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  1. 2038 Youth Intake. As I've mentioned before, any intake where you get a 5.0 PA player is never a bad intake. When you add in that the best player is a centre-half and I'm certainly not complaining. We are a little short in depth from this intake, but the 3rd best player also being another centre-half is another positive. We have a couple of casual personalities which is a shame, but at least they are not slack, (which I really hate). "Kriss" (38a) Alfreð (F.Pro) (2038) *. As I have mentioned previously, we were long overdue for a decent centre-half. I not really sure he will be better than decent, despite the 5.0 rating. (On that note, I think it's time for my Ass Man to find employment elsewhere).
  2. I'll just leave this here.....
  3. Och Aye, (again). Jul 2038. That's a lot of money though.
  4. I was planning on going from FM14 to FM16, but I bought FM15 on a whim when it was on special offer. Only really juat had a look around and didn't play even half a season, but it was good to have it and see the changes.
  5. Just shave it all off for God's sake! Mar 2018.
  6. Haha. I'm still on a mission to get you into a Youth only save. THAT will put the brakes on you a little.
  7. Oh sorry. Yes, I miss-read the career-overview. I see you have been up to your usual tricks.
  8. Don't you get into the Champions League because you won the Europa League?
  9. This would be amazing if it wasn't a dafuge thread. As it is......
  10. Leyton Orient will be a challenge in FM18. Can't imagine it will be much fun though.
  11. I got from 24th November to 31st December again last night and planned to save on 1st Jan 2038 and then monthly going forward. Laptop overheated on 31st December 2037, literally seconds before I would have pressed save. I'm starting to think that my laptop is just rubbish and can't cope with the processing in 2037, (which is rubbish seeing as Iceland is the only league loaded). I've just gone back and checked and I posted the 1st 2037 Youth Intake 9 days ago on Saturday 8th April. 9 days later I have only managed to move forward 3 months but I would guess that I have played 2.5 seasons in that time if you add everything up. Is this the end of the road?
  12. It's my own fault. What I usually do is save at certain points of the season. Save 1. (November). The last day of the old Season when you get the message that the board have entered you into the Youth competition for the new season. Save 2. (February). At the end of pre-season immediately before the 1st League Cup game. (I have no idea why I didn't save this time. I think I was just excited by the start of the new season). Save 3. (April). After the Icelandic version of the Charity Shield, (so that I save the progress from the Upper League Cup). Save 4. (August) . After I have done the nicknames for the new intake on Youth Day. Sometimes I will save after a particularly good or particularly bad result, (so that I don't lose it), or if a GK scores 2 goals or scores a free-kick. I have been relatively lucky over the course of the save but in the last 12 months in-game I think I must have had 12 crashes/overheats.
  13. Scandinavian in the 2037 Ballon D'or shortlist. Something that I didn't mention last time was that there was a Scandinavian, (a Norwegian to be precise), on the World Golden Ball shortlist. I'd say he's decent at the age of 24. He was produced by a little old Norwegian lower league club that I have never heard of. Absolutely love this.
  14. It's not so much the time, but the effort within this time. My last save is the "End of Season" on 24th Nov 2037. I had got through 3 League Cup games of the new season which takes me up to approx the end of Feb I think. (In fact the International call-up post above is from March 2038). It's only about 3.5 months, and only 5 competitive Senior games I think, but the amount of work I do with individual training and tutoring and the amount of loans I do never mind about the youngsters getting through to the last 16 of the Champions League all has to be done again too, (if I'm lucky). My GK had scored 2 goals in 3 games this season and that's also gone. It's just rubbish! At this save game date I have the last 2 games of the Europa League to play and last season I drew against Trabzonspor, (we had a player sent off), and got beat by Villareal to finish 3rd in the Group. This time we didn't have a player sent off so we won the 1st game and now sit 2 points ahead of PSV with 1 game to play. If I can somehow eke out a draw against Villareal then even if PSV beat Trabzonspor, then we finish above them by virtue of a better head to head record. This is great, but I don't want to get out of the Group Stage after a re-load. The problem is, that when I have to reload because of a crash or an overheat, then I just accept whatever the next result is, whether it be the same, worse or better. I don't want to get out of the Group. I just want the stadium expansion back, the kids in the last 16 and..... can;t remember, oh yeah, 2 GK goals in 3 games.