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  1. This is interesting. How does starting play with your defense helps when a team is pressing you high? Doesn't that gives a lot of pressure to your defenders on the ball?
  2. Is there a thread or a guide with set of instructions recommended for different playing styles? Or a guide for playing styles.
  3. What is a good base number in the attributes for top tier leagues? 14?
  4. Great thread! I would like to read the 442/4411 system as I'm trying to master it. Cheers!
  5. Yes, I'm aware that is relegation form The board expectations are mid table so I'm aiming for a solid 10th. Is very early in the season, I think we can do it. On the style question. I'm not trying either counterattack or possesion. I'm happy with a solid mid block that doesn't commit too much. I want to win the ball around our midfield third so we can have the opposition on the back foot and then attack using the space. But if we can't counterattack then try to linking up passes looking for the shot on goal. In my mind is a pragmatic style. Is this coherent?
  6. Thank you guys for all the feedback! I like that it makes a lot of sense and the opinions aren't too different. It's all very clear. Oooh, great. I think I understand it a bit more. The Poacher role needs someone closer supporting him. For example a DLF or TM is a good match for him right? Would you increase pressing intensity with a BWMs? I feel he will rush too early gifting a lot of space behind him. I should experiment and see what happens because it's true that we may be a bit passive when defending. I don't know, 13 is the average attribute in LaLiga according with the Comparison tool. So 14 it's a bit above average. It's not slow but it's not explosive either. More often than not I am facing AMR/Ls with 16 or 17 in both acceleration and pace. Nice insight about the opposition formation and the tweaks I could do in the attacking partnership. Thanks! I will pay attention to that. I'm afraid that is something I end up doing often. I try to achieve balance but end up being too passive. Nice suggestions! The first and second one almost everyone in here suggested me to adjust that and it makes sense so I will do it. About the third one is something I was considering actually. I think wingers works better with a heavier presence in the box and since my wide players are more "team players" I could experiment with WM/IW roles and see what happens. Thanks!
  7. What do you mean with T(C)? And yes, that fast building is true. I think I will try to be more aggressive on the midfield. Yes that is something I was afraid when building the tactic and it's something that is happening in matches. It makes a lot of sense to have a runner with a more defensive player in a central pair. I have one guy who can play as a BWMs so I will try to use him and see what happens. I changed to a AMa on the match after Betis before this comment and we played well but got fm'd and end up losing 1-0. And at the next match we got destroyed by Real Sociedad, 1-3. So for the next match I will try with BWMs to have more dynamism in midfield and AMs + AF. PS: I don't understand one concept. How the poacher gains space with an AMa? Don't they end up using the same spaces?
  8. After 6 matches: It looks bad but I'm not sure if it's that bad. Against Celta de Vigo was an even match and we deserved better. Rayo Vallecano was the bad game, we weren't good enough. But against Barcelona and Sevilla I think we played well, we compete and we created some chances. And against Sevilla we were one man down in the first half after an stupid mistake + awful tackle of our left fullback. So this is my "analysis". - I think the narrow width doesn’t work. I counted a lot of failed attacking transitions where we ended up very narrow and had to make a long shot or ended up losing the ball with a bad pass. (Before the match 6) I took it back to normal so we have no TI’s right now. - Defensively we are doing okay. Not conceding stupid goals like balls behind the defence with our player being in the moon, or counterattacks from a bad set piece. Most of the goals came from a good play from the opposition, a long shot or a set piece. I can’t point a clear red flag here or a pattern. - Reviewed all matches and I couldn't find any big problems in the build up. The transitions almost always break up in the midfield to attack phase or when trying to finalize. One thing is working very well is we are finding our Wa unmarked or in a 1v1 situation in the box and he is our main scorer right now with 3 goals in 6 games. - But I see a lot of isolation attacking. The partnership FBs-Wa has a big gap and the Wa is often dribbling in isolation and ends up surrounded by opposition. This isolation happens too with our striker. When we attack we have few bodys attacking the box and the AMs is doing little. I can’t remember highlights from him, he is almost ignored. - I expected to see natural overlaps in the FBa-Ws but something very interesting happened: natural underlaps. The winger stays wider and the FB attacks the half spaces. In the last match against Real Betis this very movement happened and ended with the fullback shooting at goal and in the rebound our Wa scored. - My biggest concern right now is what to do to solve that isolation problem upfront because defensively we are doing decently. I would like to reduce the gap between the FBs and Wa but I don’t want my Wa to stop being a goalscoring threat. Also I need to do something with my attacking partnership (AM + ST) because they are having low ratings in almost all games. But I don’t know what to do to be honest UPDATE: Ok. Now that I'm trying to be less anxious I'm paying more attention at the role descriptions and I think they just gave me two BIG hints about the attacking partnership isolation. It says the poacher doesn't matters about build up, he is just fine sitting upfront waiting for the team to feed him balls. And about the AMs it says he just sits in the hole, on the other side the AMa attacks more the box and tries to feed his teammates too. I am thinking about changing the AMa so he is another presence in the box and the Poacher to a TMs because we have this big capable guy. But first I will only change the AMa and see what happens.
