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  1. There is hype but we are 3 weeks before the release. I have long before closed my FM 21 save and just slowly waiting for the 22 beta release. So I think we are just ahead of schedule with the beta thread.
  2. Once read it somewhere that Guardiola at Bayern never really talked to players before match because he trusted them so much, and had team talks only at half time and at the end. I wonder if I were to do that in FM would that have negative consequences? The game considers it as "silent treatment" so I am guessing it is not a good thing.
  3. Betis when Quiqe Setien was the manager they had overlapping centre-backs, Sidnei was the guy on the left not sure who was the one on the right. In England I only saw it from Jack O'Connell at Sheffield under Wilder.
  4. Your frustrations have merit but looking at how the ME interprets this tactic I think you will have to change something to achieve what you want. Let's be clear with that: you not only want the two attackers in attacking midfield to be in the spot you drew but you also want to achieve it with roles in the AM strata and not wide ones. I feel like it could work but maybe not to the extent to how you would want, but still pretty close. Before you fix the positioning I feel like you need to address some more important issues. 1.a You are attacking with two AMs and a striker. Both of your AMs are attacking the space in front, but you also have an AF that is attacking the space in front. You see what I mean? Create some variety. Who is going to create space for your two AMs to run into? Maybe someone who could drop deep? I am not saying the AF never does that ever, but it is a role that I feel doesn't really compliment your the AMs. 1.b For this specific issue maybe try a playmaker role? Who knows maybe it would move towards the ball carrier more? Draw attention of the opposition while the other AM makes a run and the striker drops deep. 2. You have two aggressive runners behind a striker, and then two runners deeper with noone really holding the midfield. While it could work maybe use something more conservative here even two players on defend to really give space for the AMs, but it's something to check. Also I am not sure how the midfield and the Libero are linking up, you liking what you are getting from that role? 3. What about crosses? Are your WBs aggressive enough?
  5. Hi Cleon, so happy to see you post again, I am very excited! If it is not too boring could you please write about possession football in the context of newer FMs and maybe revisit the possession style stuff that you made a few years ago? I just thought it would be a good idea to update it as there is no team shape now and more importantly the "be more expressive" and the "roam from position" team instructions are now merged. Also there were some changes to the roles in these later editions I think. I know the principles are the same and the groundwork you laid down is still there but I feel like a lot of people still struggle to create this style of football and it would be so popular and really eye-opening, also I am just very curious how you would set up a system now that we have new roles and more control in terms of team instructions.
  6. Hi @Viking, try using a double pivot or just simply deep players such as DLP, Regista etc as there is a lot of space in front of the 4-1-4-1. Use the full width of the pitch with your wingbacks or wingers and that should be good enough to stretch their defensive formation.
  7. What about your midfield combination? That's the one usually giving me a headache.
  8. That is a very interesting midfield line! How are you holding up defensively?
  9. Why not? Is it mainly about the formation not having enough men forward? Because if the transition is completed we should be able to have men in advanced positions.
  10. My inspiration is this post from the legend himself, Cleon. I have a mental fixation on creating somthing similar with 4-1-4-1. But having been miserably way off target throughout the years I starting to really not see this formation clearly? For example, give me any 4-4-2 or 3/5 defense variant and I will be able to create a somewhat workable tactic. I see where the goals are coming from, which player does what, how we are defending. But with the 4-1-4-1 I do not clearly see the responsibilites and often find myself creating tactics without clearly defined roles.
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