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  1. Are Lallana, Wisdom, Illori and Lovren worth keeping as I am also starting a new save with Liverpool.
  2. Ok thank you for getting back so quickly.
  3. Is it possible to have an option of being able to change it back to the old forums, like you can change skins on FM but change the layout of how you view the forums, I just don't like the layout, nothing personal, just found it easier to read stuff on the old layout, no worries if it aint possible to do this.
  4. Managed to get Wales to the quarter finals of the World Cup in FM2010.
  5. Have you looked at the Grasshoppers Zurich thread in here A.McL1 as it might be what you want.
  6. OK will do mate.
  7. Welshace changed my mind and getting the Medion Erazor from saveonlaptops, going to their shop to buy it tomorrow.
  8. I think you should possibly start your own thread mate, it might get people interested in starting a save with Algeciras like someone did with Litex etc.
  9. Cheers Welshace you are a legend.
  10. Sorry one more question, it is about VAT, it says that it is 600 quid including VAT but 519 without VAT, do I have any choice in VAT or do I have to pay VAT, also they said on the phone that the laptop will take 5-6 days to put together the laptop.
  11. Ok I will go for the pcspecialist one, cheers mate, I appreciate your help.
  12. What's the difference between the 549 quid laptop from saveonlaptops and the 599 quid laptop from pcspecialist please mate, last question I promise as I don't want to take anymore of your time and thanks for your help.
  13. Cheers guys I appreciate your help, welshace is there much difference in performance of the 549 quid one and the 699 quids laptops, if I bought the 549 quid laptop can I add more ram afterwards and get an ssd drive after as well.
  14. Are you able to find anything similar on as their shop ain't far from me and I can go in tomorrow and buy it, no worries if you can't as I know you are probably a busy man, I appreciate your advice, also why would an i5 laptop outperform and i7 as I I always assumed i7 were the best processors.
  15. Yeah cheers for the help Welshace, you know your stuff, I basically want a better laptop that I have now, the laptop I have at the moment is a Sony Vaio laptop, the model number is VPCF22CSE, specs are 8gb ram, Intel Core I7-2630QM 2.00 GHZ processor, I got a budget of 500-600 quid, the cheaper the better but obviously want the best I can get, also is it possible to take my RAM out of my current laptop and put in the new laptop to boost the RAM up ?