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  1. Cheers the advice Vikeologist.
  2. Hiya I am thinking of starting this challenge again, just wondering what are the easiest countries to get a job with ?
  3. Cheers for the advice Jogo, I want to start a League 2 save but undecided who to be.
  4. What makes Cambridge United tempting to you then Dan, I am thinking of doing an Oxford United save.
  5. I think you get cash for giving a young player a debut, I got 7k all the time in my save with Burton whenever I gave them a debut, maybe an FA scheme to reward playing young players or something.
  6. Hiya started a new Saints save, just wondering what is the Southampton Way of managing that someone posted in in an old Southampton team thread, might have been a few years a go, was set rules on playing certain amount of youth, selling players etc.
  7. Has anyone got anymore Italian young players as I have just started a new save with AC Milan, preferably cheap or pre contract signings please and also none from Inter or Roma as they wont come to me cos of the rivalry.
  8. Could you put a link to your tactic with Nice please RealPete, I might start a save with Nice soon.
  9. Have Rashford as an Inside Forward, he become world class for me in that role and scored loads.
  10. Currently in my 4th season as Burton manager, I managed to get 17th first season, 2nd season only just survived coming 21st in the league in the last game of the season, I then ended up 16th last season. My main aim to stay in the league and to make money for the club which I have done through transfers, my biggest achievement in the transfer market was signing a Welsh right back regen called Dylan Bennett for 77k and selling him for 13m rising to 19m after clauses within 3 years of him being there. Managed to splurge the cash on his replacement for 2m, in the last 4 seasons I have made the club just over 30m in transfers but yet I am still projected at -17m for next season, -36m in the following season and -56m in the 3rd season, could do with a promotion to help my finances but hard to do that with the squad I have. I have a a good young youth gen from Gibraltar but his contract is up soon and I can't get a work permit, so frustrating if I lost him on a free.
  11. Has anyone ever tried a Chelsea side and bring through the young players like Christensen, Baker, Aina, Solanke etc, I might give it a go and literally gradually get rid of all of the senior players and bring through the young players, might have to wait to season 2 to do this as most are on loan, anyone ever tried to do this.
  12. 2nd season syndrome at Burton, only just stayed up in the Championship on the last game of the season, but happy overall as my aim every year is to at least stay up, I recommend everyone try a save with Burton at some point, very hard challenge but very rewarding as well.
  13. My main formation is 4-4-1-1, O'Grady playing as a DLF or Target Man.
  14. Yeah I finished my first season with Burton, managed a 17th league position, very happy with that, got my 50 point target with 3 games to go. O'Grady, Lucas Atkins, Jackson Irvine and Federico Macheida who I signed on a free on January and got 5 goals in 10 games were my best players, I kept trying to get Irvine to sign a new contract but every time I tried he kept wanting more then I could offer, so sold him to Lorient for 1.5m and got Alex Gilbey on loan as his replacement. My finances are really good now as I have been very prudent with contract bonuses for current squad and signings. I have 5m in the bank with Burton from selling Irvine and getting 5m for a decent position of 17th in the league, really enjoying this save with Burton. Spent 135k on transfers in, signed Lewis Vaughan for 11k and 11k a month for Gilbey loan, sold McFadzen and Irvine to get 2m. Roll on season 2, my aim is to try get 55-60 points but if I get 50 points again I will be happy.
  15. Yeah Burton don't start with much of a transfer budget anyway so wouldn't worry too much about turning off budgets. I seem to be doing ok with Burton, currently 13th in the league after 18 games played, I have won 7, drawn 2 and lost 9, my aim is to get 50 points so I am on course so far, really enjoying the save as it reminds me of the save I had with Coventry when they were still in the Championship as I would always struggle to stay in the league, kept me interested as I get bored of saves if I am winning all the time. I managed to raid the loan market, I got Gordon Zelalam from Arsenal who has been my best player so far, O'Grady has been scoring a few goals for me as well, getting 4 goals in 10 games so far. Finances are a bit rubbish with Burton but it is expected, just trying to get high up the league as possible to get as much money as possible to balance the books as I aint got any players that can sell for much cash. Keep me posted how you get on with Burton please mate.