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  1. At first I want to check this. I played this in journeyman in mixed styles - I need positive vs low teams of league when my club got better. Maybe I can create some better tweak, more universal But also I want to check this. One mate share it and say that this is very fun tactic without any exploits, no corners, no throws. And no attack mentality and no hard tackles too
  2. Which formation more defensive? TI is Control Possession 1) IF(s) - CF(a) - W(s) Mez(s)-AP(a) -HB- WB(s)-CB-CB-WB(s) 2) IF(s) - CF(a) - W(s) Mez(s)-BBM -DLP(s) WB(s)-CB-CB-WB(s)
  3. When I manage (no tactic issues) club and can't take decision, I think 'What would Sir Alex Ferguson do in this situation?' He is a reference how to take a discipline and a reference how to impove club. Pep Guardiola looks like him, but Pep didnt work a lot of times in one club yet. Legacy of SAF is wonderful, its not only club, its Empire. I read his biography twice
  4. I want to rest from journeyman and play save for one club. Its so comfortable and nice to build a squad from 1st day and just improve this... Anyway, I want to play 442 without possession and think to start with club which play in the same style IRL. Atletico is too much powerful for me, but I dont want play in low league/division too (I see it in every journeyman start). So its about team from top5 uefa including interesting club (history, ambitions, anything else) from next after top division. Any ideas please?
  5. I always was skeptikal in scouts reports. Its good in details for me to know some information like injures, stability, streak etc., but not like general verdict. But I never asked there why some players have low raiting in scout's opinion? For example I buy a player which has ALL atributes I required. But his general point is 56 despite report 'good player for most League sides'. His price very good too. After first season he is the best player of league in this position (I played without exploits and without attacking mentality). So why his general report so low? I checked his CA/PA and this is 129/136. Is that the case?
  6. If dlp(d) has ppm to get forward, he will keep formation? He is dm behind 2 CMs. (I didn't check it yet because he in my transfer list only, not in my club)
  7. This save called spain schedule, in SI cloud Staff name is Edgar Enrich. His salary in Barca 50k per year. I give him 400k per year and position of chief, but he asking for 1 mln. Where is logic? After this he still stay by current position with low salary
  8. I join to Atletico Madrid after season. Last game of club was 18 of May, for now its 9 of June and team still training, no vacation save uploaded, name is spain shedule
  9. Here we go! @Neil Brock, Newcastle @Jack Joyce , Southampton. Wonderkind! Advanced forward, because he knows about deep strikers issue @Seb Wassell , king of PPMs Well there are a lot of SI players, nice idea at all! Where is @CJ Ramson ?
  10. Sounds awful. But its strange for me because I never saw the same. Players few times asked for new contract after I denied transfer from other clubs where they could better wage and actually it had a sense to ask better salary. Also possible you are GREEDY manager? You dont want to spent a lot of money for wages and players try to win every coin ASAP
  11. What a difference of creating chances in balanced mentality in compare of positive? In balanced I have a possession but looks like not enough something for score a goals. More risks in PI not helped / not enough. Im talking about 41221 and 4231 at first
  12. Absolute life winners! Somebody invite Atalanta coach in SI tactical forum
  13. At first they choose attacking mentality and after this they surprised why AI parking bus ^_^ Anyway I often notice some things in IRL matches about which I think - "If it happens in FM I said its stupid and unrealistic thing"
  14. You can buy steam keys for any games in web shops, but it must be trusted shop of course. I know two at least, but they are Russian and I'm not sure how it comfortable for you + have no idea about regions politics in Steam. Some games have a keys for different regions, some games activate in every steam account regardless of region. If I scared you, webshops of your country sell keys which exactly fit your account. Also I want to inform you that Steam has refund option. Its not working if you buy steam key outside of Steam.
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