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  1. Also Steam has the option of reserve copying of games. Possibly this is your solution But better don't use unofficial Steam portable version. It could be danger for your privacy
  2. Do you have access for usb ports? You can try to copy paste Steam folder manually or possibly Valve has portable Steam version. But I'm not sure about downloads in portable, because I guess your laptop using a corporate proxy with secure domain/host and almost all popular websources are locked?
  3. Hi there! It's a long story but one of my most often names for manager was Francesco Ferro when I played in Italy. After this I started to use name F.F. for other countries too. For example Flavio Fuentes in Portugal and Fedor Fadeev in Russia. Could you please give me an authentic names with first letters 'F' for next countries please? England, Scotland, France, Spain, Germany, Sweden You can write just one or few , not all
  4. I dont know Lets check games of Stadia: Borderlands has exclusive release in new store (forget name), looks like all other games are released in past? upd - (or WIP like Doom Eternal) I don't say that Miles lied, but too obvious coincidence anyway. Day in day and stopped to release in Friday exactly in this year. Who knows.
  5. Match Engine was improved by making decisions several times better in FM17. As I remember
  6. I guess for SI it is a partnership contract. For Google sales exactly
  7. Don't forget about SEGA. I sure they have a part of sells as a publisher. Actually always annoyed that almost all publishers have regional prices in Steam, but not SEGA. Their rights but my right to be annoyed
  8. Well if PC version will release on 2 weeks earlier, a lot of people will buy this one and will not waiting for Stadia. But if both version will be release in one day, people will have a choice. Or better say - Stadia will not be infringed. Just business, just partnership
  9. If SI will move date for 22 November watch your back mate
  10. Few weeks ago when I was in mall, I visited videogames shop where I bought games for PS4 before started to use online store. In this shop were half-empty shelves. Storemanager said they stopped to buy physical disks except some collection editions for pre-orders. Stopped because disks unprofitable now and most people buy digital editions as usual. No more gift boxes with discs. O time o mores So you dont scare about Readable Fibonacci Sequence in dates?
  11. Catholic Christmas is 25 of December as I remember. One month for digital purchase is enough I guess
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