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  1. HNK Zadar - Fallen Giants May 2028 Games 31/32 Coming into the final 4 games, we are in great form, whereas Zdralovi are in some iffy form, dropping points in 3 of their last 5. We need 9 points to secure the title if Zdralovi win all 4 of their games. I would consider us to have the harder run in, and with our history of bottling big games, this could be a disaster. A poor start to the title challenge. Especially with Zdralovi picking up a win to close the gap to 3 points. Another win that we had to grind out. A draw for Zdralovi sees us only need 1 win to secure the title! Table after 32 games Gameday 33 Another scrappy win, but a win is a win and sees us finally get promoted to the first division! Results/League Table A disappointing loss against Bijelo Brdo, but it wouldn't have mattered anyway due to 2 draws in the final 2 games from Zdralovi. We win the title by 5 points. Other News
  2. HNK Zadar - Fallen Giants April 2028 Results/League Table Wow, what a month! We have been brilliant at closing games out and grinding out results. Bororo and Marcelo being brilliant throughout the month, scoring the majority of our goals. Results elsewhere push us 4 points clear of the table with 4 games left, we only need 2 wins and a draw to secure the title. Surely we cant bottle this again. Other News This is pretty much expected after the month we have had, goal of the month, a third place finish in the player of the month and a manager of the month award for me.
  3. HNK Zadar - Fallen Giants March 2028 Results/League Table After taking a break from FM for a few weeks, we play 1st and 3rd 2 games on the spin, winning against Grobnican but losing heavily to Mladost Zdravlovi. The results elsewhere see us slip to second, but still 7 points clear of 3rd. Hopefully we can get another run going and get promotion finally. Youth Intake Another pretty meh intake, only a,b, and c being signed onto youth contracts.
  4. HNK Zadar - Fallen Giants February 2028 Results/League Table What a month, solid defensive performances and loving the greenness. Also a gap is starting to form between 2nd and 3rd, could this be the year? Other News Manager of the month and goal of the month!
  5. HNK Zadar - Fallen Giants January 2028 No games this month, so only a couple of interesting bits and bobs. One being an injury to Marcelo, thankfully he will be wearing a cast to allow him to play through injury The other piece of news is about a youth prospect and some bids that have come in for him, obviously these have all been rejected.
  6. HNK Zadar - Fallen Giants December 2027 Results/League Table A perfect, yet unbusy month. 2 wins from 2 and a slip up by Zdralovi sees us move to top of the table on account of our win against them at the start of the season. There is now a clear gap between us and mid table. Other News Probably due to the fact that there was a limited number of games, but was a class goal. Youth Intake Golden generation with that many negatives, don't think so.
  7. HNK Zadar - Fallen Giants November 2027 Results/League Table A great month in terms of results against teams in and around us in the league, mainly the Grobnican game and saving a draw against Bijelo Brdo, who are 3rd and 4th respectively. The gap between title challengers and mid table is also forming quite nicely and we are 2 points off top, but with a -10 goal difference compared to Zdralovi. Other News New signing Marcelo is an absolute god send for us at the minute, being the focal point of the team and scoring nearly a goal a game so far.
  8. HNK Zadar - Fallen Giants October 2027 Results/League Table Another meh month, we are still up the top end of the league, but with 7 dropped points this month, we could have been away at the top. Will this month come back to haunt us at the end of the season? Other News Brilliant, Bororo is out for around 6-8 games at a minimum, wont be playing until around the new year. Is Celic another youth prospect that got away?
  9. HNK Zadar - Fallen Giants September 2027 Results/League Table Another solid month, only losing once in the league against a strong Dinamo team. Also knocked out of the cup against Zmijavci, which was due to a comical own goal in extra time. In all honesty, I don't think that I will care about the cup until we are a solid 1st division side, just down to the fact that there is no prize money, and I don't think that there is a gate split like in the FA Cup. At the end of the month we see ourselves 2 points off top position. Other News Look how many big teams are in for Lopez! Hopefully because his market value is so low, teams will not bid enough for the board to accept the deal over our head. Will keep people posted if any bids materialise.
