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  1. FC Metz 2024-2025 End Of Season Review So when I reloaded my FC Metz save it was at the end of the season but I didn't do a end of season review with them on here so here it is. I managed a very good 2nd place which is my best position with FC Metz so far. # My main main Jean-Marie Royer(regen) was the main reason for my 2nd position in the league with 34 goals in 42 games. The other reason I done so well was the 26 assists, yes 26 assists and 12 goals by Djibrail Dib. What a player. He will also be joining the club permantly for £6m in the summer. What a bargain. Royer won the club's Player Of The Season award, followed by 2nd place Claudio Gomes and then Djibrail Dib. Dib's assists set a new team record breaking his previous record of 16 assists the season before. Royer sets a new team record for most Player Of The Match's with 12 Man Of The Match's beating previous legend Diallo's previous record of 9. My Goalie Paul Bernardoni set a new team record with 23 clean sheets for the season, beating Marco Bizkot's previous record of 19 he set 3 seasons before. Dib set a new record in the French League for most assists in a season beating Neymar's previous record he set in 2022. 3 of my players got into the French League Team Of The Season Royer got the Ligue 1 Conforama Best Player Award. Dib got the French Ligue Most Assists Award. Royer won the Ligue 1 Top Scorer award.
  2. Cheers mate, less expectations at FC Metz. I was well annoyed as I got myself a nice little squad with Monaco. Just looking at my FC Metz squad again as I aint played the save in a while.
  3. I just got sacked at Monaco for failing to be the best of the rest despite the fact that I was 3rd in the league. WTF. Going to go back to my Metz save for a season I think.
  4. No it is fine mate, I just thought you were annoyed with me for how I am playing my save with all the questions but I think we have both clarified ourselves to the other so its all good. Enjoy the rest of yourt save with Monaco.
  5. I don't understand the constant questions. I aint cheating but even if I was does it really bother you that much lol. I promise I aint though as cheating is the easiest way to get bored of a save/game. I don't offer £0, lets say its £20 spaced over 4 seasons that will mean it will be £5m initially in that deal and the remaining £15m spaced over the next 3 seasons I think. Also I have different editor files then you so he probably wasn't injured as I use this Pro1 data update all the time and update it with them files before I ever start a new save so I have recent transfers etc. So Jovetic probably wasn't injured when I had it in my save.
  6. Oh ok that is the reason why I have had money to spend. It don't matter how we do it as long as you enjoy it. No need to be envious of me. You are doing well.
  7. Do you buy the players outright or do the deals over 48 months as I space the deals out over 48 months so it gives me a bigger budget.
  8. I do that a lot with whomever I take over. I just like to put my own stamp on it. Plus a lot of Monaco's starting squad was either too old or rubbish or both. Jorge and Badashile are first team regulars still but yeah the rest of the squad is different then the squad I took over when I I first started.
  9. Cool, I feel like the face pack enhances the experience.
  10. Good luck buddy. I look forward to seeing your progress. Its cool you got the facepack of the players as well.
  11. To answer your first question I don't know but I keep getting new sponsorship deals mid season so I think my chairman is helping me out. I won both the French cups in my first and failed to qualify past the group stages of the Champions League the last 3 seasons.
  12. Monaco Season 3 Mid Season Review First of all transfers. My big transfer in was Boubakary Soumare to form a nice midfield with Camavinga. I am looking into get Ndombele to sit just behind them 2 in an awesome 3 man midfield. I signed Soumare for £30m. Decent fee for such a good player. He is performing really well so far. I also signed Talles Magno, the Brazilian winger hasn't done that well so far but he is still young so he should get better in time. I wanted a French keeper so I signed Mike Maignan (Thanks Jogo lol), he has been steady so far. My best player so far was one the DOF made by signing Czech International player Adam Hlozek, he has been brilliant so far with 9 goals in 16 games and 4 assists. I sold Gelson Martins for £75m to Inter, It was too good of an offer for him and was good business for the club. I also sold Jason Denayor for £15m to Newcastle as I felt like he wouldn't get any better and sold him while I could get good money for him. I am currently 3rd in the league, I am 1 point behind Lyon who are 2nd. PSG again are destroying the league with 12 point lead over me. I got knocked out of the Champions League by goal difference. Jonathan David is joint top scorer of Hlozek with 9 goals each. Thiago Almada continues to get better and better. He has 7 assists and 7 goals so far. I can't see me keeping him for long as he will have the big clubs after him soon.
  13. Pogba probably would of rejected it anyway. The amount of times I have had silly offers for my players the player usually rejects the deal if I accept.
  14. You missed a trick here, you should of had Barry Fry as your DOF lol.
  15. I was thinking of managing Indian Arrows after seeing the unique challenge ahead. I look forward to seeing how you do with these.
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