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  1. I love the 2D engine and use that 90% of the time. When I try to figure what's not working I use the 3d engine.
  2. The things that you listed are there in the ME, improved. 2 problems that I noticed: 1. When players are wide by the byline trying to beat their marker I see a tendency from the ball-carrier to run with the ball and not really beat the marker but to just outmuscle the opponent and still be able to put a cross in. 2. Long ball from gk to the striker who magically beats the defenders (by receiving a difficult ball from the air) who are well positioned and shoot.
  3. Also I haven't seen the option to improve weaker leg.
  4. Yepp, me as well. Have the same problems with fullbacks and goalkeepers. We have a good game and for some reson they get a 6.3 or .2
  5. Sporting Lisbon mean business I had a takeover at Southampton and the new owner immediately bought McNeil and Ruben Neves for a combined fee of 80M. Do you guys see these crazy figures in your saves?
  6. you are right, loading up the save file or earlier ones I cannot reproduce this issue with Brooks. Weird.
  7. But if I want to rewatch a match that I already played I am having real trouble because the game just skips certain parts of the match treating it as if I was watching in highlight mode. Surely that is not how it is supposed to be. This just discourages the player from spotting tactical issues.
  8. have the same issue, somebody already opened a bug post
  9. Hi SI team! I am experiencing a bug where I cannot register a lot of my players for the squad 2nd season. save file uploaded file name: cannot register players issue.fm there is also an issue with not being able to sign players because they could not have been registered: Thank you for your work, hopefully you guys can fix this. Cheers EDIT: after simulating the first match of 2nd season I can register players
  10. This game is kind of awesome, much better than I expected I just want my widgets...
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