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  1. Not a translation bug so should go in "Other Game Play Issues" - https://community.sigames.com/forum/518-other-gameplay-issues/
  2. After a lengthy discussion we've decided you are correct! We'll get this fixed.
  3. I passed this on to the coding team and apparently it's a bug of some kind which has now been fixed (for a future version). Good spot and thanks or the report!
  4. I don't know what you are trying to ask. Can you explain again, please?
  5. We've put in a feature request for this functionality for a future version. For now there is one way to edit your profile and that's through the use of the in-game editor. Closing this one now as it's not really in the correct topic.
  6. The name "George" does not have a transliteration into Greek so the game cannot know what it should be! Hence it appears as "George". The transliteration of "Γιώργος" into "English" is "Giorgos" so only if you had put in "Giorgos" would you have had the Greek version of your name.
  7. Thanks @Waldi98 for the report - well spotted! Fixed for a future game.
  8. Thanks for the report - I will fix as per AlienIR's suggestion.
  9. Fell too hard on his backside? Fixed this now (for a future game) - thanks for the report
  10. That is something you'll need to take up with the Italian FA - we just try to reflect reality in FM
  11. Fixed - thanks for the report If you find further issues please use the dedicated topic for Italian:
  12. Thom - already done internally for a future version
  13. Fixed - good spot as that has probably been wrong for 20 years now! Closing this as should be in relevant topic. Thanks for the report
  14. It's a new team not a name change (from a legal perspective) so we cannot put the new team into that competition as they weren't entered in real life.
  15. I think the team that Hearts played in real life went extinct so we moved them forward a round.