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  1. Thanks for the report - I will fix as per AlienIR's suggestion.
  2. Fell too hard on his backside? Fixed this now (for a future game) - thanks for the report
  3. That is something you'll need to take up with the Italian FA - we just try to reflect reality in FM
  4. Fixed - thanks for the report If you find further issues please use the dedicated topic for Italian:
  5. Thom - already done internally for a future version
  6. Fixed - good spot as that has probably been wrong for 20 years now! Closing this as should be in relevant topic. Thanks for the report
  7. It's a new team not a name change (from a legal perspective) so we cannot put the new team into that competition as they weren't entered in real life.
  8. I think the team that Hearts played in real life went extinct so we moved them forward a round.
  9. Data was locked before the window closed so there will be missing moves. If we were to wait until all windows closed we'd never release an update.
  10. The FA Cup does not work like this. Various level clubs come in at various rounds (There can be up to 6 pre-qualifying rounds in real life) and Prem And Champ clubs enter in Round 3) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FA_Cup#Overview The best place to put any competition format issues is in the "League Specific Issues" topic where there are already some posts and one of our lead testers is looking into it:
  11. Had to remove the db pics there (don;t post anymore!) I think the affiliation setting is incorrect - that one is obsolete as it's too generic. A more specific one needs to be picked.
  12. Data was locked before this date (some very high profile changes may have made release in the alst few days but it was not possible to do everything)
  13. This is down to a mistype by the looks of it - a missing digit in his Current Reputation (spoiler shows info)
  14. Gómez is an error. It seems the Current Reputation value has been mistyped and is missing a digit (spoiler below gives the figures). Correcting this means his base value is around £12,000,000 (bear in mind he's past his peak now). If you've not noticed the values in China in real life have gone somewhat crazy so the top players in that league now have values in these ranges (I cannot see any Cameroonian player at a Chinese club with such a high value - one at £6 Mill and one at £14 Mill both which look reasonable). Can you post up the details in the Chinese topic so we can investigate further. Closing this now as country specific topics should be used
  15. Fixed but may not make next update - thanks for the report