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  1. Right now I'm using a 4-1-2-3 DM Wide. The classic 433. Midfielders have very good workrate and bravery but decent-poor tackling. I want to compress the area so we have more bodies battling in the midfield and they help eachother to balance the lack of good tacklers. Is it a good idea using a higher defensive line, lower line of engagement and increase the pressing urgency?
  2. It was a "pulled hamstring" with 2 weeks of time out. The player has 23 years and 17 of natural fitness
  3. I have a player who just dropped his acceleration from 16 to 13 after a 2 weeks injury. Is that normal? [FM17]
  4. Later in the season after struggling a lot with a 442 I changed to a 4141, trying to stop the losing streak. I won 4 games in a roll without conceding even once. That is good but I want my DLF (S) to be my finisher because his attributes are more like as a goalscorer than as a creator. What duty/role changes can I do so he becomes the main focus of my attacks without losing defence balance?
  5. Is there a way to, for example, watch all the passes a player made without selecting one per one in the analysis tab? Like a "highlight" of all the incomplete passes the player made?
  6. Where can I found information about how to be better at reading things happening during the match? I don't have lot of time during the week to play full 90 minutes match. Even if I had i wouldn't know what is going on, I am bad at reading matches.
  7. How can I defend my flanks in a narrow 4132? Once the opposition is in midfield->attack consolidation they drag my midfield passing the ball to one flank to the other. My whole midfield falls apart and my fullbacks gets isolated.
  8. Is the shape chapter in Lines and Diamonds still up to date? I think I read somewhere that shape changed in the last years.
  9. The role of a central defender changes the way he will play the ball, the duty will affect his movement.
  10. Yes, I googled the title but the articles are all in dutch language. I'm barely mediocre with english
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