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  1. Otto Rehhagel Challenge A nice easy challenge. Here are the steps. Holiday for a year Retire that manager Take over a team that was relegated from the top division to the division down and then get promoted in your 1st season. In your 2nd season in charge you need to win the top league of that country. Resign from that club once you have won the title. Take over a nationial team that isn't one of the best national teams and that has never won any major international tournement and then go onto the win the Euros or World Cup with that nation similar to what Rahhagel did with Greece.
  2. Nah I changed my mind and decided to start a Newcastle save with the new owners in place as my last save of FM2021. I will tackle your challenge for FM22.
  3. Whatever saves you do I look forward to see you post about them. I am thinking of doing a Central African league save and try improve the National team.
  4. I might give this a go on FM2021 after I get bored of my Portsmouth save as I can do a season quite quickly so I might be able to finish it or at least try to do it before FM2022.
  5. No idea. It was baffling me. I quit the save and started a save with Portsmouth. I will have another crack with Real Betis on FM2022. Cheers for the kind words buddy.
  6. Have a look on the Steam Workshop as there are plenty of Newcastle takeover files on there.
  7. Ok try ADO Hen Daag, Servette, Zulte or HNK Gorica
  8. Anderlecht, AZ, Dinamo Zagreb, Red Star Belgrade would be my suggestions.
  9. Yeah I don't condone smoking. I just found that part of the film funny where Mike Bassett accidentally calls up 2 players one called Benson and the other called Hedges cos he wrote the squad on a packet of Benson & Hedges.
  10. The Mike Bassett Challenge You have to start unemployed and work your way up the England job and get them to at least the Semi's of the World Cup but the rule is you can only use a standard 4-4-2 formation and you can never change it. If you get sacked you take over another team. Only English teams as well. Preferably you have to manage Norwich before you become England manager. Also when you become England manager you get bonus points if you call up 2 players in your World Cup squad that has a name of a cigerete company as their surname like Benson & Hedges or Lambert & Butler for example.
  11. I just had a very enjoyable save with Real Betis. The finances at Real Betis are terrible and in my 3rd season I had to basically sell any player that would get me decent money to help with the finances but it didn't do much so I quit the save but I am curious to see how you get on with Betis. Good luck to you.
  12. Yeah I have no idea how it got like that as well. I am at the end of January and currently 6th in the league. I got Mattias Arezo who is doing well for me. I signed him I think in my first season in charge but I have only just thrown him into the first team after Nsame lost form. I will probably finish the season and call it a day with Betis and start a save with Portsmouth or Middlesborough and just sign players from nations outside the top 30 nations.
  13. Cheers for the kind words guys. I appreciate the feedback. I have decided to do one more season with Betis with a weaker squad after selling literally most of my best players. Nabil Fekir - £33m to Juventus Anel Ahmedhodzic - £40m to PSG Dani Martin - £18.75m to Rangers Andreas Chistensen - £15m to New York Red Bulls Guido Rodriguez - £14.5m to Toronto Eder Alvarez Balanta - £12.5m to LA Galaxy Kieran Trippier - £10m to Crystal Palace Juan Miranda - £9m to Torino Adam Ounas - £4.5m to Fiorentina I even tried to sell star players Nsame and Bardhi but there was no takers. I have managed to get the debt down a bit but the projection is still not good. When I do start an EFL save I am thinking of managing Portsmouth and only signing players from nations outside the top 30 rankings as I have a file that gets rid of work permits so I can sign who I want in theory. Pompey also have a tycoon in charge of the club in real life so there will hopefully be funds to buy players if I get promoted to the Prem. But first I have unfinished business with Betis.
  14. I had a good season with Real Betis finishing 2nd in the Spanish league and getting all the way to the Europa League final with us losing to Chelsea 3-0 in the final. Here is my best overall 11 I am debating on whether to do 1 more season with Betis or start a new EFL save. I will let everyone know in due time.
  15. Yeah no magic fix just yet but on the bright side I have just qualified for the Champions League so hopefully that will help with the finances a bit.
  16. Yeah I am just hoping for a board takeover soon to help with the finances.
  17. Yeah me too. Both seasons I have made £20-£30m profit in the transfer window in each season. Here are my finances. I only have 4 players who are on a wage of more then £50k a week. I wanted to try get rid of Fekir but the offers I got was so rubbish so I decided to keep him.
  18. Real Betis End Of Season 2 Review A nice 5th place finish which is probably where we should be at the moment. I managed to get European football again. The finances are terrible so I am expecting to sell a few players to help with that. 2 players I don't want to sell but might have to are star striker Jean-Pierre Nsame and Spanish League Playmaker Of The Year - Enis Bardhi who was such a good player for me this season. Jean-Pierre Nsame 29 Goals in 35 games is really good. He is hitting his prime years now so I reckon he will get to at least 100 goals for Real Betis by the time his career is over hopefully. Enis Bardhi 16 assists and 7 goals was really good. He is my Bruno Fernandes. I don't want to lose either of these but the finances are so bad if I get good offers for them I will have to sell them.
  19. Nsame really is hitting his stride now. He has 17 goals in 21 game already for the season.
  20. Oh man that sucks, Imagine a strike partnership at Walsall last season of Adebayo & Nsame up front. That would of been amazing. I bet Walsall are kicking themselves now. Yeah Nsame has been really good for me. I am hoping he steps up and scores more goals this season. I have got an update to date database so no Firpo or Emerson.
  21. Cheers buddy. I also made £60m profit in the transfer window so you would think the board would be happier with me I plan to make the unappreciative board happier next season.
  22. Real Betis Season 1 Review My first season had high's and lows but overall it was a decent season with some silverware as well. Best Signing Jean-Pierre Nsame - 18 goals in 25 games Nsame was a £11m signing from Young Boys. He was a bargain at £11m but unproved in the big leagues but he made the step up with 18 goals in 25 games. With Willan Jose going back to Real Socidad I think Nsame will get more game time. Enis Bardhi - 7 goals in 37 games My other key signing was Macedonian winger Enis Bardhi who got 7 goals in 37 games and was very good all season. Another bargain with him only costing £12m. I managed to win the Spanish cup by beating Real Socidad 3-0 in the final. Here is a screenshot of the run up. I only managed to finish 8th in the league and the board was not happy. It took me ages to find a tactic that worked and also hit some consitency. Despite my cup win I only just managed to keep my job. My aim for next season is to keep the board happy and get a higher position. I managed to get some high scoring wins in the league with 3 wins standing out. 5-1 win Vs Elche, 4-1 win Vs Athletico Bilbao & a 5-2 win Vs Athletico Madrid. Here is my overall best starting 11 for the season.
  23. You got this mate. Malaga will be back in the big league in no time.
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