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  1. Champions League Youth Cup success. This is really quite an achievement to win this trophy, (managed by the U19's Manager), with a squad/team 100% produced by our academy. In the past I have signed highly rated young players at a very young age, but I haven't signed a single "player", (other than non-playing "tutors" or players who were originally products of our academy, for 4 full seasons seasons now. It also seems as if our youngsters love a penalty.
  2. Elsewhere within Serbia, things also seem to be progressing. In real life, Serbia had no teams in the Champions League Group stages and no teams in the Europa League Groups stages. In game however, we have a full compliment, even if none were very successful. [Edit] I've just realised that there was a 4th team in the Europa League this season. Radnik Rosa finished 5th in the league last season and their reward was a 2nd Qualifying Round loss to Astra of Romania.
  3. Tutoring. We have 4 Model Pro tutors that I have been using to influence the rest of the squad. It's a laborious process and is not easy because in a lot of cases, the tutee is so far from Model Pro at the outset, that you can't actually tutor them with a Model Pro. You have to first tutor them with something more middle of the road, (depending on the player and personality in question). These 4 Model pro tutors are in the following positions. DC, DRC, MC & SC. There is a distinct lack of a Model Pro tutor for the wings, and also at GK, but my first choice GK's are Pro and Res so that's almost as good. Although I haven't managed to get a single player to Model Pro, we do have a number who are now Resolute. The reason that they haven't popped to Model Pro is that by the time they have got to Pro or Resolute they are either established 1st Team players, or I simply decide to tutor someone else. As the age of my squad continues to grow, there will be more and more available tutors and this should mean that I get things done more quickly and we can go all the way through to Model Pro.
  4. I'm not sure we are actually making progress in Europe. 2015/16. Knocked out in the 3rd Qualifying round of the Champions League, (8-1 to Celtic), but did qualify for the Europa League Group stages, but only managed 1 single point from a poor group consisting of Atletico, Kobenhavn and Ludogrets as I played the kids in Europe and concentrated on the league. 2016/17. Qualified for the Champions League Group stages but only collected 1 point from a group consisting of Man City, Valencia & Benfica. I again played the kids in Europe and concentrated on the league. (In the early stages I would have got sacked had I not won the league I think). 2017/18. Qualified for the Champions League Group stages, (on away goal), but collected 0 points from a very tough group consisting of Arsenal, AC Milan and Schalke. Yes, I again played the kids and concentrated on the league. 2018/19. Knocked out in the 3rd Qualifying round of the Champions League, (6-4 to Olympiakos), but did qualify for the Europa League Group stages, but only managed to gain 4 points from a group consisting of Lyon, PSV & Panathinaikos. Yes, I again played the kids and concentrated on the league despite the fact that we could and probably should have got out of this group with 1st choice squad selection. 2019/20. Qualified for the Champions League Group stages, but collected 0 points from a ridiculous group consisting of Man. Utd, R.Madrid & Dortmund. Yes, of course I played the kids because even if I had played our strongest team, we would have still ended up with 0 points. 2020/21. Qualified for the Champions League Group stages, but collected just 3 points, (from a 4-2 home win over Barca!!!), from a group consisting of Barcelona, Shakhtar & Galatasaray. Yes I played the kids and yes I somehow still beat Barca. (Absolutely no idea how or why). 2021/22. Knocked out in the 3rd Qualifying Round of the Champions League, (3-1 to Aktobe who are so rubbish that I had to check which Country they are from, it's Kazakhstan by the way), but did get as far as the 2nd Knockout Round of the Europa League. We got 7 pts from a group containing Leverkusen, Genk & Krasnodar, before beating Everton 5-3 in the 1st Knockout Round. We eventually lost 9-2 to Inter in the Europa League 2nd Knockout Round. 2022/23. We qualified directly for the Champions League Group stages this year as the Serbian coefficient grew, but again we were handed a ridiculous group containing Bayern, Atletico and AC.Milan. You guessed it. I played the kids again and our only points came from a 2-2 home draw with AC.Milan. 2023/24. We qualified directly for the Champions League Group stages again, but once again we were given a ridiculous group containing Arsenal, R.Madrid and Marseille. We won the home tie against OM 3-2, but those were the only points gained. We missed 3rd place because OM beat us 4-7 in the other game. Yes, we again played the kids as I decided I would wait for a reasonable group before "going for it". 2024/25. For a 3rd year running we qualified directly for the Champions League Group stages by virtue of the Serbian structure coefficient, and when we were given a group containing Dortmund, PSG & & Roma, I decided that I might as well go for it, (by which I mean of course pick our strongest team and hope to finish 3rd and make the Europa Knockout Rounds), but although we took 4 points off PSG, we lost all the other 4 games and still finished 4th. I actually rested players in the preceding league games and still we didn't qualify for the knockout rounds. 