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  1. I am indeed a fan because he came through the Academy at Barnet after leaving Chelsea.
  2. Apr 2061. Allsvenskan. We're unbeaten after our opening 7 games and that will do nicely. Transfer. Nothing significant in or out.
  3. Jan, Feb & Mar 2061. Champions League. I thought we had a chance of qualifying after the 1st leg, but Atletico were just too strong for us and we came up short. Svenska Cupen. We are in the Final and hope to win it for the 3rd successive season. Scandi Royal league. I'm a bit peeved to have lost this, but it's an improvement. Facilities. Records.
  4. I've never even heard of Tanguy Nianzou but let's have a look at him in my game. Just for the record, he starts of with Det of 8 in my game and was managed by the AI all the way through his career. In Jan 2020 his Det is still 8 and his CA is 119 of 178. In Oct 2022 his Det is now 9 and his CA is 151 of 178. In Oct 2023 his Det is still 9 and his CA is 153 of 178. He has now won the EURO U21's with France. In Oct 2024 his Det is still 9 and his CA is 160 of 178. He now has 29 U21 Caps and is valued at £30M. In Oct 2025 his Det is now 10 and his CA is 169 of 178. He now has
  5. This is complete rubbish. I've increased the determination of many players more then 5 points. As for the determination attribute of "Professional" players, do you even understand how the personality templates work? The determination attribute is NOT a factor within the "Professional" template. I get really frustrated when people try to pass their opinions off as facts. Determination 1-2 with a Professional personality. There are some personalities that are impacted by the Determination value, but "Professional" isn't one of them. M.Pro, Pro, Leader, C.Leader
  6. I had 12 seasons at MB in Faroe Islands and took them from the 4th Tier to the Top Tier. The highest I ever finished with them was 6th. I've been gone a long time though and now they are a yo-yo club between the Top and 2nd tiers. After I left they finished 5th in 2033 and 4th in 2034, but have never finished higher. We then had 3 seasons at Afturelding in Iceland and won the Icelandic First Division and kept them in the Icelandic top tier the following season. They have spent their time equally between Top and 2nd Tier, (with season in the 3rd Tier), since I l
  7. Reputation. Dec 2060. 6,714 IFK Göteborg 6,570 Halmstads BK 6,265 Djurgårdens IF The gap between IFK Göteborg and ourselves is 144. The gap between ourselves and Djurgårdens IF is 305 I'm desperate for us to close the gap to the top. IFK Göteborg Facilities. Halmstads BK Facilities. We're still lagging behind of Youth Recruitment so even if we overhaul them in terms of Reputation, we will still be behind in the pecking order.
  8. Nov 2060. Allsvenskan. We had already won the league so I wasn't hugely concerned that we didn't win, but obviously was keen to extend our unbeaten run in the league which now stands at 16 games. I would love to say that an unbeaten domestic season is on the cards, but I don't think we are even close yet. Champions League. I was keen to show Man Utd that the last result was simply a one-off driven by our rotated squad selection, so went with a full strength side this time around. Yep, that told em! Transfers. I've managed to sign a couple of Icelandic 16 ye
  9. I had about a month off recently, but sure as eggs is eggs I was drawn back eventually. Still in Scandinavia. Now in 2060.
  10. Oct 2060. Allsvenskan. We stumbled a little getting over the line at the end, but we did so without losing. Stahre * gave ma a little reminder that he doesn't plan on being replaced easily as he scored 8 goals in 4 games. Champions League. I picked a weakened squad to make sure we finished the job in the league and Utd took advantage and handed us a spanking. Scandi Royal League. Our improvement at this level continues.
  11. A * for my players means that the player has high PA and should be given preferential treatment over other players, (who might have better CA). It also might mean that I just like the player for some reason. It means that they are special.
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