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  1. The fact that I had to look up what the hell a Jackanory was probably won't increase my standing among all you across-the-ponders, but in my opinion, there ain't nothin' wrong with being the bad guy... *laughs in Carlo Ancelotti* Cheers for the award, everybody. I haven't gotten into this new thread as much as I would have liked to yet narrative-wise, but I'm glad you guys appreciate what's already been written, and the potential is there for more to come. To win this award two years in a row is something special to me as a writer . Here's to more fraudulence in 2020!
  2. If the Zlatan doesn't show up tonight, @ManUtd1, your FM20 thread will be #CANCELLED! Congrats to our trio of winners, by the way. Great threads by all of you.
  3. Who knows, we might just call it "Jimbo's Thread" out of tradition now
  4. Cheers Clem. The lack of Inuit names is a bit of a bother for me as well, but most of the real Greenlandic players included in the database have those names, and thus at least a small amount of regens will have them too, but I agree that new languages should be allowed to be created to make it more realistic. I've yet to update the league names in-game, but I can tell you that we are now competing for the Trump Organization Trumplandsmesterskabet, and our chief sponsors are Chick-fil-a and the NRA. Thank you Scott. If Fabian ever does get out of Greenland, we'll be revisiting his story, and possibly examining his mental state as well. I play the vast majority of games with the ME, mostly because I don't trust IR in games with any weight to them. Therefore, I only simulate games in which there there is nothing pertinent on the line (dead rubber), such as the Narsaq game in the last post. So it's about 95% play and 5% sim.
  5. Nagtoralik-45 2025 GBU Indendørs Qualifying, Part 2 Three wins and two losses. We didn't perform exceptionally well in any of these games, and often had to play from behind in them, but I was very happy to defeat and hold a clean sheet against Siuteroq, which secured qualification for the finals. The following loss against Narsaq at home was atrocious, but I IR'd that game and threw out a weakened team, as it didn't matter anyway. None of the teams in the group did too badly this time, but we were clearly the best of the lot. Semi Final Draw We will contest the semi final with the team who beat us in the final of this competition last season, on penalties following a quite unbelievable 6-6 draw. Revenge against NUK IL is certainly on the cards. Tyr! Tyr! Tyr!
  6. Good luck, this should be a great challenge in a nation that doesn't get much attention on this forum. Your goals are ambitious, but I see no reason why they can't be realized. I hope you can at least sign some real players soon, that'd be a decent step
  7. Nagtoralik-45 2025 GBU Indendørs Qualifying, Part 1 We've been absolutely pouring in the goals, but worrying inconsistencies are still present, as Eqaluk have given us trouble in both matches and defeated us in the second meeting. We almost blew a massive advantage against Siuteroq, as we lead 5-1 on 75 minutes, but conceded three in rapid succession to cut the lead to 5-4. Thankfully, we held on for a valuable win. Kalak and Kissaviarsuk were no match for us. It's Siuteroq and not Eqaluk that we'll have to contend with to top the group, as the latter have been shaky so far against the rest of the field. We do have a significant GD advantage at the moment, but I won't guarantee that that stays the same in the second half... Greenland is a volatile place. Let's go ahead and return to the indoor finals. Tyr! Tyr! Tyr!
  8. Nagtoralik-45 2025 Pre-Season Our odds have gone down, as our players are getting older and we haven't made any first team signings. Not the best results against the U19s. Not sure what to make of that. Can't you just sense my optimism? Tyr! Tyr! Tyr!
  9. Cheers scarp! I'm not making any promises, though, for obvious reasons.
  10. "The Frozen Locomotive" Faroe Islands (48th in UEFA Coefficient) Víkingur Gøta- the team I'd like to manage most in the Faroe Islands- have claimed their first title on the save, edging KÍ on goals scored. Løgmanssteypid Winners: KÍ Klaksvík Iceland (38th in UEFA Coefficient) In shocking yet delightful news, my favorite Icelandic club Grindavík have won the Pepsi-deildin for the first time in their history! Congratulations! Bikar Karla Winners: KR Reykjavík Finland (29th in UEFA Coefficient) HJK continue their pattern of winning the title every other year, cruising to this one by 12 points. Defending champions Honka Espoo made a complete u-turn, only avoiding relegation by virtue of winning a playoff. Suomen Cup Winners: HJK Sweden (19th in UEFA Coefficient) The Allsvenskan now has four different winners in its last four editions thanks to Djurgårdens, who claim their first title since 2005. Svenska Cupen Winners: Malmö FF Norway (16th in UEFA Coefficient) Rosenborg are definitely Norway's equivalent of FCK. This time they beat out Molde to the title by just a point though, so at least it's close. Braathens Cup Winners: Tromsø IL Denmark (11th in UEFA Coefficient) I FCKing hate them. DBU Pokalen Winners: Vejle BK But at least it's a nice small side taking the cup
  11. Nagtoralik-45 2024 Coca-Cola GM Semi Final Yep, we're definitely cursed. The red card screwed us, and though we were able to get one goal back late on, we couldn't get another. It just sucks. Eqaluk are the national champions, having shockingly eliminated NUK IL in the semi final and smacked TM-62 in the final. How they've managed to become champions before us is something I won't ever understand. Our sixth season is done. Lyberth was our best player, absolutely no question about it. It's a crying shame we haven't repaid his enormous contributions with a trophy. 20 goals plus another in the Europa League... wow. It's the best season any player's had for us so far. Nicolaj Højgaard and Kjeld Frederiksen were also key contributors in the goalscoring department. Plenty of awards, but without a title it all rings hollow. When am I ever going to make that box turn green? I don't know, but I'll never give up. Tyr! Tyr! Tyr!
  12. Well, if it is indeed cursed, it's a curse I'm determined to break through any means necessary! I have a feeling this is our season, but of course anything's possible here.
  13. Nagtoralik-45 2024 Coca-Cola GM Slutrunden We started poorly, but recovered well. We put in an absolutely shambolic attacking performance away at southern rivals Eqaluk, a controversial penalty in their favor consigning us to defeat. We responded brilliantly, however, with a massive 4-0 win over Tupilakken at home. We again had to come from behind to defeat Malamuk, a brilliant free kick just past the hour mark from Steffen Nielsen serving as the winner. With a point against Sisimiut likely enough to secure qualification in our last match, we took all three in a dramatic game that saw us go two up, lose that lead through two goals in as many minutes, then reclaim it late on through a Lyberth penalty. Lyberth continues to be an absolute machine for us up front, scoring consistently all year to bring his total up to 20 with potentially two more games still to play. We go through top of the group above Eqaluk, so there's a 50% chance the title comes to the south. NUK IL expectedly go through top of Group A alongside TM-62, who've really established themselves this season. As we finished first in our group and TM-62 finished second in theirs... Semi Final Draw They're who we'll face in a semi final for the second time this season. We beat them last time, and I'd expect that we do so again so we can (in all likelihood) earn a rematch with NUK on the biggest stage Greenland has to offer. Tyr! Tyr! Tyr!
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