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  1. A quick update! I'm still working on this, with the aim of processing teams and player performances and media news each week into an update with detail of which not seen before in an FM update! Following the recent Super League news, I'm also contemplating putting that in, but since this is a 'here and now' update, that may be something to focus on in a future update/FM22 even. I'm hoping to get the first version of this new update out in the next week or so, hope you all enjoy!
  2. Hehe, why thank you, I hope you still feel the same upon release! I'm working on the update now, with the latest results in mind, so if you have any suggestions for players stats, mental state or club info, leave it in the comments.
  3. Hi! I don't use individual files in my updates, as it tends to over-complicate things and lead to more errors, both on the user and editing/compatibility side. I will however look further into updating player injuries for the update. Thanks.
  4. HISTORY/THE LONG-WINDED SPEECH... Whenever I play FM, I'm never truly happy with player stats and other little niggles (I blame the OCD ), so I've decided to start up an 'ongoing update' of sorts where I will be updating player and manager stats, CA, PA, positions, etc. I have full admiration and respect for the scouts that work on FM and no disrespect is intended with this project; it's just an alternative that I plan on rolling out weekly (hopefully! lol), to give the community more regular updates, a different game database and that can also hopefully be influenced with input from
  5. Damn, this takes me back...! How ya doing mate? long time no speak! I'm thinking of ressurecting my FM2008 update soon for FM20, wish me luck..! lol
  6. I used to actually handle COVID samples in a previous lab job and it being refered to as 'corona virus' instead of 'a corona virus' always makes me cringe to read..lol Yeah, it would be interesting to explore this as an 'injury' in game, but I feel certainly for the foreseeable future at least, that it would be bad taste towards the 42,000+ people in this country alone who have now died from COVID and towards their families, if the virus was included in any kind of official capacity.
  7. Yeah, putting empty stadiums in as a mod could be fun, but seeing it in the retail release is the equivalent of being able to decide what the hot dog vendors at your ground charge and what colour seats you have, just a bit too much.
  8. Hi folks! I hope you're doing well in these COVID times. I've noticed a fair few updates for FM20 available on these forums and beyond now, pr0/FMTU's amazing update being one I've personally tried out and loved. My update was always meant to focus on updating player/club attributes and details and while I have added 1000's of transfers into this, I don't think I can compete - as one man on his own part time - with 'the big boys' of updates, with their teams of combined efforts. So, I've decided to focus on FM21 and updating the initial game and then again post-winter transfer wind
  9. This looks mighty impressive mate! A lot of work has clearly gone into this; kudos and thanks!
  10. Another quick update on the project so far! Literally 100's of full 20/21 season kits have now been updated/added into the game for teams worldwide, alongside many new youth players updated and U16 players added, eg. Liverpool's new Polish goalie. Next, I'm gonna focus on updating the promotions/relegations for next season, including team histories to reflect this. Then I aim to put all major transfers and loans for next year thus far into the update. And finally the usual blend of updating player/staff/club details - relationships, reputations, attributes, mental stats, etc. i
  11. Hi folks! I hope you're all well. The update is finally on the verge of getting its first 'official' release after testing! Thanks to everyone who has downloaded it so far and to those who have PM'd me feedback. I've updated the opening comment with all the features to be expected in this update, with a strong emphasis as ever on individual player stats, as well as moving on to preparing for next season now with addition of more transfers, team editing and 20/21 kit inclusions. Look out for the next release very soon!
  12. Hola folks! I hope you're all doing well and staying safe! Apologises for the lack of update; I'm a key worker in the NHS, so have been working alot recently. I'm working on the update currently, just in time to celebrate the resuming of the Premier League! I'm hoping to get the first official release of the update out around the time of the first couple of fixtures ideally, so that I can start updating the English league in its first matches back. I've also been watching Bundesliga, so expect a few players to be up/down graded there too! I'm hoping to keep the updates re
  13. I'm working on the next update, it'll be due soon! :) I hope everyone are enjoying this one and the more accurate stats and changes made in my opinion. :) Any and all feedback welcome of course. More youth players will be added to the first official release of my update, alongside thousands more players and staff that I am currently updating stats for. As always, hope you enjoy! :)
  14. Hola folks! I hope you're all enjoying the Easter weekend! Here as promised, the first 'pre-alpha' version of my regular updates! Please post any feedback! The link and more info on this project is also in the first post of the thread. Enjoy! Link (11th April 2020): http://www.mediafire.com/file/n50u4y7cz3o0s2o/MorrisseyMuse_Stat_Updates.fmf/file
  15. Hola folks and hapy Easter! I hope you're all keeping well and safe! The Easter bunny has a treat for all, as the 'beta'/first try version of my update will be released tomorrow!
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