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  1. Certainly. Regarding the counter pressing + mentality problem, I have been thinking about it for the past 15 minutes and it is pretty eye opening, what you just wrote. This detail never occured to me and it is not a small thing when you look at a tactic in whole. So thanks for the insight! 😉
  2. He has distribute quickly selected. That's what rushes his keeper, or could, but only he knows if it is something to worry about or not, I always considered that and work ball into box TIs situational. No need to use those in a base tactic.
  3. When his team loses the ball they press, but then get into a deeper position if they can't recover it immediately. Is that really a bad idea? I think work ball into box, rushing his keeper and other TIs make less sense to me then his mentality and counter-pressing combination.
  4. Or likes to make that overly-ambitious long ball right after kick-off.
  5. This seems like the source of my frustrations, too. I really should switch to 3D, because the 2D representation can be a little bit misleading. Maybe it is even easier to spot huge reccuring tactical issues in 3D.
  6. @Y2Jones a wonderful collection of useful information and a truly inspiring approach to the game, especially that you managed to make it about the players, which is something that I seem to completely avoid - I guess for the reason of not wanting to depend on them, but it definitely made me think about the issues my approach.
  7. I feel the same, I personally don't get why for example Lukaku had to be downgraded that much. Just the fact that if you think about it these players were being examined for about the entirety of their careers, and just because Morata and Lukaku had bad spells with their respective managers for half a year or maybe a little bit more, they now have to be worse players. Can it be that two of the most defensive managers (Mourinho, Conte) had a hand in the situation?
  8. @BarrsFFC Yeah, it's important to have players who are as influental/more influental compared to him in the mentor group, plus play in similar position/have greater or similar ability. Your issue right now as I see it is that Sessegnon is already a fairly good player especially compared to the rest of the squad and when you try to mentor him he simply won't learn (PPMs at the most) because the other players in the group have balanced personality as well and are mostly less influental than him or worse players. Obviously better training grounds help in developing him, so don't forget to improve the club in that regard. Usually personality changes are slow, take more than a year, but it depends on a lot of things that we can only guess (SI doesn't tell it, and will probably remain that way). I had players (Josh Sims) who remained on balanced personality even after 3 years and others who changed fairly easily.
  9. @BarrsFFC I'd say his first season number of matches are more optimal than the 2nd season numbers. But overplaying is just the smaller problem. He has balanced personality that I would advise to change. His mentoring group won't help with that as it is. You need team leaders/influentals with better personalities. You could tinker with his ind. training, 6 months on defensive winger might help. I loved using that, had similar problems with Matt Targett, so keep us updated.
  10. Could it be that you're overplaying him? I've had players who improved more when played not that many matches, but performed well. Using them as subtitue late in the game when they are facing tired defenders could also be useful. I've had this problem with a few Saints players. What mentoring group is Sessegnon in btw and what unit?
  11. I can only report on 2 things: the F9 role has clearly been adjusted and the difference is visible. He comes deeper more often, even when he was first advanced in the final third, I really like it. The other thing that I noticed is that my inverted winger on attack is much more aggressive with his starting positioning, he acts as a real goalscoring threat. (previously I thought he was too deep, and left my lone striker isolated)
  12. I'm guessing this is the update that also includes the tweaks for the striker roles? Or that comes at a later date?
  13. No, if he played, you would see his general match stats regardless of whether you have that league loaded or not.
  14. There is no outline or public plan, so you're not alone with that. Only the developers know for sure.
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