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  1. We have a technical issue here between an old tool that is still in use for research that is not Unicode compliant so any characters not in the ANSI set has problems when converting from one tool to the other. We are aware of the issue and it's a system that is being worked on so at some point it will be doable but for now it isn't. Apologies for any inconvenience/annoyance here but it's weirdly not a simple issue to fix in the short term.
  2. Fixed (plus a couple of other instances) - thanks for the report!
  3. Perfect - thanks for that - found it and fixed
  4. We need some context here and a screenshot as there are 100s of instances of 무승부
  5. Thanks. I'm getting that looked into
  6. @myfunnygame - any chance you could flick the game to English and re-post the screenshots as having trouble finding the issues
  7. But you have Ireland ticked there and it's mentioning issues with the Munster leagues which are in the Republic of Ireland. I cannot see if you have Northern Ireland ticked as the error message is covering it
  8. I would say the start date of the injury is after the start date of the league so is not considered.
  9. Fixed (plus two other instances - the other 1096 instances were correct!)
  10. This will be used for both dead and living legends so a hard one to fix
  11. Any chance you can flick this screen to English and supply a screenshot? I cannot find the issue and that might give me more clues
  12. Fixed - number error in the variable (a 1 instead of a 2) Thanks for the report
  13. Fixed both the above. Thanks for the reports
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