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  1. Things are going well in that respect, but it's been far from easy. All the way through this save I have tried to prioritise PA over CA where possible when it comes to selection, and that's really only changed in European games. It's the reason why we lose so many games, (relatively speaking). I'm pretty sure that if I prioritised league results ahead of European results then a perfect 100% domestic season would be a realistic aim and in the future perhaps even an effort at 0 league goals conceded might be worth a go. I have never withdrawn players from an International squad and in the last couple of years I don't even bother postponing games, (because the players are tired anyway after playing on International duty and all it does is create a fixture pile-up anyway). Instead I just let them get on with it, (37 players missing the last time). and play the games anyway. When and if I go for a 100% record or a 0 League goals against record then I might have to have a re-think over that. We are staying at £40M+ even with not qualifying for the Group stages of the Champions League for the last 2 years, (approx £10M per season lost), but actually it might be worth it in terms of coefficient points gained if we continue to do as well in the EUROPA League Group stages as we did this season. Wages have started to balloon though as I have managed to tie down some of our better players to longer contracts, and the playing side of the club has never been so strong. If we still had (27e) Rób Örn Pál (Pro) * at the club, (and let me point out to anyone who hasn't heard me on this subject before, that he was only the 5th best in terms of PA when he came through the academy so make of that what you will.......), then we would be not just qualifying for the Group Stages of the Champions League but progressing to the Knockout stages too. The following graphic speaks volumes about the current situation at the club. Striker depth. You will see that 29yo (23a) Vífill (M.Pro) (2023) * is the only striker currently in the Senior Icelandic squad, and you will also notice that he has a CA of just 2.0 and his PA is 2.0 too. That's to be expected if I'm honest considering his age and I'm not complaining at all about him because he has done us proud. The problem is that he came through the academy in 2023 and it's 2035 now and although (32d) Viðar Árna (F.Pro), (29d) Örn Ólason (Pro) and (29c) Axel Guð (F.Pro) are on a par with him, (if not ahead), he's still in contention 12 years after he came through the academy! I really need (32d) Viðar Árna (F.Pro) or (29d) Örn Ólason (Pro) to progress to their max PA levels in order to push on to the next level. I've considered adapting the formation and playing 2 up top, but that might mean actual work on my part and it also might mean we....... see, I am having to think about this too much as it is. I've toyed with the idea of playing too much up front but I don't want to change the way I play this save and that might bring an enforced change. At the moment I am just plugging away and looking to develop/tutor/mould/fine-tune the players as I go. It's working well for the main part, but I think the next thing I need is a complete overhaul of the staff situation, (which I can't be bothered with at the moment).
  2. U19's Champions League. 2035. I''m actually a big fan of this competition during the game, but I'm not sure that it's working as intended. We miss out the Group stages and then come in at the First Qualifying Round. We moved through the 1st and 2nd Qualifying Rounds with ease, (after missing the Group Stage), and then went into the 1st Knockout Round. (I think the game has this wrong). We beat R.Madrid anyway before meeting Chelsea in the 2nd Qualifying Round, (who proved just too strong). This is how the competition looks after our exit. I'm not managing these games or even selecting squads. I am doing nothing except nicking the best U19's for the Senior squad. I really need to give them a go with a full strength squad to see what they would do. It might even be worth me managing them just to win it once in this save.
  3. There is a picture of him half way down page 12, (just before he was sold).
  4. The best player produced by the club during this save?
  5. "Kriss" 11. (26a) Emil (Driven) (2026) *. Season 1. 6(1) appearances including 1 goal and 1 assist. Season 2. 9(2) appearances including 2 goals and 2 assists. Season 3. 18(10) appearances including 5 goals and 7 assists. Season 4. 17(7) appearances including 3 goals and 5 assists. Season 5. 22(7) appearances including 3 goals and 6 assists. Season 6. No games played. Transferred to Lyon in France for £5M. Season 7(a). 0(5) appearances for Lyon. Season 7(b). 0(1) appearance for Lyon Reserves. Season 8(a). 1(8) appearances for Lyon. Season 8(b). 15 appearances including 2 goals and 5 assists for Lyon Reserves. Season 9. 9(9) appearances including 1 goal and 6 assists while on loan at Besiktas in Turkey. Season 10(a). 7 appearances for Lyon. Season 10(b). 10 appearances including 2 assists for Lyon Reserves. Transferred to Besiktas in Turkey for £2.1M. Season 11. 5(2) appearances. Season 12. 10(12) appearances including 2 goals and 4 assists. Season 13. 17(5) appearances including 2 goals and 4 assists. Summary. (26a) Emil (Driven) (2026) * would have been a big player for us had he stayed, but the simple reality is that we couldn't afford to turn a bid of £5M down for him at that stage of the save. On the plus side, we did get to see him play for us for 5 seasons before he moved on and and it's often the case in saves like this where boig players leave before we really get a chance to see much of them at all. In hindsight it probably looks as if his move to France was a mistake, (at least from a playing point of view), however he has since moved to Turkey and looks like he has still got enough about him that he is able to resurrect his career. He would walk straight into our starting line-up at the moment so obviously I am keen to keep tabs on him. Although valued at £2.4M currently, my scout estimates that he might be available for between £4.8M-£7.25M. I would be willing to pay that in a second however his current wages of £17.25k per week is more than I am able/willing to spend.
