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  1. Well done! That is one tough league to win, but you played really well with the right amount of consistency. Excited to see if you can push on in Europe in the coming seasons.
  2. oriole01

    Hans Kaiser- Baldness Über Alles!

    Club Brugge The Season So Far So as a final step before we get rolling with Brugge, I think it's important to show what sort of position Hans is taking up the reins in here. All the results you see here came from the previous manager Karim Belhocine, who was sacked last month when the club were in 7th place and in danger of missing out on the top six. The caretaker ended up coming through, though, guiding them to three straight wins and vaulting them into 5th place and a Championship Group berth. Overall, form under Belhocine was decent, but there were a lot of draws, more of them than wins. Hopefully, we can improve that form here. Read this if you're unfamiliar with the Belgian league structure: So this is pretty much the perfect place to start- as far as mid-season replacements go- as Hans takes over with the club about to start its Championship Group campaign. That means we play ten games against the other five teams in the group, with the winner taking home the title and CL group stage place, second taking a CL qualifying place, third taking an EL place, and fourth dropping into a playoff for the last guaranteed EL place. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like we're in the title race, as we're 9 points behind leaders Genk, who are fighting with Liège and Gent for the trophy. Fourth place looks like a much more realistic possibility, as we're only two points behind Anderlecht. A competitive race there would essentially split the group in half between those chasing the title and those chasing the EL playoff spot. So my target for this season is to finish 4th in the Championship Group, and bring European football back to Brugge by winning the playoff. No more delays. It's time to unleash baldness upon Belgium. Los! Los! Los!
  3. oriole01

    Hans Kaiser- Baldness Über Alles!

    Club Brugge Squad/Tactical Overview A pretty big squad to start with, which I will hope to trim down by the start of next season. The Pro League rule on having six home-grown players in the match squad looks like it will hinder us a bit, as we only have a few good players who meet this criteria. However, there's a lot of talent in our youth setup that I can use to meet that requirement more easily in the future. Here's the players I think will be most important for the remainder of this season, as that's what I should be focusing on most right now: Dorin Rotariu|Branco van den Boomen|Darwin Machis|Ruud Vormer|Jonas Grønner|Jelle Vossen Definitely some solid players there. They're certainly not as spectacular or well-rounded as my Dortmund guys, but they look like valuable contributors for this level. Van den Boomen has an awesome name, as well as some of the most spread attributes on the team. Vormer has the highest average rating in the league, and Vossen is still popping up for goals off the bench despite his age. I would like to move him on sooner than later though, and focus on developing the following two as a strike partnership: Brugge definitely have an eye for young strikers, as these two look like the future of the club. I remember tracking Verlinden at Dortmund a few seasons back, and for good reason, as he has all the makings of a pacey AF. He's currently at Metz on loan, so I'll definitely have to wait until next season to use him, but I am excited to see how he can develop as part of a senior squad. I'm even more impressed by Vukmanovic, who just arrived this season from Partizan and looks ready to compete at the highest level. We'll be lucky to hold onto him for more than a season if he performs anywhere close to what his attributes suggest, because I can see him laying the Pro League to waste. The only problem is that he's not homegrown, and may have trouble getting into the squad if we desperately need to meet the requirement, but he should be taking precedence over the other players based on pure talent. Tactics Me being a well-known tactical idiot, I might be doing this all wrong again, but here's what I've come up with so far. Neither are intended to be a permanent look for the team, but rather something to fit the current squad while I decide how I want to approach this project overall. These might end up being the tactics I continue into the future with, or I could have something entirely new by next season, it's really up for grabs at this point. The first tactic is designed to be a fast-paced counter tactic that keeps plenty of men behind the ball but activates the DMs (and to some extent, the FBs) into rather aggressive playmaking roles when there's an opportunity to move forward. The RPM and AP are the two key players here, as they will need to link up frequently in midfield to switch possession from the back to front. This makes the most sense against stronger sides, which will pretty much be every team we play in the Championship Group, but I could see us ripping up weaker sides' defenses with this, too. The second one is a more patient, possession-based tactic that keeps the dual DMs but has them in less mobile roles and instead relies on a traditional CM to move the ball forward to either the wingers or the striker, who will be dropping deep as an F9 here. This is also a pretty versatile formation that I think could be used against both weaker and stronger teams effectively, and might end up working better than the first tactic. No idea how these are going to go, but we'll just have to see, won't we! Los! Los! Los!
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    [FM18] San Marino Challenge

    Proof that this entire save is on sugar...
  5. oriole01

    [FM17] Ich Bin Ein Fraud-liner

    This is some seriously fraudulent transfer business! I would never expect that from Frauden... oh, wait.
  6. oriole01

    Hans Kaiser- Baldness Über Alles!

