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  1. I think reading Cleon's stuff is a great place to start. Regarding the tactic I like that you use very few instructions, but I think you would be far better off flipping the two wingbacks, just so that you have the complete wingback(a) on the right and the wingback on support on the left. That way you could have a nice little overload on the right, and this will make space for your inside forward on the left. Plus let me just ask, do you really need a mezzala in there? My advice would be to use something more conservative, but I'm interested in your thought process.
  2. I agree with you and I don't play FM19 either, but to be honest I don't even know what would qualify as good central movemenet for me at this point, that's how confused I'm with this whole situation (my idea would be to have different roles make different kinds of movement, e. g. if I have an attacking central mid and a playmaker in the middle, and my wide midfielder recieves the ball on the wing, then make the attacking player move forward and the playmaker move towards the ball, but that does not happen). First of all a lot of people seem to just gloss over it, how are they okay with this? Secondly my problem is not only central play, but the decision-making of players in general, too. Why are all my midfielders waiting the ball in middle congested, and the wide players so far wide in any formation? Another one, why aren't playmakers run with the ball, dwell on it, wait a bit, pass backwards etc.? Thirdly strikers who are supposed to drop off, namely false9s, deep-lying forwards are not doing their jobs. And lastly, the positioning of players is just off. Easy example, a lot of the times the winger and the fullback are waiting the ball in line with each other, now how is that good posititioning (even though I told one of them to sit narrower when the team has the ball).
  3. I think you were on the right track, simply this formation is already defensive by default, so be a little more bold with your duties in midfield, someone on attack in the midfield 3 will do wonders. Other than that, did you change your TIs?
  4. I think it looks great, but try to forget what the player's best role is and just create a system that is balanced and works on its own. The way I see it you have a goalkeeper and two centre-backs who will look to play risky passes, and a deep lying playmaker on defend who I presume won't be playing those risky passes, and except for the B2B midfielder and right wingback every one of your players will be playing those risky passes especially on positive mentality. This isn't a bad thing, but do you want it to happen? And defensively do you have problems with having a mezzala next to an attacking inside forward?
  5. Why not try this fron Cleon: https://teaandbusquets.com/blog/making-a-league-more-competitive
  6. I am no qualified coach just curious. The defensive side of the game involving marking and pressing is I believe by default is zonal marking and players press the opponent in their zone, even though the new pressing system suggests otherwise. (I might be wrong) So in this examlpe - and in any instance where the user wants to prevent certain passages of play and want to see a certain marking scheme - it would be more beneficial to tell every player to tight mark specific opponent.
  7. robot_skeleton

    This is a joke....

    That's unusual for a Klopp team 😅
  8. It's a great formation, don't worry about not having wingers, as the crosses will be provided by your wingbacks, or at least should be. I think you should look at your tactic and try to decide where the width and late runners will be coming from, who is recycling possession etc., you're using a mezzala on the left and an advanced playmaker on attack in the middle, is that causing issues defensively? I wouldn't worry about early crosses or more direct passing as everything is largely dependent on your roles, so try to sort that out first.
  9. It will depend on the roles around him. What supply does he get? What kind of support do you expect from the other players? He is someone who moves into channel, leads the line so crosses and through balls and late runners are absolutely vital - at least for me.
  10. Or look at the "passes recieved" and "passess completed" map of your front three. Why is it that they are pushed out wide or the team is too deep? Try using someone who brings the ball up to them and I think trying less team instruction would be better. Correct me if I'm wrong, but in the video you are surprised by the fact that Messi roamed from the right so far away, but actually that is what you're telling him with the "be more expressive" instruction, more creative freedom and the freedom to roam.
  11. Yeah it's kind of big problem, players just aren't offering a close option when crossing in this setup. But most of your problems are with the tactic, I think you're expecting something that their roles will not do, they are kind of gung-ho, add to that how attacking your team instructions are, and for example you expect messi to be wide who is playing as an inside forward, in the final third he most definately won't be even if you tell him to, that mostly applies to the build-up. If you want them to not cross that often give your wide players more conservative roles, give your midfield time to shift. You have 3 playmakers, but how are they going to create anything if the players around them are taking the ball away at the first instance. All your players are running at goal or to the byline for a cross or a shot because that's what your setup is telling them, the F9 will of course run into the the box if no one is bringing the ball to him.
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    Seeking help for Barca 433

    I would do the same if I had bought it, instead I only have FM 17, but played enough of that. To summarize, teams only score CONSISTENTLY from set pieces, long shots. I think the build-up is very much non existent a lot of the times (for example IN BUILD-UP there is no difference between attacking duty runners and support ones, somehow players are just unwilling to do as they are told, sometimes never making a run unless in the final third, that's just totally unrealistic and gives zero creativity to me), decision making is horrible at times, and yeah I just wrote cuz I found comfort that someone is as frustrated as me 😅.
  13. I had the same problems, I think that if you want to see what you actually want your players to do you have to go full press. It has become increasingly more and more difficult to press the opposition in a 1 striker system, so in my experience I had to increase the def line, loe and intesity to its fullest, otherwise my players did not engage to opposition as high as I would have liked. But given that you already are on the highest, i think it just comes down to the workrate/teamwork of your players, plus trying a pressing forward might help and a support duty player as a holding player.
  14. I too kinda feel that we were living in the through-ball/cross filled matrix that are the previous FMs. FM 19 seems to be the red pill. God I wish I chose the blue one.
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    closing down seems to be non existent kinda

    I wonder if others have the same problem? I also felt something is wrong about it, or it's just something is weird about how it works regarding the instructions.