  9. Hi! I think is the first time I create a thread here. First of all, sorry for the bad english, it is not my mother tongue. I played FM since 15 years albeit with interruptions and I'm afraid I learned a bit more than nothing. I read a lot of guides and threads and debates and then when I try to use those ideas in my saves it never works. The intention of this thread is to try a simpler approach because I read is a very good way to start understanding the game and playing better. So I will use an average team for this so I don't depend on great players to hide my lack of knowledge. And I will be sharing the tactics aspect where I struggle so hopefully you guys can help me to be a bit better than today . (The team) Espanyol is a VERY average team. They don’t have a clear strength or weakness. They are actually “decent” in all areas. A good manager would do well with this team. But it is not my case. So, I decided to play a simple way to help my decent team to do decent during the season and hopefully finish in a better position than expected (12th). The squad: On the back I have one defensively intelligent CB who is weak on the air and two tall, strong and with decent mentals. So I could complement them: one intelligent and one tall. (The intelligent one) (The tall one) I think the only “strength” my team have is the central midfielders who are defensively intelligent and can play with composure. But none of them have good attributes for the final third. So I will go with a double pivot in midfield for the sake of solidity. (The playmaker) (The defensive one) On the flanks (fullbacks and wide midfielders) we don’t have speed. We are decent compared with the rest of the league. They are also average dribbling and crossing the ball. Good thing is they have good workrate, teamwork, bravery and stamina so we can count on them going up and down the pitch. (Left fullback and left winger) (Right fullback and right winger) Upfront we have a tall, strong and intelligent striker who has only 4 in determination . He can play a lot of roles, that’s a good thing but such low determination will not help if we are a goal down. A good partner for him could be an exotic chinese poacher who has speed and good finishing, or an aging attacking midfielder who is an all around average . (The big guy) (The fast guy) (The older and the younger attacking midfielders) So upfront I could go with the big guy-fast guy combination, but having no central midfield running forward would isolate our striker. But if I play a direct game with wingers it may work. The other option to link the stationary midfield with my (now lone) striker is using the attacking midfielder in the hole. Hopefully he will feed our big or fast man and recycle possession with our double pivot. I will opt for the latter because I like the two banks of four and since I'm argentintian I have a thing with numer 10s playing in the hole. So the tactic looks like this: I went for the Wa because he has more acceleration and of the ball. My idea is that when the ball is on the left he uses his legs to try to beat his man and send the ball to the box, or play a one two with the supporting attacking midfielder. And if the ball is on the right he arrives on the box becoming a threat on the far post. Teams tend to have a lot of problems defending the far post. And this lad has 13 in finishing, 14 in technique and shoots with power so we could use that. On the right I went for the Ws and FBa because I like overlaps and since we don’t have one on the left I don’t want to be symmetrical and predictable. And the lad is a FB and not a WB because he already goes forward whenever is possible as a player trait. Since FB has a lower starting position than WB I want him to be aggressive but not too much. Finally in the center midfield where I have my “strength” I choose DLPs and CMd. The more defensive one is on the right to cover the attacking fullback and he is on defend because he has only 10 off the ball, so I don’t expect him to be good enough in attacking transitions. Mentality and team instructions: I went for balanced because as we are average I want them to play a 50-50 risk game. Also, the balanced mentality gives us a mid block and I think that is the best for our team because our centerbacks aren’t very confident in the air, and our attackers aren’t fast, so the low block will not be a good fit. And I'm not too confident for the high block either as I’m not sure if the players have the quality for that instruction. The narrow attacking width instruction is to have the players closer to each other so they can find passes a bit easier. Personal instructions: - The NCB has this role because his composure is only 9. And It would be nice to find the Poacher hoofing the ball from time to time. - The AMs has roam from position and move into channels so he can support the wingers. And that's it. In the next post I will share the first 6 league matches and the things I thing I see and what I would like to solve.
