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  1. Thank you for clarification, not sure what is confused me more - that FM21 showed me eligiblity without clarification about this is UK influence onlu or so little count of English players in Spurs
  2. @Neil Brock clarify this case please Could we expect a hotfix for this issue or this is final FINAL version? Cheers! upd - moderator explained
  3. Amazing... Broken mechanic in top league in final patch. Which worked correctly before. Sounds like sabotage
  4. Interface waiting for updates few years at least. I'm meaning no visual, but technical part Another one issue - Ndombele YC, but it doesn't appear in panel
  5. I tried to register Spurs players for eurocup and British players like Rodon, Davies are not trained in England. Is it a bug or I dont understand rules?
  6. Want to start a new save.. are there no option for classic schedule? I don't like calendar of first season and this is remind me about pandemic so twice negative. + Stupid winter pause in WC22, so I started to enjoy classic schedule in 23/24 only
  7. 9 games in December, 7 games in January Just 2 games in April, just 2 games in May. Not cool
  8. This is best ME no doubt, but I want to see lower barrier for realistic tactics. In other hand, when my tactic is balanced, my team almost unstoppable. I just can imagine how difficult to create a simulation of football by coding, but I believe in SI
  9. Who knows, I just answered that Russian league is not a delay of the patch If you open bugs list - a lot of open issues. Even so small thing like weather in stadium which have a roof not fixed for years. So it will be great if SI keep working to fix some small things at least
  10. Russian transfer window closed 25 february, 3 weeks ago lol
  11. As I remember in old FM manager could told own player about profession (coach, scout, etc.) Could I do this in FM21? I have a player which I want to add my assman later Many thanks in advance!
  12. yeah, as I can see - this is no simulation, just imitation. Ah got it, thanks!
  13. Honestly dont understand how you linked this with FM21 add D3 for two countries I have 21 playable countries in save, but I checked few differendt saves - it happened only in Spain and Portugal
  14. Could you clarify me please shortly, what exactly restructed IRL ? Btw, I checked and looks like D3 are not active despite appeared in list
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