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  1. What's the best laptops out there for say £2,000 as I might upgrade again 6 months after buying my current laptop lol.
  2. Bothan if you ever fancy a network game then feel free to inbox me as I am looking to have a network game with someone.
  3. Ok thanks for the reply Neil. how can you tell if you can play the 64 bit version of the game, I have a decent enough laptop to do it, just wondering how I can find this out.
  4. Is 64 bit just for match engine or does it improve the speed of playing FM.
  5. Someone will put him in a data update like PR01, I look forward to seeing how he progresses.
  6. What about the other Dembele at Celtic, only 13 years old and looks good, there was a feature on him in today's Sun newspaper.
  7. I never asked for an ME update, I never play games in 3D, if the majority like it then so be it, but just saying I would rather they be a manager game and not a Fifa sim game, sorry if I offended you.
  8. I would prefer Sigames and Sega to concentrate on the manager part of the game, not the 2nd rate Fifa watching sim.
  9. I just decided to start a save with Hammarby as well, any staff recommendations ?
  10. I just wanted to add that you should try Beauve more often as he has been a beast for me, scoring 15 goals in 19 games.
  11. OK cheers mate.
  12. Hiya has anyone else bought FM2017 off Humble Bundle and any idea if you get the Beta with it as I bought it off them a few weeks a go as soon as I knew you could buy the game lol. Also is the Beta usually released a month before the game comes out, so October 4th ?
  13. Ok I will PM you when I am starting, thank you.
  14. Yeah I would like to talk to you more when I start the save, I am just finishing mys eason with RBL in Germany, so might start the Celta save after I have finished the season, would it be ok to PM you when I start or is there any other way of getting in touch with you, PM me your Steam name etc if you want.