  10. You explained the direct counter style but this tactic is a collective counter. This team attacks and defends as a unit.2 This "collective counter" and the team attacking and defending with the player being close to eachother reminds me an old tactic framework from FM2008 called "Zagallo's 2-6-2". Where those "6" are both fullbacks and the flat midfield who goes up and down as a unit and the other "2" are the center backs and strikers. Play out of defence is not great for direct counter attacks. But it is useful for fluid counters as this example. What is the difference between a direct counter attack and a fluid one?
  11. I don't know what to do in a game even if I'm winning or losing. I think I can create a balanced tactic but then when the game starts and the players move I don't know what is going well and what is going bad. Or maybe I can see that I have problems in the defence to midfield transition but have no clue on what to change to improve it.
  12. Maybe he is in a bad run of form. 9 goals in 20 games is still a good amount for a mid table team. You could try bench him for a few games.
  13. Thanks for this wonderful post! I am using it on FM19 and it works really well. I was already using a 442 with very similar roles, duties and instructions. The idea was playing a solid midblock who counterattacks but had only 30% or 35% of possession. I was getting results but the system seemed a bit weak. But with this tweaks and insights, wow. I understand a lot more about how defensive teams have to look. And I think the narrow + shorter passing + quick tempo gave me more possession numbers and more fluid build up. I'm playing Espanyol en La Liga so the players are pretty average. But at mid season we are fighting against Atlético for the 1st spot. I have obvious problems trying to open up matches or when I start losing but I think it is for a lack of personnel. (And my lack of understanding of the team instructions and their combinations, so I try to play very simple). But I loved the post for its simplicity and it made me understand a lot about football. Thanks!
  14. Right now I'm using a 4-1-2-3 DM Wide. The classic 433. Midfielders have very good workrate and bravery but decent-poor tackling. I want to compress the area so we have more bodies battling in the midfield and they help eachother to balance the lack of good tacklers. Is it a good idea using a higher defensive line, lower line of engagement and increase the pressing urgency?
  15. It was a "pulled hamstring" with 2 weeks of time out. The player has 23 years and 17 of natural fitness
  16. I have a player who just dropped his acceleration from 16 to 13 after a 2 weeks injury. Is that normal? [FM17]
  17. Later in the season after struggling a lot with a 442 I changed to a 4141, trying to stop the losing streak. I won 4 games in a roll without conceding even once. That is good but I want my DLF (S) to be my finisher because his attributes are more like as a goalscorer than as a creator. What duty/role changes can I do so he becomes the main focus of my attacks without losing defence balance?
  18. Is there a way to, for example, watch all the passes a player made without selecting one per one in the analysis tab? Like a "highlight" of all the incomplete passes the player made?
  19. Where can I found information about how to be better at reading things happening during the match? I don't have lot of time during the week to play full 90 minutes match. Even if I had i wouldn't know what is going on, I am bad at reading matches.
  20. How can I defend my flanks in a narrow 4132? Once the opposition is in midfield->attack consolidation they drag my midfield passing the ball to one flank to the other. My whole midfield falls apart and my fullbacks gets isolated.
  21. Is the shape chapter in Lines and Diamonds still up to date? I think I read somewhere that shape changed in the last years.
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