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  1. Oct 2021. PT Championship (Group E). We've played 5 league games and the opposition currently fill the bottom 5 places in the league. At this stage I don't know if they are at the bottom because we have beaten them or because they are not very good. I would expect the 3 teams directly below us to provide a sterner test. PT Cup. There is once again no question about the quality of our opposition as we beat a 2nd team from the league above. This was a tight affair all the way through. Facilities. After we won our 4th game in a row I decided I would chance my arm and try and get in for an early facility upgrade. In fact I managed 2 after a little persuasion. This should make a significant difference come intake time. Goal-scoring Keepers. Finances. We've just gone slightly over the budget because the Ass Man of DoF or El Presidente, (or someone), has been re-negotiating player contracts. I was happy that he was doing it, but not at the expense of going over our budget. (It was on a 2nd tab so I has missed it).
  2. Aug & Sep 2021. PT Championship (Group E). At this stage it's hard to tell if we are decent or our opposition was really poor. The fact that they conceded 2 and 4 goals without reply in their other games suggest that they are not very good. We might still be decent though. I should also add that Sp. Ideal had not 1 but 2 red cards against us and it was only 1-0 when they got each of their 2 reds so maybe that skewed the result a little. Clé (CPV) has scored the 1st goal in all of our competitive games so far so I thought I would let you have a look. PT Cup. There were no red cards for the opposition in this game and as they currently sit 2nd in the league above us there can be no claim that they are a weak opponent. We are decent! Records. Goal-scoring Keepers. The very 1st goal in our very 1st league game, (just 2 minutes into the season), was a direct free-kick scored by Clé (CPV), (because I had forgotten to set my GK as our set-piece taker. Sure enough he spanked it in. Marcelo (BRA) had to wait until our 3rd game to get off the mark. Finances. Our cash is vanishing quickly.
  3. Maybe I'm going blind, but can anyone else see how to make the U19 play the same tactics as the senior squad?
  4. To be honest I have always just assumed that it's largely fitness based. Yeah the confidence helps but I'm not very good at the start of seasons, (usually), so what the hell do I know.
  5. 1st competitive game in Portugal. Aug 2021. I think it's fair to say I enjoyed it.
  6. Pre-Season. Jul & Aug 2021. Friendlies. I'm trying not to read much into this, but at the very least we seem to be able to score goals. Right? Rúben Araújo (POR) scored 5 goals in my 1st game and finished pre-season with 11 goals and 4 assists in 10 appearances. Finances. We start off in decent financial shape, but with such good facilities I expect our money to vanish pretty quickly. (At least that's what happened in the FM21 tests that I ran).
  7. Possibly, (and never say never), but by re-signing players who have come through our Academy, (or been poached), and then moved on to somewhere else, I think I'm relaxing the rules enough. At the moment I think I'd rather play Youth Only and not become the biggest team in Portugal, than relax the rules and achieve it. I've got the option of buying players in other saves. I think I will probably keep this to Youth Only.
  8. Cheers. I have a feeling Youth Only in Portugal is going to be a bit of a slog.
  9. That's the plan. There will be many little achievements along the way that I will hopefully mark in some way.
  10. Overhauling SAD Franchise. (Portugese edition). It's going to be a really tough slog playing Youth Only on Portugal. I mean a REALLY tough slog. That being said, there are a few things in our favour. There is no minimum age requirement for players in the Portugal Championship (tier 4), although I think even youngsters have to be registered and we can register 52 players, (which is a strange number). I think it's fair to say that our Facilities are particularly decent, (but we're going to need them to be better than decent and we're also going to need to get our reputation up). Great Training Facilities, Great Youth Facilities, Good Academy Coaching and Good Youth Recruitment. (You see, there is some method in my madness!) The expectations seem pretty modest, (or at least they start they way), but the game seems to get confused as to how many Tiers there are in Portugal in Season 4, and then while staying in Tier 3 in Season 4 is only 1/4 priority, getting promoted to Tier 1 in Season 5 is 4/4 priority.
