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  1. [Spanish] issues in Spanish Translation

    Thanks for the report. Obviously we attempt to translate everything correctly but with over two million words there are going to be issues (please read the general sticky to get a better understanding of it all). Note that "Man Management" is more in a football team sense rather than a pure business sense so is more the softer skill side (e.g. handling difficult people, resolving conflict within the team, creating and sustaining a positive mental attitude) rather than just the "organising work" part. Whether that makes a difference to the translation or not I do not know - I'll have to defer to Spanish speakers there. The "Motivating" issue looks wrong for sure but is a subtle mistake.
  2. [Portuguese] issues in Portuguese Translation

    Thanks PMLF. CAn anyone confirm if this is OK (having checked a similar string) KEY-343755: Get Last Runner Up Of Competition[COMMENT: advanced editor competition rules, setting up required teams for a competition] STR-1: Obter Último Finalista Vencido da Competição
  3. [Danish] issues in Danish Translation

    This is fixed but as it's part of the database this wont appear in the game until there's a full data update. Thanks for the report
  4. [Portuguese] issues in Portuguese Translation

    This could be a coding issue as the original English does not intend to give a yellow card
  5. [Portuguese] issues in Portuguese Translation

    We're not sure what the problem is here - any chance of a screenshot?
  6. [English (UK)] issues in English (UK) Translation

    Thanks for the report - we'll get that fixed
  7. [Danish] issues in Danish Translation

    Have you got "Data Language" set to "Danish"?
  8. [Polish] issues in Polish Translation

    This should be fixed in the release version
  9. [Portuguese] issues in Portuguese Translation

    thanks for the reports so far - we'll get those looked into
  10. Thanks for the report - this is being investigated
  11. [Korean] issues in Korean Translation

    Thanks for the reports - this is being investigated
  12. [Danish] issues in Danish Translation

    Is anyone able to Baku up with this spelling? As this is database related it'll be fixed but for the fix to appear in game it will need a database update and I cannot say when that will be.
  13. [Danish] issues in Danish Translation

    As far as I am aware this issue is now fixed - as to when it will make an update I cannot say but probably on release day
  14. [Korean] issues in Korean Translation

    When I say something is fixed that does not make it magically appear straightaway in a game you are playing. It will take a while to filter through to a version you are playing as had to go through a process.
  15. [Turkish] issues in Turkish Translation

    Any chance you have a save game available here?