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  1. Leeds will be my first save on FM2021. I will also be leaving Orta to bring in the players as that is what happens in real life.
  2. Poole Town FC Season 1 Review A nice first season ending 14th which is pretty decent considering I was a promoted side. I got to the 4th Qualifying round of the FA Cup losing to Barnet and I got knocked out of the 3rd round of the FA Trophy by losing to Hartlepool. Proof of no transfers made. Season | League | Position | Cup | Continental 20-21 Vanarama South 14th 4th round N/A
  3. Poole Town Season 1 - Youth Intake What a great first youth intake. I got at least 8 players that can come into my team and improve it. Archie Scriven - 17 year old English Advanced Playmaker Steven Marshall - 17 year old English Advanced Playmaker Michael Hervel - 17 year old English Pressing Forward John Long - English 16 year old Sweeper Keeper Frazer Kelly - 16 year Scottish Winger Junior Lindsay - 16 year old English Full Back Brett Goodship - 16 year old English Ball Winning Midfielder Karl
  4. Lowesoft Merthyr Farnborough Poole These were the 4 teams I had to choose from and I decided on Poole as their nickname is The Dolphins which is cool and also my Godfather lived there so I feel the connection there. I hope I have done the profile right @XaW My starting basic tactic of 4-4-2 My squad.
  5. Oh ok so I start in the Vanarama North or South then. I thought I had to start in the Vanarama Conference lol. I will have to start it again as I just selected York who just got promoted to the Vanarama Conference. I wont be long.
  6. @XaW last question with England do I pick a team who got promoted to the Vanarama Conference or is it that we have to pick a team that got promoted to Vanarama North or South?
  7. Ok cheers mate. I have decided on England as my destination. I will post my manager profile once I have settled on the right promoted team for me.
  8. @darren1983 or @XaW can you just tell me please if I have to put my manager's age as young as possible or can it be my real age of 36 and also I assume I have to start with no coaching badges and sunday league player rep don't I?
  9. Yeah I was just about to start it but my mate just messaged me saying he fancies a network game so I will start it tomorrow. I will try France or Italy I think.
  10. Yeah I fancy doing it in France but I aint seen many people try it with France. Any reason for that ?
  11. Same thing though isn't it. I follow Man Utd but I wouldn't go out of my way to correct someone and say I follow Manchester United but each to their own.
  12. I am probably going to start this tonight or tomorrow as my save on FM2020. I am just curious is England the way to go as I saw 4 people have completed this challenge and 3 of them were from England. Also any tips on what country to pick for as easy route as possible. I know it aint easy but you know what I mean lol.
  13. When FM2021 comes out it will be a bit dodgy as usual when the game first comes out. I would just say you might get the type of save you want until they work the kinks out. Also are you the guy who used recommend Notts Forest to anyone who asked for a team to manage in the team to manage thread that is on here lol.
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