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  1. How did you get FM07 to work? I have been trying for years but it doesn't seem to work on Windows 10...
  2. 1. Does the Underlap/Overlap make sense in a system without wingers/wide players? 2. Does the Underlap/Overlap only instruct the Fullbacks/Wing-backs to do so?
  3. After reading through this thread I assume that these 2 HOYD's would be the optimal choices. Is that correct?
  4. Tad Twenty : https://www.fmscout.com/c-fm20-skins.html?id=6375 And Custom regen cut out faces: https://fm-base.co.uk/resources/zealands-real-faces-on-regens.205/
  5. Looking forward to your thread. I have an Ajax save which I enjoy very much and I use it for tactics and other stuff. It's going really well, except against the bigger clubs in the champions league which I understand. My 4-2-3-1 Tactic The idea is to create overloads on the left side of the pitch, an idea I learned from a creator called @crusadertsar found here: https://dictatethegame.com/2019/06/14/creating-overloads-in-fm19-a-guardiola-masterclass/. That is why there are only support mentalities there as well as the inverted wing back and the underlap. I then attack with speed on the right. The key to this is to have the winger, BBM, DLP, IWB and BPD with the Like to switch ball to other flank trait. Quincy Promes is surprisingly good in this game. The Eredivisie Results Squad view Anyways, I just saw the thread and have recently been experimenting with on my own.
  6. Hellas Verona 2021/2022 Season "Hellas Verona will look back on the season as a job well done as they impressed sufficiently to break clear of mid-table obscurity and announce themselves as a club on the rise finishing above their expectations in 8th place" Manager words: This season was hard. We finished 1 point behind Milan to get a European spot. We Played mainly a 4-4-1-1 positive possession based system where our main goal threat was Pedro Mendes. We lost the 7th placed spot on the final day when Milan managed to draw their game in the final minutes. I was really hoping we would qualify for Europe in our 3rd season so this sets us back a bit. Also our schedule after Christmas was absolutely brutal an it really damaged our dressing room atmosphere and team cohesion. Transfers and best players: I signed my usual blend of experienced mentors as well promising players. My spine is still the same. Silvestri, Kumbulla, Pessina, Berg and Mendes/Salcedo Next steps: We need to get silverware and/or qualify for Europe soon so I can keep my sanity and enjoy the save. Although I kind of enjoy the struggle, the highs define the lows and all that jazz. There is just not a lot of money in the bank to get that x-factor player who I can sell in the future for 50+ million. Lets see what happens.
  7. Nope, nobody has dared to yet. I will also ask for €72,000,000 Anyway he looks like this in my 3rd season:
  8. Hellas Verona 2020/21 Season Summary "Hellas Verona will look back on the season as a job well done as they impressed sufficiently to break clear of mid-table obscurity and announce themselves as a club on the rise, finishing above their expectations. Hellas Verona were one of the competition's feel-good stories, defying expectations mainly thanks to an impressive spell of form between September and October and, after climbing as high as 7th at their peak, they were able to celebrate a job well done by finishing in 9th place" - Calcio Dilettante Veronese Luca Toni's Post Season Words We finished with 58 points, 7 points more than season before and 2 places higher in the table. In the former half of the season our usual 5-3-2 formation was used focusing on a possession game with a positive mentality. I am proud of what we achieved and we took a big step forward by experimenting with a new 4-4-1-1 tactic in the latter half of the season. The aim for the third season is to challenge for 7th place to bring our football club to Europe. The board The board was very pleased with our overall leadership of the team giving us a B. Luca Toni was also awarded the manager of the year award in the Serie A! The next season - transfers and squad As I stated above we aim to finish in the European qualification spots next season. We spent € 12.5 million on new players. The most exciting player being Pedro Mendes, who was however bought in January 2021. We were given a very tough opening fixtures list. However as of now the team managed 7 points from a possible 9 against Roma, Milan and Inter! I have stated that I value experience and role models within a team and brought in Wayne Rooney and José Callejón to bring a presence into the dressing room and for mentoring. This next season it will be crucial to keep on improving and challenge for Europe to attract better players. Looking forward to update you guys in the future EDIT: WHAT A START!
  9. Does the HB also come deep and split the defensive duo while in possession as well as when the keeper has a goal kick? According to the GIF he does that but his description says: The Half Back sits in front of the defence whilst in possession, being a passing outlet to keep recycling the ball. When the team loses possession, he drops between the centre back pairing, and splits the centre backs wider, creating a back three. Both of your threads have been great and a joy to follow. Keep it up
  10. I agree with @quee and @Stackalee. I think FM players highly underestimate older player's value. Especially now in current FM games they can offer so much in terms of personality, dressing room atmosphere, leadership and mentoring. Also the long term gain of him playing for you and gaining promotion far outweigh the short term financial gains. All the great football teams have/had older and more experienced players to motivate the squads. Zanetti at Inter, Totti at Roma, Zlatan at United and more recently Milner at Liverpool. Even if they are not at the top of their level they offer a lot off the pitch.
  11. Hugo Campagnaro. He is our 4th choice center back. Hopefully Kumbulla, Varnier and Dawidowicz will benefit from his mentoring.
  12. He is still playing and has pretty good attributes as well ! Yeah most of the loans are for 2 seasons! Getting Salcedo, Dimarco and so on for 2 seasons should really help me. The Italian clubs always make me pay monthly fees because the wages are so low. I guess my defenders aren't getting too good ratings because I want them to play them as ball playing defenders. We are however not really good enough to be playing that way so we are suffering a bit.
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