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  1. His skills increased during this time? And just 3 games in loan, this is terrible
  2. Did you watch Real Madrid 1-2 Girona today? This game looks like FM19 trivial round
  3. What I’ll say will probably be useless for many of you (for some it will even cause irritation). But I'm not trying to share some big secret, just maybe my experience will help someone. I notice that almost all my ideas (combination of roles, of TI, etc) from FM17-FM18 work worse there. But its better to say that in FM19 roles improved and work better. My formula is forget old FM experience and create tactic on reallife basis of tactic theory. If some things didn't work well enough in past versions for me, there are it works much better there Anyway I see improves of strikers movement in last patch and hope for keep&increase this progress
  4. Well Everton was a last a lot of times in my saves of FM17 and FM18. For me is usual thing As I can see some team from MU, MC, Lpool, Chelsea and TH is failed in first season. But not Arsenal! Really, I cant understand why Arsenal so powerful in every FM
  5. I'm in a good mood and want to answer in graphics Well you confirmed it happened before. Imho Ashley Cole moved from Arsenal to Chelsea more loud transfer in compare of possible transfer Lingaard to MC I have a skepticism about some FM events, but stopped after that IRL happens a similar, sometimes exactly the same, like Higuain moved from Juventus in FM18. I sat in front of the screen and said 'COMMON! THIS NEVER HAPPENED LIKE THIS! THEY BOUGHT HIM BY 96 MLN!' Unfortunatelly these issues still happen. Your best decision is share save to cloud and describe this for QA. I wrote about few transfer issues in past and they are improved in last editions
  6. If I give a promise of more gametime - its include time of all official games or regular league only? Thanks!
  7. Even fluidity changes in FM19 relatively mentality. But honestly I still do it on experience and feeling, have no direct knowledge about this. It will be nice to give more desription about this into game. For newbie it's a zone of delusions at all
  8. Old mentoring was totally arcade and unrealistic. At first how first team player can to be a mentor of U-17 player. After trainings in his own time? At second never hope about Jedy styles mentoring in football club, one teacher - one student. Its much more realistic and useful now For me this is the simplest FM to keep possession, because units smarter now. Difficults may be linked with strikers movement issue. FM worked without a lot of things like scouts, hierarchy, etc. Fortunately, SI push us from comfort zone
  9. For a long time I want to ask Why its not take into account winners of USSR leagues? Spartak Moscow has 4 stars in emblem, which included 12 leagues of USSR Why derbies is not registered in Russia? For example Spartak has Derby of All Russ (CSKA) as knowing like Main Moscow Derby Derby of two capitals (Zenit) The Oldest derby (Dinamo Moscow) Krasnodar has Krasnodar's Derby (Kuban') South Derby (Rostov) There are a lot of derbies like Rubin - KS, Rostov - SKA, Zenit - Dinamo, but there are nothing in FM. This is sad
  10. DoF looks much better in FM 19 But not tested him for a long distance, one window only
  11. Before I forget, you said At first you remind me phrase of Albert Einstein - "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result" At second is amazing article about success. A lot of millionaires and billionaires are not people of extraordinary mental abilities. Why? Relatively speaking, smart people with advanced analytical skills checked possible variants and seeing big risks, abandoned this venture. Some people who havent this skills, decided to try this. And, relatively speaking, 99% were failed. But 1% to be a success. And he is like an example for other - just try and you will win. Not enough, sir, not enough. OK, I understand what you mean, but there is no accumulative effect. 9 times of Tail no give you 99% of Head. And casino denied this type of bets just because it's only one type of bets with 50% of win. (Actually it's 48,61% because I have a green Zero) All other bets are 33% in best case. And everybody will play in B/R only without limits. As you understand, statistical rule of throw is series. I know a story about professor who gives homework to throw coin 200 times and write the results in a notebook. And this professor can easy to detect - student throwed a coin or just wrote random results. I throw a coin right now, it always goes into series. So beautiful THHTHHTHTHTTHTHTHTTTHHHTHHTHTHTHTTTHTTHHHTTHHHTTHHTTTHHHHHHHTTTHHHTTTTTHHHHTHTHHTH
  12. This is the most popular Brexit variant for me in last 2 FMs, what a problem?
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