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  1. It usually takes me about 5 seasons to get properly into a Youth Only save. I properly HATE the 1st seasons. Just try and stick with it. I also think lots of us have played more FM this year than we normally do, (because of Lockdown). I've already played more than I would in a normal year and I have many many many seasons still in the tank. Does it grip me like FM14? No, but I don't think any game ever will.
  2. Yep. They were a Sunday side who built up a sizeable YouTube following and they have converted to a Saturday side and actually done quite well so far. One of their ex players, (can't remember the name), has been signed for Northampton and made quite a few appearances for them. They are a proper club now.
  3. U23's. Sep 2029. I'm pretty sure that Kidderminster U23's shouldn't be playing at a Senior level. AFC Rushden & Diamonds are the phoenix club of the old Rushden & Diamonds club that had a brief dalliance with the Football league before going bust. They have done well to get back up to Tier 7 , but we're comfortably out-performing them at the moment. We haven't played them yet, but I'm hoping for a bumper crowd. Kettering Town are also very local, (and they have a big rivalry with R&D. (We've just beat them 3-2 away).
  4. Yeah, I started disagreeing with you and then as I talked myself through it found it very similar to my Fickle opinion. As for your 2 examples, I'm guessing that the difference is either the known difference between Det in the 2 examples, or the unknown difference between Pro in the 2 examples.
  5. No, I think it's because the Amb is a known high and we all gravitate to high Det players and resolve Det issues significantly more easily that either Pro or Amb issues. So effectively we are attracted to High Det Merc players significantly more than Low Det Merc players so the results are skewed. (That's my take on it anyway).
  6. Transfers. Jun 2029. Over the last 2 seasons our players have been completely pillaged by the higher leagues. From the 2026 intake we have lost the following players. We've lost 3 players that also are the top 3 ranked players by PPA. (26a) McDonald. Conference National. (26b) Leiweke (USA). League 2. (26c) Bennett. Lower League. From the 2027 intake we have lost the following players. We've lost 7 of the 16 players from this intake, including 6 of the top 8 ranked players. (27a) Haynes. League 1. (27c) Dent-Carpenter 6'2". Conference National. (27d) Unwin. League 2. (27e) Clif Williams (BRB) 6'4". Conference National. (27f) Foday Sarr (GAM). Conference South, but has since moved onto League 2. (27h) Gary Gorman (IRL). Conference National. (27j) Dave Whelan. Conference South. From the 2028 intake we have lost the following players. That's ridiculous. We've lost 11 of the 16 from this intake, including each of the top 10 ranked players. (28a) Bernemann (AUT) 6'2". Lower League. (28b) Said Tembo (ZAN) 6'0". League 1. (28c) Ryan Chance (JAM). League 1. (28d) Christopher Tetteh (GHA). League 1. (28e) Sunday Solomon (NGA). League 1. (28f) Adam Jenkins. League 2. (28g) Jason Verdi. Conference National. (28h) Jon Brown (WAL). Conference National. (28i) Milos Jirasek (CZE). Conference National. (28j) James Allen (PNG) (Res). Conference North. (28l) Jim Turnbull (AUS) (MLT). Conference National. I have at least managed to get some of the lads back in.