  11. I'm managing in the Portugal 4th Tier and have just had my Club Vision meeting. 1st Season - Top half finish (Tier 4). 2nd Season - Automatic promotion (from Tier 4 to Tier 3). 3rd Season - Remain in 3rd Division (Tier 3). 4th Season - Work towards gaining promotion to the Premier League (from Tier 3 to Tier 1). (That can't be right!) 5th Season - Win promotion to the Premier League (from Tier 3 to Tier 1). There are a few things wrong here. 1. The game seems to think that I can move from Tier 3 to Tier 1 in the 4th season. 2. While remaining in the 3rd Division in Season 4 is only rated 1/4 (Favoured) importance, winning promotion to the Premier League in Season 5 is rated 4/4 (Required) importance. File uploaded.
  12. If you are from MK and like football then it's great for you. It's brilliant! It's just rubbish for everyone else! Glad to have you along.
  13. Overhauling SAD Franchise. (Portugese edition). C.F. Os Belenenses are indeed playable from the off and are just known as Belenenses in the game, (rather than Belenenses SAD). We start in the 4th tier and SAD Franchise will start in the 1st tier. Sad Franchise do have a B Team, and they were playable in FM21, but I think their demotion and our sudden promotion when the Portugese season wasn't finished last season in real life, might be linked in some way. We don't have decent kits at the moment. But we will have when the full game is released. We will even have a proper badge. The big question is.... how many players do we have and are they good enough to allow me to survive as manager until such time as the Youth Intake start coming of age? Senior Squad. U19 Squad. That's brilliant. I'm well chuffed. I was worried with what I had experienced with my FM21 trials, but this looks great. I couldn't be happier.
  14. Overhauling SAD Franchise. (Portugese edition). With a repeat of the "Regensburg debacle" in the forefront of my mind, (my therapist says that I have progressed really well to be able to type the word Regensburg now), I had to come up with an alternative solution as to how best to start the save, but which would give me a realistic opportunity to get through the 1st few tough seasons while the 1st batch of youngsters from the 1st Youth Intake matured to a level where they could be competitive enough to avoid relegation. My 1st plan was to micro-manage everything in that 1st season to absolutely squeeze the absolute most from the tiny squad in the hope that we might be able to somehow avoid relegation, but this doesn't sound like any sort of fun to me and this is meant to be fun isn't it? My 2nd plan involved going back on holiday and letting the Ass Man do what they want in terms of signing players , (but ask them to play to my tactic), and then return from holiday on the day of the 1st Youth Intake, and then see where we are at that point and see if we could survive moving forward, (with a presumably larger squad and a 1st batch of youngsters). The 3rd plan is almost identical to the 2nd plan in that we go on holiday and return on the 1st Youth Intake day, but rather then just continuing on I would create a new manager at that point and start completely fresh at the club with a new profile on Youth Intake day. The 1st time I ran the simulation, (with FM21) we were relegated after signing 0 players and it became obvious we needed to tweak things a little. The 2nd time I ran the simulation, (with FM21), (allowing a DoF/Ass Man/whoever to sign players), we finished top of the league and were beaten by Sporting B in the Championship Semi-Final. As there are only 2 teams relegated from the Portugese 3rd Edition at the end of the 2020/21 season in FM21 it meant that we would stay in the 4th tier, (which is exactly what I wanted). SAD Franchise, (you are damn right that's a thing now), now play their games at the Estadio Nacional, (where I once played rugby). It was the 1st stadium I had ever seen, where you come out of the changing rooms from below the pitch as if you are entering some sort of gladiatorial arena, and it had quite a big impact on me. It was amazing! I had never seen anything like it. Some of you might be asking where the SAD bit comes from in SAD Franchise, (or Belenenses SAD to be more polite). The truth is that there are actually quite a few Portugese companies with "SAD" after their name, and this simply relates to the fact that they are a Public Limited Sports Company, (Sociedade Anónima Desportiva), and the Portugese abbreviation for that is SAD. I've just been having a look at real life results and it would appear that somehow CF Os Belenenses are already in the 4th tier. I really don't understand what's going on with this Portugese restructuring. They play in Group E of the Portugese Championship, (4th tier), and I "think" that will mean they be playable out of the box in FM22. If not then I will holiday until the 2nd Season, but I have a sneaking suspicion we will be all systems go right from the off. Although I'm saying that this is a "YOUTH ONLY" save, my definition of a Youth Only save is that we can re-sign players who came through the Academy here previously and moved on to other clubs.
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