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  1. Hans Kaiser- Baldness Über Alles!

    I forgot to mention this back in December. Pulisic has been named European Golden Boy, and rightly so! This has really been his breakout season, and when you combine this one with last, you've got a resume worthy of an award like this. I'd say he's the second-best player at Dortmund, behind only the legend Auba. At 20 years old, that's no small feat. What a player .
  2. Hans Kaiser- Baldness Über Alles!

    Borussia Dortmund February 2019 Some good results, and some disappointing ones. Safe to say we've struggled a bit without Aubameyang. Through in Europe, though! We started February with the same way we ended January; losing 1-2, this time to Hamburg. The home side opened the scoring on 25, with Arianit Ferati charging in a header from Alen Halilovic's cross. Things stayed tense until the hour mark, when our on-loan youngster Jacob Bruun Larsen scored the best goal of his senior career with a 30-yard free kick. It was breathtaking, encouraging, and extremely embarrassing at the same time! Christian Pulisic pulled one back for us on 68 from a rebounded shot on an empty net. However, that was the last action of the day, as we were proven to be second best by our own man. We took care of business very early against Nürnberg. OusCrane got things started from close range just 46 seconds from kickoff thanks to an incisive Pulisic cross. Pulisic got involved again just four minutes later, nodding on a ball to Richarlison, who absolutely hammered one in off the volley. 'Das Amerikan' would cap a brilliant opening ten minutes with a goal, coolly slotting in from Gonzalo Castro's cutback. The scoreline could easily have gotten ugly, but the early treble was enough to see off a Nurnberg side well out of their depth. The Heidenheim game was trickier than I would have expected, but it was nice to get the win late on. We were certainly dominating them, but couldn't find a way through until there were 86 minutes on the clock. At that juncture, Nadiem Amiri's corner was drilled home by an unlikely hero in Raphael Guerreiro, who found himself in the right place at the right time. A deserved result in the end, but it was definitely one that the hosts made us struggle for. The first leg against Sparta Prague went mostly to plan. We started very well, as on just four minutes, Marco Reus' cross found Andre Schurrle close in for an easy volleyed finish. Sparta took control of possession afterwards, which left us on the back foot for most of the match. We would break that, however, when a horrible throw gave Richarlison the space he needed to run into the box and cut back for Amiri, who gently placed his goal into the top left. They would respond quickly, with another on-loan Dortmund man Lukas Piszczek finding Ales Cermak at the back post to head in a consolation. We would leave Prague with a lead and two away goals in tow, but we knew we couldn't let our guard down at the Signal Iduna. Sigh. Good old Köln. I'm not sure if they were simply able to exploit our fixture congestion, or just took advantage of our general tendency to be **** against them, but this one was utterly unacceptable. On 11 minutes, center back Daniel Schwaab was able to open the scoring from close range following a scramble at the near post. We certainly had our chances to equalize, as we outshot them 20-8, but the next goal was for the Billy Goats as well. Giovani Lo Celso was set free in space, and the on-loan PSG man made no mistake with his finish. Just when it looked like our season was headed back on track, these bastards got us again. Safe to say Hans' associates were laughing at him from their base near Cologne. The second leg against Sparta wasn't pretty, but it got the job done. Things looked to be over quickly for the Czechs when Alberto Zapater got sent off on 20 minutes, but they stayed strong and kept at it. With the game winding down and things looking to be settled, Leonardo Ulloa (of all people!) shook it all up on 81, leveling the aggregate score by slipping one past a lethargic Roman Burki. We still led on away goals, but our new teen phenom Piero Scaramuzzino made sure we headed through comfortably on 89, doing his job well from a Schurrle delivery. We lost the possession battle again, which is a bit worrying for future ties, but the results don't lie. Table Well, this is interesting. Bayern have been terrible since the break, but luckily for them our form hasn't been much better. Unluckily for them, Leipzig continue to fly, taking their first league lead of the season after 22 games. The gap from us to Hoffenheim is now just three points, so we have to keep our guard up just to qualify for the CL this season. Schalke have caught fire and are in the thick of the European race, whilst Ingolstadt have slipped hard and returned to a more ordinary position for themselves. Nurnberg have also fallen down the table, as their early-season form hasn't been enough to keep them completely out of the relegation conversation. Gladbach finally won their first game, but otherwise things are looking quite bleak for them. A massive shame, really. Europa League Results/Draw YES . I absolutely love this draw. We beat them 4-1 in a friendly last season, so this should be some great fun. Chelsea/Benfica, Roma/Schalke, and Liverpool/Lazio are definitely ties to watch for the next round. Next month sees us take on Bayern in Der Klassiker and our tie against Celtic. Los! Los! Los!
  3. FM18: Reign of Chaos

    That logo is awesome . Unfortunately, it looks more like a grape juice container than a grenade. Best of luck in Guam and beyond!
  4. Hans Kaiser- Baldness Über Alles!

