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  1. For those OTF'ers who remember Harry_Pontek
  2. I'm still really annoyed with my scouts giving me goalies when I have 6 good goalies at all levels (I seem to get a good one every youth intake) And them going off message annoys me. In fact, the scouting system annoys me in general
  3. I would genuinely love an FM where you could do this. It happened a few years ago, but now, you invite too much pressure on yourself and there is *always* a goal
  4. I'll give you an example: I tend to manage with an iron fist. Fully aware that this causes issues. I have had 5 seperate players come to me and demand a new contract. Each one has been turned down. The sixth one comes to me, gets turned down and I get "I thought this would have gone differently" I get that the game makes players ask for new contracts every two seconds, but surely, the AI should understand that if I haven't bowed down to my team stars, a mid-range player has no chance. You don't see players testing Mourinho, or if you do (Dele Alli), you dont get very far. At the
  5. I think that there needs to be more overhaul on the manager side of things for FM22 I tend to rule with an iron fist at my clubs and am fully aware that this will cause disharmony. What annoys me is the sixth player to come to me asking for a new contract and getting the same flea in his ear that I gave everyone says "I thought this would have gone differently" I've even had that with the same player two years in a row.
  6. Love me a Netherlands save. But I wish you defeat every time against RKC
  7. Tunbridge Wells isn't 'proper' Kent. You should have come to Chatham Town. That's propah Kennnnt
  8. Just read through this, mate. A great career so far. Look forward to you escaping the drop
  9. Yes. I've been playing Ivan Toney as a TM (s) and he's scored a few headers
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