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  1. Are you able to improve the facilities so that you can get better intakes? It really sucks that you're not getting any success there.
  2. Super unlucky not to go through there. I quietly followed along towards the end of your Inverness thread and enjoyed it, and I love a good Scandinavian thread as well. Great work so far!
  3. Great idea, great choice of starting club, uncommon nation to manage in... you've got me on board. Best of luck in your restoration projects.
  4. Brutal luck again, man. Reminds me of my constant misfortune in the DFB-Pokal with Dortmund, which was one of my biggest frustrations with that save. I hope you get them again next year and smash them instead.
  5. It's definitely sad, but they had a litany of troubles before this. The game yesterday was just the last straw for the league. Players and staff hadn't been paid since August, resulting in the majority of them refusing to play, which forced them to forfeit multiple games or use ineligible players. Gotta feel bad for them, but you can see why it had to happen. http://www.espn.com/soccer/italian-serie-c1-a/story/3778054/serie-c-club-pro-piacenza-expelled-from-league-after-20-0-loss
  6. Unfortunately they just got kicked out of the league today
  7. Brilliant season . Must have taken nerves of steel to win that knife fight with Tunas. How does your side compare to DPMM? Do you have better players than them at this point?
  8. Proper unlucky to come up with neither a cup win nor European football this time. The progress is definitely there, though, and those consistently good intakes should continue to help you .
  9. What an achievement in Bosnia! Truly could not have seen this sort of large-scale success coming, but I suppose the money explosion and no foreign player limits make anything possible in Europe now. Looking forward to what you can do in Brazil, as well as the end of the 'B' countries. KUTGW!
  10. These African players are starting to look absolutely world class! Surprising that they're interested in staying on the continent for their move and not going to Europe or elsewhere. Looks like they're starting to pay dividends for you though, great start to the CL so far .
  11. Club Atlético Aldosivi, of Mar del Plata, Argentina.
  12. Jesus, I was almost certain you were going to face the dilemma of getting promoted without winning the title last season, but once again you've pulled a crazy title win out of the hat! What an unbelievable save this has been, I think we might have to start handing out awards early this year.
  13. Very refreshing to have seen you in a close title fight this season, that was hardly ever the case at Ballkani. Great work you've done with Besa so far!
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