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  1. hamilton162

    Flake News Thread

    Felt like it at the time I was also a bit embarrased, that was until the woman who had been behind me did exactly the same thing
  2. hamilton162

    Flake News Thread

    I've worked from home all day. Not that much snow down here in Bucks compared to other places, but my car span 180 degrees on the way to the station because the roads were so slippery - safe to say that I just drove straight back home.
  3. hamilton162

    The Ashes - 2017-18 (*spoiler* Australia win 5-0)

    Well bowled Woakes, deserved that Boycott calling Warner a big fish and Smith a whale...
  4. hamilton162

    The Ashes - 2017-18 (*spoiler* Australia win 5-0)

    Exactly why it's even more bizarre!
  5. hamilton162

    The Ashes - 2017-18 (*spoiler* Australia win 5-0)

    Only explanation I can think of is that he thought it was pad first, but even then we've got two reviews left
  6. hamilton162

    The Ashes - 2017-18 (*spoiler* Australia win 5-0)

    How the hell didn't Malan feel that edge!?
  7. hamilton162

    The Ashes - 2017-18 (*spoiler* Australia win 5-0)

    Get in there Broad
  8. hamilton162

    The Ashes - 2017-18 (*spoiler* Australia win 5-0)

    I'm sorry, but the statement in bold underlines how little understanding you have of international cricket. Opening batsmen are there primarily to see off the threat of the new ball, whilst also looking to slowly accumulate runs and rotate the strike to unsettle bowlers. They tend not to be the most technical batsmen in a side, but are in theory selected for their resilient qualities to protect the strokemakers further down the order. If you look down the list of batsmen with the highest test averages, very few of those averaging 50+ are openers for that very reason. They are at a greater risk of being dismissed early in their innings as bowlers pose the biggest threat with the new ball in hand. There are exceptions to that rule, but players such as Cook and Graeme Smith are just that, exceptions. There is a reason why you do not see the likes of Smith, Root and Kohli opening, much like Ponting, Kallis, Bradman, Sobers, Pollock, Sangakkara, Tendulkar, Lara etc. never (with the exception of Sangakkara, who opened in 9 Test innings) heading to the crease as one of the opening pair. They require totally different skillets and mentalities. Moreover, it takes time for batsmen to adapt to Test cricket from first-class games, and Stoneman is in that period of adapting. However, in my view he has already showed more than most, if not all of the 10+ opening partners Cook has had in Tests since Strauss retired. He is only in his 5th Test, and will be prone to some errors. He was beaten slightly for pace last night by Starc, but the ball also swung and the pink ball is notoriously difficult to face under lights. Established, world class players, would have been dismissed by that delivery, and particularly in Australia where away teams (not just England) have struggled to win in recent years and decades. We have a side mixed between established players and those finding their feet. Rather than getting constantly slated for every mistake they make, they need constructive criticism, and that is something you have seemed incapable of providing so far in this thread. Equally, sometimes you have to accept that wickets are the result of excellent bowling rather than batting mistakes, something you also don't seem to realise often enough. We all want to see batsmen make hundreds, but the nature of the game means that it cannot always happen. You simply can't criticise them every single time they fail to make a hundred, it's unrealistic and counterproductive.
  9. hamilton162

    The Ashes - 2017-18 (*spoiler* Australia win 5-0)

    "If you are given bail, you might have to agree to conditions like: giving your passport to the police so you can’t leave the UK" (https://www.gov.uk/charged-crime/bail). Given that he'd probably be charged with assault or something similar, it's likely he'd have to hand his passport in. Telegraph seems to think that the Police are close to making a decision too.
  10. hamilton162

    Past Train Delays

    As @seanydude said, it was 9 minutes late into York but was running much further behind at the earlier calling points. Full details of that train are here: http://www.recenttraintimes.co.uk/Home/Service?ServiceId=43527731
  11. hamilton162

    The Formula 1 2017 Thread - brought to you by the number zero

    @Reddiablo if you watch the highlights, Vettel veers so far left that he was heading almost into the pit wall, and certainly into the pit exit, several hundred metres before the first corner, had neither car been on the inside of him. The line which Hamilton took, and the one that Alonso tried to take before he was forced wide, is the racing line, whoever is suggesting that Alonso was taking an unncessary risk going around the outside, to avoid the carnage, is pretty stupid When you get a poor start from that side of the grid, its inevitable that Vettel was going to move left, but there was no need to do it that severely. To be fair to him, he had no chance of seeing Kimi's blinder of a start from his cockpit, but had Kimi not been there, Vettel would almost certainly have forced Verstappen into the pit wall/exit, which would almost certainly have brought about a penalty from the stewards.
  12. That's ridiculous Reminds me of this from 12 years ago:
  13. True, but they've dropped Hameed because he's so dramatically out of form so I don't understand why they haven't done the same thing with Jennings when surely he would be best going back to his county, scoring some runs and getting some confidence before coming back once he's found some form. He wouldn't be dropped forever, a bit like Root at the end of the 2013-14 Ashes tour, just needs to go and get his confidence back as I think he's going to be a part of our international side long term. I get the feeling that this summer is a bit of a transitional period for the side, it's not just an opener we're looking for, but we haven't quite found the right balance between batsmen and bowlers within the side, and nobody is really sticking their hand up in county cricket to come into the middle order. Ballance I just don't think is good enough, and I was disappointed that they called him back for a third spell in the side after being found out pretty easily in his last two spells.
  14. As a bowler myself (albeit at a very low level) I agree with the sentiment. If there wasn't much difference in ability/form between the RH and LH openers (Jennings and Stoneman in this case) then I would be much more sympathetic to the idea, but given that Jennings can barely get off the square at the moment and they've dropped Ballance for Westley, I really don't see how they can leave Stoneman out when he's been scoring runs for fun.