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  1. Jimbokav1971

    One Door Closes, Another Andorra Opens

    I didn't create the concept actually. Someone else created the 1st one and I absolutely loved the idea. Might have been @forameusspossibly. I enhanced it a little and encouraged others to use it and then I stopped using it myself, It's lovely to follow a thread that uses anything like this so well done to all.
  2. Pay Attention. Chelsea. Apr 2040. I may have mentioned a while back that some of the squad are getting restless because they want to be winning things, but I am still building and while we are sort of getting to the stage that we should be close to competing for a trophy, we also seem to lack consistency at key moments. I'm putting this down to the large number of youngsters in the squad. When I signed (30a) Ray (Pro) (FRA) (2030) * on a free from my old club Stade Rennais, part of the deal was that he expected to be winning silverware this season. Someone, can't remember who and too lazy to go back and look, (apologies), commented at the time something along the lines of "I hope he enjoys playing in the Checkatrade Trophy!" Actually it wasn't even a thought initially, but that comment stuck in my head, (obviously not stuck enough mind), and I came to the decision that if the youngsters/back-ups could get us to the Final, (realistic expectation), then I would play some big boys in there just to make sure we didn't fall at the final hurdle. Well things started off going to plan in that we got to the final, (beating just 1 U23 side along the way), but then I forgot to select the match day squad and as of no "big boys" starting wasn't bad enough, my Ass Man, (or whoever is in charge of the U23's), put out a team of really young kids. (40f) Andre (Bal) is 15 and has just come through the recent intake. (38d) Andy SG (F.Det) is 17, but he's actually decent so no real complaints there. Liam Guy (F.Det) is a back-up who is just used to flesh out the U23 side for just this sort of game. He got injured and that probably cost us the game if I'm honest. (38b) Lake (Driven) * is a 17yo 5'10" centre-half who I am re-training to play WBL. In hindsight I should have given instructions that he isn't allowed to play centre-half, but what's done is done. (Do those instructions work for the aged-group teams too????) (34n) Ayling. (IRL) (Unamb) is 21 years old and just isn't good enough. Even for U23 level. He needs to go. HUGE mistake him playing in this game. Uzo (NIG) (Res) HG was at the club when I arrived and is 28 now. He is really used as a Tutor and to flesh out the U23 squad. I don't mind that he played in this game. He is good enough. (37c) Parish (Driven) is 18 and has a few Premier League appearances to his name this season so no complaints at all with him playing here. (37g) Pearson (ISL) (Honest) is a 19 year Icelandic player who is not good enough for anything really and has only been kept because he is Icelandic. It was a mistake allowing him to play in this game. (35b) Jarvis (Res) is 21 years old and should be perfect for this sort of game. Although he is 2.0 CA with 3.0 PA, he has played and scored in the Premier League for me, but at the same time is never going to really make it. Maguire (SCO) (Bal) was bought to add depth to the squad when I joined Nicholls (Res) SELL HG was at the club when I arrived and is 27 now. Another Tutor who has previously played for the 1st Team but who is more suited to U23 level now. Valued at £5.75M, he is plenty good enough for this level. Gotta pay more attention next season.
  3. Jimbokav1971

    Bradley's Babes.

    Unfortunately that's not very likely I'm afraid, (for 2 reasons). I'm actually managing 2 clubs in this save. The 1st is a fan-owned post-Abramovic Chelsea, (which is my main save), and while I am not 100% youth only, it is certainly youth based. The other thread can be found here if you are interested. Chelsea are a back to being a Champions League club now, but I have won absolutely nothing with them. While it looks as if this Sunderland team is full of stars, the reality is that it isn't at all. There is a fair bit of potential here, but not an awful lot of quality. As a result, the way in which the stars work is that the are graded or rated or whatever against the best player in the squad which is a 20 year old GK valued at just £375,000 and who has only 9 U21 caps and a fair bit of developing still to do. The 2nd best player, (rated by CA), is a 21 year old striker valued at £24M. While he's certainly decent, he's a long way of being WorldClass. At the moment we are a VERY young developing side but a million miles away from challenging for a Champions League spot.
  4. Jimbokav1971

    Bradley's Babes.

