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  1. Fancy giving this a go in France. Before I do just wanted to check, at the start of the game I can select National 2 but it doesn't seem playable, so I assume I'm ok to start in National?
  2. Training question - I've been able to double my coaching staff but am a bit confused with the Coaches display in Training. What does the overall rating at the bottom mean? I can put all of my coaches in the same category but the Overall rating doesn't change. Does having more than 1 coach covering the same area have an improved affect on the team. I assumed that it would but not sure.
  3. Been on holiday for a couple of weeks which is why this has been a while coming! Belated congratulations to Duffy for completing 2019-2020 Main Squad The thought of going into Ligue 1 without being allowed to strengthen was certainly a daunting one but one we were equally looking forward to. Pre-season was the same trusted routine of playing a number of small local sides to build up confidence and score plenty of goals. The pundits weren't impressed with either our players or our chances of staying up making us clear favourites for relegation. The plan was 40 points, that
  4. Not great to be honest! But then I'm generally pessimistic by nature! We have played against a number of the bottom half teams when they were in Ligue 2 and done ok, obviously they've been able to strengthen though whereas I haven't. Should be an interesting challenge
  5. 2018-2019 Main Squad What a season! Despite being hot favourites for relegation last season we managed a spirited 4th place missing out on promotion on the last day of the season. I was slightly worried that this season we'd struggle having lost a couple of players and the boards expectations increasing. Luckily we picked up where we'd left off. We started solidly winning 7, drawing 2 and losing 3 of the opening 12 games. Game 12 saw us hit the top of the league where we stayed until the penultimate game of the season. I'd felt previous seasons had been a little conservative
  6. 2017-2018 Main Squad Once again we were tipped for relegation however this season we made a big improvement. The young players who were kind of forced in last season are really starting to find their feet. I brought in a new formation for pre-season which we quickly took to and boosted by the big news that our young Centre Back Charles Essomba had agreed to extend his contract we made an excellent start to the season. Beaten just once in the first 12 games saw us well in the mix at the top of the table, particularly pleasing was the number of goals we were scoring and our away
  7. 2016-2017 Main Squad While last season we flirted with the relegation zone this season saw our interest more at the top of the table. 5 wins in the opening 8 games left us 4th and we stayed in the top half for pretty much the entire campaign. Unfortunately we could never quite string a long enough run of wins together to break into the top 3. We were on course an impressive league finish but our form dropped away completely toward the end winning just 1 game in 8. A 9th place finish was only 2 places better than last season but it felt like a big step forward. After gettin
  8. Interesting article on Crewe, always had a soft spot for them and Gradi, like their philosophy....probably why I'm trying this challenge! Anyway Mulhouse update to follow shortly....
  9. 2015-2016 Main Squad I'm always unsure on promotion in this challenge. Obviously you want it, but not being able to buy anyone has you looking at your existing squad seriously questioning whether they are going to be good enough. This was a tough season, we struggled to get going, picking up 3 points in the first 5 games, all from draws. Our first win at this level came against fellow new boys Amiens, this was immediately followed by a 7-2 win against Lens, my biggest win as a manager, to move us into mid table. We stayed largely around mid table for the majority of the season
  10. Thanks for the tip Shakes didn't know about that bug, thought it was just my poor facilities!
  11. 2014-2015 Main Squad Pre-season was over-shadowed by a takeover that took an age to sort and inflicted a lengthy transfer embargo on us, not that that affected me! Unfortunately for me no additional funding was forthcoming but luckily they were happy for me to continue as manager. Any worries that last seasons 7th place was a fluke or that the takeover had distracted us were quickly allayed. A blistering start to the new campaign saw us win 5 on the spin with a 14-5 goal difference. Last season draws kept us from mounting any real promotion push, but as hoped we managed to turn
  12. 2013-14 Main Squad We were predicted to finish 17th at the start of the season, but having assessed the squad I was quietly confident that we could prove the doubters wrong and comfortably achieve the boards aim of survival, and so it proved. We were really solid all season, largely thanks to really tight defence. Following an opening day home defeat to hotly fancied Nimes, we went on a run of 5 clean sheets in a row, which ended with defeat against another promotion contender in Caen. Those were the league only defeats we suffered pre-winter break but a large percentage of draws were k
  13. I attempted this challenge in FM 2012 and was still playing with AS Cannes until recently when my game corrupted. I had hoped to be able to play them again in '13 but they failed to get promoted, however I can't tear myself away from France so...... Football Club de Mulhouse Founded: 1893 Stadium: Stade de l'Ill (Capacity: 11303) Facilities: Youth facilities - Adequate, Junior Coaching - Basic, Youth Recruitment - Basic Not much in the way of history despite being 120 years old, they've never won anything except regional titles in France and Germany, based in Alsace they s
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