2025/26. For a 4th year running we qualified directly for the Champions League Group stages by virtue of the Serbian structure coefficient, and I can tell you that my heart properly sank when I saw that we were drawn in a group with Bayern, Inter and Monaco. We were going to get zilch out of Bayern and Inter, but maybe just maybe I could squeeze past Monaco into 3rd. We beat Monaco 3-2 at home, but lost 3-0 away and didn't pick up any other points so it meant that we were destined to crash out at the Group stage for the 4th consecutive year, (despite giving it a proper go the last twice). I couldn't believe how unlucky we were getting with the group draws, but I guess that's what becomes of being a 4th seed. 2026/27. Because we had not had to qualify for the previous 4 years, and had only collected 11 points from 12 matches, it meant that our coefficient had suffered and this took a toll on the Serbian coefficient and this in turn meant that we now had to qualify again for the Champions League Group stages. We did this, (by beating Rosenborg and Dinamo of Croatia, but then managed only 4 points from a group consisting of PSG, Porto and Napoli. (We beat Poro 4-2 away and drew 2-2 at home to Napoli. We are just not good enough to not finish bottom of a Champions League group. These are the teams we have faced in the Champions League Group stages. Man Utd. Man City. Arsenal. (x2) Bayern. (x2) Dortmund. (x2) Schalke. Barcelona. R.Madrid. (x2) Atletico. Valencia. AC.MIlan. (x2) Inter. Roma. Napoli, PSG. (x2) Monaco. Marseille. Benfica. Porto. Galatasaray. Shakhtar I think you would agree that lady luck has not been smiling on us in the draws.
  5. Something I like to look at is the rPA of the players immediately after they have all signed the new Youth contracts. Well that's interesting. (27c) has immediately jumped from a 3.0 PA to a 4.0 PA. That can still be a little misleading though, so I like to do 1 more comparison. The player valuations immediately after the Youth contract has signed. I think this gives me some additional info with which to judge this intake on. I don't just "just" the valuation and I don't use "just the PA. I use everything I can get my hands on.
  6. Youth Day 2027. There are a few different talking points here. After a poor intake last season, we again got a 5.0 PA player through the intake. (Yes I know that he might only be a 4.0 PA player, but I'm a glass half-full type of guy and until such time as I can see what the PA actually is, I will always assume it is at the upper level). While this initially might seem brilliant, it must be tempered with the knowledge that we sold out best centre-half in the Summer, (he went to R.Madrid for a modest £17.5M). I could have kept him for longer but he wasn't a product of our academy, and it seemed a shame to keep him at the club when he was obviously going to go on and achieve big things and I am mindful that I want to see improvement in the NT too. It wasn't just 1 centre-back that we got through either. When you look at the centre-half depth chart, there actually looks to be a 2nd player who initially looks like he might have an impact on the senior squad. Something else that jumps out, (at least to me), is the professionalism of the squad. 3x (F,Pro) 2x (F.Pro) I obviously still haven't produced a Model Pro, (and there is no Resolute this time), but 5 players out of 16 with that level of professionalism is impressive, especially when you consider that one of them was the "Kriss". Although we have 5 players with differing levels of "Pro" personalities, something I have mentioned before is that this doesn't mean the other player in the squad are any less professional at all. If we take (27e) Jovan Stupar (Driven) as an example, he is "Driven" because his Determination is 20 and his Ambition is between 10-20. If I look at his report however, it tells me that we have a "highly professional" group of players, and that this player is in a similar mould. That doesn't mean that he is "highly" professional, but it does mean that he is at the least reasonably professional. My HoYD is a (Pro) and in the intake message it told me that he had been a notable influence in bringing through such players as (27i) (Pro) & (27c) (Pro) with his coaching style and personality. We already know that his personality is "Pro" and his coaching style is "General" Something else that stood out to me is that we again produced 3 Sammarinese players and one of them, (27h), looks like he might be reasonable. (To be honest, even a 1.0 PA star player is playing for the Senior (SMR) as a teenager so anything at all seems to be decent for them at the moment. (28a) Kriss Pavlovic (F/Pro) (2027). Although he isn't short exactly, (he's 6'1" at 16 years old already, his jumping and heading are just a tad weak for a centre-half and I will have to look at that within the early individual training to rectify. [Edit] It's also interesting that I commented quite recently that I didn;t expect this HoYD to produce a decent GK. I was obviously completely wrong as the 2nd best player in this intake, is indeed a GK.
