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  1. A hat-trick of penalties, (awarded). July 2046. (39b) Vaz (POR) (Pro) * 19 scored his 18th &19th career goals, but his 25th minute missed penalty, (saved penalty to be more precise), meant that he missed out on a hat-trick of penalties, (also known as a Josh Wright).
  2. A BIG(ish) Trophy? May 2046. I'm personally a big fan of this trophy, especially in a save like this where you have to produce your own youngsters and can't buy them in from elsewhere to cover inadequacies in the squad. Unfortunately, it doesn't even get a mention. Maybe there is an U19 honours board that I haven't found.
  3. Determination

    Andy Yiadom is another one to add to the list. Will soon be playing in the Premier League by all accounts and I don't think he will look out of place there. I could also add Albert Adomah and Yannick Bolasie to the list as significantly late developers. I saw all 3 play at Barnet in League 2 and/or the Conference.
  4. I've just re-signed this bloke on a free. Jan 2046. Although he doesn't have a staff profile yet, there was an option to send him on a coaching course, which the board turned down because they said he wasn't interested, so I immediately suggested via private conversation with him that I thought he might make a good coach once he retires. We will see how that develops. He's had a more than decent career already. He started with us and scored 22 league goals in 24(4) league appearances but actually a total of 41 total goals in 51(11) appearances. He then moved to Spurs for £6.5M in 2031. He was never the main man at Spurs but you also have to remember that this league wasn't active. He scored 1 league goal in 7 league games while on loan at Ajax, and this included just 1 goal in a total of 13 appearances. He scored 54 league goals in 51(81) league appearances and a total of 70 goals in 67(130) appearances, (so a lot of time sitting on the bench). I tried to get him back when he left Spurs, but he just wanted too much cash so instead he went to Al-Shabab in UAE for £1.5M, (where wages are obviously not a problem). He scored 52 league goals in 60(8) league appearances at Al-Shabab, and scored a total of 67 goals in 80(8) appearances. At International level he has scored 46 goals for the Senior Icelandic side in 88(28) appearances, (which I have checked and double-checked and even triple-checked as accurate), but this makes 116 appearances and he only has 108 Caps so there is something wrong somewhere here. He also scored 16 U21 goals in 14 U21 appearances. The All Time (ISL) top scorer is actually someone else, (Kjartan Kristinsson), who scored 58 International goals for Iceland. (36a) Úlfar (M.Pro) (2036) * currently has 38 goals from 67 International appearances at the age of 26, but the (ISL) National Team is being poorly managed at the moment, although he should break the record even without me taking over.
  5. Determination

    @enigmatic I'm probably going to select players to fit a basic 442 in terms of positions. If some players in some positions develop faster/slower than average then I'm sure that will show in the results. How quickly a player develops is not really on interest to me, just so long as they do, (or don't), develop. We can draw conclusions once we have the data, (whether they be correct or incorrect is of course open to interpretation).
  6. Determination

    @enigmaticYes, I understand that the "chance" factor is an issue, but we could use that as a reason to not do any experiment ever. As long as we acknowledge that there is a certain amount of randomness at play and are willing to take that into account when looking at the results, then I personally think that some information that we might get out of an experiment such as this is better than what we have currently. Good shout about workrate. There will be no changing of clubs if I do this correctly. The players will be signed to long-term deals and will not be bought or sold. No new signings will be made by the clubs and the only new player at the clubs will be newgens each year, which I could release if required. How demanding a player is of 1st Team football or moving on will be irrelevant because that's not what I'm trying to look at. I am concerned only with Youth development and how some of the hidden attributes impact upon it. There will also be no "dealing with players" by a human manager. My plan is to take over 10 different clubs, (not sure about the level yet because level of competition is something I have had in my mind for a while and I don't want to muddy the waters), and populate each of the 10 clubs with 10 and only 10 outfield players as described above. I will have no idea how they are to deal with. I will just know how they developed and then look for reasons as to why they might differ from players of other personality make-ups. Will injury lay a part? Yes, absolutely. Of course it will. That's part of the chance factor that we will have to consider when viewing the results. A positive is that we will be able to see the players injury record so it should be reasonable to make an informed decision on it.
  7. Determination

    I'm aware of some of the limitations that an experiment described as above would involve... @RashidiYou list a few things that might cause an issue. Some I had thought of and some are new issues to be considered. I completely get that there is a "chance" or "probability" factor involved here, (and indeed that this" chance" factor has actually increased). While I'm not going to pretend that the results of an experiment like this are exact, they should at least offer us an indication of what we can expect to see in game. How much an indication? Well, more of an indication than if I were to run the experiment with just 1 team, but less of an indication than if I were to run the experiment with 100 teams for example. I can't really impact upon performances, (again, this is linked to chance somewhat), and as for morale and playing time, while it's hard to be exact, my plan would be for the only players at the club to be these players, a GK and then the rest of the club would be made up of grey players. This should allow for substantial playing-time and it should be similar across the board barring injury and suspension. Is it going to be exact? No, of course it's not. But we are not looking for exact. We are looking for more of an idea than we have now, (which is not much of an idea personally). Do other things impact development slightly? Yes, of course they do, but if we are trying to minimise the gaps between these, then while it might not be perfect, it's the best that we can do. Actually, SI could do much better than this. I'm sure many people could. I'm not sure that this is even achievable by me, but this is the best I can do. Haven't included a timeline? I'm not sure what you mean here. Fell free to expand upon it. My plan is to track CA of the 100 players throughout the course of the save.
  8. Determination