  10. HNK Zadar - Fallen Giants August 2027 Results/League Table A pretty good start to the season, beating recently relegated Zdralovi in the first game of the season before dismantling Opatija in the next game. A tight game in the cup against 3rd tier Petrinja sends us through to the first round. A disappointing loss against Zapresic put a small damper on the month, but at least it is not a repeat of last season so far. Other News New signing Marcelo already making his mark on the league with 4 goals in 3. Also, superstar Igor Lopez being called up to Spain U-19 despite being 16 and not playing a game for the first team.
  11. HNK Zadar - Fallen Giants 2027-28 Pre-Season Transfers Out Starting with players being released, a few goodbyes to some experienced players, mainly Ferenc Tonhaizer, who wasnt playing and was getting on a bit in age, Isaac Solet also leaving after not impressing despite being a solid bench player. Still continuing to ship out our loan players out to mainly the 3rd and 4th tier. A few squad players also leaving on a free transfer. Will be interesting to see how Mijatovic gets on in the second division with another club. Casoppero also has left after getting too big for his boots and demanding a transfer to a bigger team. I really wasn't that impressed with him and am happy to get him off the books. In Continuing to loan in a load of youth players from the 1st division for no money at all, they will make up probably around a quarter of my match day squad and be useful rotation players. Also Braian Marcelo coming in from Argentina to lead the line. Backroom Staff Some shuffling around in the backroom staff, as 3 members of staff are all under offer, Brlek has stayed put, but both Jure Jerbic and Skorout have both left to become managers in the lower divisions. Other News Still the lowest reputation team in the division, but we are slowly catching up to the pack. Results Very impressive results, granted all against lower league teams, but only conceding 1 in 7 games is a good omen. Pre-Season Odds Another mid table finish is expected by the media, I would like to think that we have the quality in the squad to push on towards 3rd place as a minimum, but Grobnican have had a takeover and are offering players big money, so we may have them as a stumbling block this time around.
  12. HNK Zadar - Fallen Giants 2026-27 Season Review A pretty poor season by all accounts, I am blaming on second season syndrome, which we managed to snap out of in the second half of the season. Will be continuing with the loaning strategy that has worked in the second half of this season, hopefully can push on next season to make some more inroads into promotion to the first division. First half of the season Second half of the season Player Stats Players Used - 36 Top Goalscorer - 9 Goals - Evair Bororo (34 (1) apps)/Lovre Supe 2a (24 (7) apps)/Zeljko Franic (16 (10) apps) Most Assists - Ante Bender (9 Assists (35 apps)) Highest Avg. Rating - Zeljko Franic (7.08 - 9 Goals/2 Assists (16 (10) apps)) Team of the Season/Player Awards Other News We got this through after the last game of the season. Just in time for this message to come through. And also one of the better scouts is also retiring. Even after the poor season, we have been offered a new 3 year deal. Season-by-Season
  13. HNK Zadar - Fallen Giants May 2026 Results/League Table A decent finish to the league season. Finishing in 8th spot, 2 places above predicted, but more importantly, a huge turnaround from the start of the season. The game against Marsonia showed how good we can be on our game (in hidden post), and we also managed a cheesy win against eventual champions. Other News No manager of the season award for us for obvious reasons. But we have come second in the manager of the month award. Not sure what these manager points do, I assume it goes towards manager reputation, but we have been racking these up over the last couple of seasons, so can only be a good thing.
  14. HNK Zadar - Fallen Giants April 2027 Results/League Table Another undefeated month. If we can keep this up, we can still finish 4th, which would be an unreal achievement given our slow start to the season. Other News Came 3rd in the manager of the month award after the month, presumably as loads of other teams have also slipped up.
  15. HNK Zadar - Fallen Giants March 2027 Results/League Table A great month for us, even managing to cheese our way to a 2-2 draw with Dinamo 2 to ensure an unbeaten month. We climb 4 places in the table, but still 22 points off top spot. I think if we aim for 4th-8th region of the table, we can say that we have done alright this season. Other News Our loanee Franic has been on fire this month, getting runner up in the player of the month, and getting first place in the goal of the month award. Youth Intake Apart from Igor Lopez, a pretty meh intake. Only a couple here have been offered contracts (a,b,c,e). Lopez is already looking like a second division player, and will slot into the team as soon as he is 17 next season.
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