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  1. My head is already there. I said I wasn't 'that' far up my own arse. Not that I wasn't up it at all!
  2. I needed to make sure I didn't win because I have nowhere to put the trophy!
  3. I like it. Let's do it. As the inaugural winner I think it would be fitting. (I'm only kidding... I'm not 'that' far up my own arse!)
  4. Exactly. Although we could name the trophy after me too? Although why would you call a trophy Mike... it'd be weird!
  5. I've already won one of these sign-ups. I don't have any space for another trophy.
  6. I'd certainly like the option. I've started using the mod that's available to hide the numbers and I'm having to rely on scout and coach reports much more. I'm loving it. I think a choice at game start-up would be reasonable.
  7. You're just building the tension so that you can pull off the 'last minute winner on the final day of the season to stay up' aren't you.
  8. A win and two draws or two wins from 4 games is a big ask. Good luck Mark.
  9. Can I chuck in an early nomination for Funniest Story in this years awards. Laughed harder than I should have a 'What I know about Cambodian Football'. Jon, call me Mikey. Everyone else does.
  10. Interesting concept Jon. Looking forward to more. Well written and engaging is always a good start, and you've got both.
  11. Top of my group. Exactly where I should be!!
  12. But we don't know what stadiums the OP has in his game. Perhaps Scotland & Wales have built enough stadiums. Which means England are not required. Which is what I was getting at when I said: So yes, currently Scotland and Wales would struggle but that is why the original plan included temporary extension of Pittodrie (and a couple of others) and the use of a couple of the stadiums in Dublin.
  13. England don't have a monopoly on International Tournaments in Great Britain. As long as Wales and Scotland have enough sufficiently sized stadiums then they won't need to use any of Englands. There was talk a few year ago of Scotland, Wales and Ireland hosting the Euros (I think it was). They had enough stadiums between them with enough capacity so there was no need to ask England to be involved.
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