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  1. I don't even like red bull and I gave up energy drinks about 3 months ago
  2. I did die to a coin flip because you weren't active hence the "**** you". And it didn't matter who looked reindeer, the game was over if we didn't lynch red...clearly.
  3. I know I royally ****ed my team up, but the cold hard facts for you: I killed JJ I recruited Boots and Butts I nailed both Brock and Bliss as nobbers You lot bottled lynching Bliss. I mean seriously, did anyone else actually vote for him except for me?! It's not fun when Bliss can post "I'm town I'm town and that guy is scum!!" For 5 days and not get a single vote. Embarrassing all round, even if I was the cherry on top. Officially announcing my retirement, I'd love to say its been fun but it really hasn't. PS. **** you @markyosullivan for not voting D5 an
  4. Have been appreciating Doom all night. Still a bit upset by the news That's That in particular is outstanding, the perfect example of how hip hop is poetry
  5. I am an idiot but even a stopped clock is right twice a day
  6. The game is genuinely over mate, SCR touched on it last page but if Darren went and we recruited and avoided an NK, we won the game. It just didn't play out like I hoped it might. I was way off in fact. And still nearly rescued it the good news for you guys is that that was my last one. I'm done with WW now. I wrote in my QT, these games aren't fun anymore. When Bliss gets to D5 without a single but of pressure every game, its just not fun. We all know each other too well and I don't get anything from it anymore.
  7. I would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn't for that pesky Darren
  8. He knows this Boots but he can't admit it because he is red.
  9. Its almost as active as this one by the looks of it
  10. I don't think he is mate but this is a fantastic post
  11. Spoken like a nobber saving his fur. There is no excuse for a dead vote or a late vote on D5. Absolutely no excuse for it. I don't care if you're lying on your death bed, you HAVE TO VOTE. VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!
  12. Stupid Man United playing stupid football @Gizzy we need a vote count inckuding non-voters please
  13. So if you ask Bliss, the Reindeer team is outed entirely. If you ask me, the entire Santa team is outed already. Run of the mill WW tbf
  14. When you have no response, post a gif. Straight from the Bliss book of plays
  15. Again, if I was a reindeer, why would I make that play? You can't possibly think of anything because it makes absolutely zero sense. I wouldn't out myself just to try and get Darren lynched, I'd just sit quietly in my QT and avoid getting involved.
  16. You're deliberately ignoring every post afterwards because you are a red and at this point the easy lynch is the best lynch for you. I see right through you.
  17. I'm not a bloody reindeer and I wish people would stop saying it. If Gizzy's Answer hadn't told us the reindeer's names i would have probably picked Dasher or Dancer
  18. This could also be important I can't remember tbph. Thats back maybe 20 pages now
  19. Oh ffs, we've given two dodgy af players a pass because we read a clue wrong that just typifies the collective town shambles. Who was Port gunning hard for, anyone remember?
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