  7. @jaysdailydose Thanks for the kind words. Apologies for my absence in the San Marino thread, but the 8 year sacking thing was a real deal-breaker for me. I must admit that I don't think I will ever go back to San Marnio again. I loved that save but I feel it's time for new adventures and there are so many other Nations to chose from.
  8. I'm not one to tell people how to play or what to think, but I'm delighted that you ran your own experiment and came up with your own answer to something I mentioned.
  9. We finally have a player on the shortlist for the World Golden Ball Award 2027. Yes, I fully appreciate that he is not a product of our academy, but he certainly learned his trade with us and we are responsible for the player he has become. We have 2 strikers currently breaking into the 1st team with us who have a similar PA to his, (all 3 were 5.0PA), and that's the main reason for his leaving. I hope he keeps on scoring goals for fun and goes onto bigger and better things.
  10. When is it likely to be? I love stuff like that but always seem to miss it.
  11. Well my problem is that I can't even see a difference between a good HoYD and what appears to be a poor HoYD. What seems to be make someone good as a HoYD actually doesn't seem to make much of a difference. It's that that has got me looking at the smaller things.
  12. That's what I was thinking yes. If I look at the 7 (Res) HoYD's that I mention above, their coaching GK attributes are as follows. 2, 1, 1, 1, 1, 3 & 1. If I spread it to include the other positive personalities mentioned above then I can add the following to the list. 3, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 2, 2, 4, 2, 1, 4, 1, 1, 2, 3, 4, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, & the very last one, (just to throw a spanner into the works), is 11. I wasn't expecting that and was all set to say something along the lines of.... Are we looking to score this value out of 20, or should we in fact score it out of just 4? I am expecting that this bloke with a coaching GK attribute of 11 will have been a GK in his playing career, but despite the fact that he is a real player, (full name of Nikolay Georgiev Kirov, a Bulgarian born on 12th June 1975), I can find no trace of him so am unable to clarify. I'm not positive about this at the moment. It's just me "thinking". Could well be wrong and I will have to look into it more as I go, (probably in FM17)
  13. No, he's no longer in the game. We actually have a very small number of HoYD's with decent personalities. There are 230 for example who are balanced, but 0 Model Citizens, 1 Model Pro, 7 Resolute, 5 Pro & 19 F.Pro. I currently have Romanian, Pro, HoYD. I know we have discussed it somewhere, (possibly in a similar thread of not this one), but I would expect this HoYD to never produce a GK of quality. I will try to keep an eye on that.
  14. Yes. I understand that's how it's meant to work. I'm just not convinced that it does actually work that way. Something else that should be considered in relation to this discussion is that there is a separate stat for "important matches". This would suggest that if you had a very ambitious player who had a poor important matches attribute, then the 2 attributes would be at odds with eachother almost as of the desire to do well would build to such a level that the player would be unable to cope with the pressure and the desire to do well would actually become counter-productive and would affect his performance negatively. I have seen evidence of this contradiction within the game. [Edit] (I'm not saying I'm right and everyone else is wrong by the way. I have just never seen evidence of it).