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  1. According to the current database: ID=75000264 Sebastián Zúñiga (Full Name: Sebastián Felipe Zúñiga Fuenzalida) D.o.B.: 21/06/1990 Contracted: Unión San Felipe (Long Name: Club Deportivo Unión San Felipe S.A.D.P.) On Loan until end of June to: San Luis (CHI) (Long Name: Club Deportivo Unión San Felipe S.A.D.P.) ID=75000264 Closing this as it's off-topic
  2. It seems our German team has transferred this player to the incorrect Chilean club by mistake. Apologies.
  3. Good spot - thanks for the report. We'll get this fixed.
  4. Fixed - thanks for the report Please could you use this topic from now on: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/437329-North-America-CONCACAF-(Official)-Data-Issues - thanks
  5. I've fixed it in the master database. Thanks for the report
  6. Kyle King is in the database and has been before the release of the latest game. Please raise a bug in case here's some issue with him appearing correctly.
  7. Wrong topic - would be better to raise a bug about this following the bug reporting guidelines
  8. Are you using some kind of third party data update? The term FIFA does not appear in our database.
  9. I've not heard this happening before but if it does please post in the bugs forum (and upload a screenshot and save game)
  10. Resolved

    Just to note here that it is (correctly) set that Korean is a much more difficult language to learn than English (in general) and it's not related to either language already spoken and depending on certain attributes this will mean Korean will likely take a lot longer to learn. However, something may well need tweaking here.
  11. Closed as resolved
  12. Please post in bugs topic
  13. This is what it is so it's not a bug at all
  14. This is not incorrect in the way we have interpreted it for the game (there are many different interpretations on how to regionalise European countries so there really isn't one correct or official method)
  15. This issue has been fixed internally and will be supplied in the next update that is done. Unfortunately, I don't know when that will be.