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  1. I think an overlooked issue is personality. When Labour swept to power, the Grinning Jackanapes had the golden touch with the public. Thatcher’s iron personality was clearly a hit over Kinnock’s bumbling. I grew up in a Conservative family and the first Labour leader I ever saw with some personality was John Smith (RIP). Since then, it’s been dour men losing on both sides, like Gordon Brown, IDS etc. Johnson is the conservative Blair. All razzle and dazzle. Corbyn was poison from minute one, he could have solved world hunger, but he never would have got the credit for it. Now on
  2. Wow. Now if he can play for league minimum for the rest of the season, I’d love the Wolves to get him. We’re in dire need of a PF
  3. I’ve reviewed the situation and I’ve got @Haguey’s bonus overturned by VAR. You’re welcome
  4. BREAKING: Montague going full Honda and PULLING OUT for S4
  5. I’ve worked though lockdown (until my redundancy) and we’ve just been binge watching TV on our days off. We’re trying to move social housing and that has meant that I have no desire to decorate this place. Would have loved to have moved so that I could spend the remaining lockdown actually being busy rather than watching TV all day
  6. Reading a lot of reactions to people saying that if you worked through the pandemic, you shouldn’t have a tax rise. ….why? The furloughed people aren’t kicking up their heels with champagne and caviar. They’re probably trying to navigate only earning 80% of their minimum wage.
  7. Shocker from OTF. I’ve happily voted for beef Hula Hoops, but Sour Cream Pringles making it all the way to the final is like Tranmere making the League Cup Final 20 years ago. Unfancied and no right to be there
  8. Geelong fan here. Their last minute playoff win over Hawthorne is one of my all time fave sporting moments
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