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  1. Thanks. Great help! 1) I can see you have personal instructions on your CWBs and on Fati, Mbappe and Haaland? 2) Have you tried with mezzala instead of your CM? 3) When you say you switch off WBIB you mean you dont switch early cross or shoot at sight on instead or just blank ? 4) Im unsure about the overlapping on because i have heard that the WB/FB/CWB will overlap anyway. Ticked on will just mean that the passing tempo will be slowed down because your winger/IF or IW will constantly wait at look for the outside pass. Have you experimenting with this?
  2. Thanks. This is very usefull. When you have the time, you think you can post a screen of your formation/tactic. Thx.
  3. Isnt the default on positiv fairly wide? So you have Messi as a IW in the or IF AMR position, and a Winger in the AMR postion.?
  4. Thanks. Last questions :-). On your team instructions: team width?, run at defence? and pass into space? And always stay narrow instruction for your IF and IW?
  5. Now that’s the stats I’m looking for. 😃 1) Is your formation a standard 4231? 2) Any personal instructions to Messi and Mbappé? 3) Any special team instructiobs 4) Can you post a screen of your formation, tactic and TI Thanks a lot 🙏
  6. There’s been a lot of debate about 4231 this year. Roles for midfielders, roles for the wingers, with DMs or with CMs... So a simple question: In a 4231 system. Have anyone been able to get a winger,IF, or IW to make 20+ goals per season or even be the topscorer ?
  7. Both clubs accepted my 25M offer. But I can only afford one of them. Which one?
  8. Does someone have a Stefano Pioli 2020 formation and tactic? Think Milan is playing some very exciting football at the moment.
  9. I’ve noticed that when you move your two midfielders to DM positions you get some red zones in the midfield. But if you let them stay in the CM positions you are more covered with green zones all around. isn’t that a problem ?
  10. What am I missing? You only tried Regista in a 3 midfielder system?
  11. How would you use a Regista in 4231 system?
  12. I can see people changing the roles of the two DMs a lot. What is In your experience combination?
  13. Have anyone made a Stefano Pioli tactic??
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