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  1. Eventful evening for me last night, messed up my final quali run but still 4th on the grid which was a great result. Got a decent start, nearly got Wiggins into T1 but didn't want to ruin either of our races with a send so backed out of it. A few laps in I clipped the inside of the second left hander which sent me into the wall, amazingly with no damage Had good pace so started to make my way back throught the field, including this move on Owl who I think had wing damage Dived into the pits under the first SC, was tempted to go mediums but was rather risk ad
  2. Yeah I just dropped it on the kerb on worn tyres, nothing else to it really. Game didn’t give me any force feedback to indicate that we’d hit each other though, so was pretty confused why I got a warning for it until I saw Nick’s video earlier
  3. Yeah nothing wrong with that, haven’t got my footage as it didn’t save but probably one of those things that feels a lot worse than it actually was (full yellow wing wouldn’t have helped either) and given all the shambles that was occurring between the three of us I just overreacted, my bad
  4. Also said this in discord, but the delta is for my invalid first attempt and wanted to get a time on the board just in case I binned it (which I did in the end). As I also said in the discord, it was an annoying incident but been blown a little out of proportion now, so I’ll shut up and let the stewards have a look at it.
  5. Well considering that only the maximum penalty points possible for one incident mentions anything about an action being deliberate (6 points, which clearly isn’t applicable here), that’s no defence. If you’re out of fuel, it’s your job to let people behind through in a safe place, which that wasn’t. If it was in the dry then your second point is kind of valid, but given that it’s wet, you should be expecting cars to be on a flying lap as it’s a valid strategy to just stay out there for a bunch of laps, people even said so in the party at the start of the session. Saying that there’s
  6. Well that was eventful, as expected. Forgot it was a) Vietnam tonight, and b) that I was in the AT, otherwise I would’ve done at least a smidge of practice. Couple of notable incidents in quali, including this monumental block from DP when I was on a second successive flying lap. Despite being out of fuel, he tries to let me through here rather than on the straight, before claiming he moved off the racing line I would say go to Specsavers but even they can’t do anything when you’re this blind Got a lap in on my second run, and promptly spun and retired as I went over the l
  7. I also might be out tonight, appears Branson is trying to sabotage my internet too
  8. This was my view of it, on which you definitely turn into me. You did leave me room on the inside, but hugging the inside isn’t the racing line for that corner, you didn’t leave me quite enough room to get round there on a reasonable racing line. The whole thing is a carbon copy of my contact with Myles at Spa. Shame that happened as I was on for an ok race, was going to easily make the M-S strategy work as tyres were only 30% worn after 10 laps, but that forced me onto the hards and probably cost me about 20 seconds overall race time with the spin, extra time in the pits and th
  9. Very happy with 10th after zero practice and two practice races online and wet conditions at the start! Got an ok start, ran slightly wide at T1 to avoid others, came back on safely and then got spun by Hom Luckily no damage so stayed out and benefitted from the SC by switching to softs for the second stint. Would’ve been close for points with Rye in front of me, but the second SC really helped as it closed us up and allowed me to jump him to claim my second 10th in a row in the Williams
  10. Tbf I got caught out here as I expected Owl to floor it a lot earlier than he did, the car in front of him was well clear, and I also had Frankie who had already put his foot down behind me so I was slightly stuck between a rock and a hard place, although I probably should’ve backed off and ruined my own lap rather than Owl’s. No recollection of Abu Dhabi myself, but this is the first time I’ve had any issue in quali really, so a touch unfair to judge three and half seasons worth on that one clip
  11. FWIW these are my clips from my first quali run and the last lap and a bit of the race
  12. Not sure who you passed earlier on the straight (might’ve been Blarg?), but it was me and DP that you caught going into the T1 braking zone. Luckily we all left each other just enough room, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I almost shat myself when I saw you trying to come around the outside of me, with DP already going down the inside
  13. Mixed feelings about that race, but overall positive I would say. Delighted to be 7th in quali, which quickly became 4th under the SC. Felt like Maxey hit me, but fortunately he must’ve missed by the barest of margins so we avoided 5 second penalties for that. Stayed out until lap 10 to try and make soft-medium work, chose to go hards instead and then the second SC comes out as I’m leaving the pits. Third SC means I definitely could’ve taken them to the end, but still in a good position. Was running in 5th with 3 laps left, then didn’t brake early enough at T3, clipped Nick but fort
  14. On a totally unrelated note, here’s my footage of my incident with Myles at Spa @Semi Skilled Milk @Coulthard's Jaw @Insanemadman At the time I thought I was further ahead than I was and had the line, but looking back at it I probably should’ve backed out of the throttle a little more to give Myles some more space. Although I had the line into the corner I was still attempting an overtake so the emphasis is at least partly on me to allow enough room, so apologies to @Top Shagger Myles for that
  15. Your head to head with Nick is 6-2 in your favour, and you are quicker in quali as well judging by the super grid. I did say I was happy to do the rota to include you both, and would’ve used Stefarno’s Ferrari for three races to give everyone three goes each in the AT/Ferrari, but you said ‘don’t worry, it’s not worth swapping me into a better car for someone to have just as bad, if not worse a night than I would do’, so I kept you in the Williams and didn’t include you in the rotation. If you and Nick want to take turns in his slot then by all means go for it, but I’m not redoing the grid
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