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  1. Another Awesome Prospect Up Front Thomas Ganz(YP25) 4 goals in 4 games so far.
  2. Exciting Prospect I am really excited by Samuel Adekoya(YP28) who might be that star striker I have been missing. He made his debut in the German Cup game and scored 2 goals.
  3. Tom Heaton, Ben Foster or Sam Johnstone who would also be classed as Home Grown as well. Aren't Joel Perriera or Sivar not good enough to be 3rd choice ?
  4. Awesome work so far. I really enjoyed reading this so far and I look forward to seeing how you get on.
  5. Aachen FC Season 6 Review This season feels like a disappoint like we have gone one step back with Aachen only finishing just above the relegation spots with 13th place finish. My top scorer had 6 goals so that says it all. We lacked the firepower to get into the play offs. I do think in a season or 2 the top quality players I have will start dominating the league but until then I just got to keep building with the prospects and just hope I don't get relegated in the mean time. Transfers Season Review Best Overal Starting 11 On
  6. Aachen FC Season 6 Youth Intake Another insane youth intake with basically every position strengthened. The future looks bright. Here are some of my top prospects. Jonas Muller(YP48) - German Central Defender Frederik Henkel(YP49) - German Central Midfielder Samuel Musah(YP50) - German Central Defender Mike Schafer(YP51) - German Right Winger Phil Burdenski(YP52) - German Defensive Midfielder
  7. Aachen FC Season 5 Review I managed to finish a respectable 9th place in the league with me only being 10 points away from the play offs. I am aiming to get a higher position and close the gap next season. Dominik Schnitzler was my top goalscorer with 14 goals for the season. Overall Best 11 Transfers
  8. Aachen Season 5 Youth Intake Look at this for a youth intake. Literally every player could be first team regulars in a few seasons. Here are my 5 of the best prospects. Stefan Feldmuller(YP34) - German Right Winger Finn Propheter(YP35) - German Left Winger Michael Baumgartner(YP36) - German Central Defender Hans-Peter Czok(YP37) - German Left Back Jan Sieber(YP38) - German Central Midfielder
  9. Aachen FC Season 4 Review All I got to say is phew.... A hard season played with us making the step up to a very competitive Bundesliga 2. We managed to stay up on the last game of the season but we need to improve next season. The Best Overall Starting 11 Transfers
  10. Aachen Season 4 Youth Intake A lot better then last season's intake with some excellent wingers/strikers.
  11. Aachen FC Record Broken One of my youth prospects played the 2nd leg of the Play Offs and broke the record for the youngest ever player to play for Aachen.
  12. Aachen FC Season 3 Review I managed to get promotion through the play offs beating SV Sandhausen 5-0 on agg with a 3-0 home win and a 2-0 away win. Final League Table Squad Overview We done much better on the goal front with 2 players getting 10 goals or more with Muja Arifi getting 14 goals and being my top goalscorer. Muja Arifi Transfers
  13. Aachen Season 3 Youth Intake Another intake without a good striker. Is there anyway of rectifying this ? This is my current Head Of Youth Recruitment so maybe its something that he is doing that is causing me to have a lot of defensively good players but not many good strikers. Anyway here are some of the best prospects this year. Herbert Weigelt(YP17) - German Defensive Midfielder John Omolade(YP18) - German Central Midfielder Christopher Kickermann(YP19) - German Defensive Midfielder Karsten Coenen(YP20) - German Central Defender
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