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  1. £16m coming Stockports way. Hopefully they spend some of it this time
  2. End of the Season in other Leagues
  3. May 2020 A 0-0 draw with Spurs gave Arsenal the advantage in the race to the title. but they only went and lost away to Newcastle, who are now managed by Steven Gerrard. 2-2 was enough to put us into the EL final, Arsenal again bottling it with losing to Wolves in their semi We were away to Palace and Arsenal at home to Man City, they drew 0-0 and we won the title with a fantastic 6-0 win I made wholesale changes for the game against Leicester, and we were unlucky to lose but it didn't damper the celebrations around Old Trafford. We absolutely battered Wolves in the EL final, they had 2 off target shots the whole game and we had over 20 shots. It took a last minute of extra time Pogba strike to win the cup! Here's how the PL table finished...West Ham had a great season. Chelsea not so much Stockport didn't enjoy similar success as they went out to Dover in the first round of the playoffs. Some awards for the Utd players... Mason Greenwood has been outstanding this season, over 30 goals in all comps...
  4. April 2020 Going 2nd in the table seemed to spur us on, we've waited almost a whole season for a perfect month and we finlly got it 8 wins in a row see us return back to the top of the table and a nice lead in the semi final of the EL. A point ahead of Arsenal with 3 games to go. Arsenal by the way, just wouldn't stop winning. They were destroying everyone, including a 4-0 win over Spurs. Average month for Stockport but it sees them finish in the top 6 and get into the playoffs. They've been there for most of the season so they deserve to be there. Don't think they will be favourites to go up, but good luck to them!
  5. In other news, Jesse Lingard has decided he wasn't getting enough playing time so requested a transfer. I would've liked to keep him as a back up but he wants to be a regular starter. He's played 21 times so far this season so don;t really see the problem. So he will most likely be leaving come the end of the season. Pogba is also wanted by PSG so might cash in on him and I do was an all English team in the future. I might also sell DDG and promote Henderson, but could wait another year for that
  6. March 2020 Relatively poor months in March for both teams... Tough away to Chelsea and Liverpool mean Utd move into 2nd place in the table. We have really struggled in away games against the other top teams, I'll have to look at how we set up going forward. Stockport had a shocker with what looks like their porrest period of the season. But luckily they are still in the playoffs. Into the next round of the EL brings us Besiktas. The QFs look like this... Got our youth candidates. Not a great amount of talent The standout being this guy, who I've tagged to keep track of his development
  7. February 2020 Some light relief as our fixyures aren't as heavy and we start to get players back from injury. Only Pogba out long term now. Disappointing start to the month, and it's all my fault. Tried to try something different and catch Coty out but it failed and we got battered. The scoreline flattered us. So we went back to the tried and tested and it starts raining goals 15 goals in 4 games without reply! Two point lead with 11 to play. Stockport also had a nice run of clean sheets and a few wins in a row. Playoffs look very likely, hopefully no implosion and League 2 doesn;t look that far away. Here's what the EL looks like:
  8. January 2020 The fixtures just keep coming! Is it too much to ask just to have 4 games in a month? Injuries have meant our form has dropped off a little, although the wins have kept coming the wins aren't as convincing as they had been, and then we get games like against Wolves where we have little cutting edge. But we did bounce back with a nice win in the FA Cup. Still top of the table but the gap could be gone soon, top 4 was the target at the start of the season so we should get that but not winning the league now would be a diasppointment. Couple of wins, couple of draws and a lose isn't too bad. And into the next round in the FA trophy, Overall a good month. No signing for Utd this month. And Stockport again decided not to buy anyone, just a few loans. C'mon County, spend some of that lovely money I've sent you!!
  9. Oh there's room for some shambles, stayed tuned! Thanks
  10. Since it's the half way point of the season lets have a look at some other leagues
  11. December 2019 Lots of games this month, almost too many. We were on a great run of form but the games in quick succession around the festive period tested our squad depth and our run of wins had to come to an end Rashford, Martial and Greenwood all got injuries this month too, Rashford and Martial will be out for some time too. Barnsley wanted it more than our back ups and they went through in the LC. Good wins against Liverpool and Chelsea kept us at the top of the league, and at the half way stage we have a point lead over Arsenal, who we have next, but we do have a game in hand. Another mixed month for Stockport, who just can't get a run of wins together. Although the month does end with two 3-0 wins. Still in the run for the playoffs.
  12. November 2019 A perfect month thwarted again by Torino, this time a 2-2 draw. But apart from that slight disappointment a pretty good month. The highlight being the back up players absolutely battering to VP and Greenwood getting a hattrick. Top of the league by goal difference with a game in hand, the league campaign is going well, some difficult games coming up however. Stockport get 3 wins and 2 loses in the league and unfortunately go out of the cup but they're still in the plays off places A month until the Jan window opens, wonder if they will buy anyone!
  13. October 2019 Only 2 league games this month because for some unknown reason we didn't have a league game on the last game week of the month. 2 wins from two though, and without conceding which is always nice. A 1-1 draw at home to Torino in the EL stopped us from having a perfect month, and we also advanced into the next round of the LC. A Lingard double sealing that win Stockport had a mixed month in the league. A win, a loss and a few draws. But they aso went through in their cup game, this time to get into the first round proper of the FA Cup. Still within touching distance of the play offs, which would be a fantastic achievement.
  14. September 2019 3 PL games and the start of our adventures in the EL and CC. After the 0-0 draw against Norwich it was important to get back to scoring, but my players thought otherwise, another 0-0 draw, but this time less embarrassing as it was away to Leicester . But we followed that up with a really confident win against Palace, Rashford the star of the show with a hattrick. Then we finished the month off with a tricky away day in London, against an in form West Ham who had started the season very well. A Martial goal was enough to win! Changes were made for two games this month, in what would certainly be less prioritised competitions. Two fantastic high scoring wins, lovely to see Greenwood get a couple of goals Stockport had a very good month as well, chalk and cheese from the last month, they only went and stayed undefeated in 5 games Which meant they shot up to the top half of the table
  15. Here are the draws for EL and Carabao Cup Good draws here. Fully expect to proceed in both comps
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