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  1. Haaland has 14 goals for me in 16 games but only 1 goal in the league, most of his goals have been in cup competitions against lower league teams.
  2. I have never seen that feature before where you can ask an agent to persuade his client to accept being transfer listed. How did you do it?
  3. I bet you got like 10 saved games on the go at the same time lol.
  4. What do I win lol. I always had a soft spot for Hull after they won in the play offs when Frazier Campbell and Dean Windass was there. It will definitely be a challenge for you. I always do a Hull save every year so looking forward to seeing what you do with them.
  5. Yeah I did a team guide recently. Here is the link
  6. So I have decided to leave the Brentford save, I might have another go with them in the future but for now I am leaving as I fancy starting a save with Dortmund cos of Sancho and Haaland. I hope people still carry on their saves though and post in here.
  7. Whomever you pick make sure you sign players from obscure nations like Honduras, Guatemala etc lol.
  8. Can I suggest you manage Kidderminster Harriers as that is where I am from originally and also they had a great FA Cup in the 1990's but finances aint that good. Either them or if you want to manage a Level 10 team then try Bewdley Town or Dudley Sports as I live 5 minute walk from Dudley Sports lol.
  9. You could always use the editor and change their transfer budget. I would really like to see you do a save with a non league team just to see the obscure players you would sign. Whichever team you decide to be you should try sign Thomas Oulembo or however you spell his name. Will scores for you.
  10. I think Romford FC are trying to spend money to get up the leagues, their manager has bought in a lot of players recently from what I read. Either them or Stoneclough FC would be a good shout as they just signed Ben Marshall but you might have to find a special file for that or use the editor.
  11. Brentford Reboot Season 2 Review I managed to stay up with 4 games to go. I went on a really good run near the end but before that it was touch and go with me and Burnley neck and neck on points and them having a better points total. I ended 12th in the league in the end which was a lot better then I hoped for, especially as I was 17th or lower most of the season. I went on a good run as I said,I went unbeaten in all of April winning all my games. I lacked a goal threat with Mohammed Daramy getting the most with 11 goals, Allan Campbell was all round best player.
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