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  1. What a fantastically fraudulent idea this is, nice title as well . Best of luck, will be following closely.
  2. What a proper challenge this is becoming! What do you think it'll take to establish yourself in the top tier? Some upgrades, maybe?
  3. Very impressive to win the title and make the CL groups already. Even if nothing comes of your group campaign you should be very proud
  4. Following as always, Spain's a country I'd like to get around to managing in the near future. Best of luck!
  5. Amazing start to the season! Beating Juve and Lazio away back to back is a hell of a feat, you must have been delighted after that. Here's hoping you keep it up.
  6. Solid first season in Serie A, good that you stayed up and found your footing without too much trouble. I'm hoping this is something you can build on next season, hopefully with some new signings to replace that ageing bench (goodbye iMario ).
  7. In all seriousness, well done man. Always a joy to behold you swashbuckling your way to the trophies, though I do wish Gary and Jamie had something to say about it. Excited to see where you end up next!
  8. I love this thread You should be ashamed of yourself.
  9. We can't have anyone over-frauding or under-frauding in these parts. Not an option.
  10. I recall this kind of fraudulence happening on FM17 quite often. It's an unforgiving version of the game, that's for sure. Hopefully you end up getting it to go in your favor more times than not though! Interesting read so far, love how you put just the right amount of detail into it. Not too much, not too little. Keep it up!
  11. Perfect way to end another wonderful career, you've built up quite the streak of those over the past year or two. You've done Kosovo proud .
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