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  1. Thanks - I've found the issue - it's a very old translation and originally was in there for either a shot or a header when there was no 3D match engine. The Dutch translation was translated incorrectly as a header rather than a more general meaning. We'll get it fixed.
  2. Do you know if this a specific Dutch issue or also happens in English? Just wondering whether it's a wrong translation or a problem in the match engine
  3. English uses them too along with capitals for language names Thanks for the report.
  4. Use the appropriate topic, please.
  5. Logged - thanks!
  6. Thanks - we'll get that looked into
  7. They were playing FM....
  8. I've logged it all for our localisation testers to look at and asked them to make sure it is consistent so hope they can sort it out
  9. I'd just leave it as "Enganche" in Danish - it's not an English word either so we just left it was it was in the original Spanish. I'll log it anyway to make sure it is at least consistent across all text - thanks
  10. ...rue Britannia
  11. Thanks for the report - we'll look into these but could you please post any other issues you find into the relevant club topics - thanks
  12. As it states in the opening post just above this is a beta and nothing is finalised including the translations. Therefore, there is no need to report any missing translations at this stage.
  13. If you were to have read the opening post you would have noticed a bolded and underlined sentence explaining that the game is a beta version and nothing has yet been finalised including translations and therefore the instructions are not to post any issues where you see English appearing.
  14. As stated in the opening post this is a beta and is not yet finished and this includes the translations. So no point in reporting any missing translations at this stage.