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  1. Cheers for the advice guys, I think in the first 3 seasons I will just sign players from my Affiliates and maybe just Dutch players and or previous Ajax players and then after the 3rd season just use my youth players. I always enjoy playing as Ajax so going to start this tomorrow.
  2. Speaking to all of the people in here who have done long term saves with Ajax is it possible to do a long term save and just youth players, so when a player goes have you got players decent enough to fill their positions or is investment needed.
  3. Yeah Reguilon is a great signing as well but I just had great fun with Ireland national team save cos of Obafemi. I had no idea who David Fairclough is until I googled him but I am only 34 years old lol.
  4. @Jogo Bonito Obafemi plays really well up front if McBurnie gets injured or doesn't hit form, I usually played Obafemi as an Advanced Forward up front when I am Ireland manager and he done well for me.
  5. I knew it was Swansea when you mentioned the word Culteral Jogo, I was tempted to do a Swansea save before I chose Reading. Good luck with Swansea I look forward to see how you do and hope you stick to the save for a few seasons to see what you can do.
  6. Yeah I always enjoy long term saves with Reading cos their Academy is so good and I have always liked the club.
  7. So Jogo it aint Millwall, QPR, Hull or Birmingham. I assume it aint Notts Forrest either as someone else has started a save with them. I don't think it would be Norwich, Leeds, Aston Villa, West Brom, Bristol City, Brentford, Middlesborough, Sheff Utd or Stoke as they would be too easy for you. So my guess is Swansea or Ipswich, am I right @Jogo Bonito I am thinking of starting a new save with Reading.
  8. Cheers mate I managed to get back to back promotions with Charlton and currently 11th in the Prem at the start of February. Sigurd Gronli was a great signing for me in my first 2 seasons, Tarique Fosu was great for me in my season in the Championship. Cullen wouldn't agree to come back but I have Bielek still on loan, hopefully will sign him soon. I bought in a few good players when I got into the Prem as I knew my current squad would struggle, I signed Noah Okafor from Basel who is immense for me. I could do with some more cash to get some decent defenders and a striker or 2 so that is the aim for next season.
  9. I would scout League 1 and 2, also scout Scottish Prem and see what your scouts suggest, look at signing bargains as well. Also take a look at the Hidden Gems thread on this sub forum, plenty of players on there.
  10. @AceAvenger Lyle Taylor has been a beast for me getting 10 goals in 14 games so far, also Joe Aribo has been great as well with an average rating of 7.69 and has 5 assists already.
  11. Why has this happened, did FM only have the license for a few months or something, seems really silly situation.
  12. Just started a new save with Charlton. They have a decent squad for League One, I want to bring the good times back to them and do it as cheaply as possible. I am going to bring Alan Cubblishley back to the club as my DOF as well. Anyone played with Charlton recently, any tips ?
  13. I was having a long term save with Athletic Bilbao but screw it I am going to do a Charlton save now as I have never managed them on FM.
  14. Keep him and let his contract expire as you will boost your transfer budget when he goes as it will free up lots of money into your wage budget. Maybe get someone with similar attributes or less on the cheap like a regen and train him up, get Pogba to tutor him.
  15. 2nd Season Update So I finished 7th in the league, had a terrible season but in February I changed tactics to a 4-1-2-3 Gegenpress tactic and that changed my fortunes and I went unbeaten for the last 17 games. My stand out player was Munian but of course Man City come in for him and sign him for 40m as I stupidly forgot to offer him a new contract and his minimum fee was 40.5m so he went. Despite interest for Inaki Williams I have managed to keep him. I signed an awesome regen striker from Real Betis for £2.2m, will be a bargain as his attributes have shot up and he is only 16 years old, has scored 10 goals in 19 appearances with average rating of 7.29. Looking forward to seeing how I do in my 3rd season, really enjoying this save so far.
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