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  1. Hi @Viking, try using a double pivot or just simply deep players such as DLP, Regista etc as there is a lot of space in front of the 4-1-4-1. Use the full width of the pitch with your wingbacks or wingers and that should be good enough to stretch their defensive formation.
  2. What about your midfield combination? That's the one usually giving me a headache.
  3. Oh by the way I was playing with FM 21, not sure why the videos state otherwise.
  4. Hello Team, I found a frustrating bug related to my team's deep free-kicks resulting in an instant turnover in possession - in both of the matches that I linked we conceded a goal. Southampton - Leeds Southampton 0-1 Leeds Utd - Match Highlights.webm Palace - Southampton Crystal Palace 1-2 Southampton - Match Highlights.webm Crystal Palace v Southampton.pkm Southampton v Leeds Utd.pkm
  5. That is a very interesting midfield line! How are you holding up defensively?
  6. Why not? Is it mainly about the formation not having enough men forward? Because if the transition is completed we should be able to have men in advanced positions.
  7. My inspiration is this post from the legend himself, Cleon. I have a mental fixation on creating somthing similar with 4-1-4-1. But having been miserably way off target throughout the years I starting to really not see this formation clearly? For example, give me any 4-4-2 or 3/5 defense variant and I will be able to create a somewhat workable tactic. I see where the goals are coming from, which player does what, how we are defending. But with the 4-1-4-1 I do not clearly see the responsibilites and often find myself creating tactics without clearly defined roles.
  8. Is that an "official" thing? As in I see Rashidi and other mention/use it but I always thought it was something similar to like when people talked about counterpressing in pre-FM19 versions. It might have looked like it but the game couldn't actually offer that.
  9. Regarding low creative freedom, what do you think about the "be more disciplined" shout? Cautious mentality and high line? Wouldn't you consider those opposing team instructions? I also don't often see people use the hold position instruction, could you maybe show examples of how this instruction impacts your team? (if it's not too much bother)
  10. You are bang on about the squad structure. There are a number of strikers/wingers but the squad is lacking in fullbacks and more importantly central midfielders. Armstrong, Smallbone, Ward-Prowse, Romeu, Diallo maybe Watts. The creativity and quality is needed. Regarding the tactic, I am curious why you chose WB on defend for the left side instead of support. (of course once we see the tactic play out I will be able to show some screenshots, but still I find it noteworthy.)
  11. I am planning on starting a save with Southampton when the last update comes out and I am looking for "role" ideas about the pure 4-1-4-1. How would you set this up? My aim is a possession based pressing style of football (I know, how original): I want my players to have low creative freedom, choose simple passing options and work the ball upfield slowly. I want to press for the ball and reduce the time the opposition has on the ball. High possession percantage. An okay number of goals. In this case success to me doesn't mean winning matches: success would me
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