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  1. This might be the most WTF moment on FM20 to date..
  2. The silver-shoed legend is back!!
  3. I’m an avid youth-only approach guy. But, this year’s seems to be a lot harder, as the club culture tends to shepherd you towards certain clubs rather than you taking over any club. Plus, my usual style of play was to hang around the relegation spots for a few years, whilst building up resources and squads, but with the new 3/5 year plans, the boards that I have encounted will not take consolidation (unless, again, you have gone with certain clubs) for a number of years. This leads to a lot of sackings (5 by my count) for not fulfilling the board’s wants. Am I the only one who has found this? I’m more than happy to concede that the game has moved on and so should I, but when I’ve enjoyed the last 4 FM’s doing my usual and this one I can’t, it is hard! **EDIT** I do NOT need tips and help on tactics etc. I’m simply just posting it as a conversation
  4. Straight from the John Smith’s school of strikers... ‘AVE IT
  5. What annoys me is that I use shouts like I would react IRL. So when you're maybe 3-0 up and the other team score from a mistake, I would yell 'CONCENTRATE' and the team end up crying. Why? Same as going 1-0 up. Encourage should be an acceptable shout ("Come on boys, keep going!") but they are frustrated...
  6. I'm on tenterhooks! COME ON YOU HIBEES!
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