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  1. Yes he actually improves throughout the season. Him and Antonio worked well. The board/fans get annoyed when we buy Benrahma at the end of the season even though they decided that was compulsory before I was manager.
  2. Update. Finished my first season and finished 4th with one half decent cup run. Still using no TI’s. However I added almost all PI to Take fewer risks and also shoot less often on any rubbish shooters. Classic 442 certainly can work in the prem.
  3. I find them hard to play against in FM21, it was fine in FM20. Tbh I’m just treading water with this save until the update with the January transfers are included. I want to play Lingard.
  4. The name? Well.....after we all stopped laughing in Dec 2019 when Moyes said “Winning is what I do” even though his managerial career stats clearly didn’t agree. It’s fair to say those stats must have vastly improved in the past 6 months. So for that reason alone I’ve dedicated this tactic to him. Although I use the term tactic loosely as there are no TI and no PI while I stick to balance (unless literally nothing is happening in the game where it goes to positive or even attacking sometimes). This tactic is nothing to do with Moyes or his football, I just love the guy. I wanted basic 442 wi
  5. Benrahma starts the 20/21 season on loan at West Ham and we are forced to buy him at the end. The board then blame me (who doesn't even use him as Fornals is miles better) the next season for spending so much on him. So please remove the fact they think I bought him or remove the obligation to buy. To be fair when you do the post January update he will already be signed so the problem will be solved I imagine.
  6. My bad, it’s because I only write W for winger in my notes but that’s probably just me in my little world.
  7. What’s the WG on the right? Spelling mistake for WP or WM?
  8. I’d love to do this, but id have thought In the prem there would be so many penalties given away
  9. Could 2 wide playmakers work ever? Open up 2 options or just confuse the hell out of players
  10. In a 4411 what striker would suit working with a shadow striker in the AMC? Complete forward if you have one?
  11. One day I’d like that conversation. I’ve always been possession 4231 but really want to try a more direct 442 or 441 with FM21. I know there’s no universal tactic but some do’s and don’t on TI, roles and duties would be great. Especially if your teams passing isn’t great.
  12. I’ve tried almost identical but moved the CM-de to DM and had a DLF instead of T. Saw some good football but I can’t nail the TI’s if I’m honest.
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