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  1. Haven't scored a lot during penalties, and the majority were against mid-table clubs. 3 regens of mine with a penalty taking attribute of 20 have scored about 60% of the penalties they get. And before anybody says to look at other attributes, let me say all three had incredibly high composure levels, two were poachers and one was an amazing midfielder in the mould of Xavi.
  2. This. I like playing with some funds, although I hate tycoons. Mostly somewhere in between.
  3. The player values are an important reason, Bale is valued more than Ronaldo, so it's quite obvious that he'll have a higher asking price.
  4. The update has been decent actually. Some of the criticisms has been over the top. I remember seeing a lot of guys walking out on the previous patch, citing fun as the issue, and this patch has been quite fun so far. My only two issues are the dribbling and poor defending issues. Once they're right, the number of chances will reduce, the number of goals will reduce, and the ME will be perfect.
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