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  1. I stopped playing FM21. Completely broken rating system which eliminates all the fun of the game.
  2. Do anyone have an idea when the big winter update is released?
  3. It should be set in the context of the ton of posts in here about the problem.
  4. @Neil Brock Look at these screens. The first is after a season were I won the treble. I was playing a high tempo gegenpress style. Then I tried to change my style. Same formation, but instead of high tempo and counter, I play slow tempo and short passing. The the ratings goes up???
  5. Exactly my question. Salah can play a season with around 7.90 average in non full detail leagues. But when I play Liverpool, even though i am winning PL and CL, Salah can play with around 7.00 to 7.10.
  6. Yes. Its horrible! So frustrating that @Si Duffyjust ignoring this.
  7. So I have these fantastic players in my three midfielder roles, but I have trouble deciding their roles. Can I have 2 DLPs like in the screen or do you reccomend different roles for my players in CM,CM and DM postions?
  8. So this is the the season average ratings. In a season where I destroyed every opponent. I won the Serie A, I won the Coppa Italia and I beat Liverpool in the Champions League final. These ratings are ridicilous! So here is the Team and players of the year.
  9. Should have a explained. After 3 years I have the best players for possession you could imagine. Doesn’t help. Short fast tempo with counter is always more effective. Would be very interested in seeing your possession tactic which gave you success.
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