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  1. I’m out.....horrific time at home currently.
  2. I know my own one, that’s summat I suppose
  3. I don’t believe it says that in the rules. I am being victimised for exploiting a loophole
  4. You think you have issues...he just ignores my predictions totally!!!!
  5. Mystic Meg walks the forums. Mock at your peril France 1-0 Belguim. Ummbongo ummbongo they drink it in the Congo (not the Belgian Congo though, not any more)
  6. Nope, SI will just ban you for all our collective sanities
  7. Oops. Group A 4 pm Uruguay v Saudi Arabia 3-0 Group B 7 pm Iran v Spain 0-2
  8. Monday 18th June Group F 1 pm Sweden 2-1 South Korea Group G 4 pm Belgium 3-1 Panama 7 pm Tunisia 1-2 England Tuesday 19th June Group H 1 pm Colombia 3-0 Japan 4 pm Poland 2-1 Senegal Group A 7 pm Russia 2-1 Egypt
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