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  1. RKC Waalwijk 2nd May 2032 KNVB Beker Final De Kuip, Rotterdam AZ Alkmaar 2 - 1 RKC Waalwijk (AET) Fatigue and injury caught up with us this season as, shorn of 5 first team players with injuries, we played a sub-par game and lost
  2. RKC Waalwijk 2032 Youth Intake FULL INTAKE OVERVIEW Intake #14. Just the two prospects over 3* and to be honest, I'm not sold on them too.. We're still at Exceptional Youth Coaching and Extensive Youth Recruitment. As usual, I'll be concentrating on the 3* and above prospects, however I'll highlight the top three prospects in my eyes of each intake and also concentrate on the U-19's vs Youth Candidates match. -------------------------------------------------- Top 3 2 Prospects GK Wim de Bie Wim is a prospective first team keeper, but he'd need to improve a lot to even get there. MC Dennis Kluivert Dennis enters at the back of the logjam in the centre of the park. He's gonna have to develop a hell of a lot to get a spot in the first team rotation The others, at this point, either a) didn't look like they'd improve enough to be first team or b) were in completely the wrong position and didn't show any skills to be retrained. ------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------- How far will YOUR youth go: 2032? Just how local are my intakes? We have State of the Art Youth facilities, but are we getting the cream of local youth? YP3 Orlando Macedo was born in Lousada, Portugal, 1,976km away. The Algarve is a nice place, but clearly Waalwijk has better lures... YP4 Shimon Nimni was born in Herzliya, Israel. 4,480km away. Another one from the Motherland. And another one who is not worth the bus fare to pick him up from the airport. YP5 Yannis Abdellaoui was born in Purmerend, Netherlands, 130km away. Up north, proving that he doesn't much down south... We're staying further out this time, as seen by the two international players. --------------------------------------------------------------- RKC U-19's vs RKC Youth Candidates: 2032 A very dull game with nothing to recommend it RKC Youth Candidates Player of the Game Orlando Macedo (6.7)
  3. RKC Waalwijk 3rd March 2032 UEFA Champions League First Knockout Round, Leg 2 KLM Flightpath Arena, Waalwijk RKC Waalwijk 1 - 0 |A.S Monaco FC (Monaco win 2-3 on aggregate) A tale of two VAR's. The first ruled out Sam van Weert's goal by inches for offside, the second led to the penalty that Scott Langerak scored. Helaas Pindakaas!
  4. ANOTHER San Marino thread?!? Aren’t you bored by now?.....
  5. RKC Waalwijk 10th February 2032 UEFA Champions League First Knockout Round, Leg 1 Dmitry Rybolovlev Park, Monaco A.S Monaco FC 3 - 1 RKC Waalwijk It could have been so different, as seconds before their third goal, we beat their keeper and hit the post.. We were also 4 DM's down through suspension and injury for this one.
  6. RKC Waalwijk January 2032 Transfer Window Transfers: A lot of players left the club this January. Read on as to why. DL Erik Franssen (sold for £75k to S.C Telstar) Fifth choice DL, about to leave the club on a free? Simple maths. ST Bernard Cudjoe (sold for £2m + 50% sell on clause to Calcio Avellino S.S.D) He was dumped in the reserves after a poor stretch for the first team, which saw me transfer list three strikers. Avellino came in with a bid and he was gone ST Muayed Abbas (sold for £1m + 50% sell on clause to PEC Zwolle) He was also one of the three who were dumped and transfer-listed. Zwolle offered him a way out. I showed him the exit. DC Pim de Jong (sold for £150k to Fortuna Sittard) 6th choice centre-back, there was no way he would make the grade and he was already moaning about game time AML/ST Stefan van Gerwen (sold for £11m + 50% sell on to RC Celta Vigo) One that escaped the Night of the Sh*t Strikers, but, equally, wasn't doing the business either. Luckily, Celta came in and relived me of the choice GK Cagri Bal (sold for £1m + 50% sell on to Real Zaragoza S.A.D) Bradley Knopper's fall and rise meant that Bal was third choice and the opportunity to cash in was a good one. ST Jesse Schapendonk (sold for £10m + 50% sell on clause to Paris Saint-Germain) A huge rising star, but PSG were sniffing around and with a release clause looming, I took the opportunity to get the sell-on, rather than miss out later. DM/MC Floris Bastiaansen (sold for £20m + 50% sell on clause to FC Internazionale) Floris had been unsettled by a number of low-ball bids from Manchester United, but I refused to let him go unless his release clause was met. Inter were closest, so I negotiated to get the sell-on too
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