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  1. I havent changed anything. I dont even have the editor lol.
  2. Hello, I dont know if there has been another topic about this, i could not find one at least. I was wondering if there is a way to balance out the crazy salaray demands players have? When my player wants a renewed contract theyre asking for €600k p/w when they currently have around 250-300 and they refuse to accept any lower. Normally i would just ask my DoF to negotiate and they end up somewhere in the middle but not even that works now because the amount of wage they are asking for interfers with the squad status offered. So now they reject due to playing time instead. Im litterly bleeding dry from these high demands - im offloading players every year and my economy does not improve due to the contracts that the DoF gave them which have INSANE bonuses. Bonuses: Apperance fee: €1,687,150 Clean sheet: €464,000 Goal bonus: €470,00 Assist: €354,750 Team of the year: €4,975,000 Seasonal landmark bonus: Goals: €4,625,000 Assists: €6,725,000 Im currently spending €11,134,078 p/w in wages... Last year the total amount paid in wages are €443,569,336 , another €190,507,259 in bonuses and then i also have my staff which had a wage last year of €151,328,245. Is there anyway of fixing this?
  3. Do u think it would work to have nunez playing in the forward role as treq with bouali as the shadow striker behind him?
  4. Aight so ill start training him as a shadow striker :P I remade the tactic to a 4231 and put my current roaming playmaker as the shadow striker.. should have done that along time ago lol, 6 goals in 6 games so far.
  5. Hello, Ive just found the single best 16-year old player i think i have ever seen. Im currently playing a 4-3-3 but i think it might be worth changing the system just to add him to the team. Would u play him as an attacking midfielder or retrain as a advanced playmaker om cm position?
  6. Hey, Ive been playing with my iranian wonder kid for 2 seasons now and he has developed nicely. Im using him mostly in a generic cm-support role and let him play to his strengths. Im not sure exacly what traits works best cm position and could use some help due to the fact that i dont want to mess things up by adding to many traits as ive done with for example paul hughes, and most he learned from mentoring. Any suggestions?
  7. Hello, I need some help with what kind of tactical changes i could do during a game that my players seems to sleep and barley get a shot out. For the most part my tactic works brilliantly, i get lots of chances, shots etc but then comes these flat games where i barley make 3 shots in total. What can i change to stop that from happening?
  8. Hello, Before last season i changed my scouting system and in the first report i happened across an unbelieveable young player from Iran. He didnt have nearly enough points for a work-permit due to low rating on both league and national team but i still signed him intending to let him go on loan and develope and then use him for my main team. After half that season in Fiorentina he got his work permit but i let him stay for the remainer of the season. For this season im giving him some playing time as squad player and use him in cups. The only thing is that i know changed my system to a 4-3-3 instead of a 4-2-3-1. Im currently retraining him for the regista role. Im not that experienced when it comes to retraining and so on but looking at his attributes would it make more sense to retrain him as a complete forward? the only attribute that is "lacking" as far as i can see is workrate and teamwork. How important are those? Alex Brian is my current regista, and Mario Panzo and Kaile Anne is my forwards atm. What u guys think?
  9. I have not yet created the tactic - im very bad at it which is why im asking for advice. The last tactic i had i made from watching multiple guides from other peoples and used the parts i thought would suit my team. Thats why i wanted some advice on how to build it around those players Here is a screenshot of how im thinking about it. One is with striker and one is strikerless - not sure what would be most appropiate. Because i have good attacking players i want them to play fast pass-move kind of football to really get the most out of their off-the ball and flair.
  10. Hello, Ive had alot of success with the tactic im currently using, but its very attacking and now ive come to the point where i have more high ability central midfielders than wingers. I therefor want to change tactic but could use some help with how i should set the midfield up around the players i want to build the tactic around. Was thinking of maybe 1 dmc, 2 mc and 2 amc alltho im not sure how that would work.
  11. Thx for all tips. What would you say is the best role to play Maxime Wagner in? I currently use him as a IF but im starting to think i might get more out of him as a AMC. What do u think?
  12. I've been playing the same tactic for the last 4 seasons. I guess i have been able to pull it off because i have good players and "the best defense is a good attack". But if you have any suggestions on how i can tweak it to make it less problematic im open for it. Here is a screenshot of my last seasons and my current one.
  13. U mean Catteu as holding midfielder cm(d) or Paul? both are honestly lacking in positioning, marking and tackling.
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