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  1. I'm sure Premier Manager 97 was the one where you also got to sell the advertising space around the pitch!!
  2. Even that isn't the BBC's fault. It's Uefa who control the cameras and broadcasts from the stadia.
  3. He isn't finished he's only 28
  4. Scotland. You heard it here first (from the fake Scotsman - who was actually born, raised and still lives in Manchester).
  5. What @HUNT3R said was what I was trying, and failing, to say.
  6. Maybe he isn't phased by playing in big matches and as such he doesn't 'freeze' when they come around but he's inconsistent and so struggles with them sometimes.
  7. It says he 'enjoys' them, not that he's any good in them. Maybe it means he likes watching them on TV. Could it be that domestically your tactic works fine for him but it all unfolds when he comes up against better players. Therefore it being your tactic rather than the player? Just a thought.
  8. My head is already there. I said I wasn't 'that' far up my own arse. Not that I wasn't up it at all!
  9. I needed to make sure I didn't win because I have nowhere to put the trophy!
  10. I like it. Let's do it. As the inaugural winner I think it would be fitting. (I'm only kidding... I'm not 'that' far up my own arse!)
  11. Exactly. Although we could name the trophy after me too? Although why would you call a trophy Mike... it'd be weird!
  12. I've already won one of these sign-ups. I don't have any space for another trophy.
  13. I'd certainly like the option. I've started using the mod that's available to hide the numbers and I'm having to rely on scout and coach reports much more. I'm loving it. I think a choice at game start-up would be reasonable.
  14. You're just building the tension so that you can pull off the 'last minute winner on the final day of the season to stay up' aren't you.
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