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  1. Rise of The Phoenix

    Yeah I picked Red Star in the end, but I have done a massive list of teams in different countries with good to excellent facilities for unique saves on FM2018.
  2. Rise of The Phoenix

    Yeah decided to be Red Star Belgrade but done a list of loads of teams I want to try at some point.
  3. Rise of The Phoenix

    Thank you for the suggestions, do Skonto and Litex have good set up like you had with your team ?
  4. Rise of The Phoenix

    An excellent career thread, you have inspired me to do a save similar to what you are doing, just trying to find a team with similar facilities and a challenge as well, the 3 teams I have thought of so far are Red Star Belgrade, Trencin and Strum Graz, do you or anyone else have any other suggestions please.
  5. FM17 Gibraltar Challenge

    @Jimbokav1971 Can you post the link to your career save please, I would like to have a read of it.
  6. FM17 - French Football Thread

    Any good African players that would be good to sign for Lyon with latest player database update, I have all African players loaded.
  7. leeds 1st season right back

    Ayling is good so you should use him, I signed Lee Peltier for 300k from Everton who has been good when called upon.
  8. FM 17: Leeds United - Pontus Janssons Magic...

    I started a new save with Leeds, Aloski, Klich, Roofe and Wiedweld have been good for me, I signed S.Bassong on a free and he has been a rock for me. Pontius Jansen wanted to leave for a bigger club so sold him for 13m to Newcastle, I have Matthew Pennington and Liam Cooper rotate to play alongside Bassong but will look at getting a good centre back in the summer. Nearly finished the season, currently 6th with 4 games to go, really enjoying the save.
  9. Yeah I am tempted but I don't think I will have enough time to complete this for FM17, it was a big commitment to do the Ultimate Challenge, I am just enjoying doing short term saves but I might be tempted to give this a try in a week or 2 and see how I get on, I will post in here if I start it, thank you for mentioning me @TheEarl
  10. Faria one of if not the best assistant managers in the game and you release him, he will be hard to replace, I would say Brian McClair but I don't think he will come back to the club, try him or have a look at this link as it might help you out. http://www.footballmanagerblog.org/2016/10/best-assistant-managers-fm-2017.html
  11. looking for a battling defensive midfielder

    Lucas Romero maybe.
  12. FM17: Sheffield United - Be A Blade

    Yeah I forgot all about this lol, I managed to stay in the league but only just in my first season in charge and managed to get 12th place in the league in my 2nd season. I love Sheff Utd's youth system churning out talented youngsters that I sell to big clubs for decent fees and add ons, also O'Connell and Carruthers are awesome, I also signed Lee Angol, Britt Assombalonga and Jai Quintago and they are banging the goals in, I changed my formation as 3-5-2 wasn't working at all, I now play a 4-1-2-2-1 formation, whizzing through the seasons and enjoying it.
  13. FM17: Sheffield United - Be A Blade

    Here are my transfers so far and starting line up
  14. FM17: Sheffield United - Be A Blade

    Here is the tactic I am thinking of, would this be how they play in real life ?
  15. FM17: Sheffield United - Be A Blade

    Just started a new save with Sheff Utd, any tips, also anyone got a download of a good 3-5-2 tactic to replicate how Sheff United play in real life please.