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  1. [FM17] Scottish Only Challenge

    August 2017 A new season. The lads have had a good break and now we're back for some serious work. Hopefully going one set further than last year and getting into the CL. Our EL run last season improved our coefficient loads... And now onto this season.... Sorted loads of friendlies for us to gain fitness but some were cancelled due to CL games... Then came our CL qualifiers. The first two rounds should always be straight forward for us, playing some of the weakest teams around. TNS were up first Then Partizan Then onto the stage where we failed last year. This time it was IFK Goteborg. Luckily there were no upsets this time as we went through easily enough. We are into the Champions League Group Stage!!! And here'sour group.... Tough group, but being 3rd seeds gives us a chance of at least finishing 3rd. But second place is our goal. Our home form is vital. Man Utd might want revenge for us putting them out last year Main focus had to be the CL games but our league form didn't falter too much..... And the early table looks like this... Hibs just promoted and going well. Rangers starting better than last season too. Here's our transfers in and out for the summer..... We are now a Scottish only club. No non Scots at all. I also decided to spend a little money of 2/3 expensive players. We now have a strong first and second team. So rotation shouldn't cost as many points as last season. Here's the squad.... Scotland also have some games over the summer....
  2. [FM17] Scottish Only Challenge

    Other League Final Standings
  3. [FM17] Scottish Only Challenge

    Barcelona Won the Champions League
  4. [FM17] Scottish Only Challenge

    End of Season After the disappointment of the EL final, there was at least something to cheer about. We won the Scottish Cup. Very professional display, the scoreline doesn't show our dominance. Our final league results..... All these matches were with a rotated squad to give some fringe players a game and rest the EL team. So the wins are very pleasing. 17 points in the end, very good return. The end of year awards......
  5. [FM17] Scottish Only Challenge

    Thanks mate
  6. [FM17] Scottish Only Challenge

    In the end, it just wasn't to be. We had a man sent off in the first half and extra time was just too much for us with 10 men. Then after all the subs had been made we got an injury so were down to 9 before the second and third goals went in. Disappointing end to a great run. Getting to the final was very pleasing though. It also gives me hope for the CL next season.
  7. [FM17] Scottish Only Challenge

    Europa League mini update 2 We had a a league game in-between the Utd games. A full rotation happened to keep my EL team fresh. Ill update on the league game after the league season finishes. So onto the 2nd leg. We didn't have anything to lose so I thought we should just go for it. All out attack. Totally different approach from the first leg. Was hoping we could get some goals and a respectable aggregate score. What I didn't expect to happen was this..... What. The. ****?!?!?!? Griffiths was like a man possessed. getting 4 and his 49th of the season!! I can't believe we are in the final. Inter made it past West Ham and we play them in Sweden.
  8. [FM17] Scottish Only Challenge

    Europa League mini Update So as we know, it's Man Utd in the final. The club I actually support. Jose comes out in the press and says we don't deserve to be in the SF. That hurt First leg was away, so we went defensive and hoped to come away with draw, the very least a loss with an away goal. Neither happened. As expected we were hammered. 2 shots on target which were too easy for de Gea. Hopefully the score won't be too big over the 2 legs
  9. [FM17] Scottish Only Challenge

    April 2017 Time to get back to winning ways in the league. The slit isn't far away and I would like to get it wrapped up as quickly as possible. Especially if our Europa League adventure is to continue. Good results, defeat was again due to squad rotation between EL games. Our back ups don't seem to be strong enough. But it didn't matter.... The league title was ours. Was always going to happen but its nice to get it over the line. Would be a real failure not to won this league. More good news is we are into the final of the Scottish Cup And now the GREAT news. We are into the semi final of the EL.... Was a nervy 2nd leg, but we held strong and got the away goals we needed to progress. And its a biggie in the SF.... Its a great achievement for a club like present day Celtic to get into the Semi Final. Will be the toughest game of the season but we will give it our all. Pity it's not the final.
  10. [FM17] Scottish Only Challenge

    March 2017 Only 2 league games this month.... Terrible, terrible results. Fortunately there were for very good reason, as they were either side of our Europa League games. They leave the table looking like this.... 9 point gap with 7 games left. Not as comfortable as it should be but we should still finish top at the end, unless the EL hinders us more. Speaking of the Europa League, we had a fantastic result to make up for our league form. Thought it would be an incredibly hard tie, but.... We were amazing!! And we are into the Quarter Final!! Happy with that draw considering the alternatives, and we might even get through into the SFs. We also advanced in the Scottish Cup..... Scotland also had a good month and they are in great form.... Half way through their qualifiers and they are top. Anything can still happen but its better to be in their position than not. March was also the time for new youth players.... Not a looker amongst them.....Here's the best of a bad bunch....
  11. [FM17] Scottish Only Challenge

    February 2017 Feb sees the return of the Europa League, with the 1st knockout round. Ideally an away goal would have made the trip perfect but 0-0 is still a good result. The 2nd leg couldn't have went more to plan though, a convincing win. Though draw in the next round.... I made a few changes to the team as I prioritised the EL. And the league form suffered a little from that. Our only senior goal keeper got injured also, which didn't help. But the loses didn't hinder our league position any. Again I shuffled the pack for the Scottish cup and now need to have replay.
  12. [FM17] Scottish Only Challenge

    January 2017 January bring the transfer window and a few signings were to be had. The first of which came well before the window even opened. I got a scout report for a player I didn't even think would be interested in coming as he played for our hated rivals Rangers!! I was looking for a new defender and at £325k he is a steal Next up was another happy event I didn't coming. I had scouted him before as I usually manage Hearts in FM. And right back was a position I was in desperate need of a better player. Paterson had been transfer listed by request so I jumped at the chance. £2.4m later and we had our man. Although 3 weeks after signing I get a news item saying he's unhappy with the depth of the defenders And finally, I needed some competition for our star man up front. Think he can become a very good player and top striker for us. £1.2m well spent. Here's the overview of tranfers for the season, a few more of the non Scots left in Jan too Now that the transfers are out of the way, here's our league form...... What a result against Rangers. The best bit? Griffiths was out injured And the table looks like this at the end of Jan We also had a Scottish Cup game, and the fully rotated team did the job
  13. [FM17] Scottish Only Challenge

    A few big teams, Man Utd being the biggest....Here's the draw: Ajax Vs Inter is a nice draw.