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  1. Gizzy

    [FM19] The Scotland Experiment

    A great showing at the world cup gives us our highest ever WR
  2. Gizzy

    [FM19] The Scotland Experiment

    And our World Cup adventure has come to an end. The players were out of gas by the end. Playing every 4 days is not easy to manage and I think we have all learned something this time round.
  3. Gizzy

    [FM19] The Scotland Experiment

    The final was a step too far in the end. A very good Dutch side were too much for us. Again though, more shots on target and it may have been a different story. I feel our lack of depth has been the difference and a few more quality players in key positions would've helped us. But who can complain, a WC SF is magnificent. Still a 3rd place play off to go. But Ill give some fringe players a go I think.
  4. Gizzy

    [FM19] The Scotland Experiment

    Scotland, Holland, Brazil and Germany in the Semis. All the greats together
  5. Gizzy

    [FM19] The Scotland Experiment

    Who's got a semi? Really close game, and we weren't very good in the first half and Portugal really should've been ahead. We changed to more attacking in the second half and it paid off. Holland await in the SF. We've already matched the England greats of 2018
  6. Gizzy

    [FM19] The Scotland Experiment

    We've Done It!! Their only shot came in stoppage time. They just didn't fancy it at all. We've never had such a comfortable game against a top nation during my tenure. Favourites France or Portugal await in the QF
  7. Gizzy

    [FM19] The Scotland Experiment

    Half time in the second round game against Belgium. And we're 1-0 up. They just haven't wanted to attack. Surely they can't be so limp in the second half? 45 minutes away from a WC QF?
  8. Gizzy

    [FM19] The Scotland Experiment

    Not the easiest tie, but who wants it easy at the WC?
  9. Gizzy

    [FM19] The Scotland Experiment

    It was all or nothing. A win and we are through, a loss and we're out. A draw and who knew! We went attacking. I wanted the win! 4-0 inside half an hour and we were all but through. We are top of the group for the whole match. Right up until Argentina scored in the last minute. 2nd is better than going out, now we wait to see who we've got in the next round. Fantastic achievement already!
  10. Gizzy

    [FM19] The Scotland Experiment

    Thats nice for him. Hopefully we can get a young striker coming through that can blow that out of the water. This will most likely be Griffiths last time with the squad as well.
  11. Gizzy

    [FM19] The Scotland Experiment

    Our first defeat in 22 games, in 2 years since the Euros. No shame in it though, losing to Argentina. And it was a close game. Disappointed not to get more shots on goal and more on target to test them a bit more. But its not all doom and gloom as the group is wide open and all 4 teams can still qualify going into the last game.
  12. Gizzy

    [FM19] The Scotland Experiment

    Mali is our second and last warm up match. The red card didn't help so early in the match and luckily it doesn't lead to a ban. But happy enough with the win. Now onto the WORLD CUP! C'mon BOYS!!
  13. Gizzy

    [FM19] The Scotland Experiment

    First warm up game is against hosts Australia. Disappointed to conceded so many goals, but also nice to some a few. Henderson with a brace on his debut as well.