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  1. Can a mod please change the title of this thread to "Glentoran F.C - le jeux avant tout" please. Cheers
  2. 1. I'd set the staff at the following PA's Mikael: Chairman - 130ish MD - 110ish Directors - 100ish Ass Man - 120ish 2. Is the club based in an area with high population of Icelandic/Faroe Island people, or in an area where the languages from these 2 countries are spoken? If not, i've got no clue whatsoever :confused: 3. Higher reputation might help
  3. Can a mod please change the title of this thread to This team, good?! Why they're a load of bull! Cheers
  4. MLFM - I know about that, but i've asked for them to be deleted because i've already answered many questions about the save, and i've got posts in the thread that state what i've been saying all along, and some people just come into my thread whenever i post to say that i've cheated, every time i post. dafuge - I'm not blaming them, i know i've had an outrageous run of luck, and if it was someone else's save, i would certainly question it. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and i respect that. But the constant jibes and cheating accusations are not needed, when i've given my thoughts on this subject time and time again. If they think i'm cheating, fine by me, that's their own opinion. However, if that's the case, they have no need to come into my thread to accuse me of cheating over and over again.
  5. Could posts #100 and #103 to #108 in my thread be deleted please, thanks
  6. That's a brilliant idea rancer Brennan and Roberts would destroy everyone else!
  7. Sounds like a fantastic idea LLR I followed your story with Fafe on FM09 in what was JoseRR's challenge last year, without really posting at all.
  8. dafuge getting on a roll here
  9. Can posts 48, 49, 51, 52, 53 and 54 in my FC United thread be deleted please
  10. That's exactly what i meant Paul. Just couldn't phrase it right. I've been up since 3am dealing with vomiting sister and parents
  11. haza - You do it mate. Knowing m1234566778, he'll abandon it within 3 seconds of starting it. And no-one will sign-up due to his record of failing to finish a single sign-up/experiment that he has done.
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