    Anderlecht have won half the league titles so far, but Genk have been there or thereabouts, and even made the EL Quarterfinals last season. Oostende have come close twice and Liege are looking to be on the up, winning the league last season and are in contention again this season. Gent have struggled; last season was the first time they even took part in the Championship Group (top 6) on the save and haven't played in Europe since 2016. We've had a bit of an on-off pattern in the league, finishing either third or outside the Championship Group in each season. We haven't been in the CL since 2016, but we have been in the EL twice and made it to the Round of 32 both times. I remember that game, he was class .
  7. oriole01

    Hans Kaiser- Baldness Über Alles!

    Club Brugge Club Overview Here's the history of Club Brugge, from Wikipedia of course: Club Brugge Koninklijke Voetbalvereniging commonly referred to as just Club Brugge, is a professional football club based in Bruges in Belgium. It was founded in 1891 and its home ground is the Jan Breydel Stadium, which has a capacity of 29,062. One of the most decorated clubs in Belgian football, it has been Belgian league champion on 15 occasions, second only to major rivals Anderlecht, and it shares the Jan Breydel Stadium with city rival Cercle Brugge, with whom they contest the Bruges derby. Throughout its long history, Club Brugge has enjoyed much European football success, reaching two European finals and two European semi-finals. Club Brugge is the only Belgian club to have played the final of the European Cup (forerunner of the current UEFA Champions League) so far, losing to Liverpool in the final of the 1978 season. They also lost in the 1976 UEFA Cup Final to the same opponents. Club Brugge holds the European record number of consecutive participations in the UEFA Europa League (20), the record number of Belgian cups (11) and the record number of Belgian Supercups (14). A little less glamorous than the Signal Iduna, but it looks good on European nights. Anderlecht's 35 Pro League titles dwarf our 14, but we have the most cup and super cup wins of any team. Unfortunately, we've not won a single trophy on this save apart from a U21s league title. Time to change that. Facilities and Finances Definitely a smaller budget and bank balance than what I'm used to working with, but good players shouldn't cost too much at this level. Facilities are looking good, although I would like to improve junior coaching somewhere along the way. "Good" isn't good enough! Lastly, we have quite a few rivalries with the other Belgian clubs. Anderlecht and Cercle Brugge (who share our stadium) are the big ones, but we also have rivalries with Gent, Liege, Genk, Lokeren, and Zulte, who are all top tier sides. This is a different sort of challenge, no doubt, but I think it's one I'll enjoy. Los! Los! Los!
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    [FM18] San Marino Challenge

    Unbelievable results! Please do keep it up!
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    Hans Kaiser- Baldness Über Alles!

    Some important managerial updates: So now Carlo knows how Hans feels! Both rivals have now received their first sacking on this save, within a matter of weeks. City were in 6th in the PL, having not finished above 5th since they won the title in 2017/18. A remarkable downward spiral for the club and Carlo. No idea where he might end up next. Weinzierl is finally back to work, after spending over a year unemployed following his sacking from Schalke. He's now at Hertha, which was the only German club Hans interviewed for during his unemployment. Hertha are in 12th after flirting with the EL places early on, and sacked their manager Ivaylo Petev, who took Dinamo Zagreb to the CL quarters two seasons ago.
  10. Hello again. In case any of you were wondering how this went, I adjusted my tactic to fit many of your suggestions (while still sticking with the 4-2-3-1 formation). I got rid of Work Ball into Box, stopped closing down on OIs, changed some roles, made new PIs, and generally made a lot more changes before matches to try and counter the specific strengths and weaknesses of each opponent. Form improved, but unfortunately I was still sacked just before the winter break. The early downhill slide had already done its damage, and I still wasn't being consistent enough for the board to keep me. Thanks for all your suggestions, they were really appreciated and I surely would have done worse had I not tried them.
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    Hans Kaiser- Baldness Über Alles!

    I must confess, I haven't actually seen the movie yet. That'll change very soon. It was a great line, had to use it somewhere. But you will have to come back tomorrow for that rep, you know...
  12. oriole01

    Hans Kaiser- Baldness Über Alles!

