players of the absolute best possible quality to perform in matches. It's a trade-off and a balancing act between the two for me if that makes sense. [Edit] And just for the record, It's October 2023 and I have 94 players on the books. 29 players have already featured in a competitive game for the senior team this season. 26 players are out on loan and have made senior appearances at their loan clubs this season. 39 players are at the club but have not featured for the senior squad this season. 29 + 26 + 39 = 94 We only have 2 players in their 30's. 0 players older than 26 but younger than 32. 2 players on youth contracts, (everyone is offered a pro contract when they turn 17, if not before and is moved to either the senior squad or reserve squad as appropriate). A 17yo player on a pro contract will train more and develop more quickly than the same 17yo player on a youth contract. In order to take advantage of this, (I think), the 17yo Pro has to train with the Reserves but may be made available for the U19's. It effectively means that you get full-time training while still playing for the U19's up to 19 years old. (Anything to aid development for me). Players are not loaned out until they are no longer eligible for the U19 squad, (so I can really hammer them with specific additional focus training and mould them as much as possible in the way I want. As soon as you loan them out, that control and that focus is gone and yet they might benefit from senior football, but if they were going to be a star then I would be forcing into the Senior tea before their time so playing time pre-19yo is largely irrelevant. [Edit2] With regards to "moulding" individual players, I don't just stick a player on a specific training regime and leave it there, (with added additional focus of course). No, what I am more prone to do is try to play to a players strengths and while I want them to be able to be good in their required role, (and the pre-set attributes that impact on that), I also have individual "visions" for players and how I see them developing. For a start I have 1 Sweeper at the club, (he's not great), and while I want to develop my own sweeper one day and am using him as an experiment, I also know that if he is going to feature in the senior team initially, he is more likely to get the chance if he can also play as a more standard centre-half. Another example of this would be 19yo wonderkid (20a) Kriss Kruc (F.Pro) (2020) who's passing attribute has already maxed out at 20. I have been playing him as a AP(s) in the MC line most of the time, but training him as an AP would seem to be slightly counter-productive in so much as one of the attributes trained in that training regime is passing, which is already maxed out at 20, (so it seems a waste). Instead, what I have done is immediately changed his training regime to BWM. The benefit of this is not just that the valuable training time of a young player isn't wasted, but that it also makes him a more rounded player in the middle of the park. I don't just want him to dominate with the ball. I want him, (and other like him), to excel in a range of areas and in this case I want his ball-winning ability to be almost as impressive as his playmaking abilty. A real all-rounder. By changing the regime to BWM, he starts training tackling and marking, (which he wasn't doing before), and also determination and positioning which I feel will be of benefit. There are obviously physical benefits to this period of the players development, but it really is just a "stage" in order to flesh him out and make him a more-rounded player. It/s not me attempting to convert him from an AP to a BWM.