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  1. Does it definitely say 'Plays ball with Feet' and not 'Plays Ball to Feet'? The second one makes sense - ie a player who keeps the ball on the deck and plays a pass to his target rather than into space. But the first one - not a clue!
  2. IMO he couldn't be more offside. There's four of them with only the goalkeeper between them and the goal when the ball is struck. Add to that, number 32 is close enough to the goalkeeper to be interfering with play. Really don't know what the issue is; he's offside.
  3. I've never had a penalty rebound like that. They all go wide at too narrow an angle to shoot.
  4. Used to be a member of the forums. I got the only infraction I've ever had for something I said to him. Was years ago now. He was still a kid back then. I should have known better. He was adamant he was going to be a professional footballer. I wouldn't have it. Shows you what I know. Sorry Joe!
  5. Hi All, I've been playing this game for the last 20 years but with scouting and training I've never been great. Can anyone give me a steer on the best way to set these things up. I get the backroom team to do training at the moment and the Chief Scout to find players, but it feels like a cop out. I'd much prefer to do them myself. I'm happy to go into the minutiae of the Scouting & training modules if anyone has time to explain them to me in detail?
  6. Oh wow. I've only just picked up on the joke there. Genuinely.
  7. I'm sorry to be a moaning minnie, but I'm sure I've won 2 awards. I think I won Best International Story for 'Down & Out in South Africa' and either Best Celtic or Best Rest of the World (depending on that year's category) for 'Jumping Through Hoops.'
  8. Not too bad. In the middle of trying to beat Man Utd in the Champions League semi
  9. Just my 2 cents... I haven't voted because, quite frankly, I haven't read anything on FMS for months. I'm sure it's excellent writing, but I haven't read it. Unfortunately that sort of precludes me from having a say about what the best anything is. It might be time to trim the awards down to 4 or five more generic categories.
  10. I'm not too bad pal. Trying not to be too busy. I don't want to say too much at the moment but things looking considerably up at work - which is always nice. What are you doing with yourself these days? Hows the little one (or is it more than 1 now?)
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