    Club Brugge You were right, Carlo. Here I am in Belgium. But you're wrong about what that means. Whether it's me staying here and building this club up to be a great European force, or winning enough titles to attract the attention of a big club once again, I will be back, and I will crush you. Baldness is still alive and well, and I'll make sure no one, especially not you, forgets that. Club and squad overview coming up next. Los! Los! Los!
  13. oriole01

    Hans Kaiser- Baldness Über Alles!

    March 2021. Hans Kaiser sits on a decrepit barstool, his head face-down on the counter. 7 pints of Stella was finally enough to put him out of commission. He was absolutely wasted. Sitting next to him was Fabian Schulz, who looked on in amusement as he sipped on a Coke. A former heroin addict, Schulz had quit all drugs (caffeine didn't count) years ago in an effort to maintain a clean, healthy lifestyle. However, he too was out of a job. Chairman Hans-Joachim Watzke's purge of the Kaiser regime was so comprehensive that he had even culled the security department, leaving Fabian in the same position as his former boss. In a show of loyalty and gratitude to the man who had given him his best job yet, Fabian had tagged along with Hans on his job search, with his services considered part of the deal Hans would make with his new club. The problem was, that deal wasn't happening. Hans had been through the wringer; he'd applied for upwards of 20 jobs, and none of those applications had been successful. He'd been totally "laughed off" by Arsenal, Real Madrid, and even Sporting ****ing Lisbon. He'd been considered but denied an interview at numerous others. Even when he got an interview- and there had been nine of them- he had been rejected each and every time, apparently for "not being the right man for the job". Now, he was in a crappy pub in Bruges, having interviewed a few days ago with local giants Club Brugge. He wasn't optimistic. He had already visited Belgium twice, to interview with Anderlecht and some little club near the North Sea that they called "Oostende". Even they had turned him down. Hell, even the clubs that had come to him out of the blue had turned him down. It was like high school all over again... except this time it was old men in suits doing the rejecting. When Hans is able to lift his head off the counter, he looks around the pub. There were a few grizzled locals sitting further down the counter, and a couple of college kids at the tables. But by the jukebox, he sees her. A beautiful woman- a blonde- in her thirties. Tall, confident, sexy. They made eye contact. She smiled, and so did he. Over the next several minutes, she continued to make "the eyes". That was it, he was making his move. Completely forgetting that he was a married man, Hans confidently strides over towards the jukebox, drink in hand. With the boldness and cunning of his younger, hair-filled days having returned, he says: "You want to have some fun, baby? I'm great with my Hans." The woman's face turns sour immediately. "Go away, you bald ****! I was looking at your friend!" This time, Hans' face turns sour. "Ah, sorry." Now it really was like high school again. Hans, defeated, trudges back to the counter. Sure, Fabian was a very handsome man despite all the scars, but he couldn't help but feel like everything was going wrong. He had started the job search fully confident in his ability to land a good new position, but rejection had taken its toll, in every department. With good employment becoming a more and more distant possibility, seemingly the only thing Hans had to look forward to now was his stamp collection, which had been coming along nicely over the last three months. That 1905 Austro-Hungarian one... priceless. "That didn't work out, did it?" says Fabian, in a delicate tone. "No, but she fancies you, apparently." Hans replies, looking away. "Nah, I'm good." Hans looks at him now, and they share a brief chuckle. "Come on, let's get out of this place. I am absolutely pissed right now." "Not yet." The way Fabian said that sounds like he knows something that Hans doesn't. "Why not?" "Your phone buzzed while you were over there. Looks important." "Mate, I'm not in the mood to read another rejection notice. Arouca was the last straw for me. This is too rough." Yes, even Arouca, the tiny Portuguese club with a 5,000 capacity stadium, had turned down Hans' services. "Just read it." "Fine! You'd better not be taking the ****." Hans switches on his phone. Indeed, a text message from Club Brugge's chairman was in his inbox. He opens it, and as his eyes pan across the screen, his face lights up. "Fabian! They're offering a contract! Oh my god! YES!!!!!" A beaming Fabian wraps his arm across Hans' back, and they start jumping for joy in the middle of the pub floor, showering each other with beer and cheering in unrestrained delight. The locals look disgusted. Clearly, they were not the kind of people who experienced happiness very often. Maybe that Colin Farrell character was right, this place was a bit dull. But he would grow to love it, because he was going to be spending quite a bit of time here. As a manager. Oh, did that sound amazing to say... Los! Los! Los!
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    World Cup Prediction Thread

    Third Place England 0-2 Belgium Final France 1-0 Croatia AET