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  1. May 2035. We were unbeaten in the last month, (in Ligue 1), but that was still only good enough to finish 4th in the league. As a result of finishing 4th in the league, we get a home game against the 5th team and then if we win that we get an away game against the 3rd team. If we win that Ligue 2 Playoff Final against Stade Lavallois MFC then we play a 2-legged tie against the team who finished 3rd bottom in Ligue 1, (in this case FC Metz). Playoffs. We romped past Angers in the 1st Round of the Playoffs, but we couldn't score against Stade Lavallois MFC just 3 days later, (who had a player sent off on 74 mins), and they sneaked past us 9-8 on penalties, after 13 penalties were taken each. What is even more annoying than losing 9-8 on penalties is that the team I support, (Barnet FC), lost 4-1 on pens aet in the Quarter Finals of the FA Trophy, AT THE SAME TIME!!!!
  2. Is Europe a real possibility? May 2035. We are in the Semi's of the French Cup and have been drawn against Lyon. Reims and Havre play in the other Semi. Lyon are currently top of Ligue 1, 6 points ahead of PSG with just 4 games left to play. It's going to be a big ask to beat them and let's be honest, it's REALLY unlikely, but we have already dispatched 3 Ligue 1 teams so you never know. Reims are surprisingly in 6th place, 5 points ahead of Rennes in 7th. Havre are 1 place above the relegation zone in 17th, but are a massive 8 points clear of Metz so there is little danger of them being caught. Usually I would be saying that if I can somehow sneak past Lyon then I want Havre in the Final, but the truth is that if we do actually make it to the Final, then it's Reims we want to play because we will be almost guaranteed European qualification just for losing. If on the other hand we beat Lyon and then play Havre in the Final, we will have to beat a 5th Ligue 1 team to ensure European qualification. Either way, getting past Lyon is going to be a monumental task and it's really highly unlikely, (hence this post before the Semi rather than waiting until after). For those of you wondering what happened to PSG, Monaci and Marseille in the Cup....
  3. Apr 2028. We might have needed penalties, but we have beaten a 3rd Ligue 1 side in the French Cup now, (adding Nancy to Montpellier and Toulouse). Goal-scoring GK (23e) Bouchez (F.Det) * scored his 6th and 7th goals of the season, bringing him to 37 career goals. We may have lost a 7-goal thriller to relegation battlers Amiens, but we still collected 12 points from a possible 15 points and this secured our playoff position and built a 6 point gap between ourselves and 6th placed USBCO, (who are Boulogne by the way). There are 3 league games left and we need to win just 1 of them to guarantee a Playoff finish. As mentioned previously though, we need to do everything we can to finish 3rd rather than 4th or 5th. If we finish 3rd then we have a decent chance of promotion via the playoffs. If we finish 4th or 4th then the likelyhood is that we will be in Ligue 2 again next season.
  4. Mar 2028. Losing away to top of the table FCSM, (who are Sochaux by the way), is no disaster, and then we drew at home to 2nd placed Auxerre. Other than that we won the other 2 games and also beat another Ligue 1 side in the Cup. Montpellier are currently 3rd in Ligue 1 and we just beat them! The wins against Clermont and Paris sees us end the month in 6th, just 2 points outside the playoffs.
  5. In FM14 I tracked the increase in height of players who were "born" at all heights while managing San Marino in Italy. I'll have a look to see if I can find the thread now. I thought it was in this thread but can't find it now. I'm trying to think which other thread it might have been in? Gibraltar perhaps? No, I'm sure it was with San Marino. Maybe it's in a thread of iot's own. I will have a look over the weekend
  6. You'll have to explain I'm afraoid. Google isn't being very helpful and my French is very limited. I always thought that "oui" means yes, so this should mean, "but yes", but it doesn't seem to for some reason. In any case that doesn't make sense either. Sorry.
  7. Youth Intake Day. Mar 2035. Is it really a Golden Generation? No, probably not, While it might not exactly be a Golden Generation, certainly in (35a) Iker (F.Pro) (2035) * we have something at least a little bit special. While I'm usually content with just the 1x 5.0 PA player, we have a 2nd one in this intake too, (a 6'2" centre-half) and a 4.5 PA AML. "Kriss" (35a) Iker (F.Pro) (2035) *. (35b) Renault (Temp) *. He's a natural as a left back, but I see him more as a centre-half if I'm honest.
