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  1. @Bartrcm Traoré is unbelievable ! Good luck keeping hold of him. Great improvement this season as well.
  2. I hope not. Look at his face...
  3. Great effort @smp20, you fought valiantly and that's about all you can ask for. I think one season back in Serie B to take stock and make some more additions should be all you need to go back up and stay up next time. Also, congrats to @B.W.G on your promotion! You've done really well at building the squad so far so I think you've got a fair chance at staying up yourself. Nice to see you back on the forums too.
  4. oriole01

    [FM19] Kosovo's Rise

    Well, you're already well on your way to success. A very impressive first two seasons, especially in Europe. Good luck against Steaua.
  5. oriole01

    [FM17] Hans Kaiser- Baldness Über Alles!

    Nothing too rosy, I'm afraid.
  6. Wow, this is moving really fast. That Bayern result as well as Juve's league position are surreal.
  7. oriole01

    [FM17] Hans Kaiser- Baldness Über Alles!

    You've got to stick to your principles. To be continued...
  8. oriole01

    [FM17] Hans Kaiser- Baldness Über Alles!

    FT- We don't. It's over.
  9. oriole01

    [FM17] Hans Kaiser- Baldness Über Alles!

    90'- We finally have our goal, but it's looking like it might be too late. We've pushed forward well after their second goal, and we've been rewarded through Leonardo de Souza, who takes a defensive header in stride and squeezes in a goal at Alessandro Plizzari's near post from a tricky angle. We're back in it, but do we have enough time to find another? We have three minutes of added time to find out. 2 1
  10. oriole01

    [FM17] Hans Kaiser- Baldness Über Alles!

    70'- Rotariu's first meaningful involvement of the game sees him with a big chance to put Brugge back in the match, but the wounded talisman stings it wide. Glenn Caenepeel will come on at AMC for Jean-Thierry Lazare.
  11. oriole01

    [FM17] Hans Kaiser- Baldness Über Alles!

    56'- Another goal for Lokeren. They've had the better of the second half so far, and they score again, as this time our on-loan RB Haris Gahrouri picks out Van Vaerenbergh with his cross, and the 23-year-old former Brugge youth player rips it home on the volley for his first goal of the season in Lokeren's biggest game of the season. That's insult to injury, two times over. Rotariu will come on for us. 2 0
  12. oriole01

    [FM17] Hans Kaiser- Baldness Über Alles!

    HT- " Still down a goal. Our counter tactic started to make the wheels turn a bit more after their goal, as we were able to get in behind their defense a couple of times, but our finishing hasn't been here tonight so far. I've tried to motivate the players at half time, as well as switch to a standard 4-2-3-1, the one Hans used frequently at Dortmund. There's zero point in playing conservatively now, so I'm pushing them on. The third CB Silas Gnaka will come off for van den Boomen, who is a key performer in the midfield.
  13. oriole01

    [FM17] Hans Kaiser- Baldness Über Alles!

    28'- It's a goal for Lokeren. The opening stages of the match have seen both sides get into the attacking third, but Lokeren have done it more often, and they got their break here, as a scramble from a corner saw the ball deflect off the back of a heavily-covered Bob Straetman and fall to Georgian international Levan Mchedlishvili, who powered the ball past Teunckens on the half-volley. I'm switching to our counter tactic, with attack our mission straight from the restart. 1 0
  14. oriole01

    [FM17] Hans Kaiser- Baldness Über Alles!

    Club Brugge European Places Playoff- Final Hans Kaiser's Monologue: Here we are. It's our biggest match of the season, and one of the most crucial in my career. I had my fair share of big games at Dortmund- most memorably the title race draw with Bayern in 2020- but that era of my life is long gone now. I'm with Brugge now, and with them, there hasn't been a match on this level since I arrived. The last match was huge, but it was one we really had no excuse to lose. Although I was proud of my boys for working hard and coming out winners, we shouldn't have had to go to such lengths to secure safe passage. This being a final, the stakes are only bigger. I'm hungry to get back into Europe. It's been a year and a half since I managed in a European competition, and it's been even longer than that since I've had a good season in one. This is my chance to get back on the big stage, where my name will once again be mentioned in the same breath of the best managers of today's game. I can't **** this up. Even though it'd be the Europa League and not the Champions League, I cannot miss this opportunity. If we fail, I couldn't take it. The players, the fans, and the board will be very disappointed, and that's something I vowed to never experience again after my last season at Dortmund. I have to make them happy, or else I will have to leave, because I swore to never let a club I love down again. I swore it on Leo's grave. So yes, this could be the end of the line for me. But it could also be a new beginning. One where baldness takes the world by surprise, emerging from obscurity and into the light. I want nothing more than for that to happen, to bring joy to the city and club I now call home and adore. When Carlo said I'd be going to Belgium, I took as an insult. Oh, how I relish him saying that now. The beer, the fancy chocolate bars, the canals and gondolas, the medieval buildings mixed in with the hip and modern ones, the reserved nature the locals will give off until you get to know them, I love it all. All that's missing is a damn good football team, and if we win tonight, I believe that's where we'll be headed. We just need to get this done, to see it over the line, and to end our season on a massive high. Voor de stad. Voor de glorie. Voor de kaalheid. Kaalheid boven alles! I've set out in a defensive formation to start, as Lokeren run the same counter formation as I do, and the last time we clashed with the same tactic, we lost 4-1. I want to stay secure at the back, but I've set the mentality to counter and the FBs to support in the hope we can get the ball to the front three on quick, fluid counterattacks. Club Brugge- Carl Martensson starts in place of a suspended Ricardo van Rhijn. Young midfielder Sander Vanhee starts ahead of Branco van den Boomen, as he's better in the role of BWM. The biggest news on our side is that our top scorer Dorin Rotariu will start on the bench, as he unfortunately took a knock in the second half of the Waasland match and was not fit enough to start this one. I will look to bring him off the bench at some point in the second half. His absence from the starting XI brings José Izquierdo into it. The long-serving Colombian will be playing his final Brugge match, as I plan to release him at season's end if we win. He's really struggled to put away his chances this season, but I hope he can turn that around in his last bow. A red-hot Leonardo de Souza swaps wings to fill in for Rotariu. Lastly, Jelle Vossen will serve as our strike option off the bench, in what could also be his final match in a Club Brugge shirt. KSC Lokeren- Lokeren will start four players who have made less than ten starts for them this season, most notably the striker Dennis Van Vaerenbergh. For unknown reasons, their 22-goal striker Karel Moens (who bagged a hat trick against us in that 4-1 loss) is not in the matchday squad, leaving an inexperienced Van Vaerenbergh to be the lone striker tonight. Another big threat, Felix Nyberg- who has 5 goals and 10 assists this season- is on the bench. Among those actually in the Lokeren starting XI, Bob Straetman is the one to watch out for, as the brilliantly-named left winger has 6 goals and 11 assists that he can point to to justify us double-marking him with Lacroix and Martensson. The bottom line is that they're a weakened side tonight, and we have to take advantage of that if we want to win and achieve our goal. The game has started, and the time has come. Let's save the save, lads. Los! Los! Los!