  6. Thanks. Have been reading a lot of the other Youth threads this week but yours got pushed to back of list because it's 15 pages long. I'm sure I will catch u soon.
  7. European Update. Dec 2035. Champions League. Things were fine in the 2nd Qualifying Round and I was really pleased when we smashed Red Star Belgrade in the 3rd Qualifying Round and I sort of expected us to progress through the Playoffs and into the Group Stages. Although we played reasonably well in the away leg, (losing narrowly in a 7-goal thriller), the damage was done at home where we just didn't turn up and suffered a really poor 0-2 home defeat. I actually wasn't too bothered at all because it had crossed my mind before the Dinamo game whether or not I should "throw" the game to avoid another winless Champions League Group Stage, and instead replace it with a EUROPA League Group that we might have a chance of getting something out of, (other than money). In the end I decided not to, not that it made any difference as Dinamo obviously had their own ideas about playing in the Champions League Group Stages. Europa League Group Stages. We started with a wallopping of Villarreal that shocked me as much as it did them, and when we followed it up with a win over BATE I started to dream about the Knockout stages. Alas, reality soon set in and we were left trailing both Villarreal and Braga, but all in all I'm happy with both the European campaign as a whole and the EUROPA League in particular.
  8. Yep. Things are developing nicely. There are some pretty decent players in that U21 squad so I would expect our Senior squad numbers to nothing but rise.
  9. National Team update. Nov 2035. Spear-headed by the HK academy, the Icelandic National Team are slowly starting to get their act together. Second place doesn't auto-qualify you for the EURO's, but they are doing as well as they can be expected to do in that group, so no complaints from me.
  10. The problem I found was that they don't even have to be good enough to play for the (ITA) NT for this to be a problem. If Conti is the 2nd choice right back for (ITA) U19's just for 1 specific squad, then that might be enough for him to decide to hold out and wait for an (ITA) Senior Cap. After I had beaten (ITA) in the Word Cup Final, I was STILL getting Sammarinese youngsters who were being enticed away to lay for 2nd Nationality Italy.
  11. International Call-Ups. Nov 2035. I'm pretty sure that 37 players called up at once is a record, and it also doesn't include the non-Icelandic players in the squad, of which we have 1 Serbian and 2 Portugese players currently in aged group squads. (Oh. Cancel that actually). I can see that 2 of the 3 have been included this time and squashed in beneath the (ISL) U21's. 8 in the (ISL) U19's. 18 in the (ISL) U21's. (That's pretty impressive out of a 23 man squad). 1 in the (POR) U21's. 1 in the (SRB) U21's. 9 in the (ISL) squad. (14 of the squad are actually products of our academy and we have 5 more players still at the club who have been capped for (ISL) at senior level but who are not included in this particular squad for whatever reason).
  12. I think you've hit the nail on the head, but is Spain loaded as a structure? I can't remember but I think it must be for all the players you've poached. Where the club is so close to the border, (as it is in this case), you would think that it should play a part, and it's certainly something that I'm counting on for my FM18 save in France. As it's something that I'm guessing SI would have to create manually for each club, I wonder if it has been missed in this instance because the club were of such a lowly rep. Maybe it might be easier to look at bigger French clubs on the borders and see what sort of Newgens they have been creating? Monaco. Would hope to see the odd Italian and certainly Africans. Lyon. Swiss and Italian. Marseille. African. Toulouse. Spanish & Andorran. Metz. Luxembourg, Swiss & Belgian. Lille. Belgian and even Dutch. Montpellier. African. Bastia. Italian & African. I wouldn't expect it to happen the whole time, but I would expect the game to have some sort of acknowledgement of this in exactly the same way that Irish, Welsh and Scots appear at English clubs and vice versa.
  13. I think there is a link between rep and probability of foreigners, (and it differs depending on the foreigner Nation), but I also think that it's structure reputation as well as club reputation that plays a part.
  14. I love getting 2nd Nationalities through the Youth Intake, (or even complete foreigners). In my current (ISL) save I am in 2035 and I am a foreigner, (GIB), and although I have 1 foreign feeder club, (NOR), it's not the right relationship to benefit the Youth Intake. As a result I have only seen the foreign Nationalities come through. 2016. (ENG) 2016. (ISL) (SRB) 2016. (SMR) (ITA) 2018 (ISL) (SRB) 2031 (BRA) (ISL) 2033 (ISL) (SRB) 2033 (POR) 2034 (POR) That's everything. The Samarinese/Italian is down to me, (Well the Sammarinese part anyway), but there doesn't seem to be a link to the other Nations.
  15. Haha. Apologies. So it does. Missed that.