  8. I don't agree at all on how effective Tutoring was. I would say that it was 95% effective once you knew what you were doing, (and the 5% was because of personalities that just hated everyone). I can't remember if it was casual or slack with a couple of different types of media handling were very hard to tutor.
  9. It's certainly harder then before, but let's be honest, if I can create a whole team of Model Pro players via tutoring, (and I can), then the system probably needs fixing. This is certainly harder but at the moment it seems like it has gone too far the other way. Does that make it realistic though? Yes it probably does actually. Determination values are a little bit different in so much as when I tutored I was invariably looking to improve (Pro) rather than (Det), or at least (Pro) and (Det) rather than (Det), but tutoring is not the only way to do this. I have spoken previously in this thread about (Det) issues and despite only a little dabbling of experimental mentoring, this is how my squad looks now in terms of (Det). The left hand column is obviously (Det) and the right is workrate. You can see that in the whole senior squad there are only 2 players who have a (Det) rating below 10. If you go back to where I commented on this before you will see that it certainly wasn't like that before. This hasn't been changed via mentoring. This has been changed via squad management.
  10. I will sign him to a 2+3 year contract when he turns 16, (so that will keep him until he is 21), and from then on we will have to see. I expect to be in Ligue 1 in 7 years and I doubt he is good enough that he won't want to sign an extension for us then.
  11. In previous issues of the game, "promising" could be anything and you were as likely to see it in the lower leagues as you were the Premier League. In FM19 though I think something has changed and it seems to be far less common lower down. I'm not saying it's impossible, but it's certainly less common. Yeah he does look decent.
  12. Feb 2035. After stuttering a little earlier in the season, we have now hit a vein of more consistent form and have lost only 1 of the last 12 games, (even defeating Toulouse of Ligue 1 in the Cup along the way). I think this is the first time that we have reached Round 11 of the Cup, (but not positive). The goal-scorer against Toulouse was a certain (26b) Rio (F.Pro) *. He left us for Nancy back in 2030 and although he did make his debut for the Senior Team, he was more usually a member of the Reserve squad. We signed him back on a free when he was released recently. If I can use this player as an example to show the current level of players we have, then it will perhaps go some way to explaining why I am so excited about the previously mentioned Youth product. (26b) Rio (F.Pro) * really isn't that great, and dropped from (Pro) to (F.Pro) while he was at Nancy, but he is still good enough to start games for us in midfield and we are good enough to beat Ligue 1 opposition with him starting. Anyway, the end result of a decent run of results is that as well as still being in the Cup in March, we are also into the Playoff positions. The really annoying thing is that the only game we have lost recently is the QRM game and if you take away the 3 points we gifted them they would be rock bottom of the league. To say I was annoyed at the time would be s significant understatement.
  13. Superstar in the making? Mar 2035. Right, I'm not one who usually gets too excited about individual players on Youth Intake Day, because more often than not, what I have, (even with a really exciting player), is lots of as yet unrealised potential ability. This year seems to be a little different. (35a) Iker (F.Pro) (2035) *. He is good enough right now, (I'm talking about in CA terms at the age of 14), to play in any of the 3 midfield positions, and possibly even good enough to play in the attacking wide positions if I tweak the roles/instructions like I currently have to do for the lad playing as a Raumdeuter on the right hand side. He also has a (F.Pro) personality. Fairly Professional Pro 15-20, Det 1-14 Something that I don't think I've seen in one of my players yet, (might be mistaken but don't think so), is the Media Description of "Promising midfielder". If I was languishing in non-League somewhere or managing in Gibraltar or San Marino or somewhere like that, then a 3.0 CA 5.0 PA player coming through might be great, (of course it would be great), but we are a club on the verge of getting into Ligue 1 in France. (Yeah I know there is a little way to go yet but just let me dream). He's going to be playing in Ligue 2 and possibly Ligue 1 from a really early age. It's theoretically possible that he might even be playing in Europe before too long. (Yeah ok, I know I've stepped over the line now). Honestly though, this is the most exciting I have been about a single player in ages. I like a DLP role but not particularly keen on a MEZ and my personal opinion is that CAR works best with someone playing in the AM hole. I think at the moment I might be playing him in the A(d) role or possibly the VOL(a) role rather than an attacking role out wide, but of course I can't play him at all at the moment because of his age. It will be interesting to see where the AI starts playing him when he becomes available for the Reserves.
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