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  1. Yeah I went for him but Torino just rejected every offer I made, I will go for him again in my 2nd season. To be honest with Mertens and Milik I am more then covered up front for now.
  2. I am thinking of starting a new save with Napoli, I have never been them before, I want to find someone to bring to Napoli to beat Hamsik's goalscoring record. Any suggestions on who I bring in ?
  3. I always love doing a save with Crewe, I might do a Youth only save with them sometime soon.
  4. Yeah it worked mate, I decided to try it with Aachen as they have 30k stadium and have good training and youth facilities but the problem you have in Germany as someone stated you can't play many young players and my squad is bare, I have a few greyed out players and barely any players who can play in the positions I need. I am just doing it a tester to see how it works and might start it properly with a French or Spanish team and then start posting updates on here.
  5. So if the German league reset date is June 30th would you say I should save it on say 27th June and then if I reload from that point it will give me different teams each time ? I didn't know that, good to know, have I got it wrong in thinking that I have to pick a team promoted to Seria C or is that right, I assumed I had to pick a newly promoted Seria C team and not a team already in Seria C. I thought it would be a team promoted from Seria D.
  6. Been reloading several countries to find a decent team with decent youth facilities but its bloody hard lol. For Italian league do I need to pick a team in Seria C/C that got promoted from Seria D. Can someone get back to me about that please as I want to do this challenge in Italy, Germany or France. Also is there any quicker way around having to start a new save and holiday a year, I thought if I was saved it the day before the reset date that it would give me different teams but it just gives me the same teams unless I start again from scratch.
  7. Is Germany the best way to go for picking a decent team with good facilities ?
  8. From people's experiences what's the best teams to do this challenge with?
  9. Its a fun save to do, I did 3 seasons with Southampton but stockpiled too many good young British players and got too easy. I recommend you do it with a lower league team, maybe Portsmouth, Plymouth or Oxford.
  10. I gave up the save in the end but might have another go with them soon.
  11. If you do a save with Genk can you do a career post and tag me if possible as I would be interested in seeing how it goes.
  12. I will be honest and say most decent ones went out on loan, I didn't really concentrate on the academy players in the first season but now I am in the 2nd season I am going to bring through players like Targett, McQueen, Obafemi, Valery, Jankewitz and some of my youth intake more first team game time as my aim is get as many young players in the first team as possible.
  13. First Season Update Just finished my first season with Southampton, did basically a total squad overhaul. I spent 160m on players coming in offsetting it with players sales totalling up to 115m. My main transfers in were Dominic Iorfa for 30m who wasn't worth the 30m I spent and barely played, Fiete Arp I signed for 20m and was a lot better signing then Iorfa, 4 goals in 10 games, he was my 2nd choice striker as I had Ings as first choice, Arp got 4 goals in 10 games, 2 assists and an average rating of 6.72. I tried to sign British players and I signed Kelvin Philips, Bradley Dack, Chris Mepham, Jack O'Connell, Ryan Nyambe, Ben Pearson, Matt Clarke, Ashley Fletcher and Herbie Kane. none of them made much of an impression other then O'Connell but they are mostly to build my future with. Nathan Redmond, Pierre Hojbjerg and Danny Ings were my best players, I have Ings already agreed to join for 18m, so between him Arp I am covered for strikers. Other notable signings are Mbabu and Lotomba from Young Boys, Mbabu was a stand out performer and attracts interest from Bayern Munich in the summer. Transfers out were Charlie Austin to Spurs for 20m, Oriol Romeu to Watford for 20m, Mario Lemina to West Ham for 20m, Cedric to Shandong for 12.5m, Manolo Gabbidini to Newcastle for 12m, Shane Long to Newcastle for 7.5m, Fraser Foster to Lyon for 6m, Yoshida to Wolves for 4m and Steven Davis to Everton for 3m Tactics wise I am using a 4-5-1 tactic concentrating on possession, could do with tweaking it as I aint scoring as many goals as I would liked. I managed to finish 8th in the league which was the aim at the start of the season, next season aim is to get Europa League footy. I am also limiting my spending as it has affected finances.
  14. @Cleon do you fancy giving it a go with Southampton and see what results you get with them ?
  15. It would be nice to see a few others doing this maybe with a different team like Brighton, Bournemouth etc.
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