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  1. RKC Waalwijk 15th April 2037 UEFA Champions League Quarter Final, Leg 2 ING Stadium, Waalwijk RKC Waalwijk 1 - 1 Atletico Madrid (RKC win 2-1 on aggregate) We've got a Semi on...
  2. RKC Waalwijk 8th April 2037 UEFA Champions League Quarter Final, Leg 1 Vincente Calderon, Madrid Atletico Madrid 0 - 1 RKC Waalwijk
  3. RKC Waalwijk 2037 Youth Intake FULL INTAKE OVERVIEW Intake #19. This is interesting. Following on last year's 'low' quality intake, we only had the one 3* player and I think I'm stuck unless I win something big. .... We're still at Exceptional Youth Coaching and Extensive Youth Recruitment. As usual, I'll be concentrating on the 3* and above prospects, however I'll highlight the top three prospects in my eyes of each intake and also concentrate on the U-19's vs Youth Candidates match. -------------------------------------------------- Top Prospect AMC Achraf Sellack Achraf has come in, but is natural in a position we don't use. The biggest question is whether we retrain him as an MC or an ST ------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------- How far will YOUR youth go: 2037? Just how local are my intakes? We have State of the Art Youth facilities, but are we getting the cream of local youth? YP2 Julius Numan was born in Langedijk, Netherlands, 153km away. This guy was the third best rated player in my intake? We're in trouble... YP3 Jesse van Haaren was born in Stadskanaal, Netherlands, 259km away. Almost on the German border, this guy clearly wanted the best in the Netherlands A now-standard intake, but apart from the above, we've got a quite local intake again with every other player within 50km of the stadium. --------------------------------------------------------------- RKC U-19's vs RKC Youth Candidates: 2037 An enjoyable game to watch. The Youth Candidates goal was a special one. Numan opening up his body to stroke it past the keeper from 20 yards RKC Youth Candidates Player of the Game Julius Numan (8.3)
  4. RKC Waalwijk 10th March 2037 UEFA Champions League First Knockout Round, Leg 2 ING Stadium, Waalwijk RKC Waalwijk 2 - 0 AC Milan Easy
  5. RKC Waalwijk 18th February 2037 UEFA Champions League First Knockout Round, Leg 1 San Siro, Milan AC Milan 0 - 3 RKC Waalwijk
  6. RKC Waalwijk 2036/37 UEFA Champions League For the second year running, we were in a group with Barcelona and Shakhtar. This time we came out on top over Barcelona
  7. The Tenth Annual FMCU Awards Winners Best Newcomer: Stuniverse, _Ben_ & scousevasey Best FMCU Team: Croatia Berlin (Makoto Nakamura) Best FMCU Journeyman: The Perfectionist IV (Makoto Nakamura) Best FMCU Poster: Jimbokav1971 Best FMCU Story: oriole1 Best FMCU Fountain of Youth: Infiltrating Germany. Hans off my Croatians (Makoto Nakamura) Best FMCU Retro Career: scousevasey & Withnail316 Best FMCU Thread Name: I got 1860 problems, but youth intake ain't one (turnip) FMCU Manager of the Year: Makoto Nakamura Best FMCU Thread: Infiltrating Germany. Hans off my Croatians (Makoto Nakamura) Thank you everyone for taking part and voting and just posting over the last 10 years. I look forward to seeing you all next year! Good night!
  8. "Errrr... thanks Anne." "And now... for the final award of the night. The FMCU Best Thread award. Many are called. Most fall by the wayside, but sometimes, just sometimes, the cream rises to the top." "Let's add some spice to this one.." "In joint 3rd Place, with one vote: 'Barnet: How High Can They Go' by @scott92507 'The Hart Chronicles IV' by @PaulHartman71" "In joint 2nd Place, with two votes: 'Kosovo's Rise' by @MarcxD 'French Lingerie' by @Jimbokav1971" "And your winner is....'INFILTRATING GERMANY. HANS OFF MY CROATIANS!" by @Makoto Nakamura"
  9. Hi @Makoto Nakamura "Here we are again. You've won another award. Woo". *drops mic, walks off*
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