    So here is a question then..... Is there any difference, (in terms of player development), of a player with 15 Pro and 15 Det, when compared to a player with 20 Pro and 10 Det? The values of these 2 attributes are identical, but the suggestion now, (if what has been stated in this thread is to believed), is that as Pro & Det have equal value in terms of player development. By the same token, there also should not be any difference between the above 2 player types and a 3rd identical player with Pro 10 and Det 20. I wonder what would be classed as a reasonable number of test subjects. 10 Teams all with identical make-up in terms of reputation, facilities and coaching. 10 outfield players at each club with the following attributes, and all set with identical PA and Player 1. Det 1. Pro 1. Amb 1 WR. 20. Player 2. Det 1. Pro 1. Amb 20. WR 1. Player 3. Det 1 Pro 20. Amb 1. WR 1. Player 4. Det 20. Pro 1. Amb 1 WR 1. All other mental attributes will be set to 10. The only reason I am including WR is out of personal interest. Player 5. Det 5. Pro 20. Amb 1. WR 1. Player 6. Det 10. Pro 20. Amb 1. WR 1. Player 7. Det 15. Pro 20. Amb 1. WR 1. Player 8. Det 20. Pro 20. Amb 1. WR 1. Player 9. Det 1 Pro 20. Amb 10. WR 1. Player 10. Det 20. Pro 1. Amb 10. WR 1. You say that "chance" is increased, (probably a good thing in my opinion), but assuming that everything isn't completely down to chance, then 10 different clubs all running the same experiment in the same save would seem to be a reasonably sized sample group. At the very least we should be in a position to see trends if not and exact an exact replication of how things work, "under the hood". Does that seem reasonable?
  9. Interesting. I would love to hear from anyone who has seen a GK get sent of in their own game. Preferably it would be your own GK being sent off, but I would still like to hear even if it was the AI GK getting sent off against a human managed team. The next level is an AI GK getting sent off against an AI managed team in a playable league The last level is an AI GK getting sent off against an AI managed team in a non-playable league, (as above). I'm not sure of the significance of the level of detail, but I think there is a difference.
  10. Maybe I've just been really lucky with GK injuries over the years. Do red cards also happen to GK's? I haven't seen one since the 1st patch of FM14.
  11. The more things change, the more they remain the same. Aug 2045. That's his 7th of the season and there are 2 other GK's who have scored goals this season bringing the tally of GK goals this season to 9.
  12. 49 players called up for International Duty. Aug 2045. I can't remember what the current record for players called up for International duty is, but I think 49 is a new record. Iceland U19's. 6 players. Iceland U20's. 5 players. Iceland U21's. 11 players. Iceland. 17 players. Belgium U21's. 1 player. Brazil U20's. 1 player. China. 1 player. San Marino. 2 players. Portugal. 1 player. Sweden U21's. 2 players. Sweden. 2 players. There are quite a few players who have played at Senior International level in the past and are no longer being called up. (26d) Adam Sigurðar (Res) * is a 35yo MC with 122 (ISL) Caps and 7 (ISL) goals. (30b) Egill Gunn (Pro) * is a 31yo DC with 88 (ISL) Caps and 6 (ISL) goals. (26b) Páll Stefán (F.Pro) * is a 35yo AMR with 75 (ISL) Caps and 8 (ISL) goals. (28a) Magnús (Pro) (2028) * is a 33yo MC with 56 (ISL) Caps. (32b) Veigar Páll (Res) is a 29yo MC with 53 (ISL) Caps and 1 (ISL) goal. (24b) Ben Óli (Amb) 60 * is a 37o GK with 18 (ISL) Caps. (Yes, the 60 indicates that he scored 60 career goals for is in his 1st stint at the club). (33a) Björn Berg M.Pro (2033)* is a 28yo DR with 9 (ISL) Caps. (36i) Jón Reyr (M.Pro) is a 25yo MC on loan at Rapid Vienna with 8 Caps. (39c) Arnór Halldór (M.Pro) is a 22yo DL with 5 (ISL) Caps. (35f) Eiríkur (F.Pro) is a 26yo DR with 4 (ISL) Caps. (40h) Emil Schram (Res) is a 21yo MC with 2 (ISL) Caps. (38e) Orri Sveinn (Pro) is a 24yo AML with 2 (ISL) Caps. (38b) Gunnar Gís (M.Pro) is a 23yo on loan at Hertha Berlin with 2 (ISL) Caps.. (37a) Reynir (M.Pro) (2037) * is a 24yo SC on loan at Austria Vienna with 1 (ISL) Cap. (30c) Kristóf Skúl (M.Pro) is a 31yo DC with 1 (ISL) Cap. The above players have all received at least 1 Senior (ISL) Cap and are not currently in an (ISL) squad of any sort, (some of them are still eligible for (ISL) aged group selection. Most of these players are still in contention for selection and especially looking at the top 7 players on the list, the reason for them not being called up us less to do with their ability and more to do with my rotation policy.
  13. [FM17] Starting at the top (of Scotland)

    I'm gonna start calling you Lucky!
  14. @JupjamieYou can't really be complaining about 3x 5.0, 2x 4.5 and 2x 4.0 players surely?
  15. It's never happened in my game but I have seen it posted on here by someone else.