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  1. Don't know about you guys but I would pay for it. Content he made is unlike any other in FM community - with maybe a very few exceptions.
  2. Start a new save with first window transfers disabled? I have never seen something like it btw. Even years down the line.
  3. Hi, if defensive width really was an issue (which I'm not saying it isn't), the dev team could still not use this as an example unfortunately. We do not know your exact tactic, no pkms, who knows if the issues you are facing are due to players or bad setup or just actually a bug. I think this is a very complex issue and if you want to report something with regards to this you would have to be very clear and consice and simple especially with tactics and problems.
  4. That is interesting, I just simply do not want my striker and holding mid to come short, and all they do is come short. It really is dangerous especially now that players seem to be able to run with the ball uninterrupted it leads to a clear cut chance. I am interested in knowing if I am doing something wrong or it is a bug.
  5. This is my set-up This is how it looks like in match, of course the def mid loses the ball and we concede. It's because of situations like these why I changed it, but they are not following instructions. I could upload more examples. Please tell what I am doing wrong.
  6. Hi there, well first of all, you need runners from deep. You have runners from wide, but I do not see anyone making forward runs from deep positions in the midfield. I suggest changing the role of the AP to a simple attacking mid and see how the duties work together. But other runner can be a as shadow striker as well.
  7. Turns out I wasn't careful enough. On this page the chairman was selected. My bad
  8. Is it normal that the chairman just offers a player a contract extension, even though I am responsible for contract handling? I cannot show pictures now but if it's a bug I'll post a save file and pictures. Did it happen to you guys?
  9. I think he moves to central positions in the attacking third. It was like this in FM19 too, I remember being quite baffled by that after FM17, given that he has the sit narrower pi and he is a playmaker so should move towards the ball. I think it is intended, probably won't qualify as a bug. I kind of feel that the roles behave very similarly in the build-up, unfortunately.
  10. From that 3 hours I played I saw a lot of one on ones, wonder if others saw too, or it's just my tactic. And these one on ones were rarely converted-which did not bother me because these happenned for the opposition. I also feel that players act more naturally regarding crosses, they meight feint a cross and wait for teammates, less dumb decisions there. I play with a deep lying forward/false 9 and thankfully they do drop deep more so than in 19.
  11. Congrats to the dev team, played 2-3 hours with Velez and have to say liking the changes. Interesting new PPMs, training schedules and improved engine, love the development centre, although I haven't concentrated on it so far too much. Looking forward to playing more of it tomorrow!
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