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  1. That's the plan. Copa Lobertadores campaign going ok so far.
  2. Apr 2056. Acre State Championship. Copa Verde. Copa Libertadores.
  3. Mar 2056. Acre State Championship. You've got to be happy when you don't concede a league goal in any month. When you go on to also hit double figures yourself, not once, but twice, wel that's a very good month. Copa Verde. No goals against in the Copa Verde either, but we just scored a single goal in the 2nd leg against Remo. Copa Libertadores. This is the big target this season, so I am less than impressed that we have conceded a goal so early in the campaign.
  4. Feb 2056. Acre State Championship. I can't believe we conceded. Well this next one is over.
  5. £10M income from loans. Feb 2056. That's on top of player wages which is set at 50% playing. 100% non-playing.
  6. The Junior version retained. Feb 2056. We have only entered this competition 3 times in this save, (remember Brazil was non-playable at the start), and we have won it on each occasion. 2056. 2054. 2052.
  7. Jan 2056. It's the 1st game of the season, (the Acre State Championship season anyway), and we have 19 players away on International duty including 1st choice players in their position GK Bodão (F.Pro) *, DL (52a) Adriano (Det) (2052) *, DC Corrales (ARG) (F.Pro) *, central midfielders (50b) Buiú (F.Pro) * & Aguinaldo (Res) * and strikers Bruno (F.Pro) * & Ademar (Bal) *. Because it's the State Championship I'm guessing that we will be fine and still hammer the opposition, but it's obviously 1 game less for our GK Bodão (F.Pro) * to score in. Additionally, our availability at right back looks like this. I've only got as far as my central midfielders in terms of squad depth, and many of those I want to play are absent so it's not going to be easy. On the plus side, it's nice to be back to 12 subs, (still no GK on the bench). Acre State Championship. This run of results was achieved without 19 of our better players who are on duty at the Olympics, (where Brazil are surely going to emerge victorious).
  8. New Signing. Jan 2056. £70k per week is a lot of money, (3.64M per season or £18.2M over the course of the contract), but you have to remember that I'm really just buying him to use him this season and then I will be loaning him out and/or selling him after that. We paid £8.75M for him and he is immediately worth £10M. Add in a season of 20+ assists and a call-up to the BRA side and I bet I can get £20M for him after 1 season. It might not be quite so easy to loan a player like this out because any club paying his wages will have little left for a fee. That's the best bit about the young players I'm loaning out. My DoF has done well again. I like this bloke. By the way, before you think I have some miraculously good DoF, I don't. I must cancel 20-30 rubbish deals a season that he arranges, but every so often he does get it right.
  9. Can someone explain this to me please? We sold him for £3.6M and 30% of next deal to Fluminese, and they have just sold him to Internacional for £4.6M 1 season later. The player arranged a 5% of his future fee when he signed with Fluminese, so he gets 5% of £4.6M which should be £175,000 + £57,000 = £232,000. 1% of £4.6M is £46,000 so 5% if £4.6M is £230,000. So the figures for his cut seem to be fine, (difference of £2,000 but that's neither here nor there). Where is my 30% though? If 5% is £230,000 we should have received £1.38M. WHERE IS MY MONEY!!!!! I know I made good money on him anyway, (plus some nice little cash for loans), but this is just wrong.
  10. AMC & SC Squad Depth. Jan 2056. We've got a lot of decent strikers at the club and this is the perfect opportunity to loan some of them out for some exorbitant fees. The top 4 are all out on International duty, but the top 2 are over 21 and not good enough for a Senior call-up so I'm hoping it won't last too long, (they are in the BRA U23 squad). Bruno (F.Pro) * and Ademar (Bal) * are both great, but I have 3 Academy products coming through and a 6'5" TM. The chances are that I will be using these 2 to win the Copa Libertadores, (hopefully), and then flogging them, (or more likely loaning them out and then flogging them). (51a) Franc (L-Heart) (2051) * is likely to be regular on INT Duty because he is still eligible for the U21's Córdoba (COL) * is a regular starter for the (COL) senior side. (49a) Fininho (Bal) * actually plays the most games and scores the most goals. Jonas (Bal) * may only be 17, but scored an opening day hat-trick and looks like he is going to be good. Levi Roberto (Spirit) * is going out on (53a) Dudé (Det) (2053) * is being given preferential treatment because he not only a product of the Academy, but the best player to come through his intake. Raikard (F.Pro) is probably going out on loan, (he's 19). Bisanz (ARG) (Bal) will go out on loan, (ideally to a BRA side). Ortiz (CHI) (Bal) is another who will go out on loan to a BRA side. As will Ortega (ARG) (Bal). Luís Antônio (F.Amb) might only be 18, but he is also 6'6" and will give us some depth in the TM role that I was experimenting with in the Nordic save,.
