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  1. Looks like a mistake where the translator has put "next season" instead of "next match" KEY-310502: [%team#1-short] are just a win away from securing a place in the [%fixture_name#3-nocomp] and could clinch it in their next match against [%team#2-short].[COMMENT: team_score_requirements; if the considered team will win against their opponent they will secure the qualification] STR-1: Il ne faut qu'une victoire {à la}[%team#1-short] pour être en [%fixture_name#3-nocomp] la saison prochaine, victoire qui pourrait être obtenue lors de la prochaine journée face {à la}[%team#2-short]. We'll get that fixed. Thanks for the report
  2. Wrong forum - general is probably best
  3. Any chance you can switch to English and re-post the screenshot?
  4. We'll get this one fixed All the above reports have now been logged and will be looked at - thanks
  5. Any chance of a save game for this issue? We'll need one to track down the issue and fix it.
  6. Have you got a save game? Was this the second leg or something and it was a draw but you won the first leg?
  7. Trump has not as yet issued an executive order that we must all now speak US-English so this one is fine, at least for now. (UK-English = metres, US-English = meters)
  8. Could you ask him to send us an email directly with this request. Thanks.
  9. Thanks - found the issue so it should be fixed for next update Thanks for the report
  10. It should actually be "BOE" (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_FIFA_country_codes). We'll get that sorted
  11. Fixed - thanks
  12. Fixed - thanks for the report. This one is down to a lack of context for the translator.
  13. It's this string KEY-424276: [%male#1-surname] snubs [%club#1-short] to stay at [%team#1-short][COMMENT: contract_news_items; player renews contract; headline, variable numbers here are correct as team and club are different objects] STR-1: [%male#1-surname] snobba la proposta di rinnovo {della}[%team#1-short]
  14. I like it - very apt!