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  1. It's now quite an old thread so if you can't find it then here it is.
  2. @AkkarinIn terms of GK ability from dead-ball situations, (penalties and free-kicks), I believe I have nailed it down to exactly what the driver is behind free kicks, and the jury is still out with regards to players of all types taking penalties. If I haven't mentioned it in this thread, then have a look at the old "My Fat GK is better that your Fat GK" thread in the Challenge forum,
  3. The poor performances in Europe were really just mentioned because it was such a shock in that we didn't just fail to get into the Champions League Group stage, but we then also bottled the Europa League qualification too. While we did the domestic quadruple, we almost lost the league, (losing 6 and drawing 1 of 22 league games). Winning is winning and might sound like I am being greedy, but I think we should be looking at least at an unbeaten season if not a 100% win record. In 2026 we won 20 league games, drew 1 and lost 1 and that's as close as we have got to an unbeaten league season. We finished on 61 points, a massive 21 points ahead of 2nd placed FH. This season, with a shambolic 15/1/6 record, we were just 3 points ahead of 2nd placed Fram, who lost 2 of their last 3 games to completely implode and bottle the title. Obviously I would like to say that we were concentrating on Europe instead, but instead the opposite was actually the case. I think my best players are now so unhappy at not being allowed to move on that keeping them is now counter-productive in that their actual performances are poorer than players with poorer actual ability. With that in mind there is at least 1 that I plan on culling, and I might even send another couple with him.
  4. You see THIS is what really irks me about the FM Duncan Greenwood. He's bloomin Goldenballs. (I've just searched "faceinthegame" to find him). This is him pretty average. He's still an International striker, (2 goals in 3 games), and has even managed to secure a move to the team he supports late in his career. Wow! I've just scrolled down to go through all the names under "faceinthegame" and have just found this bloke. (16d) Jake (ENG) (F.Pro) * This was a young English GK who came through my academy in Iceland before moving on to a decent career on the English Premier League. There are a few names that jump out at me other than the 2 mentioned above. Adam Mingay. Scott Greatorex, (mentioned above by someone else I think). Tom Lazkowski, (mentioned above).
  5. That's the bloke! @Duncan Greenwoodmight be very good at his job, and I'm sure he is probably a nice bloke too, but his FM alter-ego is an absolute *******!
  6. As mentioned, we really struggled this season in comparison to previous seasons. Having said that, we still sneaked a nice little domestic quadruple, (which is always nice). The problem came in Europe where we were absolutely awful, and our domestic form about this time also suffered as a result. Shambles. Absolute shambles.
  7. I've asked this question before and it's because there is a whole profile that is saved and used rather than just a name. The players place of birth and favoured clubs are static, as I think are positions. I've forgotten his name, (and it's really bugging me now), but there is 1 member of staff who is a Newcastle fan and twice been in my games, once as a World Class striker). I flippin hated him in my San Marino save. Not remembering his name is going to bug me all day. 😠
  8. I've seen repeat names before and they have turned out to be SI employees. I'm not sure if researchers get their names added to the database, but I'm sure the development team can.
  9. Absolute shambles. Sep 2033. We haven't had a run of form this bad since this save began. We are danger of not winning the league.
  10. What's that you say? I haven't shown you a GK goal recently and does he ever do it in big games? Here is his 44th career goal which is the opener in the 2033 Cup Final.
  11. Youth Day 2033. There are a few different things to mention about this intake. We've managed to bang out another 5.0 PA player, (much to my surprise). I had thought that as the level of our playing squad improved, we would start to struggle to produce 5.0 players. A foreigner! (Portugese). We've got no Portugese staff or feeders, so I'm guessing that this is just driven by a recent increase in club reputation. A 2nd Nationality foreigner! (Serbian). Again, we've got no Serbian staff and rather than an increase in club rep, I think this is driven by Serbs populating leagues all over the World it seems. A decent amount of Professionalism in the intake. In contrast, 3 really poor personalities in 1x slack and 2x casual. I bet (33a) Björn Berg (Pro) (2033) is decent at volleys. (Little bit of a tennis joke there). "Kriss" 18. (33a) Björn Berg (Pro) (2033). He's a bit raw and I would have much preferred he was a "lefty" rather than a "righty". He's strong mentally but it's a shame that his jumping is better than his pace. (Would like to see them swapped). Technicals need significant work, and again I would like to see crossing and dribbling attributes reversed.
  12. Thanks, but I really don't want to do that with my current save. I might have an experiment with a different save at some point in the future, but I don't want to start looking "under the hood" of this save.
  13. The (Pro) Tutor has a Media Handling style of Level-Headed. LH Con 1-14, Tem 7-20, Loy 11-20, (Spo 12-20 or Pro 13-20) 1345 The (Unamb) Tuttee now also has a Media Handling style of Level Headed. (I don't know what it was before but I have an old save I can go back to). LH Con 1-14, Tem 7-20, Loy 11-20, (Spo 12-20 or Pro 13-20) 1345 At first glance, the Loyalty 11-20 certainly seems to be in line with the (Unamb) template, but what I don't understand is why it would trigger the Unamb title rather than remain (F.Pro).
  14. Yeah, cheers @Seb Wassell I'm not convinced it's a bug. I'm really just trying to understand it. I'm looking at the media handling info now to see if I can understand it a little more. It is theoretically possible, (I think), as you say. It's just not what I am used to seeing.