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  1. Ronaldo Beckham

    FM19: Olympique Lyonnais

    Yeah I am going to start a new Lyon save soon enough, they were my favorite team to manage last year.
  2. Yeah I am currently enjoying a save with Red Star Belgrade and Serbia manager, but once I get bored of it I will give this a go. I think the best chances of winning the Euro Champions League would be a team in Russia, Turkey or Belgium No idea on best league to win the Asian Champions League but maybe Iraq or Uzbekistan. African Champions League I am thinking either a team in Mali or Senegal. North America is probably going to be Canada or Jamaica South America is probably Peru That is the route I will probably be going hopefully. I am keen to see how you and others get on with this.
  3. @CTID16 I don't suppose you could list all the nations possible to manage in this challenge as I really want to give this a go.
  4. Damm it now I want to do this, I hope others join in.
  5. Ronaldo Beckham

    New long term challenge

    I would say whatever team you pick maybe do it as a joint save with Republic Of Ireland and try bring in some young Irish players. I have started a joint save with Leeds, I have also got rid a lot of senior players in the Ireland squad and called up a lot of Irish youngsters to take their places. It is keeping me interested in the save.
  6. Ok cheers mate, I appreciate the suggestions.
  7. Oh ok I was just looking for maybe the top 10 best young Italian players that will come to Milan.
  8. I have already spent most of my budget but have about 20m left for players to join in January. Also looking for long term prospects for 2nd season. Any positions other then keepers. I signed Timothy Weah for nostalgia reasons as I want a Weah back in them beautiful Milan colors
  9. Anyone recommend any young Italian players I can sign for AC Milan, already got Tonalli. I am going to play some of the young players at Milan like Cutrone etc.
  10. Ronaldo Beckham

    Bargains For Cardiff City FC

    Yeah I signed Tonali and also signed Timothy Weah as his dad George Weah was a legend so it had to be done lol.
  11. Ronaldo Beckham

    Bargains For Cardiff City FC

    Nah only 2 strikers, both false 9's, I have started a save with AC Milan now so going to use my own tactics and not cheat.
  12. Ronaldo Beckham

    Bargains For Cardiff City FC

    I used a Knap tactic in the end, ended up 10th in my first season and currently 2nd in my 2nd season with 5 games to go. I ain't enjoyed it now I have used a cheat tactic.
  13. Ronaldo Beckham

    Bargains For Cardiff City FC

    I need to change this to Cardiff City FC Mission Impossible. I have tried numerous tactics but got nowhere. I am starting the save again after getting sacked in January for terrible performances, I am going to get a keeper who wont have trouble with getting a work permit this time and try get Fiete Arp on loan and another striker as I lacked the goals.
  14. Ronaldo Beckham

    Bargains For Cardiff City FC

    I couldn't keep Cardiff up despite a decent start to the season. I have started another save with Cardiff and completely changed the squad about. Transfers In Max Broughton - 550k Pelayo Morilla - 950k Sigurd Gnoli - 170k Antonio Marin - 3.5m Predrag Rajkovic - 7.5m (Annoyingly he didn't get a work permit so got to wait 120 days at least before I can put him in match squad) Xadas - 1.5M Jack O'Connell - 11m Also signed some experienced players in Bassong, Berbatov, James Collins, Alberto Aqualini and Jeremy Toulan. Transfers Out Kenneth Zohore - 12m Bruno Manga - 2.3m Sean Morrison - 7.5m Sent out Pilkington, Bamba, Damour, Mendez-Laing, Hoilett and Madine out on loan with the teams paying for most of their wages and released a couple of players. I tried a Catenaccio 5-3-2 formation but after 2 games and 2 losses I ditched it for a custom vertical tika taka 5-2-1-2 formation, see how it goes with that.
  15. Ronaldo Beckham

    Teams to Manage - FM19

    I had a go with Cardiff, I started ok but then just kept losing and got relegated, I have decided to start again, I am determined to keep them up but only get 9m to start off with and not many players to sell to make money.