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  1. Ben Chillwell would the one I would recommend, he is happy to play back up to Shaw as I have both Shaw and Chillwell in my Spurs side.
  2. Ronaldo Beckham

    Anyone Ever Managed Jamaica National Team?

    Just in case anyone is reading I l lost 1-0 to Ghana through a last minute goal conceded, I was winning Spain 2-0 but lost 3-2 in the end, got knocked out the World Cup by that point with a game against Chile to go, I wasn't expecting much but I did manage to beat Chile 2-0 which was good, I would of been happier with a draw in that game against Ghana and I nearly beat Spain so that was good, even a draw against Spain would of been awesome. I am hoping to push forward and win the Gold Cup.
  3. Ronaldo Beckham

    Anyone Ever Managed Jamaica National Team?

    Here is my squad for the World Cup, I am hoping to get a draw and a win hopefully, not expecting to qualify but I want us to make the Jamaican fans proud and get me up the rankings. I have Spain, Chile and Ghana in my World Cup group so wish me luck lol.
  4. Ronaldo Beckham

    Anyone Ever Managed Jamaica National Team?

    I managed to convince Andre Wisdom but none of the other players were interested and most gutting of all is Leon Bailey is now a full Belgium international.
  5. Ronaldo Beckham

    Anyone Ever Managed Jamaica National Team?

    Nah Bailey initially accepted the call up on the basis that the Jamaican FA gave his dad a job and also called up his brother Kyle Butler who isn't very good and doesn't deserve to play for Jamaica, so cos the Jamaican FA wouldn't agree to his terms Bailey then changed his mind. I tried to call up other players but they have turned me down despite me being in the World Cup but I will try again just before doing my final World Cup squad.
  6. Ronaldo Beckham

    Anyone Ever Managed Jamaica National Team?

    Hopefully this will help me attract some players to play for Jamaica.
  7. Ronaldo Beckham

    Anyone Ever Managed Jamaica National Team?

    I just managed to convince Kemar Roofe to play for Jamaica
  8. Ronaldo Beckham

    Anyone Ever Managed Jamaica National Team?

    I am bumping this to say I have just called up Usain Bolt to the Jamaica national team lol.
  9. Ronaldo Beckham

    FM18 Managing in a small country

    I am starting a joint save as Genk FC and Jamaica manager, my aim is to try use Genk to bring through Jamaican players and help turn Jamaica into a top 20 nation. It is hard as I have a few decent players to call up like Bailey, Deeney, Reece Oxford etc but none of them want to play for Jamaica.
  10. Hiya I have decided to do a long term save in Jamaica, I downloaded Jamaican league and took over as joint manager of a team called Boys Team and also the Jamaican national team. I was wondering what players I can try lure to Jamaica national team, I have tried to lure Reece Oxford, Demari Gray, Jason Puncheon, Kemar Roofe, Dwight Gayle, Liam Moore,Troy Deeney, Tyler Blackett, Andre Wisdom, Leon Bailey and Rolando Aarons but they turned me down. I tried Jamal Blackman, Danny Simpson, Andre Gray, Frazier Campbell, Kyle Bartley, Karl Henry, Wayne Routledge, Ravel Morrison, Scott Sinclair, Michail Antonio who is eligible for Jamaica in real life but it wont let me ask him to represent Jamaica on FM 2018 for some reason. I did manage to convince Daniel Johnson from Preston though. If anyone can think of anyone I can try call up I would appreciate it, also if anyone can recommend players from Jamacian league that I can call up I would appreciate it.
  11. Ronaldo Beckham

    League loading

    I know they aint low league but maybe try manage Livingston, I like their kit and I just fancy managing them and trying to build an all Scottish squad for them.
  12. Ronaldo Beckham

    Anyone Played In The Swiss League Yet

    Congrats on the title win Jogo, I like that you are bring through young players as you go along, I might do the same for FM2019 as I will do another save with Young Boys at some point.
  13. Ronaldo Beckham

    FM18: Serie A - The home of Calcio

    He has been really good for me. Maybe play him in a different role.
  14. Ronaldo Beckham

    [FM18] E22 - England to Level 22

    Ignore the previous post as I realized it didn't work cos I had other editor files ticked.
  15. Ronaldo Beckham

    [FM18] E22 - England to Level 22

    I just tried downloading the file from the first page of this thread but when I go to start a new game it wont let me select England cos of there being 32 teams in certain leagues when only 24 allowed or something like that. Any idea why ?