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  1. RKC Waalwijk 2027 Youth Intake FULL INTAKE OVERVIEW Intake #9. Nearly a decade at the club and we'll look forward to see what the next decade has in store for us. We're still at Exceptional Youth Coaching and Extensive Youth Recruitment. As usual, I'll be concentrating on the 3* and above prospects, however I'll highlight the top three prospects in my eyes of each intake and also concentrate on the U-19's vs Youth Candidates match. -------------------------------------------------- Top 3 Prospects ST Muayed Abbas Muayed is another on our striking conveyor belt. Hopefully he'll rise to get some gametime. DC Lee-Quincey Profijt Lee-Quincey is a DC! A DC!! *trumpets play* DM/MC Floris Baastiansen Floris is an excellent pick up here, because he'll be Mark Wijks' long-term successor ------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------- How far will YOUR youth go: 2027? Just how local are my intakes? We have State of the Art Youth facilities, but are we getting the cream of local youth? YP1 Muayed Abbas was born in L'billin, Israel, 4,448km away. A player from the motherland. He has a good chance of becoming one of Israel's leading players, and who better to nurture him? YP2 Lee-Quincey Profijt was born in Livorno, Suriname. 7,483km away. One from the colonies. It's a long haul back to Holland for this guy, YP4 Andrea Aramu was born in Bottidda, Italy, 1,711km away. Gotta have some Italian style at some point! Our intake pool went a bit awry in this one. All of our furthest players were from outside the country. --------------------------------------------------------------- RKC U-19's vs RKC Youth Candidates: 2027 We had a match against FC Volendam on the same day, so I was unable to watch it. RKC Youth Candidates Player of the Game Floris Baastiansen (7.2)
  2. Mais oui is basically “Ah yes!”
  3. RKC Waalwijk January 2027 Transfer Window Transfers: *Sigh* It's the same as last season. And the one before that. Get to the top of the division, the vultures come calling. Again. DM/MC Mitchell Bosma (sold for £15m + 50% sell on clause to Hamburger SV) Typical. I get a good player in a position and he goes. Mitchell played brilliantly in the DM position and at DC, but once the offer came in... *sigh* DC/DM Tim Pattinama (sold for £15.5m + 50% sell on clause to Rassenballsport Leipzig) We lost both of our first choice DC's in this window. Tim was again the victim of sell on clauses
  4. You have to try to get in to the playoffs at least.
  5. I don't like his work-rate as a full-back tbh, or his acceleration
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