  11. MR & AMR Squad Depth. Jan 2056. I'm not at all happy with this position. It's all PA and no CA. Tomilin (F.Pro) can certainly do a job, and in a position that seems to be dominated by Fgn players, he is at least Brazilian. Ferreira (Driven) is only 18 and a bit raw, but certainly looks to have potential and the only way he gets there is if I play him. Leonforte (ARG) (F.Sport) is both Fgn and not ready. He will go on loan if I can arrange it. Obviously I would prefer it if he stayed in Brazil rather than going elsewhere to help with residency. He has played in the Second Division for the last 2 seasons. Conte (ITA) (F.Amb) was at the club last season, but his performances were underwhelming in a dominant team, (and he is Fgn), so he will be going out on loan this season. Castillo (ARG) (Fickle) isn't good enough, (and is Fgn), and will go out on loan. Sérgio (POR) (F.Amb) is 19 years old and while not good enough, is at least Brazilian. He can also still play for the U20's. Wallace. (Bal) The "." after his name indicates that I have made the decision that he is not good enough and is to be off-loaded, but to my mind he's better than some of the youngsters listed above. I am trying to loan him out at the moment, (he has 3 years left in his contract), but if I can't get him out on loan I will try and sell him. (48a) Valdecir (Bal) (2048) * has always stood out for me because he is blonde and also because he is a product of our Academy. He's 24 now and has played 260+ games for the club, but much as I like him, we are not going to win the Copa Libertadores with him in the side. That being said, he could still do a job at a push in the league, (but that's just me being sentimental). He needs to go and the only reason he hasn't gone is because he is HG at club and if I loan out all 3 of the Fgn players above, and Wallace. (Bal) gets sold then I might need him as back-up. This is by far the weakest area of the squad and as a result I have looked to my DoF to fill the void. No, not to get his boots on and play, but find me a 1st choice starter on the right flank. He came up with this bloke. We haven't even scouted him and I don't recognise his name as coming up against him before, but I like him. He is 24 years old so isn't going to be called up for any aged group squads, and he's never really set the World alight anywhere, but in terms of the here and now, his CA appears to be better than what we have available and and the DoF managed to sign him for just £8.75M + 20% (I think). It's probably the only deal we are going to do in this window, (although Palmeiras are trying to gazump us). If we lose out on this bloke, I will probably task the DoF with finding me another.
  12. ML & AML. Squad Depth. Jan 2056. Jhonata (F.Amb) * has been out on loan for the 1st 2 years of his contract but 5 assists on his debut suggest that the time is right for him to stay and play. Mão (Unamb) * is a stalwart of the side and has contributed 193 assists over the last 7 seasons, (at an average of 25.6). Henrique (F.Pro) * is plenty good enough to feature but if we have 2 starters ahead of him and 2 youngsters, should this guy go out on loan before being sold for a nice profit? Vandinho (Amb) * and (53b) Lucas (Res) are both 18 years old, so they can play for the U20's when not required. Krajina (CRO) (Pro) is a wonderkid that I really like, but you might notice that he is classed as Fgn. We can only have 5 in each squad so there has to be a balance between if he's good enough right now and developing him elsewhere for the future. I don't want to keep him if it's going to stunt his development, but I also have to remember that the whole point of cranking up this save again is to win the Copa Libertadores, (ideally at the 1st time of asking). I probably need 4 of the above to be fit, (2 starters and 2 on the bench, rotating where possible, to play 1 of 2 games per week), so I suppose the 2 youngsters stay playing for the U20's unless one of the other 4 is unavailable.
  13. A little hint. When I sign a player to a new contract, I work out how much I am paying him in wages over the course of the contract. Sometimes it's more than you expect. My strategy is often to have a small number of players that I have an attachment to throughout that period of the save, (usually at least 1 GK and 1 striker), and I will be willing to pay these players over the odds to keep them at the club. The rest might stay, but they have to justify the wage spend. Others of whom I am less sure will be sold for a profit BEFORE I give them a big wage contract and then replaced by a younger, hungrier player who is on hugely lower wages. When you sign the younger player to a long contract, (ideally with a +3 deal), they know that the experienced player is ahead of them in the pecking order so they are not key or first team or even rotation. As a result their expectations at the contract stage are much lower and you save a fortune over the course of the contract for what is in actual fact a similar ability player.
