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  1. Lampard won the Champions League with Chelsea in 2021 but got sacked the following season. Then he went to Bayern where he won the league and a couple of cups in 3 seasons, and then to Man CIty where he got sacked after 1 season. Now he's at Juventus. Ole on the other hand has been incredibly successful in my save, winning the league (x3), FA Cup (x3), League Cup (x3) and the Champions League (x2) in 8 seasons.
  2. Thanks @kevhamster, I appreciate the response. I did look at that Lenovo one and this one, which I think is the same as the one you linked to, but with a better graphics card. But I decided that the 256GB SSD wasn't quite enough for me. I guess the thing I'm most confused about is the processor. The Ryzen 5 4600H ranks quite a bit higher than the i5-9300H on the benchmarking site, but what does that mean in reality? How much better is the performance with the Ryzen compared to the Intel when playing FM? So is this HP Pavilion worth £50 more than this Acer Aspire given the only difference is in the processor?
  3. Hi folks Looking to get a new laptop for FM21, and thinking of getting this one: https://www.box.co.uk/1L6F6EAABU-HP-Pavilion-Gaming-15-ec1007na_2958258.html Will that run FM pretty well? I watch on 3D, have a few leagues/nations loaded up and don't play any other games. Apart from FM the laptop will be used for browsing, music and writing, so nothing too intensive. Or can anyone recommend something that will perform roughly the same but is maybe £50 or so cheaper? Thanks!
  4. Hi all I've finally decided that my mid-2012 MacBook Pro has seen better days, so I'm looking for a new (Windows) laptop to enjoy FM21 on. I play 3D and have 3 or 4 leagues loaded up, so I have the option to manage in France or Spain if I want to. I was looking at this laptop on Box for a while when it was priced at £699 but it recently went up to £799, which is above my ideal price range. I'd like to stay around £700 if possible. Can anyone recommend a similar laptop for closer to £700? Or should I push the boat out for that HP one? Also, and this may be a stupid question... If I pre-order FM21 on Steam via my MacBook, will there be any issue if I've switched to a Windows laptop by the time the game comes out? Thanks everyone!
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