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  1. You're thinking of Whoopy D. And no.
  2. You voted MLG in the vain hope it was between you and him, right? Wasn't me but when you do post about football I like your posts. Mostly in the Scottish football thread or one of the OF threads, mind you.
  3. The Artist Formerly Known As Recky D
  4. I thought we could only nominate once per category and I went Video Games because generally I use that more, but it was a token vote for all of VG threads
  5. I didn't realise we could nominate multiple people... oh well
  6. I think it is an overlooked thread in general, I just hope people are aware it is there if they need it. Not that I wish people to be suffering depression but it is a great and welcoming and fairly low key thread which I've posted in many times over the years and have always leaned on it for support just remember to take your vitamins before you enter e: so overlooked i didn't even realise it was an option has to get my vote.
  7. I had nothing to nominate because my memory is a joke but it has to be Deltablue e: G-Man making me look bad
  8. Gaming in general i feel. But lots of other posters contribute to gaming in general also. Barry really is Mr. Nintendo to OTF
  9. Ha, might have done this but with SCR and Barry. Either way lots of strong options again
  10. You know I'm pretty sure I nominated Orzelek but then I saw Boots as an option so I changed my vote. A lot of good contributors up there though
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