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  1. UTA Arad, Romania. Oct 2031. Liga I Betano. A late winner gives us a valuable 3 points in the league. We're languishing in 10th, but we have 2 games in hand on everyone above us. If we win both of those we're right back in the mix at the top. Europe. With the goal of making the league stage accomplished, I have been rotating the squad in Europe so any points we earn here is a bonus. Romanian Cup. A comfortable win against a tier 3 side. Coaching badge. We're slowly getting there. I wonder if it will start to have an impact on the number of intervi
  2. UTA Arad, Romania. Sept 2031. Liga I Betano. I would like to blame our league form on our European campaign, but the truth is we are just a little short of the required quality up front. I We have had a bid of £1M accepted for a teenage Albanian striker, but unfortunately we couldn't agree terms. We will try again. Europe. That was probably better than I expected if I'm honest.
  3. Summer Transfer window. Jul 2031. There were no big sales, but I did eventually start investing in some new players. *** Nica (ROU) (SCO) was a really significant signing and I can't believe my luck. He had a min fee release clause of £875k and preferred to play for us rather than stay in Scotland. He was my #1 target and to be honest I was sure something would scupper the deal right up to the point he arrived. He's really rather good and is only at 3.5 CA of 5.0 PA. I took a bit of a punt on Larie (ROM) because he had 5.0 PA and cost only £200,000. He's dropped
  4. That's a very good question. I think I commented previously that Academica Clinceni are a newly created club. (They were basically the FCSB Academy side originally). Their dominance is very much a recent thing. They were taken over by a Tycoon in 2024 and failed Liga I Betano FP regulations in 2028, but there is no points deduction that I can see.
  5. UTA Arad, Romania. Aug 2031. Liga I Betano. Although the squad has really improved since my arrival, we just don't have the depth to compete in both Europe and domestic competition at the same time. I've obviously been prioritising the European games because of the money they will generate, but also because the more games we have the more opportunities we have to give our young players 1st team exposure so it's win/win in terms of money and games, but the trade-off there is our performance in the league. We've been a little unlucky in the league games this month. 2 losses by a sing
  6. UTA Arad, Romania. Jul 2031. Liga I Betano. 2 wins from 2 give us a good start in the league. Europe. We crashed out of the Champions League at the 1st hurdle, but luckily we have been able to drop straight into the Europa League. Facilities. We're starting to make ground in terms of Training and Youth Facilities. Finances. I know we've sold a lot of players, but it was by design rather than by accident and will hopefully provide the platform to allow us to move forward. We've already started to reinvest some of the funds into new young
  7. Takeover complete. Jul 2031. I know that Tycoon was mentioned, but it's a Consortium rather than a Tycoon. On the plus side, we ca now buy/sell players again.
  8. Reputation. Jun 2031. 5,926 Academica Clinceni was 5,728 (+198) 5,851 Cluj was 5,853 (-2) 5,853 FCSB was 5,933 (-80) 5,824 Viitorul was 5,848 (-24) 5,627 U Craiova was 5,602 (+25) 5,442 Sepsi OSK was 5,455 (-13) 5,329 UTA Arad was 5,361 (-32) There are a few things that don't seem quite right here. 1. Academica Clinceni with a large jump is fine because they had a really good season. 2. How come Cluj are ranked 2nd and FCSB are ranked 3rd, yet FCSB have a rep score 2 points higher than Cluj? 3. Our reputation has gone down. That doesn't make sense....
  9. End of Season summary. UTA Arad, Romania Jun 2031. Liga I Betano. I'm really happy with this season. I hoped to sneak into the Champions Playoff but we were up near the top for the whole season. The squad is developing really nicely, despite the fact that I regularly flog anyone who is worth any money once they reach 26 years old. Playing in Europe next season will be a challenge, but one that we will embrace. Liga I Betano Champions Playoff. Runners Up is the best we have done since 1972. Romanian Cup. We lost to the best team in the Country so no shame there.
  10. I'd heard of Viitorul, FCSB, Cluj, Voluntari, Dinamo & Rapid, but actually know very little about Romanian football.
  11. UTA Arad, Romania. Jun 2031. Liga I Betano Champions Playoff. It was basically a 1-game playoff to decide who would finish 2nd and 3rd. We won with a really late goal so we're Runners Up and will play in the Champions League next season.
  12. UTA Arad, Romania. May 2031. Liga I Betano Champions Playoff. 4 away games out of 6 is a little tough, but we managed to win 1 and draw 1 to add to our 2 home wins. We're 3rd in the league but there is a gap of 7 points to Cluj in 4th with just 1 game remaining, (against Viitorul). If we win we finish 2nd and if we lose we finish 3rd.
  13. Affiliations. May 2031. Until this moment I have never looked at the Affiliations page of this club and until now had never seen a message about it either. It turns out we have 2. Chelsea have a really good Croat and Serb and a good left winger who has Turkish as a 2nd Nationality. They also have a young Serb who is listed for loan. I wonder if I can get him in for next season?
  14. UTA Arad, Romania. Apr 2031. Liga I Betano. This is the 1st time all season we have lost 2 games in a row and the Cluj game was the 1st we have lost at home in the league all season. That's the end of the normal league phase and we now move into the Champions Playoff. While this is great news in that we have done well even to just qualify for this, it does of course man that we will playing the better Romanian teams in every game now. Liga I Betano Champions Playoff. This is our 1st attempt at this level so it's good to know what's what. The top 4 definite
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