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  1. This is a ridiculously small sample size, but in my first three games after the new patch, I've seen a 2-0 win, a 3-3 draw and a 2-2 draw. EVERY. SINGLE. GOAL. came from outside the area. This is very, very weird to me.
  2. Santarcangelo Calcio 1926 RELEGATION WATCH: 2023/24 We've been utterly sh*te this season. I think that 19.2 must have cured an exploit that my 4-1-4-1 was using as it seemed completely ineffective this season. Plus, the loss of so many players without really replacing them has hit hard. However, a shift to a 4-3-2-1 has seen us keep a clean sheet for the past three games and sees us off the bottom for the first time this season!
  3. LOL. Once was risky, but it working twice???
  4. Santarcangelo Calcio 1926 August 2023 Transfer Window We've been plundered this transfer window, but it cleared our debt with regards to the £4m the new chairman spent on facilities. AMC Larry Issa (£10k to Treviso): He was a third choice MC and AMC and was only still here for squad depth. So a sale was easy to accept GK Andrea Baratella (£1.5m + 50% sell-on to A.C.F Fiorentina) A heartbreaker. He was our best player and regular #1. However, his contract was up at the end of the season and he saw no reason to stay with us. So we had to do a deal and Fiorentina came up with the best one. DC/DM/MC Federico Fusi (£50k + 50% sell-on to Rimini) A player from the academy from the start. Very versatile. But, in the scheme of things, barely used, so he was off to our rivals. AML Roberto Landi (£350k + 50% sell-on to Pescara) A player whose agent despised me. So his ridiculous demands for a new contract in the player's last year meant that he had to be shipped out. Even if it was to a Serie BKT rival. ST Oscar Ascione (£2m + 50% sell-on to Brescia) This one came out of the blue. There was a bits and pieces bid from another club which added up to £400k. Then a club came in with a straight £400k bid. That was negotiated up to £1m. Then Brescia came in and had their bid upped to £2m. Which was absolutely worth it. DC Nunzio Enchisi (£550k + 50% sell on to SPAL) He was one of my success stories. An unheraled youth player that became a major cog in the machine. Sadlly, we had the same issues as Roberto Landi and a sale was sadly the most important thing.
  5. The lowest salary in the league. We're only kept off finishing bottom by Potenza
  6. Santarcangelo Calcio 1926 2023/24 Pre-Season Depth Chart So, each season, I will post up a depth chart of the players in my main formation. It will consist of First Team, Backup & Youth... if I have them. This season, we indulged in a little re-shuffle of our lines. With the sale of our best keeper and two other players who wanted ridiculous money to stay in Serie B, we needed to shuffle a little and promoted some raw players into the depth chart. Finally, Daniele Doria was re-trained enough to play at RM, but became third choice there, due to his lack of skill at the role. Goalkeeper Raffaele Grassi Pierpaolo Sau Corrado Bagnato Right Back Centre Back Centre Back Left Back Loris Comastri Nunzio Enchisi Igor Cardini Federico Nadalini Michael Fratoni Matteo Alvisi Aldo Ranieri Cristian Fiocchi Federico Fabbri Cristian Resca Marco Petrini Igor Zoloffi Defensive Midfield Gennaro Criscuolo Ivan Malpezzi Right Midfield Centre Midfield Centre Midfield Left Midfield Daniele Battistotti Alberto Coscia Luca Rossi Andrea Carlucci Juri Orlandini Emanule De Marchi Omar Caroli Luigi Vivani Daniele Doria Andrea Medici Andrea Medici Daniele Battistotti Striker Cristian Montinaro Oscar Ascione Gianni Buriani
  7. So.. I called out the board in the press, saying that it would set us back as a team if they didn't.. Result?
  8. Well, he's cleared the debts and put £1.4m in the coffers.
  9. Santarcangelo Calcio 1926 2022/23 Season Review In our first season in Serie BKT, we defied the odds to finish 10th overall. However, we were 1 point out of a playoff spot and 8 points out of a playout spot. So with a result or two either way, we could have been in heaven or hell! Final Table Results: 1 | 2 Stats Awards Review Commercial Summary
  10. Tycoon!!! Think of those wonderful new facilites!!
  11. It'd be nice to have a positive bank account