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  1. Southgate made one mistake but unfortunately he made it over and over and it was playing Saka. He looked like a lost boy against Germany and I couldn't believe he brought him on before Rashford, Sancho or Grealish. And again he looked like some kid playing with real men, had no right being on the pitch. And then taking the last pen was unbelievable. Rashford and Sancho should've been on a lot earlier too. Your first touch in a final shouldn't be a penalty.
  2. Turkey confirmed as the worst team? Who had them? I was 1 goal away
  3. Aren't they on about the shadow from the overhead camera? it kept moving around the pitch. Thought it was a little distracting myself. Surprised Mings didn't try and tackle it
  4. Our very own Sweepstake guru thinks I won't even score a goal, just give me the money now
  5. Do I have North Macedonia? ffs
  6. Surely Henderson doesn't make the 26? He hasn't played since middle of Feb
  7. Much prefer to run them than play them. The last game really annoyed me waiting for others to pick
  8. Isn't @Bootador playing? He would've had a full team of players picked by someone else
  9. Think there's still space mate. @GunmaN1905 is running this one
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