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  1. Yes, you're right in this point, I'm just schoked and can't realize how it could be in country which was so 'worried' about prev tournament. It was a very long and unpleasant event (I mean propaganda and fake news, not tournament ) So you want tell me a group of English supporters tried to break through the fence and legal visitors organized to gathered in a kind of Neighborhood watch? It's amazing self-organization, no irony
  2. Club vision is updated quite often after the first season, new points appear. Like playBut does the opposite happen, so that some points are removed in the next season? I mean 'club culture', 'play by freekicks' etc.
  3. Ah, well then, everything is all right! (no) There is a lack of a third faction of fans who would explain that booing the anthems of other countries is not gentlemanly
  4. But of course, the festival of violence was in the 2018 World Cup and in general, the hypocritical English media are the most honest and objective in the world
  5. Thank you for this tactic, really smart and beautiful
  6. A small bonus, which not added in main post by limit attachments issue BWM(s) just as planned and general team moving without a ball
  7. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kurban_Berdyev Note: Turkmen football manager, holds Russian citizenship. He is reportedly one of the names in the frame to replace Nuno Espírito Santo as manager of Wolves for the season 2021/22. In 2017 he was shown among top 50 managers in the world by fourfourtwo.com, at the 36th place, ahead of Brendan Rodgers. He gained fame due to the fact that a year after his appointment to Rubin, for the first time in history, he brought the club to the RPL. In his debut season he took 3rd place, and after 5 years he won two titles in a row. Distingui
  8. One issue which really interferes with the enjoyment of the game. I'm playing in France: Almost all good teams have troubles. Let's check Italy in this save for example: Step 2. I'm playing in Italy: Check France: It looks like league where I'm playing confusing (local) top teams and rival are poor. After extra-succesful season I have a smaller motivation to continue Issue - many good teams are failed and competitor challenge is poor
  9. D-line changed to much higher delete prevent GKD delete pass into space use rb as fb(s) As first impression, tactic started to make sense now, thank you!
  10. advanced question - is it a good idea to use 'prevent short GK distribution' in current lines? I use DL +2 and LoE +0 for compactness of course. Does Standart LoE conflict with psGKd ?
  11. I want that both my W players come back in defensive stage, as I remember, support duty allows this? Is it a good combination? ---------------PF(a)------------- IW(s) ----- AM(s) ----- W(a) Should I use any PI for AM(s) ? Concerning more tempo - looks like my team create more troubles for opposite side when tempo is higher. Maybe if I use AM(s) it will be changed
  12. Things which worked for me in prev editions, not good in FM21 Please help! I want to play pragmatic and combination football and use pressing in middle / opposite dm zone. (Because as I understood if push opposite team very high, they use bus tactic and I have many shots, but not a goals) PI - BBM is move into channels Cheers!
  13. Oh this is have much more sense: IF(a)---F9(s)---W(s) ---CM(a)---DLP(s)--- ------DM(d)------ WB(s)---CB(d)---CB(d)---IWB(s)
  14. @glengarry224 Oh thank you! I want to switch MEZ(a) -> CM(a). What do you think about this? + Probably it really need to use IF(a) Is Trequartista bad choice for my context? If I will use IF(a), could I use F9? I guess IF and F9 have a good interaction in moving?
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