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  1. I remember having the same problems at Odense, quite irritating. How are the national coefficients looking?
  2. Steaua (meaning 'Star') was founded by the Ministry of National Defence of Romania, it was always basically an army club until the privatization started after Ceausescu death and fall of communism. Such situations were very typical in the Eastern Bloc by the way. Dynamo Moscow had ties with NKVD and KGB, CSKA with an army, so did Legia Warsaw in Poland, or CFR Cluj and Lech Poznań to national railways, just to name a few. Some ten years ago Romanian Ministry of Defence sued the club for using the name, logo and stadium - all still owned by the Ministry. The court decided that the Ministry was right there and ordered to change the name and badge. So has FCSB been born. Ministry has its own club - Steaua - once again, playing in lower divisions while FCSB are still the dominating force in Romanian football, just under a slightly different name.
  3. Arad seems like much more interesting challenge than any of the big clubs of Bucharest. Good luck in overthrowing them! The thing about FCSB being Steaua is a bit more complicated these days :D Cluj is a city, actually called Cluj-Napoca. It's a really lovely place to visit for a day. So is in fact Arad. Interestingly both cities have strong ties with Hungary, currently Hungarians make respectively 15% and 10% of all inhabitants.
  4. If by Jít, jít, jít! you meant Go, go, go! meaning Go ahead or Go for it, Forward!, a Czech would probably say something like Do toho! or Kupředu! Jít means to go and it conjugates irregularly. Anyway, keep up the good work!
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