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  1. Best thing to do is test it when the next public test version is ready and let me know if any issues.
  2. We have lists of female names for most countries but not Cyprus. It should fall back on Greece but it doesn't for some reason. Unfortunately you cannot edit this yourself but I have fixed the issue by replicating the Greek female names to work as Cypriot female names in our data so it should be fixed for a future version. Thanks for the report.
  3. Fixed in database. Thanks for the report.
  4. As already explained, this cannot be done due to licensing agreements.
  5. Note that most of the reported issues above have been fixed where it does not conflict with licensing and where it was possible to do. The Ki Sung Yeung move was missed so apologies for that and the Lee Chung-Yong happened only a couple of days ago so was too late to include. Overall we've made over 750,000 record changes for this update (there can be up to 250 fields in a record so this equates to millions of changes but we don't track individual field changes) . We can't list all changes or respond to every single report here on the forums and with so many changes to cover things can be missed and mistakes made but these will be a very small percentage (remember that only the mistakes are reported) We really do appreciate all feedback and try to tackle them all with the resources we have.
  6. All valid awards - Golden Glove = Most clean sheets - GK of the Season - best goalkeeper (league awards this one) - GK of the Year = Media award Perhaps this needs to be grouped better or have an extra explanation with them in brackets)
  7. The Greek tax issue was a difficult one to solve as the old and new tax rules are convoluted and change halfway through a season with different bands of tax applying to different types of people so needed both a code and database changes. It should be pretty much working correctly in the next update now.
  8. We can't give an exact release date as we have to test all the changes and ensure that as much is done as possible.
  9. Fixed - good spot - will make it into FM 2020 with the next data update. Thanks for the report.
  10. Fixed - thanks for the report. Not sure when this will make it into FM 2020 but it will be there in a subsequent update
  11. This has been logged as a possible issue (it's not a bug but a preference) and is under review Thanks for the report
  12. Thanks for the report - I can see why this has happened as in isolation when translating this one. "Loan Interest" would first come to mind as the interest you pay on a loan as it's a common term in English (and would be commonly used in the football world too) KEY-450791: Loan Interest[COMMENT: FR 21116, scout report panel label] STR-1: Loonbelasting Anyway - we'll get that fixed up
  13. Someone has changed this from the testing team. It looks like it used to be: KEY-374138: Match [%number#1] / [%number#2][COMMENT: FR 8138, filtering options, for example Match 3 of 8 filter options set] STR-1: Match [%number#1] / [%number#2] which is perhaps wrong anyway and someone saw "Match" and without thinking too hard changed it to "Kamp" which is obviously wrong So should it be? KEY-374138: Match [%number#1] / [%number#2][COMMENT: FR 8138, filtering options, for example Match 3 of 8 filter options set] STR-1: Velg [%number#1] / [%number#2]
  14. Thanks for the reports but note that anything still in English in the Beta version should all be done for release. See opening post: Note that as this is an Beta version there will be a lot of text that remains untranslated so please do not report any issues where you see English on screen until further notice.
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