  14. Demanding expectations. Jan 2056. If truth be told I'm finding it REALLY hard to get back into this save. We have enormous strength in depth, but it is very much based on PA rather than CA and I can't remember what plans I had for various positions and individual players. I have a few different goals this season. Obviously the main goal is to win the Copa Libertadores and I will therefore be prioritising these games ahead of domestic Brazilian games where push comes to shove. As we won the league by 15 points last season, I still think that winning everything is a possibility, (if I can just get some sort of handle on where each player is in the pecking order for any particular position. (There are some that I don't even know where I was intending to play them). We have 123 players at the club and 1 of my goals this season will be to try and set some sort of record for the amount of money generated by loan fees in 1 season. (The existing record in this save is £9.5M in 2055. I'm obviously going to try and set a new record for goals scored by a GK in a single season. (The existing record is 24 by Bodão (F.Pro) *, but he has also hit 21 and 20 in previous seasons). At the very least I want to break the 20 goal a season barrier for a GK for the 4th consecutive season. That he has broken into the Senior Brazilian side makes this harder and I was hoping that I would get a few years between U21 and Senior squad call-ups. Unfortunately, because his match ratings are skewed by such a large extent by the goals he scores, (and the fact that he kept 52 clean sheets anyway), it's quite hard for the selectors to ignore him. (49a) Fininho (Bal) * scored 57 goals last season and I would also like to beat that. To try and put that in perspective, if I had given my favourite striker the same opportunities as my GK, then assuming he performed as well as the GK, (a reasonable assumption), the he would have scored 57 goals + 24 GK goals bringing him to a total of 81 goals in a season. I wonder is 100 goals a season possible if I was to discard my goal-scoring GK infatuation? Some advice I would like to give others looking to play in this part of the World, concerns the link between basic wage payments to players and the minimum fee release clauses for domestic clubs. I will hold this post until I sign or renew a contract so I can show you what I mean. (55a) Lelé (Bal) (2055) * is 16 years old so still on a Youth contract, but he turns 17 next month so I am offering him a pre-contract right now. The following picture shows what is set when I open contract negotiations. The brightest prospect from last years intake wants to sign a pro contract and just wants £45 per week. That sounds brilliant under normal circumstances where you want to tie a young player down to as long a contract for as cheap a wage as possible. You want to get the most return for the smallest investment. In Brazil though, that just doesn't work and and normal rules are turned on their head because of the minimum fee release clauses. First of all, let's ignore the Minimum Fee Release Clause (Foreign Clubs), because my 1st plan of action is not just to remove it, but also exclude it from future negotiations. The next thing I want to do is increase the value of the Minimum Fee release Clause (Domestic Clubs). You can't remove this, (it's greyed in), and you also can't manually increase it to something more realistic, (because again the increase/decrease buttons are greyed out). So how do you change the value then? Well you raise the value by increasing the basic wage. £45 per week gives you £225,000, and as you increase the basic wage, so the Minimum Fee Release Clause (Domestic Clubs). increases along with it. £100 per week boosts it up to £475,000 but that's still far too low for a player that might be a superstar. £500 per week boosts it up to £2.4M and now we are getting somewhere, but that's still not enough. £1,000 per week gets it up to £4.8M. £2,100 per week gets it up to £10M and that's enough to put off all but the most serious suitors. You have to remember that this contract is only going to last 3 years as a maximum, (and more realistically 2 years), before you offer the player a new contract with a new wage and a new Minimum Fee Release Clause (Domestic clubs). Something I would also be doing if I was managing elsewhere is adding a +3 year option to an initial professional contract for a player. If we ignore for a fact that this player is 16 and even if I add a +3 year option, (or any + option), then although it will appear in the contract, you can't activate it because the player was 16 when he signed it. The reason we don't want to be doing that here is that it doubles the length of the contract and while that would be great in normal circumstances, you have to remember that while the player might not be worth £10M at age 20, they are far more likely to have matured and reached their peak by age 23. [Edit] Forgot to show you the final contract. The downside here is obviously that you have to shell out £2,100 per week per player. £2,100 per week for 52 weeks for 3 years equates to £327,600, (so it's a significant investment and shouldn't be done for all players), but if you get this wrong just once, then you lose FAR more than that.
  15. DM & MC Squad Depth. Jan 2056. (50b) Buiú (F.Pro) * is the real playmaking talent in this position and thankfully I have secured him to a long term contract because Barca have been chasing him and I have already rejected bids of £40M. Aguinaldo (Driven) * is very much 1st choice in the more physical role on the right. (50c) César (Res) * can do a job in either role. Pedro Miguel Fernandes (POR) is probably next in line as a destroyer. Schiavoni (ARG) (Realist) certainly capable of doing a job in the playmaking role. Garrido (CHI) (Unamb) * and Maninho (F.Loyal) * able to play a sort of QB role against poorer opposition.
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