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  1. May 2054. Allvenskan. We were given a right doing by IFK Göteborg, so no complaints there, but BK Häcken also proved too strong for us. Odd Mikkelsen (FRO) scored 3 more goals this month and that brings him to 7 for the season, (2 free-kicks and 5 penalties). Svenska Cupen. We've won the Cup for the 1st time since 1995.
  2. Apr 2054. Allvenskan. Drawing a game, (without conceding), is not a bug deal, but it's a sign of how far we have come in a relatively short time, that I'm frustrated that we lose a tight game to 1 of the big 2 in Sweden. It's a long old season now we are in Europe though and I have to be happy with a reasonable start. IFK Göteborg have started the season on fire, and the reason for this is that they bombed in Europe last season and didn't play Group football in Europe never mind about Knockout football. The European games are a good leveller. Without it they are still very strong
  3. Reminder for myself. Apr 2054. Although I think I've signed particularly well in the last 12 months or so, We have a couple of gaps in the squad. We're weak at both right back and left wing. Right back depth. I really need to go out and try to sign a right back immediately. The DoF has found a (POL) right back, (who has (NOR) as a 2nd Nationality), and I'm looking at him Ole Kalvhagen (NOR) is the 1st choice right back, (and he's not great). Hansen 6'6" is very much a DC. Michael Öberg DC is too slow to be considered at right back, (hence the DC tag in his name). Emil
  4. Please don't be offended by this, but if you have 0 Youth Only experience, what makes you think that you are in a position to make the game more realistic than those who actually make it? In my experience there really isn't an awful lot wrong in this area and I am yet to see any "improvements" suggested that don't actually make the whole thing less realistic. Good luck with whatever you do though.
  5. Yeah, I can't complain about the career he had. Euro U19 Championship Finnish Cup x 3 Veikkausliiga (Finnish top tier) x 4. Promotion from Superettan (Swedish 2nd Tier). Promotion from Ykkönen (Finnish 2nd Tier). 8 titles and 2 promotions is better than most achieve.
  6. (30g) Nath O'Kav (ENG). End of Season 15. Apr 2054. I've missed the last 2 updates for Jimbo Jr, (because he wasn't really featuring). I will update his progress completely now though. On intake day. End of Season 1. Just the 2 appearances at the end of the 1st part-season. End of Season 2. He was our 1st choice left back all season and I even let him take penalties, (well penalty singular). He scored his 1st goal and was also capped by ENG U20's. That sounds really impressive, but obviously ENG isn't an active league so it's a less impress
  7. Jan, Feb & Mar 2054. Svenska Cupen. We've made the final for the 1st time in my tenure and the 1st time since..... [goes to check].... actually it's not that long ago. 2046/47 we were Runners Up and before that we were Runners Up again in 2031/31. We will play Örebro SK in the Final and they play in the 2nd tier Superettan after being relegated 3 years ago. We've got to be red hot favourites. Transfers. It's actually been a really busy period in terms of transfers, even if the fees involved haven't been huge. I targeted 7 players who I wanted off the books for a range
  8. Nice little windfall. Jan 2054. There have been a few of these go through over the past 12 months or so, but this is the biggest. £925,000 + £32,000 is £957,000 and that's very nice for a player I've never heard of.
  9. Reputation. Dec 2053. I can't remember where we were last season at this stage, but after checking we were 13th last season (Mar 2053) and are 14th now so we have actually dropped in the rankings, despite rising in the reputation stakes. It would seem that just didn't rise as much as others. 6,387 IFK Göteborg 6,286 IF Elfsborg 5,915 Malmö FF 5,859 Djurgårdens IF 5,623 Hammarby IF 5,325 Halmstads BK We've been rubbish in the domestic cup since we arrived and we need to change that. Playing in Europe is also going to help us here.
  10. End of Season Summary. Nov 2053. Strangely, the Swedish Allvenskan doesn't insist that the last league games of each club are played at the same time on the same game. We played our last game early and it left us in 4th, but a few days later I have received the following message advising me that we have now finished in the top 3. It would seem that BK Häcken lost their last game 2-0 and as a result we finished above them on goal difference, (by 1 goal). We've also qualified fir the Scandinavian Royal League again too. Allvenskan. We are confirmed as finishing 3
  11. Nov 2053. Allvenskan. We have really fallen apart at the end of the season, but the truth is that we are still hugely over-performing in what is only our 2nd season back in the top flight. We've been a real yo-yo club over the past couple of decades, with at least 6 relegations and obviously the same number of promotions. To have qualified for Europe, (and I think we have), at this stage in the clubs development really is a big deal.
  12. Oct 2053. Allsvenskan. We're not out of it completely, and while Europe is now confirmed, we've dropped down to 4th. Amazingly we could still win the league with 1 game remaining. IFK Norrköping FK stuffed us with late goals in the 88th and 94th minute to peg us back and draw, and but for that we would be joint top.
  13. Sep 2053. I've been offered a new 3 year contract at £3,200 pw and am delighted to sign. Allsvenskan. The pressure is piling on and we are faltering. We've only taken 5 points from a possible 15 in this period, but thankfully our competitors seem unable to take advantage. We still have a game in hand on IF Elfsborg....... oh no we don't! IF Elfsborg have a game in hand on us and if they win it they will move 2 points ahead of us. We have 1 game in hand on BK Häcken but they are unlikely to be the problem. IFK Göteborg have a game in charge and if they win it they will go level with
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