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  1. Although my the players is not the same my formation and style is like in the picture. I use DLP instead of Regista now. And F9 instead of CF.
  2. I play a 4123 formation. Fast short passing. I change the player roles of my 3 midfielders all the time, because I can’t seem to get it right. Especially for the two CM position. I would really like to use Mezzala but simply can’t get that to work. For my midfield I have Tonali, Marco Kana, Bennacer, Camavinga, Almada and Ilaix Moriba. If had most succes with the DM position as DLP or Regista. That’s works fine. The only role in the CMs which really perform is when I apply AP role to Almada or Moriba. The other CM role I simply can’t get to perform. I tried Mezzala, BBM, RPM, CM. Av
  3. I see a lot of YouTube videos were people are setting the IF and AF to Close Down More. How do they do that? It’s hard coded to standard.
  4. Thoughts: 1) My two CM (Hakan and Kessie) dosnt perform that good. 2) I cant seem to find the most suitable role for Leao I know most of you would change the regista role to DM or DLP, but Tonali play ot of this world in this role, winning the Ballon D´Or.
  5. I simply can’t make my Mezzala work. Paqueta or Hakan have incredible stats for this role but they keep getting 6.30-6.40 ratings. Sooo bad. Can some please post a 433 tactic with Mezzala that makes the Mezzala good??
  6. But with only 12 in pace and 9 in strength..
  7. I changed Leao to CFs. My CM to Mezzala att. And my my IFa to IFs in the side with Mezzala. Both WB I set to Automatic. Works fantastic. Leao scored 25 goals in Serie A.
  8. I bought Thiago Almada to my 4231 system. I was doing okay, and Almada developed into to the wonderkid he is. But I only finished on 4. place. So I changed to 433 instead. I’m doing amazing, but Almada just dosnt suit this formation. He is 20 years old and his technical and mental stats are fantastic. But he isn’t physical or defensive strong enough. My midfield is BTB(Kessie),Tonali(Regista) and Bennacer or Paqueta as Mezzala. What do I do with my wonderkid Almada. It would really hurt if I should sell him. 😫
  9. Wow. Can you post a screen or maybe explain the roles of the other players around your mezzala.
  10. My Regista Tonali plays with season average above 7.80. But how about Mezzalas. Have anybody managed to get a mezzala to play with a high season average in a 433/4123/4141 formation ?
  11. Okay. Just won Serie A In the first season. So guess it’s okay.
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