    That's absolutely a big advantage I have over the clubs from other countries. The players I've found in South America really are without comparison. I'd import the entire Brazilian youth NT if I could! Also hoping for a hard Brexit so PL clubs get screwed . Cheers mate! Hard to believe Inter would let him go when he scored on his debut for them, but I'm glad to have snapped him up.
  5. Brilliant CL victory. Thank god I didn't jinx it! After six seasons of preparation, building a great squad from the bottom up, there's nothing more satisfying than to see that box filled in with Gunnar's orange seal of approval. Another awesome journey, for me second only to Partizan in terms of enjoyment.
  6. Hans Kaiser- Baldness Über Alles!

    Borussia Dortmund January 2019 Did alright in the friendlies, but then lost our first game back in the league. We shouldn't have failed to score against Paderborn. We got some measure of revenge over Lotte for that Pokal elimination last season, but it being a friendly didn't quite apply the appropriate weight. Bielefeld gave us a game, but we did well enough early on to win. Against Hertha, I can only say that we were supremely unfortunate. There were quite a few chances in the first half, although more of them went to Hertha than to us. Sandro Ramirez hit the woodwork twice before the turning point that was the 68th minute. Sebastian Rode was sent off for a second yellow, leaving us vulnerable in the midfield. Maxwel Cornet would capitalize on 76, taking advantage of Roman Burki's poor decision to rush him and slotting home coolly. Richarlison looked to have recouped a draw for us on 88 minutes when he thumped home from Christian Pulisic's long ball, but we would be devastated in added time. With seconds remaining, Sandro found a hole in our defense and blasted in his winner. Hertha have now sunk us twice deep in added time this season, the first coming in our Pokal elimination in October. The worst part of this game? Aubameyang got injured, out for two months. Damn you, Hertha! I won't bother with a table for now since we just played one game. Transfers Three immediate transfers, all of them youth newgens. I can tell you that I only picked the very best! I believe 17 million is the most anyone's paid for a newgen on this save so far. In addition to the two generations of home-grown players (with a third imminent) and some real-life prospects who still haven't reached the first team, these guys will ensure that we are absolutely stacked. Kalonji is a great young goalkeeper, packing 5* potential and already some great aerial reach, handling, and reflexes. The hope is he'll be fighting Rajkovic for first choice in the near future. Scaramuzzino looks just about ready for the first team, as most of the tools he needs to be an effective striker are already there. Excellent mentals and good physicals. With Auba hurt and the likes of Isak and Arp out on loan, he'll be second choice behind Richarlison. Danso is a much rawer prospect at center back, but the key attributes of marking and tackling look good at the moment. I've also set up four future transfers for four more young stars from abroad. Safe to say I feel a bit like @ManUtd1. Here's a preview: Two Brazilians and two Turks coming in at the end of the season. I'll be showing their full profiles then, as they'll (hopefully!) have developed considerably from now until then. Akbas is a center back, Sandro Alexandre is a left back, Décio is a CAM, and Bay is a right winger. Can't wait to get these lads in the doors too. With none of this transfer business intended to be directly for the senior side, I'm definitely placing my trust and faith in the youth to bring us the titles. However, a bit of a revamp may be required in the summer window. Welcome to Dortmund! Los! Los! Los!
  7. FM Careers Forum Discussion

    By bottom division, you mean out of the box, right? For Spain, try Castellon or one of the Balearic or Canary Islands clubs. @smp20 had a great run with Castellon on 17, he had some lovable players on that side. For Germany, I'd go with Magdeburg (used to be one of the best sides in East Germany, and actually won a UEFA Cup Winners' Cup in 1974, but have floundered since unification). If you want to go for a smaller club, try Lotte or Großaspach.
  8. Poor Larisa... you utterly smash them every single time ! To be fair, it's getting to be that way with just about every team in Greece now. They're no match for Gunnar and Hobbes.
  9. What a set of results to respond to the Liverpool loss! Amazing stuff. Champions League should be yours if you keep getting results like that. You've found a real star in Maicon, definitely someone you can build a title-winning side around. KUTGW!