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  1. False History

    Arsenal won the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup in 1970 which was the competition which was changed to the UEFA Cup and subsequently the Europa League. We treat all these as one overall competition (which is generally the norm) so it's not incorrect. Please post any future posts in the appropriate section.
  2. need help in LTF file

    All the information we can give for self-made translations are to be found here: http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/discussions/18446744073709551615/282992646969896282/?appid=482730 Any further questions around self-made translations can be posted here for the community to try to answer.
  3. [Swedish] issues in Swedish Translation

    Thanks for the report. I've logged this as an issue so it should be foxed for a future release
  4. Seems to already be fixed but thanks for the report.
  5. [Polish] issues in Polish Translation

    I suppose you don;t have a save game with this issue in it?
  6. [Serbia] (Official) Data Issues

    The naming convention for FM when playing in the English "localisation" is to use what is commonly used in English. Sometimes these are translations, sometimes the original name is used, sometimes we are subject to terms of licensing agreements so have to use the name prescribed and sometimes there are mistakes. The sarcastic response to the original sarcastic post did not get through but this is the policy whether you like it or not. If the common usage in English changes over time then we will consider changing any name. You have an editor with the game to change any name to your own taste. This subject is now closed
  7. [Serbia] (Official) Data Issues

    Good idea - I'll contact them. What I'll do is ask them to look at the official club website and how they most commonly refer to the club when writing in English.
  8. [Polish] issues in Polish Translation

    What's the string ID there?
  9. Not a translation bug so should go in "Other Game Play Issues" - https://community.sigames.com/forum/518-other-gameplay-issues/
  10. After a lengthy discussion we've decided you are correct! We'll get this fixed.
  11. I passed this on to the coding team and apparently it's a bug of some kind which has now been fixed (for a future version). Good spot and thanks or the report!
  12. I don't know what you are trying to ask. Can you explain again, please?
  13. name in english - surname in greek!

    We've put in a feature request for this functionality for a future version. For now there is one way to edit your profile and that's through the use of the in-game editor. Closing this one now as it's not really in the correct topic.
  14. name in english - surname in greek!

    The name "George" does not have a transliteration into Greek so the game cannot know what it should be! Hence it appears as "George". The transliteration of "Γιώργος" into "English" is "Giorgos" so only if you had put in "Giorgos" would you have had the Greek version of your name.
  15. Thanks @Waldi98 for the report - well spotted! Fixed for a future game.