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  1. One member shared for me save of 2135 year With his permission, I publish it here. I checked this and found few bugs AI doesn't build a new stadium in a lot of cases. Check Maribor, Zenit, Man Utd, Chelsea, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Juventus But this is not a 100% bug - PSG and Man City have new stadiums for example. Second issue is strange dynamics of attendence. Check Russian clubs Ufa, Anji, Sochi. Despite they have some success , their attendence is critically low. I not sure about factors like Economic and Football Importance in country, but looks like this algorhytm uncorrect in these examples. Check Giorgione Calcio 2000 from Serie A please. 199 fans in Serie A Hellas Verona has 9 titles in the row, but their attendance still 16k. I confused about how it works Uploaded files sim save.fm
  2. It's true, but some of them download editors to change a team kits especially second or third which change IRL every season
  3. This camera not really useful. Especially when FM replays 'goal check' system in the same foreshortening. I can't see anything specific
  4. Hi! IF has a change in FM20 - his own mentality has +2 as I can see. If W or IW on support duty in balanced mentality has balanced too, IF(s) has attacking already. Is it change in reason of adding IW in this slot or bug? Cheers!
  5. Refused all my current plans and played few games in different styles ASAP In first impression it works MUCH better. No long passing, realistic mistakes, feeling of player attributes and team play exactly what I asked Checked balanced mentality vertical tiki-taka and cautious 4231 aka Mourinho and classic positive tikitaka of very slow and very short passing. All formations and roles were realistic and it's really enjoyable. Really happy
  6. part of them using exploit tactics and their knowledge of football is so low that they even not see any issues of ME. This is not an insult or a negative in their direction. I check how many downloads of this type of tactics happened in few famous resources - 5k-25k downloads for separate goodrated tactic. Just a remark who use argumeent about 60k online as measure for something
  7. Scouts reports better in FM20. Even in FM19 I play with players in starting XI which had a scouts rank 59, 65 etc. For now if I bought any player with no green rank, almost all of them did not bring a benefit
  8. The unknown tires. Speaking about any % of people without any analyze is speculation Forget it
  9. Some kind of nonsense? No reason to discuss but it happens
  10. They can release transfer update separately which btw is a work of researchers as I know Btw in this year patch 20.2 was earlier in compare of usual dates
  11. Mate really not all like to watch streams and videos in general (especially on foreign language) Spoiler in text please if it really has a relevance
  12. The same we told about FM19 last patch, but it didn't fix attacking moving as expected. I dont wait a miracle about ME, something strange happens in this case in last years
  13. Without any tactical notes, just Y/N please. Somebody created a true tiki-taka on current ME?
  14. It was a sad for me to see a lot of big teams can't win in FM17, a lot of top managers fired in first months and I enjoy to see a big teams take a high places which they deserve in FM20. But I prefer a clear and fair ME simulation with atributes importance than a 'fixed model' which imitates RL
  15. In the end all problems that some members notice degradation. We mentioned FM17, FM15, FM14, FM13, FM12 and maybe something else. These versions have less features but they have ME which you believe. In these ME versions you take decisions and get a consequences. You choose tactic and see how your team reproduce this. More or less. So if FM20 was a separate game of first game of SI it would be less critics. But when we have issues which dont happened in prev editions that's confusing. We have the comparisons and our requests about things which SI realized before. If you have a more stable version in past it looks logic (for outside observer at least) to back for this version and improved this, no push version which create new issues when you repair current. This is not an attempt to teach developers, its reasoning about negative reactions around FM
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