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  1. Thanks for the extra information - looking into it
  2. Could you please provide some concrete examples of players, their in game value and what you would expect them to go for, We can then try to narrow down where any problem may lie (it could be the player has a low reputation, he's not wanted by his club, his contract is almost out, the base value for his reputation band is too low or one of a number of other factors).
  3. [Russian] issues in Russian Translation

    Fixed for a future game - thanks
  4. [Russian] issues in Russian Translation

    I suspect this is an unofficial update hence there is no translation for this language.
  5. [Portuguese] issues in Portuguese Translation

    It looks like it's been fixed at some point already. The translator had misinterpreted the word "final" there as "the final" rather than "the last game" Does this look OK now? KEY-274308: [%male#1-surname] said he made up his mind in the dressing room after [%team#1-short]{s} final [%comp#1-short] game, but decided to wait until after the tournament was over to go public with the news. STR-1: [%male#1-surname] disse que tomou a decisão ainda no balneário {do}[%team#1-short] logo após o último jogo {do}[%comp#1-short], mas decidiu aguardar pelo final do torneio para torná-la pública.
  6. [Polish] issues in Polish Translation

    I've added a bug for this which will probably need to become a feature request so no idea when or if this will get done. Thanks for the report
  7. [Portuguese] issues in Portuguese Translation

    This should work as it's set up to use the feminine plural adjective so it's either been fixed recently or it's a bug (possibly due to Great Britain not being a usual "Football Nation"). Thanks for the report - we'll look into it.
  8. [Danish] issues in Danish Translation

    There are no plans for further updates for FM 2018 unless major issue are found and these do not fall into that category.
  9. [Dutch] issues in Dutch Translation

    Good spot - thanks for the report - the English uses the passive voice and the Dutch doesn't so that translator has not flipped the variable numbers. Fixed for next version.
  10. This is a data error but won't affect your game. We'll get this fixed for a future game.
  11. [Russian] issues in Russian Translation

    Thanks for the report. The first string in question is this one: KEY-365841: Agonizingly close for [%male#1]![COMMENT: FR 134;EVENT_SHOT_JUST_WIDE;INGAME;] STR-1: Слишком близко для [%male#1]! So it's describing a shot that just went wide of the goal. Without more precise information (either the full phrase in Russian or English) I cannot find the string (phrase) in your second enquiry (there are 120,000 strings/2 million words and 100s of strings with the word "head" in them)
  12. [French] issues in French Translation

    Fixed both the above. Thanks for the report @Allan385 At this stage it's likely to be in a future game.
  13. [Italy] (Official) Data Issues

    Hotfixes tend not to contain data changes (certain data fixes are possible but they have to be done individually in code) and, as it's a sensitive issue and a licensing issue, we have to check with the relevant parties before we can make a decision on how to proceed.
  14. [Italy] (Official) Data Issues

    Licensing requests differ from the two clubs in terms of names/capacities etc.