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  1. Yeah its based on team players at least. In logic, it linked for all players of league too, but I asked to be sure
  2. Question about this: Is it dynamis and based on rank of current players in all clubs? Or is it static and based on PA/CA comparing with a rating of DB? Many thanks in advance!
  3. OM is suggar daddy and really sugar Thing which really need for Ligue 1 irl imo
  4. Play by Exeter with no transfers. EPL, already home-growned only
  5. The most funny thing - u23 team plays in Papa John's Trophy
  6. I created u23 team in first day of save. There is no regular tournament for them
  7. yep, its still #2. As I understand, only board could improve level of this, isn't? Don't see any request for this after many seasons Sorry, I see this request now
  8. I created u23 team when my team played in Sky Bet League Two. For now club in Championship, still no tournament for U23 and no option to ask for board. Any chance to join for U23 regular league?
  9. looks like you just gave more freedom for opponent team and they used this + after 0-2 Inter started to play more aggressive. Personally for me two ways - 1) don't touch thing which works, just use waste of time in last minutes. 2) if opponent team really push me, change things just in context. For example if I have 'counter' just disable this. My team still use attacks, but not so massive as when counter is active and my positions are more solid
  10. Yeah when I played in Germany D4 , bigger clubs signed my newgens which not abled to see profile yet. I wrote their names to check later and they were not really good players
  11. Probably this question asked before, unfortunatelly I can't formulate request for searching, sorry. If I play for low club in London or Manchester or Madrid, etc. where existing 1-2+ big clubs I mean, could I wait for good newgens? (If my facilities improved for sure) And vice versa - if my club is the best in town / region, my newgens will be better? Or these factors not linked for newgens? Many thanks in advance!
  12. Thank you guys, looks much better! DLP-AP(s) MEZ - CM(a) No into space DM - HB
  13. Could you help me in this? I want to use dm for my wingbacks feel free to support attacks and f9 as roll striker to confuse opposite defence. Probably CAM slot as better to this tactic, but what about 433? Many thanks in advance!
  14. It's really useful, many thanks! @glengarry224 thank you!
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