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  1. I had mine about 1030, and felt fine up till 2100. By 2230 I was shivering, shaking, everything aching like hell, feeling really ****. That had all gone off by morning but I am totally shattered today
  2. Although that could just be the onset of Parkinson’s
  3. Yeah I’ve just read my leaflet, doesn’t mention drink anywhere. Mind you if you get the shakes as bad as I had you won’t even get the drink to your mouth before you’ve spilt it everywhere
  4. Whs. Fantastic delivery of service. Hope you don’t feel as bad as I did by 2300 Harry
  5. There’s actually some good nostalgia stuff on there
  6. This is undoubtedly me being a stupid old man.... but..... When you watch Netflix, and Prime. When you stop watching and log out, both apps remember where you were when next you log in. So why the *********!!!******!! Doesn’t Britbox. So annoying having to fast forward to where you were ffs
  7. Happy Birthday my adopted sons The cat ate your presents sorry
  8. Oi!! I said I felt like ****, and still do, but I’m not dead yet
  9. I went today, there’s no ID check, you need to show the text/ email with the booking ref and confirm your name and details 3 or 4 times, but nobody asked for proof of carers allowance. Incidentally I’ve felt fine all day (nose bleed aside) but now I feel terrible, going to curl up in bed and feel sorry for myself
  10. I’m confused because I think your situation is the same as mine (albeit mother / son) and it let me book mine no problem
  11. @JJ72 ignore the blurb, enter your NHS number and if it lets you continue, you’re in. There are no additional checks at any point after that. Have to say the centre I went to today was fantastic organisation, really really well thought out.
  12. Well Gentlemen, what with COVID jabs and monumental nose bleeds, I congratulate you all on keeping me thoroughly entertained all day, a shame our cricket team haven’t the same skill levels, or application tbh
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