    2040 Youth Day Mar 2040. I mentioned in the other thread that these "Golden Gebnerations" are getting right on my wick. They are nothing of the sort. (40a) Harding (L.Det) (2040) *. This bloke might be seen as having the highest PA by my Ass Man, but I don't like him at all. (39a) Forster (Unamb) (2039). (38a) McAndrew (Res) (2038) *. (37a) Lynch (Bal) (2037) *. (36a) Lumsdon (F.Pro) (2036) *. (35a) Fowler (Bal) (2035) *. (34a) Fenney (Unamb) (2034) *. (33a) Lewis Williams (Res) *. (32a) Pearson (2032) (F.Pro). Whole squad ranked by PA. Whole squad ranked by CA.
  5. Lies. Chelsea. Mar 2040. I'm start to get sick of all these Golden Generations that are actually nothing of the sort. Don't get me wrong, as I seem to say every year, any intake with a 5.0 PA player is a good intake. That being said, this is FAR from a golden generation. "Kriss" (40a) Dom (F.Pro) (2040) *. A short centre-half is not ideal, but it's better than no centre-half. "Kriss" (39a) Fisher (F.Pro) (2039) *. "Kriss" (38a) Harvey (Unamb) (2038) *. "Kriss" (37a) WKS (Bal) (2037) *. "Kriss" (36a) James May (Pro)(2036) *. "Kriss" (35a) Lowe (BER) (F.Det) *. "Kriss" (34a) Matty (F.Det) (2034) *. "Kriss" (33a) Bello (Res) (2033) *. "Kriss" (32a) Sylvère (F.Pro) (3032). "Kriss" (31a) Berger (Bal) (2031) *. "Kriss" (30a) Ray (Pro) (FRA) (2030) *. "Kriss" (29a) Le Mau (F.Pro) (2029) *. "Kriss" (28a) Raph (F.Pro) (2028). "Kriss" (27a) Lemoine (Res) (2027) *. "Kriss" (25a) Bergþór (Unamb) (2025) *. "Kriss" (24a) Grétar (FSport)(2024) *. "Kriss" (23a) Frans (Res) (2023) *. "Kriss" (22a) Ísak Ör (L.H) (2022) *. "Kriss" (21a) Breiðdal (Hon) (2021) *.
  6. Jimbokav1971

    Bradley's Babes.

    (35b) Heary (IRL) (Res) * hotly tipped for European Golden Boy. Nov 2039. He's scored 7 Premier League goals in 12 Premier League games this season, as he continued his good form from last season where he scored 21 Championship goals in 39 Championship games. I'm a little surprised that he hasn't been called up to the ENG U21 squad, but there is strong competition there at the moment and I'm guessing that the Manager is looking for a more rounded player.
  7. Walk idiot, walk. Chelsea. Nov 2039. (30a) Ray (Pro) (FRA) (2030) * came through the intake at Stade Rennais, but I managed to sign him on a free at Chelsea and continue our burgeoning relationship. He scored 33 Premier League goals in 33(1) Premier League games last season and seems to be doing well for the French National Team with 13 goals in 23 appearances at senior level. This season for Chelsea, he has so far scored 12 goals in 11 appearances so it strange in the extreme that Idiot Kaboul continues to leave him out of the French squad. FRA play with 3 strikers and have 5 in the squad, so it seems astonishing that they can't find room for him. That being said, Kaboul seems to be doing ok at the moment so perhaps I am being a little harsh.
  8. Jimbokav1971

    The New FMCU General Discussion Thread

    Just had a search and Bobby Robson: More than a Manager looks like it's the onw. It's on SKY but costs £9.99
  9. Jimbokav1971

    FM 18 Crash On save

    Hi @Neil Brock I got a message that Nvidia had a new driver available so I updated and gave it a go. Still same old problems though so I am back with the intergrated grahics card as a workaround again.
  10. Jimbokav1971

    Saving Football: Frauding A Nation

    I'm annoyed at myself for choosing such a hard team. Instead of going for a team with low expectations where all I would have to do was avoid relegation, I was greedy and went for a team who had good facilities. This in turn comes at a price in terms of increased expectations/ I gave by save a proper go and still couldn't survive. You would think that I would have learnt my lesson by now. Well done to all who are still battling away.
  11. What's all the fuss about? Chelsea. Jun 2039. I was really quite worried about the consequences of our wage bill increasing by more than £7M, and it wasn't until @Reggianaresponded above that I felt comfortable at all about the situation. I didn't mind paying a fine and I was even prepared to take a points deduction, bit what I didn't want was to be banned from Europe for next season. We spent £107,654,751 on player wages last season. So this season I have to make sure that we spend less than £114,654,751 on player wages. I personally think this rule is ridiculous and it should be calculated as a % of income, (£7M is approx 7% of £107M so make it a % rather than a monetary value. Am I wrong? Anyway, we are allowed to spend £3.05M per week (£158M pa) on player wages and so far we are budgeted to spend £2,75M per week (£143M pa). Just so I can work it out easily when the time comes, that means I have approx £15M wage budget still to spend and I think all bonus payments such as goal bonus etc etc are already budgeted for. The finance page is telling me that we paid £0.00 in fines last season, (and £0.00 this season too), so either I sneaked back under budget or the over-spend was so small as to make the fine negligible. So to recap, it would seem that I was worrying about absolutely nothing.
  12. Jimbokav1971

    Saving Football: Frauding A Nation

    I've sort of decided that there are sub levels of Golden Generations but I haven't been bothered to work out what is at what level. Some are really not that great.
  13. Jimbokav1971

    Saving Football: Frauding A Nation

  14. Jimbokav1971

    Saving Football: Frauding A Nation

    Absolutely not.