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  1. I will be following this as I had an enjoyable save with Jamaica a few months a go. I managed to convince Kemar Roofe and Andre Wisdom to play for Jamaica.
  2. Cheers @BillHoudini I appreciate the kind words. No I have decided to start a new save with Parma, I think I will just do some short term saves until FM2020 comes out.
  3. Nantwich Season 14 Review I finally done it, I finally finished the challenge winning the Prem and Champions League in one season. Mekic and another regen called Sydney Higino was my best players getting a few goals for me between them. @dafuge I finally completed your challenge.
  4. I am looking forward to seeing how you get on with this. Any standout young players at Barca youth teams, is Fati rated any good ?
  5. Nantwich Season 13 Review Well I had the best season so far with Nantwich. I got 4th spot in the league and also won the Europa league beating Watford in the final 3-1. I went on a 9 game winning streak as well beating a previous record which was 8 wins in a row. I finally found the goalscorer I needed and it wasn't even a striker, it was Dutch/Bosnian regen call Mekic who was like the New Robben and he bombed down them wings and got 26 goals, 14 assists, 6 man of the matchs and an average rating of 7.39. Other notable players were Fletcher who was on loan from Spurs but signed him permantly, I signed an Argentinian striker called Ferrer and he got 12 in 38 games, I think he will score more for me next season. Anyway my aim is to win the Prem or Champions League next season.
  6. Nantwich Season 12 Review I managed to get a bit closer to the end game by getting 6th place in the league, I did better then I thought so my aim next season is to win the league or at least get Champions League footy. Ramsden was my best player but again lack of a goalscorer didn't help my cause.
  7. Nantwich Season 11 Review I managed to get the mid table position I wanted and got to 13th in the league, I was 10th coming towards to last 3 games of the season but lost all of the last games, still got my highest league position so far. Not many stand out players though, my highest scorer only had 10 goals so I need to get a decent striker in. My aim for next season is top 8 in the league.
  8. Nantwich Season 10 Review My first season in the Prem was uneventful, I just about stayed in the league and that was my aim so that was good. I just want to progress to a mid table team next season and just keep progressing. As you can see from my finances I got the money to improve my team when need be but I aint going crazy. I ended up being 16th in the league with 38 points, I need to get more points then that, I want to get 48 points at least next season. My one standout player was Ben Cotterel who can play in every single outfield position, he mainly played on the wings and contributed well. Cashman struggled to make the step up to Prem but I will keep him here and give him a few games for nostalgia reasons. Anyway onwards and upwards.
  9. Cheers @BillHoudini24 I appreciate the feedback. Yeah Cashman has been Mr.Nantwich for me, I want him to stay for the rest of his career even if he starts getting rush with old age.
  10. Nantwich Season 9 Review Guess who got promoted to the Prem, oh yes it was Nantwich lol. I managed to get 5th place and got into the play offs, I had a tough semi final Vs Bournemouth who I drew 1-1 in the first leg and then won the 2nd leg 2-1. I then got put against Luton in the Play off final and it was 0-0 after normal and extra time but again I managed to get promoted through penalties winning 4-2 on pens. Cashman come good for me again and scored 17 goals in the season and got some important goals. Cashman also managed to set a new record for Nantwich with most goals scored for Nantwich and he now has 78 Nantwich goals and I am so glad he has come through the leagues with me from when I was in League 2 up to the Prem now. I even got a new Stadium called the very unoriginal Nantwich Stadium, I mean they could of named it after me at least lol, it will hold 12 and half thousand fans and in the mean time I will be sharing Stoke's 30 thousand stadium. I aint got a clue how I will do in the Prem, hopefully I can stay up and then progress from there.
  11. I forgot to say England offered me the national team job which I found hilarious as I was 12th in the Championship with Nantwich when they offered me the job lol. Nobody wants the England job, not even me.
  12. Nantwich Season 8 Review Well I exceeded expectations but yet felt disappointed as I was so close to getting into the play offs. Finished 9th in the league in the end which was far and above expectations as the media predicted Nantwich to get relegated but we didn't. Was only 3 points behind the play offs. Just need to turn them draws into wins as I had 17 draws in the league this season, need to be more clinical as Cashman was top scorer and only got 14 goals in 48 games for me which is poor for him. Hopefully the high position gets me better sponsorship and prize money in the league as the finances are still not good enough. Hopefully next season we will get promoted.
  13. Nantwich Season 7 Review Well I done it again, I managed to get promoted through the play offs in my first season in League 1, really shocked and happy about this as my finances are so bad and the extra money will help the club out. I played Notts Country in the Play Off semis, first leg was 0-0 and then in the 2nd leg it was 1-1 after normal and extra time so went to pens and we beat them 3-2 on penalties, luckily they were worse then us when it comes to taking pens lol. In the play off final we come against Blackpool. We started well with Whittaker scoring in the 3rd minute, then Blackpool equalized in the 15th minute. Blackpool score again in the 32nd minute, I was starting to panic so I asked for more off the team. Cashman who is Mr.Nantwich at this point got a goal in the 44th minute so first half ends with us drawing 2-2, so far so good. 2nd half kicks off and Chris Martin(not the guy from Coldplay lol) gets a goal for us in the 65th minute. To make it worse my right back Hutchinson gets sent off in the 68th minute. It's getting tense cos Blackpool are all over me, they then score in the 85th minute to make it 3-3, I am thinking oh god here we go. Then 2 minutes after they score Chris Martin comes and bangs one in to end the game 4-3 and I get another unexpected promotion. Cashman has been amazing for me, I got him to sign a new contract with 1 million release clause but I really don't want him to go as I think he would irreplaceable. Other stand out players were Chris Martin and Morgan Whittaker. I have no idea how the first season in the championship will be but I hope I stay in the league.
  14. Nantwich Season 6 Review I unexpectedly got promoted through the play offs, I honestly was happy to just get lower mid table position in the league but my team was just firing on all cylinders. I basically cut down on my squad to start off with to the point of only have 20 players in the squad but as the season went on I signed a few good freebies and also used Crewe who are my parent club to raid their young players and take them on loan and even sign a few of them on freebies. I played Bristol Rovers in the semi's, I lost 1-0 in the home leg but then beat them 4-1 at their ground and won 4-2 on agg. I then played Chesterfield and beat them 2-1 and got my unexpected promotion to League 1. I managed to get records for highest league position in the clubs history, I also managed to beat a League 2 record for worst discipline lol. My key players was Cashman again who I managed to get him to sign a new contract with a minimum release clause of £500k, Piggott and Reed. My aims for this season is to just see how I get on, I aint got any expectations as it could go either way.
  15. Cheers @skills I never thought about that until you just said, might be worth a try.
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