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  1. I'd wish you good luck, but well, you know...
  2. Yep, it's deader than a dead thing that died 3 years ago.
  3. I have to say, this new forum software is terrible. I've waiting a couple of days to ensure I wasn't just being a child about it but nothing is where I expect it to be. Why can't stuff be left alone! :cry:
  4. I think I've killed it!
  5. Thanks guys. I'm beginning to take it in now and it seems, from what my Mum says, that he is already beginning to get somewhat better. I know his arm and leg will never be 100% again but she can see improvements so it looks like he will recover well. I hardly slept at all last night worrying about it, but now that seems stupid as it appears he'll make a decent recovery.
  6. My Dad is in hospital tonight, and probably for the next few days. He had a 'mild' stroke last night. He told me today that he no longer remembers how to make a cup of tea and will have to re-learn it. That in itself really bothers me. How can a man who, in my head, has been invincible the last 69 years suddenly not be able to make a pot of tea? My head is completely baffled by it.
  7. Enjoying this very much.
  8. You are most welcome.
  9. May I just add... Ahahahahahahahahahahaha!
  10. I'm in too Mark
  11. Happy Birthday 10-3!
  12. Thanks guys. I've arranged the whole day off work so that I can spend time with my wife regardless of the outcome. I'm trying to take comfort from the fact that I don't think she is any of the high risk groups etc. but knowing Cancer is basically indiscriminate doesn't help. I'm not sure if there are any support groups in the area but I struggle to address my own mental health issues in any way (medication or talking therapy) so whilst in theory I'd love to speak to someone about it, I know in practice it's very unlikely to happen. I guess we'll have to cross our fingers and hope for the best.
  13. So, we're doing this again next week. I hate this sh*t. I'd much rather it was me than her. She doesn't deserve this stress.
  14. I suspect you'd get 10 post in and then either just quit or want to start again!
  15. I thought so. Good to see you again pal. Congrats on the new job. Getting paid to write tweets - what a job Have to complete 18 to complete AAT (so nearly there) and the I'm going on to do ACCA which is another 11 modules (should be 14 but AAT gets me exemption from the first 3). So 29 in total to be a fully qualified accountant. Once I've finished ACCA I'll be doing the only 2 papers from CIPFA that I won't be exempt from. Once I reach that point I should (if all goes to plan) become the Finance Director for the organisation I work for. Probably about 5 years away though! Glad your girls are doing well.