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  1. Ronaldo Beckham

    Glasgow Rangers FM 2018

    Sell Morelos and within 6-12 months you can probably get back on loan, that is what I done in my Rangers save.
  2. Ronaldo Beckham

    FM18: AFC Ajax - De Godenzonen

    De Haas is a left back or centre midfielder, his best role is a defensive full back.
  3. Ronaldo Beckham

    FM18: AFC Ajax - De Godenzonen

    Cheers Zlatanera. I ended up only spending 4 million signing 3 players. I signed Tim Sparv for just under 1m, Justin De Haas for 2m and Ferdi Kadioglu for 2m. I managed to qualify for the Champions League group stage, I got Barca, Shaktar and a team I have heard of called HSK Zrinjski Mostar who are a Bosnian team. I am currently unbeaten in the league after 5 games with 5 wins. Dolberg is a goal machine, 10 in 10 games so far.
  4. Ronaldo Beckham

    FM18: AFC Ajax - De Godenzonen

    Hiya has anyone started a save with Ajax lately. I would like some of the experts on here to help as I am going to start a new save with Ajax soon as well as being Holland manager, my aim is to win the Champions League with Ajax with an all Dutch team and also win the Euros and World Cup with Holland. I have other aims like bring up the Dutch league to be the best league in the world. Other then their youth system and the Dutch league what other countries do Ajax bring in players from, I assume Norway, Denmark, Sweden etc. my aim is to keep selling my best players for good money and replace them with good young talent to sell on for profit. I then want to improve my facilities, youth coaching, staff etc until I have good enough players to have a squad full of Dutch players that I can win the Champions League with. Any advice would be appreciated.
  5. Ronaldo Beckham

    Anyone here like UFC?

    Unlucky @defauge lol
  6. Ronaldo Beckham

    The Betting Thread - Money won is twice as sweet as money earned

    Anyone got any UFC bets/accas for tonight then ?
  7. Ronaldo Beckham

    Anyone here like UFC?

    Anyone got any UFC accas for tonight then ?
  8. Ronaldo Beckham

    Team Suggestion Thread

    Norway, Holland, Serbia, Croatia, Nigeria, Scotland, Sweden, Denmark, Peru.
  9. Ronaldo Beckham

    FM18: Hidden Gems

    He is my favorite FM 2018 player, he is a beast. I am glad he is doing well for you.
  10. Ronaldo Beckham

    So Tommy Robinson/Stephen Yaxley-Lennon is in jail...

    That is still a lot of people targeting Tommy Robinson.
  11. Ronaldo Beckham

    So Tommy Robinson/Stephen Yaxley-Lennon is in jail...

    I do think that this Tommy Robinson situation is going to end badly for him, he is probably in a prison where a lot of Muslims want to hurt him and some would probably say rightly so but I have watched a lot of his videos over the years and he is speaking a lot of truth, it is just uncomfortable for people as the government and the public dare not say anything bad about a particular race due to being called a racist. I aint saying there isn't many grooming gangs that are white as there probably is or especially was more so a fair few years a go, I heard Jimmy Saville was in co-hoots with some high ups in the government and that is me putting it lightly as I don't want to get banned in here. I just seem to hear about about Muslim gangs all the time lately. Sorry if this post offends anyone as it is going against the majority but it is just my opinion.
  12. Ronaldo Beckham

    So Tommy Robinson/Stephen Yaxley-Lennon is in jail...

    What happened to freedom of speech and allowing to report bad stuff in the news. Why should these Muslim grooming gangs get to go to court without the media being involved. Tommy Robinson is a bit of a wally but a lot of the stuff he says and reports about is true.
  13. Ronaldo Beckham

    Ideas for a save?

    Yeah sorry mate, I wasn't taking the mick, I genuinely thought I had missed the play off final lol.
  14. Ronaldo Beckham

    Ideas for a save?

    Have I missed something here, aint Villa got to play Fulham, are we all assuming Villa will win, I think Fulham are the stronger team.
  15. I am thinking of doing a QPR save next after I get bored of my Crewe save, I look forward to seeing how you get on Superbowl.