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  1. This has been going on since FM19, right? I don't remember seeing it in older editions. If they don't improve this aspect of the game I'm gonna be so pissed, right now it is the only thing keeping me from enjoying the game.
  2. I actually don't mind that lower mentalities keep the ball and play possession. But then pressing should be improved so that we could take the ball away from these teams. Right now I see ridiculous things when trying to press the opposition in their own half, not sure how it can be in the game.
  3. Sorry to be "that guy" and provide no real helpful advice here but the problem is with engine and you can't really do anything about it unless you change formation or make minor tweaks that could give you a bit more possession. In single striker formations in FM20 you will see that the striker lacks any kind of intelligent positioning and awerness, he will recklessly press the keeper even on lower mentalities and lower pressing, he will press the keeper alone (of course the rest of team just jockeying around not following) who will have no problem passing the ball to the defenders around the halfway line. You will see the bug section with reports of this exact issue. If the striker presses the back line and the keeper without the midfield close enough, your first line of press is broken, you are on the back foot and the opponent can advance easily. It means that you are always trying to play a short build up possession game by going up and down the pitch trying to chase the ball because if you are advanced you can't get the ball back, so you fall more and more back and if you get the ball back deep you have to get to the final third again with this slow possession based style and the opponent will have all the time in the world to reorganize. I disagree with the idea that you can tell the striker to mark the holding player, tried it multiple times, never worked. But I want to offer something that you can keep an eye on. 1. Watch the first 10 minutes of games on "full match mode": do you see that your defenders/midfielders have enough space/passing options? Can they bring the ball out?If not why? Are they booting the ball long? Is there a specific place where you lose possession? Then you can make small adjustments. This can mean dropping the playout of defence instruction and go direct, or tell Ederson to throw the ball out to someone who is always free, change the def mid to half back who drops deeper and doesn't congest space or change the line of engagement and def line etc 2. Who do you expect to recycle possession in this team? How does your midfield link up? 3. Who is going score goals and get into goalscoring positions other than the CF, who is providing support, supply, movement?
  4. You should stop stressing so much, it's just a game . A few questions you should ask yourself as a very beginner: what is the quality of your team compared to the rest of the league? are you playing the way you want to? Who scores the goals? Is he scoring the goals/if yes, good/if not, what's missing? What type of goals do you concede?
  5. 1. So you are using inwerted wingbacks? is this a one-off? (because I cannot see that on you latest tactic screen) 2. How is the defensive side of the game, pressing-wise doing well?
  6. FM20 is finished, they will certainly not be making any updates unfortunately.
  7. Hi Jemal, first of all thank you for still responding to bugs, but just to be clear can you confirm if there will be ME patches to FM 20 or these problems will be addressed in FM 21. I presume the latter is going to happen I just don't want to get my hopes up thanks!
  8. Do you have problems with the midfield staying deep and the the striker pressing the opp. Goalkeeper like a maniac? I could never make the off the ball part of 4-5-1 work in FM20.
  9. I don't think that it is true that you can only play possession football on lower mentalitites, or that it is better suited. @herne79 and @Cleon wrote about it. I am far more concerned about certain things regarding pressing or just the inability to do so. I would write about it extensively but I don't think it would be beneficial, others have done it in the bugs fourum.
  10. Oh my freaking God, you just absolutely nailed one of the most annoying features of both 2019 and 2020 FM. It seems so easy to be defensive and pass the ball around at the back especially if you play against a lone striker. Pressing is practically all over the place and because of this I have spent the last two years playing this game and banging my head against wall. If you happen to play with a lone striker your midfiled will stay deep, your striker will go on his own and press like a headless chicken. But deep down I just want FM to be great and playable again, because this is not just a bug it is seriously undermining my experience and to wait another year when they will maybe adress this issue is just so painful.
  11. Thank you for writing in these forums, Jemal, this game really means a lot to me and to have you guys on team is great. Have nice day!
  12. Kind of sad to see that these issues are still in the game, it is virtually impossible to play a successful 4141 variant with sensible pressing game when you see these issues play out every single match. My lone striker will almost always press srupidly regardless of role/duty/pi/ti and it makes the opoosition easy to bypass the midfield, my midfiled isn't close enough to my forward etc.
  13. Can't help but hear Pep say "Sunderland are so good, aggressive, fast, so-so strong!"
  14. These are very good examples, I would love to hear an official response. Because it would be faar better if we saw our instructions play out and see it fail (due to lack of quality, unbalances etc.) than choose certain instructions and not even see my players try them.
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