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  1. Cuts inside trait is when the player has possesion of the ball?
  2. Should it be something like this? I thought the trait mean the player tries to dribble past the keeper leaving him behind.
  3. Now that we are talking about this trait, i think I never saw a FM goal with a player rounding the goalkeeper.
  4. It surprises me you don't have problems with a high block + tighter marking. Are your defenders very good for that instruction? Because maybe teams will try balls over the top, leading to shots on goal.
  5. Nide advice! Thanks. I saved a lot of comments like this. I will re-read them and start playing the game this way.
  6. Yes! Recently I saw a lot of recomendations about keep in it simple and started doing that. Problem is I still don't know what to change when being battered by teams with the same level. I think it's a matter of time of keep playing, thinking, rewatching and trying things until some day, hopefully, something clicks
  7. It makes a lot of sense considering it's a sport were you have to use your feet.
  8. I think it's okay to have your goalscoring target with low teamwork. I would want him to have a look-to-score mentality all the time. I think it's okay if he is the selfish player of the XI.
  9. DLP already has hold position PI in FM19. I will pay more attention. Maybe I was using some weird instruction.
  10. I have problems in FM19 with both CMs on support. Even with the DLP on balanced he goes too forward and we end up dealing against very dangerous counterattacks because they play balls between our midfield and defence. Is this a thing that was solved in further editions? Because my DLP has very good mentals to be so bad positioned.
  11. Yes, I read those guides and they make sense when I'm reading them. But when I'm playing I struggle to understand what is going on. I think I just lack football understanding.
  12. Do you think these principles would work on a 4-4-1-1 with an AMC on support and an Advanced Forward?
  13. I will love to have a deep explanation on how to watch games. I think it would be gamechanging for the community. If we could spot what is happening on the pitch, then we can come here and say what is the thing we want to fix. Or ask what are the instructions we should use to fix the thing we spot.
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