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  1. Eurocups gamedays in 31 of Dec and 4 of Jan are funny (not) too. I guess group stage will fully played BEFORE World Cup
  2. Personally, I completely agree I noticed this too but still not described in words. This is very tired to create realistic tactic and one-two changes (which may not be obvious and logic) give you completely opposite results, but in the same time somebody create totally unrealistic 4231 with MEZ and BBM in the middle and 6 attacking duties in general which win a league without any changes during season by a worst team (FM18 real experience). And sometimes I dont feel that play in simulation of football. It looks like trial and error method where one non mandatory option can change everything
  3. Actually issues like this deserving separate topic in Bug Forum But I absolutely sure that transfers in FM19 much better in compare fm17-18 and maybe its not a bug, but feature ^_^ For example relations of player (including negative), city attraction, plans on season and next seasons (promises before contract trades) etc. For example one player asked me to sell him in another club because manager of this his favourite person, but club lower in compare of current. Concerning salary what about bonuses? Including agent's bonus, this is important part of contract. For example if agent ask for small bonus, I give him better and change players salary/bonuses smaller
  4. There are not my games lol. It AI vs AI Stop reflexing before writing
  5. Feel the difference between 'doesn't always win' and 'systematically can't win by domination'
  6. Well I still play in this FM just because I like manage and improve any systems/bases/ownerships in games, but I skip ME games in the fastest speed. Long shots long shots long shots But after good guys in tactical subforum helped me, I have a nice save in Bundesliga at least, we have a real rival with RBL, Dortmund and Leverkusen. But Bayern... Actually results in FM19 are more logic, I mean almost all times media prediction for top teams and their results the same. But games of Bayern interfere to enjoy the game in a sense Say goodbye for ChLeague mode is on! Its your tactic Niko Kovac! But despite everything Bayern won 5-0 RBL which absolute leader of season P.S. This is no funny at all. Looks like finishing lives own life
  7. Hi @Freddie Sands Is it possible to change logics of MLS clubs? Dont sent me offer if they can't sign player? Current AI interfere to trade Many thanks in advance!
  8. Novem9

    Kits issue

    Please compare back of shirt style in interface and in ME The same bug in FM18 too This kit is there
  9. This is funny for me in 2 cases 1) I raised issue for SI where Solari was a manager of Real Madrid few seasons without trophies which impossible IRL with Florentino Perez is owner 2) I can see a big progress in FM19 concerning managers hired/fired. Actually I took an indirect part by shares saves with investigations and pkms I guess that Man City board has option to win EPL only. Also I know few examples IRL where coaches were fired too much quickly too. So there is room for improvement, but I like a development vector in this case
  10. This is old bug which was in prev FM versions too If I accept delay it will happen until transfer window not close I share 2 files in Cloud 1) Stefan Schulz - Hertha.fm - there are offer is confirmed 1) MLS Issue.fm - there are MLS club asking for delay
  11. SI said few times there are no ME updates for FM19 after 19.3 We can only hope FM20 will be like FM19 Open Beta improved and bugsfree at least
  12. I know that it could be crazy games of mind but when I play in FM18 and FM19 sometimes I feel like ME has a little updates without steam notifications or AI improve itself. I played in FM18 1,1k hours but in last months I noticed things which never happened in previous 1000 hours. I noticed that some tactical things which was useful for me in FM19.3.4 just stopped in one moment even in new save, but another started. And its without update notifications and uploads
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