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  1. This has been the underlying fact of FM for me since arguably its inception, but certainly from FM2008 onwards. The more modern FM's are almost too realistic and in depth and that turns the simplistic joy of rattling through a season in a day or two, into a slow chore of 4-5 matches every day. I feel like I've gained some love for the series back this year, but I can't deny I still see the series as pre and post FM 2008.
  2. Hola folks! It's been a long while since I last tried my hand at editing but have been sucked back in recently! lol THE LONG-WINDED SPEECH... I pondered initially over attempting a 1995/96 season or some similiar retro 'down date', followed by starting a pure fantasy league containing video game characters! But then I realised, whenever I play FM, I'm never truly happy with player stats and other little niggles (I blame the OCD ), so I've decided to start up an 'ongoing update' of sorts where I will be updating player and manager stats, CA, PA and positions, etc. I have full admiration and respect for the scouts that work on FM and no disrespect is intended with this project; it's just an alternative that I plan on rolling out weekly (hopefully! lol), to give the community more regular updates, a different game database and that can also hopefully be influenced with input from the community itself. So I've waffled on long enough... WHAT'S IN THE UPDATE EACH WEEK? Players and some backstage staff (focused on Premier League currently, but will expand as time goes on) - will have 'updated' attributes, CA, PA, etc. Relationships - Managers fall out with a player? Staff leave a club under less than mutual circumstances? you'll see the fallout in the next update! Player's mental attributes also looked at regularly - a player has a burst of form, a brush with the law off the pitch, a sudden transfer request or a drop in consistency, for example, will all be addressed in player stats. Teams - club rep, stadiums, correct names, new kits, etc.. Juventus FC added in, replacing 'Zebre', subject to testing. Transfers - NO transfers currently planned due to it being mid-season and the official SI Winter patch/update on the way. I hope this works out and ya'll enjoy! I'll release an initial test version sometime next week.
  3. I'm just properly getting to grips with the 2020 version (I've got back into the dangerous time-sucking hobby of editing the PC version recently lol) and am so far really enjoying it, as I did with 2019 version. However, I do have to second the X button shortcut absence alas :) navigating the UI isn't always user-friendly it has to be said and such shortcuts seem small but every little helps! :D I'll give more feedback once I've played more of the game, but first impressions are another great job overall, thanks guys! :)
  4. I can't find my disc currently so am unable to give 'hands-on' help with this issue currently for you sorry. However, I remember using Michael Nygreen's amazing 'CM4 Pregame Editor' (it works for CM 03/04 too) back in the day (and more recently :)), which is similiar to the official editor and in a few ways actually improves upon it. If you can track it down online, using that may solve your issue with any luck?
  5. No worries Alas you can't change scouts, but I don't think this was allowed in the PC version of Touch either from what I remember? You can hire and fire your head scout who kind of represents and organises your scouting network.
  6. I've been doing well with City so far but only in first season. Have you tried Knapp's 4-1-3-2 tactic?
  7. There isn't any way to speed up the match unfortunately, only the option for the highlights.
  8. I echo this! The Switch version really got me back into playing FM 'full time' again after a good 5+years away! thanks Alistair and all the team who worked on the Switch version! :) It is faster than my PC version and doesn't appear to be lacking in any features. My only, albeit minor, criticism is from layout to controls, it is 99% the PC version mirrored basically, which brings some of the navigational issues of using a pad instead of mouse with it. The D-PAD (you know what I mean..! lol) could've maybe been used as a quick navigation shortcut around the pages, as you do spend 99% of the time playing the game using the analogue stick as a mouse pointer, for example. But it's still vastly more playable than FM 07 and FM08 were on the 360! lol and ultimately it's A LOT of fun and easily my most played Switch game! :)
  9. From what's been revealed, the only noticeable hardware change from Switch to Switch Lite will be the slightly increased battery life (at least until the newer model Switch hits in September also! lol). Therefore, FM should work just the same as it does on the current model Switch; the only difference is you wont be able to play in TV/desktop mode, but no performance changes at all.
  10. This is proably a stupid question, but I've been out of the editing game for a few years and have recently got back into FM and said editing. But one thing that has confused me is when I come to save my editing work I have these 2 options it seems? What is the actual differences/uses for these options? Thanks in advance!
  11. Hi folks, After falling out of love with the series for a while, I've got back into things with FM2019 and am currently contemplating creating a new retro update for a season in the 90's. However, I still have a soft spot for the older games in the series and am interested in doing a modern update for my personal fave in the entire series, FM2008. Hence this initial topic to just gauge if theres any interest for this?
  12. Ah yeah of course, I forgot all about the licensing for clubs and players, just wishful thinking on my part
  13. As far as I understand it, SI would only have to give permission for this to happen? It certainly wouldn't cost them anything.
  14. Blimey, I'm stunned! Kris was such a huge part of the forum, he was practically part of the furniture! Terrible news...condolences to his family at this awful time.
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