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  1. Check Zenit St Peterburg. Russia is 6 in rating uefa, Zenit has transfer budget near 100 mln euro per season as I remember. Also Zenit need transfers because they finished 5 place (Uefa Europa League) last 2 years P.S. But be ready for limit 5+6 for league games and long winter pause
  2. Ahh, I get it now, thanks! Well, Im not a tactic expert, but as I can see - only one ME issue its CAM in rules of 'old tactic reality', but defence in 'new tactic reality'. Its remind me Wenger's claccis CAM which was unuseful in last years. Modern CAM is more mobile and honestly looks like CM Mezzala in few cases which I can remember now
  3. Honestly I dont get your answer It would be clearer if I criticized the engine, but I didn't. I asked for responce between tactic settings and ME current events - I get it (as I can see)
  4. without denying that there are known problems, I can see how my old tactics dont work. But this is not ME issue. For example I I analyzed Guardiola's conversation on SkySports and I can to reproduce his ideas in ME. Unworking CAM? I refused this role few years ago, imho clear CAM is superannuated and even you see Alli or Eriksen in CAM, its only nominally Of course I want to play and win in my own ideas, but reality is that tactics has own rules. And as I can see this ME more friendly for IRL tactics. Because I really dont like FM18 where you can play 4231 with BBM and MEZ in middle, I can't imagine this tactic IRL, it's against the basics. Maybe there its working too, but IRL ideas working there better for me. P.S. I dont khow how and why, but before release it worked worse. Looks like you add some little but important changes in last moment?
  5. Is there hotkey to change any training slot to 'rest'?
  6. I like to choose all slots of trainings manually, but its spending a lot of time. Do you create your own templates? I tried to create 4 week training plan to use it every month. But first problem is matchdays which dont have regular shedules. Please share your experience of this case!
  7. Please return button 'Reset all' in individual trainings. Especially set 'auto' for intensivity of trainings Many thanks in advance!
  8. Thats funny because I have no idea how to play in FM18, its like street football with chaos and random for me. But I played three games in 19.2 released version and I like it
  9. Novem9

    Pass? Shot! (pkm including)

    Please watch pkm in moment of 28:45 The most preferred solution here is to pass across, but not shot from an acute angle. FC Bayern - Inter.pkm
  10. Looks like this released 19.2.0 better than we tested in Beta o_O Not sure, but I play second match and enjoy it
  11. No patch, but putsch if you know the history (minute of floodpunches in waiting of ME changes)
  12. all that we were not given in FM18
  13. Speaking the language of this game, FM19 has the biggest PA from product line, but this CA is low right now
  14. FM 18.2 was released in December of 2017 FM 17.2 was released in December of 2016 Why you talking about Febraury?