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  1. No worries buddy. I just thought it was a cool add on. Also it made me laugh getting a player to learn how to speak like a Brummie for instance if I am Aston Villa or Birmingham.
  2. If you are on about the language course it is cos I downloaded this file that is more specific about languages.
  3. @Stuniverse I got Huddlestone in the end. I have also convinced him to look into becoming a coach when he retires and sent him out on his first coaching course.
  4. I will utilize the young players but only so I can get some good offers for them. Brentford stopped their academy years a go and that is what I am trying to do with Derby. In time I am hoping to downgrade the youth facilities and youth recruitment if the board let me.
  5. @Stuniverse Huddlestone is unatainable at the moment as he wants £55k per week to play for Derby. I have offered him a trial to see if that helps lower his wage demands.
  6. Yeah I only signed Ravel Morrison as I think he is at Derby in real life at the moment so I will see how it goes with him. I will have a look at Huddlestone. Cheers buddy.
  7. Wanchope's First Signings At Derby County Ravel Morrison being the main senior squad signing and then the other 3 being ones for the future. I am very happy getting Ricky Jade-Jones so cheaply. Harrison Burrows highly touted in real life so I took a chance on him. I have never heard of Aminu Mohammed but my scouts highly rated him. I don't think I will be making many more signings and if they are then they will be very cheap and money is tight.
  8. Former Derby Players Staff Shortlist Some decent former players who are now staff. None of them are interested in coming in at the moment but you never know what the future holds.
  9. First thing I had to do was get of Steve McClaren as DOF/Technical Director. Getting rid of him cost me £875k but I just couldn't have him at the club.
  10. Derby County FC Announce Former Derby Legend As Their New Manager Wanchope is the man to bring success back to Derby.
  11. Cheers buddy. The main reason for the save was to replicate the fun I had managing Brentford but the fun always ends as soon as I get a team up to the Prem. So my aim is to try replicate the early days of Brentfords recruitment process with Derby and try get Derby back on a good financial footing. The youngsters will be sold on if I get a good deal. Every player will be expandable.
  12. I am going to start a new Derby save and try replicate the approach to recruitment by buying cheap and selling on for my massive profit. I will be looking at saving money by reducing youth recruitment. downgrading youth facilities etc. Any player I sell will be replace by another player from the EFL leagues, French lower leagues and Scandinavia. My aim is to make Derby financially stable again. I will do an update over the weekend. Come on the Rams!!!
  13. Yeah Ajer and Onyenka are very much part of the Brentford transfer policy. Cheers for the kind words and reading.
  14. Cheers buddy. So far I have signed D'Margio Wright-Phillips, Lasse Sorenson, David Okagbue, Leonardo Rodriguez, Andreas Christensen and Jean Belehouanne but I still have a lot of the window left and will do a full write up later. Christian Eriksen keeps rejecting my attempts to bring him in. I might have to wait till next season if I qualify for Europe.
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