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  1. What about transfers? I noticed one thing. I won 2 cups, Europa League and 1 title for AZ. It was first tilte for 16 years and I beat club record of points. It was 80, my new record is 92 (screen before last matchday). Despite this I'm not a icon. (I'm even 3th in manager of the year nomination, probably because I lose Ajax 4-0 and a few wins in last minutes btw) But I asked about transfers because looks like this have a meaning too. I bought a lot of good players in 4 years for AZ. Only 1 started to be icon. He played 6 seasons at the moment and scored goal in EL final. 2 players and me just favourites. Other nothing special at all, some of them played 100+ games and won all trophyies with me. In one hand looks like we need more icons and legends after this campaign. In other hand - just 4 seasons and this is teamwins. I created a good team, but this is not my money, money of club
  2. Take into account almost unlimited re$ources of Microsoft it could happen in any moment. They are really want to payback in console rival
  3. Probably provocate question - Will xbox version have better graphics in ME?
  4. sure? sounds like things discussed over 9000 times but with vote this time
  5. Is it possible to save game local and it saving for cloud automatically? Or it only one option for a time?
  6. I guess this is the same issue Board concerned about 1-2 Atletico away. I play for AZ. This is miracle that we play in ChL at all Board is unrealistic in this issue imo Uploaded files Nathan cloud.fm
  7. AP(s) sounds more like you described, AP(a) is more Messi style for poor there are
  8. Please skip matchday in save. After this Luigi Bruins resigned contracti. He was a coach of AZ Young, but will be coach of main AZ. But interface is not updated this info Uploaded files bruins contract.fm
  9. I agree. But AP is nonclear attacking playmaker. He focuses for a ball at first. I mean playmaker role has behavior to play different in compare of typical wide players Btw I moved passing and tempo for standart and use again WBIB. Average possession 57-62% First time I have this style
  10. For now I use this. Could be some little changes before/during game (standart tempo for example) but general is : It was a long issue with RW. He was IW and RCM (which BBM) was AP. IW was no effective. Second IF is very attacking, I dont sure that T could be useful in this type of tactics. So I made changes. Probably if I will play in top team I will try RPM + AP but for now I dont want to risk. I lose some % possession but it looks more effective thanks a lot
  11. You can read in web sources about <club> want to buy in transfer window few players for <specific positions> It could be very useful if we can declare interest for position in FM For example - I want to buy CB. I declare interest and some agents let me own clients. Media trying to know who is exactly will be my player. For sure there are need a algorhytm for realistic candidates in a list
  12. Oh it simple - I want he could be header assistant for CAM/AF
  13. ah got it. No I can't too. Looks like I copied savefile to avoid autosave before it was saved 100%
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