  7. Season Summary. Apr 2029. BetVictor Isthmian South Central Division. We were pretty consistent all the way through the season. We generally scored pretty well, despite the turnover of players. We scored 8 in the league against Leicester Nirvana and then again against Ashford Utd in one of the Cups. Playoffs. We needed a GK penalty to squeeze past St Ives in the Semi, but hammered Yaxley in the Final. Quarter Finals. Semi-Finals. Finals. Final League Table. Maldon & Tiptree were also promoted, possibly suggesting how strong our league was. FA Cup. We had a player sent off as we crashed out to Boston Utd. FA Trophy. We had a player sent off in the replay against Worthing Utd. Alan Turvey Cup. Yep, you guessed it. We had a player sent off as Horsham knocked us out of this Cup too. That's 3 exits from 3 Cups and in each of them we received a red card after only getting 1 in the league all season. Goal-scoring keepers. (27b) Waumsley * finished the season on 14 goals and 11 assists with 100% record from 11 penalties and 3 free-kicks. Overall Best XI. Awards. Squad by Appearances. I personally think that 40 games is too many games in a season for an outfield player, so 47 games started for (25m) Luke Bennett (F.Pro) is way too many. The problem is that we just haven't produced that many strikers at all, and of those that have been produced, the best have left and it doesn't leave us with many options. That our GK was our 2nd top scorer and our centre-back was 3rd and our left winger 4th speaks volumes. The 2nd highest scoring striker was (21h) Sabbatus (LCA) (Driven) who scored 7 from 12(4) appearances, and that possibly suggests that I should have played him more. The reason that he didn't? 1.5 PPA. Discipline. When you only lose 4 league games all season, it's hard to be at the top of the yellow cards table.......... is what I was going to say until I realised that Needham Market topped both the League Table and the Yellow card table. That's not very common by the AI at all. They must be REALLY dirty. Finances. We're in the red. We are overdrawn at the bank to the tune of £27k. Facilities. There isn't really anything we can do here. I need to rise up the leagues AND have some Cup runs to generate some cash. Transfers. This quite simply is a disaster and is the only reason we needed the Playoffs rather than being promoted as Champions. We have been decimated for the last 2 seasons now. I'm not going to comment too much here about transfers because it deserves a post of it's own. Tracker. The significant thing here is the value of the club. It's dropped to just over £50k with is close to what it was 8 years ago. The reason for this is because as mentioned before, most of our best players have been nabbed and the squad has been absolutely decimated. Records.
  8. Staff Recruitment. Apr 2029. @mattyjames_commented a while ago that coaching staff can have an impact on the personality of players coming through the intake, but I want to show you what I'm up against. I have ranked them by Det. Here are the staff personalities in the same order. Balanced Balanced Unambitious Balanced Balanced Mercenary Sporting Balanced Temperamental Mercenary Low Determination Unambitious Balanced Fairly Ambitious Unambitious Unambitious I'm sure @OlivierLmade a comment about him liking Mercenary as a personality, (or something like that), but I can't find what he said, (I haven't looked that hard), but I'm afraid I don't agree. It could be decent, (because Amb is good we know that, but both Pro Det and Pro could be really bad). The good news is that we can see Det at least so it means that both Det and Amb are known(ish), so we need to only investigate and fix Pro. I can see what @OlivierLis doing now. It's very similar to what I do with Fickle. That's a good shout actually. It won't always be a good fit, but anything that has either Amb or Pro at known good levels is worth looking at. Looking at the above list, the to Merc has Det of 8 and the 2nd has Det of 6. It's not a good personality. It's REALLY not a good personality, but looking at what I have available here, the 1st Merc makes the shortlist simply because so many on the list are significantly worse. F.Amb has been highlighted as a "possible" relatively positive personality, (everything is relative remember), but although we know that Amb is good, (15-20), in this case we also know that Det is bad (3). The question is whether or not the Pro is any good. If it is then it still might be decent.
  9. Good shout that man. I had mixed up PNG and ANG, the flags and abbreviations are both similar. You know, just that 1 simple little thing make this intake MUCH better. I will edit my post now. Thank You.
  10. Youth Intake day. Mar 2029. It's still being classed as a "Golden Generation", but I'm significantly less than impressed, The CA is nowhere near as good as the last couple of intakes and my next post will show you the recent transfers and what we are up against. I really need the intake to be better than this at the moment in terms of CA. Squad by PPA. Nations already represented in previous Youth Intakes. New Nations represented in this Youth Intake. (* Thanks to @nie jem frytek) [Edit] * Thanks to @nie jem frytekpaying attention, I now know that Angola is a new Nation in this intake.
  11. No. Because I think it has absolutely no impact on the result of a free-kick in exactly the same way that the penalty taking attribute has absolutely nothing to do with the result of penalties.
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