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  1. Does it do that automatically or do I have to set it up?
  2. I'm Hearts in the 4th season. Won the league the last 2 years and got to the CL seni's last year. Have £40m in the bank. Really wanted to get more coaches in, I only have 2.
  3. The option isn't there at all, just staff wage increases.
  4. How do I increase the number of coaches etc I'm allowed?
  5. Got a new draft game running over on the football forum. Anyone interested? Post here: Draft Game
  6. Sorry George, just 24 hours for the 1 match threads. We need to finish before the end of the actual championships
  7. Welcome everyone to The Final of the Euro 2016 Draft Game. IWWROCKS Vs RickyButton Vs Euro 2016 Forum Users are asked to vote on which team they think would win a match if it were to be played today. Taking into account the players used. We ask you to keep your decision based on footballing reasons and not your like or dislike for the "Manager" of the team. Feel free to vote and leave any comments about your decision in this thread The managers of each team can also vote for either team and discuss with other voters. Voting will last for 24 hours. Good luck to both managers
  8. 8-8 with less than 10 minutes to go
  9. Deadline is tonight, more votes please