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  1. Well, how about you start reading the actual post instead of only reading the headline ... 👇
  2. Hi guys I’m looking for at U23 Mezzala to replace Hakan Calhanoglu in my Milan team. Maybe a wonderkid. (I’ve tried to buy Moriba and Szobozslai, but that’s impossible)
  3. Yes because the wonderkid term is only restricted to use in a computer game🙄
  4. You’re missing the point here. If you have a player with PA at 180 but a determination at 3. He will never come even close to his potential ability.
  5. At best it can be increased by 3-5 points. That will not help if a player has determination from 1-5. Btw. It’s impossible to have a player with professional mentality and a determination at 1-5, because the personality of a player is highly influenced by his determination.
  6. Determination is the absolute most important attribute when you want to develop wonderkids. I dont even bother buying high PA youngsters that have low determination because they are never gonna develop into wonderkids or star players. I think that determination should be a hidden attribute. Take Nianzou or Sandry in the screens. Although both are among the youngsters with the highest PA in the game, we now already know that they will not develop into top players in this save.
  7. Great post. So the question is if Its enough to set TI to ‘be more exoressive’ or you also need to set PI to ‘roam from position’.
  8. So I really don’t need to replace the playmaker (Trequartista) from the 4231 tactic with another playmaker type. ?
  9. Thanks. Great reading👍. But I’m really in doubt with my midfield. Can’t figure out if it could work with CM-DMd-MezAtt or maybe RPM-DMd-CM, CM-DLPd-MezAtt 😬
  10. Yes exactly. It worked fantastic in his 4231. But my thought was that maybe by not having a AMC player, this would create more space for the IW/IF positions to shine.
  11. I have been using a slightly adjusted version of Rashidis 4231. An with great succes. I have won everything with both Dortmund and Milan. So I have been trying to use the same principles in a 433DM. But I really struggle to find the best roles for my three midfielder positions. Do you have any suggestions for the 3 CM/DM roles ?
  12. What is the best traits to have for a trequartista in the AMC position in a 4231? I want to train some new traits for Reyna.
  13. Thanks. So in my case more pressure PI on my AML,AMR and CF position. And no offside trap ?
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