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  1. Awesome. Best of luck with this! I shall be following it with great interest!
  2. Congrats on the promotion, dude!
  3. To alleviate some of the waiting time, I shall let you know how my beta is going. My 4-4-1-1 is struggling right now, so I've gone to a 5-3-2. It took me until my 11th game to get 3 points, having only taken 2 from a possible 7 points in the last 3 games before that one, all due to 80+ minute goals And now I've just been utterly humped by de Graafshap. 5-0.
  4. That playoff streak is coming to an end this season!
  5. Related to Sami?
  6. I got 99 problems and injuries are probably 98 of them
  7. Struggling with the beta. Turned 7 pts into 2 within the last 10 mins of each of the last 3 games
  8. Nov 4th. I'm just messing around with it so far.
  9. Tough CL group. Worst case, it's the Europa League for you
  10. That Inbred Wings logo makes me shiver every time
  11. Watch it. Bischoff is incredibly injury-prone IRL
  12. I'm enjoying it so far. Just messing around on the beta before I do my thread on release day
  13. In on the ground floor with this one. Best of luck.