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  1. FC United Season Review I managed to stay up by the skin of my teeth with us securing a 1-0 win Vs York City to keep us in the league. I changed tactics with 3 games to go and luckily won all 3 but I was very lucky to stay up. League Table Transfers My youth candidates are looking good and I am hoping to play a lot of them in the first team next season. Curtis Main was the Main man at FC United with his goals single handily keeping me in the league. I think a few bigger teams will steal him off me in the summer despite him signing a new contract.
  2. Has this happened to anyone else ? It wont let me do anything. I can't progress the match. I can't save the game or even go on holiday and annoyingly I forgot to change the preferences to save weekly as I set it to savel yearly while I was holidaying the first season. This happened on my previous attempt with Stourbridge as well. Edit - I managed to get FC United again but Robbie Savage isn't interested in joining me now which is annoying.
  3. Unfortunately I got sacked after losing the next 8 games after that victory. I am going to have another attempt in England. I will post my team choice soon.
  4. This sums up my season so far with Stourbridge. Already out of the FA Cup which I was hoping to go on a bit of a run to bring money into the club.
  5. Yeah I am just winging it until my youth intake comes through. Like yourself I too am hoping to get a few good defenders in my intake.
  6. My starting 11 for my first league game in charge at Stourbridge and I have 3 greyed out players in defence It is going to be a long, hard season
  7. My First Attempt Of The Youth Academy Challenge Stourbridge is the team I have selected out the choices available. They are local to where I live so that is the main reason. My facilities are not the best as you can see below. This is will be an interesting challenge ahead. LETS GO !!!!!
  8. Oh ok cool. I was worried it was a bug. Cheers for replying buddy.
  9. Is this right ? So basically I am starting this challenge with an English team and there are 5 teams promoted to the Vanarama North and 4 teams promoted to the Vanarama North. I don't know the lower league rules much. Is this cos of ramifications from Co-Vid and a lot of teams having to fold ? Or is this some sort of bug ? Lowestoft FC United Buxton Stourbridge Tamworth Bognor Regis Town Chesham United East Thurrock United Salisbury These are the teams.
  10. I am buzzing you are doing a Mexican club save @ToMexico!! Also it makes it interesting you can't get promoted for the first 5 seasons at least. Looking forward to seeing where this goes.
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