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  1. ps. Thanks very much to all who responded or even just read this thread, but in particular the following. @Pompeyboyz @deez0r @Thebaker
  2. I just wanted to apologise for not coming back to this. I've played the next season, (ages ago), but I just can't be bothered to post the update because I have no desire to play. Sorry. We didn't qualify for Europe in my last season, we also didn't get anywhere in any of the Cups but also didn't get relegated. It was all a bit meh! in the end. Hopefully see all of you in an FM21 thread in the not too distant future.
  3. That's a thing of beauty.
  4. You're right about the personalities, but I personally consider Bal as negative, (but I know what you mean). I'm really frustrated by the quick strikers we produce who can't finish. I think it's holding us back.
  5. Hopkins looks decent but his finishing is frustratingly low. Other than that his technicals are decent and his mentals are very good. Also love his personality too. It's not as simple as making judgements so early on players though. Don't get me wrong, they might be ok, but if we assume that a 3.0 PA is accurate then it's likely that the Greek right back is never going to be good enough to play for us and 3 out of the other top 5 players are right-sided left wingers. (56b) Galea (GER)(ROU) (Bal) looks ok, but remember that the 1st 3 choices I have on the left flank are 6'7", 6'5" a
  6. Youth Intake Day. Mar 2056. Squad by PPA. Nations represented in previous youth intakes. New Nations represented in this intake. (56a) Hopkins (ALB) (Res) looks pretty decent, but he has work to do physically.
  7. Looking at the PPA of players when they are poached is strange. When it started I had a discussion as to what the actual PA might be and created this. 1 0.5 1-10 2 1.0 11-20 3 1.5 21-30 4 2.0 31-40 5 2.5 41-50 6 3.0 51-60 7 3.5 61-70 8 4.0 71-80 9 4.5 81-90 10 5.0 91-100 11 0.5 101-110 12 1.0 111-120 13 1.5 121-130 14 2.0 131-140 15 2.5 141-150 16 3.0 151-160 17 3.5 161-170 18 4.0 171-180 19 4.5 181-190 20 5.0 191-200 The 1st column is just listed 1 to 20 because there are 20 different levels. The 2nd column indicates how many PA stats
  8. 1st half of season update. Dec 2055. The 1st 3 months of the season were fine. But I think it's fair to say that we have hit a wall. We were sitting5th at the end of the 1st period, but have fallen to 11th now.
  9. Leading Development Club. Oct 2055. This looks impressive, but all the players are still at Irchester, (although some have left and then returned). It's strange that (39b) JFC (ESP) (Perf) 5'10" isn't on the list, but maybe that's because he wasn't here long enough to be classed as Homegrown at club. (39b) JFC (ESP) (Perf) 5'10" is the only product of our Academy who is playing in the Premier League but not for us.
  10. Facilities. Sep 2055. I still can't upgrade the Youth Recruitment.
  11. Aug 2055. Premier League. We won the 1st 3 games of the season and I got a little too cocky with the squad selection against Derby. Had we been at home it would have been ok, but away, even against Derby we were too weak.
  12. Europa League Group B. Aug 2055. At this stage I don't know how competitive we're likely to be, especially fielding a weakened squad, but I think we should qualify with ease. (Famous last words). It would seem that our reputation precedes us.
  13. Discipline. Aug 2055. I find it interesting that you get fined for 6 yellow cards in 1 game, but you don't get fined for 5 yellow cards and 2 red cards in 1 game.
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