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  1. Off Topic: @Cleon Would you consider writing about your coaching career, or anything that has to do with you coaching? Edit: I once read your Ajax stuff, so I guess what I mean, would you write more about coaching 😂
  2. I'm afraid I'm not competent in the Cruyff tactics, but it is a very nice philosophy to build towards. However, I was lead to believe that no matter who you use in the dm strata in front of a libero, the libero won't function as intended; space will be negated. The same applies to playmakers and targetmen. Or instructions that encourage a more direct route to goal, e. g. "Pump ball into box". (This is from Cleon's article)
  3. 2 dlps and one of them is in the dm strata; libero is a very demanfing role and you won't get the best out of him unless you build your team around him. Read Cleon's article, he got it covered a few months ago!
  4. Hey Guys! I'm wondering what you think about this article in relation to FM 19. I mean the principle that on a higher mentality you would need less risk taking duties still applies, but what about creative freedom and roamimg? I cannot restrict my players to choose the simple pass (since no team shape), and I cannot select the roam from pos. in the team instr. unless I provide high creativity to everyone, with "be more expressive". Thoughts?
  5. Have you read Cleon's article? It is exactly about that.
  6. Well, you can always adjust the closing down, dl, loe during match, based on what you see. For example would you continue to defend the same way if you see the opposition attackers are always getting in behind your defenders or would you change sth if you see the opposition brings the ball out with ease and passes around you. Another thing is that as Arsenal, opponents would generally want to sit deep, because of the reputation, so there is an argument that you might not want to give the opponent time to regroup and come out - but it is not a rule, you might want something totally different. What I would say though is you should find out why you get pinned back, do you have an outlet to pass to when defending deep, how is your side's positioning, especially the holding players etc.
  7. It really is frustrating, isn't it? I mean what I tell myself is that I don't have the roles and combinations right, they aren't creating movement, but when I want them to pass it back, wait for it, not counter (even ticking hold position) and they do the opposite, I too feel helpless. My impression from FM 19 beta and the full release is that crosses are easier blocked, teams are harder to press and players just really like the switch of play, none of which really help my possession game style.
  8. robot_skeleton

    Width options (att + def)

    I would be interested in it too. From what I see from Pep I was led to believe that all his teams attack extremely widely, and defend really really narrowly. But that is positional play, not the only way to achieve possession, and frankly something that I (right now) doubt can be implemented. But in FM terms, you might want to create a role/duty combination that creates movement and worry about the team instructions later.
  9. robot_skeleton

    Struggling with FM19

    I feel the same, creating a good possession-based tactic that dominates the opposition consistently and in dangerous areas is difficult to create in FM 19 - for me at least. What annoys me is that I feel the players misplace so many simple passes, my holding player is easily pressured, crosses are easily blocked, too many switch of plays and I'm not feeling the defensive side of the game either. In previous FMs if you didn't have something crazy about the roles and duties you would have been fine defensively. This time I seem to be too conservative and oppositions seem to pass around me and my players due to the formation (4-1-4-1 dm). They aren t closing down the defenders even with max closing down, LOE, DE.
  10. robot_skeleton

    Brexit in FM19

    The problem is that if it's a loan the game shouldn't allow you to loan him and should just cancel it. In and of itself the wp is not an issue, but the game letting you loan him in spite of not being able to effectively play him (and later not letting me terminate the loan) is an issue.
  11. robot_skeleton

    Brexit in FM19

    Exactly the same for me. Wanted to extend Carles Alena's loan after season 1, did not get wp. Activated his release clause and am paying him 80k and everything is fine.