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  1. BANTER, mate. It's just BANTER. (you get to write whatever you want if you call it banter...right?)
  2. Yes, I'm the one trolling by asking everyone to stop with the repetitive harassing questions
  3. The irony of course being that I have no interest in the beta, or FM21 currently.
  4. Nothing to do with my post count ffs. The folk at SI are human beings. Please treat them accordingly. Not asking for much.
  5. Honestly Neil just close the thread and ban all speculation until the game is out. This is embarrassing First I've ventured into GD in about a decade and tbh I've had my fill until 2030.
  6. Neil already said he doesn't make that decision and has no say in it either. You may not doubt the SI team's work and effort but you are very quick to harrass them when they don't give you the information you want to hear. That's wholly unnecessary.
  7. Thank you for everything you do on here Neil. You're a credit to both the SI team and these forums especially. You probably don't hear that as much as you should, so I thought I'd send a bit of positivity your way.
  8. How about instead of waiting to be told it won't be tonight, y'all just assume it won't be tonight and wait until you are informed otherwise. There's a horrible stench of entitlement streaming from this thread and the harassment of SI staff is beyond unacceptable. And cringe-worthy at this point. The beta will be here when it's here, relax and wait until the SI team announce the beta is live. And please stop harassing them for an answer. If they spend their time replying to the same question every time you impatient lot ask it, they'd never have time to actually release the game, nevermi
  9. Someone said they are using a 41212 narrow diamond and not seeing a lot of shots into the side netting, my presumption is their FBs aren't on an attack duty. I use a 41212 narrow diamond and my two FBs (both WB/A) slam at least 2-3 shots each into the side netting. It was so bad that on my beta save after my top scorers with 8 apiece (both STs), my 2 next top scorers were my fullbacks - RB with 6, LB with 4. They were also my top assisters, particularly the LB with about 8.
  10. @roykela hiya pal, I know you asked me to provide some stuff for this thread and I haven't done so yet. I've been busy with work the last couple days so will do my best to contribute in the coming days. I'm not working on Sunday so hopefully by then I'll be able to share some info/PKMs
  11. To counter this point, I dislike that when negotiating with players they often demand to be more involved in future years. I signed someone who was happy to be a squad player in his first season, in the 2nd wanted to be first team, and 3rd wanted to be a key player. I guess that can be a real life situation but I wasn't able to negotiate and have him as a squad player for 2 years then first team etc. I guess when I get further into the save I'll find out if he is unhappy with still being treated as a squad player. It's only a minor thing and might not even be that important b
  12. You're correct, in that it is more difficult. And I have misread your response, so I apologise for stating it is nonsense. My bad. I agree with what you are saying. And I now see that you also agree that through balls aren't attempted enough (successful or otherwise).
  13. Are you using the name fix from FMScout? I've done so for years and that particular name fix does not include nicknames and never has.
  14. The second part is true, tbf. But the first part is nonsense. It might be a harder pass to pull off technically but it doesn't mean players don't try it, which is exactly what we see in the current ME. I'm not advocating through balls creating great chances every single time this position arises. I just want to see my players attempting the killer pass. Right now they have a heavy, heavy tendency to spray the ball wide, almost never opting to even attempt the through ball.
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