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  1. Many many hours for last many FMs and I see this in first time Was a surprise
  2. 42 games, 33 goals, 10 assists and 7.40 ? I dont sure but a feeling it could be something like 8.60 ?
  3. I feel a huge difference when my opposite team from lower league/country. In fact I can use any tactic because my players better and losing is almost impossible. I played by big teams, teams from second and third divisions and for now I play in semipro team. And I see a real difference in every case. My players in low teams make mistakes (including technical) which just no happen in top level at all, etc. Dont sure which kind of difference you want to see
  4. I'm in the same position - have an epic plan for journeyman in FM21 but still waiting for fix this issue (or just to take decision because for now conflicting information from members) and issue of clubs no sign managers in period of ~20 May - 20 June (exist in FM20 too) Concerning newgens, I have a save in 2022 Nov which I check right now. 45k DB (20 leagues in 12 countries, 8 countries are playable). Best clubs of non-loaded countries have some newgens, some more, some less. I started this save in 21.2, just few lowest countries in UEFA Rating have no newgens as I can see. I had a diver
  5. But it was in fm20 too? For example, I use EPL and Championship, so club from Skybet League 1 promoted higher, but they hired manager just after moved in playable league. I guess this is just how system works?
  6. To clarify, I use 20 leagues in 12 countries as usual. If I will use the same for 21.2 can I expect nonplayable countries like Brazil, Argentina, Croatia will have a newgens for national team at least? just like it was in fm20 (as I remember), or it really worse for a long save?
  7. Hi! I heared that MLS works incorrect in FM? If it is true - is it mean that FM MLS and IRL MLS have a difference or is it mean MLS rules in FM are not follow? I want to play in MLS a first time and draft is strange thing for me, I want to know about any bugs, issues before I start to manage a team. Cheers!
  8. I guess its need to set balanced passing, disable regroup and set balanced DL. LOE is -1, not -2 and change it during game context (not much freedom for opposite team in own half) And use run at defence Mentality depending on opposite side
  9. THIS is default DB https://sortitoutsi.net/football-manager-2021/team/1520/dinamo-moscow And your issue is FMScout update. Which influences for FM pre-game edtior too
  10. I think to start a new save for new experiements. I'm interested to check pragmatic styles with 3CB, 442, etc. Save by Spartak started to be a routine, national league is 8 place by UEFA rating and I can't improve my squad despite my balance is 140 mln euro. Maybe I will play few seasons more later, but until 21.3 I want to continue research some things One question was opened and it was very interesting for me. And I decided to share answer in this thread too, I believe few members will be curious to see too. Even if no, it will be look more finished anyway. Question is - 'Ho
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