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  1. I just decided to start a save with Hammarby as well, any staff recommendations ?
  2. I just wanted to add that you should try Beauve more often as he has been a beast for me, scoring 15 goals in 19 games.
  3. OK cheers mate.
  4. Hiya has anyone else bought FM2017 off Humble Bundle and any idea if you get the Beta with it as I bought it off them a few weeks a go as soon as I knew you could buy the game lol. Also is the Beta usually released a month before the game comes out, so October 4th ?
  5. Ok I will PM you when I am starting, thank you.
  6. Yeah I would like to talk to you more when I start the save, I am just finishing mys eason with RBL in Germany, so might start the Celta save after I have finished the season, would it be ok to PM you when I start or is there any other way of getting in touch with you, PM me your Steam name etc if you want.
  7. Oh yeah also do you manage the games for the B team and Under 18's or have other staff in charge of them in the matches.
  8. Yeah I am just thinking if I negotiate their contracts and get a better minimum release clauses that it makes the club more money when clubs come for them but also keeps the best players I have a bit longer.
  9. What an awesome story mate, had me engrossed, made me want to start a Celta save just how you have done it. Just one question, did you get your talented players onto new contracts with higher minimum fee release clauses on the first day of your save or leave it as it is, just wondering as I was thinking of doing it myself when I start a new save with Celta but then I am thinking of giving them new contracts will lower my finances cos of giving them better wages etc.
  10. FFS, really, why can't Fifa and FM have the rights together, they are two completely different games, I hope someone gets a work around for the Spanish leagues like you can with German national team etc.
  11. I used to love coming on the good players part of the forums but ever since you have changed the layout of the forums there is barely any new posts in the many threads on here, any idea why this is ?
  12. Are Lallana, Wisdom, Illori and Lovren worth keeping as I am also starting a new save with Liverpool.
  13. Ok thank you for getting back so quickly.
  14. Is it possible to have an option of being able to change it back to the old forums, like you can change skins on FM but change the layout of how you view the forums, I just don't like the layout, nothing personal, just found it easier to read stuff on the old layout, no worries if it aint possible to do this.